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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday October 27, 1997

At Jen's house Travis answers Jen's phone when he hears T.C. leaving a message on her machine. Both men are confused and don't know what is going on, until Travis sees Jen's prison name tag on the floor! Travis tells T.C. what is going on! T.C. and Travis put the clues together and figures out what Jen and Jack are up to. At the prison Jack is trying to convince Jen to quit her job but she refuses. Jen gives Jack a kiss and runs off. Jen goes to the wardens office and attempts to break into the warden's computer. She eventually figure out that the password is lockdown. Meanwhile Travis gives T.C. some orders and T.C. says he understands the plan, and is going to have one hell of a time doing it. Jen returns to Jack's cell and tells him the password is lockdown. Jack doesn't understand, he thinks there is going to be a lockdown. Suddenly T.C. shows up and exposes Jen! T.C. tells them that they are in big trouble but Jen and Jack try to play it cool, until T.C. yanks Jen's wig off. T.C. tells them it's over, he has friends who are watching them and know everything they do. Jen threatens to expose T.C. to the warden for what he's done, but T.C. tells Jen that if she does he'll make Jack pay. T.C. then drags Jen off to her car. T.C. returns to Jack's cell and tells him that the warden was very unhappy and cut off his phone calls, visitors, and any contact with the outside world! Jack tells T.C. to leave Jennifer alone, but T.C. says Jen is in as much trouble as he is! Back at Jen's house Travis looks at a picture of Jen and tells her she will pay the price. Outside Jen approaches her front door and begins to unlock it. Jen goes inside and tells Trent about what happened. Jen says she needs to talk to Jack, there is something he needs to know (the password). Jen thanks Trent for fixing the alarm and he leaves. Outside Trent says that it's time for the next stage of the plan.

In the jungle Dr. Rolf is still working on this cure. Suddenly an alarm goes off and Stefano realizes someone is breaking into the storage closets, and knows it's John and Hope. John and Hope are picking the lock to the storage closet, Hope knows what is in there will trigger memories of Maison Blanche and possibly destroy Stefano. Just as John is about to pop the lock, Stefano shows up and yells at them to get away from the door! Stefano tells them what is in there is none of their business but Hope says that what is in there is her business because it could unlock the secrets to her past. Stefano says she has a vivid imagination and John tells Stefano to just 'fess up as to what is in there. Stefano tells John he's right, he is hiding something in that closet. John and Stefano argue, Stefano says they have no time for this but John wants to help Hope. Suddenly a guard tells Stefano that the natives are about to break in and kill them all. Stefano tells John he has a choice, he can open the door or he can help keep the natives at bay so that Rolf can finish the cure.

John and Hope are working to hold off the natives, inside Stefano tells Kristen if John is hit with another dart he will die, the tea cure only works once! Outside the natives are shooting darts at John and Hope, but they continue to try to hold the natives off by securing the wall. Back inside Rolf finishes the cure, but there is no time to test it. As Rolf puts the cure into the cooler Stefano signals the helicopter that they are ready to leave. Stefano and Kristen go out to the landing place, but John has gone to check the back wall. Stefano damns him and says they have to leave now! John returns and they climb into the helicopter. As Hope climbs the ladder John promises her they will return for the secrets.

At the hospital Eric tells Marlena that Roman wants to marry her before he dies. Eric asks if she could marry him again and Marlena is shocked. Eric tells Marlena that Roman mad him promise not to tell her, but he felt it was too important to keep from her. Marlena tells Eric she's glad he told her and now she has some thinking to do. In Roman's room, Caroline is talking with Roman about how precious life is, and she tells him that he made her and his father very proud. Roman says he's made a lot of mistakes, and wishes he had the time to correct all the hurt he caused Marlena.. Laura comes up to Marlena and asks her what is wrong.

Marlena tells Laura about Roman's wish to remarry her. Marlena admits that she loves Roman, but John is her future. Marlena knows Roman is dying, and she thinks that John has lost the cure, so there is no way to save him. Marlena tells Laura that she has the ability to make Roman happy before he dies and says she can't deny his last wish. Roman tells Marlena he knows what Eric did and he tells Marlena to forget about it, it was just a dream.

