Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on DAYS
In Rome, Sami and Franco used a special song that made Carrie and Mike think about each other. Bo committed himself again to Billie and made love to her. Roman's dying wish was to be married to Marlena. John, in a delirious state, thought that Hope was Marlena, and Hope went along with him to save his life.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 20, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday October 20, 1997

In Rome, Bo proposed a toast to new beginnings, and Austin proposed one to love everlasting. Sami watched them all from the bushes and said poor Mike was heartsick. Franco told Sami he was growing impatient, and he told her she'd better not double-cross him. Sami told Franco she needed him and said that they needed to get Debra out of the picture. Franco said that Mike was a Horton, and he would never act on his feelings for Carrie as long as she was a married woman, but Sami said, "Wanna bet?"

Mike and Debra danced, as did Bo and Carrie. Billie wanted to talk to Austin alone. Billie told Austin about the fortune-teller's prophecy: the woman Bo loved was in danger, and he would go to her if he found out. Austin asked if Billie had told him that, but she said no. She was thinking about it, though. Austin told her to forget about it; Hope wasn't in danger. She was with Franco. Austin said the fortune-teller was probably just a crook. Austin then gave his sister a pep talk and told her Bo did love her, so she had to forget about the fortune-teller. Billie still felt Hope could be in danger and wondered if she should tell Bo.

Debra and Mike danced and talked. Debra told Mike that the reason she'd stayed around was to get closer to him, not because she liked the city. Bo and Carrie talked, as well. Carrie told Bo she was glad he had Billie. Later, Billie became a little light on her feet, so Bo told her he thought she'd had a full day and needed some rest. Billie and Bo returned to their room, and Bo asked her if something was wrong. He felt like she had something on her mind. Billie told him that there was something she'd been debating telling him, and Bo said they could swap secrets; he had something to tell her, as well.

Bo let Billie go first, but he stopped her and said what he had to say was more important. Bo told Billie he wanted to make love to her -- he wanted to consummate their marriage. Bo told her that he wanted to forget about everything and concentrate on her, and she said she wanted that more than anything. Bo then asked her what her secret was, and she said it was not important and led Bo to the bed.

Sami continued to tell Franco about her plan. She wanted him to break up Mike and Debra. Debra excused herself to powder her nose, and Sami told Franco he knew what to do. Franco said he'd do it, but it better work. Franco ran into Debra as she was returning, and he apologized but said he had done it on purpose. Debra asked why, and he told her she was a beautiful woman, and he'd wanted to meet her. Debra told him that she really needed to get back to her boyfriend, and Franco told her that he thought that man was in love with one of the other women in their party, and he pointed to Carrie.

Debra said that he didn't know what he was saying -- that woman was married. Franco assured her it seemed he was in love with that woman. Debra said Mike would never fall in love with a married woman, but then she remembered her talk with Mike about him being in love with someone who had gotten married. Franco apologized then left, and Debra returned to Mike. Mike asked her if something was wrong, and she said no. Mike said he was hoping they could go up to her room for a nightcap, and she said that sounded great. Mike and Debra excused themselves and left Austin and Carrie at the plaza.

At the hospital, Roman was coughing, and he weakly told Marlena and Eric that it meant a lot to him that they were there. Marlena decided she had to increase Roman's medication; she had to take the risk. Marlena left the room, and Roman told Eric there was something he wanted to do before he died. Roman told Eric that it would be easier for him to let go if he could have one thing. Eric told his father he would do anything for him -- Roman just had to name it. Roman told Eric that before he died, he wished that he and Marlena could remarry.

Suddenly Marlena walked in, and she asked them what they were talking about. Eric said they were just having a father-son talk. Roman began to cough violently, and Marlena told him to hang on. She gave him medication. Eric told Marlena John would be back with the cure, but Marlena wasn't sure. She said that she felt he was still alive, but she thought something had happened, and John might not return at all.

