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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 11, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, August 11, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas agreed with Kate that planting a speaker in Austin's place was a rotten thing to do, but Sami insisted she would use whatever it took to get Austin back, and soon he would be begging her to return to him. Lucas told Sami to be careful because Austin might find the speaker, but Sami said he wouldn't, and bet Kate she'd be back with Austin by morning.

At Austin's place Austin realized he'd lost Carrie and his son, and had nothing left. Austin tried to go back to sleep and heard Will calling for him again, so he decided to go for a walk. Austin went up to the roof of the building and wondered what Sami was doing then, He thought she was probably crying her eyes out. Austin started going off on how sweet and kind Sami had become, and how much he had hurt her. He then thought about Will and Carrie, and how much he loved them both. When Austin remembered seeing Carrie and Mike together, he said it was his own fault he had lost her.

In Los Angeles, Carrie told Mike that she'd dreamt that Austin had disappeared, and she thought that she had lost Austin. Mike told her she needed to go back to Salem and talk to Austin, but she said nothing was more important than finding a cure for her dad. Carrie called Austin's place, but only got an answering machine and asked him to call her. Carrie wondered where Austin and Sami were, and wondered if something had happened to Roman, but Mike said Marlena would have called. Carrie called the Kiriakis mansion, and when Sami answered, Carrie asked why she was there. Sami made up a lame excuse that Austin was having her apartment painted. Carrie asked Sami to please have Austin call, and Sami said she would.

After hanging up on Carrie, Sami said she'd tell Austin "when hell freezes over." Kate told Sami that one day she'd get the information she needed to expose Sami. When Sami turned away, Kate realized there was something Sami was hiding, but Sami claimed it was just that she had her memory back and didn't want anyone to know. Sami then called Austin's apartment and erased the message Carrie had left on his machine. Kate said she couldn't be near someone so disgusting, and Lucas told Sami that sometimes she went too far.

Sami left to check on Will, and when Kate got upset, Lucas asked her to calm down. Kate asked Lucas to tell Austin the truth, but Lucas said he couldn't; he knew he could make Carrie love him. Kate said if he loved Carrie then he would want her to be happy, but Lucas said Austin only made her sad and that deep down, Austin knew he was no better than his father. Later, Will started crying, and Lucas said he'd go check on Will, because Sami was making tea. Sami returned and heard Lucas talking to Kate about Will and how if he had a son, he would want him to be just like Will. Sami said she needed to change Will's records at the hospital. Kate then told Lucas that Will had Lucas' eyes, which made Sami drop her cup of tea on the floor.

In Los Angeles, Mike tried to cheer Carrie up and told her they could go for a drive in the hills of L.A. Right after Mike and Carrie left, Austin called the hotel and learned from the desk clerk that "Mike and Carrie" were very in love and asked if he knew if they were on their honeymoon. Austin said they weren't and asked why she had asked. She replied that they always seemed to be together.

Austin went to sleep and dreamed of Curtis, who congratulated him for abandoning his wife and kids and pushing the woman he loved into another man's arms. Curtis said Austin had turned out to be just like the old man. Austin said he'd never be like him, but Curtis said little Will would have the same memories of his father as Austin had of him. Austin woke up and looked at a picture of Sami and Will, and he said maybe he was a terrible person and a terrible father. He was just like Curtis.

Back in L.A., Mike had rented an old convertible and wanted to show Carrie the sights of the city. Later, Mike and Carrie parked on top of an overlook and danced to the car radio. Unfortunately for Mike, Carrie was only thinking about Austin. Carrie called the hotel to see if anyone had left her any messages, and when they said no, Carrie told Mike it was over between them.

At the DiMera mansion, Eric urged his dad not only to fight for his life, but to fight for Marlena. Roman said he was proud of Eric, but when he was gone, he wanted Eric to be there for Marlena and his sisters. Eric said he would. Roman then went off about how he should have forgiven Marlena years before, and he finally knew that he could fully trust Marlena.

Downstairs, Marlena worried about John and Abe, but Laura assured her they were all right. Laura said after that night, Stefano would be behind bars, but Marlena couldn't help but think Stefano was up to something.

At Stefano's hideout, John and Abe had finally caught Stefano, who could only congratulate John. John realized something was wrong, because Stefano had given up too easily. John and Abe wondered if he was or wasn't Stefano, but John found no trace of a latex mask on him this time. Abe wanted to take Stefano to jail, but John said there was someplace he wanted to take Stefano first.

