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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 1, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, September 1, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Kristen returns to jail to ask Stefano what Hope was talking about Mansion Blanche and Stefano tells her it was nothing. Stefano tells her to concentrate on John and helping to find a way to get him out of this cell, otherwise she'll be alone for the rest of her life, Roman will die, and he will rot in jail forever.

At Abe's place John and Lexie apologize to Abe for what they did and Abe says he knows they wouldn't risk their marriage/friendship with him if they didn't believe there was a cure. Abe still has his reservations and tells John he's going to go with him, but Lexie tells him he can't! John tells Abe that Lexie is right and he says he'll stop him from going if it causes them their friendship. John says he has to do this alone, and if this is a trap he takes comfort that Abe is back in Salem looking after the people he loves. Abe tells him okay and wishes him luck. John leaves and Lexie thanks Abe for what he did. Abe tells her they need to talk about what she did, and what it means to their relationship. Abe asks why she couldn't talk to him about this and says that she honestly believes there is a cure, and because she's come to except the fact that she's a DiMera. Lexie says she has Stefano's blood in her veins and she has to believe that Stefano really has a cure for Roman, otherwise she could become just like him. Lexie says if Stefano is true evil, he will come for her and god help Abe if he stands in Stefano's way. Abe tells her that he loves her and not even Stefano can come between them. At the church Celeste gets a premonition about Stefano, meanwhile Susan says Salem's welcome sign should say a town with lots of weddings, but most of them never happen! Celeste leaves to find Lexie and Abe and Austin asks Kate to watch Will for a few minutes so he can walk around.

Meanwhile Roman asks Sami if she really wants to go on with the wedding without Eric. Sami is positive and Marlena asks Lucas to go out and tell the priest to begin again. Caroline ask Roman if he's okay and he tells her the truth about his fainting spell. Sami tells Roman they are ready to begin and Roman realizes they are out of time. As the wedding is about to begin Lucas announces that Father Jensen has been called away. Susan says I knew it, and says she's glad she kept the sales receipt for the deep-fat-fryer she bought. Alice says maybe this is fates way of telling them this wedding isn't supposed to take place.

Laura tells Jen that she will make sure Jack is freed, the one thing she and Kate agree on is that to a mother, your children's happiness is everything, which is why she hopes Mike doesn't help Carrie stop this wedding.

Kristen shows up at the church and tells Sami, in front of Roman and Marlena, that she's looking for her husband and hopes Sami will be as happy as she and John are. Caroline tells Sami maybe they should wait in the bride's room and Lucas hopes this is his chance to tell Sami what Carrie and Eric are up to, but Kate asks him to look after Will. In the bride's room Caroline suggests to Sami they reschedule the wedding but Sami won't hear of it.

Laura and Kate have it out about which son is better for Carrie. Kate tells her not to be so smug, this race isn't finished yet. Kate leaves and Laura wonders what she can do to stop Mike from helping Carrie stop the wedding.

Lucas gives Will back to Kate so he can check on Sami. Kate pleads with him not to help Sami go through with this wedding but Lucas says he will lose his chance with Carrie if the wedding doesn't take place. Kate tells him that proves he doesn't deserve Carrie's love, and that someone needs to stop this wedding. Before leaving Lucas tells his mom it won't be him. Lucas goes to see Sami and tells her that Eric and Carrie have rushed off to the hospital. Sami says she has to marry Austin now, and to find another priest. Lucas asks what she is hiding and Sami says as long as she and Austin are married it doesn't matter what they find. Lucas says so there is something, but Sami tells him if he wants a shot with Carrie to find a priest. Lucas runs out and manages to find one, and Sami thinks she'll be Mrs. Austin Reed within minutes.