In his sleep, Roman dreamed of proposing to Marlena in the hospital bed. He told her he could give her enough love to last two lifetimes. Marlena accepted and said it was what she wanted more than anything. Roman went on to marry Marlena, and he was cured by her love. Back in reality, Roman was sleeping with a smile on his face. Marlena and Eric were by his side. Marlena told Eric to call Sami and Carrie; it looked as if... she didn't say the words. The medicine she had given Roman had no effect, and she told Eric that there was nothing more she could do. All anyone could do was wait for the cure.

Marlena admitted that even if it did arrive, it could be too late, and she hugged Eric. Marlena said she had loved two men very profoundly, and she might lose them both. She said she knew she couldn't do anything for John, and she couldn't do anything for Roman, either. Eric recalled his father's last wish and told Marlena there was something she could do. Eric told Marlena that Roman had a wish, but before he could tell her, Roman woke up. Marlena told Roman that it might be a good time to call Sami and Carrie, but Roman said no. He became angry and started to cough again.

In the jungle, Stefano, Kristen, and Hope headed toward the helicopter, and John was trying to get to the compound. A native shot a dart at Hope, but it missed and hit a tree. Stefano then fired into the jungle and told Hope if they didn't get out of there, they would be killed. Hope was positive John was out in the jungle and refused to leave without him. Stefano told her no -- they had got to go immediately.

Suddenly, the helicopter started to shut down. John heard it and thought they were in trouble, so he crawled back to the compound. The helicopter pilot said it would take a few minutes to repair the copter, and when Hope wanted to go look for John, Stefano told her no. Hope whined and moaned, and Stefano told her if she wanted to, she could go. Hope asked if he would wait for her, but he said she couldn't have it both ways. Hope knew Stefano was afraid of something she might know. The copter pilot said that he was just about ready, and they began to make preparations to leave once again.

John was in range of the helicopter and could see Hope and Kristen, when he was hit with a poison dart. Back at the chopper, another dart was fired, and Stefano ordered his men to shoot at anything that moved. John stumbled out of the forest, and the guards called Stefano and the gang. John passed out, and Kristen and Hope tried to revive him. Dr. Rolf noticed the dart in John's leg and told them he would be dead soon anyway. Dr. Rolf took the dart and said it was lined with deadly poison.

Tuesday, October 21, 1997

In Rome, Mike and Debra were walking back to Mike's room, and Debra couldn't get Franco's words out of her mind. Mike asked Debra what was wrong. Sami and Franco were watching, and Sami was sure her plan was working, but Franco had reservations. Sami thought Debra was going to break up with Mike, but Debra told him she didn't want to go up to his room yet. Mike told her to wait there because he had a surprise for her. Mike left, and Debra went back to the table were Carrie was. Sami said that was bad -- if Debra told Carrie about what Franco had told her, it could ruin everything. Franco and Sami argued about Carrie and who she really loved. Sami was sure her sister loved Mike and had only chosen Austin to spite Sami.

Debra asked Carrie what Mike was like, how she felt about him, and such. Carrie said that he was the most wonderful man, and she'd known him her whole life. Carrie said she'd had a crush on him at one time, but they'd never dated, and Mike had never returned her feelings. Carrie told Debra about going to Los Angeles with Mike and all the adventures they'd had. Debra said after all they'd been through, she was surprised Carrie and Mike had never gotten together. Carrie said that she and Mike were just friends and that Mike would always see her as the little girl next door. Debra mumbled that she guessed that guy was wrong. Mike returned, and he told Debra that her surprise was ready.

Mike had planned a romantic dinner for Debra, and Mike was surprised that the hotel staff had prepared it on the roof. Mike and Debra began to dance to some song. Meanwhile, Sami told Franco they had to find Mike and Debra, so Franco went to see what he could find from the concierge. Franco learned that Mike and Debra were on the roof, so Sami and Franco headed up there to stop anything that might be happening. On the roof, Mike and Debra kissed as their dance ended. Mike asked her if she'd like to have some champagne up there or in his room. Debra said in his room, of course.

