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Monday, June 9, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At the lodge, Lucas and Sami are on the phone discussing their plan. At the hot tub Mike is comforting Carrie. She thinks Austin isn't going to show, and both of them are unaware that Austin is watching. Austin thinks maybe Carrie is really interested in Mike, but from where he is standing he can't hear that Carrie is talking to Mike about Austin. As Austin is about to confront them, Sami calls to say that Will is sick again, and Austin needs to come home. When Austin finally returns to the hot tub Mike and Carrie are gone.

Mike and Carrie return to the lodge talking about love and romance. Mike and Carrie leave to get some coffee, and Austin returns to Carrie's room. Downstairs Carrie asks the man at the desk for any messages, but she has none. Carrie confides in Mike that she thinks maybe Austin and her weren't meant to be, but Mike reassures here that God will find a way to get her and Austin together. Upstairs Austin calls Sami back to check on Will, and Sami sets up the next stage and hangs up.

Back at the lodge a man serves Carrie a romantic dinner she ordered when she thought Austin was coming, and of course Mike shows up with flowers. Carrie asks Mike to stay, and as they hug Lucas watches from the hall.

At the prison Jack tells Travis that he feels at fault about Laura's breakdown because she was trying to help him. At the hospital Jen pleads with Laura to give her a sign that she's okay, and Laura hears her. Mickey and Maggie come in, and Jen tells them the doctor recommends some type of motivation to come out of her state, and Mickey has an idea. Jen asks what he's thinking of, but Mickey doesn't want to jinx it. Outside Laura's room Ivan and Vivian have shown up to make sure that Lynn is keeping Laura sedated, and Ivan keeps rambling about seeing Susan dressed as a nun. Lynn tells Vivian that she hates doing this but Vivian reminds her of Stefano and Kristen and what they'd do to them.

Mickey returns to the room with Abby in hopes she can help Laura to wake up, but it doesn't work. Laura does manage to move her hand, but Abby doesn't understand why she won't talk. Mickey says plan B is going take effect soon, and leaves to see how it's progressing. Mickey returns to the hospital with plan B, Jack! Jen rushes to Jack and they hug.

In the secret room Kristen can't believe what she sees on the monitor. Upstairs John and Susan have answered the door and meet Susan's twin sister Sister Mary Moira. John invites her in, and Susan's sister says she has come because she's received some very disturbing letters from Susan and she wants to check up on her. John tells Mary Moira that Susan doesn't work for them anymore, Susan's Sister says she is confused, because in one of her letters Susan says she married John. Susan's Sister says she only said his first name was John, Susan jumps in and says that "Susan" mentioned she was seeing a John Smith. When Susan gives her sister the letter she suddenly feels Susan's presence and she stares right at Susan when she says this. John says that she must be mistaken, but she doesn't think so. Susan's sister and John talk, and she tells John that Susan had Elvis's name tattooed on her ankle, which makes Kristen panic!

Vivian and Ivan then go out looking for Susan, but Vivian thinks Ivan is seeing things and says they are going to the spa now. Ivan continues to hassle every nun he sees and they eventually find Susan's sister, but Viv and Ivan think it's Susan. They eventually corner, and nab Susan's sister!

Tuesday, June 10, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Jack shows up at the hospital in hand cuffs and leg irons and escorted by police. Mickey persuades the cops to take off the handcuffs for his daughter'ssake. Abby asks Jack if he's coming home, but he says not this time, he's just here for a visit. Laura squeezes Jack's hand, and they all take it as a good sign. Jack says he wishes he could be there full time, and Jen says he's here now and they need to make the best of the time they have together. Jack talks to Laura, and tells her that they are both trapped, but the difference is she can be released from her prison if she wants to. Suddenly, Laura sits up, and Lynn yells "Wholly Moley!" Jen asks him to try again but the police come to take him back to prison and Jen pleads for 5 more minutes, and Lynn then leaves them alone.

