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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, September 22, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

The show opens with Jen all over Jack in his cell kissing him. He pushes her away wanting to know why she's there and she tells him that she is a guard at the prison now. Jack is upset and tells her to leave, but she refuses and tries to convince him that it is a good idea...besides they can be around each other a lot. The argue some more and Jen tells him how she got the job and Jack is appalled that Alice helped her. They continue to argue some more (about how dangerous it is) as TC comes around the corner and wants to know what is going on. Jack covers for her and tells him that they were arguing over his messy cell and how she was trying to make him clean it up and he buys it. After he leaves, Jack tells Jen he is worried over her safety, but Jen keeps harping on him until he seems to reluctantly give in. After she leaves, Jack calls Alice (we don't see her) and says he doesn't blame her for helping Jen, he knows how headstrong she can be, but to remind her how dangerous it can be and to be careful). Jen arrives at home with Trent/Travis lurking outside. He says to himself that he will make sure she stays away from that prison. Later, when he knocks at the door she answers. He wants to know where she has been and she starts to tell him when the phone's Jack, telling her not to tell ANYONE about this. TC tells Jack later that he has the hots for the new guard and is planning to ask her out and he taunts Jack and tells him to eat his heart out. Jack decides he must talk Jen out of her plan. Jen lies to Trent that she was working at the studio when she spies her hat on the sofa. She scurries over and sits in front of it. As they talk, she keeps it out of view and Trent never sees it. He gets paged and leaves. Outside, TC tells him that he will watch Jack (and everyone who comes near him) very closely.

Sami is wandering through the park (barefoot) pondering her next move when OUCH...she steps on a nail. Since it broke the skin decides to go to the hospital to have it checked out. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Lexie overhears Mike telling a nurse that he is going to sell his car and she wants to know why. He says he doesn't need it anymore. She tries to talk him out of it and finally realizes that he is in love with Carrie. Sami comes limping in and while Mike goes to see if an exam room is open, you can almost see the gears turning in her head. After Sami goes on back, Mike & Lexie talk again. She tells him not to bury himself in his work, there's more to life. Lexie tells him that there are lots of nurses there who would love to go out with him, but he brushes her off telling her he just doesn't have the time. Sami (eavesdropping) gets an idea. She returns and tells them that she was taken care of (got a tetanus shot) and questions Lexie and Mike about getting a job at the hospital. Lexie questions her motives and she tells them that she needs a job to throw herself forget about Austin. Then she goes into this poor me routine about how everyone in Salem hates her. But L&M do not fall under her spell so easily...both seem to be disgusted with her as Mike walks off. Lexie leaves also and simply says "Well, good luck", with Sami left wondering if they bought it. Sami tells a nurse (Bonnie) about Marlena being her mom and how Mike is such a good family it possible she could get a job working for him? Nurse says "sure" and says she will call personnel and have the papers sent up. Sami is ecstatic and heads off to Mike's office. She is snooping around when Mike comes in and is startled to find her there. She tells him she is there to help him. After LOTS of arguing, he finally gives in...BUT just for today and puts her to work filing a pile of papers. She says she hopes they can become friends but Mike assures her NO WAY. Later, Mike runs into Lexie and she tells him that she heard a rumor about Sami working for him. He assures her it's just for today, besides what trouble can she get into answering the phone and shuffling papers? Maybe she can even help him sell his car...think again! In his office, someone has called inquiring about the car and Sami tells them that Mike has changed his mind that someone he loves is really attached to the car and he can't bear to part with it.

Austin can't shake the feeling that something is wrong. He hasn't had this feeling since Curtis was alive. Carrie tells him that he grew up hearing Curtis tell him and Billie that they were unworthy to be loved, but she tells him that he is and has the perfect way to prove it and drags him off to the bed to ...In the afterglow they talk and Carrie says they will be together FOREVER Later, they are strolling down the street trying to decide what sights to see. Austin stops dead in his tracks and says he has the feeling that he used to get right before Curtis would beat him and Billie. Carrie says she has an idea and Austin asks her if she wants to do it...right there on the street! They end up in a church and Carrie urges him to pray to God to release him from Curtis's hold over him. He prays for God's help and thanks him for having Carrie in his life. He tells her that he feels like a weight has been lifted off his shoulders but it was Billie who suffered much more than him. Later, they are talking as they stroll down the street. Carrie has a handful of postcards, trying to decide who to send them for Shawn & Caroline, one for Roman & Marlena, one for Kate, one for John (only if she knew where to send it) and one for.....MIKE! Austin asks her what made her think of Mike and she tells him she just saw a red car and automatically thought of him and flashes back to the scene of when she first saw the car. Carrie suggests they go back to the hotel and check to see if Bo & Billie have come by...Don't think so, Carrie...they're busy fighting over Billie's soul!

