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Monday February16, 1998

Affected by the "Jungle Madness" disease, Celeste imagines seeing a strange woman who she thinks is Kristen. Stefano finds Celeste on a park bench and brings her to his home. He tries to force her to stay there until the next batch of the cure is created but she manages to sneak out. Stefano hears on a TV report about Jennifer's death in the car crash and hopes that Peter had nothing to do with it. Laura advises Jack that Jennifer forgave him for walking out on her and suggests that it's time he forgave himself. Laura looks for Kristen but can't find her and is told that she left with a couple of packed suitcases. Susan is devastated when Kristen tells her by phone that she has the FAX that was sent to Marlena and that she has Sister Mary held captive. She vows to kill her sister if Susan doesn't secretly return home. Susan quickly packs but makes plans to put an end to Kristen once and for all. The mystery woman shows up at Susan's door. Marlena makes all the arrangements for Jennifer's memorial service. At the service, friends and family members all say their goodbyes to their dear friend. Abe brings Jack at the last minute to comfort Abby.

Tuesday, February 17, 1998

Celeste has made it back home to her place and decides a shower and change of clothes will help her. She is having bad headaches and keeps having visions of Susan and the baby and wonders if she may be in trouble. She leaves her home and heads to Salem Place where she has what else but a cup of tea. As she is sitting there and having more visions of Susan she looks down and thinks she sees worms and bugs in her cup and throws the cup down. The waitress picks it up and asks if she is OK. She says yes she's fine but she wonders what is going on in her head. She again has visions but this time it also includes Kristen and Laura and fears that Kristen is in danger from Laura.

In England, Susan tells Violet why she is returning to Salem and leaves little Elvis with her promising to take care of Kristan once and for all and that she will return to England. Violet tries to get Susan to wait for Edmund to return but she says she can't she must save her Sissy's life and leaves when the taxi arrives. Edmund arrives home from his trip with a ring only to be given bad news about Susan being gone. He says he would have gone with her is he had made it back in time.

Kristen is hanging out at Peter's house and hoping that Susan believed her when she said she would kill Sissy even though she doesn't believe she can actually kill someone. She heads downstairs and fixes herself a glass of brandy. She also pulls out the bottle of pills that Laura dropped and takes a few. She is starting to get a little woozy from the drink and pills when there is a knock at the back door. It's a man that she must have contacted about selling Susan to. He wants to see what she looks like and K shows him a picture of Susan and he says she's the ugliest woman he's ever seen and that the deal is off but K promises she will look just like her and he says OK and leaves saying he will return later as discussed.

With him gone Kristen gets a can of soda ready for Susan. She knows that Susan will not take any food or drink for her but maybe she won't think a can of soda would be drugged but Kristen has put some of the tranquilizers and booze in it. She also changes clothes into a long off white evening gown - it's very pretty - but not sure why she changed. She sits down for a minute and begins dreaming. John, Marlena, Stef, Laura, Jack, Celeste, Susan and Peter are all screaming at her and saying what a bad person she is. She screams as she wakes and grabs some more pills and booze. She is ready for Susan she says as we see Susan has arrived outside. Susan says she is dressed like K just as she instructed but she doesn't have the her teeth in yet.

The rest of Salem shows up at the funeral (except Sami and Franco). Kim and Eric offer their sympathy to Laura and Mike. Lexie is concerned that Celeste is not there and tries to call her but just misses her. All are gathered around talking when Stef shows up. Lexie goes up to him and says he should not be there and that if he had told them where Peter wasthis would not be happening. He swears he doesn't know where Peter is. Stef goes up to Laura and says he is truly sorry and she says she thinks the correct response is thank you and turns away. Marlena and John comment on how calm she is and M is concerned that she is too calm. They all sit to begin the service and Alice hands Jack Tom's journal that contains some things h e wrote about Jen - she thought they might comfort him. Abby asks if Mommy is really in heaven and Jack says yes. Mickey talks first about how the Horton's have had pain before and with God's help they can make it.

