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Monday April 20, 1998

At Salem Place, Eric and Nicole are talking. Nicole tells Eric that as a little girl she swore to make it as a model and she realizes now that she has a good shot at a modeling career.

At Java Cafe, Vivian asks Sami to tell her the goods she has on Kate. Kate has shown up and sees them together and she realizes that she has to do something. Sami tells Vivian that she won't tell her anything until her "New Faces" campaign has been approved by Kate. Kate and Vivian go at it. Kate tells them to wait and she tells Sami that she will approve her project. Sami says that she will accept Kate's offer, but only if she gets to hire the models and Eric is hired as the photographer. Kate reluctantly agrees and leaves. Vivian asks Sami to divulge her secrets, but Sami tells her no way. Sami says that she will feed her bits of information about what happens at Titan, but she'll keep the juicy parts in case she needs her help again. Sami goes to the park and tells Nicole and Eric that they are both hired. Nicole thanks Sami and Eric both. Sami says she can't wait to give Franco the good news.

Franco shows up at Titan and talks to Billie. Billie tells Franco about how Bo wants to help Hope learn the secrets of her past. Billie says that she thinks this is just a ploy by Hope to get Bo back. Franco asks Billie how far she'd go to keep Hope away from Bo. Billie doesn't understand how she can get Hope away from Bo, so Franco suggests that she send Hope away on a modeling job.

At the Horton House, Hope doesn't understand why she keeps remembering a specific Waltz. Bo shows up and asks if she talked to Celeste. Hope says she did, but Celeste claims that she doesn't know anything. Bo doesn't know if Celeste is being honest, but Hope tells Bo that Celeste never knew what she looked like because she left Salem when she (Hope) was just a baby. They continue talking about Celeste and Stefano and Hope tells Bo about the waltz she keeps hearing. Bo wants to help Hope find out the truth, but she wants to do it on her own. Hope says that she should go to Titan to find out her work schedule and Bo tells Hope he's going to wait for Shawn D. to get home so he can spend some time with him. Hope goes to Titan and catches Billie about to take a drink.

Stefano goes to Jonsey's townhouse and is staring at the photograph that Edmund dropped at the Blake House. Stefano knows that Edmund killed Susan and he fears that he could kill the real Kristen this time if anything goes wrong. Stefano tries to call Kristen, but her phone is busy. Stefano looks in a locked closet in the basement and says that Hope must never find out what is here because it will tell her everything that happened during her missing years. Stefano plays the waltz that Hope keeps remembering and he says what Hope did as Gina will be hidden from her forever.

At the Bermuda airport, Susan is using Kristen's phone. Meanwhile, Kristen warns Edmund that Stefano knows she is alive and he is expecting to hear from her. Edmund tells Kristen that she'll never hear from Stefano again. Kristen asks Edmund what he's going to do and Edmund says that she's the only one who knows the truth, what does she think he's going to do? Edmund tells Kristen that he doesn't see why he shouldn't kill the real Kristen right here, right now. Kristen starts her sob story about how she had that type of love Edmund has for Susan with John. Edmund cocks the gun and Susan tells Kristen that her future has been arranged. Susan tells Edmund to please tie up Kristen and not to wrinkle her pretty sweater. Susan, Edmund, and Kristen board John's jet. Kristen has been tied up and is ranting about how Stefano will find her. Edmund wants to return to Salem and turn himself in, but Susan tells him that he can't do that. Susan tells Edmund that if he turns himself in for the murder, he will leave her and little Elvis unprotected from Stefano. Susan tells Edmund that she forgives him and asks him to please stay with her.

Suddenly, Kristen gets free and makes her way to her cell phone, which is ringing. Stefano is on the other end and he tells her that he's been trying to reach her. Edmund grabs Kristen and Susan pretends to be Kristen. Susan tells Stefano that she got away from Edmund. Stefano is relieved because he now knows that Edmund killed "Susan." Susan tells Stefano that he can't ever tell the police that Edmund was the murderer. Stefano tells her that he has no intention of doing that because it would make things more complicated. Susan asks who they think killed "Kristen" and he tells her that they think she killed herself.

Susan asks Edmund to watch Kristen and again and she leaves. Kristen tells Edmund that Stefano will come after them, but Edmund says that if he has to, he'll kill again to protect Susan and her baby. Rick, the "Supreme Leader's" head guard, shows up to take Kristen back to the compound. Rick carries her off as she begs Susan to help her. Edmund tells Susan that he won't go back to Salem. Edmund is curious as to why Stefano has such an interest in little Elvis. Susan asks Edmund to sit down and he tells her that Stefano is Elvis' father.

