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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of May 26, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, May 26, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At Jennifer's everyone is looking through old photo albums. Austin can't seem to get Laura's words that Mike is better for Carrie out of his head. Austin asks Carrie to speak in private with him and he asks her to tell him she loves him. Carrie says of course she does and they hug. Mickey returns to tell Laura that Peter's body can be exhumed at anytime, but there's a cemetery strike. Laura says nothing will stop her from proving Peter isn't in that coffin. Laura says Jen can stop this if she learns about this, and says Jen will thank her afterwards. Mickey says it would be nice to see Jen and Jack, and Austin and Carrie back together, but Laura says she thinks Mike is much better for Carrie. Mickey says Carrie only loves Austin, but Laura says that Mike is so much better for her. (A little matchmaking going on?) Laura says there has been such a change in Mike since he's been spending time with Carrie. Austin says to Laura, that he and Carrie were meant to be together, and Laura says even if Mike was out of the picture he still has Sami to deal with. Jen and Carrie come back downstairs and Laura leaves.

Lucas is shocked to think that the real Sami is back. Lucas asks what she remembers, and Sami says the last thing she recalls is her warning Austin not to drive his car, and the accident, but nothing else. Lucas asks her if she remembers Austin, and Sami still thinks that they are in love and living together. Lucas asks her if she remembered how she got him, and she said they schemed together which is no big deal. Lucas tells her otherwise, and that is was a serious accident. Sami says she does remember the hospital, but after that it's fuzzy. Lucas helps her to stand up and get back into the chair. Sami decides to go see Will and Lucas wonders if this will affect his plan to win Carrie. Lucas says Kate redecorated the apartment to look for something she was blackmailing her with, and Sami says she remembers and begins laughing. Lucas asks what she has on his mom, and Sami says it's nothing for him to worry about. Lucas tells her she's living in a fantasy world and he's not going to let her ruin his plan of pairing Carrie with Mike. Sami says it sounds like a good plan, but Lucas says she has to keep pretending to have lost her memory.

At the DiMera home, Susan sees Marlena on the remote and thinks she's been abducted by aliens. Meanwhile Marlena is shouting at Susan to save her, but Susan can't hear her, since the power is off. Susan tells her, that she saw Kristen and Vivian dig up Peter's coffin, but Marlena says she doesn't understand. She tells Susan to call the police, which Susan does eventually. Susan drops the mini-tv on the sofa and goes to call the police, but she forgets.

Suddenly John and Abe show up, and John says all he needs is one lead to find Marlena, not realizing the most important clue is on the sofa behind him. Marlena overhears John tell Abe that he loves Marlena more than anything, and Marlena begins to cry. John and Abe leave, and never see the mini-tv on the couch. Susan returns and finds the tv again and runs off with it.

Upstairs Susan watches the mini-tv, and remembers to call the police. Susan calls the police and says some people are at the cemetery digging up the graves, but doesn't give them her name. Marlena continues to shout at Susan to turn up the VOLUME, but Susan thinks she's talking about Vampires. Marlena finds a lipstick and writes on her pillow to turn up the volume. Susan finds the volume and turns it up. Marlena tells Susan to help her get out of the secret room. Susan says she's on her way to the basement to help her out, and Marlena thinks she's finally going to be rescued.

At the cemetery Vivian and Kristen tell Ivan to get Peter's body out of the coffin. Ivan all by himself, loads the coffin on the truck, when it pops open. Ivan faints. Vivian says if he doesn't put what's left of Daniel's body back into the coffin he can find another job. Ivan tells her that she'd never find anyone crazy enough to fill his position. A cop shows up, and asks what's going on. Kristen shows him the permit to dig up Peter, and claims that Vivian and Ivan are grave diggers helping her because of the strike. Abe tells him to take care of it himself, and the cop lets them continue. Kristen says she has to get back to the house, and orders Vivian and Ivan to cremate the body. Kristen returns home, and just misses Susan running downstairs to the cellar to rescue Dr. Evans.