Meanwhile Bo's soul is preparing to fight Curtis (oh, brother!) over Billie. Curtis tells Bo he can't win and they begin to fight. Curtis gets the upper hand and tells Bo he may just take him to Hell too. Bo breaks free and they continue to fight. Curtis gets Bo in a choke hold and tells him if he gives up his soul...he can have Hope. Suddenly, Bo doesn't seem to be struggling quite as hard. Bo considers his offer, then turns on Curtis and begins to choke him. Bo tells Curtis he is going to Hell...but ALONE and slings him across the room. The last we see of Curtis, he is screaming as he goes up in flames. Bo's soul returns to his body and he is staring at Billie.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Vivian and Ivan are at Jonsey's place and Vivian wonders how to convince Jonsey that she is his Flora dora. Vivian thinks Ba Ba is Jonsey's grandmother and Vivian suggests they get Susan to impersonate her, she's good at those things. Ivan pleads with Vivian to forget this and leave but Vivian is not going to give up another fortune. Ivan tells her she's pulled off some amazing things, but this is too much. Vivian says he's right, the only one who could do this is Stefano and he's not here to help her. Suddenly gets an idea, and Ivan tells her he sees trouble in her eyes. Vivian tells Ivan that they are going to have a seance to bring Ba Ba back back to Jonsey!

In the Park, Susan and Mary are talking. Mary tells Susan she's made some very nice friends and Susan asks Mary what she and Marlena spoke about. Mary tells her they spoke about her sacred vows to Roman Brady. They argue over Marlena and John and Susan says that anyone who spends time alone with John just can't help but fall in love with him.

Vivian and Ivan purchase Bertha's help. In the park Vivian give Ivan a list of items to buy and then she sees Susan with Little Elvis. Vivian tells Ivan to go buy the supplies and meet her at Jonsey's. Susan and Bertha go over to talk to Susan and Susan recognizes Bertha as being a champion wrestler from TV. Mary shows up and Susan introduces her to Vivian and Bertha the Bruiser. Mary says she has met Vivian before, but not Bertha. Mary grabs Bertha's cigar out of her mouth and tells her smoking is a filthy and disgusting habit. Vivian invites Susan to a party and Susan asks Mary to take little Elvis to Dr. Evans place. Mary gets the address where Susan will be from Vivian and she tells Susan to be home by 10!

Vivian, Susan, and Bertha go to Jonsey's where Vivian tells Jonsey she's going to bring him his Ba Ba. Susan is ecstatic at the notion of being involved with a seance. Vivian sets up a table with a crystal ball and introduces Madame Marais, Ivan's sister which is really Ivan in drag. Ivan sits down and then pretends to fall into a trance. Back at the park Mary feels something is not right with this Vivian person's party.

In the jungle, John and Hope break into the Holy Shrine of Marlena. Hope shows John the picture of Maison Blanche to John and then begins to have memories of the past. Hope tells John she can't stop thinking about Maison Blanche. Hope doesn't understand why Stefano kept her there and why he tried to take her when he tried to make his escape. Hope knows a secret about him, something that has him terrified. John says now that Maison Blanche is gone (burned down) all the secrets probably went with it. Hope says perhaps, but with the way Stefano has been acting the secret could be here! Hope thinks it is odd that after she came back to Salem that Stefano never made any attempt to contact him. Hope says he is scared of her, because she knows a secret that can hurt him. Hope is sure that the secret is here, and she is sure Doctor Rolf recognized her, possibly from Maison Blanche. Hope says if she could only remember what happened she could unlock so many pieces of her past, and god knows what else. Hope says if the secret to Maison Blanche is in this compound, it could be the secret to unlocking his (John) past as well. John tells her he wants to uncover some of his lost memories as well, but he warns her she is in for a shock if she goes down this road. John and Hope then talk about love, and risking your soul for the one you love. John tells Hope he risked his soul to save Marlena from the Devil, and he knows that Bo would risk his for her (Hope).