Kristen begins schmoozing with Roman when Marlena asks to have a word with Kristen alone. Marlena asks how she could show up here and Kristen says she has to pretend to be married to John. Kristen tells Marlena that she probably doesn't even want a cure for Roman to be found, because if he dies she can marry John. Marlena slaps Kristen when John shows up and stops anything further from happening. John says they should just leave now that the wedding is over and Marlena tells him it hasn't even begun. John tells Marlena to go inside and he confronts Kristen. Kristen claims to have returned to hear his decision about Stefano and he tells her he's not telling her a thing. Lexi and Abe return, and everyone but Kristen go back into the church.

At the hospital records room Carrie and Eric are sure that this is where all Sami's secrets are. Carrie asks Mike to please help her and he agrees. Mike, Carrie, and Eric go into the computer system and pull up Sami's records. Right as they are about to check Will's records a security guard stops them and kicks them all out, only doctors are allowed to see the records. Suddenly Mike sees Laura and asks her what she is doing here. Lauara tells him she is here to stop him from one of the biggest mistakes of his life. Laura sent that security guard to stop him, but Mike says he won't let Austin marry Sami if she is hiding something, he owes it to Carrie. Laura says she hopes when he does find what he needs it's too late! Mike tells his mom she disappoints him, she sounds like Kate. Mike returns to Eric and Carrie and tells them he got the permission they need to access the records.

The wedding is beginning once again. John swears on his life he'll return to Doc with a cure for Roman. Kristen says the next bride down the isle will be her, marrying John! Laura returns to the church and is happy to see the wedding is back on. Alice tells Susan there will be a wedding, but Susan says the bird seed hasn't been thrown yet!

Back at the hospital Mike, Eric, and Carrie learn the truth about Will! Mike tells Carrie he needs a few minutes to print the records up, but Eric says a few minutes is all they have.

Celeste goes to see Stefano in jail. Celeste tells him she had a premonition about him using Lexie to do evil, and she will not let him use her daughter and destroy her life! Stefano says she is his daughter too, and he loves her. Celeste won't let him ruin her life but Stefano doesn't want his daughter throwing her life away by being married to a common cop. Celeste says Abraham is a wonderful man and they both will protect her from the DiMera curse. Stefano says he has changed, he is trying to cure the ills he has caused. Celeste tells him if he loves Alexandra as much as he claims than to free her from the DiMera curse. Stefano says that he would never do anything to harm Lexie but Celeste tells him that she will stop him, no matter what she has to do. Celeste says Abe will keep Lexie safe, and after she leaves Stefano says "Abe Abe ABE!"

Vivian and Ivan return home from selling T-Shirts to screaming kids at a monster matinee, they are dressed as Frankenstein and his Bride! Vivian asks Ivan to make her something to eat and he makes her a Tuna sandwich. Ivan tells her to eat up because they are going to supervise people at a holiday picnic. Ivan tells her that he's saved 250$ dollars, and Vivian says that she has an idea, she's going to invest the money in stocks and will be back on top. Ivan tells her this is the madam he loves, and she becomes excited about it.

Vivian and Ivan go to the park to take care of little kids from a daycare center. Ivan introduces them as Uncle and Ivan and Aunt Vivian. The kids want to play space invaders and shoots a dart at Vivian's head! Later a strange old man watches Vivian and says it's her!

Tuesday, September 2, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

In Rome Bo comes to Billie's room to help her but Billie says nobody can help her, she's no good. Billie says she's a bad person and a burden to everyone, that's what Curtis told her. Bo tells her that Curtis is dead but Billie is sure he's real, she sees him all the time. Bo tells her those are the drugs and that Curtis is in hell. Billie tells Bo she loves him but her love hurts people. Bo tries to tell her that he and the people who love her will help her. Bo wants to take Billie back to Salem and get her into a rehab program but Billie says that won't help her. Bo asks how she knows that and Billie says she tried before, they never worked. Billie said the only time that she stayed clean was when Bo helped her, and Bo says he'll help her again. Billie doesn't want him to make that type of commitment, and Bo tells her that Hope is with Franco now. Billie asks what happened and Bo tells her he isn't sure. Billie tells Bo she's sorry and he says there is nothing he can do about Hope, but he can help her kick drugs. Billie says she'll let Bo help her, but in Rome. Billie doesn't want her family to see her like this and if she's going to succeed she can only focus on her, not what her family thinks of her. Bo tells her okay and says she will get through this with his help.