Roman says he's just happy to have her in his life anyway he can. Laura comes into the room and tells Marlena that someone needs to see her. Marlena doesn't want to leave, but Roman tells her it's okay. Marlena leaves the room and talks to one of Roman's doctors. The doctor says Roman's condition is growing worse and they should begin to make the necessary arrangements. Marlena thinks about John and Roman, and how both of them want to marry her. Marlena knows what she has to do, she goes into Roman's room and tells him that she will marry him.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

In Rome it's morning and Billie and Bo are just waking. He says I love you in his sleep and Billie wonders if he is dreaming about Hope. He wakes and tells her that he loves her and will spend the rest of his life with her. She is happy and they talk about knowing each other's thoughts and that they want to rent a car and go into the country side and find a quiet inn to spend the night.. Bo leaves to go get a car and runs into Mike having breakfast. They talk about Bo being able to put Hope behind him and move on with Billie as Mike tells him it didn't work out with Debra. He explains that he just can't get over this other woman like Bo did and that she does not know he loves her which is even harder to get over her. In the meantime Carrie had a weird dream and she tells Austin about it. It involved Mike, Debra him and her but she's not sure why it was bad. He tells her to dismiss it that dreams don't always make sense but she says hers usually do. They talk about everyone is in love and decide to forget the dream but Carrie has that look on her face like she's not convinced of Austin's words. He leaves to see Billie and she heads for the shower and when she is done she turns the radio on in the room just in time for "the song" to begin playing. She can't understand why it bothers her so and has flashbacks of her and Mike. She tries to call Mike's room but gets no answer and thinks he and Debra have headed out for the day.

Outside Sami and Franco are still lurking (yep she's still in the nun outfit) and arguing about the fact that Franco thinks she should give up. He's a good match for her as he doesn't take much crap off her. She says she is going to keep pushing until Carrie realizes she loves Mike but Franco warns her she is going to push too hard one day and Sami seems bothered by his words. He leaves and calls Kate in Salem to tell her where he is and what's going on. Kate tells him to be careful as he tells her that he understands why she is leery of Sami and that she is pure evil. Franco is telling her what Sami is up to and that he is helping Sami - well sort of he says - at least that's what Sami thinks. All of a sudden from behind Sami grabs the phone and spits out some rough words to Kate threatening her and then hanging up the phone. She then threatens Frankie (as she calls him) and says he better not do that again. He does not back down and I think Sami realizes she can't push him around. She says she has figured out the perfect person to tell Carrie that Mike loves her just as Debra walks up and gazes at Mike from a distance. She approaches Debra and asks if she is an American and explains that she is too. She says she can see she's in pain and asks if it is about love. Sami says that she knows about that kind of pain but Debra says she is too young and besides she's a nun to have that pain. Sami tells her that she just became a nun recently (that's true) and that she had a great love and lost it and that's when she became a nun. She says to have faith and asks to hear Debra's story maybe she can help.

In Salem, Marlena is in with Roman and says she will marry him but he asks her if she would say that if he was healthy and had a long life ahead of him. Before she can answer his question there's a knock at the door and it's Kimmy!!!!! After talking to Pop yesterday she just had to get the first flight to Salem. She told Pop it was not what he said it was what he didn't say and then she spots Eric - my goodness she says you were just a child last time I saw you and know you are a full grown human being - haha why didn't she say man?! While in with Roman he has a coughing spell but Marlena helps him with it and everyone leaves for Kim and him to catch up. Outside the room Kate and Laura have been around making snide remarks and looks at each other and Kate rubs in the fact that Austin and Carrie are having such a wonderful time on their honeymoon. They do talk to each other nicely long enough to express their concern for Roman and his family. Abe and Lexie come by to check on Roman and let Marlena know that the governor agreed to Stefano's pardon but with the condition that John return alive and there's a cure for Roman. Marlena says there is on cure and Abe says he knew Stefano was lying but she says that no there was a cure but something happened which makes Lexie happy that Stefano was not lying. All of a sudden nurses and a doctor come around the corner with machines and head into Roman's room. Kim comes out crying saying that they were talking and he just passed out. She is very upset as the doctors are trying to bring him back. They manage to get him back but the doctor tells Marlena that he probably won't survive the next arrest. Kim says well we will just have to pray extra hard for the cure. Kate suggest they call the kids (she wants to get Sami out of Rome) but Marlena says NO she promised Roman she wouldn't do that. Laura if she has thought about Roman's other wish and Kim asks what that is. Marlena explains that she agreed to marry Roman but he wants to know that she would marry him if he were healthy and she can't lie to him being that her true love is John. Kim says she knows all about what is gong on but she wants to make one comment. She hates to be crude but she says how long will Roman be her husband - a couple of hours maybe a day or two and then he would die a happy man. She thinks that John would understand Marlena telling Roman a lie and marrying him

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Bo and Billie are in hot springs talking about poor Mike as they cuddle up. Having a little water fight in the hot tub, Bo sees a vision of Hope in danger (in the jet). He tells Billie and she said that Kate told her Hope and Franco went off together and how nice Franco is While they're kissing in the hot tub drinking wine, an Italian lady walks up with apples and gives them one apple to share. The legend of the hot springs is for lovers to share an apple in the hot springs and their marriage will last forever Bo puts the apple in his mouth and Billie takes a bite out of it. They laugh and kiss.

