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Monday April 27, 1998

Hope asks Celeste why she snatched the box away from her. Celeste says she wasn't honest when she told Hope she didn't know about her past at Maison Blanche. Celeste says she was with Hope the entire four years watching her recuperate from her injuries and have reconstructive surgery, and she just didn't want to remind her of the painful memories. Hope says if that's the case, there's no harm in looking in the box. The box contains an intricate wooden case with some expensive toiletry items, including a silver mirror and lipstick case. Hope puts on some lipstick and Celeste asks her if she's having a memory. Hope says she isn't, but she wonders where she got these things. Celeste says Gina was very important to Stefano and he gave her everything she wanted. Hope pretends she believes Celeste that nothing else happened while she was at Maison Blanche. Celeste tells her it's best not to try to remember, and Hope pretends to agree. As soon as Celeste leaves, Hope says she will never give up, but she will let Stefano and Celeste believe she did.

Stefano stares at the picture of Hope with the Russian writing underneath. He wonders if someone has been snooping, but decides that if Hope or Bo had found the picture, they would have taken it with them. Bart comes in and swears that he set the alarm every time he left, so no one could have come in. Stefano dismisses him and burns the picture, but he smiles as he remembers how fearless Gina was and how profitable their association was. He has a memory of her putting on lipstick with the same kit that Celeste gave her. Celeste comes in and tells Stefano that she has convinced Hope to give up on finding out about her past. Stefano says she's done well, but if he needs her services in the future, he hopes she knows better than to refuse. Celeste storms out without a word.

Bo walks in on Billie pretending to drink a martini. He is alarmed and asks her what's going on. Billie puts on an Oscar-winning performance, pretending she is so worried about the amniocentesis and the possibility of their baby being harmed by her drug habit that she is driven to drink, since Bo is never around for her. Bo says he'll always be there, and Billie tells him to shut up, because she's heard it all before and obviously it isn't true. She pretends to flip out and hurl her drink on the floor and break down sobbing. Bo holds her in her arms and can't see her smile of triumph that her plan is working. Bo says he will be there for her more often and will go to the amnio with her tomorrow. Billie says she'll be fine with his support and tells him to leave her alone for a while. Bo leaves and Billie jumps for joy, mentally thanking Hope for giving her an idea of how to hold on to Bo. Bo heads over to Mrs. Horton's house to talk to Hope. He tells her that Billie kicked him out and Hope asks exasperatedly, "What's she up to now?" Bo looks shocked at Hope's cynicism.

John sees Roman and Marlena embracing and assumes they've decided to get back together. Before he can turn around and leave, Roman sees him and calls him out onto the terrace. They talk about Belle's condition and then Roman tells John to stay, because they have something to tell him. John says he thinks he knows what it is and he doesn't want to hear it. A nurse comes and tells Marlena that Belle is awake and asking for her and Marlena rushes off. John asks Roman if he forced the issue with Marlena and Roman says yes, but it isn't what John thinks. Roman tells John that he knows Marlena and John belong together and he has decided to step aside. John is shocked and overwhelmed at Roman's selflessness and nobility. They wish each other well and John goes to see Marlena and Belle, while Roman closes his eyes in pain. While John and Marlena feed Belle her ice cream and rejoice in being together, Roman heads over to a blues bar to drown his sorrows. He tells the bartender that the old saying about holding on to a person by letting them go is a lie. Just as he's feeling at his worst, he hears a woman say, "You look like you need a friend." He turns and sees Billie standing beside him.

Mike asks Carrie if she's sure it was a good idea for them to agree to go to dinner with board members Lewis and Winston. Carrie says of course it is - they have to strike while the iron is hot. She congratulates Mike on his moving speech that totally turned them around. Mike says he's not letting anyone intimidate him from trying to follow in Tom Horton's footsteps. Carrie says she's glad, because that way they can spend more time together. She leaves to see Austin and Craig Westley comes to congratulate Mike on his successful suck-up speech. Mike tries to ignore him, but Craig asks how the board members would react if they knew Mike was fooling with a married woman. Mike gets mad and says he and Carrie are just friends, and have been since childhood, that she is happily married to Austin and their only reason for spending time together is that she is running his PR campaign. Craig says he is so confident of winning the Chief of Staff position that he has moved his wife to Salem.

