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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on DAYS
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Monday, December 8

Hope is helping Gran make her Christmas cookies and she decides to take some of the cookies to Bo at the Station because he's working so hard to find Jen. Gran says it would be wonderful if she could reunite with Bo for the holidays. Hope says she has talked with Bo, but she now knows why Bo stayed with Billie in Rome. Hope swears her Grandmother to secrecy and tells Alice about Billie's drug problem. Alice feels bad for Billie, but Hope says perhaps once Billie is better then Bo may come back to her (Hope). Hope admits that she never stopped loving Bo, and the fact that he put his life on hold for Billie makes her love him more. Alice convinces Hope to go to the station and talk with Bo. Hope says the only thing that is hard about this is hurting Billie. Hope calls Abe and learns that Bo and Billie are at Salem Place, so she decides to try to meet him there.

At Salem Place Bo and Billie run into Roman. Billie goes off to do some shopping and lets Bo and Roman talk. Billie tells herself she won't let Bo go without a fight, and she knows just what she has to do. Billie goes home and wonders if Bo will return home to her.

Meanwhile Bo and Roman talk and Roman goes on about how grateful he is to Kristen and John for giving him a second chance with Marlena. Roman then asks Bo if he knows what is going on with John and Kristen's marriage. Bo says he hasn't seen John lately. Roman changes the topic to Billie. Bo doesn't like this topic either and Roman asks about Hope. Bo tells Roman why he married Billie, and Roman says he doesn't look very happy about his marriage. Bo tells Roman the whole truth, and asks him to not tell anyone. Bo tells Roman about his commitment to Billie and his love for Hope. Roman tells Bo that right now, Billie is most likely very vulnerable. Roman says if he (Bo) acts on his feelings for Hope, Billie will be hurt badly. Furthermore, Bo made a commitment to Billie, and he shouldn't break that commitment. Bo says he loves Billie, but not like he loves Hope. Bo says he thinks Hope would like to reconcile and Roman blasts Bo for leading Billie on. Roman says he should think long and hard before making a decision. Right as Roman is about to leave, Hope shows up!

Also at Salem Place Marlena overhears Kristen telling another woman that Susan is going to give her(Kristen) her (Susan's) baby back . Later Kristen meets with a lawyer who give her the legal custody papers which only require Susan's signature. Kristen also tells the man that she wants to change the baby's name back to John Jr.

Meanwhile, Susan is walking through Salem Place with Elvis when Stefano shows up and asks about his son. Stefano asks her if she's told anyone who Elvis' father, and she says no and it's not like she wants people to know anyway. Stefano tells Elvis that he is going to follow in his footsteps one day, and the Stefano leaves. Susan decides to see a movie, but all the movie names turn to ones about Hell and Demons. Susan thinks it's a sign and has this lame fantasy about Stefano (dressed as a vampire) turns her little Elvis into a vampire! Little Elvis asks his mother to join them, and then he bites her on the neck! Susan's fantasy is interrupted by Kristen, who calls to inform Susan she is going to the convent to pick up the baby.

Kristen is back at her home dreaming about how John will come back to her when there is a knock on the door. Kristen answers it only to find out it's Marlena! Marlena claims that Roman left a book here, so Kristen goes up to his old room to get it. Marlena walks into the living room and sees a tree with a gazillion gifts under it. Kristen returns with the book and Marlena asks her what she's up to. Kristen claims that she bot gifts for Brady and Belle, but Marlena says some of these gifts are for a toddler. Kristen slips up and says it's for John Jr, but quickly says Little Elvis. Marlena asks what she has in mind for Susan's baby now. Kristen says she and Susan have become friends and that Susan doesn't have the money to give him a luxurious first Christmas, but she (Kristen) does. Kristen tells Marlena she has an appointment and sends Marlena on her way. Suddenly the doorbell rings again, Kristen wonders what the wicked witch of the east wants now, but this time it's Susan. Marlena realizes she left Roman's book at the house and decides to return. Hiding in the bushes Marlena overhears Kristen asking Susan where the baby is.

Lexie has come to the Station to see Abe when John shows up. John wants to know how the talk with Stefano went. Lexie tells John and Abe what she heard, which causes John to realize that Peter is at Stefano's compound. John decides to go to the compound now and calls his pilot. John hops on his plane and wishes he could have said goodbye to Marlena. John decides to call Marlena but only gets her machine. John leaves a message, but refrains from saying "I love you."