Before Jack is taken away he tells Jen not to visit her in prison, but she says she can't make that promise because she loves him. Jack says he loves her too, that's why this has to be goodbye. Abby asks her daddy not to go, but he says he has to, but she'll always be in his heart.

Vivian and Ivan nab Susan's sister but she manages to get away. As they give chase, Susan's sister falls, and they grab her. Susan's sister says she is not going anywhere with them because she is not Susan! Vivian and Ivan want to know how she got of the secret room, and she proves to them she's Susan's twin sister. Ivan says "We kidnapped a nun, we are going to hell!" Susan's sister then becomes suspicious, and wonders if they are behind her disappearance, but they manage to convince her otherwise. Lynn then calls Vivian's cell phone and informs Vivian that she can't do this anymore, and will no longer drug Laura. Before Vivian can tell her otherwise Susan's sister grabs Vivian's phone from her. Unfortunately Lynn thinks Vivian agrees with her and it's okay not to drug Laura any longer!

In the secret room Marlena has finally left the bathroom and Kristen fills her in on Susan's sister, and the Elvis tattoo on Susan's ankle. Marlena is overjoyed at that news because she thinks once John sees the tattoo she'll be saved. Upstairs John surprises Susan with a candlelit bedroom, and promises to make all her dreams come true, and all Marlena and Kristen can do is watch and fight. John and Susan begin to kiss, and Susan begins to cry because he's been so nice to her. John tells her about how he used to bring her flowers when they were dating. John makes a toast to his "wife" and as he looks at her he sees only Marlena! Susan asks what he is thinking about, and John says he wants to be honest, he's thinking about Marlena and her whereabouts.

Susan says she's worried too, but they need to have a night alone to concentrate on each other. John and Susan begin to dance and kiss, and Marlena fantasizes about her and John being together. Susan and John kiss and Kristen swears she'll burn down Graceland!. Back upstairs John informs Susan he's going to make love to her like it's their first time.John continues to think of Marlena! Kristen can't believe John didn't know that wasn't Kristen, and Marlena says because he feels no connection to her. Marlena says John can have sex with Kristen and Susan, but he makes love to her!

Upstairs John calls Abe to get the latest on Marlena, but they have nothing new. John says he'll talk to Kristen about it, but he's having a hard time hiding his feelings from her. Susan runs out to tell John that the bubble bath is ready, and John tells her he fears Stefano will come looking for Susan becomes frightened, and John says Abe has the police standing watch outside their house. Downstairs Kristen says Stefano will never reach her now, and that Vivian and Ivan are her only hope.

Susan realizes John will see her tattoo if she wears the skimpy nighty that John gave her.Susan then comes out in the nightgown on, but has socks on her feet because she says she's cold! John says he'll warm her up, and goes to take the socks off! Marlena begins to cheer and say "I'm saved!"

Wednesday, June 11, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Lucas and Sami discuss the current progress of their latest scam. Mike and Carrie discuss the Horton/Brady picnic and hear a fire alarm going off. Turns out the fire alarm was pulled by Lucas. He says it should take care of any fire in their romantic dinner Sami pounds the idea about Will being secure with the love of both his parents into what little brain Austin has left. Mike and Carrie are wandering the halls (no one else is) and the manager comes up to say he found a man unconscious on the floor while checking the rooms. Mike tells him he's a Dr., so lead the way. Mike is giving the man CPR and says he'll never forgive himself if anything happens to the man. Slow news day in The TV shows Carrie and Austin and explaining how they saved the man's life. On tv, the reporter tells Mike and his girlfriend (Mike tries to reclairfy who Carrie is, but can't) that the management has given them the honeymoon suite whenever they want it being their romantic dinner was interrupted by the false alarm. Austin watches in shock and Sami rubs in again how wonderful Mike and Carrie look together. She sends him off to get milk for Will and calls Lucas for what really happened.

