Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on DAYS
Stefano gave Celeste the cure to the jungle madness. Edmund planned a surprise wedding for Susan as Kristen prepared to escape to England to kidnap the baby. Laura was the prime suspect in Kristen's death. Austin was upset about Carrie's devotion to Mike. Craig taunted Mike about his failed relationship with Carrie.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday March 30, 1998

Bo was at the hospital and asked Lexie about Stefano. Lexie said that Stefano was stable, but she was worried about her mom. Bo told Lexie that if she didn't hear from Celeste soon then she should go see him. Bo changed the subject back to Stefano's release. Bo and Lexie argued about Stefano.

In his room, Stefano told Bart that they needed to find Celeste immediately. Stefano feared that if Lexie learned what had happened to Celeste, Lexie would never forgive him. Stefano also said he had to stop Hope from uncovering the secrets of Maison Blanche.

Lexie went in to see Stefano, and she told him that Bo had been poking around the hospital, trying to learn how he was. Stefano asked why, and Lexie said she thought it might be because of Maison Blanche. Lexie left, and Stefano said he had to prevent anyone from finding out the secrets of Maison Blanche. Stefano asked Lexie if he could do anything for her, and she asked him to find Celeste.

Stefano agreed, and Lexie also called Abe for help. As they talked, Stefano was shocked when Lexie said that the investigation of Kristen's death had been reopened, and Laura had been at the scene of the crime. Lexie left to take care of Stefano's discharge papers, and Stefano vowed to make Laura pay for what she had done.

Celeste was still at the convent and was plagued by her visions of Susan, Kristen, and Sister Mary. Celeste wondered if her visions were connected to Kristen's death and what she had been doing that night. Celeste suddenly remembered being at the Blake house, seeing Laura, and hearing gunshots being fired.

Alice suggested that Hope go to Marlena or Laura for help to remember what had happened. Hope said that she believed Stefano was the only one who could help her, and she believed that once she remembered what had really happened, it could spell the end of Mr. Stefano DiMera. Bo dropped by to see Hope, and they discussed her past and connection to Stefano. Bo told Hope that he thought they should go search Jonsey's place while Stefano was in the hospital. Hope told Bo no way; she was doing it on her own.

At Marlena's, Abe announced that he was reopening the investigation into Kristen's death, and Laura was the main suspect. "Susan" said that Laura claimed she hadn't seen Kristen that night, and Marlena asked "Susan" how she knew that. "Susan" said that she had just happened to have overheard them talking when she had been on her way to the kitchen. Roman also told "Susan" that she had to stay in Salem because she had seen Kristen that night. Edmund became defensive, but Roman told him that in light of the evidence, "Susan" had nothing to worry about. Kristen told herself that if Laura was blamed for "Kristen's" murder, it was because "good ol' self-righteous Doc" went snooping.

Edmund started asking a lot of questions about the original suicide theory. Abe and Roman began to speculate that Laura might have spiked Kristen's drink with pills, and Abe decided it was time to take her in. Abe and Roman decided not to take Laura in until they had hard evidence. Roman, Abe, and John went to the Blake house to search for more clues, and Edmund told "Susan" he had to go take care of something; he left.

"Susan" and Marlena were left behind alone, and they talked about Marlena's theories about Kristen's death. Marlena told "Susan" that Kristen had not been the type of person who would commit suicide. As they talked, Kristen was sure that Laura had killed the woman in the pool and that she was home free. Kristen realized that she'd stuck around Salem long enough and planned to return to England that night.

The real Susan was being made beautiful for the party at the Sultan's palace that night. Maya told Susan that the next supply truck was arriving that night, but there was no way she could escape. An angry man entered and saw that Susan was still not ready. He informed Susan that if she didn't please the supreme leader then she would die.

Later, Susan pretended that she was going to vomit because all the unusual food they had made her eat had made her sick. Maya was told to go on instead of Susan, but if Susan was faking then she would die. Susan was left alone and tried to pick the lock on the door just like Thomas had taught her when they had been little.

At the convent, Celeste saw someone drowning the woman in the pool and wondered if it was her. Back at the Blake house, John discovered the button from a woman's coat.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Bo and Hope hid outside of Jonsey's place and watched Stefano's henchman, Bart, leave. After Bart left, they broke in and started searching. Hope found a picture of Maison Blanche. Hope had a few memory flashbacks, but recalled nothing new. Hope told Bo that she didn't think she had been at Maison Blanche for the entire four years she had been missing. Hope looked through an art book and recognized a painting in the book as one she had seen. Suddenly, Bart returned.

