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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday March 16, 1998

Sami is looking at the photos of her and Franco remembering the previous night. Franco shows up and apologizes for the night before. He has juice for both of them. He feels bad for the way that Lucas treated her and invites her to join him at the Titan gym for a work out, which she quickly declines. After he leaves, she tells herself she has to stay in control and stay focused on Austin. She looks at the pictures again and fantasizes about being a top model and Austin telling her he is so proud of her and kissing her. She snaps out of it, wondering what she can do to make it so. At the Titan gym, Austin is working out with the punching bag as Franco approaches and they talk about Lucas's actions the night before. The conversation turns toward Sami. She shows up in black leotard. Austin and Franco talk about boxing. Austin admits that he misses it sometimes. Sami is listening and taking it all in. After Austin leaves, Sami questions Franco about their conversation. She tells him that Austin gave up boxing because Carrie was against it. Franco says maybe this is just what they need.

Earlier, at home, Austin shows up with bagels while Carrie is working on Mike's campaign. She takes a break and they have breakfast together. He invites her to go jogging with him, but she is too busy. He notes that she is "really into this" and shows a twinge of jealousy. He starts kissing her but she stops him and goes back to work. He walks away disappointed. He decides to go to they gym and offers her a ride to work, but she says she is going by the hospital to do some research. Later, Mike comes to his office to find Carrie going through his files. She has found photos and articles about him that she can use. They talk about Kristen and how she used to volunteer to help children and wonder what happened to her. They wonder just how many people will show up for her funeral and discuss Laura's reaction to all of this. Later, Carrie tells Mike that she doesn't really like any of the photos of him and will arrange a photo session for him. He asks Carrie if Austin is okay with all of this and she tells him not to worry. She notes that even Kate is a member of the hospital board and she plans to solicit her support as well.

At the convent, Celeste is still having the visions. She darts out the door saying she MUST get to the funeral. One of the other sisters brings her back to the room. She says she found her wandering down the middle of the street. Celeste doesn't even remember leaving the convent. She offers to get her a doctor, but Celeste refuses. The sister goes to make tea as Celeste returns to praying. She remembers her struggle with Kristen and that is what started all her visions and headaches, but with Kristen now dead, she may never find out what happened. She returns to praying and has more visions of Stefano, Kristen and Laura. She sees Stefano and Kristen and then Kristen turns into Lexie. Celeste takes off again, but has an attack and passes out.

John shows up at the church and Marlena (as well as Hope) are the first to see him. Hope goes to him and asks him if he is okay. Roman tells Marlena to go to him. He tells her that he is okay apologizes to her for not calling her. He excuses himself and slowly approaches the casket. He reaches out to touch the dead "Kristen" , but Stefano stops him. He wants to make sure it is really Kristen by pulling and yanking on her face. Marlena rushes up as Susan panics. Edmond tries to stop her. John reminds everyone about Peter's "death" and the mask, but Marlena assures him it isn't a trick. John checks and is finally satisfied. He comments that he didn't want her to die. Susan questions him and he says he just regrets that he didn't try to help her. She says she is sorry that she didn't know the Kristen that he loved and he says he chooses to rely on the good memories of her and not remember what she became and excuses himself. He and Marlena hug as Susan seethes. Lexie wants to sit near Stefano and Abe joins her. Laura tells Susan that she is so glad that Kristen didn't get her baby and Susan asks her if red isn't a little bright for a funeral. Laura notes that she has on some red as well, maybe it's because the 2 of them aren't in mourning. Marlena returns to her seat with Roman and John goes to sit with Vivian and Ivan. Sissy keeps an eye on Susan and asks her if she is okay. "Fine and dandy as sugar candy," answers Susan. The priest enters and the service begins As Susan looks around, she realizes that all of the people must have still cared for her. (Meanwhile, Laura is flashing back to wandering through the house with the gun) She imagines that Kristen sits up in the casket and points at her and begins to freak out. Jack, Jennifer and Marlena all rush to her aid and Marlena suggests that she take one of her tranquilizers, but Laura says she doesn't have them. Susan remembers finding them at Salem Place. Laura finally settles down and the service resumes. As the priest speaks, the camera pans around and Lexie, Stefano and John all have flashback memories of Kristen. The priest encourages people to come forward and share memories of Kristen, but alas, no one does. John almost does, but sits back down. Stefano gets up and gives his eulogy. It starts out all nice as he talks about the "good" Kristen. But it turns nasty as he turns the tables and begins to blame everyone there for turning their backs on her and turning her into the villain. He is especially hard on John. He continues to berate everyone and gets so worked up, he begins coughing and having trouble breathing. He collapses to the floor as there are gasps...