In the jungle Dr. Rolf is still working on Peter's Jungle Fever cure. Rolf asks Peter what he will do when he has Jennifer, and Peter says they'll live a happy life. Peter says it will take a while for Jen to forgive him, but once she does they'll return to Salem and Peter will turn over a new leaf. Dr. Rolf calls Stefano to let him no that Peter is at the compound and he has the "JuGlE mAdNeSs!" Stefano tells Rolf not to let Peter out of his site until he is cured, otherwise the results could be catastrophic. Meanwhile, Peter has gone for walk in the jungle in hopes of clearing his headache . Peter realizes he's lost the necklace he bought for Jennifer and begins to search for it. Suddenly a tiger appears!

Out at the Grand Canyon, Jennifer realizes there is a cellar below the cabin and thinks there may be a way out through it. Jen tries to convince Travis that Peter will double cross him, but Travis says if that happens they are both dead. Jen starts asking about Travis' family, and he tells her to shut up, shut up and never bring it up again. Travis then has a flashback about murdering his parents. Jennifer offers Travis some stew and he snaps at her. Travis ties Jen back up and decides to leave for some fresh air. Jen realizes Travis is nuts and begins to prepare to escape. Travis returns before Jen escapes and asks her what in the hell she thinks she's doing.

At the militiaman's hideout, the militia man tells Jack that he isn't going near that cabin, and if his ex is in there with that guy then she's in a whole lotta trouble. The man tells Jack that his real name is Trent, and he's a killer. The man tells Jack that ten years ago on Christmas Trent killed his parents with a shovel! Jack asks why he was never sent to jail and the man tells Jack that Trent split town and was never caught. Jack asks the man to take him to the Cabin, but the man says no way. The man tells Jack that the only way to get to the cabin is to climb the rockface, so Jack decides to go mountain climbing.

Tuesday, December 9

Marlena sees Susan go into the DiMera mansion and she wonders what Kristen is up to. Kristen tells Susan she's worried about John Jr. and wants to call a doctor. Susan says his name is Elvis and that it's just a fever, he will be all right. Kristen tells Susan they will go back to the convent to pick up Elvis, but Susan says no way, she's not giving up her baby. Susan says she will take her baby far far far away where Stefano will not find them. The doorbell rings and Kristen tells Susan not to move while she answers it. It's Marlena, she tells Kristen she forgot the book. Marlena comes in and asks Susan what she is doing here. Kristen says Susan is visiting, she told her (Marlena) they were good friends. Marlena tells Kristen that she heard her (Kristen) talking with a woman in Salem Place about getting her son back. Kristen tells Marlena perhaps she's a little hard of hearing. Marlena then asks Susan if Kristen is trying to take her baby away again. Susan tells Marlena not to worry, she'll never, ever, ever let anyone take her baby again. Kristen tells Marlena to leave, but before she goes Marlena says if she ever finds out that she (Kristen) is trying to hurt Susan or her child she (Marlena) will make her (Kristen) pay! Marlena leaves and Kristen thanks Susan for supporting her, but Susan says she meant what she said about never letting anyone take her baby. Susan tells Kristen she plans to move far far away were nobody will bother her or Elvis anymore. Kristen says okay, she understands. Kristen fakes some tears and says she was hoping they could become friends again. Susan decides to leave, but Kristen stops her by saying she bought all these toys for Elvis for Christmas and she doesn't want them all to go to waste. Susan says she guesses it would be okay to give them to Elvis.

Meanwhile, Celeste gets a bad vibe about Susan and Little Elvis. Celeste finds Marlena and tells her about the premonitions she's been having about Susan. Celeste learns from Marlena that Susan is at Kristen's house. They talk about Elvis and his father, and Celeste tells Marlena about the talk she had with Susan about Elvis' father and what she should do if she knows the babies father is eeeeeeevil. Celeste and Marlena discuss the father of Susan's baby and they wonder if Stefano is the baby's father!