The "Supreme Leader's" head guard tells Kristen that bringing her to the compound is the only way to redeem himself with his leader and save himself from execution. Kristen says that she will have the last laugh because she's taken care of the person who caused all these problems to begin with. Back at his place, Stefano says he needs to find the perfect partner to help him achieve his goal.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

Stefano spots Kate in Salem Place and starts talking to her. Stefano gets a phone call from a banker. Kate realizes that Stefano has inherited Kristen's 49% share of Titan. Kate offers to buy the shares back from him. Stefano asks her if she objects to having him as a partner. Kate says that wanted to distribute the shares to her children. Stefano says it will take some time for him to gain Kristen's shares, but afterwards he will have to make a decision and he tells Kate they'll be in touch. Kate walks off and Stefano remembers dining somewhere when Carter was president.. Kate walks into the establishment in a sleek black dress and long blonde hair. Stefano just smiles. Vivian and Ivan are in Salem Place and Vivian plans to find out Kate's secrets on her own. Vivian meets with a banker to sign the deed on an office where she will start her own company. In order to get the money, Vivian plans to pawn a diamond and ruby necklace she found and Jonsey's place. Stefano shows up and starts talking to Vivian when he notices the necklace. Stefano asks Vivian where she got it.

Hope walks into Billie's office and stops her from taking a drink. Hope tells Billie that she has to stop thinking about herself and start thinking about the baby. Hope tells Billie that despite what she thinks, she does care about her and the baby. Billie claims that she is just playing Bo. Hope says that Billie will have to face the fact that Bo and her have a son, which will bond them forever. So Billie just needs to stop crying and face it. Billie gets angry and throws her drink in Hope's face. Kate walks in and asks what is going on. Hope says that she's had enough of both of them, so she quits and walks out. Billie tells her mom that Hope doesn't know it, but she just gave her the perfect way to keep Bo by her side 24 hours a day.

At Jack and Jen's house, Jen is talking to Jack about how unhappy her mom is going to be in a sanitarium. She's afraid that the stress will make her catatonic again. Mickey tells them that he's going to get Marlena to help get Laura into a nice facility. Upstairs, Laura says that she can't go back to an institution like Pinehaven. Laura takes a nap, but has a nightmare. Laura dreams about being locked in a strait jacket while Kate , Stefano, and Vivian laugh at her. Laura wakes up screaming and Jen, Jack, and Mickey come to comfort her.

John and Marlena are talking about Susan and Kristen. Chelsea brings Brady and Belle home and the children go upstairs to change. They both come down with a card and candy that is from Marlena. The candy is from "Susan" and it was a goodbye gift. Marlena was planning to share the candy with John, but John has to take Brady to soccer practice. The two talk briefly about their future and Marlena tells John that she is going to make her choice very soon because they can't go on living like this.

On John's jet, Susan tells Edmund that Stefano is her baby's father. Susan explains to him how she was artificially "incinerated." Edmund surprises Susan with a quick wedding before they land. Kristen tries to make a deal with him, but he tells Kristen to accept her fate. Kristen manages to break free and attempts to jump out of the plane with a parachute, but the guard stops her. Later, Kristen remembers, and enjoys her penicillin laced chocolate present for Marlena, which will kill her.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

Viv tells Stefano she got the necklace from her dead husband. He asks to look at it closely and realizes it looks just like the one he use to own. They reminisce about his old "Rudolfo" days and how they're glad their adversarial days are behind them. She tells him she doesn't think he's grieving Kristen that much. He says the same of her and her late husband. Stefano tells Viv he inherited Kristen's 49% of Titan stock. They walk arm in arm around Salem Place with poor Ivan walking behind. They discuss Kate and how he'll handle her. Ivan continues to remind her about how wonderful her Jonesy was, the greatest lover of all time, etc. He said if she gave him a chance, he'd make her forget these other men. Stefano pops out of the bushes saying that it will be interesting pitting Kate against Vivian and he'd be right in the middle.

Eric tells Roman about his new job at Titan. He tells Roman how the new campaign was Sami's idea and hopefully Kate won't hold that against him. He tells Roman about Nicole and that she's mysterious. Eric asks how it's going between Roman and Marlena. Roman said that every time he turns around, John is there. Eric agrees John's always there in the way. Roman says that in all fairness, he's been busy with the case lately though. When they said that Kristen's death has now been ruled a suicide and Marlena's worried about Laura now, Eric encourages Roman to spend more time helping Mom with that and Roman agrees. Roman tells Eric that now that the case is closed, Marlena has to make her mind about between him and John. He confides the way it looks now, he's second choice. Eric gives him a pep talk to get back and fight for Marlena.

