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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, June 23, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In Rome, King tells Bo & Billie that everything is set for tonight. Billie is scared that something will go wrong and doesn't like the idea of Bo working alone. He assures her that all is well, an Interpol Agent will be helping him. He tells Billie he wants her to stay at the hotel where he knows she will be safe. Later, the time has come and he promises Billie that he will be careful and thanks her for all her help. After he leaves, Billie vows that she will NOT return with him to Salem, only to see Hope in his arms again. Down on the docks, Bo hooks up with the Interpol agent.

Bo just tells him he wants it all to be over with so he can get home to the woman he loves. The agent gives him some kind of signaling device to let him know when all is set. Dean meets with Max and tells him that Bo is undercover. Max says when King finds out, Bo is a dead man. Billie overhears all this and takes off to warn Bo.

Meanwhile, Bo is meeting with King and they finalize the plans. King spots the boat and Bo signals the other agent (who is with Max). Max calls King and tells him about Bo.

At the hospital, Lynn is dragging Laura all around trying to elude Stefano's men. Lynn leaves her on the stairwell and tells her to stay put, as she tries to throw them off the track. But, they recognize her as Laura's nurse. Meanwhile, on the stairwell, (a still groggy) Laura takes a nose dive down the stairs. When she comes to, she seems to be no worse off than she was and hobbles off mumbling about saving Marlena. Lynn prays she's okay. Later we see her stumbling through the park on her way to the DiMera mansion.

John and Abe are not very amused with their get-ups. They decide it must all be Vivian's fault (because Kristen would NEVER have ordered these outfits) In the cellar, Stefano is upset because he can't get to Marlena, as Marlena & Kristen are frantic that they will die in the secret room. Viv tells Abe & John to make the best of it... tell everyone it's a theme wedding. Then she comments that the theme is "Nightmare at Graceland" John says if Kristen can suffer through this embarrassment, so can he (WOW, what a trooper!) Vivian tells Ivan she hopes that Stefano has Marlena by now, she don't know how much more of this she can take.

In the garden the crowd is gathered for the wedding Hope tells Shawn and Caroline about Bo & Billie's wedding and they are shocked. Carrie is moping around and Mike says he's got his work cut out for him, to make her smile. They are joined by Jen and Mike gives update on Laura. Jen says maybe when she wakes up, she'll leave her obsession with Kristen behind her

As the guests eagerly await the ceremony, "Blue Suede Shoes" blares over the sound system. All are a bit shocked as John and Abe march down the aisle together. (Nervous laughter all around). Celeste, however is NOT laughing! Lexie tells her that it is just a coincidence about the Elvis music (yeah, right!) Marlena tells Kristen to stop worrying about Susan's fashion sense as she rushes to the bathroom and returns with a bar of soap and plugs up the hole. Kristen thanks her but Marlena says she doesn't want thanks...she just wants out of there! Steph asks Viv what she is doing in that get-up and she says "look who's talking you Master of Disguise"He tells her about the cops in the cellar foiling his plan but she knows he will think of something. As Ivan escorts Susan down the aisle, you can hear snickers from the guests. John and Abe joke about which of them looks the most ridiculous. The wedding proceeds without a hitch and as they are pronounced man & wife. She tells John that he has made all her dreams come true. In the house, Steph drugs a bottle of whiskey and offers drinks to the cops in the cellar, compliments of the bride and groom.

John also toasts Marlena and wishes she were here too. Back at the reception, John &Susan suck face, as Hope tells Franco that she has had enough wedded bliss for the day and is ready to leave. Hope tells Mike and Carrie about Bo and Billie then excuses herself. On their way out, Franco again tells H that he loves her.

Steph tell Vivian &I that it is too dangerous for him to try to get Marlena just now, and his men call him and tell that Laura has escaped from the hospital. Steph fears she is on her way to the DiMansion He sends V&I outside to stand guard for Laura and stop her. They reluctantly oblige. Mar begins to get sleepy and starts yawning. She checks the soap...still there...but after she walks away, it pops out...hssssssss. Outside, Viv asks a lady cop if she has noticed anyone strange lurking around the grounds. She gives Vivian the once over and says "strange is the normal around THIS house" Then tells her she saw a woman in pajamas go around the corner of the house...(uh-oh!) and they take off. Laura comes tearing around the corner (followed by Vivian & I) and confronts her and calls her "a bitch." Marlena and Kristen see all this, but are finding it hard to talk (or even stand up for that matter) and are getting very sleepy. When they realize what is happening, they are unable to act on it and both crumble to the floor. Laura continues her tirade against Kristen (REMEMBER, she knows NOTHING about SUSAN!!) Mike and Jen try to calm her down but no luck. Finally Mike drags her into the house and Jen apologizes. Everyone feels sorry for "poor Laura." In the house Laura tries to convince Mike and Jen that she is telling the truth, it is all to save Marlena...