Sami sees Austin working out at the punching bag and gloats that he is probably venting his frustration over Carrie's time with Mike. She brings up the subject to him, but Austin says he trusts Carrie completely. Sami says Carrie will be especially busy with Mike now that the Intruder article has come out. She shows the article to Austin and then tells him that Kate has approved her New Faces campaign. Austin wishes her luck, although he knows she got Kate's approval by using Vivian. He says that if her campaign succeeds, maybe she'll leave him and Carrie alone. Sami swears she has not interfered with them lately. She tells him that her interest is in Titan, since her son is one of Kate's heirs. She tells Austin how much Will misses him, and Austin tells her she should work out her differences with Lucas for Will's sake. Sami asks Austin if he is thinking of taking up boxing again. Austin says no; as much as he enjoys working out, Carrie hates boxing and he won't do it. He leaves to get a drink of water and Carrie arrives. She asks Sami where Austin is, and Sami teases Carrie about her time spent with Mike. Carrie assures Sami that she is devoted to Mike's campaign. Austin shows up and embraces Carrie and says he is ready to shower and spend the entire evening with her. Carrie tells Sami to give them some privacy and then tells Austin (while Sami eavesdrops) that she had to do damage control after the Intruder article was printed, and she and Mike are having dinner with two board members tonight. Austin is disappointed, but Carrie assures him she'll be home early and they can spend the whole night together. Sami listens with glee and then makes a phone call and tells someone it's time to turn up the heat.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

At the hospital, John and Marlena wait to bring Belle home. Marlena sees Carrie with Mike and comments to John that they are spending a lot of time together. John asks if that bothers her, and Marlena says she hopes it doesn't bother Austin. John says Austin is secure and doesn't mind having a wife who has a career. Marlena remembers times when Roman was called Mr. Evans and how well he always handled it. John goes to sign Belle's release papers and Carrie and Mike, dressed for dinner, come up to Marlena to ask about Belle. Marlena tells them that she and John are going to be together. Carrie is happy for her and says true love always wins out in the end. She asks Marlena if she's as happy as she should be and Marlena says yes, she's just stressed out about Belle being in the hospital. Carrie and Mike leave for their dinner and John and Marlena take Belle home. They announce to Chelsea and the children that they are going to be a family again. Everyone congratulates them, and Chelsea and Brady take Belle up for her bath. John asks Marlena if she is having any second thought about being together. Marlena says no, and John says he won't move in tonight; he wants to make sure everything is perfect. He leaves and says mysteriously that he will call her later.

At Mrs. Horton's, Bo tells Hope that Billie is going through a very rough time with her worry about the drug use affecting the fetus, and that he caught her about to take a drink. Hope is in disbelief that Billie could be so reckless and tells Bo that his place is with Billie to make sure she does nothing to harm the baby. Bo says that he will be there for Billie, but he also wants to help Hope with her quest to find out more about Maison Blanche and her missing four years. Hope says she can take care of herself, but Bo says he won't let her endanger her life by going up against Stefano alone. Bo sees the box on the table and asks what it contains. Hope says it contains clues to her past.

At the piano bar, Billie orders a mineral water and Roman puts it on his tab. He tells Billie that he has just let Marlena go. Billie says she would never be able to give up the man she loved, and she thinks Roman is very noble to do so. Roman says he is not noble, just realistic. Billie tells him how worried she is that Bo's quest to help Hope find out about her past will get him killed, and she will have to raise their baby without a father. Roman says he heard about how many times Billie saved Bo's life during the undercover operation and that she is a remarkable, brave woman. He reminds her that he has firsthand knowledge from their time in Paris. They exchange smoldering looks as they remember how they helped each other through the hard times in Paris, and Billie says that things are really not much different now - neither of them has the one they love.