At the hospital, Stefano accused Laura of killing his Kristen. Laura said that Kristen's death had been a suicide, and the police had closed the case. Stefano then updated Laura on the case status: it had been reopened, and she was the only suspect. Laura didn't believe it and said the police could investigate all they wanted, but they wouldn't find anything. Stefano told Laura that he knew she was hiding something, and he knew what it was.

Laura and Stefano started arguing. Stefano didn't believe her, and he told her that he would make Laura pay for killing his Kristen. Lexie saw Stefano getting ready to leave, and he was upset. Lexie asked him what had him so upset, and he said he was angry that Laura hadn't been arrested for Kristen's murder. Lexie told him that he had to be fair to Laura and let the police handle their job. Stefano said he would wait and told Lexie that she was his rock. Lexie left, and Stefano made arrangements to go to the cemetery to see Kristen.

At Marlena's penthouse, Kristen was stuck listening to Marlena talk about Laura. Belle and Brady showed up, and Belle wanted "Susan" to sing her silly song again. "Susan" said she was not feeling well at that moment and didn't want to sing. Brady then asked if "Susan" could show him the yo-yo trick. Once again, "Susan" claimed she'd love to, but she was not feeling well. She ran out of the room. "Susan" returned and apologized. She said she thought she had a cold.

Edmund showed up to see his love, and Marlena took the kids upstairs. "Susan" told Edmund that seeing Belle and Brady had made her miss her own child, and she wanted to go back that night. Edmund told "Susan" that she couldn't. "Susan" got angry, and she said she wanted to get back to her baby right away. Edmund said they couldn't go back that night because Violet was taking Elvis to London the next day anyway. He wondered what could be wrong with "Susan" because lately she just hadn't been herself. Edmund left. Kristen called an airline but got a voice message.

At the Blake house, John had given the button he'd found to Abe. Roman said that the button might belong to Susan, but Abe thought it was Laura's. John gave "Susan" a call and asked her if she could check the clothes she had been wearing the night Kristen died and see if a button was missing. "Susan" agreed to check and call John back, but she realized that everyone was so focused on Laura that they wouldn't figure out she was gone until it was too late.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

At the hospital, Carrie worked on Mike's video and talked to Mike about how Craig was really schmoozing over the committee. Mike told Carrie that he wouldn't stoop to Craig's level, and Carrie said of course not. Craig stopped by and poked fun at them both. After he left, Carrie said it was too bad they couldn't keep up the boyfriend/girlfriend charade. Carrie said that she had just meant she didn't like seeing Craig put him down. Carrie told Mike he was right, and she hugged him.

Austin walked in and saw Carrie and Mike hugging, though he didn't say anything about it. Carrie threw her arms around Austin and told him that she couldn't wait to spend some time with him that night. Mike left, and Craig spotted Austin and Carrie. Craig told Austin that he had to have been the guy Mike lost Carrie to. Austin didn't understand, and Craig told Austin that Carrie had been Mike's girlfriend in Los Angeles. Craig left, and Austin asked Carrie what was going on.

Bart returned to the townhouse while Bo and Hope were still trapped inside. Bart got a call before going into the house, which gave Bo and Hope time to hide. Bart gave Stefano a call to inform him of a lead on Celeste, but Stefano told him to handle it himself. Bart eventually left, and Hope continued to search around. Hope found a file, but when she opened it, Bart returned. Hope dropped it on the floor and ran. After Hope and Bo had left, there was a picture of Hope from a newspaper, wearing clothes from the 1930s, and the paper was Russian.

John and Marlena were talking about Laura's involvement with Kristen's death. Marlena told John that she felt like she had betrayed Laura's friendship. John told her that if Laura were innocent and a true friend, they would be able to get past it. Marlena hugged John and told him how good he made her feel.

Edmund dropped by to see Susan, but she was not there. Edmund asked John and Marlena if Susan seemed different to them, and they said yes, but they gave Edmund the same old reasons everyone else had. Edmund then told John and Marlena the secret he was planning. He was throwing a surprise wedding for Susan the next day. They were thrilled for him, and Edmund asked John to walk Susan down the aisle and to be his best man, which John agreed to.

At Laura's place, Abe and Roman told Laura that they were there to search her house. Laura asked what they were looking for, and they told her they were looking for what she had been wearing the night Kristen died. Laura took them up to her room and excused herself to answer the phone. Roman found the coat with matching buttons, but there was no missing button. Abe had the coat analyzed for hair, fibers, and chlorine. Laura returned and saw them with her coat. Roman told her that if she had nothing to hide then she didn't have to worry.

Mike returned home and was shocked to find Abe and Roman searching the house and that Laura was a suspect in Kristen's murder. It angered Mike, and he wanted to call Mickey for help. Laura told Mike that she hadn't killed Kristen, so there was no reason to call Mickey. Roman thanked her for her cooperation, and she told them she had nothing to hide. Roman and Abe left, and Mike asked Laura why she was a suspect. Laura told Mike that she had gone to the Blake house the night Kristen died. Laura also told him about the bottle of Placiden, which prompted Mike to call Mickey.

