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Monday April 13, 1998

Hope has joined Mike, Jennifer and Jack to offer her support. Mike is on the phone with the Intruder and is very rude with them. Carrie shows up as well. They all talk about Laura and the evidence against her. Hope says that Bo is at the Blake house with John, looking for evidence to help clear Laura. Mike and Jen argue again about Laura pleading temporary insanity. Jen goes to check on Abby and Jack goes to get coffee, leaving Mike and Carrie alone. She offers comfort for him and they hug. He says all he needs is a friend right now.

Hope informs everyone that she talked to Mickey and if he has any news he will contact them on Hope's cell phone. She also said that Mickey has an appointment with the DA in the morning. Mickey told her that he is sure that he can cut a deal, but it will have to be based on temporary insanity and Jen doesn't like that. It is now morning and Carrie has to fight her way through the reporters yelling questions and flashing cameras to get inside. Mike has had enough! He says he is going to tell the reporters just what to do with their cameras and microphones. Carrie says she has an idea. She goes out alone to face the reporters.

Mike, Jen, Hope and Jack all rush to the television Carrie says she is the spokesperson for the family as questions are hurled at her. In her statement she says that the Hortons and Bradys stand by Laura 100% and believe in her innocence. Carrie does a wonderful job, but is stunned when one of the reporters asks how all this will affect Mike Horton's bid for the chief of staff position at University Hospital

Susan is still pacing around her room wondering how she will get home. She wonders what happened to Penelope. She guesses the plan didn't work, since no one has come looking for her. She says that Penelope may have defeated the "Knight of Neptune" in that movie, but maybe she was no match for that Kristen. She flashes back to the plane trip to Salem and we see that Penelope is still drinking heavily. She confides to Susan that she is terrified of water and that she needs to be calm, since they are flying over it. Susan says she shouldn't be mixing her medicine and booze, but Penelope says she has nothing to lose. She says that NOW she is going to need a miracle to get out of there. He shows up and tells her that he is all hers. Susan replies "Lucky, lucky me!" He calls her his "horsed-face savior" He has a box of diamonds and tells her that for saving his life she can have any treasure she desires, for the asking. She falls to her knees and says the one thing she wants is "Outta here" and begs!

He tells her that he cannot let her go and wants her to dance and tropical music starts playing. He comments that she has gotten better and she tells him that she has been practicing. She just wants him to keep drinking. He makes her sit with him on the sofa and tells her to feed him, since he choked last time. He says now it is time for desert and grabs her and starts kissing her as she screams. She reaches back behind him and grabs a silver goblet and whacks him and knocks him out

Celeste says she did not kill Kristen. Stefano says if it wasn't her or Laura, then WHO killed her? Celeste says that maybe Kristen really did commit suicide, maybe her vision of the gloved hands was only a hallucination, but Stefano is sure that another person must've been there. She thanks him for saving her life and he tells her that he still cares for her deeply and they hug. Celeste knows Stefano all too well and tells him that someday she knows he will ask her to repay the debt. Bart asks him if he really thinks Laura Horton did it. Stefano says he doesn't know, but if everyone thinks she did, he couldn't be happier. Stefano gets a call from Kristen and leaves, telling Bart when Celeste wakes up, not to let her leave. Later, Celeste comes down in a short blue dress and a short red wig. Bart asks her how she feels and she says better. She asks for toast and tea and while he goes to get it, she sees the paper about Laura's arrest. She panics and says that she MUST help Laura.

After Kristen drops her glass, Marlena asks if she is okay. Kristen says she is just clumsy. Kristen questions Marlena about why she wants to dig up the body and Marlena explains and goes to call Abe. Kristen rushes Violet out and Kristen thinks that now, all she has to do is take care of Marlena then she can leave. When Marlena returns, Kristen tells her she should wait until tomorrow, being it is so late...they both need some sleep. Marlena says she can't sleep and goes to call John and tell him of her plan. Kristen says they shouldn't mess with the dead and besides, what if she is wrong and it proves that Laura is really guilty. Finally Marlena agrees to wait until morning and goes upstairs. Kristen thinks that NOW is the time to make her getaway. Later, she has Elvis and her bags and is ready to leave. She calls Stefano and tells him to meet her at the airport