Meanwhile Stefano is desperate to leave and tells Dr. Rolf to hurry up and prefect the cure. Kristen knows something is bothering Stefano. Stefano claims that the natives don't like the idea of him being here but Kristen says that's not it, he doesn't want to be around Hope! Stefano talks to Doctor Rolf again, who panics at the thought that Hope could remember what they did to her at Maison Blanche. Kristen looks at a table and goes to remove a tarp off of it when Stefano freaks out. He tells her not to touch the table and orders some men to remove it. Kristen is clueless and asks what is under the tarp and Stefano says it doesn't matter. Kristen asks if the secret he fears Hope will uncover is linked to that table, but he says he's not hiding anything. Stefano asks Kristen why she is so concerned about this and asks if she really thinks John and Hope may end up together. Kristen says she wants John to end up with her, not with Hope, Marlena, or anyone else. Stefano says she's a s determined to get John as Sami is to get Austin. Kristen says the only difference is that Sami lost and she is going to win! Stefano laughs and says Sami probably still has a few cards to play.

Stefano and Kristen go to the Holy Shrine of Marlena and find John and Hope there. He doesn't care how they got in but he shows them a vial and tells them they have the cure. Stefano guarantees them that the cure will work and everyone seems thrilled. John tells Hope he's sorry they don't have the time to figure out her secrets, but Hope says she will learn it one day, and if it's as bad as she think it is she'll make Stefano pay!

In Rome Bo asks God to please save Billie. Bo tells Billie he needs a first mate when he gets a new boat and he won't go back on his promise to make her a better sailor. Bo pleads for Billie to come on back to him and her life and she wakes up. Billie tells Bo she had a strange dream that Bo was fighting Curtis for her soul, but now he (Curtis) is gone. Billie tells him she feels like she's been released from something, she feels like she can make it now. Bo tells her of course she will make it and he will be there with her every step of the way. Bo feeds Billie some soup and Billie tells Bo he risked his soul for her, but Bo says it was just a dream. Bo tells her as soon as she gets better he is going to take her back to Salem and make her his first mate on his new boat. Bo tells her Salem is her home and it is where the people who love her live.

Also in Rome Austin and Carrie celebrate their one day marriage anniversary. Carrie says they should have been celebrating their one year anniversary, today was when they should have married in Paris, but he married Sami. Austin tells her not to think about that, they are married now.

Back in Salem, Sami is celebrating her anniversary to Austin and Lucas tells her she is completely crazy. Eric goes to the Kiriakis mansion to see Sami, but talks to Kate about Austin and Carrie. Kate asks about Roman and Eric says he's fine. Eric tells Kate that it must be tough having Sami living here but Kate says she wants to do what is best for Will and Lucas. Kate thanks Eric for doing what he did and Eric says he was only doing what was right. Kate then takes Eric upstairs to Sami's room. In the room Lucas tries to give Sami a dose of reality about Austin when Eric and Kate come in. Kate looks around and Eric asks what the party is for. Lucas tells them the Queen of Denial is celebrating her anniversary to Austin. Lucas, Kate, and Will leave and Eric talks to Sami. Sami offers him a piece of cake but he tells her she's gone off the deep end. Sami tells Eric both he and Lucas are wrong! Sami asks if he has talked to Austin and Carrie, where are they, how are they? Eric tells her he won't tell her where they are and Sami accuses him of loving Carrie more than he loves her, his own twin. Eric tells her that is not true but Sami tells him that Austin will never be as happy with Carrie as he was with her, and their mother will never be as happy with John as she was with their dad. Eric tells Sami she needs help big time. He tells her she has lost her way and he hopes she'll let him help her find her way back to the good side, for her son's sake as well as her own.

