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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday February 2, 1998

Hope and Shawn D have shown up at the circus because Hope got a call to meet Bob. Shawn D. asks his mom if they'll ever have good times as a family again. Hope tells Shawn D. that things are complicated and are standing in the way of this happening. Shawn D spots Abby, When Hope spots Jennifer, she takes Hope and Shawn D. to their trailer. Jack asks Abby to show Shawn D. around the circus while the grown ups talk. Jack tells Hope that he has a plan to expose Peter, but he needs her help. Hope tells Jack that she'd be glad to help them. Jack tells Hope that the first part of his plan is to draw Peter out of hiding. Laverne shows up and says she can't believe that "Bob" has friends in Salem. Hope says she doesn't know them, and she was just looking to buy some tickets.

Peter is spying on Laura and is hoping that she'll let him know where Jennifer is. Celeste has shown up to see Laura. Laura tells Celeste about her horrible mistake when Maggie's cell phone rings. Kristen is still sulking over how she has lost everything. Someone begins to franticly ring Kristen's doorbell and they refuse to go away. Kristen answers it only to find out it's Laura. Laura demands that Kristen tell her where Peter is, but Kristen says she doesn't know and she couldn't care less.

Back at the town house, Peter is worried about his sister. Kristen rants and raves in front of Laura and then she begins to laugh hysterically. Laura tells Kristen that she can't tell if Kristen is laughing or crying, but she is acting like a raving lunatic. Kristen refuses to turn her brother in. Laura is sure that Peter is hiding here, so Kristen tells Laura to search the house. Laura goes down into the wine cellar and is trying to open the secret room. Kristen comes down and spares Laura the trouble of trying to figure out how to open it. Kristen opens the door, but Laura refuses to go in because she thinks Kristen will lock her in. Laura eventually goes in and finds a damp towel in the bathroom, which Kristen claims is hers.

Back at the townhouse, Stefano gets word that Rolf has come out of his coma. Stefano has to leave and Peter assures Stefano that he will be fine. Nevertheless, Stefano decides to have Kristen babysit her big brother. Outside the townhouse, Celeste is staring at the house and is wondering why she keeps being drawn to this townhouse. Stefano calls Kristen and asks her to babysit Peter, and Kristen reluctantly agrees. Stefano tells Peter that Kristen is coming over to stay with him, but he must not leave this townhouse.

Laura suddenly gets a call from Jennifer, but Jennifer refuses to say where they are. Jennifer tells Laura that someone will be in touch with her tomorrow. Peter overheard this conversation and wonders what Jennifer is doing.

John shows up at the private dining room at Chez Vous. Roman admits to John that he knows everything, but John already knows that. John tells Roman that he doesn't think he knows how truly evil Kristen is, but Marlena tells John that she has told Roman everything that Kristen has done to keep them apart. John asks Roman why he decided to come forward now and Roman says he didn't want to build a life with Doc that wasn't based on total honesty. John apologizes to Roman for having to lie to him and Roman says it's okay. Roman says he is not going to make the same mistake he made in the past - walking away from Doc. John and Roman begin to argue. Marlena stops them and tells them she has something to tell both of them. Marlena yells at them both that she will not let them decide her future. John asks Marlena who is it going to be, him or Roman? Marlena tells them that she can't make a decision like this, so she leaves. John asks her where she is going and she says she doesn't know, but she has to get out of here.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Laura is pacing, wondering who will be by to see her. Mike is worried about her and wants her to take one of the pills Marlena prescribed for her. She refuses and goes on and on about the DiMeras and who evil they are and if everyone had believed her last year when she said she saw Peter and Stefano alive that this would not be happening. Mike agrees that could be true, but they can't change the past, and asks her again to take a pill. She finally agrees and then Hope drops by. All Hope does is give her tickets to the circus and ask Laura to use them. That's all she says to Laura and agrees to stay for a cup of tea. This gives Peter time to get over to Laura's so he can follow Hope in hopes that she will lead him to Jen. He follows her to the circus but loses her for a while. As he is walking around he runs into Laverne again. She thinks he is there to look her up as he promised when he left her in Dayton. She comes on to him and offers him a ticket to tonight's performance and that maybe they can get together after the show. He hesitates when he sees Hope walk by so he agrees to stay hoping to find out what Hope is doing there.