Sami runs into Eric in Salem Place and comments on how handsome he looks. Eric says he is taking Nicole out to dinner. Sami throws a fit and says it's bad policy to mix business with pleasure. Eric can't believe his ears, and points out that Sami is dating Franco, and her personal life is too screwed up for her to be giving him advice. Sami tells Eric he wouldn't even have a job if it weren't for her. Eric says he was waiting for her to pull a power play like that and that she can keep her job. Sami realizes she was wrong and runs after Eric and begs him not to quit. She promises she won't ever try that again. Eric says he wants his twin back, and that Sami needs to stop interfering in people's lives. She promises she won't, and they hug. Eric heads over to meet Nicole. Sami sees Austin in Salem Place and contrives to bump into him. She asks him if he and Carrie will have a drink with her (knowing full well that Carrie is having dinner with Mike) so she can discuss a problem she's having with Lucas and Will. Austin says Carrie can't come, so Sami says she will talk to him alone, if it's all right. Austin asks where, and Sami says Chez Vous is just around the corner, knowing that's where Carrie and Mike are having dinner.

Someone knocks on Nicole's door and she opens it to find her angry landlord telling her the rent is late - again. She says she'll have it tomorrow, but he tells her if she can't come up with it now, she can move out. She shows him her modeling contract with Titan, and he reluctantly agrees to wait another day. Nicole says to herself she can't wait until she doesn't have to deal with losers like him. She puts on her new dress and meets Eric at Salem Place. He tells her she looks great and that he is taking her to Chez Vous, his father's favorite restaurant. She looks a little intimidated, but is excited. They head over there and run into Austin and Sami, who are sitting in the bar. Nicole thanks Sami again for giving her such a great opportunity, but notices Sami is a little cold. She and Eric sit down to dinner and Eric tells her Sami is just protective. He tells her a little of Sami's history with Austin. Nicole says they should forget all that and drink to their new careers.

At Chez Vous, Mike and Carrie are sitting down to dinner with the board members, Lewis and Winston, when a drunk man comes up to Mike and loudly accuses him of killing his wife. Mike remembers the man, Mr. Collins, as someone whose wife recently died as a patient at University Hospital. He calms the man down and refuses to let the restaurant call the police. He tells Mr. Collins that he remembers his wife well, and that he knows the grief must be overwhelming, but there was nothing anyone could do to save her. He tells Mr. Collins to give him a call in the morning and he will recommend a grief counselor. The man calms down and starts crying and apologizing for the scene he made. Mike tells him it's all right, but he should make sure to call Mike in the morning. Mike gets the restaurant to call him a cab, and the man leaves. Carrie, Winston, and Lewis are all impressed with how smoothly and compassionately Mike handled the crisis. Lewis suggests they dance, and Carrie and Mike start dancing close. Just then, Sami and Austin walk in. Austin keeps noticing Carrie and Mike dancing, and Sami pretends she doesn't see them. She tells Austin that Lucas is turning into a drunk and she is worried that it might be affecting Will. Austin doesn't know whether to believe her, but says he will check it out. Meanwhile, Carrie and Mike start reminiscing about their dance on the hilltop in LA while Austin watches jealously. The dinner ends on a positive note, with Lewis and Winston promising they will do this again when the board has narrowed down its choices. Carrie congratulates Mike on how well he handled the dinner, and he tells her he is glad she was there. Austin comes up to them and asks how things went. Carrie says it was great, and Austin tells her it's time to go home. She says good night to Mike and they leave. Mike is obviously unsettled.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

John calls Marlena and tells her that he wishes they had known each other when they were younger, so he's recreating a date as if they were in high school. He tells her to meet him and she dresses in a ponytail and fifties clothing, while John dresses in a leather jacket, jeans, and T-shirt and drives a red sports car. They go to a movie theater John has rented out and filled with sixties memorabilia, including pictures of Martin Luther King, the Kennedys, and lots of pink decorations. Marlena remembers when JFK, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy were shot and John says she must have been a sensitive young girl. She says she imagines he was popular and athletic, a leader. They sit down to watch the movie John set up - Grease - and start making out in the back seats.

Hope shows Bo what's in the box that Celeste sent - the comb, mirrored compact, and lipstick. She asks him why Stefano would have given her a mirror if her face was so horribly scarred for so long, and if he waited until her face was reconstructed and he knew she was Hope, then why does the mirror have the initial "G" on it? Bo urges her to give up her search because he doesn't want to lose her, but Hope says there is no way, now that she is close to the truth. Bo begs her to be careful, but says that he can't be there for her all the time because of Billie. He leaves and Hope looks ready to cry.