Downstairs Lucas tells Kate he is going to force Sami to leave and will sue her for custody but Kate tells him she knows from experience that it's not a good idea. Marie (from Titan?) calls Kate to learn where Austin and Carrie are, but she doesn't know. Eric says he knows and almost tells Kate when she suggests he write it down, she doesn't want Sami to overhear. Eric writes down where they are and gives the paper to Kate while Sami spies from the doorway and smiles. Eric then says he needs to go check on his dad and leaves.

Kate calls Austin and they talk about Roman and John, to ease Carrie's fears. He also asks if Kate has spoken with Bo and Billie, but she hasn't. Austin hopes to see Bo and Billie before they leave, he thinks they've taken a short trip somewhere. Eventually they say goodbye and Sami realizes she has to get the phone number from Kate. Sami confronts Kate, who crumples the phone number up and tells her sorry. Kate and Lucas leave and Sami uses the automatic redial on the phone and learns Carrie and Austin are in Rome at the Hotel D'oro! Sami then goes up to see Will and tells him she has to send his daddy and wife-stealing aunt Carrie a wedding present.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997
by Marcia Elgart

Sister Mary is in the park and tells Elvis that she is going to go to Vivian's party and protect her sister.

At Jonsey's place Vivian is telling Bertha about her plan to convince Jonsey she is his Flora Dora and she will bring him his Ba Ba. They all sit down and Madame Marais begins the seance. Madame Marais (Ivan) starts humming and chanting when Jonsey asks what she is doing. She tells him she's entering the line of spirits, and continues to chant. As Madame Marais calls to the spirits Susan starts screaming how exciting this is. Madame Marais suggests they contact Elvis but Susan starts saying that's not possible because Elvis isn't dead! Vivian says that Elvis's spirit is everywhere and Susan says she's right! Madame Marais asks everyone to close their eyes and Vivian slips away. Madame Marais says that Elvis is here, and she grabs Susan's glasses from her. It's not Elvis, it's Vivian dressed up as Elvis! Vivian performs and Susan screams "Elvis you are my King!" Bertha starts saying that this guy is hot, real hot (She doesn't know it's Vivian!) Suddenly we see Mary peaking out from behind a curtain. Mary comes out from behind the curtain and yells that they should all be ashamed of themselves. Bertha tells Mary that this guy is hers (Elvis) and she should beat it. Mary grabs Bertha's cigar and tells them that if they all want to go south after they die so be it, but she won't let them take her sister with them. Vivian tries to sneak off but Mary grabs her and tells her she has a few choice words for Mr. Elvis. Susan tells Mary to be nice to the King but Mary tells her this whole thing is a shameful sham. Mary grabs the wig off of Vivian and tells Susan that Elvis has left the building, he is DEAD! Susan tells Mary no way, Elvis is her baby's father and she runs out. Bertha is angry with Vivian, if she knew that Vivian was Elvis she wouldn't have tried to jump her bones! Vivian says everything is lost now, but Ivan points out that Jonsey fell asleep! He doesn't know anything that happened!

In Rome, Billie tells Bo she needs to get some fresh air but Bo tells her she needs to rest. Billie thanks Bo for what he's done, she's no longer craving for another fix. Bo suggests they go back to the Hotel D'Oro, this room they are in now is scanky. Billie tells him that's a good idea, but she wants to take a shower first. Bo goes shopping and returns in a new outfit and a new dress for Billie. Bo then tells Billie that Austin and Carrie have finally gotten married, and she tells her about Will and Lucas. Billie wants to get back to the Hotel D'Oro and call Austin but then she realizes everyone thinks they (Bo & Billie) are on their honeymoon. She tells Bo that nobody can know she was back on drugs, they'll see her as a failure. Bo tells her she's not a failure, her family will love her and support her no matter what happens. Bo suggests they go back to the hotel and deal with the truth when and if it comes out.

Eric calls Carrie to give her a progress report on their dad, and Carrie asks how their witch of a sister is. Eric tells Carrie that Sami claims she is trying to become a better person, but he tells Carrie to enjoy her honeymoon, he will take care of Sami. Carrie says Rome is so beautiful and she tells him she wants him to be happy. Eric says he knows a way, but it's out of his price range. Carrie doesn't understand and Eric tells her that Mike is selling his sports car. Carrie is confused and says goodbye to Eric. Austin returns and they talk about Bo and Billie, who still haven't returned to the hotel. Austin says Kate has talked to them but he can't shake this feeling that something isn't right.