Then Jack gets up to talk. He has Tom's journal and finds something Tom wrote about Jen when she was a child. He says she was so special to them, a sweet and loving person and he hoped she would never change. Jack says she didn't she was just as sweet today as she ever was. Laura is upset and get up to get some air and goes to the back of the church. No on joins her as she just stands at the back. She begins thinking about how Kristen is responsible and says she is going to do something about it and leaves the church. She heads to K's and busts in and searches the house only to find K not there just as Iliana said. She leaves vowing to find K not matter where she may be. Back at the church Jack grabs a rose and says his good-byes to Jen. He says he will always love her and that one day they will be together forever no tnow as he needs to take care of Abby. Just as he finishes we hears the church door open and they all turn to see Peter come busting through and hollering out Jennifer's name.

Wednesday, February 18, 1998

Celeste is drawn to the townhouse where Kristen is. She remembers the night she wrestled with Kristen and got the needle in the arm. Inside Kristen is swaggering between the wine and Laura's tranquilizers. She recalls what she's done, kidnapping and threatening to kill a nun, and continues with her pity party, calling for Susan. Sister knows that that Kristen person is truly unbalanced and could kill her. Only way Kristen could get away with getting rid of her and Susan is not to leave any witnesses. Susan, dressed like a drab Kristen, is outside planning what to do.Susan wonders if it was such a good idea for her to come. Hearing the doorbell, Kristan swaggers to the door. Yup, it's Susan. She checks out Susan and asks her where her teeth are. Susan pulls them out of her pocket. She asks where the baby is and Susan said she's not as stupid as she thinks and the baby is somewhere safe til she gets her sissy.

Banging her head on the door, Kristen is upset Susan didn't follow orders and bring the baby. Kristen invites Susan in and after learning Stefano isn't in there, goes in. Kristen tells Susan she looks good and Susan said you would think so because I look just like you. Kristen agrees. Kristen offers her a drink and Susan refuses as she doesn't want to be drugged again by her, which Kristen expected her to say. Kristen says she' ll have another and Susan tells her it looks like she's had enough already. Susan demands her sissy. Kristen says Susie Banks has a tude, England must agree with her. Kristen toasts her new life, with the baby. Susan asks why she had to dress up like her in a fancy dress and Kristen remembers her talk with the man in the turban. Kristen asks if she talked with anyone about this and although she remembers telling Violet what she was going to do, says no. Removing her coat, Susan is dressed just like Kristen. She comes back to find Susan sipping a canned soda thinking Kristen couldn't get to it. Flash to Kristen previously opening the can a little to spike it with tranquilizers and alcohol. Both women think about how it will be over soon for the other one.

Laura gets in her car, determined to seek revenge from Peter and Kristen. She promises her dead daughter than neither Peter or Kristen will ever hurt anyone again. Sister asks God to take her life if it will save Susan and her precious baby. Laura remembers talking about Stefano's hideout and realizes that must be where they are hiding Peter. Wondering what she's doing, Laura looks at a map.

Meanwhile, Peter storms into the church. Stefano gets up to stop him from doing anything, but Jack starts to go after Peter. Peter whips out a machine gun from his coat He says he's taking Jennifer with him and no one is going to stop him. Alice comments to Mike that Peter looks different, insane. Mike comments he looks very ill. Roman and John are holding Jack back from going at Peter. Stefano tells Peter that Jen is dead and he refuses to believe it. Peter yells at Stefano that he turned his back on him just like he did to Kristen. Peter goes on about how much Jen means to him. Jack tells Peter to let her rest in peace in Heaven and his turn is next. Peter aims the gun at Jack saying Jen died because of him and his breaking out of jail.Alice, speaks out. She tells him he's frightening Abby and he lowers the gun. Bo asks to remove the women and children and Peter refuses. While Stefano pleads with Peter to drop the gun, Bo edges around the back of the church toget him. Bo and Stefano rush Peter together and with his super human strength, Peter gives a good fight and breaks free. He shoots out the lights and the top of the church. A light comes on in the front of the church and we see Jen lowered in a white gown telling Peter that it's impossible for her to be with him. Jen confronts Peter with the truth about what happened the night Jack tried to protect her and Abby when Peter came to kidnap them. She also tells him that he almost killed her that night at the circus. Everyone is looking up at Jen is awe and John said it's a miracle. Abby asks Mike if it's her mommy and Mike said she came back as an angel. Jen asks Peter if he wants God's forgiveness, then he has to admit what he did was wrong. He says yes, and tells her what happened that night at her house in front of the people at the church. He admits the gun going off was an accident. He tells her he just wanted to make her happy and she tells him it was all that HE wanted, not her, just like Kristen tells Stefano that she's in a different world where violence and anger don't exist. He'll never see that world unless he makes his amends. God will not accept him in his paradise unless he admits his sins and repents. Before she leaves, she asks if he will do as she asks. He asks what she wants and she said to drop his gun and to turn himself into the police and pay for his crimes. If he does that, she will forgive him. Stefano tells him to do it. Peter drops the gun and Bo and Abe arrest him. Peter just looks to the top of the church where Jen floated back up to. Bo tells Jack he's a free man, right Agent Byers? Byers said he'll take care of the paperwork. In the back of the church, Bo looks at Hope and Shawn D., who are standing with Franco. Billie goes up and hugs Bo saying she can't stop shaking. Hope rushes up to Alice to check on her. Maggie tells Mickey is was a true miracle and even in death, Jen was trying to protect Jack. Alice thanks Tom for sending Jennifer down to protect them. Caroline and Marlena talk about the miracle and how Jack will find it different at home. Jack went to collect Abby from the nursery and take her home. They just now realized Laura is not there.