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Carrie and Mike still discussing his chances at the chief of staff job and he tells Carrie that one of his disadvantages is that he is not married. He says that the board will look for someone with a stable family life, thus proving that they can handle the social aspects of the job. Lynn rushes up and tells him that there's an emergency and that the paramedics are on the way. After Mike

rushes off, Austin calls Carrie and asks her to meet him at the Pub, but she refuses and tells him maybe later...she wants to see Mike in action.

Sami and Franco are still in the Titan gym discussing Franco's plan. Franco tells Sami about his conversation with Austin and that he thinks Austin misses being in the ring. He tells her that this is the perfect way to break up Austin and Carrie. He points out that with Carrie spending time with Mike, it leaves Austin with time on his hands. Sami catches on and says that after he gets involved with boxing, Carrie will disapprove and it will cause tension between them. He tells Sami that it will involve NO action on her part that the potential for problems is already in place.

At the church, everyone rushes toward Stefano and (Susan has to control herself, careful not to give herself away). Lexie pushes her way to the front as Bo calls 911. Sister Mary and Vivian are both puzzled about Susan's concern toward Stefano, and when Edmond offers to take her outside, she refuses. Lexie cries that there is no pulse and that she's losing him. By the time the paramedics arrive, she has revived him. The priest tells John and Marlena that in light of everything that has happened, the service can't continue, but they need to proceed with the burial. John decides to go to the gravesite and Marlena decides to join him. Lexie decides to ride in the ambulance to the hospital and they leave. Shawn and Caroline invite everyone back to the pub. Bo stops Hope and tells her that they need to talk, only to be interrupted by Billie, who reminds him that she has a doctor appointment. Hope stomps off and Bo is more than a little perturbed with Billie. Roman offers Kate a ride to the pub and she accepts. Sissy decides to return to the convent and Susan refuses at first to go to the pub with Edmond, but he convinces her. While he is gone to get the car, she complains that he won't leave her alone and it's like he is glued to her hip! She wants to go to the hospital to check on Stefano, but decides that she had better not.

Lexie and Stefano arrive at the hospital, greeted by Dr. Mike. Abe stands by her and comforts her. Later, Mike confirms that Stefano did have a heart attack and that his condition is stable but serious. Lexie wishes that she could have done more, but Mike says her actions saved his life. Carrie tells Mike that his work has really impressed her and she has an idea to make him stand out from the other candidates. Lexie visits with an unconscious Stefano and promises she will always be there for him.

In the cemetery, John says his good byes to Kristen and apologizes for not helping her. He hopes that she has found the peace she was looking for. Marlena hugs him from behind and reassures him that he could have never given her what she wanted. She suggests that they go to the pub, but John doesn't want to be a part of a crowd, so she decides to stay with him. They return to his room at the Salem Inn and she tries to ease his guilt. He tells her of the message from Kristen and plays it for her. He says he can't forgive himself for not helping when she was reaching out for help.

As everyone begins arriving at the pub, Vivian comments to Ivan that all of her former lovers are dying. He points out that HE is strong as an ox. When Hope arrives with Jack, Jen and Laura, Bo makes a b-line for her (not unnoticed by Billie). Hope all but ignores him and begins a conversation with Jen. She tells her that she needs to keep herself busy and with Stefano down, it is the perfect opportunity to find the missing pieces of her past. Everyone keeps commenting on how Susan is "different" somehow. But she keeps thinking about how she must check on Stefano without giving herself away. Jack, Jen and Laura talk and she says other than being a bit embarrassed by her outburst in the church, she is fine. She asks Susan if she is relieved about Kristen's death and Stefano's attack. Laura says "Good riddance to the DiMera's" but Susan thinks "don't be so sure about that Laura". Billie and Roman talk about Bo following Hope around and once again Roman supports Billie as they talk again about him helping her in Paris. She comments that he is the only Brady on her side. Roman says he is concerned about the welfare of the baby and Billie stuns him by saying that Bo would probably be happy if she lost the baby.