Carrie and Austin go walking and site seeing in Rome (The song playing is Say a Little Prayer, I don't know who it is by though it's played on the radio a lot). Bo and Billie are walking back to the hotel and they stop at the cafe. Bo tells Billie about Petra and what she did for her. Suddenly a police officer calls out Billie Brady! Austin and Carrie show up and are so happy to see her, Austin says he asked some of the cops to keep a lookout for her. Austin tells her he's so happy to see her and when she says she's happy to see him he tells her no she's not, something is wrong. Billie just tells Austin that she's had some nasty food poisoning, that's all. Bo goes off to get some drinks for them all and Carrie tells Billie that Hope has gone off on a vacation with Franco. Billie is shocked and she tells Austin and Carrie that she has to be honest with them. Bo returns and then tells them their trip has been wonderful, he's never been happier. Bo then proposes a toast to true love. Carrie says she's hungry and Austin and Carrie decide to go check out the menu. Bo tells Billie he didn't want Austin to know the truth because it may ruin his honeymoon. Austin tells Carrie that something is wrong with Billie, she looks terrible. He wants to have a doctor look at her and Carrie says that it's too bad Mike isn't here.

At the hospital Kate learns that Sami is working for Mike for the day. Kate is upset and tells Mike that Sami hasn't changed, she's trying to track down Carrie and Austin. Laura comes to see Mike about a patients file and she also learns that Sami is working in Mike's office.

In Mike's office Same is trying to find a way to send Mike to Rome as well. A man delivers some mail for Mike and Sami begins to file some of it. One of the pieces of mail is an invitation for Mike to speak at conferences, and one is in Rome! Sami says if there was just some way to get him to Rome for the conference and book him in Carrie's hotel! Sami calls the American liaison for the medical conference in Rome and tells her that Mike Horton may be able to attend the conference and suggests she ask Mike herself, he would be embarrassed if he learned the hospital is promoting their talented doctor. When Sami hangs up Laura comes in and finds her at Mike's desk! Laura tells Sami that she can come to her for help with this fixation with Austin. Sami is angry but Laura tells her she only wants to help her get by this problem. Sami says she loves Austin with all her heart and Laura asks if it this same way Stefano loves her mother? Sami says as long as they are on the topic of obsessions how about her obsession with Carrie and Mike? Laura says that Austin and Carrie are married now, but Sami says Carrie does love Mike, she just doesn't know it. Sami asks Laura to team up with her so everyone can be happy, but Laura refuses to help her. Sami tells Laura she's disappointed in her, Kate has worked so hard to make sure Austin and Carrie ended up together, she guesses Laura just isn't as dedicated as Kate is. Laura walks out and tells herself she'd never ally herself with Sami. Inside Sami laughs and says "That psycho help me?"

Sami begins talking to herself when Eric shows up. Eric wonders why she is talking to herself and what she is doing in Mike's office. Sami says she's working and trying to get on with her life. Eric says what life, you just celebrated an anniversary that of a marriage that didn't happen. Eric leaves to find Mike when the phone rings. It's the woman about the conference in Rome and Sami disguises her voice and transfers the call to Mike. Eric returns and asks Sami why is she disguising her voice? Sami says she's just playing a game and Eric tells her he's not going to let her hurt Carrie. Sami tells Eric one day he will need her help!

Kate confronts Laura in the hall and begins to gloat about her son's happiness, and she's also happy that she (Laura) isn't Carrie's mother in law. They argue about Austin and Laura tells Kate that Austin's marriage to Carrie won't work, Carrie needs someone who will put her needs first. Kate says if that is so then why didn't she marry Mike? Laura gets pissed and tells Kate that Austin went after Carrie just like she went after her husband! Kate says that if she was the kind of wife Bill needed he wouldn't have come after her! Laura tells Kate that one day she will get what is coming to her, perhaps it will be sooner than she thinks, especially now with Sami living under her roof!

