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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, May 19, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At ChezVous, Austin is trying to second guess, what is happening with Carrie, and Mike, who are having a wondertime time remembering events from the past. Austin is still trying to figure out why Carrie lied to him and is out with Mike - and she looks like she's having a good time. Austin's trying to eavesdrop, and heres Carrie say that if she had a choice she would choose Mike. (she was talking about if she was sick and needed a doctor). Austin hears this and hurries away from them.

Meanwhile, at Home, Sami's trying to remember why Marlena, Carrie and Caroline were mad at her. She keeps asking Lucas what it means and her tells her not to worry about it and quit trying to remember so hard. She says she is going to ask Austin the minute he gets back if Lucas won't tell her. She senses Austin, who has come home is upset, while Lucas is gloating, but Austin says it's nothing.

Carrie tells Mike goodnight and says that she is not going to tell Austin about their dinner and how much fun she had. Later, Carrie's putting the trash out, and Austin is checking the mail. He inquires about her night tonight, but she has no clue. Before she can respond, Sami comes out to tell Austin the food is getting cold.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen is still tormenting Marlena every chance she can get. Kristen reminds Susan that as long as she keeps her mouth shut Stef will leave her alone. She is saying that she will not say a word just as John walks in and wants to know what is going on. Kristen lies and John says he is going to see Abe and Susan finds out that Belle's Mom has been kidnapped by Stefano again. and Susan thinks oh no that Stefano has gotten another woman as she blurts out that she has met him. Again Kristen lies and Susan rushes off to fold some clothes. Kristen stops John from leaving by reminding him that it's Brady's birthday and she has planned a party. Kristen heads down to see Marlena and take her some cake and is SOOO mean to Marlena. Marlena just says that John will find her like all the times before. Just as K shuts the food door, John walks in and scares her. She says she is getting wine for them in bed and just before he walked in had turned Marlena's TV to her and John's bedroom.

At the door is Laura (who found out tonight that M has been kidnapped). Marlena sees this, because Kristen moved the monitor to the foyer for more torture, as she says maybe it's someone with news about you. Laura says she knows all about Kristen, and she's there to tell John the truth. Marlena is happy that maybe now John will know.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Jen visits Jack in prison, and most of the visit, they are arguing about her safety, getting on with her life, and the appeal. She tells Jack, that Marlena was kidnapped, and it could be Stefano, which may mean Laura has been right. Jennifer thinks that Kristen could help reduce his sentence, but Jack disagrees.

Billie goes back to work, and Bo is upset at this, so close to her stabbing. Bo tells her that once this charade is over, everything can get back to normal. Bo tells Billie, that he's sent Shawn D. out to a dude ranch to keep him safe, and will need her help to keep Hope safe. Kate comes in, and is relieved that Billie's been cleared of the charges. Billie asks Kate to setup a photo shoot for Hope and Franco, far away, and it must look like it came from Kate. Billie will use the time to win Bo over for good, and Kate agrees to help.

Meanwhile, Franco is again working on Hope to make her see that Bo and Billie are in love and will be married. Hope is determined to learn the truth. Hope also wants to find out why Bo didn't arrest Max for planting the drugs on Billie. Hope goes to talk to Max at the Snake pit. (Brilliant move!) Bo shows up at the snake pit, while Hope interrogates Max, and manages to distract Hope enough so that Max can leave. Hope and Bo argue. (what else).

Later, Max tells Bo, that King wants to offer him, and Billie a major deal. Turns out that they are to go to Rome, to make sure a drug shipment makes it through customs. Meanwhile, Franco learns of the trip to Rome for him and Hope through Kate, and awaits Hope's answer.

At the DiMera home, Laura barges in the door, and tells Kristen, that she will tell John everything. And Tonight. Laura tells John that Kristen helped Stefano kidnap Marlena, that Stefano, Peter and Kristen kidnapped her, and somehow erased her memory. Kristen asks about her medication, and Laura tells her that she's not taking them anymore. Lynn shows up, to give Laura her pills, (this makes Marlena realize that Lynn is working for Stefano.)

John assures Kristen that he believes her, trusts her completely... Outside, Laura confides in Lynn that she will get Peter's body exhumed, since corpses don't lie.

Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Austin is sleeping, dreaming of Carrie and Mike. He wakes, and realized that it's late, and gets in bed quickly. When Austin tries to get out of bed Sami holds onto Austin and says "Wouldn't it be nice to give Will a baby brother or sister. Austin jumps out of bed and says he has to get going. Later Sami talks to Austin about her memory, and says all she remembers are bad and wonders if she even has any happy memories. Austin assures her she has plenty of happy memories.