Tuesday, May 27, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Bo and Billie arrive in Rome, and will stay at the same hotel, that he stayed with Hope on their second anniversary. They were married 12 years ago today. Hope and Franco arrive also, and are staying at the same hotel. Both Bo & Hope have memories of their time together in Rome. Hope wonders if Bo even remembers it's their anniversary. They leave just as Franco and Hope come down from their rooms to go to the same restaurant per Franco's suggestion. At the restaurant, Bo & Billie sit outside as Franco and Hope sit inside. Bo talks about Hope and Billie reminds him she's safe and he needs to concentrate on the case as Bo's phone rings. It's King telling Bo it's not time to get the drugs and to relax and enjoy himself. Billie is thinking to herself if she can keep Bo away from Hope that maybe she can get him to fall in love with her again. Inside Franco's trying to cheer up Hope. He tells her finally that he loves her. Hope doesn't believe it, she's still in love with Bo, and can't return those feelings. As they leave, they just miss being seen by Bo & Billie.

Austin walks in and hears Sami and Lucas arguing. She has a surprise and stands for Austin. He asks her if she also got her memory back and mentions that is she has it will change their lives and things can get back to normal. She remembers Lucas telling her not to tell Austin and then she passes out. Just then Mike and Carrie arrive home. Lucas tells them about Sami getting shocked by the iron, and Mike yells at him for not calling 911. With her still passed out they take her to the bed so Mike can examine her. She wakes up , and can't remember much except standing for Austin. Lucas is relieved.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen lies and says she was at the garden center. John mentions that Stefano hasn't left a clue like he usually does and wonders if Stefano did indeed take Marlena. About then the phone rings and it's someone saying that a plane left the night Marlena disappeared with an unknown destination. So they hurry off to check it out. Kristen is relieved. With them gone she looks for the monitor as Eliana brings it in she found it in the hallway. Kristen checks in to see Marlena pacing and thinks that everything is fine, and heads to shower to get the cemetery dirt off her.

In the cellar Susan manages to move the bottle that has the window in it and Marlena motions her to move the bottle with the intercom buttons under it. She does and they talk. Marlena tells Susan to find the bottle that opens the door she needs to get out. Susan says she trying but is not having any luck. She keeps trying as Marlena is encouraging her. Kristen is done with her shower and checks in on Marlena and thinks she is talking to herself so she turns up the volume to hear what Doc has to say.

She realizes Marlena is talking to Susan and she has found the room!!! She rushes down there just as Susan finds the right bottle to turn. It's a few seconds before Kristen comes rushing in to slam the door shut. Kristen tells Susan she made a big mistake but Susan says she is going to let Dr. Evans out. Susan tells Kristen she is not scared of her anymore and that she lied about Stefano and that John needs to know how mean she really is.

They wrestle trying to get to the wine bottle that will open the door. Kristen tells Susan that Marlena wants John and if she lets her out she will take him away from her. Susan doesn't believe her she says John belongs to her as Kristen encourages Susan to ask Marlena. She does and Marlena says yes she loves John and John loves her and they belong together and they will protect Susan from Kristen and also help provide for her baby.

Susan realizes Kristen is right and she can't let Marlena out. Susan tells Dr. Evans that she just can't let her out. John comes in to replace the brandy that Vivian has used, and askes what they are doing down in the basement. Kristen lies and says she was showing Susan that it's nothing to be scared of in the basement. Susan heads upstairs and says to herself that she has big plans for Kristen. John goes to grab a bottle of brandy as Kristen holds her breath hoping

Wednesday, May 28, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Lucas is looking up information about electric shocks on the internet, when Kate comes in and asks what is he doing? Lucas claims nothing, but Kate doesn't believe him. Kate knows he's up to something because he cleared the screen when she came in. Kate asks him if he and Sami are up to something, but Lucas says no. Kate says if Sami is faking, she will get the annulment shoved down her throat. Lucas assures her Sami doesn't remember anything.

At Austin's place Sami wakes up and gets into her chair and finds Austin sleeping on the couch. Sami knows Austin doesn't love her and she vows to never let Austin learn she has her memory back. Sami sneaks back into bed and lets Austin come back in and think he's fooled her. Sami begins to cry when she wakes up and says she's in pain. She also pretends to be so afraid for her mother and Austin says he's there for her. Kate comes over to see Austin and urges him to spend time with Carrie, but he says all he does is make her unhappy, and thinks she is better off with someone else, like Mike Horton. Kate asks who put this idea in his head, and he says Lucas, and Laura. Austin tells Kate what Laura said, and she says she has to go.