Mike takes the call and is offered a free trip to Rome if he will only speak at the medical conference. Mike accepts the trip and tells his mom he's going to Rome. Back in Mike's office Terry, the woman offering the trip, calls Sami and Sami tells her that she will make sure Doctor Horton's travel plans are taken care of. Eric learns that Mike is going to a medical conference, he just doesn't know it's to Rome. Laura asks Eric to keep an eye on Sami but Eric thinks with Mike, Austin, and Carrie out of town there isn't much she can do.

At the Salem airport Mike boards the plane and Sami watches. When asked if she is on this flight she tells the women that she was just making sure her sisters wedding present was deliver. When the women asks Sami what she's sending her sister Sami tells her a man!

Thursday, September 25, 1997
by Diane Dix

At the DiMera mansion in Salem, Roman tells Marlena once more how much he loves her and that he knows why she's not ready to commit to him - she has already lost him once (once???) and it was so painful to say goodbye that he can't ask her to fall in love with and lose him again. Roman remarks that if only he weren't dying, they would be free to fall in love again. Marlena is torn between her love for John and her feelings of obligation toward Roman. Laura Horton stops by and Roman goes to get them something to drink. Marlena breaks down in front of Laura and says she can't lie to Roman any more, that she has to tell him about her and John. Laura tells her that there's no point in telling Roman anything because of his condition. She asks Marlena what she will do if by some miracle there is a cure and Roman lives. Marlena says that no matter how much pain it might cause her and John, she wants Roman to live more than anything (nice girl, isn't she?).

Mike's thoughts are full of Carrie as he flies to Rome. He calls Laura from the plane and mopes about Carrie, and she tells him that she's very sorry he didn't win Carrie, but he's a good-looking, wonderful man and he should find someone else to love. Mike says thanks, he already got that speech from Jennifer, but if it will make her feel better, he'll think about it. He says that he'll pick up Jeremy in Israel on the way home to Salem and Laura says it's great that he'll have a chance to spend time with Jeremy.

At the outdoor cafe, Carrie and Austin remark on how great it is to see Billie and Bo so happy, but Austin continues to be concerned about Billie's health. At the table, Billie shudders with leftover withdrawal symptoms and tells Bo that maybe they better disappear before Austin figures out what's going on. Austin and Carrie come back too quickly for them to go anywhere, and Austin continues to question Billie about her condition, but she passes it off as food poisoning. Austin and Carrie's song comes on the music system and Bo admits that he requested it for them. Everyone dances and catches up on the news about Sami, Will, and Lucas, but Billie and Bo still don't tell Austin and Carrie about her drug problem and the fake marriage because they don't want to ruin Carrie and Austin's honeymoon. They agree to meet up the next day if Billie's up to it, and on their way back to their rooms, they pass within feet of Mike Horton, who is registering at the hotel with his back turned to them. Carrie and Austin go up to their room for champagne, courtesy of Bo, while Mike stands outside their door chatting with the bellboy, who tells them the people in that room are happy honeymooners who rarely leave the room. Mike thinks wistfully of Carrie (not knowing she's just feet away) and goes into his room.

In the uncharted jungle, where Stefano's fortress is, Hope knows that the secret she learned at Maison Blanche is hidden somewhere nearby. She gets John to agree to cover for her while she looks for it. Armed with a pistol, a flashlight, and the sexiest safari suit you ever saw, Hope slips into the lab and starts exploring. She has flashbacks to Maison Blanche and a time when Stefano was telling Dr. Rolf they had to move her before she figured out what was going on. She finally finds the locked door to the room with the mysterious draped table, and just as she is trying to pick the lock, the lights come on and she spins around, pistol in hand. Fortunately, it's only John, who tells her that the natives are in revolt and have killed a guard, and Stefano knows she's not in her room where she's supposed to be. Hope says she doesn't care, she's sure the secret is in the locked room. John takes out his trusty Swiss Army lockpicker and gets the door open - just as Stefano and armed guards bust into the room. Stefano tells them it's bad form to spy on one's hosts and shoos them out. Hope looks back and vows to figure out what secret Stefano is hiding. Stefano tells them they're ready to take off and holds up the precious vial filled with Roman's cure. He tells a lab assistant to package it carefully for the trip. Naturally, the lab assistant promptly drops the vial, spilling all the fluid. Stefano goes berserk and tries to hit the assistant, but John stops him and tells him to fill another vial so they can take off. Stefano roars that that was the only one they had. John tells them they better brew up another batch fast. Stefano looks at Hope, realizing that now she has more time to snoop, and bites his knuckles.

