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Monday March 9, 1998

Marlena and Roman arrive for dinner and Marlena excuses herself to go make a phone call. Knowing that she is probably going to call John, Roman says fine, but he wants her attention for the rest of the evening. She agrees and tells him that the call can wait. Roman orders champagne and they babble on and on about how there will now be no secrets between them and she apologizes about going along with Kristen's lies. They talk about the children, Stefano's influence on their lives .... They wonder if anyone will attend Kristen's funeral and Marlena is still having trouble believing that Kristen committed suicide, but Roman is sure she did as he explains the whole scenario. Roman arranges for them to play "Up Where We Belong" and asks Marlena to dance. She accepts and as they dance, they share a kiss.

Stefano and Laura continue to verbally duke it out. He calls her insane and walks away, but good ole Laura has to have the last word and keeps on hounding him. He tells her not to celebrate just yet. She blames him for everything that happened to Peter and Kristen and she is thrilled that justice has been served and that she is THRILLED. He calls her a stupid fool and points out that even if EVERYONE else hated Kristen, HE loved her. AGAIN, she says he is responsible and flashes back to walking through the Blake house with the gun. She doesn't know when to stop and just keeps on making Stefano madder and madder. He realizes that she left Jen' s funeral and questions her as to where she was during that missing time and asks her if she had anything to do with Kristen's death. Laura relies on the coroner' s report and reminds him that it was ruled suicide. She admits to going to Kristen's house, but she wasn't there, so she returned to the church. He says she is hiding something, but she denies it. As she leaves, she tells him that she will see him at the funeral...she wouldn't miss it for the world. With that she turns on her heel and leaves. He is sure she is hiding something and wonders how she is involved.

Franco tells Sami that he has a special evening planned for her and they toast in the back of the limo. She questions his motives and he says that he likes her and tells the driver to head to Titan. He has arranged a make over for her. Franco tells her that any man would be honored to have her. Keith (the photographer) shows up. Franco tells her that being in front of the camera will give her confidence. She is nervous, so he joins her in the pictures. You can tell she is being swept off her feet. Later, he tells her he has another surprise and kisses her.

Eric confronts his stalker .... it's a guy named Jed (his old room mate). He says that Eric ruined his life and he is there to return the favor. He was supposedly kicked out of school and disowned by his parents and may even go to jail (Golly...what did he do??) Eric says Jed is blaming everyone else for his problems and Eric tries to walk away, but Jed threatens his family (Sami in particular) if Eric doesn't follow his demands. Eric tells him if he comes near Sami, he'll be forced to finish what he started in Colorado. He wants Eric to return to Colorado and tell the truth, that he is the one who actually did something.

At the police station, Edmund is thrilled that "Susan" accepted his proposal and picks her up and hugs her. She thinks to herself that she might just be on the way to getting her baby back. As Edmund professes his love for her and kisses her, "Susan" keeps reminding herself to smile and keep up the Susan act. He suggests that they visit Sister Mary, but "Susan" panics...she's not sure if she can fool her, but finally agrees. At the convent, Celeste is still praying She tells Sister Mary that she is feeling much better, even though she still refuses to call Lexie. She thanks Sister for her help, but Sissy says that thanks go to the Lord and they continue to pray. Later, Celeste excuses herself to go outside and get some air and while she is gone, "Susan" and Edmund show up. Sissy talk about horrible the ordeal was and about that mean Kristen. "Susan" almost slips when she takes up for Kristen. Edmund announces their engagement and Sissy is shocked. She asks Edmund to step out of the room and gives "Susan" the 3rd degree. Celeste returns and stops dead in her tracks with one look at "Susan". Celeste's visions begin to return and she can't figure out why (as she continues to stare at "Susan"). Edmund returns and they leave. After they are gone, Celeste asks Sissy if she noticed anything different about Susan. In the park, "Susan" assures Edmund that Sissy approves of him, she just takes a while to warm up to people. He wants to celebrate, but "Susan" doesn't want to have to face any more people that she she knows. He persists and she finally agrees to take him to the Penthouse Grill and just hopes that they don't run into anyone she knows.

In the sheik's quarters, Susan is completely incoherent as she babbles on about that mean, mean, mean Kristen and screams for help. She keeps saying that Kristen won't get away with it. Edmund will see through Kristen's tricks. She comments that she doesn't know where she is, but it took 2 days to get there and they are all foreign .She says she will never let Kristen get her baby OR her Edmund. She pulls out a picture of the 3 of them and begins to cry. She vows to find a way back to them. She tries to find a way out, but no luck. She crumbles into a heap crying for Edmund and Elvis. She realizes that Kristen must still have Sissy captive and is sorry she couldn't save her. She vows that Kristen will NEVER be her baby's mamma. As she looks at the picture, she just hopes that Kristen didn't trick Edmund as well. She starts beating on the wall screaming "I'm coming back to you Edmund...I'm coming back!"