At Salem Place Hope shows up to see Bo, so Roman makes himself scarce. Bo tells Hope they should talk sometime, so Hope suggests they talk now. Bo gets them some hot chocolate and Hope cracks out the cookies. Bo asks Hope what Shawn D. wants for Christmas and Hope says he wants his parents back together. Hope tells Bo that she knows about Billie and she's very proud of him. Bo is confused and asks how she knows about Billie and him. Hope says she was at the station yesterday and saw him and Billie there. She also tells Bo she spoke with Max who told her about Billie getting hooked on drugs at Rome. Hope asks why Billie got hooked back on drugs and Bo tells her about Max and what he did to Billie. Hope tells Bo that she knows Billie needs him now and she won't ask him to walk away from her. Hope says after this is over she hopes they can move on with their future, together. Bo is beeped by Abe and has to go to the station. Before leaving, Bo tells Hope he missed her a lot. Hope tells Bo she missed him too and plants a kiss on him.

Roman goes back to the penthouse and finds that he's all alone. Roman listens to the message John left on Marlena's answering machine and wonders why John would leave a message for Marlena about following a lead on Jen. Roman wonders if there is something going on that he doesn't know about. Kim drops by to see Roman. Kim senses something is bother her brother, and asks what is going on. Roman tells Kim about the message and says it sounds like a message you leave someone you love when you go on a trip. Roman asks Kim if John is in love with Marlena, but Kim says she doesn't know about these things. Roman tells Kim that he thinks maybe John never stopped loving Marlena. Kim tells Roman that Marlena and John would never do anything to intentionally hurt him. Roman knows that and says when he gets a clean bill of health he will marry Marlena. Roman says he knows things are being kept from him and when Marlena gets home he's going to ask her what the hell is going on with John. Later a man delivers the necklace John bought Marlena. The man says the clasp needed to be fixed and that the man (John) was supposed to pick it up today, but he never showed. Roman looks at the necklace and wonder who bought it for Doc.

At the cabin Travis finds Jen trying to escape. Travis tells her to give up the attempt to escape because she'd have to climb down the rock face. Jen tells Travis that she knows Jack will come for her, but he just laughs and says "Is he going to sprout wings and learn to fly?" Jen starts talking about Travis' wonderful memories of this place, which causes Travis to flashback to the killings. Jen asks him to tell her about the memories. Jen starts telling Travis about how she cherished spending time with her parents at the Horton cabin. Jen asks Travis about his parents and he snaps at her and tells her to shut up. Travis ties Jen back up and says he's going to look for Peter, this place is getting to him. Jen breaks free and makes her way to the cellar.

Jack is busy climbing the cliff to get to the cabin when he slips and falls. Jack lives, but his ankle is sprained. He begins to climb the cliff again, but his ankle hinders his progress.

John is on his plane and he's dreaming of being with Doc and that Roman has given them his blessing to be together. John is awaken by some turbulence, John's pilot (Steve) says they are flying into a dangerous storm and asks if they should land. John says negative, he has to get to Peter ASAP. Unfortunately John's pilot is unable to land the plane, so John tells him to circle above the jungle and land when possible.

In the Jungle Peter, overcomes his jungle fever attack only to have a tiger show up. Peter gets another headache (with the psycho sounds), but he continues to walk on. Suddenly the tiger pounces on Peter! Peter is left unconscious and bleeding in the rain storm.

Wednesday, December 10

Jenn manages to escape her bonds and makes her way into the Cabin's cellar. Unfortunately the exit out of the cellar is padlocked, so Jenn's still stuck. Jennifer finds a torn jacket on the ground which is covered in blood, and well as a shovel covered with blood. Jennifer uses the shovel to try to break the lock on the cellar doors.

Outside Jack is still scaling the cliff, while Travis is beginning to make his descent. As he makes his way down, Travis falls. Travis lives, unfortunately, but he also sees Jack climbing up the mountain. Travis thinks for a bit, then he decides to push a bolder down the mountain. Jack is knocked off and lays unconscious.

At Marlena's Penthouse Roman looks at the necklace John bought for Marlena. Roman wonders who could have bought this and suspects maybe Eric. Suddenly John calls and they talk about the lead he has on Peter, and about the progress to find Jack and Jenn. Later John asks if Marlena is there and if he can talk to her. Roman tells John that Marlena is not there so John tells Roman to just tell Brady and Belle he loves them. John asks about Roman, and Roman says he's growing stronger everyday. John hangs up and hopes that they can tell Roman the truth by Christmas so he (John) and Marlena can be together. Meanwhile, Roman is wondering why John keeps calling for Marlena. He also speculates that John gave the necklace to Doc and that there could be more to their relationship.

