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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, June 30, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

On the boat Bo is caught by King, who wants to know where Billie is. Bo said she's long gone, but King doesn't believe him and tells Max to find her. Billie is still on the ship, and is hiding from King's men. King tells Bo that the second they find Billie, they are both dead. King also tells him he won't hurt Hope, but he might get his kid hooked on drugs for kicks. Billie manages to kick open an air grate and travels through the ship in it. A man sees it's Billie, and he tells King. There is a huge fight, and Billie manages to jump over the side of the ship, but King's men fire their guns into the water!

At Austin's place, Sami is trying to figure out Will's blood type, and she notices something isn't right. Sami says out loud that it's not right, and when Austin hears her and asks what she meant, Sami says she was just saying how she doesn't remember the past and can't fill out Will's baby book, which she so desperately wants to do.

Upstairs in the DiMera Mansion Susan fears she may go to jail, and tells Elvis she doesn't want to go to jail. Susan tells Elvis that she was never going to let Kristen raise him, and then she starts singing about dress. Susan tells Elvis that John doesn't love her, and she asks where they belong.

Mike and Carrie return to the mansion for Carrie's purse, and they see Kristen pointing a gun at Marlena. Kristen says Marlena took John from her, and the baby, and now she is going to die. On the monitor Stefano watches the incident, and prays that Kristen will not harm Marlena. John asks Kristen not to do this, and Kristen says everything she did was because she lovedhim. Kristen yells and moans that Marlena is gloating and enjoying this. Marlena says she pities Kristen and Kristen almost pulls the trigger. John steps in front of Marlena and says Kristen will have to kill him as well, and when John reaches for the gun Kristen pulls the cock on the gun back. John begs Kristen not to make things worse, and Kristen says she's lost her whole world, and if she can't have John, nobody can. Kristen says she loves him, and John says he loved her for the good loving and strong women he thought she was. John goes off on how there is still good in Kristen, and asks her to give him the gun. Kristen refuses, and when he goes to grab the gun it goes off!

Upstairs Susan wonders if they are shooting off fire crackers down there. Susan that remembers that if you put a piece of wedding cake under your pillow at night than your dreams come true, and she leaves to get some cake. Downstairs nobody was hit by the gun, and Kristen says she loved him and would do anything for him. John says all she had to do was trust in his love, but Kristen says she couldn't after she lost the baby. Abe tells Kristen they have to go, and he takes her away. Kristen wails when Marlena hugs John, and Abe drags Kristen away.

At the police station Vivian demands to get her phone call when they tell her to hand over her jewelry. Vivian tells Kristen this is all her fault, and when Kristen says they wouldn't be here if she had done her job. Vivian then calls Kristen an Ungrateful Bitch! Vivian tells the cops that she will offer states evidence against this woman, and they get into a huge fight. A Police officer breaks them up, and Kristen tells Vivian that Stefano will rescue her, and leave them to rot in jail! When they want to take the mug shots Vivian asks for time to do her hair and make up, and the guard tells her she has 1 minute. Ivan becomes faint, and says he doesn't think he can take being locked up again. Later Vivian asks Abe to be arraigned tonight, but he tells her no chance. When Vivian asks if she and Ivan can share a cell, but he tells them they don't do coed.

Later at the mansion John and Marlena tell Abe that they don't think Kristen would have pulled the trigger, and John thinks there may still be a bit of good in her. Susan shows up, and asks Colonel Carver if she's going to be arrested, and Abe tells her no. Susan apologizes to Marlena for everything and says she better pack up and get out of town. Marlena tells Susan that perhaps they could continue their sessions, and that she could move in with her!

Carrie says she needs to tell Sami what happened, and goes to see Sami. Sami is on the net looking at information on blood types when Carrie walks in. Sami quickly turns the computer off, and Carrie asks her what she's up too. Carrie says that she saw a file on medical records, but Sami says she was just looking around. Carrie asks if she's remembering, and Sami says of course not, if she remembers she'd tell them, unless she was some deceitful person.

Austin comes in and asks what is going on, and Sami says that she was making plans to go to nursing school. Austin tells Sami that Marlena is on the phone, and Sami leaves. Carrie asks Austin why Austin didn't talk to her at the wedding, and he just says it was when things got crazy.

Austin says he can't believe how evil Kristen turned out to be, and Sami says she only did it out of love. Carrie goes off on how you can't use love to justify evil. Mike says he has to go, and Carrie walks him out. Mike tells her she got a little carried away, and Carrie says she suspects that Sami has her memory back. Carrie decides to stick around, and Mike leaves.