As Mike and Debra left, Sami and Franco showed up, and Franco said that they had to have gone to Mike's room. Sami said that couldn't happen when Franco told Sami that Mike would never break up Carrie's marriage. Sami said the only thing they could do was make Carrie realize she loved Mike. Down at the plaza, Carrie wondered why seeing Mike with Debra bothered her.

At the Brady Pub, Shawn was setting up Belle's birthday party when Susan, Little Elvis, Chelsea, Brady, and Belle all showed up. Belle was going to be three that day. Chelsea asked about Marlena, and Shawn told them that she was with Roman.

At the hospital, Marlena clung to Roman, saying she wouldn't let him die. Eric told her she'd done everything she could, but Marlena said there had to be something she could do. Lexie arrived to check on Roman and asked Marlena and Eric to please wait outside. Abe showed up and learned about Roman. He'd thought John would be back already. Abe told them Stefano supposedly had the cure but was waiting for his pardon, which Abe was working on.

Marlena and Eric went to the pub for Belle's party, and Brady and Belle wanted to know when their daddy would go home. Susan saw how bad Marlena was feeling and said she was sorry for the terrible time Marlena was going through. Susan told Marlena she knew how she felt -- Roman was her first love, and she still loved him, but she was in love with John too. Susan told her it was possible to love two men at one time; she loved Elvis, but she'd always love John just a little. Susan said she knew she belonged with Elvis, and Marlena just had to figure out which man she belonged with.

Caroline was sitting with Roman at the hospital. Roman asked where Marlena had gone, and Caroline said she was with Belle at her birthday party. Roman told his mom about his hopes and dreams and how they weren't going to happen. Caroline told him that she was not going to lose him again, and she would pray to God for a cure.

Marlena and Eric returned to the hospital, and Abe told Marlena that he had talked to Stefano. Abe said Stefano swore he had the cure, but Marlena thought something was wrong if he wouldn't let them talk to John. Caroline walked out of Roman's room and hugged Marlena. Marlena than asked Abe to call Stefano again to find out what was going on. In Roman's room, Roman told Eric that he didn't want Eric to tell his mom about Roman's dying wish. Roman wanted her to marry him for love, not pity.

In the jungle, Stefano's men took John into the compound. As Hope was nursing John, Stefano ordered his men to search the jungle for John's backpack. Stefano then told Dr. Rolf if he couldn't return to Salem, all his plans were ruined. Dr. Rolf left and returned with a serum that might keep John alive until they could get the bark from the tree that the poison berries the natives used to make the poison on the darts came from. Stefano said that bark, when made into a tea, would counteract the berries' poison.

Abe called Stefano and demanded to talk to John immediately. Stefano said he was unavailable and would only get answers. Lexie asked to talk to her father, and she begged Stefano to take John and the cure back. Stefano told her he was trying to do the right thing, but they were having problems with the local villagers. Lexie told Stefano that Roman wasn't going to survive much longer. Stefano asked her if he saved Roman whether she would acknowledge that he was her father. Lexie asked why he had to bargain for everything. She said true good was doing something without getting something in return. Stefano said he would do the best he could and hung up.

Dr. Rolf asked Hope and Kristen to give him a moment with John so he could examine him. Kristen told Hope that they couldn't let John die, and Kristen noticed Stefano was missing, so she decided to go find him. Hope found Stefano working on some funky device that he claimed would buy them some time. Stefano told Hope it was a holograph projector. Hope said she remembered it from Maison Blanche, and he told her it had never been at Maison Blanche.

Stefano had his men take the projector to the compound wall and get ready to use it. Stefano was dressed up in this cellophane costume and some type of mask. The camera was aimed at Stefano, whose image was projected into the jungle. Stefano then started chanting and screaming, which scared the natives back into the jungle.

Back in John's room, Kristen was with him, but all he was calling for was Doc. Stefano's phone began to ring, so Kristen answered it. Abe asked to speak to John, and she told him that John had been poisoned and was dying. Marlena grabbed the phone and demanded to speak to John. Kristen said nothing, and Marlena begged to speak to John. Kristen said okay. Kristen placed the phone to John's head and told him it was Marlena. Marlena told John she loved him, and he said he loved her, too, and began mumbling about the cure for Roman. When John collapsed, Kristen turned the phone off.