In Rome, Franco and Hope discuss Bo and Billie yet again. We see Billie sleeping in bed with a lot of covers pulled up over her dreaming about her and Bo's wedding. Max informs King that Hope is staying in the same hotel as Bo, but Bo doesn't realize it. King says It falls right into their plan and calls Bo to meet him. He tells Bo the wedding has been moved up to tonite. Later King finds Bo and Billie outside walking and gives Billie a wad of cash to go get a wedding gown. While gazing at a wedding gown, Monique comes up and Billie tells her she's getting married that night. Monique shows her the wedding gown they used in the photo shoot and she can borrow that and shows her a Polaroid of Hope in it. Later we see Hope's head is not in the picture, just the dress, and Billie likes the dress and accepts the offer.

At the cafe, Bo tells King they can't get married there as they want a family wedding. King tells him he'll fly whoever they want over to Rome for the wedding and Bo says no. King even said he'll fly Shawn D. over and Bo tells him that S.D. wants him to get back with Hope and is still recovering from his wounds from the shooting. Bo is trying to get Billie to leave, but she refuses.

John is still loving Susan. He wants to take off the socks, she says she likes them, they're sexy. He makes it a challenge/game to get them off and she takes off kinda screaming saying he'll have to catch her first. He laughs, and talks about the old times. In the secret room Kristen is still stuffing pork rinds down her face. John finally catches Susan and saying he's taking her back to his cave to knock her socks off. He whips off her right sock and massages it, then pulls off the other sock and finds something. He asks her what the Hell is that? Marlena is so excited in the room watching, while Kristen just stares. Turns out it's just a Band-Aid that Susan put over the tatoo. John is concerned about what happened and she tells him she cut herself shaving and doesn't want to take it off yet. Kristen is so happy pork rinds are flying out of the bag. Kristen says Susan is more clever than she gave her creditfor.

Susan is in bed and John has all her favorites there to feed her. He loads up some of those fish eggs on a cracker and puts it in her mouth and she said what she's really craving is a deep fried oyster. He reminds her last time she craved something it was before she had the baby and she sent him around town for ice cream and chinese. She comments Chinese food sounds real good (looking at the fish eggs) and he promptly gets dressed and heads out the door to fulfill her every wish that night and he has another surprise for her.

Kristen mumbles I don't eat stuff like that and looks at the pork rinds. Susan pulls out the monitor and talks to both Marlena and Kristen, telling them, she knows why they love John so much and how wonderful a time they've had. She tells them she's going to fix them something real special and bring it down. Kristen tells M that Susan doesn't realize the camera is voice and sound activated (aha!).

In a pink dressing gown, Susan brings food for K & M. She hands through a Styrofoam container saying cook made it for her dinner and K, without looking, hands it to Marlena. M opens it to find a Spinach salad and is delighted. K wants it back and M says, No!!! Susan then hands Kristen a container with biscuits and gravy (Elvis special) and for her to sop up that gravy in the biscuits. She tells her you'll die and go to heaven with them and Kristen agrees, by OD'ing on cholesterol! She then reaches in the bag and hands some party food threw..cocktail weenies and chips and tells her to share with Dr. Marlena Evans. Kristen tries again to talk Susan into letting her go and Susan said, no and there are guards all over the property in case Stefano comes, but not to worry Dr. Evans, because she won't let Stefano take her away. Marlena is in background telling Susan not to believe Kristen and thanks her for not letting Stefano take her and she knows Susan will let her out then too. Susan says no, as she knows she loves John and he's HER husband. She tells them bye bye and shuts the passageway.

John comes back with the food and sets it up on the table. She looks for the ribs and he tells her he got her the steamed rice veggies. Kristen comments that Susan's an idiot, she never eats fatty foods. Marlena just snickers. John tells Susan he won't rest until he finds Doc. He tells her the truth about Marlena, that she always will have a very special place in his heart. When she asks if he still loves her, he tells her YES. Marlena watches as when Susan asks if he wants to divorce her, he tells her no, as Marlena doesn't feel the same way anymore. He doesn't want any more secrets between them.