Violet returns and they discuss Susan's odd behavior. Edmund thinks that maybe Susan is having second thoughts and maybe they rushed into everything. But Violet assures him that she has been under a lot of stress since returning to Salem. She tells him that once she is away from there, she will be her old self. She suggests that he see Susan first thing in the morning and voice his concerns. After Violet leaves, he hopes she is right, because life is not worth living without Susan. The next morning, they are having breakfast, but Edmund isn't hungry. He's still worried about Susan. He says if it's not him, then it must all have something to do with Stefano DiMera. He calls the penthouse and Marlena answers. While they are talking, she finds a note to her that says that Susan has left with Edmund to go on their honeymoon. Violet tells him to go and catch her and rushes him out the door, she'll see him later in England

Kristen and Stefano meet up on John's plane and she tells him about Marlena's plan and he promises to stop her. Meanwhile, Edmund rushes to the airport, afraid he is too late to catch Susan. Kristen tells the pilot that she is ready and when he asks about Edmund, she tells him that they are going to meet at the destination. She and Stefano say their good-byes and she assures him that she will be a wonderful mother to little Elvis. As she hugs him she says "Thank you so really saved my life". Edmund arrived, and is shocked and stunned to hear this.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

Vivian Jones shows up to do some shopping when Kate and Billie show up. Vivian tells Kate that she is now wealthier than ever and she will use her wealth to settle her old scores. Billie and Kate continue shopping and Kate tells Billie not to worry about Vivian. Later, when Vivian tries to purchase some items, her credit card is rejected.

The reporters continue to throw questions at Carrie about Mike's campaign for Chief of Staff. Mike realizes that he has to help Carrie, but Jen stops him and tells him that Carrie can handle herself. Carrie continues to talk to the reporters and she says that they hope Mike will be judged based solely on his qualifications. Carrie says she can't wait till Mike is made Chief of Staff. Mike confesses to Carrie that he thinks it would be best if he withdrew his Chief of Staff bid.

Marlena comes to Court House and tells Laura she may know of a way to help her. Abe and Roman show up and Marlena tells them all that if Kristen's body is exhumed, a more thorough autopsy could show that Kristen was taking Placidin long before the night she died. Abe tells Marlena and Laura that he'll see what he can do. Mickey shows up and tells Laura that they couldn't cut a deal, she'll have to go to trial. He also tells them that the charge against Laura will be murder one.

At the bail hearing, Mickey tells the court that the D.A. has no hard evidence to prove that Laura killed Kristen Blake. Mickey also asks the judge that Laura is a respected member of society and to incarcerate her would be cruel. Because Laura has a record of taking the law into her own hands, the judge denies bail. At Abe's office, John has found a bullet near the Blake house, which he brings in as evidence. John hears from the lab and they say that the bullet he found had blood on it. At the DiMera mansion, Bart prevents Celeste from leaving the mansion to help Laura. Celeste tries to call Abe, but Bart has disconnected the phones.

Edmund is furious to see "Susan" hugging Stefano and he tells them that he knows what is going on. Edmund tells "Susan" that Stefano is tricking her into thinking that he is her friend, but he won't let that happen and he threatens Stefano. "Susan" asks what has come over him. Edmund looks at "Susan" and asks her why she was running out on him. "Susan" says that she wasn't running out on him and she starts crying. "Susan" tells Edmund that she really does love him and they kiss. Edmund tells "Susan" that there is something he needs to tell her before they consummate their marriage. Edmund tells "Susan" that he killed Kristen. Edmund says that he didn't mean to kill her, but he would kill again if he had to in order to protect her.

Stefano learns that a judge has given the ok to exhume Kristen's body. Stefano realizes that he has to stop this from happening and there is only one way to do it. Stefano goes to the courthouse as court is about to be adjourned and he tells them that he has a witness who can prove Laura's innocence.

At the supreme leader's palace, Susan has knocked out the leader and wonders how she'll escape. Susan tells the man that they are playing a game, so he leaves. Susan decides that she'll need some money, so she takes some of the diamonds out of the box the leader gave her. Suddenly, the leader comes to and tells Susan that she is going to lose her head for betraying her leader. However, the leader tells her that he will have his way with her first. Susan manages to knock him out again. While everyone is busy with the leader, Susan escapes. When the main guard arrives he orders the others to go find Susan and pray that she hasn't escaped. Susan has made it to a window and jumps into the moat hoping that she can out swim the crocodiles. Susan manages to find a camel and tries to get him to "giddy-up."

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Kate is gloating when Vivian's credit card is rejected. Eventually, the woman tells Vivan that the card hasn't been used in so long that it was placed on hold. Kate tells Vivian she better not be speaking of Titan. Kate leaves and Vivian tells Ivan that she will see Kate thrown back in the gutter where she belongs. Kate and Billie walk around and Kate tells Billie that she promised Victor that she would keep her out of Titan and she won't break that promise.