Upstairs, Bo corners Hope and wants to talk, but she doesn't and threatens to leave. He persists and professes his love to her, but she tells him to just leave her alone. As everyone awaits news on Stefano, Laura decides the party needs a shot in the arm and (with Jack & Jen's blessing) announces their engagement. Eric tells Austin that he is considering a career in photography and the conversation turns toward Austin's boxing and how he misses it. He says although that he would never return to it and Eric asks him if he has regrets. Susan sneaks out of the pub and attempts a call to the hospital to check on Stefano. Since she isn't family, they will give her no information. Edmond drags her back into the pub and announces their engagement as well. As everyone congratulates them and hugs her, she don't know how much more of this she can take. Maggie suggests that they marry in Salem, but Susan only wonders how the hell she can get out of this mess. Laura tells Jack and Jennifer that she doesn't understand why everyone is so somber, her only wish is that they couldn't have gotten rid of Kristen and Stefano all in one day. They also wonder where Marlena is, since the burial should be over by now. Back upstairs, Bo & Hope are still talking as he tries to apologize but she can't get past the fact that Billie is carrying his child. He admits that he has made mistakes and says that he knows that Hope still loves him. He says the only thing keeping them apart is that baby. He slams his fist down on a table and says that he just wishes that she wasn't pregnant, that there was no baby. Over his shoulder, we see Billie.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

In John's room at the Salem Inn, he plays Kristen's last message to him on his answering machine. John doesn't want to hear the message anymore and Marlena tells him that Kristen ‘s last year was a destructive downhill battle. John tells her he's fighting with his own fears too. He fears he's losing the woman he loves to another man. Back to the subject of Kristen, Marlena convinces him he did everything he could. He tells her she's right as his future is with her. She said Roman has the same fear of losing her, when she's with him. She tells him about dinner with Roman the night before and how she tried to call him. He asks champagne and dancing, right? She agreed a little of both. She tells him about the house fire and what happened and how heroic it was. He' s not surprised that Roman would do something so brave and unselfish and he came out ok. He said it's going to look good on Roman's resume when she has to pick between them, then apologizes. He can't help it. He said he can give her love, Roman can't. She lays a big kiss on him. Later, laying on John's bed, John asks Marlena if she's sure she wants to do this and she said she'd never been so sure of anything in her life and they start kissing.

Lexie watches over Stefano, talking to his unconscious body about the dark cloud hanging over Salem. She tells him the only person who was spared was Susan. Susan is pacing in her room waiting for her head to get chopped off by one of those long curvy sharp swords, or maybe an ax. She hides thinking it's the axeman she hears coming, but alas, it's only turban man. He tells her to be quiet as he thinks he's found a way to save her life. He said he asked the Sultan for another chance for her to dance as the Sultan liked her body. Clasping her costume, she said no way! She got tossed out of the school rendition of Bye Bye Birdie and can't dance. He said he'll cover her face and she better dance or it'll be both of their heads.

Abe joins Lexie in Stefano's room. She tells Abe she can't leave Stefano ‘s side wondering what he's thinking. We venture inside Stefano's head and see him looking at pictures of Marlena and Lexie from a while back. A nurse comes in and asks Dr. Carver if she's working? Lexie said yes and goes to see a patient down the hall. Abe asks the evil bastard (Stefano) what he's thinking after Lexie leaves. We see Stefano dreaming about toasting Elvis (who's about 20 something yet Lexie looks the same) and Lexie with a drink.