Hope told Stefano that what he had done was incredible, and she thanked him. Suddenly, Dr. Rolf showed up with John's backpack, but there was no flower in it.

Wednesday, October 22, 1997

Setting the stage for his night with Billie, Bo was laying rose petals on the bed. While doing so, he was thinking about Hope, figuring she had probably been to bed with Franco already, and Billie walked into the room in what looked like a mini white slip. She asked Bo if he was sure about it, and he told her they'd waited for a long time, and yes, he was ready. They were both nervous, and she started unbuttoning his shirt. She found a picture of Hope in his shirt pocket. He apologized and told her he had forgotten about the picture. She understood that he still loved Hope, but he was the only man in her heart. She accepted that his feelings for Hope were different than they were for her.

Bo told Billie that making her his second choice was not good enough for her and pulled away from her. He told her she'd moved on to not have low self-esteem, and she needed to be number one. She was worth a man's total devotion and love, and she said, "And you can't give me that." He told her she had once had his total love and soul, and maybe they could find it again. When she asked about Hope, he confessed if there was a chance to be with her, he wouldn't be there with Billie. But Hope was with Franco, and they were starting a new life together. All he knew was they were there that night together, and she had always been there for him. He planned on forgetting about Hope and kissed her.

The wind picked up and blew Hope's picture out the window. He looked out the window and told Hope goodbye and to be happy with Franco. He asked Billie if that was a sign. Even more ironic, Franco and Sister Sami walked in the alley under the window, and the picture of Hope blew into Franco's hands. They figured Bo had thrown it out his window. Sami looked up and saw Austin in the window and saying it should be their honeymoon, and Carrie called Austin. Sami said, "Damn her," as Austin closed the window shutters. They then saw Mike and Debra in the window, kissing. Carrie was in a new negligee.

Down in the courtyard, Sister Sami and Franco were talking. He suggested she have a drink to calm down, and she reminded him it wouldn't look good for a nun to be caught drinking She told him she'd have a double espresso then, and he commented that that should help calm her down. She knew that Debra was probably in Mike's room at that moment, and she had to stop them before they made love.

Up in their room, Austin filled Carrie in on his call to Kate and Lucas. He told her Sami had left town to be by herself, and Lucas was looking after Will. Austin asked Carrie why she was upset, and she said, "Debra." Carrie told Austin she'd had a very strange talk with Debra about Mike.

Outside Mike's room, Mike asked Debra if she was sure she wanted to go in, and she said she was. As she walked in, he had a faraway "Carrie" look. Some kissing started up in the room. Debra stepped away and told Mike she'd be right back. He looked out the window and said, "Carrie, it just wasn't meant to be," but it was going to be all right. He heard a song and said he knew it. Carrie heard it too.

The song "You Are So Beautiful" was playing, and Mike saw Carrie listening to it, too, from her window. Carrie couldn't figure out why that song affected her so strongly, and Mike just watched her. Mike dreamed that Carrie turned and talked with him and told him the song had made her realize how much she loved him. He told her he loved her, too, and asked what they should do. Carrie told Mike they needed to go to Austin together and tell him. After he dreamed that, Debra walked up behind him in a black slip.

Bo and Billie were kissing on the bed.

In Salem, Susan returned to Marlena's penthouse and punched in what seemed like a ten-digit code in the security system. She couldn't wait to get in her pajamas, get a warm glass of milk, and start her book about zombies, called Night of the Living Zombies. She went off to her room, mocking a zombie with her hands straight out in front of her. Later, in her pajamas and bunny slippers, she told Mr. and Mrs. Thunder and Lighting they might seem close, but because it was a secure building, they couldn't get her. She crouched on the couch and read her book out loud.