At the park Vivian is angry after a little boy throws water on her. Vivian is angry with Kristen, who didn't lose any of her money, and she's angry with Kate for telling the police about her hidden money. Ivan gathers the kids for a three legged sack race and one kid chooses Auntie Viv as his partner. After the race Vivian and Ivan are both covered in mud. Vivian managed to get a paper out of the trash can and reads it. Ivan notices the old man staring at Vivian and neither know who he is. The kids return, ready for the pool, and one of the little kids throws a rubber snake at Vivian. Ivan takes the kids to the pool and returns shortly after. Vivian tells the spoiled little brat that has been picking her that she has a surprise for him and asks him to close his eyes. Vivian holds a pie under his face and screams there's a snake at his feet, and when he looks down his face lands in the pie! Ivan and Vivian return home and Ivan has made them another sixty dollars. Ivan makes Vivian dinner, hot dogs and ham burgers. Vivian remembers how she used to eat hot dogs with Victor, but he called them frankfurters. Vivian says Victor was the love of her life and starts ranting about how she lost him. Vivian stops herself and says she's not going to think about that, she needs to focus on rising back up from the ashes and showing the people of Salem she has what it takes. Vivian goes through the stocks and Ivan wonders about the weird old man they saw in the park. Outside Vivian and Ivan's place the old man shows up and says he knows she's in there.

At the hospital records room Carrie, Mike, and Eric put the pieces together about Sami's secret. Eric calls the church to delay the wedding and when Mike wants to print the records they get an error, they can't print any records without the security disk. Mike goes to find another copy of the disk and Carrie wonders how Sami could be so evil. Unfortunately Mike can't get another disk right now and Eric tells them the wedding has started, and the women he talked to thought Eric was a prank caller. Mike and Eric try to find another security disk and they realize Carrie is gone! Eric says she must have went to the church to stop the wedding, and if they don't follow soon with the proof she needs she may not be able to stop it. Mike calls the head of computer security and he agrees to get him a disk now.

At the church Sami is walking down the aisle at last. Everyone in the church thinks something to themselves as Sami goes down the isle, it's nothing really important though. Roman lifts Sami's veil an kisses her on the cheek and gives her hand to Austin. Roman says he hopes Sami isn't hiding anything and Sami tells God she'll make up for everything she's done once she is Austin's wife. Hope finds John and tells him that Stefano is pretty sure he and Abe are going to let her out. Kate starts crying to herself about how she needs to stop this wedding but can't.

Carrie runs into the church when Austin is saying his vows and she says she can't let him marry Sami. Carrie says Sami's memory is back and she has been manipulating him for months. Sami says it's not true and she pretends to be upset that Austin's other women is her own sister. Austin asks Sami if her memory is back and before Sami can speak Carrie tells her she's in a church, standing before God, so she should stop lying and tell Austin the truth! Sami still claims she has no memory of what she did, and Carrie tells her she's lying through her teeth. Sami starts crying about how much she loves Austin and asks him not to let Carrie do this. Austin calls the ceremony off because he knows Carrie wouldn't stop the ceremony if there wasn't a good reason. Austin tells her this isn't the place to discuss this and they all leave the chapel. Laura tells Jen she should be proud her son is so decent, but why couldn't he think of his own happiness just once. Kate smiles at Laura, who leaves to get some air. Susan says she hates to say I told you so, but she told them the wedding wouldn't happen. Alice tells Hope that this wedding wasn't meant to be, Carrie should be with Austin just like she should be with Bo. Alice apologizes but Hope says that it's all right, Bo is never far from her thoughts or her heart. Celeste tells Lexie that Stefano is truly evil, but Lexie knows there is some good in Stefano, and if she doesn't believe it there may be no good in her. Celeste says Stefano wasn't born evil, but he learned evil. Celeste tells her that Stefano's children learned evil from Stefano, but Lexie wasn't raised by him so she is different. Celeste tells Lexie that she is a good person, who she is has nothing to do with Stefano. Meanwhile Abe asks John to abandon this silly quest for the cure but John refuses, and Kristen listens in with joy.

