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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, May 12, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Mike drops by Carrie's place, with dinner. They discuss the Sami situation and the repurcussions to her and Austin's relationship. Mike tells her not to give up that things will work out. She still believes that things will work out, and hopes Austin keeps his promise. Over at Austin's though, Sami asks again for Austin to sleep with her. Austin agrees, thinking that this may jar her memory. They're in bed when Sami has some pains and starts screaming which Carrie & Mike hear. Carrie lets her and Mike in, and when she sees Austin in bed with Sami, she gave Austin a look! Mike asks for an ice pack, Austin sends them to Carries' becausse he doesn't have much ice on hand. Austin starts apologizing the minute they get out the door but Carrie is so upset she doesn't want to hear it. She says I bet you would even have sex with her if she asked!!! Austin says he just wants Sami to get her memory back so they can be together. Sami mentions what a cute couple Carrie and Mike make, and Austin looks shocked. Sami mentions that Mike is a great catch, and that he was Carrie's first crush.

At Victor's Viv is preparing for her departure, and goes to say bye to Vic. Kate walks in and wants to know what's happening? Viv says she's leaving and Kate is ecstatic. She suggests to throw a good bye party. Viv wonders if she is doing the right thing as she heads upstairs to pack her bags. Lucas comes to visit and asks her advice on the Austin/Carrie situation. Viv tells him that how can he be sure that Carrie won't fall in love with Mike and then he'll still lose Carrie. Lucas claims he's smarter than that - he can manipulate Carrie and Mike from falling in love, while still managing to get Austin out of the picture. He leaves and Viv calls Kristen to invite her to join them on the jet - it's leaving in one hour. Shortly, though, Vivian decides to stay in Salem.

At the DiMera mansion, things continue between Marlena and Kristen. They go back and forth about how evil Kristen is and a DiMera more than just name. Viv calls to say goodbye to Kristen, and mentions that they almost got away with it - if they had just gotten Susan in the room - things would be fine. All of a sudden you see the light go on for Kristen and she says she knows what she has to do. Kristen tells Malena that she's joining Viv and leaving. Marlena is surprised that Kristen is giving up so easy and even looks like she doubts her but Kristen does leave out the front door. It's then that you see Kristen's face, and know that she's up to no good.

Meanwhile, Susan wakes up and wonders what Kristen is up to but stays in the room. She has a daydream that Elvis comes to visit again and that he returned for her. Elvis pulls off his sideburns, - It's John. Susan pulls off her Kristen getup, and they kiss.

Marlena is pacing waiting for John who got pulled for speeding but got off with a warning. She hears a downstairs and thinks it's John. She rushes downstairs to find him and goes into the wine cellar. Kristen is hiding and sneaks up behind Marlena with a tarp and throws it over Marlena. They wrestle, fight and Kristen pushes her into the room. Marlena reaches out and grabs the wall trying to keep the door from closing. In the meantime Susan heard the noise and comes down to the front door to investigate. She hides behind the door as John comes home. He manages to avoid being hit by the bat, tells John that she heard noises, and he goes to check it out.

Susan begs John not to go - there's a dungeon down there. As he approaches Kristen hears him, and bites Marlena to get her arm loose. She gets the door slammed shut and grabs a bottle of wine just as John opens the door to the cellar. She lies to him and suggests they head upstairs. John tells her that he ran off the prowler at Jen's and had Abe send someone to watch the place. He also mentions what Laura said. He asks where Doc is but Kristen says she's not home yet. And as this is going on Marlena can see them and she also realizes this is the dungeon Susan w as telling her about. Before heading to bed Kristen checks in on Marlena. Kristen then turns off the monitor and calls someone to tell Stefano that she has what he wants and to come and get it.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Hope and Franco discuss Billie's arrest. Franco inquires about Bo's reaction, and Hope told him that Bo was furious, not at Billie but at her. Franco again tries to get Hope to see that it's over with Bo, but Hope doesn't believe it's possible.

