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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday June 1, 1998

Vivian opens the freezer and Stefano knocks her out from behind before she can go in. Stefano watches over Vivian as Bart empties the freezer. Ivan gets worried and goes downstairs and finds Madam on the floor. Ivan starts giving her mouth to mouth and she starts kissing him. She eventually wakes up and pushes him off of her. Bart and Stefano, who were hiding under the stairs, escape through a secret passage in the basement. Stefano rings the doorbell and claims he was just walking by and wants to visit. Vivian tells him that the basement is empty and when she went into the freezer everything went black. Vivian decides that she wants to go back into the freezer and she goes downstairs. Luckily, Bart got everything out of the freezer just in time. When Vivian goes into it all she finds is food. Vivian doesn't remember seeing this food in here before and wonders how it got in here. They go back upstairs and Stefano tells her that he dropped by to talk to Vivian about her company. Vivian says that she's not going to reveal her strategies to him because he own's 49% of Titan, but she does know some secrets of Kate's that could destroy her for good. Stefano gets a call from Bart, who tells him he left his gas mask behind in the basement. Stefano says to forget about it and relocate the contents of the freezer as instructed. Stefano leaves and then calls Dr. Rolf and tells him he must come to Salem. Stefano says the secrets of Maison Blanche are out of the freezer, but he needs him to make a potion for Vivian.

At Titan, Kate is wooing the two authors that were thinking of leaving Titan to go to Vivian's company. As one of them mentions that she'd love to meet Sami Brady, Sami and Franco fall from the air-conditioning ducts above. Kate tells the two clients that there must be an explanation for this. Franco tells them that they were trying to rescue a cat that was stuck in the air ducts. Kate hopes the two authors will think about staying with Titan and they she tells Sami that she'll see her in her office. Franco becomes angry with Lucas, but Eric tells Franco not to get physical with the boss' son. Eric leaves to pack up his things, leaving Franco and Lucas behind. Lucas tells Franco he can cut the act because he knows he's only using Sami to get what he wants. Lucas decides he shouldn't let on that he knows about the blackmail, so he tells Franco that he could have anyone, so why is he bothering with Sami unless he wants something for her. Lucas is called away to a meeting and Eric returns. They both talk about Lucas and Franco tells Eric that he really cares for his sister. Sami returns in some new clothes and Franco tells her that after he gets cleaned up he'll help her out in Kate's office.

In Kate's office, the two authors tell Kate that they want time to consider Vivian's offer. Kate walks out the two authors out and Sami catches two of her employees trashing her. Sami fires them, but Lucas rehires them and gives them a raise. Lucas takes them both out to lunch to fill them in on Sami's little drop-in. Franco goes in to talk to Kate first. Franco explains to Kate that he was seducing Sami in the closet when Lucas locked them in. Sami listens in as Franco tries to convince Kate not to fire Sami. Sami is convinced that Franco cares about her. Franco leaves and Sami goes in to see Kate. Kate starts accusing Sami of working with Vivian to destroy her company. Sami denies it and they start arguing. Kate accuses Sami of spreading lies about Lucas' drinking and using it to win Austin back. Sami brings up Kate's call girl past and goes on and on about it until Kate slaps her. Kate tells Sami that she's decided to keep her onboard, but if they lose those two authors then she'll answer to Stefano. Franco hopes all goes well because if Sami is fired and he is deported to Italy, all his enemies will be waiting for him. From the shadows, Lucas vows to expose Franco's schemes to Sami. Sami comes out of Kate's office and declares war on Lucas.

Bo and Hope are driving over to Doctor Appleby's. At Dr. Appleby's, Billie wakes up and she has a bandage on her head. The doctor tells Billie that aside from her injuries from the car accident she is still recovering from her early labor. The Dr. gives Billie a prescription to help with pp depression, but Billie says she doesn't want any drugs. Dr. Appleby has to leave to check on another patient. Billie starts panicking about Bo. As she is crying, Bo shows up and holds her in his arms. Bo doesn't know about the baby and Billie tells him that she skidded off the road and bumped her head. Bo is relieved that both her and the baby are okay.