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

Eric and Jed are still at Salem Place discussing the Amy Becker story. Seems Jed wanted her and so he drugged her with Mescadil and raped her then put her in Eric's bed to wake up. Somehow Eric was able to make people realize what Jed did and he got canned from school until the board has a hearing. Jed tries to threaten Eric into going back to Colorado with him and lying so that he can get back into school. Jed wants to be a doctor but Eric says some doctor he would be when he uses drugs to get what he wants. Shawn shows up and gets introduced to Jed and offers to let him stay at the pub and Jed says he would love to and he could fill him in on Eric's life in Bolder but Eric says he is returning to Colorado soon. Jed even mentions wanting to hook up with Sami. Eric asks his Grandfather to excuse them they have some things to talk about so he leaves. Eric manages to get Jed to admit that Amy teased him and he was tired of it so he slipped the drug in her drink. Eric continues talking to him and gets him to say that he will go back and admit his guilt and pay for what he has done. So he leaves to return to Colorado. At The Penthouse Grill as Susan and Edmund, Kate and Lucas, Franco and Sami and finally Carrie and Austin show up for dinner. And gosh everyone talks to themselves today too. Roman apologizes to Marlena for the passionate kiss saying he was caught up in the moment and she says it's OK she was too but you can tell she doesn't feel very comfortable with him. First Kate and Lucas come in and she's glad he suggested going out as she could not stand to spend another evening watching Sami lounge around the house like it she owned it when in walks Franco and Sami. Lucas can't believe how good she looks and Kate is hoping that Franco knows what he is doing. They have a seat and are greeted by Roman and Marlena who say how great Sami looks. She says she has Franco to thank. She is very nice to Marlena which definitely pleases her. Then Susan and Edmund show up with Susan talking to herself saying that she hopes they don't run into anyone they know. But no luck as Edmund says look it's that police captain and Dr Evans. R&M ask S&E to join them at their table and Susan is worried that she will blow her cover. She says that she can't let anyone know that Susan is dead and she is pretending to be her or she will never get little Elvis.

Marlena comments that she is glad Kristen didn't get her hands on Elvis but Kristen just says to herself to keep calm as bad things are being said about Kristen. Edmund comments that she has not had much to say about Kristen but she just smiles. She excuses herself to the powder room as she can't stand being around Marlena. In the restroom she talks to herself saying she has to remain calm when Marlena comes in. Marlena says that something is different about her and she says that maybe it's because she is in love with a man that loves her back but Marlena has this look on her face that makes you think she is having doubts about Susan. Next they all join on the dance floor for Susan and Edmund's engagement dance and while on the floor Edmund steps on her feet and then reminisces about their time in England. Susan is hoping she can get his mind off the past being she doesn't know much about it but he keeps asking if she remembers this and that. So far she is able to pull the wool over his eyes. Carrie and Austin are curious about Sami and Franco but agree to not worry about them tonight but when Carrie goes into the powder room while Sami is there they have words and Sami says that Carrie is telling her to quit lying to herself and admit she has feelings for Mike. Carrie leaves and returns to Austin who notices she seems upset but she says it's nothing worth repeating. Lucas is hitting the liquor pretty hard and sees Sami talking to Roman when he realizes that that's the key to stopping Sami. He tells Kate that if Roman did not approve of Sami it would be devastating to her so he thinks if he tells Roman that Sami is blackmailing Kate that Sami would give up the stuff. Kate tells Lucas not to take the chance and that he has had too much to drink. Roman tells Franco he wants to talk to him and asks if he still loves Hope Roman says OK but if he hurts Sami he will have to answer to him. Marlena shows up and says it's time to leave and they say good-bye to Susan and Edmund on the way out and Marlena looks at Susan again as if she is hiding something.

On the walk home Roman tells Marlena about his conversation with Franco when he notices a house on fire and a woman hollering out an upstairs window that she and her daughter are trapped. Marlena calls 911 and turns to Roman just as he rushes in and she says no don't go in but too late. Then back at the Penthouse Grill Lucas has really had a lot to drink and he hollers that he wants to dance with her so he can talk to her. When she refuses he hollers that he was good enough to sleep with but not dance with huh? Then he says he wants everyone to know what she is and that she's a slut. Franco, coming to Sami's defense, decks Lucas and knocks him to the floor.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Ivan has come to bid farewell to Violet. Viv has broken his heart for the last time and Violet shakes her head in disappear for poor Ivan. Violet tells him he owes Viv at least a good bye. Meanwhile, in their honeymoon suite, Jonesy is painting Viv's toenails and she's very content. He tells her if he dies tomorrow, he'll die a happy man. Shades of flashback as Viv remembers that may be true when Dr. Woo tells her just that. She tells Jonesy she refuses to let him go. After he finishes her toes, they hug and decide to spend all their time in bed. He asks if she'd give up all her friends, for him and she said who the hell needs friends when she has a husband like him who'll live up to her every desire. She tells Jonesy she wants to be completely honest with him and needs to make a teensy weensy confession. She confesses to only being interested in his money. She was broke and desperate. He knew he said. He has his own confession to make and she kisses him.

