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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, August 25, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In Rome, Bo is at the cafe wishing he could have talked Billie in to coming back to Salem with him. Billie watches Bo drink his coffee from a distance and says she's so sorry she lied to him, she wants to go home but cant. She begins to suffer more withdrawal symptoms. Billie walks off and runs right into Max. Max asks Billie if she could use some drugs, and she tells him she hates him for doing this to her. Max says that something is up, and asks what is wrong.

At the police station, Hope comes to see Abe and whines about how she can't get on with her life. Abe tells Hope there may be a cure for Roman's illness. Hope says that's great but Abe tells her Stefano is the one who says he has the cure and wants to be freed in exchange for it. Hope can't believe John wants to free Stefano and Abe says that this is just a trick of Stefano's. Abe says if he thought their was a cure he'd move heaven and earth, but Hope brings up the "what if" factor. Abe says Stefano wouldn't bring it back, he thinks Stefano wants to get John out of Salem, and when Roman dies he'll snatch Marlena again. Hope asks what if John decides to break Stefano out on his own and Abe says he'll have to stop him, because if he goes off with Stefano he won't come back alive. Later Hope recalls telling Stefano she won't let him hurt her family again and she recalls Stefano telling her she will get Bo back. Hope says Stefano is wrong, she won't get Bo back, but maybe she can help John.

Stefano is in his cell playing with his chess set and is gloating how he's played John's love for Marlena against him and that he knows what John will do.

At the DiMera mansion, Kristen asks John if he's going to get Stefano out of jail. John asks Kristen what Stefano is offering her to convince John to let him out. Kristen claims she's only concerned for Roman, who will die if Stefano isn't let out. Kristen tells John that Roman's life is in his hands and asks what he's going to do. John thinks Kristen knows what Stefano is up to but she says she doesn't know. John wonders if this is a trick to get Marlena again, and they bicker over how Kristen is using Roman again. Kristen asks John what his plan is and John says he won't let Roman die and asks her to leave him alone. John ponders over what he should do, but realizes he has no choice.

Caroline comes to talk to John about the drugs Carrie's discovered that will buy Roman some more time. Caroline picks up on John's pain and asks what he's thinking about. John just says he's thinking about Roman, and Stefano. Caroline says she doesn't think she can lose Roman again and John tells her that Roman is lucky to have her as a mother. John says he would do anything he could to save Roman's life, and Caroline says don't do anything foolish, she doesn't know what the family would do if they lost him as well. John says he knows what he's doing and Caroline tells him to please be careful, and that she loves him. After Caroline leaves John says he will do what he has to to save Roman, even if it costs him his own life.

Kristen goes to see Stefano and says that she thinks John will free him. Kristen asks if Stefano will hurt John, but Stefano says that he promised Peter that he would have Jennifer and she would have John. Kristen asks if anyone could stop him, and Stefano thinks about his conversation with Hope in which she said he was hiding something, and Stefano says nobody could stop him. Stefano says that John's love for Marlena and his loyalty to the Brady's is his flaw. Kristen says she can't believe he's going to use John's goodness against him, that's why she loves John. Stefano tells her she must learn to use those qualities against him, that's what will make him win.

Hope goes to see John and tells him there is no proof there is a cure. John says he has to take that risk, and Hope tells him she will tell Abe what he is going to do. John grabs Hope and says what if she was him and it was Bo who was dying, he knows she'd do anything to help him. John tells her they both have felt the love of the Brady family, and he wants to pay the Brady's back for the love they've shown him, and he begs Hope not to stop him.

At the Kiriakis mansion, a package arrives for Sami and Eric wonders what it is.

In another part of the mansion, Sami gloats to Carrie over the phone about how she and Austin are renewing their vows, and Carrie puts down the phone. Lucas tells Sami she never should have told Carrie, but Sami says someone else would have and that would have keyed Carrie in on the fact that she has her memory back. Mike asks Carrie what is wrong and she tells him that Sami and Austin are renewing their vows. Carrie picks the phone back up and Sami continues to gloat. Carrie asks when she can speak to Austin about work and Sami says that Kate and Austin are out doing the paperwork. Carrie says she's already married to Austin, there shouldn't be any paper work. Carrie asks Sami point blank what's going on. Sami says the paperwork is for the church, the caterer, stuff like that. Sami asks Carrie if she's really stuck in L.A., and Carrie says yes. Sami says that's so bad since she wanted her to be her matron of honor again. Sami asks about the drugs for Roman, and then says goodbye. Lucas feels bad for Carrie and Sami says she has Mike to comfort her. Lucas says that's not what he wants and Sami tells her once Carrie has lost Austin it will be easy for him to get Carrie from Mike. Sami says everything is going great and Eric comes in with the package for Sami. Sami says it must be her veil and says she's going to go try it on. Sami tells Eric that Carrie called, and then leaves. Eric questions Lucas about Carrie's reaction to the wedding, and Lucas says not to worry about Carrie because she has Mike now.