Stefano is at Salem Place and is talking to Rolf on the phone. Stefano orders Rolf to find Peter, cure him, and get him back to the states so he can get Jennifer. Stefano also says he has to make sure everyone in Salem believe he is a changed man, only then can he move onto phase two.

At Salem Place Marlena and Celeste have figured out that Stefano is the father of Susan's baby. Marlena tells Celeste about her suspicions about Kristen and her plan to take Little Elvis. Marlena and Celeste decide it's time to pay Kristen and Susan a little visit. As they go to leave Salem Place they run into Stefano. Stefano claims to be shopping for his family. Marlena asks if he's shopping for his entire family. When Stefano says yes, Marlena asks if she's shopping for his new addition to the family. Stefano says he has no idea what she is talking about so Marlena says flat at, your son by Susan. Stefano laughs and says that is outrageous. Marlena warns Stefano that if he tries to take that child then he will be very sorry. Celeste and Marlena walk away, both of them knowing that Stefano is indeed Elvis's father. Celeste says as long as the baby is at the convent then he is safe. Celeste tells Marlena she's on her way there now and she'll call Marlena with news.

Marlena goes home to the penthouse and Roman gives her John's messages. Marlena senses something is wrong and Roman tells her he needs to know what is going on with her, John, and Kristen. Roman tells Marlena that he felt tension between John and Kristen, and now he knows why. Roman says that he wonders if John wants to share more with Marlena, aside from their child. Marlene says she doesn't know what to say. Roman tells Marlena that he thinks John wants her and asks if the necklace that was delivered is from John.

Back on his plane, John decides to chance the storm and asks his pilot to land the plane. Unfortunately the airstrip is underwater and there is no way they can land. John says at least that means Peter can't get to Jenn, so John tells the pilot to go back to Salem.

Laura and Maggie are also in Salem place and they are talking about Jenn. Laura is a wreck and Maggie tries to calm her down. Maggie has to go to a meeting but she doesn't want to leave Laura. Laura assures her she'll be all right, she has to for Abby's sake.

At Kristen's place Susan is looking at all the baby toys Kristen has bought for Elvis. Kristen sidetracks Susan by asking her about her childhood Christmas memories. Susan tells this story about how her mom baked Christmas cookies and sold them so she could afford to get presents. Susan also says Christmas is about love and that her family had more love than the stars in the sky. Susan then says she wants to give that kind of love to her little boy, all the love in her heart forever. Susan accepts Kristen's gifts because she says that she'll never see Elvis again once they leave town. Kristen offers Susan some eggnog, and Susan just loves eggnog. Kristen tells Susan to open a present because it's for her (Kristen tells herself "It's really for the maid, so what the hell") Kristen pours Susan a glass of eggnog and then spikes it. Susan has opened her present, it's a beige sweater. Kristen hands Susan the eggnog, which she guzzles down. Kristen quickly calls someone and tells them to get over here right away. Kristen continues to serve Susan the drugged eggnog when the doorbell rings. It's the lawyer and Kristen tells him to follow her lead. Susan eventually becomes crocked and Kristen and her lawyer trick Susan into signing the custody papers. The lawyer tells Susan it's a legal agreement that will keep the baby's father away from Little Elvis.

Stefano calls Kristen and tells her that Marlena and Celeste figured out the truth, luckily there is no way to prove the baby's paternity. Stefano tells Kristen to make sure Susan keeps her mouth shut! Kristen begins to wonder how she will get the baby out of the convent, and realizes just what to do. Kristen dresses up as Susan and goes over to the convent to get Little Elvis. Suddenly Celeste shows up at the convent right when Kristen is trying to take Little Elvis.

Stefano runs into Laura, who tells him to go to hell. Stefano asks about Jack and Jennifer and she starts saying "how dare you, you disgust me, etc.." Stefano assures Laura that if he knew where Peter or Travis was he would have told the police. Some very brave, and dumb, boy comes to Laura's aid and offers to take care of Stefano for her. Laura thanks him all the same but says no. Laura starts lecturing Stefano about all he's done wrong and accuses him of kidnapping Jenn and delivering her to Peter. Laura warns Stefano that if Jennifer isn't returned to her family, than she will take care of Stefano herself!