Billie starts to cry and talk about New Orleans, but Bo apologizes for what happened down there. Bo promises Billie that from now on she will be here for her and their baby. Billie tells Bo that it's too late because their baby is dead. Billie says she was driving and passed out because she had horrible pains and when she woke up she was in labor. Billie tells Bo that the baby was just too small to survive. Bo holds Billie and Hope cries along outside, she hears the news through the open window. Bo wants to take Billie to the hospital, but Billie says that Dr. Appleby has done everything medically possible for her. Bo prays for their baby and asks God to give her the love she needs in heaven. Hope walks into the room and Billie screams that it was Hope who killed their baby!

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Carrie is sitting at the Java Cafe thinking about Mike. Ali shows up and she tells Carrie all about the evening she has planned. Ali asks Carrie if she could put in a good word for her with Mike. Carrie is shocked and Ali asks her if she has a problem with her dating Mike. Carrie says she just wants what is best for Mike. Ali leaves and Carrie doesn't understand why this is so hard for her.

At the hospital, Craig is still picking on Mike about Carrie. Craig leaves and Lexie shows up to talk with Mike. Mike tells Lexie that he told Carrie the good news, but he's afraid he made a terrible mistake. Lexie doesn't understand and Mike tells Lexie that he wanted to kiss Carrie so badly. Lexie laughs and just says asks how that is any different than he normal. Mike tells Lexie that it was different because he really wanted her. Later, Craig overhears Mike tells Lexie that he's going out with Ali tonight, which gives him a great idea. Ali and Carrie both show up at the hospital. Ali is dresses up waiting for Mike, who is still working at the ER. Craig sees Ali and suggests that he sub for Mike tonight so he can go out with Ali. Ali is suspicious, but Craig says he just wants people to like him. Ali surprises Mike with a cake and the nurses applaud him for becoming one of the finalists. Ali tells Mike that Craig offered to take the shift so they could have dinner. Mike decides it's okay, but before leaving Carrie confronts Mike and asks him why he's pulling away from her. Mike tells Carrie that he just want to waste her time now that they are pulling into the home stretch. Carrie likes that answer and they hug. Mike and Ali leave and Craig makes a call to someone telling them that he got rid of Mike.

Sami is in her office and vows to make Lucas pay by taking Will from him. Sami turns around and finds Austin standing in her doorway. Austin asks Sami if what he heard was right and Sami says it is. Austin tells Sami that he knows Lucas has a drinking problem and he will handle Lucas. Sami assures Austin that she's changed and she hopes they can be friends. Austin asks if she's still trying to break up his marriage to Carrie, and Sami tells him that she isn't because she's happy with Franco. Austin tells Sami that he wants her to be happy, but he is a little skeptical about Franco.

John and Marlena are back home and John shows Marlena the picture he found, which is the picture of Hope with Russian text on it. John says that this picture doesn't appear to be taken at Maison Blanche and Hope shows no scars from surgery. John and Marlena begin discussing their future plans, which include a picnic with all their friends and family. Marlena knows that John wanted a cozy night alone, but she suggests they go show Hope the photograph of her.

Out at Dr. Appleby's, Billie accuses Hope of killing their baby. Dr. Appleby shows up and Bo asks him why their baby died. Billie butts in and says that after her fight with Hope, she was crying so much she couldn't see the road and crashed. Billie says that she made her way to this farmhouse where she gave labor to their baby, who died in her arms. Bo hugs Billie and then Bo asks to see his baby. Dr. Appleby tells Bo that the baby was taken away by the funeral home and he decides to give them some privacy. Hope decides to leave as well and she tells Billie that she is sorry about her loss. Bo tells Billie that he is the one who let her down and is so sorry. Billie says that they had a little girl and Bo cries that he was hoping for a daughter. Billie tells Bo that she named their daughter Georgia because it was a song that was playing on the radio as Dr. Appleby delivered their daughter. Bo informs Billie that he bought her a baby book, which Billie wants to fill out so they can remember Georgia forever. Bo thinks about what his little girl would have been like while growing up and blames himself. Bo goes to go back inside and Dr. Appleby tells Bo that "she" is here. Dr. Appleby leads Bo inside and to a room where a little "his" baby lies in a coffin. Meanwhile, Billie vows to make Hope feel what it's like to lose everything. Dr. Appleby goes back to see Billie and tells her that everything has been taken care of. Billie smiles and says the one good thing that has come of this is that Bo will never feel the same way about Hope again. Outside, Dr. Appleby tells Hope the baby was a girl. Hope goes home and continues to feel guilty. John shows up to show Hope the picture, but instead ends up comforting her.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Mike and Ali go out to Chez Vous. Mike tells Ali that right now he's not able to start a serious relationship, but he does miss having someone special in his life. Back at the hospital, Carrie and Austin get into an argument over Carrie's decision to wait to have children. Meanwhile, a boy with a gun shot is brought into the ER. Craig wants to perform open heart surgery, but Lexie says that a simple procedure which she's seen Mike do many times is all that is needed. Craig yells at her to never instruct him for he is her superior. Lexie tells Craig that all he wants to do is impress the board members and cares nothing about this boy's life. Criag glares at Lexie and tells her never to question his reasons. Lexie tells Carrie what Craig is about to do and she runs to Chez Vous and tells Mike that she needs him.