Sami comes back downstairs in her wedding gown, and Caroline comes over and tells her that Sami looks beautiful. Caroline says that her mom is going to get the prescription for the medicine filled and that she (Caroline) will do the alterations instead.

In L.A., Carrie doesn't understand what is going on. Carrie wonders if Sami is lying, but then she realizes this is why Austin didn't call her back. Carrie says her greatest fears have come true, Austin's obligation to Sami and Will have come between them. Mike tells Carrie that Austin is a fool and she's better off without him. Carrie asks how he can say that and Mike says Austin has done nothing but hurt her over the past few months and he's always picking Sami over her. Carrie says Austin is a devoted father, but Mike says he is too and he understands what Austin is feeling but he doesn't need to something this drastic and hurtful to her. Carrie says he's right and Mike tells her she will get over Austin and find a man who loves her fully and completely. Dr. Brock returns, he couldn't get the fax through. Mike wants to try to call Marlena but Dr. Brock says he's still suffering from the snake bite, he'll call Marlena. Carrie thanks him and asks him to tell Marlena that she'll call later about dad and something else.

Carrie calls back to talk to Austin but gets Eric instead. Carrie asks if what Sami told her is true, but before Eric can tell her Austin and Sami's marriage was annulled Carrie's cell phone battery goes out. Carrie tells Mike that she wishes she could get back to Salem, she fears something is wrong. Doctor Brock tells Carrie there could be a way, if they go by train. Carrie says Mike is still to weak to travel, but Mike and Doctor Brock think he'll be okay. When Carrie leaves Doctor Brock asks Mike if he's in love with her. Mike asks how he knew and Doctor Brock how he knew and he says it's obvious. Doctor Brock even says it sounds like Austin is a jerk and she'd be better off with him! Later Carrie tells Mike if Austin marries Sami in that church, then she has lost Austin and will never get him back. Before they leave for Salem Dr. Brock tells Mike he hopes things work out for him and Carrie.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion, Eric listens in as Sami gloats to Caroline about her marriage. Later Caroline asks Eric if he senses something is going on with Sami, and Eric says yes, but he doesn't know what it is. Caroline tells Eric she feels they owe it to Carrie to find out if something is going on. Later Eric confronts Sami and asks her what she is afraid of and to tell him. Sami says there is nothing and to just drop it. Sami leaves and Eric vows to find out what Sami is hiding.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In Rome Bo meets up with Mario and thanks him for saving his life on King's boat. Mario wonders why Bo is back and he tells him he came back to find Billie. Bo asks Mario to keep an eye out on Billie for him, and hopes there isn't a problem. Bo asks about the status of King's men and Mario tells him all were rounded up except for Max. Bo leaves to catch his flight and Mario spots someone he thinks may be Max. Mario runs up to Max, who is with Billie. Max thinks Billie ratted him out and is taken away. Billie returns to her room and is suffering from withdrawal and says she should have gotten more drugs from Dino. Billie realizes she needs to fight this but she says she doesn't have the strength anymore. Billie starts going through her huge purse and finds an old picture of her and Bo and says she can't let Bo find out what's happened to her.

Back in prison Jack is looking at a picture of Jen and Abby and says he needs to convince Jen to move on with her life. The guard then tells Jack his wife (?) is here to see him. Abby and Jen are waiting to see Jack, Abby is coloring a picture for him. Jen senses something is wrong with Jack and he tells her he doesn't want her to come visit him. Jen tells him he will get out but Jack is skeptical. Jen says they can't have this conversation again, they will be together. Jack tells her he still worries about being in the house alone because Peter could come for her. JEn says that she has Mike and her mom, and the security system Trent installed. Jack asks her how well she can trust Trent and tells her she never knows who could be working for Stefano. Jen is sure she can trust him though. Time runs out for the visit and Jack warns her that Peter could be coming for her. Jen says in a way she hopes Peter does come for her because it would prove he's alive. Before leaving Jack makes her promise never to be alone, and Jen tells Jack that she and Abby will visit him often.