The elevator door opened, and someone in a black coat walked out of it. While reading her book, Susan heard noises, and there was thunder and lightning in the story as well. When she read there was a knock at the door, and the lights went out, she panicked and ran for the door. She opened the door, and the person in the black coat walked in and fell on her. It was Celeste, and she was out like a light. Susan told her to open her eyes and to tell her what in the blue blazes was going on there.

Before waking up, Celeste saw a picture of Elvis and the baby. Celeste got up and reminded Celeste who she was, Susan Banks. Celeste didn't know why she was there; she had been sleepwalking. She told Susan she only did that when she had a message to give. Her dream was about the father of Susan's child, and it was a psychic vibration from her subconscious as to where the biological father of Baby Elvis could be.

Susan took some sugar to Celeste, and she poured it onto the tray. Celeste started running her fingers in it. She drew an image in the sugar, and Susan asked if it was a magic trick. Celeste saw a vision of Elvis' picture again. Susan said it looked like a map. Celeste pulled Susan out in the rain to find the house. They found it, and Celeste told her that house had something to do with Elvis' father.

Marlena went to the chapel to pray. It was the darkest hour of her life. The men she loved most in her life were dying, and she couldn't do anything to help them. She begged for their children and herself to save their fathers. If God felt her loving both of them was wrong in his eyes, she asked God not to punish them or their children but to punish her instead.

Stefano was frustrated that the flower was not in John's backpack and that John had been hit by a poison dart and would die. In his room, on the phone, John told Marlena he was dying and he loved her. Yelling into her cell phone, Marlena asked John how he could be dying and said that she loved him. John said, "Don't leave me," and the connection got dropped as he fell asleep. Kristen, hearing they'd lost the connection, hung up the phone just before Stefano walked in.

Marlena, Abe, and Lexie talked after they got off the phone, and they told Marlena that John was going to be back with the cure. Stefano pulled Kristen out of John's room and told her to let Hope comfort John so she couldn't snoop around the compound. Hope asked the doctor if there was anything she could do, but he said not without the bark. John's pulse was stronger since he'd talked with that Doc person, though. Lexie and Abe joined Marlena in the chapel to say their own prayers.

While Marlena was in the chapel, John started calling out for her, telling her he needed her. Kristen said no more calls, but Stefano said it was the only thing keeping him alive. Kristen turned the phone off and walked out. Stefano followed and told her to put her "damn jealousy" on hold and think about John's survival. John called again for Marlena. Dr. Rolf got up, and Hope sat by John on the bed.

John opened his eyes, saw Marlena, pulled Hope onto his chest, and hugged her. Hope got up and asked Dr. Rolf what was happening. He said John was probably hallucinating, and she should go along with whatever it was, as that was what was keeping him alive. John woke up and again and saw Marlena's face while looking at Hope. He touched her face and told her he wanted and needed her "so much." He asked her to please make love with him -- "now."

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Sami was up to her old tricks in Rome. Dressed in her nun's habit and with Franco as her accomplice, Sami watched in triumph as her scheme started to pay off. She saw Mike and Carrie each go to their hotel room windows, listening to the song they had danced to in Los Angeles. Mike stared longingly at Carrie, but Carrie didn't notice. Debra went to the window behind Mike, but he didn't even see her, despite the very revealing negligee she was wearing.

Debra saw Mike gazing at Carrie, and suddenly she knew that what Franco had said was true -- the married woman Mike was in love with was Carrie. Mike finally noticed Debra, walked away from the window, and poured them some champagne. As they started kissing, the song started playing again, and Mike became distracted. Debra finally asked him, "Is this the song you and Carrie danced to?"

Mike was stunned to find out that Debra had figured him out, but he admitted that Carrie was the one he was in love with and apologized to Debra. Debra said that she could make him forget Carrie, and they started to kiss again. But finally, Debra realized that Mike wasn't really with her anymore and told him that it was okay, but she thought Carrie was stupid not to fall in love with him when she'd had the chance. Debra put on her coat and left Mike alone with his thoughts.