Celeste and Lexie are also at Salem place, and see Hope & Franco. Lexie wistfully asks Celeste that she could look in her crystal ball, and tell what's in store for Hope & Bo. Celeste tells her that her powers aren't a blessing but a curse. As they discuss this, Celeste gets a vibration of a great shadow over Salem, and an evil presence.

Bo gives King an ultimatum. If he ever hurts any of his loved ones again, he'll find another crime mob to work for instead of his. With this, Kind trusts Bo completely, and he would not have threatened him otherwise. Billie gets paid a visit in jail, by Hope, who goes on and on about the drugs, asking questions, and annoying Billie. Meanwhile, upstairs, Franco provides an alibi for Billie, getting her off the hook.

Over at the DiMera mansion, John wakes up, and wonders if Marlena really loves him. Upstairs, Susan worries about John and the dungeon, and tells Elvis, that they will go shopping. Kristen taunts Marlena on the monitor, Marlena says John will find her, but Kristen tells her not before Stefano comes to take her away. In the garden,later, we again see Kristen taunting Marlena on the monitor. Marlena hears John tell Kristen about Laura, and knows that Laura could be her ticket to freedom if she does in fact convince John. John and Kristen also discuss Susan's weirdness, and John thinks that if he shows her that there's nothing to fear in the basement, she might relax.

John discovers Marlena wasn't home last night, neither did she show up at work, and panics. He calls Abe, and tells him to calm down. They start to search the house from top to bottom.

Lexie, and Celeste are still talking at Salem Place, when Susan shows up. Celeste asks Susan, without beating around the bush, If John Jr. is her baby. Lexie is shocked that she could ask such a thing, Susan evades giving an answer. Celeste later explains to Lexie, that she feels Susan is connected to Stefano. Meanwhile, Susan tells Elvis that they must stay away from Celeste, as she'll interfere with Susan's plan to take Kristen's place.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Mike stops at Carries' place on his way to check on Sami's condition. He encourages Carrie to keep communication lines open with Austin. Meanwhile, next door Sami and Austin wake up together. Sami tells Austin she slept so well with him there with her. Austin said it feels right and leans over and kisses Sami. This is only a Sami dream. Austin, quietly crawls into bed before she wakes up. Sami wakes up and says it's just like her dream. Austin jumps up to make coffee and when Sami tells them they're out, he tells her he's going next door to Carries for some. Mike comes back and Carrie gives him a cup of coffee with milk and honey, just like he likes it. Austin watches, a little jealous. Carrie leaves to see Sami, and she tells her that Austin spent the night with her. Mike tells Sami that he wants to take Sami to the park so he can observe her progress. Austin tells Carrie why Sami said that, about sleeping together, and explains what really happened. Carrie doesn't know who to believe now. When she asks about Sami saying he kissed her (confusion from her dream), he denies it. At Salem Place, Lexie and Celeste are still shopping. Celeste still feels a connection between Susan and Elvis. Viv wakes up with a killer hangover. She doesn't know that she's still in Salem, and surprised that John hasn't come after them. She decides to leave Salem again, and Ivan asks where are they going to go? Ivan has a fantasy, of being on a tropical beach. Lucas arrives as they're leaving. Lucas again wants to discuss his plan to separate Austin and Carrie. (Get a life!) John and Abe are about to check the cellar, when Kristen tells them she's looked down there, and nothing is there. They say ok and head off for somewhere else to search. Kristen rubs all of this in Marlena's face. John tells Abe what happened over at Jen's the night before. John's overwhelmed at the thought of him and Marlena. He again tells Abe that he loves Kristen. She's given him a beautiful son. Kristen comes down and throws a bag of food into Marlena saying it's feeding time for the animals. When Marlena asks if it's poisoned, Kristen said no, she's got to keep her fat and sassy til Stefano picks her up. Kristen and Marlena go at it verbally, for a while. Marlena dreams about find a magic button to open the door and as soon as she finds it, John comes rushing in. Abe had airports and bus stations checked. John's worried about Marlena, he just can't go on without her and looks surprised at his statement. Kristen calls and tells Viv to get over to her house now. Celeste and Lexie show up. Celeste wants to warn John about Susan. Kristen tells Celeste and Lexie that Marlena is missing and Stefano's involved. Kristen later calls Bart, to tell Stefano, to come and get "his queen of the night." Bart doesn't know where Steph is and Kristen doesn't like that. John wants to know what the Hell's going on and Ivan starts saying it's all Kristen's fault, they were just following orders. He's willing to talk if John's easy on them.

