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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 18, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, August 18, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Bo is still at the club Fortuna and decides to head back to the hotel because he thinks he's wasting his time. Billie comes out of the ladies room and says she shouldn't have done the drugs, but says she only had a little bit to ease the shakes. Billie talks to herself in the mirror about how she's all alone. She decides to have a good time and party and says she'll kick drugs tomorrow. Billie is looking around for a dance partner and she sees Bo. Billie asks Bo what he's doing here and he says he's been looking for her. Billie doesn't know what to think and Bo tells her she doesn't look so good. Bo tells her she looks tired and Billie says it must be all those late night parties. Bo says something isn't right and tells her they are going back to her hotel and tomorrow they're going back to Salem. Bo leaves to get a cab. Billie wonders if Bo has come back for her because he realized he loves her. Billie then recalls Max telling her that if Bo comes back for her the tabloids will ruin his life and career because Billie is hooked on drugs. Bo returns to get Billie and she tells him she's not going with him.

Outside the court room Mickey tells Jack the DA has let him have a few hours to say goodbye to everyone and Jen is angry with Stefano and Kristen for what they've done. Jen and Jack go back home where Travis happened to be waiting and is startled to see Jack. Jen and Jack go inside where Alice is and she doesn't understand why Jack has to go back to Prison for the rest of his life. Travis overhears this and says he never should have doubted Stefano. Jack tells Jen she needs to start worrying about her safety, and when Jen says the neighbor installed a security system Jack tells her his ex-cellmate said anyone can crack them. Laura begins to worry about how easily Stefano gave up and everyone agrees that Stefano is up to something. Jen decides to call Trent because she wants him to come talk to Jack before he leaves about the security system but Trent says he will try to come later. Franco offers to help Jen if she needs him and Jack tells Hope he's sorry he can't go to Rome to find out what's up with Billie and Bo. Jack gives Jen a list of things to do when he's gone, and an upset Jen runs out of the house. Jack goes after her and she cries she doesn't need a list she needs him. Jack tells Jack to move on and find someone else but she cries that she doesn't want anyone else. Suddenly the police show up for Jack and he goes in to say goodbye to Abby. Jack goes in to see Abby and tells her goodbye, and they hug. Abby says she loves him and please not to go, but he tells her he has to. Jen tells Jack she'll never stop believing they'll be together, and she'll never stop loving him. Jack tells her he loves her so much and the cops come to take him away.

Inside the court room Kristen asks Stefano about the cure for Roman when Marlena asks what evil they are plotting now. John tells Marlena to get back to the house to be with Roman, but Marlena decides to call the house and see if Roman's okay. Later Kristen whines to Stefano that it's not fair for him to blame her for everything but Stefano laughs and says that he wanted to be arrested, it's part of his plan. Kristen asks him to please let her help and he asks her if she's willing to do what he tells her, and she must trust him completely. A cop shows up to take Stefano away, and before he goes he tells Kristen to come to the jail later, and to bring John.

Marlena and John discuss the situation, and Marlena feels Stefano is up to something. John tells her not to worry because his cell is escape proof and John tells her to stop thinking about Stefano and enjoy their moments alone together. Marlena asks John to take her to the penthouse and make love to her when Marlena's cell phone rings. It's Eric and he wants to know if she'll be home when Roman wakes up because Roman seems to do better when she's there. Marlena promises to come right home.

At the DiMera mansion Roman tells Austin and Sami how he always wanted to walk one of his children down the isle, and hopes Carrie marries Mike before it's to late for him. Roman says he's feeling tired and Sami takes him upstairs. The phone rings and Austin answers it, it's Marlena asking about Roman. Austin says Roman is resting, and when he asks about Jack's hearing Marlena tells him that Jack is going back to prison for life and she asks him not to tell Roman the truth, and suggests he just tell Roman that Stefano is going back to jail for the rest of his life. Eric shows up and Austin tells him Stefano's going to jail forever.

Kate and Lucas are still bickering over Sami, who Austin asked to move back in with him. Kate and Lucas come into the mansion and Kate is delighted to overhear Eric tell Austin he thinks something is bothering Sami. Kate goes in to see everyone, and Eric and Lucas leave to go see Sami. Kate can't believe Austin is going to ask Sami to move in with him, but he says his mind his made up.