Meanwhile, Austin noticed Carrie's great interest in the song being played and teased her about it being an old boyfriend's special song. Carrie still couldn't quite figure out why it was special to her, but she and Austin ended up making love anyway. Later, when Carrie heard the song again, she suddenly remembered when and where she'd heard it before -- dancing with Mike in Los Angeles. Carrie was disturbed by the memory and wondered why she'd blocked it in the first place. She went to the window and was surprised to see Mike sitting at his window, looking out into the night.

Sami despaired when Mike closed the shutters to his room, and she assumed her plan had not worked. Franco just about had her convinced that it was time to give up and find happiness with someone else when they saw Debra walk by swiftly. Sami knew then that it was just a matter of time until Carrie realized she had feelings for Mike.

Back in Salem, Marlena told Eric about John's phone call and the fact that he had been poisoned. Eric refused to believe it and told her to call him back, but she couldn't get through because Kristen had turned off the phone. They visited Roman's bedside, and his only thought was sorrow for their suffering. Caroline stopped by later, and Marlena had to tell her about the call from John. Together, they waited anxiously for any word from John.

At Stefano's compound in the jungle, John was hallucinating in his delirium that Hope was Marlena and begging her to make love to him. The sight of John caressing Hope almost sent Kristen over the edge, but Dr. Rolf and Stefano restrained her and told her that the only thing that was keeping John alive was his illusion that Marlena was there. But when John tried to kiss Hope, it was too much for Kristen, and she grabbed Hope and threw her out of the way. John immediately cried out in pain, and his vital signs grew much weaker. Hope condemned Kristen for being so selfish that she was willing to let her irrational jealousy interfere with helping to save John's life.

Hope went back to John and tried to revive him, but it looked hopeless. Just then, Dr. Rolf rushed in with a cup of tea from the bark of the tree and said that it would save John. Kristen begged to be allowed to give it to him, but she was unable to make him respond, and furiously she had to give the cup to Hope, who looks pretty smug about the whole thing. Hope, pretending to be Marlena, managed to make John gather up the strength to drink the antidote tea. Kristen and Stefano went out into the hall to wait, and Kristen was surprised to see Stefano close to breaking down as he saw all his plans go up in smoke.

Kristen asked why Stefano didn't just go live somewhere away from the United States in a life of luxury. Stefano said that his freedom wasn't the only thing he hoped to win, nor was Marlena -- there were things more important to him than even Marlena was. Before Kristen could find out what that was, Dr. Rolf rushed out and told them that something was happening with John. They burst into John's room and found him regaining consciousness. He asked what had happened and seemed to trust only Hope to tell him. She told him about the poison dart and the antidote and about Marlena calling.

John said that he had gotten the flower. Hope had to tell him that it had fallen out of his backpack, and there was no way for them to make the cure. John was horribly disappointed and felt he had let Roman down. He asked to call Marlena right away and to let her know he was all right. Hope grabbed his cell phone, noticed it was turned off, and gave Kristen a dirty look before dialing Marlena. When Marlena picked up on the other end and heard John's voice, she was overwhelmed with relief and gratitude. Once she found out that John would survive, she asked if he'd gotten the cure.

John had to tell Marlena that there was no way for them to get the cure. Marlena was crushed but told John she was sure he had done his best. Meanwhile, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen went out in to the hall to give John some privacy, and in frustration, Stefano hurled John's backpack against the wall. Suddenly, Hope noticed something falling out and demanded a piece of paper. She collected some seeds in the paper and asked Dr. Rolf if they were from the flower, and he said they were. Hope and Stefano asked if Dr. Rolf could make a cure for Roman from the seeds alone, and he said he just didn't know if there were enough.

Friday, October 24, 1997

Jack paced his cell, worrying about Jennifer's promise to get the warden's password and the risk involved in her disguise. He sat down and prayed that she would be careful because he would rather spend the rest of his life in prison than let anything happen to her. Meanwhile, at home, Travis dropped by as Jennifer was heading out the door with Abby. He made up an excuse about needing to stay to replace a defective part in her security system. Abby told Travis that her mommy had a secret about work, and Jennifer pretended it had to do with the TV station. Travis didn't believe her.