Carrie and Austin watch Mike waiting for Debra. Austin suggests they double and plan a BIG evening together, but Carrie said no. She feels they might want to be alone. Instead Austin suggests they go shopping to buy presents to take home and she agrees. As they leave, Mike watches with his puppy dog looks. Meanwhile, Debra is pouring her heart out to Sister Sami. Those who seek shall find and those who ask shall receive her. Sami spouts something about walk while you have the light or darkness will find you dribble and Debra thinking about it, walks away. Carrie goes to pick up a wallet and someone else is too, guess who? Yup, Dr. Mike. He apologizes about last night, bad timing. She tells him she thinks she could make him happy, but he has to get over Carrie first. Debra says that Carrie herself is the only one who can help him now. He apologizes for being slow, but how can CARRIE help him get over her? She suggests he tell Carrie so he won't spend the rest of his life wondering what might have been. Mike would like to try to stay friends, how about lunch? Mike goes off to book flight home. Sami and Franco are disappointed, but then Carrie walks up. Carrie asks if Debra knows the name of who Mike loves, with Sami and Franco silently encouraging her to tell Carrie it's her. Before Debra says anything, Mike and Austin come around the corner and tell her that they have to go home, her father doesn't have much longer to live. Sami cries out NO in the bushes. They all look at the bushes.

Father Jansen gives last rights to Roman and tells Kim that he knows her brother is comforted by her presence, and then leads her out of the room . Roman stutters to Abe that he loves him like a brother and always has. He tells Abe he's going to miss him and he also tells Marlena he can't die 'til she answer his question, would she marry him if he weren't dying. Eric tells Roman that Mom loves him and would marry him, no matter what. Abe suggests he and Eric wait outside. Eric & Roman say they love each other and he steps outside. Not to be put off, Marlena tells Roman it's not a fair question. He asks her if she loves him and starts a coughing fit. She injects some more drugs into his iv and tells him to rest as he falls asleep. Marlena tells Abe she has to talk with John first before answering Roman. Abe tells Marlena to follow her heart. The Dr. tells Father Jansen that Roman does not have long and he goes in and sees Roman. Roman thanks him for his prayers and Father tells him he senses Roman has something on his mind, want to talk about it? Roman tells him how blessed he is with wonderful parents. He has also made mistakes and sinned. There is one sin that he can't forgive himself for (gasp, cough). Marlena listens at the door and hears Roman tells him it's for divorcing Marlena. She's been the one true love in his life. He should have tryed harder to understand and should have stayed to work things out. His pride got in the way though and he left Salem. Instead he blamed John for stealing his wife and for Marlena for breaking their vows, but it was Stefano who was responsible. He should have had the faith and charity to forgive both John and Marlena. He hurt his children even more and made their lives even harder due to what he did. He can't forgive himself, but he can show her how much he loves her and give his kids the gift of seeing their parents married before he dies. Father asks if Marlena agrees and Roman said, yes, but out of pity, not love.

Kim joins Abe, Caroline and Shawn. She is upset and says it's cruel to just get her brother back and then lose him again. S&C feel at least they were able to say goodbye. They tell Eric about the letters Roman sent John and Marlena forgiving them. Eric hopes that Mom will marry Dad. Shawn holds Eric's shoulders and reassures him that Marlena will make the right decision. Marlena decides to do what's best for Roman and goes to tell him. She tells him let's stop TALKING about getting married, and let's do it, right now!