Friday, September 26, 1997
by Diane Dix

Jack worries about Jenn's cover as a prison guard and trades a week long work detail with Harry for use of his cell phone. He calls Laura and begs her to get Jennifer to quit. Laura is furious that Jennifer would endanger herself that way and promises to help Jack. She runs off to find Jenn, who is with Abby in the park, talking to Roman and Marlena. Roman offers to watch Abby while Laura and Jennifer talk. Laura tries to talk Jennifer out of her plan, asking what will happen to Abby if Jennifer goes to jail, but Jennifer promises to be careful and not to get caught. Laura reluctantly agrees not to turn her in. Jennifer gets beeped to go back to work, and Laura takes Abby over to Mrs. Horton's. Jenn goes home to change, barely missing Travis and TC, Stefano's lackeys, who have broken into her house looking for evidence that she is trying to help Jack. They don't find it, but TC nearly sees the picture of Jennifer, which would surely reveal to him who the "hot new guard" named Hope Williams really is. They slip out the back when Jennifer comes home, and Travis sees her take off again with a garment bag a few minutes later...he wonders what she's up to. Back at the prison, after doing a grueling day's work at the motor pool, Jack is allowed to take a shower alone while his guard checks up on something. While soaping up, Jack fantasizes about getting freed and coming home to Jennifer. Suddenly, he feels a tap on his shoulder...and then, REALITY WARP...Jennifer is there and Jack is a different actor (first time, to my knowledge, that a soap has switched actors for a character in the SHOWER). They immediately start kissing passionately (welcome to the show, new Jack!).

Marlena and Roman wander around the park, where they run into Jennifer and Abby, which reminds Roman of all the times they used to take Eric and Sami there. Roman starts reminiscing about the old days, and tells Marlena that he wants to live, if only to have a chance with her. Marlena tells him that he has many reasons to live besides her. Roman admits that he is a lucky man. When Laura comes by to talk to Jenn, she gets a few minutes to talk to Roman alone. She tells Roman it's obvious that he really loves Marlena. He says he never stopped loving her, and since Kristen told him that Marlena hadn't been with anyone else since breaking up with John, it must mean she still loves him. Laura just has to bite her tongue. Marlena wanders away to try to contact John on his cell phone, but gets an "out of range" message. Then, standing alone, she shivers, sensing that John is in trouble...

In the jungle, at the DiMera compound, Hope has a nightmare that she remembers what happened at Maison Blanche and Stefano and Dr. Rolf are injecting her to make her forget. She wakes up screaming and John is there to hold her (how touching). They start speculating again about what could be hidden under the tarp on the table in the lab. John promises to help her find out. They go down to the lab together to discover Stefano in a fury because the one vital ingredient to the cure, an extract from a very rare orchid, is gone, and they have no way to get it - unless someone goes to the waterfall in the jungle 10 miles away. Since the natives are resisting the encroachment of civilization and have already killed one guard, Stefano says it's impossible to get the orchid. Kristen is furious because it means that her plan to save Roman's life and get Marlena out of the way won't work. Stefano and Kristen and Dr. Rolf lock up the lab. Kristen tries to stay behind to figure out what's on the table, but Dr. Rolf shoos her out and locks up. John and Hope immediately break in and lift the tarp on the table, only to find a dead guard. Hope is positive that something else had been on the table the day before. She and John resolve to figure out how to get the flower and to figure out Stefano's secret together. John finally accepts her as a partner, and Hope is happy to be taken seriously. They go upstairs and see Stefano offering his guards $20,000 to go out and get the flower. They all refuse, saying it's not worth their lives. John says that he will go get the flower. Kristen and Hope protest, saying it's too dangerous, but John looks determined.

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