Nicole is looking at a magazine and a merchant comes up and tells her if she wants to read it, she has to buy it! She goes into one of Salem Place's dress shops and tries on several outfits, the salesgirl asks if she can help, but Nicole said she'd like to try them all, but the one outfit will have to do. The salesgirl does her usual pitch asking her if she'd like to put it on her charge account. When Nicole tells her she doesn't have one, the salesgirl tells her she can save 10% on the outfit if she opens one now. Great, says Nicole. When the salesgirl finds out Nicole doesn't have any other charge cards and asks for a recent pay stub. She tells the girl she just got a job modeling at Titan. The girl said she'll have to come back AFTER she gets her first pay check for her charge account. Nicole then picks up a black slinky number for $22 that has been marked down 4 times. As she pays for it, they put the gown in a vinyl bag. Eric walks in and asks to see her new dress and she tells him not until tonight.

Carrie shows Mike the notice that Laura was fired from the hospital. He tells her he's dropping out of the race for Chief of Staff. He tells her if he drops out of the race, the talk will lighten up about his Mom. Carrie keeps asking him to reconsider and Craig overhears. He says Carrie is messing up his plans and he'll have to do something himself to make sure Mike drops out. A nurse comes up and asks Mike not to give up the race for Chief of Staff just because of his mother. Craig comes up and messes with Mike's confidence. After Mike leaves, Craig nestles up next to Carrie. She tells him no matter what he tries to do, Mike has the support of everyone in the hospital, and walks away. He tells himself that Carrie shouldn't act so smug as he has a plan that will destroy Mike. Carrie meets with a board member to give a pep talk on Mike. She tells Carrie that Alice Horton spoke on his behalf too

We see Craig meet up with someone and showing him a picture. The man agrees it would definitely make Mike's chances of getting the job zero Laura goes to see Celeste and can't remember which apartment is hers. She stands in the hall and calls out Celeste's name. Celeste hears her and lets her in, Laura whines and tells her she can't go back to a sanitarium and as Celeste hugs her. Laura tells Celeste they're going to pump her full of drugs and she won't be able to function. Celeste thinks to herself "Poor Laura, is she really crazy?" Laura goes on and asks Celeste for help. Celeste tells her if she keeps an open mind, she might be able to help. She takes Laura to the convent to Sister Mary. Sister offers to let her stay there.

Kristen is put into her new room and given a note from Susan saying she'll be there for a long long time. Nay, says Kristen, as she remembers the penicillin and chocolate stint she pulled in Salem. She figures after Marlena's gone and the dust has cleared, she'll be there to comfort John. She congratulates herself about finding out that Marlena is allergic to Penicillin as she bites into a piece of chocolate. Later she said she'll have the last laugh as she dances on Marlena's grave. Kristen remembers the fight she and Marlena had at the courthouse when Susan prevented Kristen from getting custody of the baby. She calls Marlena a sanctimonious Bitch and she won't get away with what she did.

Marlena picks up the candy as John comes downstairs. The phone rings and he offers to get it. He tells her that Laura disappeared and they rush off to go look for her. On the way out the door, Marlena asks Chelsea to watch out after the children and she says ok. We see Belle going over to get the chocolate. John and Marlena are driving around looking for Laura. They talk about Kristen and even in death she's controlling their lives. John goes to search the theater to see if Laura is watching a movie to take her mind off what is happening and Marlena gets a feeling something is very it Laura?

Back in Salem, we see Belle taking a bite of the chocolate and wraps the rest up in the wrapper. As she walks away she falls on the ground and drops the candy. Roman knocks on Marlena's door and no one answers He lets himself into the penthouse to wait for Marlena and finds Belle laying on the floor. He sees Brady's pills on the end table and says these are Brady's pills and Belle is allergic to penicillin figuring she took some of them. He puts the pills in his pocket and tells Chelsea to get Marlena's medical bag Chelsea said she should call 911, but Roman said Belle is not breathing and there's not enough time. He searches for Epiphen in Marlena's bag and injects it into Belle. He picks Belle up and rushes her to the hospital, instructing Chelsea to call Mike Horton and tell him that he's on his way. Chelsea calls Marlena on her cell phone and tells her what happened and Marlena rushes off to the hospital Roman rushes Belle into the ER and tells Mike what happened. Later, Mike rushes out and says it's very serious to Roman and Marlena pray for Belle.