At Carrie's place Mike and Carrie have just come in after a morning run. Carrie calls John to see if there is any news about Marlena but Kristen answers. Mike decides to shower at the hospital, but Carries says he can shower at her place. after Carrie takes a quick shower. Carrie finishes her shower. Mike gets out of the shower and Carrie comments how good he looks. Suddenly Austin shows up and finds Carrie with a shirtless Mike. Mike assures her that they just went for a run and forgot a shirt. Austin wonders why Mike is here so much and Carrie says he's been a supportive friend. to her. Austin leaves and Mike comforts Carrie. Back at Austin's place Sami is fixing the iron,(we sees that sparks are coming from the cord) and then makes breakfast for Austin. Sami decides to try to walk and is able to stand up on her own. Back at Carrie's place Carrie is trying to convince Mike to go on a blind date, but he wont. Carrie then tells him to do something nice for himself. Mike says he's always wanted a red sports car, and Carrie says he should buy it.

Meanwhile, Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan are watching Marlena on the monitor Upstairs Susan is plotting against Kristen and wishes that John would come home and protect her, and wonders where Dr. Evans could be.

Laura is stunned when Jen tells her that Jack asked her to move on with her life. Jen goes upstairs to check on Abby and Laura calls Mickey to ask for a secret favor. She wants to have Peter's body exhumed. Lynn comes in with some tea and asks if she is serious about this. Laura tells Lynn she must keep this a secret and then says that she really doesn't need her services any longer, but she'll give her time to find another job. Mickey comes over and Laura and Jen bicker over Kristen's good nature. Mickey and Laura discuss the exhumation of Peter's body.

Susan comes downstairs and becomes upset when she learns John and Kristen are getting married. Lynn comes over and Kristen and tells her that she has to continue giving Laura the pills whether she likes it or not. Afterward Jennifer leaves, Lynn tells Kristen that Laura is having Peter's body exhumed, and Kristen screams "No she's going to ruin my life!" Vivian suggests they let Laura exhume Peter Kristen tells them Peter isn't in that coffin (Ivan faints). Susan sneaks downstairs and listens to Kristen and Vivian talking about how they can stop Laura from digging up Peter.

Thursday, May 22, 1997
by Diane Dix

Bo and Hope send Shawn-D off to his dude ranch vacation. Bo tells Shawn-D and Hope that he is going out of town with Billie. Hope is upset, but tries to hide it. She tells Bo she is also going out of town on a modeling shoot with Franco. Neither of them mentions a destination to the other - which is ironic, because they are coincidentally both going to end up in Rome. Bo thinks Hope is getting safely away from Salem and will be nowhere near Rome when the big drug bust goes down. He tells Hope things will be much clearer when they get back, meaning King will be in jail and he can finally tell Hope the truth. But Hope thinks his comment means that he and Billie will be going someplace romantic - maybe Santa Rosa - to get married. Hope is devastated, but Franco is there to comfort her, and tells her maybe she will feel differently about Bo when she returns. Meanwhile, Billie is packing her bags at her apartment when Austin comes in. Austin asks where Carrie is and Billie says she left a note that she was going out with Mike. Seeing the look on Austin's face, Billie asks what is wrong, and he tells her of his suspicions about Carrie and Mike getting closer. Billie tells him that there is nothing to worry about, that Carrie and Mike are just old friends with a history - like Bo and Hope's. Austin begins to wonder if he deserves happiness, but Billie tells him that both of them do - he with Carrie, she with Bo. Austin looks at one of Carrie's photo albums and notices, among the pictures of their happy days together, a snapshot of her with Mike. Billie leaves for the pier, where she meets Abe and Bo to finalize their travel arrangements. Bo tells Billie to remember that after the trip, he is going back to Hope, and not to get too attached to him. Billie pretends she understands, but privately plans to get Bo to love her again. None of them know that Max and an underling at the Snake Pit have discovered where Hope is going for her photo shoot, and that Hope is to be King's insurance that Bo won't double cross him. At the airport, Bo and Billie are literally around the corner from Hope and Franco, but they miss seeing each other by seconds as Hope and Franco board the Titan jet while Bo and Billie fly commercial.