At the pub, Susan and Edmund talk about how everyone is happy for them. Susan feels Laura's eyes on her, making her nervous. Roman wonders what's taking Marlena and John so long as it shouldn't have taken that long at the cemetery. He tells Caroline he feels Bo should be with Billie because of the baby. Jen & Jack are happy about the two engagements being announced and Laura continues to smirk to herself. Edmund tells Susan that Shawn wants to show him his collection in the storeroom. Laura warns Susan that Stefano might try to come to take away Elvis. If Stefano dies, she won't have to live in fear any longer Susan said she's not worried as she has Edmund now.Laura searches her coat for her tranquilizers worried she lost ANOTHER bottle. Jen and Jack tell her they're going to see Jasper, did Laura want to go with them and she happily accepts. At the hospital Laura tries to get her prescription for Placidin refilled.She has to have Dr. Evans give her a new subscription. We see the ME telling Abe and Bo that a large dosage of Placiden was found in Kristen's body. Roman asks if she didn't die from drowning and he said she did, but had ingested a large dose of Placidin first. Laura

overhears this. The ME said she might have taken the Placidin to put herself in the frame of mind to be able to drown herself. Abe and Bo wonder how Kristen got the Placidin and so does Laura in the background.

Abe confesses to Bo that he'd be happy if "that bastard never woke up." Bo said he doesn't wish Stefano dead, but it would be nice if he was out for a couple years or something as Hope wants to check into her past. He rushes off to Dr. Bader's office for Billie's appt.

Billie overhears Bo telling Hope he wished she wasn't pregnant with his child. He wishes he could turn back the clock. Hope lashes out at him that he felt confident enough not to take precautions with Billie and has to deal with the results. In tears, Billie rushes out of the pub and Roman catches her outside, figuring out she saw Bo & Hope. She tells him she was right, Bo doesn't want this baby and tells him verbatim what Bo said to Hope. Billie tells him she has to leave. Roman says no, she can't, but she tells him she has something to do. He remembers her Dr. appt. and offers to go with her. She thanks him and says no. Upstairs, Hope tells Bo she's moving on without him and he best get along to Billie's Dr. appt. She's not going to run after another man, but she's going to start filling in the pieces of her missing past. Stefano gets extremely nervous every time she mentions her missing timeframe and with him in the hospital, he can't get in her way now. Shirttails hanging out, Bo said he can give her a place to start to make it easier on her and when she asks how? He tells her it'll have to be later as he has to go to Billie's Dr. appt. She points out that's what she means, he always has to go to Billie. After going home, Billie tells herself she will not be an obstacle. Her baby is the most precious thing to her and she has to be strong like Kate was when she was pregnant with Lucas and darts upstairs. No w in blue jeans and carrying a suitcase, Billie said she needs some money, lots of it. She calls Marie at Titan to have a large check delivered to her at Kate's house. Hope overhears being she was there to pick up something. When Marie said she'll have to clear it with Kate, Billie tells her to use the Countess Wilhimina account as she has control over that. Marie agrees and Hope asks where Billie was calling from. Hope arrives as Billie was about to leave and asks where she‘s going. Hope asked if Bo knew she was leaving and Billie said no. Hope asks if she's hoping Bo will come after her. Billie said no, she deserved that, but Bo is Hope's free and clear, she wins.

Susan sends Edmund to call Violet about how little Elvis is doing and tries to figure out how to check on Stefano's condition being they won't tell her over the phone. She rushes over to the hospital and locks Stefano's door and blinds. She tells him she heard what he said at the funeral (he's still unconscious). She tells him she's so close to getting her hands on HER child again and no one, including him, isn't going to get in his way now. Kristen tells Stefano he treated her like a daughter but he turned on her. Now it's her turn to make sure he doesn't get in her way of getting her son back and eyes the pillow in the corner to suffocate him. She secures her teeth in her mouth and picks up the pillow.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