Thursday, December 11

Billie puts the finishing touches on a romantic dinner for Bo. She is determined not to let him slip away to Hope. Meanwhile, Bo walks the pier, thinking of his promises to Billie and the fact that Hope doesn't know about them. He wonders what he is going to do. He finally heads back to Kate's mansion and finds the romantic dinner and Billie is a sexy gown. He asks what all the fuss is about and she tells him she wanted to do something special for her husband because he is working so hard on Jennifer's kidnapping. She immediately senses that he is a million miles away and asks him what is wrong. Bo tells her that Hope knows she was addicted to heroin in Rome. Billie freaks out and asks if he told her. Bo says of course not; Max told her at the station. Billie says that if Max told Hope, he could tell everyone. She goes into a panic and clings to Bo, telling him that if he ever left her, she wouldn't know what to do. Bo looks increasingly uncomfortable, but promises he will always be there for her. Billie says she just wants things to be like they were in Rome. She asks Bo to dance to a romantic song and then sits him down on the couch to rub his shoulders. Bo turns toward her and she starts kissing him, whispering that she knows exactly how to make him feel better.

Hope comes back to Mrs. Horton's house smiling. She keeps thinking about her conversation and her kiss with Bo. Alice says she is glowing, and Hope tells her that she thinks she is getting back together with Bo. Alice is ecstatic. The doorbell rings, and Hope answers it to find Franco there. She invites him in and tells them both the story of how Max kidnapped Billie and got her hooked on heroin, and Bo only stayed with her to help her kick the addiction. Alice says she is so glad they got it all worked out. Franco, who sees Hope slipping away, asks her if she is sure the marriage is not real. Why is Bo still with Billie? Hope says that he will stay with her until the trial and testimony are over. Franco says they don't need to be living together for Bo to provide support. Hope says she can wait a little longer. Franco says that when he saw them in Rome, they looked like they were in love. Hope tells Franco to stop being so negative; she is sure that Bo loves her as much as she loves him. Franco says that he has seen her get her hopes up before, only to have them dashed, and he doesn't want to see it happen again.

Roman asks Marlena why John would give her such an expensive, special necklace. He wonders if John gave it to her after he left Salem. Marlena admits that John actually gave it to her quite recently, when Roman was dying in the hospital. Roman says he is confused, and asks Marlena if garnets symbolize loyalty. She says that they do. Roman decides that John gave Marlena the necklace as a gift of friendship for her loyalty to John and Kristen during their marital difficulties. He gives Marlena a big hug and tells her that he is ashamed for having suspects something was up between her and John. Marlena is obviously filled with remorse that she has to keep lying to Roman. Eric walks in while they are hugging. He asks if he is interrupting anything, and Roman says no. Roman gets a call from Abe to discuss strategy in locating Jennifer and Peter, and goes to the other room to take it. Eric asks Marlena what really happened, and she tells him about the necklace. Eric asks her what she will do when Roman finds John's engagement ring. Marlena tells Eric that she gave it back to John. Eric misinterprets that to mean that Marlena broke up with John, and he immediately hugs her with joy. Marlena tells him that he misunderstood; she only gave John the ring back for safekeeping, so that Roman wouldn't find it. Eric is visibly disappointed, and asks Marlena why John won't back off so they can be a family. Marlena tells Eric that John isn't the only one keeping that from happening. She says that she has a right to live the life she wants, and she wants to be with John. Eric asks her how she could be so selfish and hurt Roman so much. Roman comes back in the room when they are still tense and emotional and asks what is going on. Marlena says they were talking about the holidays. Roman says that they don't look happy, and Eric says they are sad about Jennifer and Jack. Roman says that is tragic, but the holidays are a time to be joyful, and he has so much to be grateful for - his health, his family, and being back together with Marlena. Eric leaves them alone, but resolves that he will make his father's Christmas dream come true, and he knows just how to do it. In the apartment, Roman hugs Marlena and apologizes once again for suspecting her and John, assuring her that he will make this a Christmas they will never forget.