Sami is at the office thinking about redecorating it when Eric drops by. She asks for his opinion but he says there is something more important to worry about now - Dad. He tells her that Roman knows about John and Marlena. Sami is upset saying that John probably pushed Marlena into telling him. She asked if he was OK or in the hospital. Eric says no he's fine and that he has known since New Year's with the help of Kristen. They are still talking about the situation when Roman walks in. He says that he is fine and the reason he told Marlena he knew is because he didn't like lying to her. He also said that they helped keep the lie from him so they can't blame it all on John and Marlena. He says he stayed at the pub last night and when he went by the penthouse that it looks like Marlena never went home either. Sami assumes she spent the night with John but Roman doesn't think so - he thinks she is thinking about all this mess off by herself somewhere. He says that he will be fine and that he wants Eric to find out what he wants to do in life and attack it with the same zest he had for getting him and Doc back together and he says he wants Sami to find someone to love that will love her back and to put her job at Titan to good use. They both agree to do ask their father ask and hug. Eric leaves and says to himself he doesn't have any idea what he wants for himself and Sami ask her Dad who you know if a man is truly interested.

Kristen is having a dream it's 40 years down the road and she is all alone. She is sitting in a wheelchair and a nurse tells her she that no one has been by when Kristen asks her. She says no one has been by in 40 years and the only reason she is there is because she is paying her a lot of money. Kristen wakes from her dream and hollers out for Peter. He comes running in and she asks him to never leave her. He can't promise that because as soon has he gets Jennifer and Abby they will leave Salem. She says that her baby will love her when she gets him back. He says he was in the basement and you wouldn't believe all the stuff Stefano has down there. She says she is not interested and says that Stefano called earlier - he has to set up another lab and get Dr. Rolf out of the hospital. She tells him he needs to stay put 'til then but he says he will have to leave if he gets a clue as to where Jen is. That's when he hears Hope stop by Laura's and heads to follow her and ends up at the circus.

Bo stops by Mrs. Horton just as she is leaving to see Laura. They talk a little and he says that he still loves Hope and will find a way to get back together. Hope doesn't seem too sure of it and says she has to go. He says she looks pretty and asks if she has a photo shoot? She just says she will be late never saying where she is going. He stays to see Shawn-D and when he finds out that Hope hasn't told him anything , and then he tells Shawn-D he will have a half-brother or sister because Billie is pregnant. He isn't happy at all and says that now they will never be a family again but Bo says he still plans to get back with Hope that he will be there for Billie and the baby but he loves Hope.

At the circus, Jack tries again to get Jennifer to leave with Abby but she says no that they are safer being there with him. They talk about how risky his plan is but he promises not to put things in motion until he knows that she and Abby are safe from harm. Jasper and Adam come by to get Abby for practice. Jasper thanks Jack for suggesting the circus come to Salem that sales have been great. Jennifer tells Jasper to let Ernesto know she will be a little late for practice and Jack ask to keep his cell phone as he leaves the trailer. Jennifer arrives for practice just as Ernesto comes in complaining of not feeling good and collapses. Someone rushes him to the hospital where they find out he has food poisoning and can't make the show tonight. Jasper is concerned they will have to cancel the show as the others gasp. Jack in the meantime is on the phone. About this same time Bo is leaving Mrs. H's when his cell phone rings - it's Jack.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

Jack announces to Jasper that he will take over for the ill sword thrower to save the circus. Jack talks with Bo on the phone and agrees to turn himself in but wants protection for Jennifer and Abby. Hope compliments Jennifer on the earrings she sent to her mother. Realizing that she did not send them, Jennifer tries to call Laura but cannot get through. Carrie learns the truth from Roman about John's relationship with Marlena and Kristen. Roman thanks Kate for giving Sami a chance at Titan that makes her uncomfortable. Kristen finds Laura's tranquilizer pills and grabs them. Lucas warns Eric that Sami's only dating Franco to make Austin jealous. Eric confronts Kristen about her lies and deceit and says she deserves to be alone. Eric considers becoming a cop or going to work for Sami. He is unaware that someone is following him. Laura buys a gun from Harry. Peter has another terrible headache and grabs Hope in his deranged condition. Franco offers to take Sami and her son to the circus. Franco tells Kate he will go along with Sami's plan for just a while. Lucas warns Sami that Franco is using her and does not really find her attractive or interesting.