Back inside Sami looks at Will with concern, and decides to go surf the net again. Sami goes into her room, and looks through the medical records, and she recalls making love to Lucas, and then later telling him that she was positive Austin was the father. Sami says "Oh my god, what if Lucas is Will's father"

At the penthouse Belle and Brady run to see Marlena, and they all hug. Marlena then introduces Susan to them, and tells them that she is going stay with them. They eat some cake, and have a coming home party. Susan says she can't believe how nice Dr. Evans is being to her, and Marlena says they'll talk about that later. Marlena asks Chelsea to take Elvis and Susan upstairs and get them settled. John says good night to little Elvis, and then says he's sorry. Susan says he can love Elvis all he wants, because he'll always love him. Susan goes upstairs, and she tells Elvis that maybe John does love her, or maybe his daddy will come back!

Downstairs John and Marlena say good night to the kids, and Marlena tells John it was the kids, and her family and friends that kept her sane. John tells her the nightmare is over, and they hug.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At Austin's place Sami panics when she thinks Will could be Lucas's child, and she says the only way to know is to figure out Lucas's blood type. Austin and Lucas finish putting the tricycle together, and Carrie says it's nice to see them getting along. Sami leaves to get some juice for Will, and Lucas follows. Carrie asks Austin to talk, and Austin tells her not now, but soon. In the kitchen Lucas senses something is wrong with Sami, and she makes up an excuse that she's afraid her mom will know she has her memory back, and can walk. Lucas asks her if she's scheming, but Sami says she's not. Later Sami says she wants to renew her drivers license once she can walk again. She says she hopes her new picture looks better than the old one, and she gets everyone to show her theirs, and when she see's Lucas's blood type she panics. Everyone ask her what's wrong, and Sami says she was just thinking about her dad. Lucas says she's shaking, and Sami says she is just tired. Carrie finds the house plans and Austin's notations about where Will's swing set should go. Carrie then sees a picture of Sami, Will, and Austin, and decides to leave. Lucas tells Sami he's going to check up on Carrie, and leaves. Later Sami has nightmares about Austin leaving with Carrie to get married, and that Lucas hates her because she kept his son from him. Sami wakes up and says she can't let Austin find out the truth.

At Jen's place Jen is still upset about Kristen, and Laura comforts her daughter. Jen feels worse that she didn't believe her mother, and they hug, and Laura says that what she said was outrageous, but the truth. Laura says that everyone is fine now, and what is important is trying to free Jack. Jen wants to call Mickey about getting Jack out, and then she realizes maybe Marlena can help them get proof that Jack's alive. Trent comes to the door to return the tool he borrowed. Jen tells Trent that she has good news, her ex-husband Jack is getting out of prison soon because they have proof Peter is alive.

At Marlena's penthouse Marlena and John are holding each other, and Marlena thanks him for saving her from that nightmare. John tells Marlena he has to go, and then realizes he has no place to go. John tells Marlena he'll be at the Salem Inn, and Marlena asks him to stay here with her. John thanks her, and he feels bad that he didn't see through Kristen. Marlena tells John Kristen learned from the master, and she said that Kristen had monitors in the house, and Marlena could see John. John asks if she saw him in bed, and when Marlena says yes John feels embarrassed. Marlena tells him not to because she saw him profess his love for her in the living room.

Marlena hopes he knows how she feels about him, and as they are about to kiss, The doorbell rings. John answers the door, it's Shawn and Caroline. They've come over to deliver food and they want to celebrate Marlena's return. They go into the kitchen, and John and Marlena just look at each other.

Caroline and Shawn talk up a storm, and keep serving food and cake to them. When they leave to get the cake John tells her there is so much he has to say to her, and there goes the doorbell again! This time it's Jen and Laura. Jen says she needs Marlena's help to convince the judge Peter is still alive. Marlena agrees, then Caroline and Shawn return and start to feed them! Laura asks how things are going with her and John, and she tells her that they haven't had time to talk yet. Laura says she and Jennifer will go so they can talk. Marlena tells Laura that if it wasn't for her she wouldn't be here, and Laura tells Marlena that she wants her to be happy that will make her happy. John also thanks Laura, and Laura and Jen leave. Later Shawn and Caroline leave, finally John and Marlena are alone. Marlena tells John he can't know how long she's waited for this moment, and John says he does. John tells her he thought she only wanted to be friends, and they both say they have so much to talk about. John says he has to do something first and they kiss.

Outside Marlena's place Jen realizes that Peter is still alive, and is waiting to come after her and Abby.

Hope is having a nightmare about Bo, and wakes up screaming his name. Franco runs into Hope's room, and Hope tells him that Bo is in danger. Franco tells her it's just a nightmare, but Hope knows something wrong and she wants to help him. Franco says maybe the dream is just a subconscious way of telling her that she's lost Bo.

Billie has gone over the side of the boat, and King's men fire into the water. One of the men fishes a scarf out of the water, and King shows it to Bo and tells him that Billie is dead. Bo tells King he's going to make him suffer, but King says that it's time for him to die as well. Suddenly the cops show up, and there is a huge fight. King tries to jump overboard, but Bo grabs him just in time. Bo tells King he's going to kill him just like he killed Billie, and asks King to give him a reason he shouldn't.