Back at Jen's place Trent decides to test out his work and manages to break the alarm system and get inside. Unfortunately Laura has overslept and comes waltzing downstairs. Laura sees Trent and screams. Laura asks how he got in and Trent claims that her heard something and thought someone was inside and when he inspected a window he found a lose wire. Trent claims the backdoor was unlocked and he wanted to make sure everything was okay and Laura thanks him for his concern. Laura asks him if this system is safe and works because she knows Peter is going to come for Jen. Trent asks if they know where Peter could be and Laura says he could be living next door for all they know! Laura says the DiMera's are masters of disguises and are obsessed at getting what they want. Laura vows to do whatever it takes to save her daughter before Peter can get to her. Laura says if Peter does return he won't live long enough to get to Jen, she'll make sure of that. Trent leaves and says that he may have to go to plan B.

Carrie knocks on Austin's door and tells him he can't marry Sami. Austin says this is his decision, he has to be there for Will. Carrie tells him he can still be a good father to Will and she loves him. Austin is delighted and kisses Carrie, but then Carrie wakes up from her dream to find she's still on the train. Mike finally wakes up and Carrie says she has to get back to Salem before the wedding. Carrie is positive that Sami is back to her old schemes and she won't get away with it. Mike says he's still skeptical about Sami faking her amnesia but Carrie says if Sami is faking Eric will find out. Carrie and Mike see another couple who are happy and they tell Carrie and Mike they are eloping. Carrie wishes she and Austin had eloped when they had the chance. Mike asks the conducted how long till they reach Salem and he learns about an hour. Mike wonders if he should tell Carrie how he feels now before it's to late. Mike thanks Carrie for saving his life and Carrie says that she owed him for saving her from the car accident. Carrie says she owes him so much and Mike says that he'd do anything for her. Carrie then says the world's most dreaded words, you've been a good friend. Carrie notes Mike is a bit down and he just says he's sorry their trip has come to an end. Mike tells Carrie he has something to tell her before they get to Salem. Mike tells her he tried to tell her last night but she fell asleep. Mike says that this trip has meant to much to him and she's become a very special person to him. Suddenly the conducted says they are at Salem and ruins his chance. Carrie tells him she knows what he was trying to say, and that she had a really special time as well.

Sami has a nightmare that Austin and Carrie learned the truth about Will and Austin told her he never wants to speak to her again. Suddenly a women from the hospital calls to tell Sami that she and her fiancÚ need to come in to get blood tests or they can't be married. Sami thinks this could be the perfect time to change Will's blood type. Suddenly Lucas comes in and when Sami says she has no time to talk he asks her what is up. Sami says she wants to get her hair done so she looks beautiful for her wedding and hopes nothing will go wrong. Lucas knows something has her worried and asks her what is wrong but she says nothing is wrong and runs out.

Sami's hairdresser calls the mansion and says he's on his way over. Lucas says Sami lied and wonders what she is up to. Sami goes to the hospital lab for her blood tests and learns that the computer in the blood lab is linked to the one in the records room.

At Austin's place Eric comes over to see Austin. Austin tells Eric that he was trying all night to call Carrie and Eric tells her he talked to Carrie last night and fills him in on everything with Roman. Austin learns Sami told Carrie about the wedding and Austin says he wishes he could have told Carrie, but what difference does it make now because she's in love with Mike. Eric tells Austin he thinks it would matter to Carrie very much. Austin is convinced Carrie loves Mike and why bother even telling Carrie about the annulment. Austin asks if Carrie will be back for the wedding and Eric says it's doubtful, and even if she could she probably wouldn't want to be ar the wedding. Eric asks Austin if Carrie didn't love Mike would he still marry Sami, but Austin just says it's too late. Austin thinks this is best for everyone but Eric says he gets the notion that something is bothering her. Austin asks why he would think that and Eric says radar, he just gets the feeling she's hiding something. Austin asks if he think Sami has her memory back as well and Eric says he's not sure. Suddenly Lucas calls asking if Sami is there and he says she's probably at the hospital getting blood work done. Austin says he needs to get there as well and because his car is in the shop he asks Eric to drive him.