Billie and Roman continue to reminisce about their dangerous ISA assignment in Paris and how they helped each other through the rough times. Billie says she wishes Bo had such high regard for her and that he would remember the promises he made in Rome. She starts to cry because she says her pregnancy should be a magical time in her life, and instead it's just painful. Roman says she doesn't deserve to go through this and he hopes Bo will come to his senses soon. As they leave the piano bar, Roman promises Billie he'll always be there for her. She tells him he's a wonderful man and they embrace. Just then, Bo walks up and looks disturbed.

Eric asks Nicole to fill him in on her life up to this point. She keeps avoiding his questions, but when the waiter asks her if she wants dessert, she displays an astonishing knowledge of port wines. Eric is impressed and guesses she was a debutante. Nicole refuses to answer and instead asks him to dance. As they dance, Eric asks if she would consider dating him now that they're working together. Nicole says she will go out with him again. The dance ends and Eric offers to take her home. Nicole, ashamed of her dumpy apartment, says she will walk. Eric is worried, but lets her go alone. He tries to give her a kiss, but she puts him off. Nicole returns home and says that Sami and Eric are her ticket out of this dump. Meanwhile, walking in Salem Place, Eric notices a teenage girl (enter LeAnn Rimes!) stuffing muffins from a bakery into her bag. The proprietor yells out and the girl tries to escape, but Eric stops her and says he saw her stealing the muffins. She looks up and asks, "So? What are you going to do - call the cops?"

Kate sees Franco in Salem Place and chews him out for letting Sami slip out of his control. Franco tries to make excuses, but Kate says she's interested only in results - that's what she's paying him for, and he'd better control Sami or he'll be out of Salem so fast his head will spin. Franco promises he will take care of Sami.

Sami leaves a message on Franco's machine, telling him she misses him and has great news to share. Lucas overhears her and taunts her that her new boyfriend has probably dumped her. Sami says Franco is just busy. She accuses Lucas of drinking too much, and he says it's no wonder he drinks when he has to deal with someone like her blackmailing his mother. Sami puts Will to bed. When she comes back out, Lucas tells her he heard all about her power play with Vivian and that he has no choice but to make good on his threat and sue Sami for full custody of Will. Sami says he will never win, because Austin won't support him and knows what a good mother she is. Lucas says he doubts Austin would support her if he knew she was a blackmailer. Sami tells Lucas to quit being such a drunk. He leaves the room to say good night to Will. The doorbell rings, and Sami is delighted to see Franco. He soon dashes her happiness by telling her that her plot with Vivian was directly in opposition to the plan of action he laid out for her, and that if he can't count on her to trust him, he wants no relationship with her. Sami says the important thing is that her plan worked and the campaign was approved. Franco says congratulations, but he wants no part of her manipulations. He storms out, leaving Sami confused and upset. He sees Kate outside the door and tells her Sami is all taken care of and will soon be begging for him to take her back. Inside the house, Lucas, who overheard Franco dumping Sami, teases her about it, but Sami is in no mood and says if she were a man, she'd deck Lucas.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Eric holds the arm of the girl he stopped from stealing the muffins. She asks him not to call the cops and he says he won't. He pays for her muffins and the baker agrees not to prosecute - this time. The girl tries to take off, but Eric convinces her to sit down and eat her muffin and he'll buy her some milk. She reluctantly agrees and tells him her name is Madison. She stares into Eric's filled wallet when he pays for the milk. Eric tries to convince her to go to a shelter or to go home, but she tells him no way. Obviously, she doesn't trust him or anyone. Finally, he convinces her to spend the night at the pub's spare room so she can get a shower and have a good night's sleep. While she is showering, Eric calls Nicole. After he gets off the phone, Eric picks up Madison's bag to put it in the bedroom and sees something inside that concerns him.

Nicole stares at the letter she ripped up and asks herself why this is happening to her when everything is starting to go right in her life. She is so freaked out that when someone knocks on the door, she turns out all the lights and pretends she's not home. She hears a girl's voice and answers the door. It's her neighbor, Inez, who asks her why she's hiding out. Nicole says she thought it was her landlord and she didn't want to fight with him about the rent. Inez asks her why she's so dressed up and Nicole says she went to Chez Vous with a great guy whose family connections could get her into the big time if she plays her cards right. Inez asks if Nicole could get her a modeling job and Nicole tells her to slow down - she hasn't even started working at Titan yet. Inez leaves and Nicole gets a phone call. It's late at night, so she picks it up and yells, "Stop calling me!" But it's only Eric, who wonders why she's so upset. Nicole says she gets prank calls and Eric tells her to change her number. He says he just wanted to be sure she got home okay. She thanks him and hangs up.