John comes over to show Hope the picture he found of her, but he finds her crying and upset. Hope explains to John about how Billie lost her baby and it is her fault. John tells Hope not to beat herself up because if that baby was meant to live than it would have survived. After Hope calms down, John shows her the photograph he found and he tells her that he wants to help her find out about her past. Hope hears the strange waltz and then fills John in on the details about the items Celeste gave her and the mysterious Swamp Girl. When Hope mentions the place where the forked tree meets the river, John surprisingly says that somehow he knows that place.

Dr. Rolf has shown up at Stefano's place. He is glad that Hope hasn't remembered what they did to her at Maison Blanche. Stefano looks at the same picture of Hope while listening to the waltz, which Dr. Rolf identifies as the one they used on Hope. Stefano says that Hope must never learn about what she did for them or about Gina. Stefano assures Rolf that Hope is not a threat and they can safely move ahead with their plans.

In LA, Eric and Nicole show up at their hotel, but their rooms aren't ready. The desk clerk suggests they go have some complimentary drinks at the bar. After sitting down, Nicole orders a martini straight up and then tells Eric that it's to calm her nerves. Eric and Nicole see Madonna and some woman who is supposed to be Cher. Eric goes to see if their rooms are ready and some seedy looking man approaches Nicole as calls her "Nicki."

Billie tells Bo that the reason she went into labor so early was because of stress. Bo says he was the cause of that stress, but Billie says it was Hope's fault. Bo wants to see his baby, unaware that the coffin presented to him is filled with stones. Billie stops him by saying she wants something to eat. When Bo is away, Billie tells Dr. Appleby that Bo wants to see their daughter. Dr. Appleby tells Billie that he will take care of it. Later, Bo tells Billie that they need closure and he begins to make funeral arrangements, which upsets Billie.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

At the hotel in LA, a man (Jay) says hello to Nicole, calling her Nicki. He asks what she's doing with Eric and she tells him it's work. Jay says someone will be happy to know she's back in LA. Nicole says she doesn't want to talk to that person. Eric shows up and asks if there is a problem; Jay says he was just talking with the lady and leaves. Nicole asks if the rooms are ready; Eric says they're acting like they weren't expecting them. Nicole suggests a walk on the beach. They see a shooting star and make their wishes - Nicole for fame and fortune, and Eric for true love. Nicole says that's not very practical. Eric says she's a cynic, but Nicole says she's just realistic. Eric tells Nicole that despite the messed up relationships in his family, he still believes true love is possible if there are no lies. When they return, the hotel clerk says there's only one room available. Nicole pressures him into giving them a 2-room suite, threatening to call Kate Roberts to take their business elsewhere otherwise. Meanwhile, Jay calls someone and tells the person that Nicki is back in town with some guy.

At the hospital, as Carrie explains Craig's scheme to Mike, Craig tells the board members he is about to perform open heart surgery on a gunshot victim. Mike asks to see the patient's chart and Craig is angry to be second-guessed. Mike says he's trying to help and they walk away to discuss the case. Carrie apologizes to Ali for ruining the date, and Ali says she did the right thing, and walks away to help Mike. As Carrie prepares to leave, Lexie asks her what is wrong. Carrie explains about her argument with Austin. As Craig and Mike argue, the patient's father arrives and asks to see his son. Craig asks him to sign a surgical consent form and the man asks if there is any other way. Lexie says he's entitled to a second opinion and that Mike has another method. As they're talking, the boy has a crisis and Mike and Craig rush to save him. They manage to save him without surgery and the board members are unhappy that Craig was about to perform an unnecessary surgery. Craig vows to bring Mike and Lexie down somehow.