John and Marlena decide to ignore the phone ringing in John's hotel room and concentrate on each other. Roman is forgotten as they declare their undying passion and begin to make love. John excuses himself to order champagne (hasn't he figured out by now that something ALWAYS happens to interrupt them?). When the champagne comes, Marlena finally picks up the ringing phone. It's Laura calling from the hospital, frantic because she's lost her Placidin prescription and the pharmacy won't give her another one. Marlena doesn't like the way she sounds and tells her to stay put - she'll be right there. John sighs and they head over to the hospital. There they find Abe and Roman, who have discovered that Placidin was the drug found in Kristen's body. They have checked with the pharmacy and discovered it is a powerful, controlled substance, and that if Kristen Blake had a Placidin prescription, she didn't get it filled in Salem. Roman asks Laura, who has been nervously eavesdropping, if she knew anything about Kristen seeing a psychiatrist. Laura says no, but is getting nervous and keeps remembering seeing Kristen standing next to her pool. John and Marlena run into them and ask what they are doing there. Abe and Roman are about to tell them about the toxicology findings, while Laura looks on anxiously.

With everyone still convinced she's Susan, Kristen decides to go back to the penthouse and pack her bags and hop the first flight to England. However, at the pub, Maggie and Caroline convince Edmund to keep Susan around for a while for a surprise. Edmund catches up with "Susan" at the penthouse and sees her packing to leave. Remembering his promise to Maggie and Caroline, Edmund pushes her to stay for a while longer. Although she is frantic to get out of Salem, "Susan" reluctantly agrees to avoid arousing suspicion.

Austin nurses a cup of coffee at the Java Cafe while Sami and Franco spy on him, waiting for Phase One of Franco's new plan to take place. An old trainer from Austin's boxing gym shows up and pretends to be surprised to see Austin. Austin is thrilled to meet him and asks him to sit down. The trainer asks Austin why he's not boxing any more, and Austin claims he is happy with his new life as an executive and a husband. The trainer tells him he was one of the best, and could be a champion. Austin says he is past all that, but the trainer tells him any time he wants to come down to the gym to spar, he should feel free. Austin says he'll think about it. As he leaves he sees Sami and Franco, who ask him to join them. He says no thanks, and that he has to find Carrie. Sami asks what Carrie's doing these days, and Austin tells her about Mike's campaign to become chief of staff. Sami says she's sure Carrie is doing a great job and Austin leaves. Franco tells Sami she has the subtlety of a sledgehammer. The trainer comes up to them and says he was unable to get a commitment from Austin about taking up boxing again. Sami is about to bite his head off, but Franco shuts her up and thanks the trainer, handing him an envelope of money. The trainer says the money is handy, but he would have talked to Austin for free - he was one of the best. Sami is furious at Franco for shutting her up, but he tells her that none of her plans have worked, and if she wants his help, she will have to play it his way. Sami, obviously stimulated by Franco's aggressiveness, agrees.

At the hospital, Stefano wakes up to find Lexie watching him. He says he's surprised no one pulled the plug on him (not knowing how close he was). Lexie gets Mike, who tells Stefano that he had a serious coronary, but Lexie saved his life. Stefano asks to see her and he thanks her for what she did, claiming she is the only person who cares about him. Lexie says that Susan came to visit him earlier, and Stefano is immediately suspicious. While he is holding Lexie's hand, Abe walks by and is clearly disturbed by the growing closeness between his wife and his arch-enemy.

Carrie keeps watching Mike in action at the hospital, forgetting all about her date to meet Austin at the Java Cafe. She even finds herself doodling Mike's name on a notepad. She tells him that she wants to make a video presentation about his life and qualifications to present to the reviewing board. Mike thinks that's pretentious (and he's right!) but Carrie convinces him that's what he'll need to go up against the heavy hitters. To persuade him, she asks him to watch a video she made of another client. They turn out the lights and sit close on the couch. When the video is over, Mike says it was great. Carrie tells him of all her plans for his video, and then says he hasn't even agreed to it yet. Mike says that he could never say no to Carrie. They gaze at each other and hug in the dark room. Naturally, Austin picks that minute to walk in on them and turn on the light, but he doesn't seem suspicious (or he's covering it up). Mike tells Carrie it was a great video and leaves, and Austin asks Carrie if she forgot their date. Carrie is embarrassed, but assures Austin that nothing is more important than their marriage, not even her work.