At the cemetery, Stefano was in tears after Kristen revealed to him that she was alive. Stefano didn't understand who was in the grave, and Kristen told Stefano about her plan to get the baby. Stefano was angry, but Kristen told him that everyone in Salem, including him, had turned their backs on her. Stefano told Kristen that nobody could know she was alive, or she could be sent to prison for murdering Susan. Kristen told Stefano everything that had happened, including the fact that she had left Susan in the pool, alive.

Kristen said that she needed to return to England that night to get the baby, but Stefano said it was not that simple. They started arguing about Susan's death. Kristen told Stefano that the police thought Laura was the one who had killed her. Kristen also told Stefano how she had taken Laura's pills and considered killing herself at one point.

Stefano told Kristen that despite what had happened in the past, he loved her and was grateful she was alive. Kristen cried and thanked him for telling her that. Kristen asked Stefano to please help her escape from Salem. Stefano told her that if she left at that moment, it would cause Edmund, John, and Marlena to chase her.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

At University Hospital, Austin asked Carrie why Craig had thought she was Mike's girlfriend. Carrie explained the ruse they had enacted in Los Angeles and claimed she had only pretended to be Mike's girlfriend because Craig's arrogance had been driving her crazy. Austin told her that sounded like a stunt Sami would pull. Carrie said there was a world of difference because all of Sami's stunts were only for her own benefit, while Carrie had been trying to repay a friend's kindness.

Austin said she was right and asked her forgiveness. Carrie said she forgave him and that she was determined not to let Mike lose the chief of staff position to Craig. Carrie left to take a phone call in Mike's office, and Craig ran into Austin. Craig taunted Austin about his wife's relationship with Mike, and Austin said it had been a ruse. Craig said that if it were,, they both deserved an Emmy. When Carrie and Austin went home, Carrie asked Austin to put on a pair of briefs to indulge one of her fantasies. Austin did, and Carrie told him he looked sexy.

John and Marlena called Roman from her apartment. Roman told them that there was nothing positive on Laura yet; everything was at the lab, but the buttons on Laura's coat did resemble the one found on the terrace at the Blake house. Marlena decided to visit Laura, and John offered to drive. Marlena held him close and said how glad she was to have him in her life. John said that was his job. As they were leaving, Edmund showed up and told them the surprise wedding was in place, but no one knew where Susan was.

At Jack and Jennifer's, Laura told Mike not to call Mickey and claimed she was hurt that her son didn't believe in her innocence. Mike said he would like to believe her, but her history showed she had taken the law into her own hands before. Laura angrily defended herself and started getting hysterical, but Mike told her to calm down and consider the possibility that she was blocking an unpleasant memory. Laura said she remembered every detail of that night, and Mike told her to share it with him. Laura turned the tables and asked why Mike and Marlena both were betraying her in her time of need. Mike told her if she had done nothing wrong, she didn't have to worry.

Just then, Marlena arrived. Laura blasted her for her betrayal and called her an enemy with no conscience. Mike told Laura to stop attacking Marlena, but Laura said there was no way she could hurt Marlena as much as Marlena had hurt her. A shaken Marlena told Laura she was heartbroken for Laura's pain, but Laura told her to save her pity and to focus on her own problems -- like which man she wanted to be with.

Laura accused Marlena of enjoying stringing Roman and John along and laughed at Mike when he told her to apologize to Marlena. Laura told Marlena to "shut the hell up" and leave, and she headed upstairs herself. Marlena promised Mike that if evidence were found against Laura, she would continue to stand by her because she probably hadn't known what she had been doing -- an idea that Mike had doubts about.

At the lab, as Abe and Roman awaited the lab test results, John arrived. Abe told John they were waiting, but if there were traces of Placidin on the gloves, they would arrest Laura. John and Roman had a heated exchange of words about Marlena, but then the report on the gloves arrived. The lab tech said there were no traces of Placidin, but they had found something.

In Salem Harbor, a fisherman discovered a glove -- probably one that Laura had thrown into the river.

At the cemetery, Stefano convinced Kristen that to leave for England at that moment would be too risky; Edmund would get John and Marlena to find his "Susan," and Kristen would be caught, exposed, and perhaps even killed by the person who had killed Susan, thinking it was Kristen. Kristen asked who else could have killed Susan except Laura. Stefano didn't tell her who, but had someone in mind. Kristen returned to the penthouse, where a googly-eyed Edmund made her promise to stay in the states another day. Kristen, who thought Edmund had an IQ of 2, agreed but asked for some time alone. Edmund left her with a kiss. Kristen tried to think of a way to get out of Salem.