John returned to the mansion and asked Marlena if Roman was awake. He was, and John said he had a surprise for Roman. John led Stefano into the room in handcuffs and leg irons. Eric tried to attack Stefano, but Abe stopped him. Stefano said hello to Roman, who could only say, "We finally got you!" Roman asked John how he had done it, and John said Kristen had led them to Stefano.

Roman was confused as to why Kristen had known where Stefano was, and Stefano said that he was the one who had known where Roman was and had only agreed to help Kristen return him home to Salem if she had taken Roman along. Roman asked why Stefano would want to take him home to his family, and Stefano said he had done it as a gift for John and Marlena. Roman asked what type of gift, but John tried to get Stefano out of the room before he could say anything. Stefano said he knew what he was saying, and said the reason he had taken Roman back was because it had been Kristen's idea, and he just couldn't say no to his children.

Abe got a call from the station and learned that the fingerprints on a glass at the hideout matched Stefano's; it was really him. Before Stefano was taken out of the room, Roman said he was glad Stefano's reign of terror was over and that he could die a happy man. Later, Roman told Eric if he could have chosen one miracle, it would have been Stefano's arrest over finding a cure for his own disease, because he knew his family would always be safe.

Laura toasted to Stefano's capture and hoped God would grant them all what they deserved, and Kristen told her to shut up. Laura replied that John was going to force Kristen to tell the truth about Peter, and then Jack would never have to return to prison. Laura said Kristen needed to wake up because when Roman was cured, John would run back to Marlena.

Later, Marlena told John that something was wrong -- Stefano could have told Roman the truth, but he hadn't. Before Stefano left, he told Marlena that he would see her soon. This episode featured the song "How Do I Live Without You?" by Leanne Rimes

Tuesday, August 12, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Hope and Franco went over to Jen and Jack's place and waited for Laura. Laura walked in and told them Stefano had been arrested. Everyone was happy, and Laura said that Stefano and Kristen would confess. Jen said she knew Jack would be free, and as they hugged, Travis/Trevor looked in from outside but couldn't hear what they were saying. Hope decided to call the station and see what she could find out.

At the police station, Stefano offered to autograph his mug shot for John. John almost struck Stefano, but Abe stopped him in time. John just laughed and said before the night was over, Stefano would tell them everything. Abe asked Stefano where Peter was, but Stefano said Peter was dead. Abe and John told him they knew what he, Peter, and Kristen had done to Laura Horton, but Stefano said Laura was crazy. John said Laura had been right all along, and they knew Peter was alive and wanted to know where he was. Stefano said Jack had murdered Peter, and he'd spend the rest of his life in jail for it. John said he wouldn't because his testimony would free Jack for good.

Hope called the station, and Abe answered as John interrogated Stefano. John asked Abe to let him talk to Hope, and he said that after he was finished with Stefano, he'd stop by and pass on the good news. John told Hope goodbye and then yelled at Stefano to start talking. Eventually John became frustrated and almost kicked Stefano, but Abe stopped him. John asked Abe to just lock Stefano up for the night, and Abe assured John that Stefano wouldn't escape from the cell. John told Stefano he would work Stefano over and get the truth out of him.

Back at Jack and Jen's place, Hope passed on the news about Stefano, but Jack wasn't very optimistic about the situation. Franco asked Hope if she was okay, and she just said she hoped Jack and Jen would have their happy ending, unlike Bo. Jen had to go up to check on Abby, and Jack thanked Laura for everything she had done for him. Jen took Abby downstairs. Abby thought it was a party and asked if they could have pancakes. Laura took Abby to the kitchen.

John showed up and told them they'd learn the truth about Peter soon. Jack served the pancakes, and everyone ate and had a good time, but Hope had to excuse herself when she saw Jack and Jen so happy. John went after Hope to talk to her. He asked her if she was okay, and Hope said Abby wanting her mom and dad to be together reminded her of Shawn D. John said that he thought she and Bo were meant to be together, and Hope said she had thought so too. Hope said she knew John and Marlena would work things out, and despite her situation, she still believed that if two people loved each other, there was a way.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate and Lucas played with little Will, and Kate said the resemblance between Lucas and Will was uncanny. Sami was spying once again as Kate said she had to do something to stop Sami. Lucas told Kate that for Will's sake, she should make an effort to be more civil with Sami. Lucas told her she had to admit Sami was a good mother, and they talked about how Lucas had sucked his thumb just like Will did, but Austin never had. Lucas jokingly said Will took after his uncle. Sami barged in the room and took Will. She yelled that he didn't take after anyone; he was his own unique, special person.