Upstairs Sami is worried about her dad. When she tells Lucas she wishes Dad could walk her down the isle she get's an idea, and plans to use her father's dying wish to get Austin back. Sami rushes downstairs where Austin and Kate are still bickering. Austin asks Sami once again to move back in with him but she says no, he doesn't love her and doesn't want to set a bad example for Will. She also mentions how much her Dad wants to walk her down the isle and she says that's not going to happen, so she has to move on and find a new life for herself. Austin asks her to reconsider, and Sami says she can't live with a man she's not married to. Austin leaves to think and Kate calls Sami a witch for trying to force Austin into marrying her. Sami smiles and says that's right, and Kate is going to help her. The maid brings Will downstairs and says he was crying for his daddy. Lucas takes Will and says he'll take him outside to where his daddy is and Sami gets that worried expression on her face. Sami tells Kate she better tell Austin to marry her otherwise she'll dump the dirt she has on her. Kate says her relationship with Franco is professional, but Sami says bull. Kate says she and Franco will both say she's lying. Sami perhaps, but certain clients from her ex-call-girl days would be every upset with her if they were revealed to everyone.

Meanwhile Austin calls Carrie and learns she and Dr. Horton are driving up the coast and are probably spending the night in a romantic inn. Lucas takes Will to Austin and goes into his "Just like Curtis" speech again and tells him he should prove he's not like Curtis by marrying Sami. Lucas then goes off about Carrie and Mike and how they are in love, and blah blah blah. Lucas asks Austin if he's decided what to do, and Austin says that he has but he needs to run it by Kate first.

At the Cabin in LA Mike realizes Carrie has a fever. Mike kisses Carrie and says he'll be right back, he just needs the cell phone from the car. When Mike leaves Carrie begins to stir. Mike returns and he couldn't find the phone, and because his close are all wet he takes them off to keep Carrie warm with body heat. Mike tells Carrie when the rain stops he'll get help to get them out of here. Carrie begins to dream about Austin, and Mike dreams about being with Carrie and telling her he loves her. Suddenly the two sleepyheads begin to make out, not aware of what they are really doing!

Tuesday, August 19, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Bo tells Billie he's taking her back to Salem but Billie refuses to leave and asks him why he's interfering in her life. Billie says his life is with Hope now, and asks why he's not with her. Bo just says that he came here to find Billie as a favor to Kate, and Billie tells him to go home to Hope. Billie grabs Dino and begins dancing with him. Later Dino tells Billie she's in a much better mood now, and that when his present wears off she should come see him again. Dino leaves when a woman comes to see him and Bo tells Billie he doesn't like the man she was with. Bo asks if this isn't about "us", but Billie says there is no us and tells him to go home. Bo tells Billie if she needs anything to call him, and then he leaves. Outside the club Bo realizes something more is going on with Billie.

Marlena stumbles upon Hope at the playground, Hope is so upset about watching Jack being taken away by the police today. They talk about Roman for a bit, and Marlena says she's hoping for good news from Carrie and Mike. Marlena is still wondering why Stefano rejected John's offer. Hope says Marlena and John have helped her so much and it's time she repays them by going to talk to Stefano.

At the DiMera mansion Austin tells Lucas he's going to talk to Kate about marrying Sami, because he knows he can count on her to be honest with him. Lucas takes Will to the stables when Eric shows up looking for Sami. Eric senses something is wrong with Sami, and Austin tells him he told Sami everything and explains what's going on. Eric is sorry about what happened, but says now Austin and Carrie get married. Austin says no, it's to late. Eric asks if he loves Carrie, and he says yes and that he thinks Mike is better for her. Eric tells him he should let Carrie decide who's best for her, and urges him to call Carrie. Austin pulls out his cell phone and decides to call Carrie but gets no answer. Eric says her cell phone battery is probably dead but Austin says their relationship is dead. Eric says to give Carrie a few days but Austin says he has made a decision about the rest of his life. Austin says he's going to ask Sami to marry him. Eric doesn't like his decision, but he says he will support him no matter what he does.

Inside Sami says people will be shocked that Kate got where she is by sleeping with rich and powerful men. Kate tells Sami she's more evil than Kristen and Stefano and Sami tells her that she better tell Austin to marry her. Kate says maybe it would be worth it to expose her and Sami says it's her call, but if she does she'll lose the love and respect of her children forever.

Sami goes up to see Roman who is weak and tired. Sami leaves Roman to rest and Lucas asks her what is happening with Austin and his mom. Sami says she doesn't know, but she fears she may have pushed Kate too far too fast.