Bo is disturbed that Billie didn't make her doctor's appointment. He mentions it to Roman, and Roman tells him that Billie was upset when she left the pub, but doesn't have time to go into detail. Hope calls Bo and tells him that she is at the Kiriakis mansion, and Billie is trying to leave town. She tells him to get over there right away. Billie comes downstairs and asks her what she's still doing there. Hope says she wanted to find out if she could give Billie a hand. Billie says no thanks, and don't let the door hit you on the way out. Hope says that any decision involving Billie's baby should include Bo, and Billie should know that, too. Billie says she thought Hope would be thrilled that she's leaving, but Hope says she is putting the baby's needs ahead of her own, and that Billie should do the same. Billie says she would rather raise the baby alone than have it know that its father wished it were never born. Hope says Bo didn't mean that, but Billie says she is sure he did. A delivery man comes with the envelope of expense money for Billie from Titan, enough to get her far away, she says. Hope hangs around until Bo shows up and tells him Billie is upstairs packing. Then Hope says she will leave them alone, because her presence will only make things worse. Bo goes upstairs and tries to talk Billie out of leaving. Billie says that it's too late - she overheard what he said to Hope at the pub, and she knows he doesn't want her or the baby. Bo says that even though he loves Hope, he still cares about Billie and wants to be there for her during the pregnancy and the child's life. Billie tells him it's not enough and starts down the stairs with her bags. Bo goes after her and demands that she stop. He grabs her arm (haven't these people ever seen "Gone with the Wind?") and she struggles. Suddenly, Billie loses her footing and screams as she plummets down the stairs!

Friday, March 20, 1998

As Billie starts to tumble down the stairs, Bo manages to grab her just in time to save her from a nasty fall. They are both relieved, but Billie asks Bo if he would even care if she lost the baby. He tells her of course he would care, and that even though he wishes he hadn't gotten her pregnant, now that there is a baby, they have to deal with it and make sure it is given the best life possible. Billie says she is still going away, because she can't be sure Bo won't run back to Hope and leave her the second Hope gives him a chance. Bo says that all he can promise is that he will be there for her and the baby, nothing more. Billie says that will have to be enough, and she allows Bo to persuade her to cancel her travel plans. While they are hugging, Billie allows a triumphant smile to cross her face. She thinks to herself that she never intended to leave Bo behind - she thought he would come find her, but Hope made it easier by calling him. Now she has him where she wants him. Bo tells her to call Dr. Bader so they can do the ultrasound together, and Billie manages to get an appointment the same day.

Hope watches Stefano sleeping and starts talking to him. She asks him what happened to her during her four years at Maison Blanche. While she is questioning him, Stefano wakes up and calls her Gina. Hope corrects him and asks if he is up for some questions. When she asks him what happened to her, Stefano says that he heard about a young woman badly burned and paid for plastic surgery out of the goodness of his heart. He claims he didn't even know who she was. Hope says that he must have known her when her face was reconstructed, and asks why he didn't contact her family. Stefano's blood pressure and heart rate start spiking, and Lexie rushes in and demands to know what is going on as she settles Stefano down. Hope says they were just talking, and Lexie says she must have said something to upset Stefano, and tells her to leave the room. Lexie follows a few minutes later and tells Hope that Stefano is stabilized, but suggests that Hope refrain from visiting him any more, and that she stop bothering him when he gets out of the hospital. Hope is surprised by Lexie's tone, and asks her what's going on. Lexie says he just had a heart attack, and no matter what Hope thinks of him, Lexie is concerned for his health, as she would be for any patient. Hope sees John and tells him that Stefano called her Gina and reacted badly to her mention of Maison Blanche, just as he did at the jungle compound. She tells him she is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. In his room, Stefano curses Hope and says she had better stop digging or she might disappear again. But he knows that no one will ever figure out the secret that is hidden in the basement of the townhouse that Jonesy was guarding.