Celeste is seeing visions of Kristen, Susan and Sister Mary asking for what they want. She knows that Sister is in terrible danger. Sister is praying for the Lord to take her to protect her sister and asks His forgiveness for what she has to do. Kristen offers some ice to Susan for her soda and Susan refuses. She tells her she's getting use to drinking things warm in England and likes it now. She tells her Edmond is teaching her how to do things now. Susan doesn't want to talk about her love life and after Kristen tells her she must be dressing up and acting like her again to get a boyfriend, Susan tells her she may be beautiful, but she's like a snake and her boyfriend wouldn't like her one bit! That's why John Black won't ever love her again too, nor will anyone else. Pouring another glass of wine, Kristen tells Susan that Marlena took John away from her. Susan tells her she only has herself to blame for losing John as she changed. Kristen goes on with what happened with the baby, the secret room, etc. Susan tells Kristen she tries to blame everyone but herself for what happened. Kristen tells her to shut up. Susan asked how come John couldn't tell the difference between her and Kristen when he was making love to her and Kristen gets irate. Susan continues to tell Kristen off and how she'll never hurt anyone again. Being in love has made her strong. Kristen said being in love with a loser has made her strong. Susan says she's in love with Edmond P. Crumb, NOT a loser. The verbal war continues. Susan starts to get woozy and wants to see her sissy, but then realizes that Kristen drugged her again. Kristen tells her she wins right after Susan feels the effects of that soda and leaves the room. Susan sees the letter opener on the table and goes after Kristen outside. She holds the knife at Kristen's throat and tells her she'll never let her get her baby. The baby is safe far away.

Celeste calls the convent looking for Sister Mary Moira. The nun who answers says the sister hasn't returned since she was collecting donations at Salem Place. Celeste realizes her visions were correct and has to stop it from happening. Laura figures that Kristen must be holding Peter in the secret room at Peter's own house. Susan (?) back in her own clothes, gets in a car and prays that no one realizes what she's done.

Thursday, February 19, 1998

Susan nearly hits a car as she flees from Kristen's house. We still don't know what happened, but Susan keeps remembering holding a knife to Kristen's throat and threatening to kill her. Susan gets to the airport and makes a phone call to the police station, telling them that Sister Mary Moira was kidnapped and is being held in the Peter Blake house.

Everyone is getting worried about Laura, but Marlena runs into her outside the church. She tells Laura about the angelic vision of Jennifer, and Laura regrets that she was not there to see it. Marlena asks if she went to see Kristen and Laura admits that she did, but didn't find her. Marlena warns her not to do anything drastic, especially when Laura learns that Peter was apprehended. Abe calls Marlena down to the station to do a psychological evaluation of Peter and Marlena leaves, with Laura not far behind.