As the show ends, Marlena and Kristen have collapsed unconscious to the floor...

Tuesday, June 24, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

The show begins with Franco calling his boss and telling him the good news - that Bo & Billie were married in Rome. He says now he will comfort Hope and win her love. In the meantime, Hope is dreaming of the past with Bo and moping around. Franco joins her again and she cries on his shoulder and says she has no where to go now. Franco says to come with him he has a place for her to stay. He takes her back to his hotel room and says it's hers and he will get another room for himself as he encourages her to take a bath to relax. While she is bathing he has a special meal brought in - for one - and leaves after she comes out and sees what he has done. She had flashbacks of Bo not trusting Franco and says she can trust him - he's been such a good friend.

In Rome, Bo is waiting for the shipment and signaling the Interpol agent as Max is on the phone with King telling him that Bo is trying to double-cross them. King is furious and starts questioning Bo who is playing dumb. He says that haven't they been through this all before. King asks a few more questions when Bo realizes the King knows the truth as they both grab for their guns but King gets to his first. As they are standing there the Interpol agent walks up and stands by Bo as is he is backing Bo as Bo tells him to call in the rest of the agents and arrest King but then the guy moves to stand by King as Bo realizes the agent was bought out by King. Billie hears this and tries to figure out what to do when she hollers for them to drop their guns and pretends she has a gun. They are about to give up when Max walks up and grabs her and discovers she does not have a gun. King tells them they are going to load the drugs onto the boat and Bo & Billie are going to join them and King will dump them out at sea. He says they are leaving the Eternal City for Eternity.

At the wedding, Ksusan is upset and everyone says how sorry they are for Laura accusing her again. In the meantime out front, Laura tricks Jen and Mike and manages to get away and head around to the gardens to find Kristen. As John is comforting Ksusan and saying that they should get changed and head for their honeymoon Laura comes back into the garden and starts in on Ksusan again. They are arguing again and Jen & Mike get there to try and take Laura away. He asks for his bag and is trying to give Laura a shot when she swings around and hits Ksusan causing the teeth to go flying out (in slow mo) and land in Viv's glass. All are in shock as John wonders what the hell is going on. Immediately Susan scrunches her neck like only Susan can do and everyone knows it's not Kristen. John (he realizes it's Susan) grabs her and asks what is going on and thinks that this is all Stef's doings. He asks if Stef has Kristen and why is she pretending to be Kristen. She is feeling pretty tipsy and tells John he doesn't need Kristen that she and him and Elvis can be a family as she starts asking where Lisa Marie is.

She confirms that Stef was there yesterday but says she hasn't seen him today and says he is the head vampire. She then says that maybe the other vampires now where he is as she points to Viv and Ivan. John rushes over to them and demands to know where Stef is but Viv wants an attorney first. But it is getting to Ivan as he starts spilling his guts. John grabs them both as they head to the cellar to get Kristen and Marlena. Susan is crying that everything was almost perfect and drinking more. Abe had all the entrances sealed off before Stef could leave and he is in Kristen's bedroom thinking that it may finally be the end for him while John gets to the cellar where Ivan tries to open the door to the secret room. It's stuck and John hollers only for Viv to tell him it's no use the room if soundproof. He asks if he can see in so Ivan removes the bottle to reveal the window. John peeks in and seeing Kristen and Marlena on the floor says Oh my God they are dead.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In prison, Harry offers Jack his time on the computer.

John manages to get the door to the secret room opened. When he smells the gas, he carries Marlena out first and then Kristen. While Mike helps Kristen, John performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Marlena.