In Salem Place, Eric meets with Sami and Franco to look at the pictures of Nicole. Nicole is walking around Salem Place dreaming about becoming a model. When Nicole shows up at the Java Cafe, her boss tells her that she's this close to being fired. Nicole apologizes for being late and Eric shows them the pictures. Nicole can't believe how beautiful Eric made her look. As they are talking about how to present this to Kate, Vivian is eavesdropping on them. Kate also shows up and asks Sami what their meeting is about Kate tells Sami that she will not approve the "New Faces" campaign, so if that is what she is doing then she should stop. Nicole thinks it's over, but Sami tells her that she won't let that witch stand in her way. Vivian shows up and tells Sami that she overheard her situation and wants to help her out.

At the courthouse, Stefano tells the court that he has a witness that can prove that Laura did not kill Kristen. Celeste is with Stefano and she is ready to testify. Lexie is thrilled to see her mom and Lexie thanks Stefano for finding her. John, Bo, and Hope show up and inform Abe about the bullet with blood on it. Abe asks to speak with the judge and council. Abe tells them about the blood on a bullet and the DA says this is just another reason why bail should be denied. Laura panics when she thinks she may have killed someone, but Celeste says the bullet struck her. The judge orders the council into his chambers. Everyone wonders what Stefano's motives are. They also wonder who killed Kristen, if Laura didn't. John says that Kristen must have committed suicide, it's the only explanation. The judge and council return and he informs the court that Celeste will be allowed to testify. Celeste takes the stand and she tells the court what she saw. Celeste recounts seeing Laura firing her gun 3 times, the third bullet hit her head. Celeste says that when she looked back, Laura was gone, but Kristen got up and walked into the house. Celeste says that Kristen was alive when Laura left, Laura didn't kill Kristen. A polygraph confirms that Celeste is telling the truth. The judge tells the court that he'd like to take a few moments for his decision. Laura asks Stefano why she helped him and he tells her he did it for Kristen, Lexie, Celeste, and the sake of justice. Stefano just prays that the case will be closed and the body won't be exhumed. The judge returns and tells the court that he's reached a decision.

Susan has escaped her palace prison and has made her way to a marketplace. However, the guard from the palace finds her, but Susan manages to get away. Susan calls Violet in England and learns that Edmund is heading to Bermuda with her. Violet assumed that Susan was calling from the plane. Susan can't talk long because the guard shows up again. Susan realizes that Kristen has stolen her baby and Edmund and she decides to go to Bermuda. Susan finds a man with a plane and she asks him to please take her to Bermuda. The man laughs at her and says no way, until Susan pulls out her sack of diamonds. He tells Susan that he'll fly her anywhere she wants to go and anytime she wants to go. Susan and the man board his horrid little green plane and Susan just hopes she can get to Bermuda in time.

On John's jet, Edmund tells "Susan" that he killed Kristen, and he wouldn't hesitate to kill again for her. "Susan" doesn't believe Edmund, but he assures her that he killed Kristen. Edmund tells "Susan" that he flew to Salem when he learned she was heading there and he went to the Blake house. Edmund says he hid behind some bushes to take "Kristen" by surprise when she stumbled out to the patio. Edmund pushes "Kristen" into the pool and orders him to tell her where Susan is. Unfortunately, "Kristen" drowned in a matter of seconds. "Susan" is visibly shaken because she thinks that if Edmund learns that she is Kristen, he'll kill her again. Kristen pulls away from Edmund and he tells her that he feels like he's losing her all over again. "Susan" apologizes and says that she's just nervous about the honeymoon.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Everyone in the courtroom waits tensely for the judge to announce his verdict in Laura's hearing. He tells her that he has decided to drop the murder charges - on one condition: she must plead insanity in order to avoid attempted murder charges. Laura is horrified at the thought of going back to the asylum, even for a short time, but everyone urges her to accept the deal in order to avoid being imprisoned, possibly for 20 years. Although she says it would be more merciful to kill her, Laura finally says she has no choice and is told to report to a sanitarium of the court's choosing in 24 hours. Mike, Carrie, Mickey, Maggie, Jennifer, and Jack all take her home. When they get there, Laura hugs them all and thanks them for their support. Jennifer reminds her it's not goodbye; they'll be visiting every day and she probably won't be there long. But Laura just goes up to her room, looking controlled. When she gets there, she breaks down and cries, but stops when Jennifer comes in to see if she is all right. Laura says she needs to be alone, and Jennifer gives her a hug. Laura stares into the mirror and swears she won't go back to the asylum. Downstairs, Mike thanks Carrie for her constant support and they share a warm embrace. Mike tells everyone that he has to go to the hospital to take care of business. Carrie follows him out and tells him not to withdraw his name from the Chief of Staff position consideration; let her test the waters with the board members first. Mike agrees, and Carrie hugs him.