Marlena comes home to find Kate there and they talk. Marlena says that if Kristen had any decency she'd leave town, but she won't because she loves John. Kate says Kristen is using love as her excuse, but Marlena says that's not a reason to hurt people. Kate wonders if anyone involved with Stefano is redeemable (A clue?) and they discuss Kristen, Celeste, Lexie, and even Vivian. Marlena says Vivian is lucky she doesn't have children to bare the humiliation of her actions.

Lucas comes to see Kate and urges his mom to tell Austin to marry Sami so she'll leave her alone. Kate says blackmailers never leave their victims alone when Austin comes into the room and asks to speak with Kate alone. Lucas leaves and Austin asks his mom what she thinks about him marrying Sami. Kate says she wants is for her children to be happy, and Carrie makes him happy. Austin doesn't think that he makes Carrie as happy as Mike, but he think he can make Sami happy and his son happy too. Austin asks Kate if he's wrong and she thinks long and hard. Kate says that Sami does love him and she thinks Will does deserve a full time father. Kate tells him if he marries her, which is his decision, she will accept Sami as his wife.

Austin goes out to the garden where Sami is and he tells her he's made a decision about their future. Austin says he knows she's not the women she once was. He tells her he knows she loves him, but he doesn't think he could love another woman but the one he loves. Austin wants to tell Sami who it is, but Sami says she doesn't want to know. Austin can't promise Sami he'll love her, but if they marry he will make her happy. Austin asks Sami if she'll marry him, and she says YES! Inside Kate's heart breaks as she watches Sami jump into Austin's arms.

Marlena goes up to see Roman where Eric is. Marlena hugs him and tells him she's so glad he's home. Marlena tells Eric that both she and his dad are very proud of him. After Marlena leaves Eric says he hopes he can become the man his dad wants him to be.

In the holding area at the jail Kristen tells Stefano she doesn't like being involved in his games. Stefano says he knows what he's doing and to follow his instructions. Kristen says no, she can't go through with this! Stefano is shocked that she won't help him and Kristen says she'll help him only if he tells her his plan. Stefano tells her it is better she not know because she has to disassociate herself from him in John's eyes and that if she knows what his plans are the shock and surprise in her eyes won't be real enough for anyone to believe. Kristen agrees to help and Stefano asks her to go fetch John for him.

Hope comes to see Stefano, who calls her Gina Hope asks what kind of man he is and he tells her he was a caring man, look at all he did for her. Hope asks why he held her hostage at Maison Blanche and Stefano tells her that not many people get a second chance so she should count her blessings. Hope asks what really happened at Maison Blanche, did she uncover a secret that could destroy him? Stefano says she's fooling herself and Hope tells him she won't let him hurt the Hortons or the Bradys. Stefano tells Hope he knows how much she loves Bo and will help her win him back. Hope asks why Stefano is so eager to buy her off with Bo? What secret doesn't he want revealed? Hope then walks off.

In Abe's office John is angry that Jack is going back to jail and how Kristen is using Roman to drive him and Marlena apart. John feels really bad and says when Roman dies the guilt could tear him and Marlena apart. Celeste and Lexie show up at the station and Celeste says she had a premonition that an enemy of Stefano's will free him. Suddenly Kristen shows up and says that Stefano would like to see John. Hope comes into the room when Kristen is about to leave. Before leaving to see Stefano John calls the D.A. to learn about King's trial. Lexie wants to go see Stefano but Celeste refuses. Hope asks Kristen how she could send Jack back to jail, and how could she sleep at night. Kristen says she's just trying to hold on to her man, and she tells Hope she lost Bo because she didn't fight for him, a mistake she isn't going to make with John.

John goes to see Stefano, who says he has an offer to make to John. Stefano tells John he has a bargain for him, about Roman's life.

In L.A. Mike realizes he was kissing Carrie when he wakes up, but he thinks it was probably just a dream. Carrie is still shivering and Mike promises to find a way back to the car when the rain stops. Mike says he has to get Carrie out of here, but says does he really want to take her back to Austin? Later Mike has a dream in which he asks Carrie to marry him, and she accepts. Carrie has a dream about being with Austin on their wedding night. Carrie kisses Mike in her sleep, and says she loves him.