In the bride's room Roman is angry at Sami for trying to keep Austin and Carrie apart and he asks he if she has her memory back. Sami says she doesn't, she swears. Carrie says Sami has had her memory back for months and has pressured Austin into this wedding. Sami says Carrie doesn't have proof of any of the terrible things she's saying, and Austin asks her if she has proof. Carrie says she doesn't have it right now and Sami says of course not, she's making it up. Carrie reminds everyone about Sami's walk to the hospital and she says she knows what the real reason was. Marlena asks why she was there but Carrie says she can't say right now. Sami says that Carrie needs to move on and get a life but Carrie says she won't let this ceremony happen. Austin leaves to talk to Carrie and Sami yells at her parents for favoring Carrie. Roman says if Carrie is wrong then why is she so scared?

Sami says that someone needs to tell her off, and she'll be that person! Outside the room Carrie tells Austin she has to tell him something that will hurt him, Will isn't his son. Suddenly Eric shows up with Will's records and Carrie shows Austin the blood type discrepancies proving that Will isn't his son. Austin can't believe this, Will is his son. Kate and Lucas show up and Austin insists Will is his son. Sami shows up and yells at Carrie that she isn't going to ruin the happiest day of her life! Carrie says she doesn't care about anyone but herself and Sami says she made Austin the happiest man on earth by giving him a son. Carrie says, "Nope, Will isn't Austin son." She's known that for some time and now everyone knows it. Sami says she won't lose Austin but Carrie says she already has. Carrie tells Sami SHE'S won this time, and decks her! Sami goes DOWN!

Wednesday, September 3, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Vivian is pacing around the apartment wondering if there is a better way to make money. As Ivan is commenting about the weird man at the park, the man begins banging on the door and trying to open it. Vivian grabs a pot off the stove and gives it to Ivan. Vivian opens the door and the old man runs in and he and Vivian fall onto the bed. Ivan pulls him of Vivian and he starts ranting about what he and Vivian shared. Vivian has no idea who he is and the man swears she is a Zigfield Follies Girl. Ivan says that would make her 90, and when he asks if she's that old Vivian smacks him. Vivian says he must be mistaken, but Jonsey (the man) says she looks just like his Flora Dora. Ivan thinks he's a bum and they should take him to a shelter but he tells them he has a home and will show them how to get there. When they arrive at his home they are shocked to see the wealth of this man. He goes to rest on his couch and Vivian snoops through all the man's antiques. Vivian can't help but wonder who this man is.

Franco shows up at the church, late for the wedding, and Hope tells him the wedding was stopped. Franco says this must remind her of her wedding to Bo. Hope says that was the biggest mistake of her life, if she had only married Bo when she had the chance he wouldn't be in Rome with Billie. Hope says that Carrie has been so courageous to fight for Austin and she's so happy for her. Hope says she wonders if she misunderstood what she saw in Rome and decides she has to talk to Bo. Hope calls Bo, but he's not at the hotel. Franco says he's probably enjoying his honeymoon with Billie, and Hope says maybe she should leave it alone.

In the church garden Celeste tells Lexie she must stay away from Stefano, but Lexie wants to know if there is any good in her father. Celeste says if she wants to know who she is she should look at her adoptive parents and stay away from Stefano, but Lexie says she can't do that. John and Abe are arguing in another part of the garden about Stefano. John says he's breaking Stefano out tomorrow night.