Lucas asked her why she was freaking out, and Sami said she didn't like them hovering over Will. Kate said she thought Sami was scared about something, and suddenly Austin showed up. Austin said he was there to see Will, and Sami went off about how she was so ashamed of the person she was and understood why he had gotten the annulment. She insisted she and Will were just going to have to find a way to start over without him. Lucas thought maybe Austin was starting to love Sami, and Carrie was falling in love with Mike.

Kate didn't believe Lucas and said it was impossible for Mike and Carrie to be more than just friends. Upstairs, Austin hugged Will and said how much he'd missed him. Kate sensed Sami was hiding something else, aside from her memory, and said she'd find out what it was. Kate said she was going to stop Sami from ruining Austin's life. Sami reminded Kate that she had worse things on Kate to reveal, and Kate told her she was "such a bitch." Sami showed Kate a photo and said she carried the photo at all times in case she needed to show it to the press -- or Austin.

Kate then grabbed the photo from Sami and tore it into pieces. Sami said she was not stupid; she had multiple copies of the evidence in many places. Sami started going through all the pictures she had of Kate's dirty little secrets, and then showed Kate a picture of Kate and Franco. Sami accused Kate of getting Franco to Salem to break up Bo and Hope. Upstairs, Lucas told Austin if Will were his son, he'd find a way to keep his family together.

In Los Angeles, Carrie was tired. She was crying and thinking about Austin and just wanted to focus on the view. Carrie said the view was beautiful, and Mike said so was she. Carrie asked him what he had said, but he said. "Nothing." He turned on the radio and a song was playing that reminded her of Austin. In a fantasy, Mike leaned over and told Carrie to forget Austin because he loved her; they kissed.

Carrie snapped Mike out of his reverie and asked him to turn the radio off and drive elsewhere so she could forget about Austin. Mike said sure, and she hugged him. She told him what a good friend he was. Mike started driving around and got lost, but Carrie said she didn't care. She was in no rush to get back to the hotel. Mike drove to the beach, and Carrie said it was perfect.

In Italy, Petra gave Bo a list of clubs where one could score drugs, but Bo said it was a waste of time because Billie wasn't using drugs again. Petra told him it was their only lead, but Bo refused to think Billie would go back to drugs. Petra said if Bo didn't know Billie then he would take her past into consideration. Petra said to follow the lead. Bo said he knew Billie wouldn't be there, but he'd check it out, just in case.

Billie was in a nightclub where Max had told her she could score some drugs. Billie asked for a drink, and Jean-Luc offered to pay for it. He told her not many Americans knew about the Club Fortuna and asked if she was looking for someone. Another man approached her and said maybe she was looking for something. Dino approached her and said he believed they had a mutual friend, Max. Dino offered to get her something, but she said she didn't want anything. Dino took Billie to a table and asked her to wait for him. Bo showed up at the club.

Wednesday, August 13, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Kate called Franco and told him that Sami was blackmailing her with the information Sami had on Kate. Franco told Kate that he had fallen in love with Hope, and if she found out the truth, she would hate him. Franco told Kate that she had even more to lose than he did, and he told her that she needed to give Sami what she wanted. Kate said she couldn't let Austin spend his life with Sami because he wouldn't be happy, but Franco said Austin would be even more unhappy if he learned Kate had been manipulating Bo and Hope. Kate hung up, and said sorry to Franco.

Hope was remembering telling Bo to search out his feelings for Billie and realized she should have fought harder to hold on to Bo. Franco went over to see Hope and invited Hope to have lunch with him. Hope said she couldn't because she had to go to Jack and Jen's place for the hearing. Franco asked if he could go with her.

Jack was at home and was dreaming about remarrying Jen. Jen arrived downstairs and asked Jack how long he'd been awake. Jack told her hours. Jack was nervous about the hearing because the rest of his life depended on the judge's ruling. Jen told Jack everything was in his favor and that maybe Kristen would admit Peter was alive, then Jack would be free. Jack said he hoped so, but if he was sent back to prison, he wanted her to find someone else. Jen refused to make such a promise because she loved him, and she knew the judge would grant his appeal.