Bo asks Billie and Roman what's going on. Roman says he'll leave them alone and gives Billie another hug and kiss before disappearing. Bo notices the closeness between them. He asks Billie what she's doing out, and if she was drinking. She says she only had mineral water and she was just bored and unable to sleep. Bo takes her home and rubs her shoulders and then leaves to get some pistachio ice cream because Billie says she craves it. Billie smiles in triumph and tells herself her plan is working perfectly. When he's out looking for the ice cream, Bo runs into Roman again. Roman says they need to talk more and he reminds Bo of his promises to Billie in Rome. Bo wonders why Billie told Roman so much and asks Roman when he appointed himself Billie's protector. Roman says they're friends and he is looking out for her. He tells Bo that right now, Billie needs him more than Hope does and Bo should remember his responsibilities. Bo hates the lecture and tells Roman that he's getting ice cream for Billie right now. Roman says he's only lecturing because he wants to keep Bo from making a mistake. Bo says that's great, but just as he will never stop loving Hope, Roman will always love Marlena. That stops Roman short. Bo goes home and gives Billie the ice cream and decides to sleep at her place so that he can go to the amniocentesis with her in the morning.

John and Marlena kiss passionately as they watch "Grease." They swap a lot of romantic talk and then leave the theater. On their way out, they bump into Roman, who can't hide a look of pain. He quickly assures them not to feel bad and to go on and enjoy their date. Although he is hurting, he smiles and leaves them alone. He tells himself that there is only one way he will get over Doc. Meanwhile, Marlena and John decide to go home, and Marlena says she hopes Roman will find someone to love soon.

At the hospital, Mike can't get his mind off of his dance with Carrie. Lexie sees him mooning and guesses why. Nurse Allie, whom Mike dated a few weeks ago, comes by and tells Mike how sorry she is about the article in the Intruder. An emergency develops and Mike has Allie page Craig Westley to help, since he's the only other doctor on call. They all work together to save people's lives and Craig keeps probing Mike about his relationship with Carrie. He even takes Allie aside and asks why her relationship with Mike didn't work out. Before she can tell him, she gets called away. Lexie is disgusted with Craig, but manages to be polite. Craig calls Lexie away to assist on an appendectomy. Mike looks at Allie and tells himself that if he is going to get over Carrie, he'd better start focusing on other people.

At home, Carrie and Austin get undressed for bed. Carrie can't stop talking about how amazing Mike was with the board members, especially when the drunk man accused him of killing his wife. Austin listens to the story politely, but obviously, he is sick of hearing about Mike 24 hours a day. He massages Carrie's back until she relaxes and then starts kissing her, but Carrie says she's too tired and has to get up early tomorrow. Austin is stung by her rejection, but says he understands and holds her close. Carrie, however, can't stop staring at a picture of Mike in a magazine she left on her nightstand. She asks herself why she can't stop thinking about Mike.

Friday, May 1, 1998

At the Brady house, Eric tells his Aunt Kim about Madison, the runaway he found at Salem Place who spent the night in the spare room. He says that he saw her ID and she's only a kid. Kim says he did the right thing and she will figure out how to help Madison. Madison comes out and meets Kim and they sit down to breakfast. Kim gets a phone call from LA and Madison overhears her calming someone down. Madison decides Kim must be a shrink and yells, "You tricked me!" to Eric and runs out the door. Eric chases her down and tells her that yes, Kim is a counselor, but she isn't here to call social services; she just wants to help. He finally convinces Madison to come back and talk to her. Madison tells Kim that she was in foster care her whole life and now her mother wants her back, and she doesn't want to go. Kim says she understands the anger and tells Madison about her own past - about being molested by an uncle and turning to prostitution. She also tells her that when she decided to reach out for help, she was met with love and support. Madison calls her pastor and is surprised to learn that everyone has been looking for her and the pastor and his wife want to take her in permanently. Eric takes her to the bus station and they part ways, but Madison has a fantasy about dancing romantically with Eric and says, as she's leaving, "Maybe I'll be back someday."