Inside the church Sami tells Carrie she won't lose Austin, Carrie says she already lost him, and she wins! POW! Sami goes down! Marlena and Roman come in and when Marlena gasps Carrie tells her not to go near Sami. Carrie screams at Sami to get up because she's not finished with her yet! Sami says Carrie is going to pay, but Carrie says it's the other way around. Carrie exposes Sami's lie about Will, and everyone gasps. Carrie tells Sami she's a liar, a schemer, and is selfish and she won't get away with this! Carrie goes to choke her sister when Marlena pulls Carrie off of her and says a church isn't the place for this. Kate is in shock as is Lucas. Sami tells Austin that Carrie is lying but Austin tells Sami to stop, he doesn't want to hear it. Austin says he can't talk about this and leaves. Sami runs after him and Eric tries to stop her but she breaks away.

Carrie leaves the church and when Marlena tries to go after her John tells her that Carrie needs time. Marlena says maybe Susan is right, weddings in this family are jinxed. John promises Marlena they will be married. Marlena and John return to the church and Roman wonders what happened to their daughter. Roman hugs Marlena and says thank God they have each other, they can help the kids get through this.

Roman and Marlena find Sami, who says she didn't do any of those horrible things Carrie said. Sami asks her dad if he believes her and he says he doesn't know what to believe. Sami swears she's only "been" with Austin and Marlena says this isn't the first time she's lied, and Marlena asks Sami if she has her memory back. Sami says it's not true and Roman tells Sami she must be honest with him and tell him the truth. Roman asks if she has been faking her amnesia and Sami says yes, but only to keep her family together. Sami says she just wanted everything to be like it used to be with Roman, Marlena, Eric, and Carrie. Sami cries that she only wanted to feel so secure like she did then, and she didn't want her son to suffer the pain she felt when John and Marlena had their affair. Sami cries for her dad to please forgive her. Roman tells Sami he forgives her and says what happened to their family wasn't any of their faults, but what she did was wrong. Roman says the person ultimately responsible for all of this is Stefano DiMera, and now he's locked up in Jail where he will remain for the rest of his life. A guilty Lexie leaves the room and tells Celeste that she has to find out if there is any good in her father. Meanwhile Kristen asks John if he's still going to break Stefano out, which he is.

Eric thinks all this hurt is this fault, and despite Shawn and Caroline's explanation that Sami has done this to herself.

Out in the garden Kate comforts Austin, who is in shock at the news. Kate tells Austin he should deal with this with Carrie. Austin has no idea what to even say to Carrie, he's really hurt her. Kate tells Austin that he can make Carrie happy and there is nothing standing between him and Carrie now, so he should go to her. Austin leaves and Lucas shows up and both of them can't believe that they aren't related to Will (ha!). Lucas says Sami never told him about this and wonders what else she is keeping from him. Kate wonders if Sami could try to get revenge on her by telling her secrets. Lucas asks if it's that terrible and Kate says it could cost her everything. Later Franco approaches Kate about their secret and Kate says she expects Sami to drop the bomb any minute now.

Lucas returns to the church and looks at the medical print out and cries it can't be! Lucas realizes the truth and runs into the bride's room and screams at Sami "I'm Will's father! You've known all along!" Sami cries and Kate gasps.

Laura tells Mike to go to Carrie now and tell her he loves her, before Austin decides he wants her back. However when Mike and Laura go out to the garden they find Austin with Carrie. Austin tells Carrie he's so sorry that he didn't trust her. Austin says she's the only woman he's ever loved and thought he was doing the right thing for Will and for her. Mike tells Laura they should go but she tells her son this is his future they are dealing with. Austin tells Carrie that he feels he's not only lost Will, but he may have lost her as well. Carrie tells Austin she loves him and they both hug. Austin tells Carrie he'll never let her go again and he proposes to her. Laura tells Mike to tell Carrie he loves her before it's to late.