However, Bo decides not to kill him, but he punches him. The police come, and they arrest King. Bo tells Billie they got King, and says he's sorry she died. The commander of the Rome police thanks Bo, and says that Billie something phoned them and that's how they found him. Bo asks him to take him to Billie. At the station a cop tells Billie that King has been arrested, and that Bo is safe.Bo returns to the station, and he and Billie hug. Bo tells Billie that the case is over, and now they can get back to their lives.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At Carrie's apartment., Lucas & Carrie talk about Will and how Austin wants to build a life for him. She knows she can't compete with his son.

Sami comes out of the apt. wearing an ugly hat, and wearing an orange blouse, with long black coat. Hat is black with two pink silk roses centered on the brim. She goes to the hospital and walks to the blood lab. A nurse saw her and called her name, but Sami didn't hear her. At the desk she tells Dr. Mike and he thinks she must have been mistaken as Sami can't walk yet. Mike calls Carrie to see how she's doing . Mike asks Carrie if she knows where Sami is right now.

After hanging up, she goes to Austin's (with Lucas following) and asks for Sami. He tells her she's in bed asleep. They see the wheelchair and realize it must not have been Sami. Austin goes in the room and finds Sami gone. He rushes out to the hall and tells Carrie and Lucas she's not there.

At the hospital, Sami needs the keys for the room where the computer is and goes to Mr. Quinn's locker. The nurse opens the door looking for Mr. Quinn also, and Sami hides. She overhears Mike asking the nurse where the girl that looks like Sami is. After they leave, Sami opens the locker and gets the keys. Sami is sitting on the computer ready to change the blood types when we see Carrie/Austin/Lucas/Mike as they're looking for Sami now. Sami is going to change Will's blood type so no one will ever know Lucas is his real father.

In Rome, Bo and Billie rejoice being alive and the case being over. The Rome Police will pick up the rest of King's men. Billie, looking wonderful and dry remains cloaked in the blanket. Bo calls Abe and tells him what happened. Bo calls for plane tickets and Billie tells him she's not going back to Salem. She wants to stay in Europe as it would make a transition into her new life easier.

Flash to Salem where Hope tells Franco she knows she should move on, but for some reason just can't. Franco tells Hope he needs her like she needs him and kisses her. Nope, nadda Franco..she opens her eyes mid-kiss, not impressed. Franco trys to get Hope to his room, but Abe pops in and says he has incredible news about Bo. Abe tells Hope and Franco what Bo and Billie were really doing. Much to Franco's dismay, Abe tells Hope that Bo never stopped loving her. A very happy Hope hugs Abe and he leaves. She rushes off to call Bo. The next scene we see Hope (with very straight hair again) on a plane for Rome and Franco is with her.

Over at Marlena's penthouse, she and John finally stop kissing. John tells her he couldn't even look at her lately as he was afraid he would give away his real feelings for her. She tells him she overheard him when he said his real feelings for and was filled with joy. She tells him she really loves him and he tells her the same. He always has, always will. Although they have a lot to talk about, all they want to do is hold each other. Roman's name comes up and she turns around when thinking of him and what happened to him. John said they need to discuss Roman, but he promises her that he's never going to let her go again. Marlena and John tell each other about the letter Roman sent them, forgiving each of them. Then he asks Marlena for the truth about Kristin and wants to know everything, now.

Marlena said Kristin was a decent person when they first met her. She thinks the letter he wrote her in Aremid started what happened. John's confused that she knew about the letter and didn't tell him, but she explained it was due to Kristen's pregnancy and she was afraid of putting any more stress on her that would endanger the child. She agreed to keep quiet until the baby was born. John can't understand how Kristen kept quiet about losing his baby and Marlena said Kristen was desperate, afraid of losing him and so clever. John realizes she must have become so desperate and Marlena tells him in a whisper that she became evil.

She said she was going to tell him after the baby was born, but she couldn't ask him to choose between her and his beliefs in the Church. She went to St. Luke's for guidance after the baby was born and saw John there and heard him. She admits how hard it was seeing Kristen with him. John tells her she'll never be alone again. John admits the more he digests about what happened he feels like a fool. He has to face dealing with losing a child and the loss of a child he didn't know wasn't his. Marlena tells him not to feel that way. In spirit, Kristen is just like Stefano and she had Stefano's help and encouragement too. John tells Marlena they now have each other and love each other and they hug. John tells Marlena it's up to her, but there's nothing more in the world he would rather do than take her upstairs with a seductive look in his eyes. Marlena said how long she's waited for this moment. John said he understands if it's too soon and she said no, she wants that with all her heart too. He picks her up in his arms and carries her upstairs.

Thursday, July 3, 1997
by Diane Dix

Due to NBC's continuing coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today.

Friday, July 4, 1997
by Diane Dix

Due to NBC's continuing coverage of Wimbledon, Days of our Lives did not air today.

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