Wednesday, August 20, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

At the cabin Carrie is telling Mike, who she thinks is Austin, she wants to be with him forever. She says she's so thirsty and when Mike gives her a bottle of water she thanks him and calls him Austin. Carrie eventually comes around and Mike tells her what happened. Carrie says she's okay, a little tired but okay. She asks what happened to her clothes and he tells her he had to take her out of her clothes because he was afraid she was going to get pneumonia. Mike apologizes for undressing her, but it was the only thing he could do to help her. Carrie says that she had some wonderful dreams about being with Austin, but that somehow she felt Mike was there. Carrie says the one thing she does remember is kissing Austin, and how it was the most beautiful kiss. Carrie says kissing Austin was so real, so passionate, it was like nothing she's ever experienced before. Mike remembers kissing Carrie, and she says she doesn't understand why it was so different. Carrie says if only reality could be like her dream and doesn't understand what happened to them. Mike gets up and walks over to the window and confesses to Carrie that he was the one that kissed her, and that he has fallen in love with her.

At the DiMera Mansion Marlena and Kate can't believe their eyes when they see Sami in Austin's arms. Kate tells Marlena she fears Austin is growing closer to Sami and Marlena says no! Out on the patio Lucas spies on Sami when she agrees to marry Austin. Austin tells her he's only marrying her for Will's sake and Sami says maybe one day he can grow to love her. Austin wants to go to tell Roman to make him feel better, but Sami says since he thinks they are already married they should tell him they are renewing their vows. Sami and Austin go inside, where Kate, Marlena, and now Lucas are. Sami announces her engagement and Sami says she's so happy and wants to get married tomorrow! Sami says she really wants to hurry because of her dad's condition. Marlena asks to talk to Austin and Sami grabs her mom and hugs her and says she's so happy about this. Austin goes outside with Marlena and she asks what the hell is going on here. Austin tells Marlena about the annulment, but he never told Carrie because he thinks she's in love with Mike. Marlena says Carrie doesn't love Mike and tells him that the hotel was full, they had to share a room. Austin says he talked with someone at the hotel, and that he said that Carrie had dumped her boyfriend for Mike. Austin says Mike can give her what he can't, and his place is with his son and to be as good of a father as he can. Marlena wonders if Sami is orchestrating this, but Austin is sure she's not the same person she was. Austin says this was his decision, not Sami's. Marlena says Carrie has never spoken of any feeling for Mike, but Austin knows Mike loves her and he thinks Carrie loves him as well. Austin says Mike will love Carrie totally and won't hurt her the way he has. Austin says he won't have his son grow up resenting his father for leaving him and he won't be like his father. Marlena says he's nothing like Curtis and Austin says that he is marrying Sami to provide Will a good home. Marlena says he doesn't love Sami and Austin says he's explained that to Sami. Marlena tells him he's making a big mistake, but Austin says what he is doing is right. Austin says if it wasn't for Carrie wouldn't she want him to marry Sami and take responsibility. Marlena says there must be another way but Austin says this is the best way.

Inside Sami tells Kate she has won and everything is so perfect. Kate leaves and Lucas tells Sami she will need her help getting Carrie away from Mike. Sami says that shouldn't be too hard, Carrie isn't as close to Mike as Austin thinks.

Marlena goes in to see Sami and talks so her about what's happening. Sami says this means a lot to her and that she doesn't know how things will work out, but she's willing to try. Out on the patio Austin sulks and says he is doing this for Carrie. As he talks Kate overhears her son and asks God to forgive her.

In Roman's room Roman is talking to Eric, and Eric tells his dad he admires and respects his father. Eric tells Roman he wants to be there for his dad and he feels so bad he's been gone so long and missed out so much. Eric wishes he could be stronger for his dad but Roman tells him he's proud of him. Roman says he wants to grow old, see his children married, play with his grandchildren, but that's not going to happen. Roman says he's accepted this and then falls asleep. Eric says he won't accept it, he does not want him to die, he needs him now more than ever.

Sami and Austin go upstairs and tells Roman she and Austin are renewing their vows at Saint Luke's. She asks Roman to walk her down the isle and Roman says he'd love nothing more. Roman tells Austin this means a lot to him and thanks him. Roman then starts coughing and Sami tells Roman they will get married tomorrow. Roman is happy he's going to get to walk his little girl down the isle, and he thanks Austin for making Sami feel happy and loved. Roman says he wants the very best for Sami, and Austin says it's the best for everyone. In her head Kate says this isn't the best for Austin, and says she's so sorry. Lexie comes to see Stefano, but the guard tells her to wait while he checks with his supervisor. Kristen shows up and she tells Lexie they are sisters, she's just like her. Lexie tells Kristen she's nothing like her, what she has done is horrifying. Kristen says she had no choice and she tells Lexie she is a fortunate person, she has a loving husband and has never had a threat to her relationship so she shouldn't judge her. Lexie says she'd never stoop to evil, but Kristen asks her if she's ever been tested. Kristen says she's always thought she was always a good person, but when she began to lose John she did everything she could to hold onto him. Kristen says at first the lies were small ones, but they got bigger and bigger and she couldn't turn back. Kristen says that's when Stefano came along and made her an offer, and she had no choice but to accept it. Lexie asks her what type of love is that, and Kristen says that it wasn't her choice to become the town outcast. Lexie says she will never have anything to do with Stefano, but Kristen asks her what she is doing here then? Lexie says she needs to talk to him about some questions that have been haunting her. Kristen says she's opening her door to him and she says that Stefano will manipulator her. Kristen says if she wants nothing to do with Stefano she will leave. Lexie says Stefano is going to be in jail forever but Kristen assures her that Stefano will get out of prison. Kristen warns Lexie one last time to stay away from Stefano or she'll end up just like her.