She's the mother of his child and he is dedicated to making their marriage work. He tells her he loves her pure and innocent soul and that's why he loves her so much and leaves to get her surprise. Kristen is chewing on a fried chicken leg watching. Marlena comments about Kristen had a chance of winning John's love and she said she DID get his love and points at the monitor with her chicken leg.

Susan gets on the monitor and in her Susan voice tells Marlena and Kristen that John will love only her. Susan then has a fantasy, where John tells her that he loves her and only her.

Back to reality, she tells M & K to get use to that room as they'll be in there a long, long time. Kristen picks up her back of pork rinds and starts at em again. Marlena reminds Kristen they may be there a long time and we see Kristen in a daydream 20 years later weighing about 300 pounds with a pile of chicken legs and food containers all around the room. She's in a purple tent dress and hair all stringy.

She yells at the bathroom to Marlena, is she going to be in there all day and Marlena waltzes out in a black evening gown, hair all made up and earrings. Kristen's true nature comes out according to Marlena and Kristen scratches her chest.

Upstairs John gives Kristen an ankle bracelet. The next day he's planning to put it on her ankle after he removes the bandaid. Marlena is happy as he'll see the tattoo and know the truth.

Thursday, June 12, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami is ecstatic at the way her scheme with Lucas drove a wedge between Austin and Carrie, but Lucas is beginning to wonder if Carrie and Mike aren't becoming too close. Sami doesn't care as long as Carrie isn't with Austin. Carrie meets Kate at the office and tells her what happened at the lodge. Kate is frustrated because she can't tell Carrie that Sami has her memory back and the whole thing is a scheme. She tells Carrie to hang in there, but Carrie is beginning to wonder if she and Austin belong together at all. When Kate runs into Lucas, she asks him how he hurt his leg. She tells him she bets he did it running away from the lodge. Lucas tries to deny being at the lodge, but Kate tells him she called the desk clerk and described him and they remembered him. She tries to lecture him about sacrificing his love for Carrie for her happiness, but Lucas tells her that since she knows Sami's secret and is keeping it to herself for selfish reasons, she has no ground to stand on. Things don't improve when Austin and Sami go to the gym to do her exercises, only to see Carrie and Mike walk in a few minutes later. Sami is secretly delighted at the turn of events, but Austin is obviously very disturbed. Mike convinces Carrie to try to talk to Austin, but he is cold and unresponsive to her. He finally admits that he showed up at the lodge and saw her with Mike. Mike is about to explain why he was there, but Carrie tells him not to bother, because if Austin has so little faith in her as to believe she invited Mike there for romance, he won't believe anything Mike has to say anyway. While they're arguing, Kate enters and confronts Sami about her and Lucas' role in the lodge fiasco. Sami denies it, but without even trying to be convincing. She asks Kate if they can be friends, since Will is bound to sense the tension between them someday. Kate says they can be friends just as soon as Sami returns the photos and papers she stole. Sami tells Kate that if she is still around in 25 years, Kate can have them back after she, Sami, celebrates her 25th wedding anniversary with Austin. Kate stomps away angrily. Austin returns and tells Sami that Shawn is taking Will fishing, so Sami tells him to go with Will and spend some time bonding with his son.

Kate returns home to find Caroline talking to Victor, who is still unable to speak because of his stroke. Kate and Caroline discuss the situation with Bo and Billie and with Carrie and Austin. Although they are on different sides of the Bo/Hope/Billie triangle, both agree that Carrie and Austin should be together. Kate feels guilty when Caroline says that she wishes she could do something to help them. After Caroline leaves, Kate asks Victor what she should do. Victor is unable to respond, although he understands her and is frustrated by his inability to help. Kate does some soul searching and finally realizes that she has to make the sacrfice for Austin and tell him about Sami's memory returning, regardless of the consequences. She calls Marie at Titan and tells her to arrange an immediate business trip for Carrie and Austin to promote Countess Wilhelmina, and that they have to leave tonight.