Celeste knows something weird is going on, but can't figure out what. Viv finds the remote TV transmitter in Kristen's jacket and sees Marlena. Marlena starts shouting for Vivian to help her, but we don't hear it on Viv's end. John goes over to check what she's doing, and the show ends.

Thursday, May 15, 1997
by Diane Dix

Austin and Sami watch out the window as Carrie and Mike sit close on a park bench, laughing and obviously enjoying each other's company. Naturally, Sami thinks Mike is perfect for Carrie and tells Austin so. Austin refuses to believe they're more than friends, but Lucas, realizing this fits in perfectly with his plan to use Mike as a smokescreen to make Austin give up on Carrie, tells Sami and Austin that although he is in love with Carrie, he's willing to give up on her if Mike is the right guy. After Sami leaves to check on Will, Lucas really goes to work on Austin, telling him that Mike is a Horton and a doctor, and that the Hortons and Bradys have always had a close connection. Lucas says that Austin and he come from a dysfunctional family, and that any Horton has to be better for Carrie than the son of Curtis Reed. Austin, who is already hypersensitive about his connection to Curtis, wonders if Lucas is right. Carrie and Mike chat about old times at the Horton/Brady picnics, and Carrie tells Mike that he was always able to make her smile. Mike tells her not to lose faith in Austin and to beware of Lucas; if she gets lonely, Mike offers to be her surrogate for Austin until Austin is free of his obligation to Sami. They head back upstairs and run into John, who looks grim. John takes them in to Sami's apartment, where he tells Sami, Carrie, Lucas, Austin, and Mike the bad news - that Marlena is missing and Stefano is probably involved. Naturally, Sami is hysterical and has to lean on Austin. Carrie asks Mike to walk her back to her apartment. Austin tries to go after her, and gets in a heated discussion with Lucas about Mike's intentions. As they approach Carrie's door, they overhear Mike telling John that he is prepared to "take Austin's place." Just as Austin is about to go in and talk to them, he hears Sami cry out. She had a nightmare about Marlena being angry with her, and woke up confused and needy. Lucas gloats quietly in the background when Austin says he is confused, too.