At the hospital Sami's blood work is done and she claims she feels a bit weak so the nurse offers to get her some orange juice. Once she's left Sami hops to the computer and goes to work. Austin and Eric arrive and the nurse returns and she tells Austin that Sami doesn't want to see Austin before the wedding. Eric offers to take the juice into Carrie while the nurse deals with Austin's blood work. Eric walks right in on Sami when she's on the computer and asks her what she is doing. Sami acts like she's so happy to see him and she wasn't playing on the computer. Eric tells her he saw her and Sami tells him she was just checking to see if she was still anemic. Sami tells Eric to distract Austin so she can leave, but Austin comes to the door and says he needs to talk to her. Austin asks Sami how Carrie was after she learned about the wedding. Sami says she thinks Carrie was fine and is probably having a fabulous time with Mike. Sami looks over at Eric and asks him what his problem is, and he says he'd like to know what hers is. Sami says she doesn't have time for this and that they both need to leave and get ready for the wedding. Eric becomes curious as to what was on the computer so Sami drops her purse and asks him to help her pick the contents up. While he's busy picker up her junk Sami deletes the screen contents on the PC. Sami then tells Eric she has to go know, and Eric is positive Sami is up to something now.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Lucas spends time with Will because he was crying for his mom and she wasn't there. Carrie and Mike return to Salem and when they go to see Austin he's preparing for his wedding to Sami.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In Rome Petra asks a police officer stop Bo from leaving and bring him to the station. At the station Max is brought in and Bo is happy to see him in custody and hopes he rots in jail. Petra tells Bo that they are working on the extradition papers to have him taken back to the States. Bo asks Max why he stayed in Rome and he says he had to take care of Billie. Bo asks him what business he has with Billie and he says he'll figure it out when he sees her. Bo tells Max that he saw Billie and she looked fine, and she will testify against King. Bo goes to find Billie and Max suggests he try Club Fortuna, or Club Roma, because he saw her there earlier because she needs a fix! Bo asks for a minute alone with Max and asks Max if he hooked Billie on drugs. Max says he should have seen her, it was beautiful. Bo punches Max and calls Petra to take him away.

Billie is talking about how she needs a fix and couldn't find Dino. Billie starts to cry and says she has to fight this and she deserves a good life, but then she cries that she doesn't deserve a good life. Curtis shows up and Billie asks him if he has something to help her, just a little something and then she'll quit. Curtis tells her she'll never lose her taste for the high-life, she was born for it and will die for it. Billie says she should have gone back to Salem to be with Bo, but Curtis tells her nobody cares about a druggy. Curtis tells her that she only causes misery to Bo and everyone else she gets near. Billie says he's right and Curtis says daddy's always right. Curtis tells her to back to Club Fortuna and get her new lover from Dino, the drug. Billie says Curtis is right, nobody will ever love her so what difference does it make what she does.

Bo finds Billie, who screams at him not to look at her but he tells her he's not going anywhere. Bo tells Billie he knows what Max did to her and this isn't her fault. Billie say it is and that Curtis says she's a no good druggy. Bo tells her she is none of those things and he's going to take her back to Salem to help her. Billie says Curtis will help her and she runs off.

Lucas and Kate argue over what Austin is doing, Lucas thinks it's noble and that as long as Austin has Will he has everything he needs. Kate says this marriage is only about Sami getting what she wants. Kate says she wishes there was some way to stop this and was hoping Eric would learn the truth.

At the DiMera mansion Marlena tells Roman about what Carrie and Mike did for him. Suddenly the whole Brady clan comes in to celebrate Roman's birthday. Roman comments about Will and says he hopes she is keeping a baby book about him. Sami says she isn't and Caroline says she thought she saw one. Sami then says she was keeping one but didn't have the time to keep it up, which causes Eric to wonder even more. Later Roman tells Sami that she must always be honest, honesty is loves companion.

Outside Eric and Caroline talk, Caroline knows Eric is worried about his sisters. Eric says he fears Sami is afraid of losing Austin and wonders what would make her lose Austin. Caroline tells her if anyone knows it would be Lucas. Eric says that if Sami is deceiving them he has to find out for Carrie's sake. Eric says he's going to take Caroline to the pub, then he's going to talk to Lucas.