In Rome, Bo and Billie are pushed closer and closer to their wedding, arranged by King. Billie is more than ready to marry Bo, but she knows that Bo does not love her and is only going through with the wedding to avoid making King suspicious about his role in the drug ring. King and Max continue to press them about the wedding, and they have to play the happy couple. After talking to Abe, Bo realizes it's best just to go through with the ceremony and to get it annulled after King is put in prison. Bo just prays Hope doesn't find out. When Billie asks who their witnesses will be, King tells her it's all arranged and that her hair and makeup people will be there shortly. Bo and Billie go to their room to get ready. Meanwhile, Hope speculates that the anonymous wedding invitation might be from Bo and Billie, since she thinks she heard Bo's voice earlier. Franco tells her that even if Bo and Billie were getting married in Rome, they'd never be so cruel as to invite her to the event. Hope says he's probably right and that the wedding must be for Monique, the fashion coordinator. Just then, a hotel clerk arrives and tells them they have been asked to stand up for the bride and groom. Thinking it's probably Monique and her fiance, they agree. Franco then takes Hope to a romantic spot for a picnic. He tells her he used to look at the spot from his room and vow that he would take the woman of his dreams there someday. Hope tells him that she's flattered, but unable to return his feelings. Franco says he knows, but it won't hurt to dream, and maybe someday his dreams will come true. Then he runs off on a mysterious errand. On impulse, Hope follows him. She is surprised to see him go into a building housing the Sisters of Mercy. A nun there tells her that it is an orphanage, and that Franco grew up there and is now one of their benefactors. Franco emerges and Hope apologizes for following him, but tells him how touched she is that he's such a caring and wonderful man, to donate to the orphanage. They return to the hotel and get dressed for the wedding. Hope finds out from the hotel clerk which room the bride is staying in, so she can help her get ready for the wedding. Hope knocks on the door, assuming that Monique will answer. She is stunned and speechless when the door opens to reveal an equally surprised Billie and Bo, all dressed up in their wedding finery.

Friday, June 13, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami and Lucas are gloating about the encounter with Austin, Carrie, and Mike in the Titan gym when Marie comes out of her office and tells them that Kate has arranged a business trip for Carrie and Austin. Sami is stunned and tells Lucas to bring her home so she can get the information to use against Kate, and then to take her to Kate's so she can put a stop to this. Lucas reminds her that she promised not to actually hurt Kate. Sami says she won't, but the threat should be enough to keep Kate from interfering with their scheme. At home, Kate and Philip are talking to Victor, wishing he would give them some sign of recovery. Kate shows Victor a picture frame Philip made for him, with a picture of Kate and Philip. Victor, who is fighting desperately to communicate with Kate, manages to smile. Kate is overjoyed and says it is the best day of her life. Just then, Sami wheels in, telling her it is going to get a lot worse if she does not call off the business trip. Kate refuses to back down, telling Sami that she is holding up her end of the bargain by not telling Austin and Carrie about Sami's memory returning. Sami threatens to use her information, but Kate tells her that if she does, she will lose Austin forever. While they are viciously fighting, Sami gets up from her wheelchair and drops her document on the floor where Victor is able to read it. He is furious that Kate is being threatened over something he could handle so easily and for something he could forgive her for. Inspired by his desire to let Kate know that everything will be all right, Victor makes a titanic effort and rises from his chair, but Kate and Sami are so busy arguing that they don't notice. The effort is too much and Victor collapses. Kate is frantic with worry and shouts for the nurse Gloria to come in. Gloria thinks Victor is having another stroke. Kate is devastated and sobs uncontrollably.