Thursday, April 23, 1998

At the harem, Kristen fantasizes about Marlena being dead. She pictures herself surprising John, who is standing over Marlena's coffin, and convincing him that Marlena is a witch and Kristen is the only woman for him. She even thinks of making love on Marlena's casket! Rick comes in and throws a dancing costume at her and tells her that if she doesn't dance for the leader, she'll die. Kristen decides to dance so she will have a chance of getting to a cell phone and calling Stefano to come get her. She tries to imagine that the leader is John and does a sexy dance for him, but her fantasy goes too far. When she asks the leader to kiss her, imagining he is John, she is suddenly brought back to reality and starts screaming when he tries to kiss her.

Susan and Edmund arrive back at the pub in England with Elvis. Violet is delighted to see them. They tell her the honeymoon was wonderful and that Susan is back to her "old self" again. They go outside and make a call to Stefano, with Susan pretending she is Kristen. She tells Stefano she is on a cruise with the baby and that she "dumped the dork" and is having a wonderful time. When Stefano asks for the name of the ship, Edmund crackles paper to make it sound like there's static on the line. Edmund and Susan congratulate each other on their cleverness. Then they set up a beach backdrop in the pub and Susan dresses as Kristen and has Edmund take Polaroids of her and Elvis in the "tropics." They plan to send the picture to Susan's pilot friend, who will send it to Stefano.

At the convent, Laura begs Celeste not to tell anyone where she is, because she would rather run for the rest of her life than spend one day in a "loony bin," as she calls it. Sister Mary overhears them talking and asks what is going on, and Laura pretends it's nothing. But soon Sister Mary comes back with a visitor for Laura. Laura panics and says she doesn't want to see anyone, but John comes in, having figured out that she might be at the convent. John tells her to go back to Jennifer and her family and that things will be much easier if she turns herself in. John decides to tell Marlena what is going on and dials her cell phone. He reaches Roman and learns that Belle is in the hospital. He dashes off and tells Sister Mary and Celeste to make sure that Laura gets back home.

Stefano is worried about Kristen until he gets the phone call from Susan, although he is frustrated that he can't find out what ship she is on. Later, he runs into Celeste and asks her to do a favor for him, banking on the fact that she owes him her life for saving her from jungle madness.

At the hospital, Marlena is desperate with worry over Belle. Roman comforts her and refuses to allow her to feel guilty. She says there are no words to tell him what she is feeling for him right now, after he saved her daughter's life. Roman says Belle will always be like a daughter to him. Belle is stabilized, but cardiac arrhythmia gives everyone a scare and Mike has to rush in to save her. He comes back out to tell them that everything is all right and Roman and Marlena embrace. John comes dashing in and asks what is going on. Marlena tells him their little girl will be all right, and that Roman saved her life with his quick thinking. John is moved with gratitude. He and Marlena go in to se Belle, leaving Roman feeling suddenly alone and forgotten. Marlena tells John that she can't picture her life without Belle or Brady - or him. They gaze at each other lovingly. Roman sees them and tells himself that it's time for Marlena to make up her mind.

Carrie and Mrs. Horton are delighted to discover that rather than hurting Mike's chances, his calm and professional handling of his mother's scandal is elevating him in the eyes of the board members. Carrie tells Alice how passionate she is about seeing Mike make Chief of Staff. Craig Westley sees them and taunts them about Mike, but Carrie tells him that Mike will come through. Craig is smug because he has set something up to hurt Mike's reputation. A courier delivers copies of the Intruder with the story that Craig leaked - a picture of Mike next to Laura with the heading, "Is it in the genes?" Craig leaves the newspaper where he is sure the board members will find it and waits for the fireworks. Carrie finds several nurses giggling over a copy and is appalled to discover what is in it. Before she can warn Mike, she sees him talking to the board members, who have a copy of the magazine.

Friday, April 24, 1998

Kristen's fantasy about John ends abruptly when the leader tries to kiss her. She threatens him that as soon as Stefano gets her out, she will turn him and his entire sick operation over to the press and he will be out of business. The leader just laughs at her and throws her in the dungeon. Kristen is outraged, but is comforted by the thought that at least Marlena is probably dead by now and when she gets out, she will be with John. All that ends abruptly when Rick brings her a phone message from Susan, who wants her to know that John and Marlena are together and happy and perfectly fine. Kristen finally realizes she has lost everything and that Marlena has won. She wails in horror as her fate dawns on her...