Kate comes to see Sami and offers her a check for 250,000$ and a necklace worth a small fortune in exchange for the information Sami is using against her and that she doesn't marry Austin. Kate goes into her sob story about how Curtis stole her children and now that she has them back she can't lose them. Kate begs Sami not to ruin the lives of the people she loves, because some day Sami will find a man who loves her as much as she loves him. Kate begs her to let Austin be happy with Carrie and be honest and admit what she is doing will make everyone miserable. Sami tells Kate that her love for Austin isn't for sale for anything, however she does think the sapphire necklace would be her perfect something blue. Kate tells Sami that one day she'll regret this, she'll make sure of it.

Eric talks to Lucas about what he did, and Lucas says that he's very ashamed of what he did. He says he was obsessed with Carrie but they've all made up. Lucas says he's glad Sami hasn't gotten her memory back because he likes the new Sami a whole lot better. Eric asks her if the new Sami is back. Lucas asks if he think she has her memory back but Eric doesn't know. Eric asks where Will's baby book is and Lucas says it's upstairs. Sami comes in and is all happy. Eric tells Sami not to go through with this if she's hiding something. Sami asks how he could say such a thing and leaves to go to the church. Later Lucas talks to Sami and tells her that he knows she's lying to her and he thinks that Eric is on to her. Sami says the only person who could stop her is Carrie, and she's not even in town.

As Roman and Marlena prepare for Sami's marriage Roman tells Marlena he shouldn't have let his pride get in between them. Marlena says that it was her affair with John that hurt them, but Roman says it was Stefano's fault and now he's going to jail for ever. Roman tells Marlena that if tomorrow never comes he wants her to remember how happy he was today, and how happy all these last days have been for him. Marlena cries that she's not giving up on him and will do anything to find a cure.

At Austin's place Carrie and Austin talk. Carrie asks Austin why he is marrying Sami and he says because he has a responsibility to his son and because he's lost her to Mike. Carrie tells Austin that nothing happened between her and Mike, and tries to explain everything about Craig and how she pretended to be Mike's boyfriend. As for the romantic get-away to the mountains it was to find a cure for her dad. Carrie says that Mike is her friend, but she loves him. Austin says he loves her as well and Carrie suggests they tell Sami the truth and get an annulment. Austin tells her he got the annulment and Sami knows about it, and everything else. Carrie is shocked and is now certain that Sami has her memory back. Austin says Sami doesn't have her memory back because he never told Sami that Carrie was the women he loved. They get into a huge argument and Carrie says the only thing that matters is them, and they should be the ones getting married. Austin looks at Carrie and tells her he can't marry her. Austin says their love isn't enough, they grew apart. Austin asks Carrie to sit down and he tells her that if he marries her he'll always be torn between his responsibilities between her and Will. Carrie says they can make it work but Austin says it's not like that for him. Austin says if he turns his back on Will he'll be just like Curtis, and nobody can understand what he did to him and Billie. Carrie tells Austin that this fear of being like Curtis is taking over his life, but Austin says the fear is real and that it will eat at him, and her, and their children if they were to marry. Carrie asks if that's why he's rejecting her and Austin tells her no, he believes that Mike is the better man for her. Carrie says that Sami is playing them both, can't he see that. Austin says that he will always love her but she's much better without him in her life. Carrie says that she used to know him so well, and Austin tells her the is the best way for everyone and that one day she'll thank him. Carrie cries and Austin leaves.

Mike arrives home and Laura tells him he looks awful. Mike tells her what happened and she's concerned about him. She hopes her good news will brighten him up and she tells him Austin is marrying Sami. Mike tells her he knows, that's why he and Carrie rushed home. Mike tells his mom Carrie is trying to stop the wedding right now and Laura says she wishes he could have kept her in California a few more days. Mike admits he thought about doing that, but feels it wouldn't have been fair. Laura tells him nonsense, he is the right man for Carrie. Mike changes into dress clothes and Laura tells him how she wishes Carrie could be with him. Mike tells him mom he realized his love for her, but Carrie has made it clear that her heart belongs to Austin. Later when Mike thinks he's alone, Laura is on the stairs listening, he talks to a picture of Carrie and says if Austin can make her happy he'll be happy for her. But the minute Austin marries Sami he's telling Carrie he loves her.

At the church Austin asks God to watch over Carrie and let her find happiness with Mike. Eric comes back to Carrie's place and sees that Carrie is back and is upset. Carrie can't believe Austin is marrying Sami and says it's over, but Eric says maybe not, he's sure Sami is up to something!