Celeste walks into Susan's room at the convent where she sees Kristen disguised as Susan, but Kristen keeps her face turned away, so Celeste doesn't recognize her. Celeste asks "Susan" what is wrong with her, and Kristen says she has a cold, and speaks in a low voice so that Celeste won't notice her accent is different from Susan's. Celeste asks "Susan" if Stefano is her baby's father. Kristen shakes her head and tells Celeste that she needs to rest. Celeste tells her to call if she needs anything and says goodbye, sure that there is something wrong. Kristen waits until she's gone and then leaves the convent with baby Elvis. Meanwhile, at the DiMera mansion, Susan wakes up to find her glasses, coat, and scarf gone. She quickly figures out that Kristen has gone to kidnap Elvis, and calls the police. While she is on the phone, Kristen comes in with the baby and tells Susan to hang up the phone. Susan is relieved, thinking Kristen just went to bring the baby over. She hangs up and asks Kristen to give Elvis to her. Kristen gives her back her glasses and tells her that Elvis is now John Junior, and he is Kristen's son legally. Kristen shows Susan her signature on the legal document handing Elvis over to Kristen. Susan remembers signing something, but she says she thought it was to protect Elvis from Stefano. Kristen promises she will protect Elvis, but assures Susan that the baby is now legally hers. Susan gets down on her knees and begs Kristen to give the baby back, but Kristen tells her to think of what's best for the baby, and that maybe she should leave town for a while. She practically kicks Susan out the door, not even letting her kiss the baby good night. Kristen exults when Susan is gone, telling baby Elvis - now John Junior - that daddy John is coming home soon, and they are going to have a wonderful Christmas. Outside her door, Susan is in agony, and wonders how she is going to live without her little boy. She decides there is no way she can live without him.

Celeste, troubled about Susan, lays out her tarot cards, looking for answers. She gasps in horror when she turns up the Death Card.

Friday, December 12

In the Brady kitchen, Caroline and Eric sit together reminiscing and eating cookies and milk. Eric says that although he loves Marlena's family, some of his best memories are of him and Sami sitting there when they were children. Caroline says she felt sorry for the twins because their parents weren't around. She says that although they had a traumatic childhood, that isn't an excuse for Sami to behave the way she does. Eric says that's true, but he understands her feelings of isolation and her need to fight for what she wants. Caroline asks Eric how he was affected by their childhood. She says that he is just the same as he was when he was a child - very private about his feelings. He would never cry because he didn't think it was manly. Eric says that although he desperately wants his parents to get back together, he won't cry about that either. He will do something about it. Caroline tries to explain that Marlena is in love with John, but Eric is convinced that if John would stop putting pressure on her, she could fall back in love with Roman. He asks Caroline where a box of his parents' old things is. He fetches it and Caroline says she understands what he is trying to do, but isn't sure it will work. Eric says it's worth a try, that maybe the things from their marriage will make Marlena remember why she fell in love with Roman.

At Titan, Carrie and Austin try to figure out why Kate would give Sami such a cushy job, especially after the way Sami spilled the story of the corporate takeover to the Intruder tabloid paper. They are convinced that Sami must be blackmailing Kate. In her new office, Sami happily sets up family pictures of her and Austin and Will. Kate walks in and remarks that she looks as if she's settling down. Sami says she plans to be there for a long time and there is nothing Kate can do to stop her. Kate tells Sami that she has shot herself in the foot, because now that the corporate takeover is off because of Sami spilling to story, Titan will not make the millions of dollars it stood to make from the acquisition, and Will, who is Lucas' heir to Titan, will eventually lose out. Sami looks disconcerted for a minute, but tells Kate that by the time Will inherits, Kate will be out of the picture and everything will be better for everyone. Kate tells Sami that as much as she hated Vivian being in this office, she would welcome her back with open arms if it meant Sami was out. Sami tells her that is never going to happen, so give it up. Sami arrogantly tells Kate to run along and fetch her a secretary. Furious, Kate vows to find a way to make Sami stop pressuring her. At that moment, Carrie and Austin walk in and demand to know what's going on. Sami leaves it to Kate to explain. Kate says that she gave Sami to job to keep Titan in the family, since Sami is the mother of her grandson Will. Austin is about to question her about it when Kate takes Sami away to introduce her to some other employees. Carrie and Austin are more convinced than ever that Sami has somehow coerced Kate. Carrie gets Sami alone in her office and demands to know if she is blackmailing Kate. Sami says that she should ask Kate that question, and claims that although she will always love Austin, she wants to get on with her life and stop making a fool of herself over him. Carrie obviously does not believe her, and tells her that if she finds out Sami is blackmailing Kate, Sami will have to answer to her (Carrie). Carrie says she loves Kate and won't let Sami destroy her or Titan. In Kate's office, Austin tries to get the truth out of Kate, but she tells him to drop the matter, for her sake. Austin says he will, but promises her that he is going to keep his eyes on Sami and he will get to the bottom of her secret eventually.