Susan and Edmund congratulate each other on the successful accomplishment of plan to fool Stefano into thinking that Kristen got away with the baby. But Susan is still uneasy and has the feeling that Kristen did something terrible to Marlena before she left. To ease her mind, she calls John's cell phone. John tells her that everyone is all right, but Belle had an accident with Brady's penicillin tablets. He says she should be all right. Susan thanks him and hangs up and makes one final phone call, to Kristen's keepers in the Caribbean, to give her the phone message that Marlena and John are together.

Stefano pressures Celeste to do him a favor to repay her debt for saving her life. Celeste says she will never work for him again, but Stefano tells her that it is in her best interest to listen. He wants her to keep Hope Brady from finding out about her past at Maison Blanche. Celeste doesn't want to help him, but Stefano convinces her it is best for Hope if she does.

Bo and Shawn-D are eating dinner at Mrs. Horton's. Shawn-D tells Bo that his cooking wasn't as good as last time because Hope wasn't there to help him. They start tossing mashed potatoes at each other and just as Bo launches a big spoonful, Hope walks in the door and gets nailed. Shawn-D watches in delight as his parents have a food fight. Hope calms down first and Shawn-D leaves them alone. Hope tells Bo that his first concern now should be Billie and the child. She tells him she almost caught Billie taking a drink of brandy. Bo is upset and wonders why Billie would do that to herself or their child. Hope tells him it's probably because he's spending all his free time with her (Hope). Bo promises to take care of Billie, but lets Hope know she will always be first in his heart. After Bo leaves, Hope notices a mailed package addressed to her. As she is about to open it, Celeste bursts into the room and begs her not to.

At the hospital, Roman watches John and Marlena hovering over Belle's bed. Roman prays to God to let Belle live, and then he will do what he knows he has to do. Billie walks up to him and asks him what that is. Roman asks her what she's doing at the hospital and Billie says she was there for a consult on her amniocentesis. She tells Roman it looks good. He asks her why Bo isn't there with her. Billie says Bo is probably with Hope. Billie asks Roman why he's at the hospital and he tells her about Belle. Billie is horrified, but tells Roman he should be in there with Marlena. While they are waiting, Belle opens her eyes and John rushes out to tell Mike Horton. They return and Mike says Belle is out of the woods. Roman is grateful and receives thanks from Marlena and John. John leaves and Roman tells Marlena he needs to talk to her, as he fingers the wedding ring he has in his pocket. Roman takes Marlena out to the terrace and tells her that he is not going to use their past to play on Marlena's guilt any more. He realizes she loves John and won't stand in her way. Marlena is deeply touched and overwhelmed with a sense of guilt for all the people she hurt. Roman says it is time for him to let her go. Marlena hugs him in gratitude and love and while they are hugging, John walks by and sees them.

Billie goes home and calls the station, but learns Bo is not there. She knows he's with Hope, and decides the time has come for her to pull out all the stops in trying to hold on to Bo. She mixes a drink that looks like a martini, but is actually just water and olives. When she hears Bo coming in, she poses with the drink lifting up to her lips to make sure that he sees her.

Carrie is appalled to hear the board members telling Mike that the Intruder story is probably going to ruin his chances to become Chief of Staff. Mike rushes off to see to Belle, but Carrie speaks on his behalf while he is gone. She tells the board members what a great doctor he is and what an asset he will be to the hospital. Craig Westley listens smugly, sure he has beat Mike this time. The board members are not convinced by Carrie, and when Mike comes back, they try to talk him into dropping out of the race. Mike tells them he won't because he wants to emulate his grandfather, Tom Horton. Tom Horton was Chief of Staff when his daughter-in-law, Laura Horton, was committed to a mental institution, Mike says, and he stood by her and never let his job suffer. Mike says that as Laura's son, he can do no less. He says he loves his mother and will stand by her, but he believes in the hospital and in being Chief of Staff, so he will not drop out of the race. He reminds the female board member about her mother's Alzheimer's disease and tells her he was inspired by her devotion. He tells the male board member that he is sure everyone has suffered family adversity and that he would neither abandon his mother nor allow the trashy scandal rags to harm either her reputation or the hospital's. His speech is so moving that he turns the board members completely around and they tell him he will make a fine Chief of Staff. They invite him and Carrie to dinner, and she accepts for them. Carrie is clearly deeply moved by Mike's speech. Craig Westley is angry, but grudgingly impressed.

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