Back at the courthouse, Marlena is disturbed by Laura's apparent resignation to her fate, sensing that something is very wrong. She goes back to where John, Roman, Bo, Hope, Abe, and Lexie are questioning Celeste and Stefano. Stefano tells them about Celeste's jungle madness and apologizes to Lexie for not telling her sooner; he didn't want to worry her. Lexie is so grateful that Stefano saved Celeste that she hugs him, to Abe's dismay. Roman and Bo question Stefano's motives openly, and Lexie glares at them. John offers to take Marlena home, and she goes. Stefano watches the pain on Roman's face and then taunts him for not fighting for Marlena. Roman lunges at Stefano, but is held back by Abe. Bo and Hope leave in disgust, and Hope says she won't get any information about Maison Blanche from Celeste, now that she's so indebted to Stefano for saving her life. Bo asks Hope to join him for a cup of coffee, and she agrees. Stefano hugs Lexie and Celeste and agrees to go to dinner with them soon. Then, glaring at Abe, he leaves.

At Salem Place, Sami asks Vivian what her plan is to bring Kate down. Vivian says that if she starts a company and expresses interest in Sami's New Faces campaign, Kate will probably accept Sami's idea just to spite Vivian. Sami and Franco tell her they'll have to think about it. Privately, they decide they don't trust Vivian and that they should follow their original plan of using Austin to get to Kate. But when Sami sees Austin and Kate hugging, she tells Franco that Austin and Kate are too close, and Vivian may be their only hope. Together they go to Vivian and tell her they will work with her. Meanwhile, Nicole gets called back on to her shift by her irate boss. Eric sits at the Java Cafe, drinking coffee and staring at her pictures. He asks Nicole if she truly does admire Sami, and Nicole says yes, because she knows what she wants and goes after it. Eric asks Nicole if she is the same way, and Nicole says she doesn't want to be stuck in this dead-end job forever. Eric tells her she is definitely going places. Elsewhere in Salem Place, Austin runs across Kate and Billie sitting on a bench. They start talking about the baby and Billie is thrilled to feel the baby kick for the first time. Austin and Kate put their hands on her belly and feel it. Austin starts reminiscing about when he thought he was Will's father. Kate tells him soon he'll have his own family with Carrie. Austin says she is so preoccupied with Mike's campaign that she hardly sees him. Kate and Billie are concerned, but Austin tells them not to worry; their marriage is still solid. He calls the courthouse to find out what happened, and Hope picks up Carrie's cell phone, which she left behind. Hope explains about Laura's hearing and tells Austin that Carrie went back with the family to Jennifer's house. Austin says he'll catch up with her there and goes to the house. Jack opens the door and tells Austin he just missed Carrie - she left with Mike. Austin looks disturbed.

Susan gets nervous about the turbulence in the plane and starts telling the pilot about her sister, Penelope, and that mean, mean Kristen. The pilot turns out to be a huge fan of Penelope Kent, and is fascinated with Susan's tale, although he almost falls asleep at first. Susan reveals that Penelope was dying and that her decision to help Susan defeat Kristen was her "swan song." As they near Bermuda, the pilot gives Susan a gun, saying that if Kristen is as mean as she says, she had better be prepared.

In the Alamain jet, Kristen realizes that Edmund truly did kill Susan, thinking she was Kristen, and will kill her, too, if he finds out her true identity. Kristen pretends to be appalled at Edmund's crime and explains that she cannot stay married to a man she's afraid of. Edmund is crushed, but says he won't hurt her, since he loves her so much. Kristen tells Edmund she will never tell anyone what he did as long as he promises to stay far away from her and Elvis. Heartbroken, Edmund agrees. The plane lands and Kristen, jubilant to be free at last, leaves Edmund alone on the jet, depressed. As she starts to wheel baby Elvis across to the main terminal, a door suddenly bursts open. Kristen is stunned to see Susan - whom she thought was dead - standing there, pointing a gun at her!