Later Violet pulls in Ivan, saying he shouldn't be trying to hitchhike on the coldest night of the year ...and offers to make him some hot soup. No, he just takes a swig from his flask instead. Ivan thanks Violet for helping him warm up and she gives him tea, not more scotch. He sees a picture of her husband and she tells him his name was Zigmund. She tells him Zigmund was her true love. Ivan wishes he had his true love like the one Jonesy and his madam are sharing right now. Ivan tells Violet he's never seen Viv as happy as she is now. Back in bed, Ivan and Jonesy are at it again. As he starts to tell her he's broke, he dies on her chest. She calls his name and realizes what happened and starts crying.

At the hospital, a nurse tells Mike she's happy he's applying for Chief of Staff. Lexie asks him if he changed his mind and he smiles yes. She asks if Carrie helped change his mind and his smile gives it away again. He knows there's no future for him and Carrie, but they're still friends and he doesn't trust anyone else as much as her with this. She learns Carrie already confronted him about if she was the married woman he loved. She admires his sacrifice and astounded he can spend so much time around someone he loves and can't have. They go to have a cup of coffee and he spills some on his tie. Lexie helps him wipe it off and notices his new shirt and tie, different from his usual look. He tells her Carrie helped him pick it out (it's the dark blue shirt and tie). Mike tells her he's determined to keep his and Carrie's relationship as friends only. He tells Lexie the torch for Carrie is out and has to stay out.

At Titan, we see Lucas' drunken speech to Sami saying he's going to tell everyone what a lying little slut she is when Franco punches him. Franco tells Lucas never to talk that way about Sami again and Austin and Edmund go over to help Lucas up. He shuns them off, so they return to Carrie and Susan . Edmund calls it a "classic love battle" and Carrie questions OVER SAMI? Sami gushes to Franco that no man has ever done that for her before when he asks if she's ok. He tells her as long as he's around, no man will ever hurt her. She comments to him that she really can count on him and they head back to dinner.

Edmund asks Susan if he told her he loved her recently and she hugs him wondering how much longer she can keep this up as this guy's a geek. He suggests they leave before any more punches are thrown, but says it has been an exciting night, like the night they first met at the pub back home. Susan just smiles, being clueless as to what happened there. He tells her he's going to call his mum to tell her about their engagement and she says it's late. He reminds her mum is a night owl, which Susan really didn't know. He tells her to sit down and she does. He has a corker of an announcement for her. Susan Banks has done him the extreme pleasure of being his wife. She's thrilled as she adores Susan and he says he does too.

Carrie and Austin talk about Lucas/Sami/Franco over dinner. Austin said Lucas deserved the punch in the face. They can't figure out if Franco is really interested in Sami or not. Sami and Franco have finished dinner and he offers her a ride home in the limo. She said at this point she'd follow him anywhere. They walk by Lucas without saying anything. Lucas gets up and after Carrie and Austin ask if he's ok, he tells them it's not over yet.

Kate's at home hoping Franco isn't playing with fire, as she's the one who'll get burned. Lucas returns home with jacket off and bow tie askew when Kate asks what happened to him. He tells her about being out of line with Sami and Franco hitting him. He's not happy about Sami and Franco. He wants Kate to fire Franco and she refuses, he s their top model. Kate tells Lucas he's over-reacting. He yells back he's not going to have Sami running around Salem like a slut and ruining his son's legacy by taking Titan down with her. He's going to take Sami to court for full custody of his son. Kate tells him not to attack Sami as she could expose her secret. Lucas tells Kate he's getting tired of hearing about the blackmail that Sami's holding over her and Kate putting her needs above her children and her grandson's. Kate comes unglued and tells him he doesn't know what sacrifices she's made for all of them. If Sami reveals what she knows it can ruin their family. If it's that important, Lucas says, tell me what it is. Kate refuses.