Thursday, February 5, 1998

Vivian is biting her nails as Violet and the doctor try to figure out what's wrong with Jonesy. She's terrified he'll die before he has a chance to marry her and sign his will over to her. Ivan tells Edmund he's against what Vivian is doing. Jonesy recovers enough to go through with the ceremony - and even to rent a room at the inn for the wedding night revelry. Violet sings a truly earsplitting rendition of "God Save the Queen" for the wedding song...even Susan and Edmund are cringing. Vivian gets Violet to call for a solicitor right away to sign the will over. Edmond tells Ivan he admires his strength in letting Vivian go through with the ceremony, even though he is against it.

Bo is driving to meet Jack when he gets a call about a prowler and goes to investigate. To his horror, he comes upon Peter Blake viciously attacking Hope, who is thrown unconscious into the bushes. Bo is so frantic with worry that he fails to arrest Peter, who whacks Bo with a tree branch and runs away. Bo bundles a grievously injured Hope into his car and heads for the hospital, calling in the report that Peter is alive and driving a white car.

Carrie takes the circus tickets to the hospital for Mike, admitting to herself that the real reason she's bringing them personally is to find out whether Mike has feelings for her. Carrie runs into Lexie and asks pointblank if Mike ever said anything about her. Lexie, remembering Mike's confession that he is in love with Carrie, answers evasively and gets away at the first excuse. While she is waiting for Mike, Carrie meets with one of Mike's child epilepsy patients and the child's mother, who thanks Carrie for all she did with the benefit fundraiser. Carrie gives the child and mother circus tickets while Mike looks on in admiration. Carrie is just getting around to asking Mike what his feelings toward her are when Bo rushes into the hospital carrying Hope. Mike and Carrie rush to her side and Lexie comes running. Mike determines she has a head injury and runs all sorts of tests while Bo hovers anxiously. Lexie is stunned to learn that Peter is in the Salem area and that Stefano probably lied to her about not knowing where Peter was. Carrie and Mike finally have a minute alone again, and Carrie is about to ask her big question.

Sami watches Franco romantically kissing a model for the Countess Wilhelmina photo shoot and remembers Lucas telling her that Franco was just using her. She doesn't want to believe it, but she fires the female model anyway out of pure spite. Franco asks Sami if she liked the flowers he sent and then asks to come to the circus with her. Sami brings up her suspicions and Franco manages to convince her that his interest in her is real, dazzling her with a romantic kiss. Franco laughs to himself at how gullible she is.

Laura, Mickey, Maggie, Shawn, Caroline, Austin, Lucas, and Will gather at the circus. Austin asks where Carrie is, and everyone tells him she's on her way. Austin and Lucas discuss Franco's sudden interest in Sami and agree that there's something off about it. Kate tells Lucas to quit fussing and enjoy the circus. Laura is peering around anxiously for any sign of Jennifer, Jack, and Abby. Suddenly, a little girl clown says, "Hi grandma!" and gives Laura a bouquet. Laura is stunned to realize it's Abby, and runs after her. Unfortunately, Peter is listening to Laura through the bugged earrings, and figures out from the music that Abby and Laura must be at the circus. Running scared from his encounter with Bo and Hope, Peter decides that now is the time to chase Jennifer down. Jack and Jenn, meanwhile, hide out in their trailer, discussing the final details of their plan to nail Peter. Jennifer is worried, but Jack tells her everything will be fine once they get Bo's cooperation. Jack polishes up his knives to do his act as the Great Ernesto and practices with Jennifer until the last minute. Peter arrives at the circus and hunts down Laverne so he can get backstage and figure out where Jennifer is. He hears Laura's reunion with Abby and Abby telling her grandmother that Jack is the Great Ernesto, and Peter now knows exactly where to look. Jasper announces the star act, The Great Ernesto, and Jack appears with his knives. When the curtain is dropped from the target, the audience and the circus performers are stunned to see an empty harness - Jennifer is nowhere to be found. Back in the trailer, Peter carries an unconscious Jennifer to a bed, where he lays her down and apologizes for the way things have to be.