Friday, April 17, 1998

Hope and Bo go to Salem Place to get a cup of coffee and run into Billie. Hope tells Bo that she will discover the secrets of her past without his help. She leaves Bo and Billie alone, and Bo tries to explain to Billie why he wants to help Hope find out the secrets of Maison Blanche. Billie says that the search could be dangerous, and Bo could not only lose his life, but their baby could lose his father.

Despite Franco's misgivings, Sami takes Vivian up on her offer to help get the New Faces campaign off the ground. Sami heads over to the Java Cafe to talk to Eric. Eric is talking to Nicole, who tells him that she doesn't want to be a waitress any more. Eric asks Nicole out, but she tells him she shouldn't because he is a nice guy. Sami shows up as Eric is pleading his case. She tells them that the New Faces campaign is about to take off. Nicole agrees to go out with Eric as long as he doesn't ask her any personal questions. Eric agrees, and Nicole quits her job as a waitress. Meanwhile, Vivian puts phase one of her plan with Sami into action. She barges into Titan, where Austin and Kate are together in Kate's office. Vivian tells Kate that she's starting her own company and has pictures of a new model who is going to be on every magazine cover except Titan's. Vivian leaves the pictures of Nicole with Kate and strolls out. Austin plans to give them back to Vivian without looking, but Kate is too curious to resist. When she realizes the photographs are from Sami's New Faces campaign, Kate decides she should locate Nicole. Kate wonders aloud if she was wrong about Sami's idea being lousy. Kate goes to the Java Cafe to find Nicole. Franco and Sami are still there arguing about Sami's decision to work with Vivian. Vivian returns and tells them that she has implemented phase one of the plan. Franco gets angry and leaves. Vivian asks Sami what blackmail she has against Kate. Just then, Kate arrives, planning to give Nicole an exclusive contract. But when she sees Sami and Vivian talking, Kate realizes the whole thing is a scheme.

At Kristen's mansion, Celeste wonders what Stefano was up to in allowing her to clear Laura of murder. Hope arrives and asks Celeste to help her solve the mystery of her missing four years. Celeste says she wasn't there for most of it, and only returned from Paris in the last few months of that time at Stefano's request to take care of "Gina." Hope asks Celeste if she is hiding anything to protect Stefano, but Celeste says she isn't. Hope wonders if Stefano erased her memories of her time as Gina. Celeste tells Hope that if she finds anything out, she will tell her. Hope gives Celeste a hug and leaves. Celeste takes out a box of things Gina had, wondering if she should give them to Hope.

Stefano and Bart are scouring the grounds of the Blake house to make sure there are no clues about the murder there. Stefano finds a picture of Edmund and Susan together and, reading the inscription on the back, realizes it is a picture Susan gave to Edmund. Putting the pieces together, Stefano realizes that it was Edmund who killed Susan, thinking she was Kristen. Stefano prays that Kristen and Elvis got away before Edmund could discover who she was, and that it was Susan he killed.

On the Alamain jet, a depressed Edmund takes out a razor blade, intending to kill himself. But he decides that is a cowardly act and that his only choice is to return to Salem and turn himself in to the police. He heads out toward the main terminal. At the terminal, Susan holds a gun to Kristen and demands her baby. She fires a warning shot and tells Kristen next time she won't miss. Kristen says she is confused - she thought Susan was dead; she saw her body. Susan realizes that it was Penelope who was killed. Kristen lunges at Susan and they start wrestling for the gun, but Susan holds on to it. She asks Kristen what happened with Edmund, and Kristen tells Susan that Edmund is probably on his way back to England. Kristen tries to run, but she bumps smack into a very surprised Edmund. Kristen tries to convince Edmund she is really Susan and begs him to help her. Edmund is confused by the two Susans and doesn't know who to believe. Finally, Susan yanks Kristen's fake teeth out, blowing her cover. Susan asks Kristen if she killed Penelope. Kristen and Edmund want to know who Penelope is, so Susan explains about her long-lost sister and about being kidnapped by the man in the turban. Edmund is horrified and tells Susan that he killed Penelope, thinking she was Kristen. Edmund says he will go to Salem to confess to Penelope's death, but Susan says no way - he's never leaving her side again. She tells him that Penelope was dying anyway and that Edmund had no idea who she was when he killed her. Susan tells an overjoyed Edmund that she still loves him and that they will name their first daughter after Penelope, as she promised her sister. They hug and Kristen tries to leave, but Edmund stops her by throwing something at her. Susan has Edmund keep the gun on Kristen while she makes a phone call. Susan tells Edmund to keep the gun on Kristen while she makes a phone call. Kristen asks who she's calling, but Susan says it will be a surprise, and the tables are turning on Kristen.

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