Thursday, August 28, 1997
by Diane Dix

Laura tells Mike she had a feeling about him and Carrie and is glad he's going to tell her that he loves her. Mike tells her he will only confess his feelings after Austin and Sami get married, because if the wedding doesn't happen, he won't stand in the way of Carrie's love for Austin.

At Austin's apartment, Eric tells Carrie he is sure Sami is up to something, but he can't figure out what. Carrie says she's been trying for weeks and has come up with nothing. She cries on Eric's shoulder, telling him it's really over for her and Austin.

Everyone starts gathering at the church. Roman and Marlena arrive, and Roman says he's feeling better than he has in a long time. Marlena starts crying and Roman tells her it's supposed to be a happy day. Abe and John come in, and Abe asks Roman what he'd do if Stefano offered to do some great good in exchange for his freedom. Roman tells them that Stefano's promises are worthless, and nothing is worth letting him go. Roman says he can die happy knowing that DiMera will never bother his family again. Marlena agrees, and tells John privately that she is happy Abe and the DA won't let him release Stefano. Roman, talking to Abe, asks him what is wrong, and Abe confesses that he's worried that Stefano will get to Lexie. Roman tells him to be careful, because Stefano won't hesitate to use her.

Austin stands in the church garden, disconsolate because he knows he is giving up Carrie forever. Kate hears him confess to God that he will always love Carrie. She agonizes at her inability to help Austin make the right choice because of Sami's blackmail information. Austin sees her and they embrace, and he tells her how much it means to him that she will support him regardless of her feelings about Sami. Austin sees Lucas and tells him that Carrie is back, but that he's going to go through with the wedding anyway. Lucas tells him he's doing the right thing. When he tells Sami that Carrie has returned, she panics, but he tells her Austin has decided to marry her anyway. Sami is ecstatic, feeling that nothing can stop the wedding now, and she can wait to change Will's blood type records after the wedding.

Mike and Carrie run into each other at the church. Carrie cries on his shoulder, as usual, and tells him that Austin thinks they're lovers and she can't convince him not to marry Sami. Mike gets beeped and has to return to the hospital, but tells Carrie he has something very important to tell her after the wedding.

Roman goes in to see Sami and notices the tension between her and Eric. When Sami leaves, Roman presses Eric until he tells him that things are not as they seem - Carrie is still in love with Austin and Sami is almost certainly up to something shady. Roman says if he feels that strongly, the wedding should be stopped, but Eric says he has no proof, and won't be able to get any in time...if only he had a few more hours.

Lexie goes to the jail to see Stefano. Kristen, who is already there, asks her why she didn't heed the warning to stay away from Stefano. Stefano dismisses Kristen and starts to work on Lexie. Lexie tells him she needs to know if there is even a seed of goodness in him. Stefano says he can't change his past, but he can try to redeem himself by retrieving the cure for Roman, if only John and Abe will let him. Lexie doesn't believe him about the cure, but Stefano tells her that there must be some good in him to have fathered someone as wonderful as she is. Abe shows up and tells Stefano to leave her alone and takes Lexie back to the church, telling her he doesn't like her seeing Stefano. Lexie can't stop thinking about what Stefano said and excuses herself. She finds John in the garden, where he is trying to think of a way to help Roman, but he knows he can't free Stefano without the security code, which only Abe has. Lexie blurts out that the code is in Abe's notebook computer, which he left at home. She says she needs to know if Stefano is capable of good.

In the church, the wedding is about to begin. Susan, decked out in her usual gaudy attire, remarks that she can't believe a Salem wedding is actually going to take place (don't count your chickens yet, Susan!). Marlena puts the finishing touches on Sami and declares that she looks beautiful. Sami says she knows Austin doesn't love her now, but hopes he will someday. She goes out to meet Roman, and they share a touching father/daughter moment, and Roman has a hard time believing she could be up to something. The music starts and they prepare to go down the aisle.

Friday, August 29, 1997
by Diane Dix

John stares at Lexie in amazement, and tells her he is going to forget what she just said to him about the security code. Lexie pleads with him to free Stefano because there must be some goodness in him, and if a DiMera can be redeemed, anyone can. John tells her she's fooling herself, that Stefano has manipulated her. Lexie says she's not gullible, she knows when someone is scamming her, and she believes Stefano is sincere. She gives John a housekey and tells him to let himself in while Abe is at the wedding. John tells her he's going to have to forget what he heard because he doesn't want to risk her relationship with Abe. Lexie tells him she'll deal with that.