Friday, February 6, 1998

Everyone gasps as the audience and the circus performers see that Jennifer has disappeared. The audience assumes it's just a glitch, but Jack is worried. Abby is backstage with Laura, who doesn't know Jennifer is gone yet. Jack finds her and tells her what's going on. Laura is upset, but agrees to take Abby home to Alice to be safe while Jack finds Jennifer. Peter hears Jack outside Laverne's dressing room door and calls the FBI with an anonymous tip, telling them where to find Jack Deveraux. Jennifer is still unconscious, but is able to open her eyes for a minute and see Peter. Jack starts pounding on the door of Laverne's dressing room. Just before he goes in, Agent Byers from the FBI says, "Freeze, Deveraux!" Jack puts his hands up and tries to explain that Peter has Jennifer, but no one will listen to him. Mickey and Maggie run up to them and Mickey tells Byers that if anything happens to Jenn, he will hold Byers personally responsible. Byers drags Jack off to jail while Maggie gets in touch with Abe. Mickey and Maggie go to Alice's to break the news to Laura. Laura starts getting hysterical and Maggie calls Marlena's service to get her prescription refilled. Laura reaches into her handbag and looks at her gun, wondering if she can help Jennifer by using it. In jail, Jack insists on his right to make a phone call and calls Bo.

Bo is sitting beside Hope's bed, worried that she is still unconscious. Mike tells him that she sustained a serious head injury and if she does not come out of it soon, the chances don't look good for her to recover. Mike goes out and tries to finish his conversation with Carrie about his feelings for her, but they keep getting interrupted. Just as Carrie is about to ask a pointed question, Bo runs out and tells Mike that Hope is awake. He gives Carrie a hug and rushes back to be with Hope. Hope tells Mike and Bo that she is dizzy, but feels okay otherwise. Mike tells Hope that Bo saved her life against Peter. Hope doesn't remember the specifics of the attack, but Mike tells her that her memory will return as she recovers. She has the feeling she is forgetting something important. She thanks Bo for being by her side, and he tells her he will always be there for her. Bo's phone rings. It's Jack calling from prison. He makes Bo promise that he will find Peter and save Jennifer. Bo promises, but then Jack is cut off by Agent Byers. Hope tells Bo that she will be fine, and to go help Jack. Bo goes to the jail and talks to Jack, telling him that he saw Peter and Peter attacked Hope. Bo says that Peter might be on drugs, because he seems to have superhuman strength. Jack is horrified at what that might imply for Jennifer.

Carrie suddenly remembers that she was supposed to be at the circus with Austin. She calls him on his cell phone. He's at Kate's mansion with Lucas, Franco, Kate, Sami, and the boys. Carrie tells Austin what happened to Hope. Austin tells everyone else, and Franco rushes off to the hospital with Austin. Kate goes upstairs to check on the boys, and Lucas taunts Sami that she is no competition for Hope, and that Franco obviously is still in love with Hope. Sami tells Lucas that Franco and Hope are just friends. Lucas accuses her of starting to fall for Franco. Sami is surprised when she realizes that Lucas might be right. Austin and Franco arrive at the hospital and Franco goes directly in to see Hope. Hope tells him that Bo saved her life and they are still connected. Austin and Carrie start to kiss passionately, while Mike Horton watches from across the lobby.

Back in Laverne's dressing room, Peter prepares to take Jennifer away. Laverne knocks on the locked door and demands that "Charlie" let her in. Peter lets Laverne in and she sees Jennifer lying on the bed. "Vicki! Everyone's looking for you," she says. She leans over to check on "Vicki" and suddenly slumps as Peter hits her over the head. Peter crams Laverne into a wardrobe closet. While his back is turned, Jennifer starts to wake up. She sees Peter and screams, trying to escape. Peter grabs her and tells her that it's all right, they'll be together now, and they'll come back for Abby. Jennifer is panicked, especially when Peter suddenly grabs his head in pain. She sees that as her chance to escape, but suddenly the madness takes over Peter, and he grabs her as she runs by. Jennifer sobs and screams and tries to escape. Peter, in his maddened state, puts his hands on her throat and starts choking the life out of her.

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