At the station, Peter is being booked while Stefano, Roman, John, Bo, and Abe keep an eye on him. Peter makes a break and almost escapes, but Roman and John manage to bring him down and put him in a straitjacket. Peter begs Stefano to help him, and Stefano pretends to turn his back on Peter, but gets a sly look in his eye when Bo tells Peter he will spend 25 years to life in prison. Stefano begs permission from Abe to use the jungle madness serum on Peter, and they reluctantly allow him, although they think he is up to something. Marlena arrives and asks Peter some questions. A few minutes later, Laura arrives and finally has a chance to vent at Peter, telling him that he is responsible for killing Jennifer and she hopes he and his family rot in hell. Peter says that no one is more miserable about Jennifer's death than he is. Then Abe learns that Sister Mary Moira was kidnapped, and immediately everyone turns to Stefano, assuming he knows something about it. Stefano tells them there is a secret room in the Blake house, and he will show it to them. They run over and discover Sister Mary Moira lying on the floor - but when she sees Stefano, she suddenly attacks him and demands to know where Susan is. When all the confusion is straightened out, everyone realizes that Kristen is responsible for the kidnapping, and John vows that she will pay for her crimes.

At the pub, everyone gathers to mourn Jennifer. Billie talks to Shawn-D, who is amazed at the angelic vision he saw. Billie tells him that an angel once saved her soul when Curtis tried to take it, and that angel was named Bo. Hope overhears and glares at Billie. Kate smiles to herself. Franco asks Billie how she is doing with Bo, and Billie admits that things aren't going well - he will be there for her and the baby, but she wants much more from him. Billie asks Franco what's up with him and Sami, and Franco says Sami is trying to use him to make Austin jealous. Billie warns him to be careful, and Franco assures her he can handle Sami. Sami is piling food on her plate and Franco tells her to slow down. Sami says she eats when she is upset, and Franco tells her that she should keep her body beautiful and have a salad. Sami is flattered enough to listen, but Lucas overhears and sneers that Franco wouldn't be interested in her if she weren't his boss. Sami sees Franco chatting with Kate and takes him aside, demanding to know if Kate has ordered him to be nice to her. Franco tells her that if she is so insecure that she doesn't believe it when a man likes her, he feels sorry for her. Meanwhile, Carrie is doing her best to comfort Mike, who is grieving for Jennifer, but can't help appreciating all the attention. They share memories of Jennifer's goodness and Carrie tells Mike that she will always be there for him, just as he was there for her when she thought Roman had died and when she thought she lost Austin. Carrie gives Mike a big hug while Austin watches them. Billie, meanwhile, decides to talk to Hope and starts reminiscing about the great times she used to have with Jennifer and Kristen, when they used to help each other over the rough spots. Billie says she can't believe Kristen didn't show up to pay her respects. Bo comes in and asks Billie how she's feeling; she says she's queasy and asks him to take her home. Bo complies, but can't keep his eyes off Hope all the way out the door.

At home, a miserable Jack consoles Abby by looking at pictures. Jack promises Abby that he will make up for all the time he missed with her, and that they will have to learn to get along without her mommy. Abby runs upstairs for a stuffed animal and Jack vows out loud that he will take care of her. Suddenly, Jennifer appears in the room, looking VERY real, and says that she knows he will. Jack is astounded and assumes it's another angelic vision - until Abby, coming down the stairs, sees her mother and runs into her arms. Jack can't believe his eyes and asks Jennifer if she's really real. Jennifer laughs and says of course she is - didn't Jasper tell him about the plan to fake her death to lure Peter out of hiding? Jack tells her about Jasper being attacked by Peter and being in a coma and Jennifer suddenly realizes that everyone really thought she was dead - at the same time as Jack realizes she's been fine all along! There is a joyful reunion. Jennifer tucks Abby into bed and as they prepare to go to Alice's to break the news in person, Laura and Marlena walk through the door. They look up and see Jack walk in, followed by Jennifer. For a minute, they just stare at Jennifer - and then Laura faints dead away.

Friday, February 20, 1998

Jennifer anxiously tries to wake up Laura as Marlena stares in amazement. Jennifer quickly explains what happened and Jack and Marlena help Laura wake up. Once they convince Laura she's not dreaming, she is ecstatic to see that Jennifer is really alive. Jennifer and Jack head over to Alice's and to the pub to let everyone else know the good news. Marlena heads over to the Blake house to tell John and Laura privately gloats that none of the DiMeras will ever hurt her family again...

At the Blake house, John, Roman, and Abe question Kristen's maid, Ileana, who tells them that she doesn't know where Kristen went. They make her promise to tell them the minute they hear anything. Sister Mary goes back to the convent after having a few choice words with Stefano, who is just as anxious about the fate of little Elvis as the rest of them. John accuses Stefano of being responsible for Kristen's twisted mind. Stefano leaves the house to go check on Celeste while Abe and Roman follow Roman's hunch and check for Kristen at the airport. Marlena finds John alone at the Blake house and tells him of Jennifer's miraculous return. Marlena is stunned to hear of Kristen's latest scheme with Sister Mary.