At the hospital, Laura hovers tantalizingly close to consciousness. She knows that pretty soon she will be able to speak and tell people about her information on Kristen, Peter, and Stefano, praying that this time someone will believe her. Lynn comes in, tempted to medicate her again, remembering Stefano's threats, but since Vivian seemed to give her permission to stop the medication, she doesn't go through with it. Just then she sees "Kristen" (actually Susan in disguise) outside the door. After getting her attention, Lynn asks if she can stop medicating Laura. Susan has no idea what she is talking about, but tells her if it is hurting Laura, she should stop. Lynn is relieved to have the responsibility taken from her. Before she leaves, Susan asks Lynn if she knows of any doctors who remove tattoos. Lynn is puzzled, but gives her a name. Laura continues to struggle closer to wakefulness.

In Rome, Hope is stunned to realize that the wedding is for Billie and Bo. At first she is hurt to think that they would deliberately spring such a cruel surprise on her. She gives them her best wishes and runs away. Bo is tempted to go after her, but Billie tells him they are too close to nailing King to say anything to jeopardize it, or to put Hope in danger. Hope walks around in a daze, until Franco sees her and she tells him what happened. Franco is furious that Bo and Billie could be so cruel. Just then, Bo catches up with Hope and asks to speak to her alone. Franco tries to interfere and tell Bo what a jerk he is for hurting Hope that way. It almost comes to blows, but Hope tells Bo she is grateful Franco is there for her, and then asks Franco to give them a few minutes. Bo tells Hope he had no idea she was even in Rome, and had nothing to do with the wedding arrangements, and would never have asked her to be a witness in his wedding. Hope believes him, and then asks him if he really loves Billie so much as to forget all the love he shared with her, Hope. Bo is right on the verge of telling her about the undercover operation, unaware that King is listening a few feet away. King shows his face before Bo gets himself in trouble, and pretends that he just ran into Bo and Hope coincidentally, and gets himself invited to the wedding. He mentions Shawn-Douglas to Bo just to remind him of what's at stake if he double crosses King. Bo tells Hope that he will find someone else to witness his wedding. Hope walks away and runs in to Billie. Billie apologizes for the pain they've caused Hope, but Hope says if Bo were to love anyone else, she's glad it's Billie. They embrace rather awkwardly. Billie sees Franco before the wedding and he tells her that he is happy her dream is coming true, and also happy that maybe now Hope can love him. Billie tells him not to count on Hope being available for long, and to make his move immediately. As Bo and Billie prepare to get married, the priest tells them he needs witnesses. Bo is about to tell him they don't have any when Hope rushes up and says she and Franco will do it after all, because she is sure Billie would do the same for her. The ceremony begins and Hope walks up the aisle in her bridesmaid's gown. Bo is overwhelmed at the sight of her and wishes she were the bride. Billie enters in her lovely bridal gown and takes her place at Bo's side. The sight of them together is almost too much for Hope, but with Franco's support, she is able to hold herself together.

Susan, dressed as Kristen, goes to the hospital to have her tattoo removed, where she has her weird encounter with Lynn. After going to the doctor's office, Susan discovers she can't get an appointment soon enough to do her any good, so she leaves. The doctor who sees her is surprised to hear she has a tattoo, since he doesn't remember Kristen having one before. Susan returns to the house and brings greasy bacon burgers, fries, and soda for Kristen, along with a huge jello salad. Kristen is disgusted at the fatty food, but gobbles it up anyway. Kristen begs to be let out and promises to shield Susan from Stefano's wrath. Susan tells her she doesn't believe Stefano is coming any more. Just then, her cellular phone rings. Susan picks it up and is terrified to hear the voice she least wants to hear - Stefano DiMera's. Yes, the phoenix has risen again, and Stefano is returning to Salem! Kristen, who overhears Susan saying Stefano's name, exults, knowing she is close to being freed from her prison. Stefano, thinking Susan's voice is Kristen's, notices that she sounds a little distracted, but tells her he is returning to Salem. Susan is nearly hysterical with terror, as Kristen celebrates wildly.

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