In Rome Billie is ashamed of what she's done and Bo tells her to stop blaming herself, Max and King are responsible for this. Bo says if anyone is to blame it's him, he shouldn't have gotten her involved. Bo tells her he's going to help her get clean again and he'll be there every step of the way. Billie gets the chills and Bo hugs her to warm her up. Bo puts Billie in bed and tells her she should eat to keep up her strength. Bo asks Billie what drugs Max gave her and she says heroin, but she's not sure what else she took. Bo looks through Billie and Max's things and finds a needle and pills and yells "Dammit!" Billie asks what it is and he tells her that Max used a combination of drugs, which will make it very hard for her to kick. Bo says he'll have the drugs analyzed and asks Billie one more time to come back to Salem, but she refuses. Billie says she can deal with this and he should go back to Salem to be with Hope. Billie asks if he still love Hope and he says he always will, but Hope has moved on with Franco. Billie says he should be with Hope but Bo says he's with her now, and will be with her as long as she needs him.

Thursday, September 4, 1997
by Diane Dix

At Jonesy's house, Vivian is stunned by the art treasures and antiques she finds casually strewn about under sheets and covers. While the eccentric millionaire sleeps on the couch, she and Ivan begin a search to ascertain that the house and its belongings do belong to Jonesy. They find documentation in a strongbox, and Vivian ecstatically tells Ivan that this is the break she's been looking for. When Jonesy wakes up and begins calling her his "Flora Dora girl" again, Vivian kisses up to him and he goes to get century-old brandy to celebrate. He also serves a snack on crackers - assuming it's pate de foie gras, Vivian takes a big bite, but immediately screws up her face - just as Jonesy remembers that he mixed up the spread with the cat food! Vivian gulps brandy to wash the taste out, but when Jonesy leaves the room, she tells Ivan she'll tolerate the cat food if it means having a chance to manipulate Jonesy's fortune.

Back in his lonely prison cell, Jack daydreams that Jennifer comes to tell him that he's free. Jack thinks there has to be a way to make that happen. Later, he receives a phone call from Jennifer telling him the news - that Lucas, not Austin, is Will's father, and Carrie and Austin will be together at last. Jennifer says that's a sign for her and Jack - that they, too, are meant to be together.

Mike and Laura watch in despair as Austin proposes to Carrie on bended knee. Laura drags Mike away and makes her usual meddling "you have to fight for Carrie" speech. Mike tells her it's too late, and if she loves Austin, he's happy for her. Laura tells him to at least give Carrie the chance to make a choice by telling her that he loves her. Mike says he'll think it over, depending on how Carrie responds to the proposal. He wanders back into the churchyard just in time to hear Carrie say yes to Austin. They embrace enthusiastically, and Austin says he'll go tell everyone. Carrie tells him not to. Austin asks why, and Carrie, for once in her life taking the bull by the horns, says that since everyone is gathered for a wedding, she and Austin should get married NOW. Austin is worried about logistics, but agrees. Together they rush into the church to tell everyone while Mike watches, his heart breaking.

However, things have been happening in the church. Lucas stares at Sami in hurt, anger, and disbelief and demands to know if it's true - is he Will's father? Sami tries to run away, saying she can't deal with it, but no one will let her go without answering the question. Finally, Sami blurts out that yes, Lucas is Will's father. Lucas is furious and stunned beyond belief. Kate tries to hold him back, but he unleashes on Sami, telling her what a horrible person she is to withhold that kind of information. Sami turns to her family for understanding, but they're all looking at her in disappointment and shock. Finally, she says that everyone hates her, and Roman says they could never hate her, but they need time to absorb the new information. Lucas starts to rail at her again, and Sami asks that they discuss it in private. Everyone else leaves and Sami lashes back at Lucas, telling him that he was perfectly willing to lie and cheat before, and if they stay focused on their goal of keeping Austin and Carrie apart, they could still win. Lucas says, "Are you insane?" and tells her that she has nothing to work with any more. In the nave of the church, Marlena, Roman, and John are having a hard time dealing with Sami's deceit. Marlena blames herself, but both Roman and John tell her that Stefano is to blame. Marlena talks to John separately and says she wishes they could tell Roman about them being together right away, but John tells her he's had enough shocks for one day, and if they can find a cure, they can be together.