Laura asked Mickey if he'd found Lynn, but he said she had just disappeared. Jen hoped that with Stefano arrested, they'd hear from her. Hope and Franco showed up to show their support. Jack asked Mickey if he had a chance, and Mickey said if Abe and John cracked Stefano or Kristen, he'd have a very good chance. Later, Jack tried to ask Hope for a favor in case he was sent back to prison, but Hope said she'd always be there for Jen and Abby. Jack said if he was set free, he was going to Rome to find out what was going on with Bo, but Hope said he knew what was wrong -- Bo only loved Billie. Jack left for the courthouse, and told Hope if he was freed, he'd go to Rome that night.

Austin had a nightmare that Carrie had a son by Mike and that Mike told Austin he needed to focus on Sami and his own son. Austin told Carrie he loved her, but Mike said Austin always said that and then he was never there for her. Mike told Austin he was just like Curtis, deserting his own son, and that if he cared about Will, he should forget Carrie and focus on Sami and Will. Austin said Mike was right, and Carrie was better off without him. Austin woke up and said he loved Carrie, but maybe he should let her go and do what was best for his son.

Sami was in Will's room and promised Will that nobody would find out that Lucas was really his father. Suddenly Lucas showed up in the doorway and said, "Sami!" Sami asked Lucas how long he'd been standing there, and Lucas said he had just walked in. Lucas told Sami that Austin had fallen asleep on the couch the night before, and Lucas thought Austin was waiting to talk to his mom about what he should do.

Sami said she'd talk to Kate and get Kate to support her, and Lucas asked what she could have on his mom that was so bad. Lucas went downstairs and told Austin he was not dealing with reality. Austin had lost Carrie, and he was losing his son because Sami wouldn't live with him unless they were married. Lucas then went off on growing up fatherless and asked if Austin wanted Will to grow up the same way.

Sami went to see Kate and warned Kate not to cross her, or Kate would regret it for the rest of her life. Kate said she wouldn't let Sami manipulate her or Austin, but Sami said she loved Austin and was a better mother than Kate ever had been. Sami said that even if everyone forgave Kate for being a call girl -- and they might forgive her for manipulating Bo and Hope -- there was a lot more. Sami said she knew Kate's deepest and darkest secret, and the woman whose life Kate was manipulating didn't even know it. Sami advised Kate to think about it. Sami was confident that Kate would give Austin the correct advice.

Sami went downstairs and saw Austin with Will. She said she was going to have Philip's nanny so they could see the horses. Austin noticed something was wrong with Sami, and Sami said she felt so ashamed about everything she had done that she didn't think she could live in Salem; she was thinking about moving to another town. Austin told her she was not the same person, and he had forgiven her.

Sami thanked Austin, but she said she thought it would be better if she and Will moved away. Sami left the room with Will. Kate walked down to see Austin. Kate said she had given a lot of thought as to whether he could be happy with Sami. Kate had reached a decision. Austin stopped her and said he had made up his own mind, and Kate asked him what he was going to do.

In Rome, Billie was calling for Bo to help her and said nobody loved her or ever would. Billie reached into her purse and pulled out the drugs. She recalled Dino telling her to give in to her cravings. Billie realized that the drugs were the only way she'd feel better but also realized she was better than that.

Curtis showed up and congratulated Billie on getting hooked. Curtis wanted to see what she was holding, and she showed him. He told her to take it, but Billie said she didn't want to be like she had been before. Curtis said she couldn't fight destiny and that she was as screwed up his he was -- it was heredity. He told her not to fight it. Billie took the drugs, but she said she'd only do it this one time.

Out in the restaurant, Bo saw Dino and approached him to talk to him about Billie. Bo showed him a picture of Billie, and Dino said she looked familiar, but then said he was mistaken and didn't know her. Bo wondered if maybe Billie had gone to the ladies room just as Billie was leaving. Billie said to herself that she had only taken half of what Dino had given her, but it was the last time. Bo asked a woman outside the ladies room if she could check for Billie in there, but he had just missed her. Bo went to the bar and saw a woman who looked like Billie; he approached her.