Mike overhears Carrie admit to an unconscious Marlena that while she likes Mike, she's in love with Austin. Ivan calls for an ambulance. When Kristen comes to, John announces that her scheme is over because they know everything. However, he blames Stefano and not her, assuming that she has done nothing wrong. Laura hears that Susan is truly in love with John. Stefano steals a policeman's uniform and manages to get away by stealing a police car. When he assures her that the ceremony in the hospital is the one that counts, Kristen talks John into finishing the wedding ceremony while Abe sends his men out to find Stefano

Laura and Jennifer call Jack about Stefano's return. Marlena comes to finally and stops the ceremony. Austin can't stop thinking about how much he loves Carrie. After Austin almost catches Sami walking, Lucas warns her that her latest scheme will blow up in her face,

Thursday, June 26, 1997
by Diane Dix

Bo and Billie find themselves locked in a cell aboard a ship, prisoners of King. Billie begins to panic, but Bo assures her that he has been in worse scrapes before, and has no intention of dying just yet. Bo remembers some of the good times with Hope and vows he will get out to be with her again. When the guards come down to transfer Bo and Billie to another cell, Bo attacks and temporarily knocks out the guard, giving Billie a chance to escape. Billie is reluctant to leave Bo, but he tells her it will be easier for him if she is safe. Bo gives her his good luck charm. Billie runs to another room of the ship, where she can hear more of the thugs just outside. Bo is left behind to face the guards.

Sami and Lucas sit in the apartment poring over printouts of country homes. Austin comes in and asks what they're doing. Lucas rubs his face in the fact that he will soon be moving to the country. Austin asks Sami if she still wants to go to Kristen's wedding. Sami says it would be nice, but she is still grieving too much over Roman's death and Marlena's disappearance to enjoy herself. Lucas offers to stay with Sami while Austin goes to the wedding. Austin jumps at the chance and Sami is furious, at first, but Lucas explains that Austin needs to see Carrie and Mike together more often. Lucas plays with Will while Sami watches with amusement. Then Austin calls from the wedding with amazing news - Marlena has been found and is well. Sami has mixed emotions - relief that her mother is okay, and chagrin that Marlena might catch her faking the amnesia. Sami starts opening her mail and notices the blood tests from Will's recent hospital stay. She frowns when she notices that Will's blood type is not her own, but assumes it must be Austin's, and casually tosses the paper down on the table.

Meanwhile, all hell is breaking loose at the DiMera house! John is at first overwhelmed with relief to see that Marlena is all right, but his joy is short-lived when she begins to tell him that he can't marry Kristen, because she is evil, and a liar just like Stefano. Kristen puts up a good front. At first she says that Marlena is feeling the effects of the gas. Marlena brushes that aside. John then thinks Marlena doesn't understand that Kristen has a double, Susan, who has actually done all these things. Marlena stuns him by saying that she knows all about Susan because Susan was her patient. Then she drops the biggest bombshell: Kristen and John aren't married, and Susan is John Jr.'s mother! At first John absolutely refuses to believe it. No one notices when Austin slips quietly in, or when Vivian and Ivan slip quietly out. Everyone else believes Marlena, but they know that John won't without proof. John says he cannot believe he was fooled that way, and he needs proof. Vivian and Ivan threaten Susan outside, so that by the time Susan is called in, she tells everyone that John Jr. is Kristen's baby. Marlena is stunned by her lie, but refuses to give up. Kristen begins to get hysterical, even accusing Marlena of being possessed again! But Marlena talks calmly to Susan while Laura has an idea and leaves the room. Marlena tells Susan everything will be okay, but she needs to tell the truth. Laura reappears, with the baby in her arms. She whispers to Marlena, and Marlena nods, taking the baby. Marlena says that she guesses she will just have to hand the baby over to his mother, looking directly at Susan, who is obviously in an agony of indecision. But as Marlena pretends to hand the baby over to Kristen, Susan blurts, "He's mine!" as everyone gasps, and John looks shocked. "Everything Dr. Marlena Evans said is true!" Susan says, and Kristen looks stunned.

Friday, June 27, 1997
by Diane Dix

Austin comes home from the reception earlier than Sami expected - she barely has time to get into her wheelchair. Austin reassures her that Marlena is alive, but says that something intense was going on between Marlena and Kristen, and he didn't want to intrude, so he left early. Sami asks about Carrie and Mike, and Austin says that they seemed to be together. Sami asks Austin to take a look at the plans for the house. Meanwhile, Lucas puts together a tricycle he bought for Will. Austin thanks Lucas for all the gifts, but wonders what he is up to. Lucas distracts him by asking Austin to help him put the tricycle together. While they are working, Lucas once again brings up Mike and Carrie, telling Austin that if he really loves Carrie, he will consider what is best for her and let her go. Meanwhile, Sami puts together her medical file for Austin, Will, and herself. After recording Austin's blood type and her own, she starts to record Will's - and then notices that something does not fit at all...