Celeste and Lexie discuss Celeste's psychic visions as they walk around Salem Place. Celeste can't shake the feeling that Marlena is not with Stefano, although Stefano is alive and there is great evil in Salem. Celeste has the strong feeling that Susan Banks is somehow involved with Marlena. Susan, meanwhile, has a weird encounter with an Elvis impersonator, thinking that he is the real thing. The impersonator, thinking she is nuts when she starts talking about little Elvis being his baby, and vampires in Salem, tells her to call her shrink. Susan tries to call Marlena and gets the answering service. Just then, Lexie and Celeste spot her and head over to ask a few questions. Susan, thinking that Celeste can read her mind about her plan to impersonate Kristen, tries to block them out with annoying humming. Lexie finally gets through to her that they are looking for information on their missing friend, Dr. Marlena Evans. Susan says she knows where Marlena is - the vampires have her. Then she walks away, leaving Lexie and Celeste more confused than ever.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen is frantic as John heads over to where Vivian is staring at Marlena's image on the handheld monitor to the secret room. Kristen does some fast talking and tells John that it's a pocket television and that Vivian was just surprised to see Marlena's disappearance already reported in the news. Vivian recovers enough composure to back up Kristen's story, and John is upset that Marlena's disappearance is already public. Vivian, confused and off-balance, sends Ivan to the wine cellar for some brandy. John rushes out to confer with Abe. Kristen plants an anonymous tip about Marlena's disappearance with a news station in order to back up her story. Kristen finally confesses to Vivian that she has Marlena locked in the secret room, and Stefano doesn't have her yet. After a while, Vivian and Kristen realize that Ivan has been gone an awfully long time. Worried that he might discover Marlena and release her, they rush down to the cellar. In fact, Ivan had a panic attack while down in the cellar, and decided to open the secret room to see if he could face his claustrophobia and prove to Vivian that he was not a coward. When he opened the room, he ran right into Marlena, startling both of them, but before Marlena could escape, Vivian and Kristen rushed in, pushed Ivan out, and closed the door to the room on Marlena. Kristen promises Marlena that next time the door opens, Stefano will greet her personally. Kristen threatens Ivan and Vivian that if they breathe a word about Marlena's whereabouts, Stefano will go after them personally. They head back upstairs and discuss neutralizing Susan by convincing her that they're her friends. Susan comes home and is terrified of them, telling them that she knows they abducted Marlena in a space ship and not to touch her and Elvis. Susan rushes upstairs and gloats to herself that they have no idea what surprises she has in store for them.

Friday, May 16, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami and Carrie are devastated by the news of Marlena's kidnapping, and Austin's obligation to Sami drives him and Carrie further apart. Mike Horton is there to support Carrie, which fits in exactly with Lucas' plan. Sami almost tells Carrie about her memory of Marlena being angry at her, but Lucas once again convinces her that it's a bad idea to upset Carrie and Austin over what is probably a fantasy. Lucas tells Mike he is going to take Carrie to dinner to get her mind off of things, but Mike, feeling Lucas is a bad influence, offers to take Carrie to dinner instead. Lucas overhears Mike making reservations for Chez Vous, Austin's favorite spot with Carrie. Lucas returns to the apartment with a rubber duck for Will, and while Austin bathes Will, Lucas drops a hint that Chez Vous was Sami's favorite restaurant with Austin. When Austin comes out, Sami asks for some pasta from Chez Vous, and Austin obligingly goes to get it for her. When he arrives, he hears the sound of Carrie's laughter, and walks in to find Mike and Carrie seated at an intimate dinner, apparently having the time of their lives.

Vivian and Ivan try to stay clear of Kristen's latest scheme of imprisoning Marlena, but Kristen lets them know they're in it up to their eyeballs. She deliberately taunts Marlena by video, as Marlena prays for John to find her soon. John also prays, asking God for guidance to find Marlena one more time. Meanwhile, Kristen neutralizes Susan by telling her that Marlena's disappearance is her fault - that Stefano kidnapped Marlena as a lesson to teach Susan to keep her mouth shut. Furthermore, Kristen says, if Susan steps out of line again, Stefano will burn Graceland to the ground. Susan is horrified by the thought of Elvis' home going up in flames. Vivian is awed by Kristen's manipulative talents. But Kristen realizes that if Marlena does get free, she will lose John if she does not take some preventive action. Vivian tells her that if Marlena ever tells John what she did, she can claim she was brainwashed by Stefano. Kristen thinks that is brilliant, but there is still the problem of her fake marriage to John. Therefore, with Vivian's help, Kristen convinces John that a lavish ceremony to cement their vows would be just the optimistic lift everyone needs while the search for Marlena goes on. John finally agrees, and Kristen and Vivian go forward with their plans for a wedding and honeymoon. Upstairs, Susan is having some fantasies of her own. As she exercises frantically to get her body to look like Kristen's, Susan fantasizes that someday she and John will be together.

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