At Stefano's cell Stefano tells John there is a cure for Roman's illness. John doesn't believe Stefano when he says he has the cure and accuses him of lying. Stefano tells John that by turning his back on him he's really turning his back on Roman. John says if he did have a cure how would he get it and Stefano says he is the only one who knows how to get it, for a price. Stefano tells John he'll give him the cure, for his freedom. Stefano tells John he knew every move he and Abe were making and said he would never let John and Abe catch him and put him in this cell unless he was absolutely sure they'd release him. John tells Stefano he's onto his game, he can't help Roman and he is done talking with him. Stefano then says if he's so sure he won't mind taking the chance away from the Bradys, Roman, MARLENA. Stefano says that he could care less if Roman dies and will sleep great when he dies. However, he asks John how he will sleep knowing he could have saved Roman? He says the Bradys will hate him, and so will Marlena.

John leaves and Kristen comes to see him. Kristen asks what happened and Stefano says as he anticipated John didn't believe him. However, Stefano says he knows soon John will come back to him and take his deal to protect Marlena. Stefano says when he does, checkmate, and he looks at the queen piece of his chess set. Stefano says John loves Marlena so much he would sell his soul to him, and he promises Kristen he'll be out of jail sooner than she thinks. When John returns to the DiMera mansion he hears Marlena tell Eric if there was some way to save Roman she'd give her life for it.

Thursday, August 21, 1997
by Diane Dix

John tells Marlena that Stefano claims he can give them a cure for Roman's illness on the condition that he is released. Although John is skeptical, Marlena insists that they must be willing to take any risk if there is even a small chance that Roman could be saved, or she would never forgive herself. Remembering Stefano's words in the prison cell, John is forced to consider the request. Finally, he tells Marlena that the only way they can ensure that Stefano comes through with the cure is for John to go with Stefano. Marlena is horrified at the thought.

Roman is thrilled that Sami and Austin are "renewing" their vows for his sake. He has a heart-to-heart with Eric, telling him how proud he is of his son. Eric starts thinking about whether Sami is up to something or not, and decides to track her down.

Sami is thrilled when Austin tells her the wedding plans can go forth immediately. She spends some time gloating with Lucas, but accidentally leaves Will's baby book, containing the crucial blood type information, on Kate's sofa. Sami goes shopping for a gown and encounters Susan at the department store. A clerk tells Susan that her child looks nothing like her, and Susan says it's because he looks like his father. Sami is reminded of Lucas holding Will and Kate saying that Will has Lucas' eyes. Dread fills her as she realizes she left the book out where it could be found. As she turns to run out of the store and go home, she bumps into Eric. When he asks her what's wrong, she doesn't even take the time to make up an excuse - she just runs out. Eric knows something is up.

Kate keeps trying to talk Austin out of marrying Sami, but finally he tells her he just needs her support, since his mind is made up. Kate gives up, although her heart is filled with regret because she can't speak out against Sami. Suddenly, Austin gets an overwhelming feeling that Carrie is in danger. He tries to call, but her cell phone is dead, and the hotel says she is still out with Mike. Austin decides he has to forget about Carrie.

At the cabin, Carrie wakes up, not knowing that Mike has just spilled his guts to her. She tells him she had a wonderful dream that someone was telling her he loved her, and assumes it had to be Austin. Mike keeps his feelings to himself, and doesn't confess about the kiss. Mike goes to the road to get Carrie's cell phone while Carrie dresses in her dry clothes, unaware that a deadly rattlesnake is in the cabin with her. Mike finds the phone is dead, but hails a passing motorcyclist, who promises to send a tow truck. Mike returns to the cabin and they prepare to leave, but they disturb the snake who begins rattling and hissing. Carrie screams and Mike jumps in front of her. While attempting to cover the snake again, Mike is bitten on the arm.