Apparently the chopper ran into a tree (a nasty storm showed up awful quickly). John's losing his patience wanting to know when the plane will arrive to take them back to Salem. Guess Rolf didn't survive the crash as he's no longer with them. As they argue over who has more invested in Roman's staying alive, the plane lands outside (sounds like a 747). The jungle crew are jetting back to Salem and John tells Hope he's sorry she didn't learn more about her past while they were there. John goes to talk with the pilot and Kristen and Stefano talk. John brings back the flight map and learns they're going to fly through the Bermuda Triangle. Stefano hears that and orders the pilot to change their course John doesn't want to sleep so he can watch Stefano, who is having a drink with Kristen. Stefano tries to call Abe on cell phone, but too much interference. The plane bounces around and Hope falls on John. Do they buckle up, nah! Lightning strikes and the lights go out...John get up and thrown down as the plane jerks again. The plane is going down! The plane must've crashed as the next scene we see them in their life vests floating. Guess the pilots didn't make it either, but the Salem crew isn't worried about that. Stefano's leg was hurt, but otherwise the four of them are all ok. Stefano still has the cooler in his hands and John swims a few feet to get the life raft. . Stefano pulls Kristen in the life raft, but dropped the cooler in the process of getting in the raft. John is too busy looking for Hope, but Stefano keeps yelling to find the cooler

Thursday, October 30, 1997

Mike and Austin tell Carrie that they have to return to Salem immediately because Roman is running out of time. They hear an anguished cry nearby, and Mike goes to investigate, but Franco drags Sami off before Mike can find her. Carrie is deeply upset by the news, but before she leaves to pack, she asks Debra what she was going to tell her. Debra is about to respond with the revelation that Mike is in love with Carrie, but Mike stops her and says that nothing is as important as Carrie's crisis. Mike also tells Carrie that since his conference is over, he will head home on the same flight as she will. Carrie leaves, and Debra tells Mike he shouldn't have stopped her - Carrie needs to know so she can make an informed decision about who she wants to be with. Mike says the decision was already made when she married Austin, but Debra says she doesn't think Carrie would have married Austin if Mike had told her that he loved her. In their room, Carrie remembers when Mike told her about Roman's illness, and how he comforted her. Austin comes in and says he booked a flight, and he hold Carrie close and tells her that he is sorry about Roman. They head to the airport, where they say goodbye to Debra. Mike gives Debra a hug and she tells him that she still believes the only way he can be happy is to settle his doubts about Carrie once and for all by telling her that he loves her.

Sami is so upset by the news about Roman that she books a seat on the first flight back to Salem. Franco tells her not to forget about her promise to help him get Hope back, and that no matter what Kate does, she must never reveal his connection with Kate to Hope and Bo. Sami says she won't, that no matter what Franco has heard, she is not a malicious person; everything she's done for Austin she has done out of love. She cries on Franco's shoulder about Roman, and he is surprised to find that she really does have a heart. But as Sami is about to get on the flight, she spies Austin, Carrie, and Mike in line ahead of her! She wonders how she'll get on the flight without being recognized. She falls back on her trusty old habit - nun's habit, that is. Carrie sees a nun getting into first class (shouldn't that set off alarm bells? Are nuns supposed to fly the friendly skies in luxury?) and thinks she looks like the nun Billie spoke to, but can't be sure. Mike, sitting across the aisle from Carrie and Austin, can only pine for Carrie, wishing he were the one to comfort her.

In Salem, Roman is thrilled when Marlena says she will marry him, but once again he asks her if she is doing it out of pity. Marlena says that she rediscovered her feelings of love for him in the cabin, and that she does love him and always will. Roman is ecstatic, and they call the family in to tell them. Everyone is very grateful to Marlena because they all know the sacrifice she is making for Roman's happiness. Kimberly assures her that John will understand. Roman says that he wants to be married at St. Luke's, just as they were the first time. He also says he has no wish to come back to the hospital - that he would rather die at home among the people he loves. Although everyone wonders if he's strong enough, they decide it would be best to grant him his dying wish, and Marlena goes to make the arrangements. Caroline gets permission from his doctor, and Eric gets the tuxedo. Shawn contacts Mickey to get an emergency marriage license (are there such things?) and tracks down Father Janssen. Marlena does some praying at St. Luke's and asks God to help her get through this experience. She remembers the day she was going to remarry John and Kristen came in with Roman. Kimberly comes in to make sure she is all right, and tells Marlena she can't bear to lose her brother again, but if she has to, she will do everything she can to make his last hours special. She thanks Marlena for giving him the one thing that he wants the most. They return to the hospital and Eric comes out of Roman's room and tells Marlena that Roman is ready. She enters, and is stunned to see Roman out of bed and dressed in a tuxedo, looking healthy and handsome. She embraces him and tells him she is ready to marry him.