Laura interrupts Roman, who is about to tell John and Marlena about the Placidin found in Kristen's system. She asks Marlena to write out the prescription for her. Laura remarks that it's too bad Stefano didn't have a tranquillizer, because maybe he wouldn't have had a heart attack. "Poor monster," she says sarcastically. Lexie, standing behind her, says she bets Laura wishes Stefano were dead. Laura says as a matter of fact, yes, she does wish the last of the DiMeras were gone from Salem. Lexie reminds Laura that she, Lexie, is a DiMera. Laura immediately apologizes and says she always forgets Lexie is Stefano's daughter. Laura warns Lexie to be careful, because Kristen was once good, until she let Stefano influence her. Abe tells Laura that's enough, and Marlena takes Laura to her office. Lexie says that Laura needs professional help and stomps off. While Marlena and Laura are gone, Roman tells John about the Placidin, and wonders where she got it. In Marlena's office, Marlena asks Laura why she needs another refill. Laura says she lost her prescription and the pharmacist won't give her any more. Marlena refills the prescription, but tells Laura if she wants to talk about anything, she is there for her. Laura almost forgets her prescription as she walks away, gloating about the fact that Kristen is dead and no one will ever know what happened. Once again, she remembers walking out to the patio where Kristen stood with her back turned, and this time, Laura remembers pointing the gun at her.

Roman asks John if he was with Marlena tonight. John says yes, and Roman was with her last night, so what's the point? Roman says that he thinks Marlena has feelings for him. John says Roman is right, but he, John, is the man that Marlena loves. He asks Roman to give up, but Roman says he can't do that. He goes to Marlena's office and asks her if she knows where Kristen may have gotten an illegal supply of Placidin. Marlena is startled to hear the name of the drug she just got Laura a refill for, and asks Roman to come with her to the Blake house, where Kristen died, to check something out.

In the desert, Susan tells the turban man that she would rather die than learn to do that hoochie-coochie dance for the sultan, and that if Kristen told him she could dance, Kristen was a liar. The turban man says Kristen will pay for her deception, but in the meantime, if Susan doesn't learn to dance, they will both be killed. Soon a beautiful harem girl comes into Susan's chamber carrying, of all things, a boom box. She tells Susan that if she doesn't learn to dance, they will both be killed. Susan asks if anyone has ever really been killed, and the woman says that in the three years she's been there, one woman was eaten by the crocodiles in the moat when she tried to escape. Susan tries to learn the dance, but of course, she is hopelessly uncoordinated and knocks over a vase. She begs the woman to help her escape, and the woman says that there is no way. Susan asks where they are, and the woman says they're in the middle of the desert. She says that no one ever comes here except the Sultan's guests and a supply truck once a month. Susan asks to take a break and the woman leaves. Susan tells herself that the supply truck is her ticket out of there, and she vows to Edmund and Sweet Pea that she's coming home!

In Salem, Kristen is having a hard time keeping up the pretense of being Susan. Edmund notices that her behavior is still strange. "Susan" claims she is just anxious about little Elvis, so Edmund suggests they give Violet a call. Violet lets "Susan" talk to Elvis, and Edmund notices that she does not call Elvis "sweet pea." He asks her why she didn't use her baby's nickname, and Kristen is panicked, because she doesn't know what it is, but Edmund uses the name and lets her off the hook. While Kristen is wondering how much longer she can keep up the pretense, Edmund gets a call from Ivan.

Ivan and Vivian let themselves into the townhouse and immediately notice that someone has been there drinking brandy. But since nothing is missing, Vivian isn't too alarmed. She is depressed that Jonesy is dead, and tells Ivan to invite Susan and Edmund over so they can gossip about Kristen's funeral. Ivan gives them a call and Edmund agrees to come right over. He tells "Susan" that they are going to visit an old friend. Kristen is appalled when they show up at the townhouse, and she wonders who they're going to see. Ivan opens the door and lets them in and Vivian notices that "Susan" is acting strange. She has to remind "Susan" of the time she was there before for the seance and for Halloween. Edmund, who is exploring, walks over toward the basement door. While everyone is crying, "No!", he touches the door - and the alarm immediately goes off, to everyone's horror.

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