In Los Angeles, Mike told Carrie that breakfast had arrived, and when she asked if Austin had called, Mike said no. Carrie thanked Mike for trying to cheer her up, but Mike realized it was not the same as a phone call from Austin. Carrie didn't understand why he hadn't called back, and feared they were growing further and further apart. Mike and Carrie talked over breakfast, and someone called. Carrie rushed to the phone, hoping it was Austin, but it was the secretary of a doctor who thought he could help Roman. Carrie wrote down the directions to his place in the mountains, and Mike told her he'd go rent a car. Mike knew Carrie had been hoping it had been Austin, and he told her to call Austin.

Right as Carrie was calling Austin, Austin called Carrie, but the phone was busy. Carrie learned that her message had been checked and erased, and said Austin didn't want to talk to her. Carrie said they should go to the mountains and meet with the doctor, and they left. As they drove to the mountains, Mike and Carrie ran into a major rainstorm. Mike told Carrie that when they got back to Salem, she needed to give Austin a chance, but she feared things might be worse for them when she returned to Salem. As they drove along the long and winding road, the windshield wipers stopped working. When Mike tried to pull over, the car went out of control, and Carrie screamed.

Thursday, August 14, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Marlena made a tough decision. John arrived to pick up Marlena to go to Jack's trial. John told Marlena in the hall before they joined Roman and company that the D.A. had said he would lower Stefano's charges if Stefano would tell them Peter was alive at Jack's trial. Stefano would be able to be on parole if that happened, but Jack would be able to be home with his family. Of course Marlena agreed, because she was an incredible woman, just as John said.

Roman told John he would die a happy man if John nailed Stefano, and everyone involved with him, to the wall. Kristen walked in and heard that. Marlena and John told Kristen to do the right thing and tell everyone Peter was still alive. They told her not to bother and about Stefano's plea bargain. Marlena said she had agreed to it, as she was thinking about Jen, Jack, and their daughter, like Kristen should do. Marlena walked out of the room, but Kristen grabbed John's arm because she wanted to talk with him.

Kristen told John she didn't have any right to ask him, but she wondered if John could forgive her. John told her she should tell the truth for Jack and her friend Jen. Kristen said she just wanted to make things right with John and said she'd see them at the courthouse. John assured Marlena that they would be together one day. Kristen emerged from a room where she was listening to them, and when he said that, Kristen said to herself, "Then what in the hell does that mean for me?" Kristen sat next to Stefano. He told her not to tell the truth; he had a plan, and her only hope was him.

Ma Brady joined Caroline. Roman admitted his mind was on what was happening at the courthouse, and he felt weaker when Marlena was not around. He went to lie down on the couch. Caroline said she worried about how much Roman loved Marlena; as if on cue, Roman started coughing hard. Eric went to call a doctor, but Roman said not to, it would pass. Caroline went to get some chowder and left Roman to talk with Eric. Roman asked Eric about his life in Colorado, then the subject changed to Sami. Roman had been very worried about her for a while, but she had really pulled her life together.

At the court, Jen told Jack that it was hard to believe everything depended on what "that bastard," Stefano, said. Stefano shuffled in and agreed. Mickey walked in and told Jack, Jen, and Laura about the plea bargain. Jen didn't want to lose her husband that she loved, the father of her daughter. Kristen looked over at Stefano and said, "Sorry Jen." Hope told Kristen to let love win, just once, to herself. Abe was put on the witness stand, and Mickey was asking him about the exhuming of Peter's casket and what had happened. Abe said he had never seen Peter's body after it had been exhumed and before it had been cremated.

Marlena told about all the cameras in the DiMera house and what she had seen. She said she had seen Kristen talking to Viv and Ivan about digging up the casket and having it cremated immediately. She said Kristen was afraid that they would learn it was Daniel Scott's body and not Peter's. Laura got on the stand and told about leaving her purse in the church and finding Stefano and Peter. She further told of how she had tried to run away, and Stefano had kidnapped her and taken her to Peter's house. She told about the laser surgery in Peter's, Kristen's, and Stefano's presence. They both knew that Peter was alive.

While Stefano was on the stand, the judge had John go up to present the D.A.'s offer. John approached, and when he stated in question format that Stefano knew Peter was not dead, the judge told John that the witness was not on trial. The judge advised John to just say what he wanted to say. John reminded Stefano that there was a long list of charges against him, and he could go to prison for the rest of his life without parole. If he agreed to tell the truth, he could be eligible for parole in a few years.