In the boat in the Bermuda Triangle, Kristen and Stefano look around frantically for the cooler carrying the cure for Roman, but John, still in the water, is only concerned about finding Hope. Hope is a few feet away, struggling to hold on to the cure while waves and rain lash her face. When John finally spots her, she is face-down in the water, but holding on to the cure. John drags her and the cooler back to the boat, where Stefano eagerly grabs the cooler while John hoists an unconscious Hope aboard. Once he climbs aboard, John immediately performs mouth-to-mouth resuscitation on Hope, begging her to remember Bo and Shawn-D, to live. Hope has a memory of being aboard the Fancy Face with her son and Bo, and fights back to life. John is so relieved when she starts breathing again that he holds her close and strokes her face while they share a moment of thankfulness. Hope tells John that hearing his voice talking about Bo and Shawn-D is what pulled her back, and John tells her that he was merely repaying her for saving his life. Kristen watches their exchange and is almost cross-eyed with jealousy, but Stefano tells her to let it go. Kristen tells Hope that she should never give up on Bo - unless, of course, she has feelings for someone else. Hope says there is no one else, and John tells her that Kristen is right about not giving up. John fires off some of the emergency flares Stefano finds aboard the boat. Suddenly, they see a light in the distance, on something that looks like a boat. John fires off the last flare so the boat can locate them. John and Hope sob in relief that they are saved and can bring the cure to Roman. Stefano is ecstatic that he can now put his plan into action. Kristen asks him what that plan is, and Stefano says that she should trust him - it will change all their lives forever.

Friday, October 31, 1997

It's a wacky Halloween in Salem. Celeste and Susan stand in front of Jonesy's mansion as Celeste tries to convince Susan that they key to her son's paternity is somewhere in that house. Susan says there's no way, because this is the house where Vivian held that fake seance, and the only man there is Ivan, who is just not her type. Celeste says she is rarely wrong about these things. Susan says if there is no other way to convince Celeste that Elvis Presley is her baby's father, she will get Celeste into the house so they can investigate. They run off together, and just as they leave, Vivian and Ivan show up outside the house. Ivan tells Vivian that he thought she was through with costumes, but Vivian says that Halloween is Jonesy's favorite holiday, and she's sure she won't regret dressing up to please him. When Vivian and Ivan finally do show up in costume, Vivian is dressed as a very elaborately made-up giant queen bee, while Ivan is in some bizarre eight-legged alien bug getup. Vivian is grumpy that they couldn't get anything more glamorous, but Ivan says these were all that was left at the costume rental store. Vivian says that since Jonesy is nowhere to be seen, maybe they can check and see what is behind the mysterious cellar door. But no sooner does Vivian put her hand on the knob than they hear Jonesy scream threateningly, "Don't touch that door!" They spin around in horror to see Jonesy in a dead-on replica of the Norman Bates-as-mother disguise from "Psycho," brandishing a wicked looking knife! Ivan is sure he is going to kill them, but Jonesy laughs and shows them that the knife is fake, assuring them he would never harm his Flora Dora. Vivian begs Jonesy to tell her what's in the cellar, but, remembering his phone conversation with the unseen owners of the mansion, Jonesy tells her he can't. They hear the doorbell ring, and Jonesy gets excited that trick-or-treaters are here. Vivian opens the door to admit several neighborhood children and parents - and, tagging along at the back of the group, Celeste in a sexy witch costume and Susan in a tacky bedsheet disguised as a ghost. Vivian asks if they aren't a little big to be trick-or-treating, but she doesn't recognize them. Jonesy takes the children on a tour of his haunted house, but Celeste and Susan hide behind a vampire statue so they can get a look around. Vivian and Ivan notice the "big children" are missing and start searching for them, but don't see them. Susan finds a pair of aviator shades and is convinced that Elvis left them behind. Finally, the trick-or-treaters leave and Jonesy falls asleep on the couch. Celeste and Susan creep over to the cellar door to hide, but as soon as they touch the knob, an alarm starts shrieking and Vivian and Ivan turn around to find them standing there. Jonesy wakes up from his slumber, hears the alarm, and shouts, "Death! Danger!"