Kate and Laura exchange nasty words every time they run into each other, making it clear that they are both willing to use the anguish of their children as a battleground for their ancient war (such nice mothers). Kate prays that Sami will not expose her secret.

John talks to Abe and Lexie and says that no matter what, they have to get Stefano out of jail to look for the cure. Celeste overhears them and is horrified to realize that Stefano is indeed using his own daughter to attain his evil ends. She tries to convince Lexie not to help him, but Lexie says she has to find out for herself if Stefano is completely evil.

Austin and Carrie burst into the church with big smiles on their faces and announce to everyone that they're engaged and that they want to get married TODAY. Sami, still in her wedding dress and looking pathetic, runs toward Austin hysterically, pleading with him not to do this thing. Austin finally lets loose on her, telling her that she has no right to expect anything from him. He reminds her of all the horrible things she's done, worst of all letting him believe that Will was his son. Lucas walks into the room and says, "That's not the half of it." Sami pleads with him to keep silent, but Lucas is too emotional and angry to listen. When Austin asks him to explain himself, Lucas announces to everyone, "Will's not my nephew...he's my son!" Austin is overcome with shock and hurt. He tells Carrie they can get married right away. Maggie comes in with Will and is unsure whether to give him to Will or Austin. Austin takes Will and holds him close while Sami looks on hopefully, but Austin tells Will that while he loves him and will always be there for him, it's time that he met his daddy. Lucas takes Will and kisses his hand gently. Sami begs Austin to tell Will that he's his father and to take them both back. Marlena finally tells her that's enough of her lies, and it's time to face her responsibilities. Sami hisses that she's a fine one to talk about honesty when she hasn't even told Roman that she and John are only waiting for him to be out of the way so they can be together. Roman walks by and asks what they're talking about. Sami tells him they're talking about secrets, lies, about John and Marlena.

Mickey comes to Austin and Carrie and tells them that their old marriage license is valid for one more day. Carrie asks Marlena to be her matron of honor. Lucas solemnly tells Austin that since they both have a lot to absorb, under the circumstances he'd probably better find another best man. Austin agrees, but doesn't know who to ask. Then he gets an idea and whispers in Carrie's ear. Carrie smiles and says, "Perfect!" Austin asks John to take care of the rings while Kate takes care of the dress. Carrie goes to the bridal room to get ready and dances around, euphoric that she's going to be married to Austin at last. Kate comes in to congratulate her, and tell her the dress is on the way. Carrie asks her to do one more favor - tell Mike she wants to speak to him. Outside, Jennifer is consoling Mike on losing Carrie. Laura finds them and starts harping about how Mike should fight for Carrie again. Jennifer tells her it's his choice, but Laura says she bets Carrie is sitting alone right now wishing Mike would tell her he loves her. Just then, Kate shows up and tells Mike that Carrie wants to see him. Laura smiles triumphantly, but Kate tells her not to get too excited. Mike goes to see Carrie, who is dressing behind a screen. While he waits for her, he reminisces about all the great, special moments they've had and fantasizes that they are getting married. When Carrie emerges from behind the screen in the dress he pictured, it takes his breath away. She says she has something important to tell him, and he says he does, too. Carrie tells him to go first. Mike tells her he has been trying to tell her something important for a long time, something about fate and destiny. Carrie asks him what it is, and Mike opens his mouth, about to tell her.

Friday, September 5, 1997
by Diane Dix

Sami is about to tell Roman about John and Marlena, but Marlena takes her aside and tells her Roman is sick and has had enough for one day. Just then Roman starts coughing, and Sami decides not to tell him. Marlena thanks her, but Sami tells her she did it for Roman, not for Marlena and John. Eric walks in and Sami yells, "Traitor!" Eric tries to defend himself and they get into a good, old-fashioned sibling shouting match, right in the middle of the church, still in their wedding clothes. Roman and Marlena make them stop. Roman tells Sami he knows she wanted to talk about John and Marlena's affair, but that since he has forgiven them and John is such a good friend, so should she. Later, Roman asks John to take care of Marlena when he dies. John is touched, but feels guilty. He promises he will, and tells Abe they need to get Stefano out because finding a cure for Roman is more important than ever.