At the airport, Susan learns her flight to England will be delayed, which sends her into a panic. She swears she will never return to Salem and keeps remembering threatening Kristen. She calls Violet and lets her know she's on her way home, and tells Violet that that mean Kristen will never hurt anyone again. While she is waiting to board, Abe and Roman start searching the airport for Kristen. Roman spots Susan and calls her name, and Susan looks like she's going to panic...

Stefano returns to his hideout to inject Celeste, and is furious when Bart tells him that Celeste left shortly after Stefano did. Stefano realizes that all his plans are on the brink of ruin and that he will lose all the ground he gained with Lexie if she finds out what Kristen did to Celeste.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Bo and Billie talk about Jennifer's death, and Billie is depressed to see that all Bo's thoughts are for Hope. She tells him she wishes he could love her as much as she loves him, and Bo replies that he will always be there for Billie and the baby, and that Hope doesn't want him anyway. While they are embracing, Kate walks in. Billie excuses herself, but stands outside the door eavesdropping as Bo confronts Kate about the lie she told when he called from Rome, and she said that Hope was happy with Franco in Paris. Kate covers her tracks pretty well by saying she thought that Hope and Franco were together because no one knew where Hope was and Franco had told her he intended to take Hope with him to Paris. Kate confronts Bo about what she overheard Billie saying - that Bo saved her from a fate worse than death in Rome. Kate puts two and two together and guesses that Billie was back on drugs. Bo tries to cover, but Billie comes in and confesses. Bo tells Kate about Max kidnapping Billie and injecting her with heroin, and Kate is appalled and sorry that Billie didn't tell her sooner. While Kate and Billie are discussing the possible effects of the drugs on the baby, Bo gets a phone call from the pub. It's Hope, telling Bo that Jennifer is alive! Bo passes the news on and rushes out the door. Kate is angry that Bo left Billie to see Hope. Billie says she doesn't see it that way, but Kate murmurs, "After all I did to keep Bo and Hope apart..." Billie hears her and asks her what exactly she means.

At the pub, everyone is still mourning Jennifer, unaware that she is on her way over, alive and well. Austin is disturbed by the sight of Carrie constantly comforting Mike, and keeps remember what Sami said. Lucas notices Sami watching them and gloating that soon Carrie will leave Austin and Sami will be there to pick up the pieces. Lucas tells her she should have learned from her mistakes, and that she is insensitive to be gloating while his half- sister Jennifer is dead. He walks away in disgust. Sami sees Franco talking to Hope and tries to lure him away with a discussion about Titan, but Franco cuts her off, saying this is not the time and place to talk business. Sami is stunned by the rejection. Lucas sees them and goes over to Austin, saying that it looks like Sami has alienated another man in her life. Austin agrees, but seems preoccupied, and Lucas guesses what's on his mind. Lucas tells Austin not to worry, saying that Carrie loves him and he shouldn't doubt her. Austin thanks him and keeps watching them together. Sami apologizes to Franco later on for doubting his motives in befriending her. Franco says that until she learns to trust him, they have no relationship, not even a friendship. Sami is very troubled. Eric tells Lucas he feels sorry for Sami because she has never known true love. Lucas asks Eric if he has ever been in love, and Eric looks evasive and disturbed. Suddenly, Jack bursts into the pub and tells everyone to sit down because he has a shock for them - a wonderful shock. Caroline immediately sits while everyone else waits. Jack beckons to Jennifer and she walks in, to everyone's amazement and joy. Hope calls Bo while everyone else gathers around and learns that Jennifer's death and angelic visitation were faked by the circus people to trap Peter, and that the only glitch was Peter attacking Jasper so that he was unable to tell Jenn's friends and family about the ruse. Everyone is overjoyed to have Jennifer back, especially Mike. Hope is touched when Bo bursts through the door and embraces his longtime friend. Hope sees Jack and Jennifer kiss tenderly and says she had just about given up on happy endings. Bo tells her never to do that, and she turns around to look at him.

But where is Kristen? In the back of the Blake mansion, we see a filled pool and floating face-down in the pool, a female figure in a white dress...

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