At the burning house as Roman dashes inside to rescue the woman and her daughter with Marlena telling him don't. Roman grabs a blanket to put over his face. Marlena watches anxiously from outside as we see Roman trying to see through the smoke when some thing collapses and we see fall on the floor. Edmund and Susan walk up to Marlena and the burning house when she tells them Roman went into the house to rescue the people. Edmund, being subtle, says In there? He'll die. Marlena turns and looks at him in shock. Inside Roman pushes aside the wood on top of him and grabs the woman. She tells him her daughter is in the room there and the door is jammed. He pushes the mother out the door and tells her to go, he'll get her daughter Megan. The mother comes out from around the house and Marlena rushes to ask her about the man who came inside. She tells Marlena he's helping her little girl. Edmund rushes in to help as a man has to do what a man has to do. Roman kicks the door down and hears, but does not see Megan with all the smoke. Roman wraps his coat around Megan and dashes outside. We see Edmund coming back as he couldn't get past the foyer due to the flames. Firemen rush up and Marlena tells him her husband and a young girl are inside. Susan points out to Marlena that she called Roman her husband when the fireman comes back to say stand back and that they couldn't get in now, it's too dangerous.

Susan says she's sorry about Roman, but the last thing she wants to do is stand around for a group hug with this seedy Edmund and her arch enemy Marlena. The firefighters come back saying it's impossible to go in, too dangerous, when Roman comes around the corner with the little girl in his arms. Marlena rushes up to Roman and hugs him. Edmund said he's a true hero. While the woman (Sharon) thanks Roman for saving Megan's life, the fireman come to take them to the hospital. Roman asks Marlena what the tears are for and she tells him she was afraid she lost him and he hugs her. Edmund and Susan walk by and watch what's going on. Edmund tells Susan that he might not be as brave as Roman, but if she were in danger, he would walk across the deepest ocean to save her. Susan says it's too late Ed, your beloved Susan is already dead.

The turbaned man brings a belly dancing costume to Susan and tells her to put it on for the show. She calls it a genie costume. She can't get dressed like she is now. She said he stuck a bag over her head and then put her on a plane for hours and hours and she's a mess. He agrees and sends in a few women in black hooded garb to wash and dress her. In a gold plated tub and bubbles, Susan thinks about missing her sweet pea and Edmund so much. She wonders how she can escape from that room if she doesn't even know where she is. Turban man comes in after Susan waved off the women trying to help her. She said she'd naked and to get out. He tells her he's sick and tired of her chatter and she has 2 minutes to get in that costume or (he pretends to slash his neck to show her). Turban man comes in and sees Susan in the costume with her hair in ponytails, teeth in and a scarf on her head. Oh yeah, and a jewel in her belly button too. Turban man knows he was deceived.

In the limo, Sami tells Franco she didn't know that Lucas was Will's father 'til just a few months ago. He says everyone in the restaurant noticed her, including Austin. He tells her that she outshines Carrie in every way. He tells her he finds her very desirable. They gulp champagne in the limo. Franco kisses Sami and wow, she said. It was different, like one of trust. Franco tells her she's innocent in his eyes and if she trusts him, there's many things for them to experience together, starting with another kiss and eventually they sink down on the seat as he tells her he's going to teach her the most important lesson about being a woman.

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Lucas announces to Lynne that he wants to take his son away from Sami's environment. Franco backs away from kissing Sami in the limo and thanks her for a wonderful time. However, he confesses that he's had too much to drink. He wants her to want him so much that she would never consider betraying him. Carrie tells Eric about Lucas and how he went after Sami and the resulting punch thrown by Franco. Eric then admits his problem with Jed and what happened in Colorado. Lucas boasts to Sami his intention to sue her for custody of their child. When Sami ignores the threat, he reminds her that no judge would be happy to hear that she is blackmailing someone. Hearing Vivian scream, Ivan assumes that she and Jonesy are in the throes of passion. Vivian calls a doctor who reports that Jonesy has died. Ivan suggests that Jonesy died a happy man making love to her. Susan realizes that Kristen set her up. With a veil covering her head, Susan is taken to a sultan who, after watching her trying to do a dance, decides that he doesn't want her. He then orders her killed. Roman visits the girl he saved from the fire. Marlena confides to a disguised Kristen that while she loves both men, John is her soul mate.

Friday, March 13, 1998

Celeste explains to Sister Mary that she is not going to Kristen's funeral service. Celeste then has a vision of Susan and the funeral where some of the attendees are screaming while others stare in shock at the casket. John remembers the good and bad times he spent with Kristen. He remembers the little bottle of her favorite perfume he once gave her. Seeing John arrive for her own funeral, Kristen believes that John really cares about her. Stefano confides to Lexie that he loved Kristen and now that she is gone, Lexie is the only daughter he has. Returning from England, Vivian and Ivan arrive for the funeral which worries Kristen who wonders how well they knew Susan. Laura celebrates Kristen's death dressed in red. Mickey gives Jack the good news that all of the charges against him have been dropped. He is a free man now. Jennifer boasts that Jasper is out of his coma and should recover completely. Laura is furious when she overhears Stefano promise Peter over the phone that he will get him out of prison soon. Laura confronts Stefano and vows to stop any effort on his part.

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