At Alice's house, Franco tells Hope she is making a big mistake by being optimistic about her relationship with Bo. Hope tells him that she is sure the only reason Bo is with Billie any more is that he feels obligated to help her through Max's trial. Franco says that she is naive if she thinks they never made love in Rome. Hope says that she asked Bo about the night she saw them, and he said they didn't. Franco asks her what about all the nights after that? Hope looks uncomfortable and says that Bo's feelings for Billie are caring and paternal, and that's the end of it. Franco reminds Hope that she once said that she could love him (Franco). Hope says she thought she could, but she knows now that her heart belongs to Bo, now and forever. Franco is furious and tells her that she never gave them a chance. He says he won't stand by and watch her get trampled on again. He takes her arm roughly, and Hope tells him he's hurting her. Franco says he's sorry, but he thinks she's being a fool. Hope shows him to the door and they say good night. Franco curses himself for falling in love with Hope, instead of just taking the money for a job he was paid to do. Hope asks herself if she is being a fool to be so optimistic.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie kisses Bo and immediately realizes there is something wrong. She tells him that she knew his kiss wouldn't lie, and obviously he does not feel the same passion for her that he once did. Bo looks uncomfortable and admits that he is having second thoughts. Billie pushes him to admit that he is thinking about Hope. Bo says it's true, and Billie looks devastated. Bo says that when he found out Hope went with John to the jungle to find a cure for Roman, instead of being off having fun with Franco as he had believed, it reminded him once again of the kind of woman she is. More importantly, he felt her fear when she was in danger, even through all the miles, and he wanted to be with her. Billie says John told her Hope did just fine on her own. Bo says that is true, that Hope is a strong, resourceful woman who is coming into her own. Billie says that's true, but looks hurt. Bo says that Billie is a very strong, brave woman, too, and that he owes her so much for saving his life, Hope's, Shawn-D's, and Mrs. H's. Billie's eyes fill with tears and she tells Bo that he doesn't owe her anything, that he has more than made up for it since, and they should call it even. Bo agrees. Billie then asks the big question: where do we go from here? Does he still want to be with Hope? Bo says it's not that simple; he wants to do what is right.

Jack lies at the bottom of the ravine, knocked off the cliff by Travis' boulder. Travis thinks he's dead and paces the top of the cliff, but eventually he decides to make sure by calling in a tip to the park rangers. He tells them that he spotted the escaped convict Deveraux on the South Rim, and they had better come get him. The park ranger grabs his gun and heads out, determined to catch Jack. Jack, meanwhile, tries to make it up the wall and falls again. His ankle is getting badly swollen, but he keeps thinking of Jennifer in the hands of the maniac, Travis, and he wills himself to go on. When he is near the top, he looks up and sees a hopelessly sheer cliff face, and wonders how he will ever get up there.

Jennifer looks at the bloody shovel and clothes in the cellar of Travis' cabin and wonders what happened. She finds some old photographs, obviously of Travis and his parents, but the parents' faces have been burned out. She shudders, thinking that the person who did this had to be very sick. She keeps remembering asking Travis about the cabin, and how furious it made him when she asked about his parents. Finally, she opens an old trunk and sees a diary. As she reads the entries, she realizes with cold horror that it is a record of Travis' feelings toward his parents, and of his intent to kill them. She reads that he killed them, finally, with a shovel, on Christmas Day. She is terrified and realizes that Travis is a maniac who won't think twice about killing her, if he killed his parents already. Just as she is trying to decide what to do, she hears footsteps outside the cabin. She realizes that Travis is coming back, and if he finds her in the cellar, he will kill her for sure.

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