Stefano escapes to his hideaway near Salem, where Bart, the contractor who built the secret room, awaits him. Stefano explains what happened, and demands that Bart link him to the cameras in the DiMera mansion, so that he can see what is going on. Bart connects him, and Stefano is in time to see Kristen trying to defuse Susan's admission that John Jr. is actually her baby, Elvis. Kristen says that Susan is working for Stefano, is obviously crazy, and may even have been brainwashed. Susan denies it, but Kristen argues that John should believe her over an obviously unbalanced woman. Celeste tries to back Susan up by telling John about her visions, but Kristen immediately accuses Celeste of working for Stefano again, and helping Susan. Stefano smiles to see Kristen responding to the crisis like a true DiMera. No one else knows what to believe. Kristen begs Jennifer for support, but Jennifer is too confused to take sides. Marlena calls for Vivian and Ivan to back up Susan's tale, but they refrain from commenting, especially after a warning call from Stefano. Finally, Kristen pleads with John to believe her. John is obviously deeply troubled, and he says that on the basis of the evidence alone, he would have to believe Kristen. Kristen hugs John ecstatically, not even noticing that he's not responding. With a look of pain on his face, John peels Kristen away from him and tells her that he has to go with his heart, and that he knows Marlena would never lie to him. Kristen tries frantically to convince him. But as the full reality of the lies strikes John, he turns away from Kristen with loathing. Finally, Kristen breaks down and confesses that everything Marlena said is true. Everyone is horrified, but not really surprised. Kristen says that the only reason she lied was to keep from losing John forever. John tells her she just postponed the inevitable - now she HAS lost him forever. Kristen runs away from the room. John hugs Laura and apologizes for not believing her. Laura says it's all right, she's just happy that Marlena is safe. Susan asks John what is going to happen to her. Marlena assures her that she will try to see that Elvis remains with his mother. Talking to Susan brings home the reality to John that he was never even married to Kristen. He goes outside for some air. Mickey takes Susan up to see Elvis, where she whispers to him that soon the identity of his REAL father will come out, and that his father is a very important man. Lexie wonders if Stefano will come after her next, and Celeste assures her that she and Abe will protect Lexie. Stefano, watching on the monitor, laughs, thinking it will do them no good. Jennifer seeks out Kristen and accuses her of being a monster, letting Stefano perform the dangerous laser surgery on Laura and allowing Jack to go to prison for life. Kristen replies dully that she was only trying to keep Stefano from kidnapping Laura. Jennifer demands that Kristen admit that Peter is still alive so they can take a statement to the judge. Kristen stares at her, brushes past, and yells, "Everyone, get out of my house!" People start to leave, hugging Marlena on the way out. Carrie tells Marlena the events of the day are proof that miracles can happen and true love can win out. Mike listens silently. On her way out, Carrie notices a wedding gift left by Austin, and wonders why he didn't at least say hello to her if he was there. Caroline, Maggie, and Mickey are just glad to have their friend back. Marlena tearfully thanks Laura for saving her life, and Jennifer says how grateful she is that her mother never gave up. Abe stops Vivian and Ivan from leaving - he has other plans for them. He goes out to the garden where John sits, still in shock. Abe makes sure John knows he will have to arrest Kristen. John nods numbly and Abe goes back inside. Suddenly, John realizes that he is now free to explore his feelings for Marlena. He goes inside and looks at her across the room. Kristen sees their glance and gets up from her chair, begging John to give her a chance to explain things. John ignores her and walks toward Marlena. Abe and the other officers start to arrest Vivian and Ivan for kidnapping and conspiracy, and Kristen knows she is next. The intimate scene between John and Marlena is too much for her to handle. In her mind, she blames Marlena for everything that has gone wrong in her life. Moving quickly, she snatches a gun from a police officer's holster and points it at Marlena. Stefano, watching from the monitor, shouts "No!", realizing that Kristen has snapped and intends to kill his Queen of the Night. Kristen shouts, "Nobody move! I swear I'll shoot her!" and everyone freezes. "Don't do this," John begs her. "Why not?" Kristen asks. "If I'm going to lose is she."

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