Kate walks into her living room and wakes up Bo, who spent the night on the couch. She rudely tells Bo that if he won't sleep with Billie, there are lots of spare bedrooms. Bo says he just crashed on the couch so he could take Billie to her amniocentesis. Kate tells him it's too little, too late, and that he should stop spending all his spare time with Hope and concentrate on his pregnant wife. Bo asks her what she did to make Hope quit. Kate says Hope has her own mind and no one makes her do anything. Billie is eavesdropping on them and walks in when the conversations starts getting too heated. She tells Kate she can handle it and Kate leaves for the office. Bo takes Billie to Dr. Bader's office for the amnio and has to practically hold Billie down to keep her from walking out, she's so nervous. After the amnio, the doctor tells them they'll call with the results. Bo pulls some strings and gets Billie a private hospital room to relax in while they wait. Billie is touched by Bo's solicitude.

At Salem Place, Sami and Roman sit down to coffee and Roman tells Sami that he and Marlena will not be together. Sami is hurt and angry and tells Roman she hates Marlena and John. He tells her to stop it, and it's nobody's fault what happened. Sami says her whole world is crumbling. Roman asks what she means and she tells him Franco led her on and then dumped her. Roman looks angry, but tells her she's better off without him. He gives her a hug and she goes to the office.

Vivian and Ivan run into Stefano, who has just put away the photograph of "Kristen" with Elvis, which fooled him completely into thinking everything was under control. Vivian flirts with him outrageously and invites him to dinner at her place (little do they know that her place is Stefano's place). She says she'll send a car for him. Vivian meets with a designer who agrees to do her office, but wants $40,000 up front. Vivian tells Ivan to sell that ugly statue in the hallway of the penthouse. Ivan sells it and gets the money. Meanwhile, Stefano goes to Titan.

Kate is at Titan, annoyed to learn that Vivian is putting her offices on the floor above Kate's office and the sound of construction is overwhelming. Kate goes into her office and is angry to see someone sitting in her chair. The chair whirls around and there is Stefano, who apologizes, but says he wants to know what Titan's financial records look like for the past five years, since he's 49% owner in the company. Kate tells Marie to give him the records, but is plainly unhappy to have to bow to Stefano.

Franco bumps into Hope at Salem Place and asks her if she's going to the photo shoot. Hope tells him that she quit Titan a few days ago because of Kate and Billie. Franco is shocked and tries to talk her into coming back, but Hope says her mission now is to find out about her past. Franco almost slips by saying that Kate didn't mention this to him. Hope asks why Kate should tell him anything about her, but Franco says it affects him because he and Hope are modeling partners. She says she's sure he'll be fine without her. Franco goes to Kate's office to confront her and is furious that she let Hope quit. Kate says she had no choice and tells Franco that she is through putting up with him and he should be concentrating on Sami. Franco yells that Sami is the last person he wants to see right now. Sami, who is passing by the office, overhears that and walks away, hurt. Franco storms out of Kate's office after she tells him to get lost and runs into Marie, who gives him a telegram. Franco rips it open and learns that the INS has discovered that his green card is a fake and he is going to be deported unless he can think of a plan. Suddenly, he remembers Sami. He goes to her office and stands outside her door, thinking to himself that she might be just what he needs.

Heading back to Salem Place, Stefano sees Hope, who has just put away the mirror with Gina's initials. He is polite to her and convinces himself that she is not a threat. A few minutes later, Stefano runs into Roman and spills his Titan reports everywhere. Roman sees them and asks what Stefano is doing with Titan's financial records. Stefano tells him that he inherited Tony DiMera's 49% of Titan from Kristen and he plans to take active part in running the company - especially by working with the employees. Roman is appalled to think that all three of his children will now be working for Stefano. Stefano walks on and is startled when he sees a statue in an antique store window that he is sure belongs to him. He concludes that Jonesy must have sold it and gets a look of dark anger on his face.

Meanwhile, Hope telephones the doctor in New Orleans who worked on her reconstructive surgery. He remembers her after a while and tells her he has been wanting to talk to her because he has discovered something very interesting about her case. Hope says she is on her way to New Orleans and will meet him then.

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