Kristen runs into Susan and they have a semi-normal conversation. Kristen tells Susan she's trying to become a better person, and offers to spend the day shopping with her and Elvis. Susan agrees, and in the pricey department store, they run into Vivian Alamain, who is trying to convince the clerk that she is still the rich Mrs. Kiriakis. Susan unwittingly blows Vivian's cover while Kristen looks on in vengeful amusement. The clerk humiliates Vivian and demands all the free samples back. Vivian and Kristen exchange hostile words, and Kristen tells Vivian she'll never work with her again. Vivian goes home to her cruddy apartment with Ivan, where he has an assortment of disgusting foods for her to eat. Vivian collapses dramatically onto her bed...which promptly folds her up into the wall!

Friday, August 22, 1997
by Diane Dix

Marlena tries to talk John out of accompanying Stefano to get the cure for Roman, but he tells her if he doesn't, Stefano will just disappear. Finally, Marlena agrees to let him try, although she is very fearful. Roman calls her into the room and they chat about Sami's wedding, while Marlena conceals the truth about Sami and Austin and Carrie. Roman asks Marlena to lie down with him. She falls asleep and dreams about John...first an erotic dream, and then a nightmare that he is in danger. Roman wakes her up and tells her she was calling John's name, and that she sounded frightened. Marlena tells him she just had a nightmare, and Roman comforts her.

John goes downstairs and runs into Kristen, who grills him about whether he's going to release Stefano. He tells her he will try, even though he doesn't trust her or Stefano - he'll try for Marlena's sake. Abe stops by and John asks him if he can get Stefano released. Abe reacts with uncharacteristic anger and says that it's another trick and Stefano will never get out of jail. Kristen asks him whether his anger has anything to do with Lexie, and Abe tells her that Lexie wants nothing to do with her father. John tells Abe not to let his anger get in the way of a chance to help Roman. Abe says it's out of his hands anyway and the DA would never agree to the deal. He makes the call, and the DA tells him to forget it. Abe leaves, and John tells Kristen that although Abe's hands are tied by rules and regulations, John's are not...

Carrie is horrified to see Mike bitten by the snake, but Mike manages to maintain his composure long enough to shoo the snake out the door. Then he collapses in agony as Carrie applies all her knowledge as a candy striper to minimize the effects of the venom. While Mike is delirious, he tells Carrie he loves her. Carrie only hears the words "love you." The tow truck driver arrives and takes Mike to the doctor's cabin. The doctor injects Mike with an antivenin and tells him that Carrie's quick thinking probably saved his life. Then he tells them that he's had a chance to study Roman's file and the only thing he can offer is a drug cocktail which could enhance and prolong his life, but would not cure the infection. Carrie is ecstatic and the doctor writes the prescription for her. She tells Mike that now she can focus on the other parts of her life, such as her relationship with Austin. Mike is disappointed, but hides it. Carrie tells him he was talking about love in his sleep, and that when they get back to Salem, she will help him find the woman of his dreams. Carrie decides to try to call Austin one more time. Getting no answer at the apartment, she calls Kate's to see if he's there.

Back in Salem, Eric follows a frantic Sami back to Kate's. He asks her what she's hiding and she claims it's just wedding nerves, but he obviously doesn't believe her. Sami bursts into the living room to find Lucas and Will reading the baby book. Sami says, "Oh no" before she can stop herself. She snatches the book from Lucas and tells him to quit reading her private material. Lucas asks her what the heck her problem is, and tells her he found something disturbing in the baby book. Sami dreads that he noticed the blood type discrepancy, but actually he just noticed that she misrecorded Will's time of birth. Sami relaxes and says she'll fix it and hurries upstairs. Eric tries to confront her again, but she dodges him. Eric takes a look at the baby book himself when Sami is gone, but sees nothing out of line. He vows to find out what Sami is hiding. Sami goes downstairs to drink champagne with Lucas, celebrating her victory with Austin. Lucas tells her not to get too comfortable, because Carrie could call any time and if she found out about the annulment, she'd probably stop the wedding. Just then, the phone rings and Sami picks it up. It's Carrie, and Sami panics, but Carrie tells her she's stuck in the mountains with Mike for another night or so and to tell Austin she won't be back to work right away. Sami takes the opportunity to tell Carrie that she and Austin are renewing their vows. Carrie is devastated.

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