At the convent, Celeste had tortured dreams about wearing leather gloves to cover her bloody hands. She started to wonder if she had killed Kristen. Stefano finally tracked Celeste to the convent and told her he was there to help her. He told her she had the jungle madness, but before Stefano could stop her, Celeste panicked and ran away.

At the sultan's palace, Susan escaped her room and found the supply truck heading out. Susan sneaked on board, but Rick the guard stopped her at the last minute and told her she was going to die.

Friday, April 3, 1998

Nicole, Sami, and Eric met at the Java Cafe to get ready for the photo shoot for their clandestine Faces campaign. Nicole lied to her boss to get the time off, telling him she needed to go to the dentist. They all headed over to Titan, where Franco gave Nicole a pep talk. Nicole got into the sexy dress Sami wanted her to wear, and a nervous Eric started the shoot. Afterward, Nicole told Sami that no one had ever done her a favor like that before. Eric took Nicole out while Sami told Franco that if the pictures were terrific, she was taking them to Kate. Franco told her she couldn't do that.

Mickey arrived at Laura's. When he found out Laura hadn't called him when she had been served with a search warrant, he was angry and demanded that she tell him everything she could remember about the night at the Blake house. Laura said that she was not talking because the last time she had talked to someone, her supposed best friend, Marlena, had betrayed her to the police. Maggie showed up with Alice's doughnuts and convinced Laura to talk to Mickey. Laura repeated her story that she had gone to the house to find Peter or Kristen in order to free Jack, but since no one had been there, she had left.

Mickey and Laura started talking about Susan's upcoming wedding, and Laura talked about how glad she was that the DiMeras were neutralized so that Susan and Edmund could get on with their lives. Mickey asked her, for her sake, to tone down her public vindictiveness about the DiMeras, but Laura said she would never act like a hypocrite and pretend she liked them. Laura left to go for a walk, remembering throwing her gloves into the water at the pier.

John visited Marlena and told her that no Placidin had been found on Laura's gloves. Marlena was relieved, saying maybe Laura hadn't killed Kristen. However, at the station, the lab tech told Roman that gunpowder residue had been found on Laura's coat and that one of her buttons had been recently sewn on. Roman was baffled, knowing that Kristen hadn't been shot. As Abe and Roman left their office, they saw Stefano, who had been on the phone. Stefano was telling Kristen that he was at the police station, trying to find out if Susan was cleared of suspicion in Kristen's death.

Abe and Roman demanded to know what Stefano was doing there, and Stefano said he wanted justice for his daughter's death. Abe and Roman told him that Susan was no longer under suspicion, but they wouldn't talk about Laura. Stefano demanded that they arrest Laura, but they told him they wouldn't without hard evidence. After Stefano left, the D.A. pressured Abe to make an arrest in the case.

Shortly after, a police officer gave Roman and Abe a glove that had been found in the water by a fisherman. They sent it to the lab for analysis, and Roman called Marlena to head down. She arrived with John, and Roman showed them the glove, asking Marlena if it looked familiar. Marlena said it was like the ones Laura had worn to Jennifer's funeral the night Kristen died. The lab report arrived, revealing there was no Placidin on the glove, but that might be because it had been in the water. Roman told Marlena and John about the gunpowder on the coat, but that didn't make sense to any of them. Roman regretfully left Marlena so he could work on the investigation, and Marlena told John she wished she had never questioned Laura.

At the penthouse, Kristen, wearing only the Susan glasses, was grumpy about wearing the ugly disguise. Edmund knocked on the door, planning to tell Susan about the wedding surprise. Kristen panicked and told him he couldn't enter, and she hurriedly put in the teeth and the rest of the disguise. Kristen let him in, and he told "Susan" that it would be the best day of her life. Kristen said yes, it would, and Edmund asked her if she knew what the surprise was. "Susan" said she didn't know and asked. Edmund said he wouldn't ruin it.

"Susan" thanked Edmund for letting her use his address book. Edmund left, and Kristen called Stefano, asking if she was in the clear. Stefano said yes and that he would send a car to drive her to the private jet. Stefano reminded Kristen to leave notes for Edmund and Sister Mary Moira.

Edmund, meanwhile, was asking Sister Mary to attend Susan's wedding at the Penthouse Grill that night. Sister Mary promised to attend and not to ruin the surprise. "Susan" called her sister to tell her goodbye and that she was returning to England, but Sister Mary did not tell her about the wedding. Kristen wrote a letter to Edmund, saying she was in love with being in love, but she needed to go. Before she could go, Edmund showed up -- with Violet and Baby Elvis.

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