Hope sneaks up behind Mike at the hospital and they hug. Mike tells her she looks gorgeous and assumes she's going to the wedding. Hope says yes, but she has some errands to run first. She tells Mike she ran into Laura at the hairdresser's and knows all about his adventures in LA with Carrie, and that he loves her. She tells him Austin is a fool to let Carrie go, and she thinks Mike would be terrific for her. Mike says he has to wait until after the wedding to tell Carrie he loves her. Hope wishes him luck.

At the prison, Stefano tells Kristen not to worry, because John's not his only hope for getting out. He's sure that Lexie will help him, and he has already planted the seed to drive a wedge between Lexie and Abe, as well as between Abe and John. Kristen says it will never work, that Lexie is not corruptible. Stefano tells her she should never underestimate him. Just then, Hope walks in and says that Stefano's right...and she will never underestimate him. But when she remembers everything about Maison Blanche, she'll go straight to John and Abe and make sure he never gets out of prison again. Kristen demands to know what she's talking about, but Stefano tells her she's bluffing. Hope tells him to get used to his cell. Stefano says that he won't be there long - John and Lexie will betray Abe. Hope says it will never happen. Stefano tells her it already has. Hope and Kristen leave together.

At the church, Lucas and Austin stand at the altar while Marlena, Sami, and Roman gather in the vestibule. Carrie, standing just outside the door, is in shock and in tears, unable to believe that Austin is actually going to go through with it. Marlena makes sure Sami is ready and then walks down the aisle. But Roman can't stop thinking about what Eric said - that Carrie really loves Austin and that he needs a few more hours to prove that Sami is up to something. As he walks Sami into the church, he notices that nobody except Sami is smiling, and gets the sense that something is very wrong with the wedding. As they approach the altar, Roman suddenly falls to the ground, to everyone's horror. Marlena urges Eric to call 911, but Roman gets up slowly and says he just lost his footing and needs to rest. When Eric hands him a glass of water, Roman tells him that he faked the fall, and that he has just bought Eric a little more time to investigate Sami. Eric doesn't ask questions and leaves the church, while Roman claims he's all right, but needs some time to rest.

Outside, Eric runs into Carrie and tells her what Roman did. Carrie is astonished, but clings to the hope that they can find something to prove that Sami is not what she seems. Remembering the night that she and Austin found Sami at the hospital, she decides to start the investigation there. Eric and Carrie find Mike at the hospital and tell him the wedding has been delayed. They start brainstorming with him to figure out what Sami could have been doing there. Mike tells her that the hospital records are kept on that floor, and Carrie remembers that Sami had asked Maggie for a job working with computers. Eric then remembers Sami freaking out when Lucas looked at Will's baby book. Carrie wonders what the connection is and knows they're on to something. Just then, Laura calls Mike and tells him the wedding is postponed. Mike says he knows, because Carrie and Eric are there trying to dig up dirt. Laura warns Mike not to help them if it means sacrificing possible happiness with Carrie. Mike cuts her off, and asks what he can do to help. Carrie asks if he can get them into the hospital records. Mike pauses, knowing that it's unethical and also that it could end up making it easier for Carrie and Austin to get together...

Roman does his best to delay the wedding, but he's running out of excuses. Meanwhile, Abe remembers that he left his notebook computer with the security code at home. He excuses himself from the wedding, telling Roman he'll feel a lot better if he has it on his person. Meanwhile, John has used Lexie's key to get into Abe's house and is accessing the security code. Abe walks in and discovers John. He is furious and hurt that John betrayed him this way, and tells him that he should have John arrested for breaking and entering. Lexie walks in and says Abe would have to arrest her, too. Abe can't believe the two people he trusted most would betray him this way. He walks away to think while John and Lexie apologize to each other. When Abe comes back, he tells them that he hates what they're doing, but his concern for Roman is going to force him to look the other way and let John use the code. John tells him he won't regret it. Abe says he'd better not.

Lucas overhears Laura talking to Mike, and deduces that Carrie and Eric are at the hospital. He isn't sure what it means, but decides to warn Sami. Sami comes out to talk to Roman and tells Lucas he can wait. Roman tells Sami that if she's ready, they can resume the wedding, but they should wait for Eric. Sami says it's okay, she'd rather get married immediately.

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