Abby, who was playing with Jennifer's prison guard nametag reading "Hope Williams," dropped it on the floor, and Jennifer and Abby left Travis alone in the house. Travis immediately started searching for some evidence of what Jennifer was up to. For a while, he couldn't find anything. At the prison, Jennifer stole a moment with Jack, and he tried to talk her out of her dangerous mission, but Jennifer insisted she wouldn't get caught. Elsewhere in the prison, TC got another guard to sneak into the warden's office and get the phone number of "Williams," not knowing it was really Jennifer. He couldn't quit thinking about the way Abby had called "Williams" Mommy.

Unfortunately for Jennifer, the number she'd listed was her own home number, and Travis was in her house alone. When TC called and got the answering machine, Travis was stunned to hear TC's voice on the machine, looking for "Williams." Travis picked up, and the two of them tried to figure out how TC had gotten Jennifer's house when he had been trying to call Williams. Travis said there was no way Jennifer could be involved with a prison guard -- until he spied the nametag reading "Hope Williams" that Abby had dropped on the floor.

Marlena visited Roman in the hospital and found Mickey Horton there, finalizing Roman's will. Roman told her they also needed to discuss funeral arrangements, and he hinted that he wanted to be buried next to her. Eric, listening outside the door, wondered whether he should tell Marlena about Roman's last wish -- to be married to Marlena before he died. He asked Caroline about it, and she told him to do what he thought was right. Eric went in and asked Roman to release him from his promise not to tell Marlena about Roman's last wish. Roman refused, telling Eric he didn't want Marlena to marry him out of pity.

Marlena talked to Caroline and told her that although she would do anything for Roman, she had planned her whole future around John and didn't know if it would be right to be buried next to Roman. Caroline gave her a hug and told her she had to do what was best for herself. Caroline went in to visit Roman and cradled his head, singing him a lullaby as she had when he'd been a baby. Eric finally broke down and told Marlena what Roman's last wish was.

At the DiMera compound in the jungle, John woke up feeling much stronger and saw Hope beside his bed. He asked her where Marlena was because he was sure she was there, that he'd held her in his arms and spoken to her. Hope told him it had been a hallucination, but John didn't believe her and got out of bed because he was convinced that Stefano had Marlena trapped somewhere in the compound. Finally, Hope confessed that she had pretended to be Marlena so that John could gather the strength to keep on living when the natives had been searching for the antidote to John's poison.

John was stunned but moved by Hope's gesture of generosity, which had probably saved his life. He thanked her, and she said that his health was the only thanks she needed. Just then, they felt explosions rock the compound. John held Hope close as they tried to figure out what was going on. John asked Hope if they had gotten the flower for the cure, and Hope said that all that was left in the bag were some seeds, and Dr. Rolf was trying to make the cure from their extract.

John told Hope that it was the perfect time for them to snoop for the secret from Maison Blanche that Stefano was hiding. Hope agreed, and they picked one lock on a door across the hall and found baby toys and clothes. Although it gave Hope the creeps, she couldn't figure out what they were for, so she tried the next door. It was double-bolted, and John had to pick the lock because it was too challenging for Hope. John kept working on the door as the explosions stopped for a while.

In the lab, Kristen was becoming unhinged as Dr. Rolf worked on the cure. She was positive she had no chance at John unless Roman survived. Both Stefano and Dr. Rolf told her to calm down so Dr. Rolf could work. Carefully, he extracted the juice from the seeds, but just as he was getting to the most delicate part of the process, they felt explosions rock the compound. A guard rushed in to tell them that the natives had gunpowder and were trying to breach the wall with a series of small explosions.

Stefano went out to do his medicine man holographic dance to scare them away again. When he got back, he asked Dr. Rolf if there was enough extract to make the cure. Rolf said, "No," Stefano was furious and saw all his plans going up in smoke, and Kristen started to lose it again. But then Dr. Rolf said, "Wait!" as he discovered one last beaker with a few drops of fluid, which just might be enough to finish the cure.

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