Mickey comes to see Laura about Peter's body being exhumed today. Laura thinks she'll finally prove she is not crazy. Mickey tries to reason with her but Laura knows Peter isn't dead and that Kristen knows where Marlena is. Laura knows Mickey doesn't believe her, but this will prove all her claims. Mike says perhaps she should go back on her medication because she seems tense, but Laura refuses. Lynn spikes Laura's tea with a pill, but Laura has already taken a tranquilizer. Kate comes over and confronts Laura about her interfering in her Austin's life. They get into an argument. Kate then goes to see Sami about whether she is remembering anything, and Sami gives her a dose of the old Sami.

Kristen has a nightmare and starts screaming "Don't let Marlena go." John wakes her up to ask what she meant. Kristen lies, and tells him about Marlena dangling over a cliff, and she couldn't help her from falling. Once John leaves to call Shane, Kristen calls Vivian and Ivan to make sure the body has been disposed of, and then tells them to come over.

Downstairs Susan goes to see Marlena and she says she can't let Marlena out, but she has to put her plan into action for Kristen. Marlena warns Susan not to take Kristen on by herself and asks Susan to let her help her by releasing her. Susan goes back to her room and makes an appointment to be made over like Kristen at some beauty parlor, and she thinks by time John realizes the truth he'll be in love with her. Vivian and Ivan come over, and when Susan runs off Kristen makes Vivian and Ivan follow her. Kristen goes downstairs and taunts Marlena a little more and then gives her food. Meanwhile Susan goes to the beauty parlor and says she needs to get the same treatments Kristen does and wants her hair died to match Krsiten's and also to get hair extensions. Susan is taken to the back room and Ivan and Vivian show up. As Susan is being given the works she fantasizes about John being dressed up as Elvis and singing to her. When Vivian and Ivan leave they overhear the women say that Susan signed her bill Mrs John Black Laura and Mickey go to the cemetery and see that the coffin is gone! Meanwhile Kristen gets a call from the crematorium, there are technical problems delaying the cremation of the body.

Thursday, May 29, 1997
by Diane Dix

Kate is elated to discover that Sami has her memory back, and immediately starts threatening her with what will happen when she exposes Sami to Austin and Carrie. Sami lets her enjoy her little revenge fantasy for a while, but just as Kate is about to call Austin, Sami reminds her that she remembers EVERYTHING - including the blackmail information with which she originally bought Kate's cooperation. Kate thinks she's bluffing when Sami doesn't produce the papers, and when Austin enters the apartment, Kate tells him she has great news, and is about to tell him everything. But Sami casually produces the envelope from a magazine and waves it tauntingly at Kate when Austin can't see, and Kate is forced to make up a lame lie about buying Austin a laptop when he asks her what the great news is. Kate is literally gnashing her teeth when she leaves. But first, Austin tells Sami that he has things to do tonight and will be out quite late, and for once, he refuses to let Sami bully him into staying. The truth is that he promised Carrie that nothing in the world would stop him from getting away for the night so they could return to the romantic spot where they first made love, Green Mountain Lodge. Carrie had been reluctant to believe at first, but when Austin reassured her, she happily accepted. As Austin and Kate leave the apartment, Kate tells Austin that she hopes he is meeting Carrie, and he lets her in on their plans. She tells him to go buy something for Carrie, and to have Carrie pick up Will and bring him to Wendy's. Austin thinks it's a great idea and runs off to arrange it. Kate is leaving the area when she runs into Lucas on his way to visit Sami. She harshly accuses Lucas of having known about Sami's memory returning, and warns him to watch his back, because Sami could turn on him at any time. Lucas goes up to see Sami and learns that her fainting spell and memory lapse were all an act. He makes her promise not to hurt Kate with the leverage she obviously has, and Sami agrees, but obviously is not that serious about it. Sami immediately begins plotting with Lucas about the best way to break up Austin and Carrie permanently, and Lucas is amazed at how quickly scheming came back to her.