Mike is about to tell Carrie he loves her, but she starts going on about how grateful she was for his friendship, and how she and Austin might never have gotten back together if it weren't for him. Mike decides to just ask her to postpone the wedding. Carrie is upset with him, and tells Marlena what he said. Marlena says it might not be a bad idea, since it's been such a mind-numbing day. Carrie is obviously troubled, but says she will consider it. When Roman comes in to walk Carrie down the aisle, she is still undecided.

Mike tells Laura that Carrie is still in love with Austin and he made a royal fool of himself by asking to postpone the wedding. Laura is heartbroken for him, and Mike says he won't stick around for the wedding. Just then, Austin finds him and asks Mike if he'll be his best man. Mike tries to refuse at first, but Austin says he was silly to ever be jealous and he's sorry, and since Mike is such an important part of Carrie's life, he should be best man. Mike says he'd be honored. When Austin leaves to check on the rings, Laura tells him there's no way he should do this, because he's in love with Carrie. Mike replies that that is exactly why he is doing this.

Austin and Lucas have a moment of awkwardness about Will. John walks by and tells them that the important thing to focus on is that they both love him. Later, Lucas walks around with Will and encounters Sami and Eric, who are still squabbling. Lucas asks Sami how she could be so cruel, but then tells her that this is not the time to talk about custody and visitation - he's too angry and he doesn't want Will to pick up on it.

John runs into Susan in the churchyard, and takes a minute to hold little Elvis. Susan warns him to watch out for Stefano and Kristen, because they're just bad news. Later, Susan runs into Kristen and Celeste in the garden. They start asking her questions about the baby's father, and she insists that it's Elvis Presley himself. They try to tell her that's impossible, but she won't listen. Celeste picks up the baby and detects a familiar presence, something very important...but she can't quite figure it out.

Abe heads to the jail to see Stefano. Stefano gloats that John will get him out. Abe warns Stefano not to hurt any of the people he loves, or Abe will hunt him down and destroy him. Just then, Lexie comes in. Stefano says he wants to talk to her, but Abe drags her away. Later, Lexie comes back (just in time to see an unfamiliar police officer leaving the area). Stefano tells her that he's grateful for her loyalty. Lexie insists it's not loyalty. She's just trying to get a cure for Roman, and find out if Stefano has any goodness in him.

Maggie tells Jennifer that Caroline wants Abby to be a flower girl. Jennifer says she still has the dress from the last wedding attempt and rushes Abby home to change her. She finds Trent in her house fixing a faucet. She tells him again how grateful she is that he's there to help her, especially when she needs to talk about Jack. Jennifer says she's still holding out hope that Jack will be with her one day. Trent thinks it's time to talk to Stefano again. He dresses up as a police officer and, without any apparent trouble, waltzes into Stefano's high-security jail area. He asks Stefano what's up, and Stefano tells him not to worry. Trent leaves just in time avoid Lexie.

Kate catches Laura praying that the wedding won't happen. They exchange their usual nasty words, each vowing that her son will win Carrie.

John and Marlena steal a moment of comfort in the vestibule, hugging and wondering if they should tell Roman about their love. Roman almost catches them, but assumes John is just comforting Marlena about Sami's deceptiveness.

Mickey comes to tell Austin that the license is ready and the ceremony can proceed. Mike, Austin, and John line up at the altar. They see Marlena and Abby coming down the aisle, and John smiles at Marlena. Lucas and Kate wonder where Sami is. Just then, everyone hears an animal howl outside the church, and they're all treated to the pathetic sight of Sami hammering at the stained glass window with a pitiful look on her face, yelling "No!" to Austin. They ignore her and proceed with the ceremony.

But where is Carrie?

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