Jennifer returns from her visit with Jack and tells Laura and Mickey that Jack told her to forget about him and move on, but she is determined not to do that. But when she calls to arrange another visit with Jack, she discovers that he has taken her off of his visitors' list. Downstairs, Laura pleads with Mickey to get the exhumation order so that Peter's grave can be dug up to prove that Peter is not dead. Mickey is reluctant, but agrees for old time's sake. Jennifer comes downstairs and tells Laura and Mickey about Jack taking her off the visitors' list, so she can't even tell him that Kristen signed the petition to have Jack's appeal reconsidered. Laura offers to go to the prison for her and tell Jack not to give up hope, and to consider putting Jennifer back on the list. Jennifer makes Laura promise not to tell Jack about getting the body exhumed, but when Laura sees how Jack has lost hope, she tells him anyway. Jack begins to believe that maybe Laura is right and there is hope for him after all. He tells his roommate Travis, who is shocked about the exhumation order and knows he had better warn Stefano right away. When Laura returns home, she is elated to find that Mickey has obtained the exhumation order and they can dig up Peter's grave tomorrow.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan are frantic after Lynn calls them to let them know that Laura has asked Mickey Horton to work on the exhumation order. Vivian and Ivan try to duck out of it, but Kristen threatens them and makes them stay and help her think of a way to get out of it. A florist Kristen hired for her wedding comes by for an appointment, but Kristen snaps at her to get out and reschedule. Then she thinks of an idea - to forge papers in which Peter seems to say that his final wish is to be cremated. As the executor of Peter's estate, Kristen would be the one to carry out the orders. Kristen will pretend she just discovered the papers and hopefully will cremate the body of Daniel Scott before Laura digs up the grave and confirms that it is not Peter lying in it. Kristen gets Vivian and Ivan to make the arrangements for the cremation, while she visits Jennifer to express her "concern" for Laura and to mention casually that she has found business documents of Peter's and will be taking care of them. When she returns, Vivian tells her that they can't dig up the body immediately because the cemetery workers are on strike. Kristen is exasperated, but says there is no rush, because Laura won't be able to get an exhumation order without Jennifer's signature that quickly. Just then, Lynn calls her and tells her that she just overheard Mickey telling Laura that they have the exhumation order and the police will dig up the grave tomorrow. Kristen panics, and Ivan says they're all doomed. But then Kristen says they don't need the cemetery workers - they can dig up Daniel's body themselves! Ivan faints dead away.

Friday, May 23, 1997
by Diane Dix

Mike shows up at Carrie's apartment with a surprise. He tells her he's bought a car, and asks her to come downstairs to look at it. Lucas, overhearing, goes to Austin and Sami's apartment, where Sami is about to do her exercises and is telling Austin that Mike would be great for Carrie. Lucas tells them about Mike's new car, and they all go to the window to check it out. They see Mike leading Carrie, with her eyes closed, to a beautiful red and white '59 Corvette - a two-seater, like Mike had always wanted, and which Carrie had encouraged him to get. When Carrie sees the car, she goes crazy and hugs Mike, who thanks her for getting him to buy it. They go off together in the car to show it to Jennifer and Laura, while Austin fumes. Austin goes to Jennifer's to meet with Carrie. Carrie and Mike arrive ahead of him and show the car to Jennifer and Laura, who are thrilled. Laura sees Carrie with Mike and begins to speculate that perhaps Mike is better for Carrie than Austin is. When Austin arrives, he overhears Laura telling Jennifer that Mike is better for Carrie because they have similar backgrounds, and that it is naive to think that Austin, who is the son of manipulative Kate and lowlife Curtis, did not inherit any of his parents' destructive traits. Austin comes in and sees Carrie and Mike sitting close on the couch, laughing over old photo albums and reminiscing. He feels very left out and begins to wonder if Laura and Lucas are right. Jennifer, meanwhile, sees Laura talking excitedly to Mickey and wonders what they're up to, hoping it has nothing to do with Laura's theory that Peter is alive.

Back at Austin's apartment, Lucas keeps probing Sami about what she remembers, and encouraging her to keep her progress from Austin. Sami excitedly tells Lucas that she has a surprise, and with his help, she stands on her own two feet. Lucas is thrilled for her, but when he realizes she plans to tell Austin, he discourages her and says that it would spoil an even bigger surprise when she can walk. Sami is disappointed with Lucas and says that he is a manipulative person. Lucas admits it, but says he is only looking out for her best interests. As Sami goes to plug in the iron, she tells Lucas that she fixed it herself. The second she plugs the iron in, sparks shoot out and Sami is bathed in electricity, screaming, and thrown to the floor. Lucas is horrified, but Sami does not seem to be seriously hurt. He is stunned when she asks where she is and why the apartment has changed so much, and mentions that Austin wouldn't listen to her about the car being defective. Lucas realizes that Sami is back, with all her memories of the four years of deception and manipulation that she had forgotten, although she does not remember the months since the accident clearly.

At the cemetery, Ivan, Vivian, and Kristen dig frantically at Peter's grave until they uncover the coffin. Ivan is frequently on the verge of collapse. Kristen remembers that she left her monitor to watch Marlena back at the house, but is not worried becuase she knows John will be out all night and anyone else would think it was just a miniature TV. Back at the DiMera mansion, Susan sits with "Elvis" thinking about Dr. Evans' disappearance and Kristen's threats to her. The maid comes in and brings Susan a movie about vampires. Susan falls asleep while watching it and has a nightmare about Vivian, Kristen, and Ivan. She wakes up screaming. The maid tells her to go take a walk, and she will watch the baby. Susan ends up in the cemetery, and sees, to her horror, Vivian, Ivan, and Kristen dressed all in black and digging up a grave. She runs back to the house in terror. As she paces the living room, she decides she needs a drink. But as she's pouring, she spots what looks like a miniature television. She turns it on, and to her surprise, she sees Dr. Marlena Evans in the screen, gesturing frantically at her.

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