Mickey stood up and asked Stefano if Peter was alive. Stefano said, "As most of you know, Peter is like a son to me. He's not alive. Jack killed him. He was tried and sentenced and should be in prison." He said he also spoke for Kristen. The judge said he didn't talk for anyone in her courtroom, and Marlena smiled broadly at that. Mickey asked Kristen if that was true, and Kristen got a panicked look on her face. Kristen said, "No!"

The judge denied the appeal on the evidence she had just heard. Abe assured Jack they'd continue looking for Peter, and they were not going to give up. John strolled up to Stefano and said Stefano had made a big mistake. He'd spend the rest of his unnatural life in jail. Jen told Kristen she couldn't believe what Kristen had done. Kristen had denied Jen's daughter of her father and Jen of her husband. She said she hated Kristen, then said it again softly, "I hate you."

Marlena and John talked in the back of the courtroom. She said she had a bad feeling about Stefano. She guessed he had something else planned, and Kristen was involved too. Kristen whispered to Stefano that she was alienated from John and Jen, and all her friends. Kristen said Marlena would marry John after Roman died, as there was no cure, and Stefano said, "Who says there's no cure." She looked up at him with a surprised look.

In Rome, Bo approached the Billie look-alike at the bar and found it was not her. Billie was at a sidewalk cafe and debated whether or not to use more drugs. "Should I use it or throw it away?" she wondered. She watched a couple at the next table who were in love and kissing, and experienced a flashback. She remembered her and Bo kissing, then Curtis degrading her, while tied in the bed, about how great Hope was and how bad his daughter was. She put the drug stuff back in her purse.

Billie returned to Club Fortuna. She was tired, but figured being around people would help. Still hearing old American music in the background, Billie heard a Curtis lecture in her head and whipped out her drugs again. She carried them into the ladies room just as Bo walked back into the room with his drink. She promised to stop doing drugs "tomorrow" and, hands shaking, unzipped the bag and pulled out the drug items.

Austin and Kate were still talking about what he should do. Kate encouraged him to go after Carrie, and Austin told her it was too late. Austin told Kate what was best for Carrie would be if he let go of her. He admitted that Carrie would always be his soul mate. If he couldn't be with Carrie, it didn't matter who he was with, and it would be the right thing for Will.

After hearing that admission, Sami and Lucas walked in, and Sami asked what they were talking about. She again told them about her leaving town with Will to start over. After hearing about all the awful things she had done, she was too embarrassed to see her family. Austin asked her to move back in with him. Caroline called and told Sami her dad wasn't doing well and needed her. Sami said her dad needed her, and she had to go. Austin said he'd drive her there. Lucas told Kate, "Well, Sami gets Austin, and Carrie has Mike." Kate said Sami would drain every drop of blood -- and brains -- out of Austin.

Roman told Caroline to go back to the pub, as the lunch crowd would be arriving soon and she was needed there. She told him to finish his chowder, and Sami assured Caroline she would take good care of her Daddy. Roman told Austin he knew he was not going to get well, and he was really glad Austin was looking out for Sami. Roman hoped that through the years, Sami and Austin's love would grow as strong as the love he felt for Marlena. Sami almost looked sorry for lying to him.

Roman said the next wedding would be Carrie and Mike's, and he was sorry he wouldn't live to see the wedding. He said he would give anything to have the memory of walking his daughter down the aisle.

In Los Angeles, it was still dark. Mike and Carrie were unconscious in the car, which appeared to have gone over a hill and was in the bushes. Mike woke up and found Carrie unconscious. He checked her pulse, and she was still alive. He saw there was a fire under the hood and rushed to get her unbuckled and out of the car before it exploded. Mike got out of the car and was able to open Carrie's door. He thanked God she was not stuck in the car. He lifted her up and carried her away from the car to shelter. It was still raining, and he found an open shed. He thanked God again for it. Carrie was soaked to the bone, so he needed to get her clothes off and began undressing her.

Mike was shirtless and Carrie was under a blanket. Carrie was wearing something. Mike told Carrie he loved her, but she was still unconscious. Later, he noticed she had a fever and he was not going to let her die. He crawled under the blanket with her.

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