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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, June 2, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

While Laura's in a drug-induced state, Jennifer gives Jack a call about what's happened. Maggie chats with Jack and urges him not to give up hope that one day of a reunion with those he loves.

Locked in the same room in the basement, Kristen and Marlena go at it, wrestling each other around the room until they spot Susan, disguised as Kristen, in bed with an unsuspecting John. As Susan offers John a back rub, Kristen notices that Susan has had her hair done to look like hers so she'll no longer need to wear a wig. Before they can make love, John leaves to see what's wrong with the crying baby. Susan dons her wig to look like Susan again and arrives to calm the baby down.

Lucas asks Kate if she's willing to risk everything. Kate tells Austin that his place is with the family. Lexie assures Austin and Sami that Will is going to be fine. Sami wants to go home until Austin reveals that he's staying to check on Carrie. Mike calls John about Carrie and Will and learns about Laura's problem. He wonders why Kristen didn't mention aura trying to attack her. When he hears that Kristen ordered Peter's body to e cremated, John wonders why she didn't mention this as well

Tuesday, June 3, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Wednesday, June 4, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Thursday, June 5, 1997
by Diane Dix

Bo tries to figure out a way to get out of marrying Billie, but King is persistent. He throws them an engagement party and they are forced to play the happy couple. Billie and Hope have a close encounter in a boutique, where each picks up a beautiful piece of antique lace. Hope, meanwhile, is astounded by the fortune teller's "vision", not knowing that she was paid by Franco to discourage Hope from pursuing a relationship with Bo. But even Franco is surprised when the fortune teller starts to make predictions on her own, about Shawn-Douglas and the danger to Bo. Hope and Franco notice the engagement party at the trattoria, but do not see Billie and Bo. The fortune teller passes by a few minutes later, and gazing at Bo and Billie, she says, "Great joy...but great sorrow."

Austin and Carrie continue to argue about Sami's memory. Carrie is convinced that she may be faking the amnesia, but Austin says it's impossible. To prove it, he promises Carrie that they will got up to the lodge that night as planned. Carrie tells him there is no way that Sami will let him go. Sami, who has been listening outside the door the entire time, is apprehensive when Carrie tells Austin to go ahead and tells Sami the truth, because she can't stand the charade any longer, but Carrie changes her mind a few minutes later when she sees Roman's letter asking her to care for her sister. Sami heartlessly gloats that it's a good thing that Carrie is so caring. Sami returns to the apartment, and when Austin comes back planning to tell her that he is going away for the night, Will starts crying. Sami and Austin take his temperature and find he has a low fever. Austin has a memory flashback of a time when he was a boy, and Billie had a fever, and Curtis was nowhere to be found. Austin reluctantly goes back to Carrie's and tells her he can't go with her to the lodge. Carrie has finally had enough and tells Austin that no matter what he's doing, she's going to the lodge by herself. Austin goes back to the apartment and finds that Will's fever has dropped. He calls Carrie on her cell phone as she is driving up to the lodge. Sami, of course, eavesdrops. Austin tells Carrie that Will's fever is down and he will absolutely be at the lodge first thing in the morning. He tells Carrie that if Sami tries to stop him, he will just tell her the truth. Sami wonders how she's going to get out of this one, but she is determined to stop Austin from being with Carrie.

Friday, June 6, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami and Lucas hatch a devious plan to keep Carrie and Austin apart for good. Sami keeps Austin busy running errands all day because she knows he promised Carrie he'd be at the lodge first thing in the morning. As the day wears on and Austin keeps calling with excuses, Carrie becomes more and more discouraged. Meanwhile, Lucas pays a lodge attendant to call Mike Horton, telling him that a woman staying there requested his medical assistance. Thinking Carrie is in trouble, Mike rushes up there, only to find that it was a false alarm. But Carrie is happy to see him, although confused about the mix-up. Because Mike had no sleep, Carrie tells him to go shower and sleep in her room while she goes to the hot tub. Mike gets out of the shower to find his clothes missing - the maid had them cleaned, thinking he was staying with Carrie. But she tells him there is a swimsuit shop in the lodge, and he could wait in the hot tub with Carrie while his clothes are cleaned. Lucas overhears all this and is ecstatic. He tells Sami to let Austin come up immediately. Austin hurries up to the lodge and bursts into Carrie's room with a huge bouquet of roses, but no one is there. While he's waiting, an attendant comes in with a dry clean bag of men's clothing. Austin thinks it must be a mistake, but the name on the tag is Brady. Suspicious by now, Austin finds out that Carrie is at the hot tub and heads down there. By now, Carrie and Mike are discussing her relationship with Austin and the fact that he has not arrived yet. Carrie begins to feel discouraged and Mike puts his arm around her. She leans her head on his shoulder in what looks like an intimate embrace - which is exactly what Austin sees when he comes around the corner. He remembers Carrie saying she couldn't wait to get into the hot tub with the man she loves...

Susan, disguised as Kristen, has a close call when her false teeth come out while John is there, but she covers up. When the baby starts fussing, she has to get into her regular clothes and appearance to comfort him in front of John. After John leaves, she goes downstairs to give Kristen and Marlena some food and to check on them. Kristen tries to convince her that she can't keep being two people at once, but Susan tells her that she will do anything to be with John. Kristen is furious, but totally helpless to do anything. Upstairs, Kristen sees Vivian and Ivan and wonders if her disguise will pass with them. Kristen, watching on the monitor, thinks that she will never fool Vivian. At first Vivian is suspicious and even tugs on Susan's hair, not knowing that Susan got extensions and is not wearing a wig any more. Susan manages to convince Vivian that she is Kristen, and has locked Susan in the secret room with Marlena. John comes back and tells them that he can't find Susan anywhere and is worried that she might have been kidnapped. Susan thinks fast and tells John not to call Abe, because she let Susan go. John says he will miss her, but he understands. Susan tells Vivian and Ivan to return to their spa and that she will see them at the wedding. Kristen is in tears at the thought of Susan marrying John again. At the airport on the way to the spa, Ivan and Vivian spot a nun who looks exactly like Susan and follow her, knowing that if it is Susan, she could be up to anything. The nun goes to John and Kristen's house and rings the bell just as Susan has almost seduced John into making love to her. John has his shirt half off when he answers the door, shocking the nun. Susan, in her Kristen get-up, sees the nun and looks shocked, saying, "What are you doing here?" Kristen, watching on the monitor, is totally confused.

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