In prison, Jack remembers TC exposing Jennifer's disguise and telling them that he has friends watching Jennifer. Jack wonders who those friends could be, and worries that Jennifer may still be in danger. He is frustrated that he can't get out to help her, and that he didn't hear her whisper the warden's password so he can access the computer to find information about Stefano or the judge that sentenced Jack. Jack bribes Harry to use his cellular phone. Meanwhile, at Jennifer's, Travis/Trent knocks on the door and Laura lets him in. He asks Jennifer how she is feeling, since her scheme to get Jack released was exposed. Jennifer says she is still angry, and can't figure out how she was exposed, but she has a feeling she may still be able to free Jack. Travis asks what the scheme is, but before Jennifer can answer, Abby trots down the stairs in a fairy princess costume. Everyone tells her how cute she is, and Maggie and Mickey take her out trick-or-treating. Travis asks Jennifer what her plan is, and Jennifer says that all she can tell him is that she feels better than ever about getting Jack out. Travis is sure she is up to something. Just then, he gets a call from TC and goes outside to take it. TC says that Jack is getting to be a nuisance, and maybe they should do something about it. Travis tells TC that Jennifer is up to something, too, and says he will call back after talking to Stefano to give TC advice. In the house, Jennifer gets a call from Kimberley saying that Roman is worse and the ceremony has been moved from St. Luke's to the chapel at the hospital. As they are about to head out, the phone rings again. It's Jack, and Jennifer is relieved to hear from him. They discuss getting him freed, and Jack tells Jennifer that although he can still access his laptop, he didn't hear the password. Just as Jennifer is about to tell him, TC takes the phone away and hears Jennifer say, "Lockdown." TC says, "Yes, Jack is in lockdown," not realizing that that was the password. He tells Jennifer that Jack's phone call has him in more trouble than ever. Jenn begs to be allowed to talk to Jack for just a few more minutes, but TC says no way, and hangs up on her. Jennifer hopes that Jack heard the password. Jack didn't, but maybe he can figure it out from TC's response (well, we can hope). TC tells Jack he just bought himself some time in solitary, where TC can beat the hell out of him without anyone knowing. Jack says that when he gets out, TC will pay for all he put Jack and Jennifer through. TC tells him he will never get out alive. TC's phone rings, and he goes down the hall to take it. It's Travis telling him he couldn't reach Stefano. TC says Jack is getting to be a big problem. Travis tells him to just take care of Jack, and to make it look like an accident. TC tells him he will, but don't hurt Jennifer. Travis tells him to mind his own business. TC says that by tonight, Jack Deveraux will be a dead man.

At the hospital, Marlena helps Roman get up from the bed, but he immediately collapses. Lexie and crew get him stabilized, but tell Marlena that he is too weak to go to St. Luke's. Eric and Marlena convince Roman that it will be just as good to get married in the hospital chapel. Roman agrees, and Kimberly calls everyone to announce the change. Marlena and Roman each send Eric on an errand, and are surprised when he returns, because Marlena sent him to get the wedding ring Roman gave her, and Roman sent him to get the wedding ring Marlena gave him when they were first married all those years ago. Each is surprised and touched to find that the other kept the ring, and Roman takes it as a sign that they never gave up hope on each other. Caroline gets Father Janssen, who tells Marlena that he can't marry her to Roman unless he knows that she is taking her vows seriously - that if a miracle happens and Roman survives, she is committed to spending the rest of their lives together. Marlena says that whatever happens after the wedding is in God's hands. Father Janssen agrees to marry them, and they get a wheelchair and start heading out. But apparently Roman feels strong enough to go to St. Luke's instead of the chapel, because they end up in their family church (speaking of which, with all these changes in plan, where ARE their families?). Father Janssen starts the ceremony, but all Marlena can think of is John, and everyone telling her John would understand.

On the ship that rescued them from the water, John and Hope and Kristen and Stefano find out they are closer to Salem than they thought (weird, because they went down over the Bermuda Triangle and Salem is in the Midwest...but okay, let's not be cynical). Kristen telephones her mansion and talks to the maid, who tells her that Roman was hospitalized and may already be dead. John and Hope and Stefano are devastated by the news (although for vastly different reasons), but cling to the hope that Roman may still be alive. John asks for the phone to call Marlena, but Kristen says there is no way she will let him, because if Roman is already dead, it would be cruel to tell Marlena they have a cure and came so close to rescuing him. John finally agrees. Stefano says that it's all irrelevant anyway, because they can't have the cure unless Stefano gets his pardon. John personally guarantees Stefano that he will get the pardon, which is good enough for Stefano. They dock in Salem and rush to the hospital, only to find a nurse cleaning up Roman's room. They think they're too late, but the nurse says that Roman is alive, and that his family took him to the chapel. John, Hope, Stefano, and Kristen rush to the chapel - to find it empty.

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