Carrie, meanwhile, goes shopping at Salem place for a special dress to wear on her date with Austin. Seeing a beautiful, clingy metallic gown in a store window, Carrie fantasizes about dancing with Austin to a romantic song. Mike sees her woolgathering, and congratulates and encourages her about her mending relationship with Austin. Carrie buys the dress, and runs into Austin as she is leaving the shop. He asks her to pick up Will so he can run an errand, and she gladly agrees. Austin buys a lovely bracelet for Carrie and a stuffed toy for Will, happy that he is finally going to spend time with the woman he loves. Carrie picks up Will and is heading over to Wendy's on the pier when she hears a sound above. She sees a crate over her head in a net looking none too sturdy, and instinctively sets Will down and pushes him out of the way. A split second later, the crate breaks loose and crashes down on her. Carrie is not seriously injured, but is dazed for a few minutes as a horrified dock worker comes over to see if she is all right. Carrie panics immediately because she doesn't see Will anywhere. As she is trying to get her bearings, Will totters over to the edge of the pier. Carrie hears a splash and sees Will go into the water and screams in terror as the dock worker tries to restrain her.

Kristen is livid when she discovers that Daniel Scott's body has not yet been cremated. When Ivan and Vivian show up, she yells at them for not following through, but Vivian reminds her that she had them tailing Susan to the spa. Kristen calms down a little, but tells them to get over to the crematorium immediately and to make sure the body is cremated before Mickey and Laura track it down. Vivian tries to interrupt her and tell her how oddly Susan is behaving, but Kristen brushes it off, saying that Laura is a much bigger problem now than Susan. She shows them her new supply of memory repression drugs which Lynn will use to keep Laura in the dark. Just then, Laura bursts through the door and flies at Kristen, calling her a bitch and accusing her of having the body removed. Kristen hurriedly sends Ivan and Vivian out on their errand, all the while accusing Laura of being crazy. Marlena, watching on the monitor in the secret room, is glad to see Laura, but troubled that she seems so out of control. Laura continues to rant at Kristen, eventually getting so worked up that she has to take deep breaths to calm herself. Kristen seizes the opportunity to slip a couple of the memory repression pills she got for Laura into a glass of brandy. Marlena is horrified, realizing that the mixture of alcohol and drugs could be very dangerous for Laura. Laura at first refuses the drink, but seeing Kristen drinking her brandy, she eventually accepts it to calm herself down. Of course, the mixture has the opposite effect, and soon she becomes even more excited and irrational. Kristen subtly taunts her, goading her to greater heights of emotion. As Laura works herself up to an incoherent frenzy, while Marlena watches with sadness and horror, Ivan and Vivian burst through the door with an urn, presumably filled with Daniel Scott's ashes. Kristen capers gleefully around the room with the urn, taunting Laura that now she will never know. It turns out to be all the stress Laura needs to have a hysterical breakdown. Kristen watches coldly while Laura begins sobbing and ranting and loses control of even her physical movements. Laura ends up on the floor, completely out of control.

But upstairs, while Kristen gloats over her neutralization of Laura, Susan applies her beauty regimen, chuckling that soon she will be able to get Kristen out of the way and take her place for good.

Friday, May 30, 1997
by Diane Dix

Laura continues to rant at Kristen, Vivian, and Ivan while they watch her carefully. When Kristen suggests that they call the hospital, Laura becomes enraged and picks up a letter opener and starts threatening them with it. Kristen is alarmed to see Laura so unhinged, even though she drugged Laura herself. Marlena, watching helplessly from the secret room, is both sorry for Laura and coldly furious at Kristen for her role in unbalancing Laura. Laura suddenly realizes what she is doing, and in a moment of clarity is horrified by her loss of control. As she is alternating between rage and confusion, Mike, Jennifer, and Lynn enter. Kristen is thrilled that they have a chance to witness Laura's seemingly crazy behavior. They manage to disarm Laura and calm her down, but when Laura accuses Kristen of having Peter's body exhumed and cremated, Jennifer is shocked. Kristen quickly covers by reminding Jennifer that she told her about the papers. Jennifer is too distraught by Laura's condition to pursue it much further, and Mike and Jennifer and Lynn bring her to University Hospital for observation. While Laura lies sedated in her hospital bed, Jennifer begs her not to lose her sanity again, because she loves and needs her mother too much. Lynn is starting to have second thoughts about her involvement in Laura's deterioration, and is ready to back out, but Vivian convinces her that it will be worse for Laura if she remembers and defies the DiMeras. Lynn reluctantly agrees to drug her again to prevent her from talking, not realizing that in addition to the medication she slipped into Laura's tea earlier, Laura had also taken a tranquilizer and had been separately drugged by Kristen, who mixed the medication into alcohol. Mike, at Laura's bedside, receives a phone call telling him Carrie was in an accident, and he rushes away to find out what has happened. Vivian and Ivan distract Jennifer while Lynn injects more medication into Laura's IV.

Austin and Kate are walking by the pier when they notice a commotion. A dock worker tells them that a girl jumped off the pier to save her nephew, and tells them the boy was named Will. Austin panics and jumps in while Kate looks on in horror. Carrie and Will are pulled from the water, but both are unconscious. As paramedics rush to the scene, Kate calls Sami. Sami, who had been discussing her schemes with Lucas, at first taunts Kate on the phone, but when Kate tells her there was an accident, Sami is shocked. Lucas picks up the phone and Kate tells him to rush Sami down to University Hospital to meet the ambulance. Lexie Carver is in the ER and Carrie and Will are quickly treated while Austin, Kate, Sami, and Lucas wait anxiously. The doctor tells Sami and Austin that Will is fine, and they joyfully go to see him. But Austin wonders how Carrie is doing and says he wants to check on her. Sami immediately plays on his fear of being a bad father by asking him what Will was doing with Carrie in the first place, and what could Austin have possibly had to do that was more important than his son? Kate is furious to hear Sami playing on Austin's emotions, but is helpless to tell Austin about Sami's memory returning. Lucas reminds her of the blackmail information Sami has. Mike Horton arrives at Carrie's bedside when she regains consciousness. Her first thoughts are for Will, and Mike assures her that Will is fine. Then she asks if Austin is there. Mike tells her he's with Will, but says he will go and get him. As Sami and Austin are facing off about whether Austin should check on Carrie, Mike enters and tells them that Carrie is fine, but she wants to see Austin to explain what happened. Sami knows it is a ruse, and sweetly but determinedly tells Austin that Carrie can wait and his duty is with his son. Kate finally has enough and decides to blow the whistle on Sami regardless of the consequences to herself. As she tells Austin she has information that will make his decision a lot easier, Sami gives her the evil eye.

Meanwhile, after Jenn, Mike, Lynn, and Laura leave, Kristen gloats about her victory. Vivian tells her that the reason Mike and Jennifer showed up when they did is that Vivian called them, and Kristen thanks them. But before they can bask in their glory, Kristen tells them to get to the hospital and make sure Lynn keeps Laura sedated. Meanwhile, Marlena, sickened by what she witnessed, comes up with a plan of her own. Kristen turns on the monitor after Vivian and Ivan leave, and taunts Marlena. Marlena tells her it doesn't matter because she is breaking out. She holds up a piece of metal she pried from the bed frame and tells Kristen she is digging a hole in the wall which she can scream through, or at least hope that John hears the scraping. Kristen thinks she is bluffing, but realizes she can't afford to take the chance. She heads down to the cellar. Little does she know that Susan, who has been covertly listening to the drama with Laura all day, is more determined than ever to take her place. When Susan sees Kristen heading down to the cellar, she follows her quietly. Kristen looks into her monitor before she opens the door and sees Marlena set down the tool, apparently exhausted, and head into the bathroom for a shower. Kristen takes the opportunity to open the door and creep into the room. Marlena, of course, is hiding in the bathroom, ready to escape or overpower Kristen if necessary. Kristen sees the tool on the bed, but notices immediately that there is no hole in the wall. Just as she realizes that Marlena has laid a trap for her, Marlena springs out of the bathroom and Kristen screams in frustration. But before either of them can reach the door, it slams ominously shut behind them as Susan seizes her opportunity to get rid of Kristen. Kristen is horrified beyond belief and begins panicking and screaming for Susan to let her out. Marlena, although disappointed at her own missed opportunity, is coldly enjoying the site of Kristen getting a taste of her own medicine. As Kristen finally realizes she is not getting out, Marlena tells her that she is going to kill her for all the awful things she's done to Laura and everyone else, filling Kristen with fear.

Susan runs triumphantly up the stairs and puts on her Kristen disguise. All she can think about is that she has outsmarted Kristen and taken her place, and is only a few steps away from winning John for herself. She slips into one of Kristen's lacy negligees and climbs into bed, practicing her seductive Kristen mannerisms. When she hears John's voice, she calls out, "John, I'm here!" in Kristen's voice, and waits excitedly for him to join her.

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