At the gym, Darrel tries to talk Austin into getting back in the ring. Austin's old rival Eddie shows up and starts teasing him. Darrel calls Sami and tells her Austin looks like he's going to get back into the ring.

At Titan, Sami is daydreaming about her new campaign and about Franco. She calls home and tells the nanny she is working late and not to leave Will alone with Lucas. Lucas shows up and calls Sami a bitch, saying he knows what she's been up to. Carrie shows up later asking if Sami has seen Austin. Sami says no, and Carrie looks upset. Sami accuses her of being in love with Mike. Carrie says she loves Austin and he supports her career and the time she spends with Mike. Sami says she got a different impression from Austin at the Java Cafe. Carrie accuses Sami of trying to win Austin back, but Sami says she's happy with Franco now. Sami finally tells Carrie her husband is at the old boxing gym. Sami tells Carrie that she is keeping Austin from being happy by preventing his boxing. Carrie leaves to go to the gym and find Austin. When she arrives, she is stunned to see Austin fighting Eddie in the ring.

Lucas goes home and starts drinking down a pitcher of martinis. The nanny brings Will down to say goodnight and Lucas orders the nanny to leave Will with him, despite what Sami said. Lucas puts Will down on the floor and starts drinking again. Will picks up some matches and Lucas yells at him until Will starts crying. Lucas hugs Will and says he's so sorry for yelling at him, he just got angry when he saw him playing with the matches. Henderson asks if everything is okay and Lucas tells him everything is fine now. Henderson leaves and Lucas promises Will that he'll never yell at him again. Lucas eventually passes out and Sami shows up and can't find Will.

Friday, June 5, 1998

Carrie is distraught to see Austin apparently enjoying his sparring match with Eddie. She leaves without him seeing her and goes home. While she is waiting for Austin, Lexie stops by to tell her that the gunshot victim is out of danger. She says she is grateful that Carrie got Mike to the hospital on time before the boy had unnecessary surgery. Lexie says Craig Westley is furious and that if he makes Chief of Staff, she's sure she won't be doing her residency at University. Carrie says she will make it her priority to do everything she can to see that Mike gets the job, and the board members find out what kind of rat Craig really is. Lexie asks if she has any ideas, and Carrie says yes, but she has to focus on her marriage tonight. She tells Lexie about finding Austin at the gym boxing, and says that it is her fault because she has been neglecting him. She says that Sami is right; her prejudice against boxing has trapped Austin into working at Titan when he would rather be in the ring. Carrie wonders if she should have a baby to help save her marriage. Lexie says she and Abe have had the same discussion, but they agreed that they should wait to have a baby until both of them are ready. Carrie agrees and says that she is going to commit more than ever to making Austin happy. While she is waiting, Mike Horton calls to check on her.

Austin finishes boxing and Darrel tells him that he still has that killer instinct. Austin says it felt great to get in the ring after his argument with Carrie, but now he's going to go home and make it up to her. Before he leaves, he gets a call from Sami. She tells him that Will is missing. Austin says he will be right over.

Sami is frantic when the servants check all over the house and can't find Will anywhere. Lucas denies drinking and says he just fell asleep for a minute, but Sami doesn't believe him. Everyone starts searching all over for Will, while Lucas thanks Henderson for hiding the martini pitcher; Henderson scolds him for drinking while watching Will, and Lucas says he knows he shouldn't have. Lucas is angry that Sami called Austin. Sami says if anything happens to Will, she will kill Lucas. When Henderson comes in and says he saw police cars in front, Sami goes nuts and assumes Will has been in an accident. But Austin finds Will asleep outside in his playhouse. Lucas is relieved Will is okay, but Sami is still furious that Lucas let him get outside where anything could have happened to him. She says he will never be left alone with Will again. Later, Lucas sees Austin in bed with Will falling asleep on him and is filled with resentment. He says to himself that he, not Austin, is Will's father.

John and Hope keep trying to figure out what the picture of Gina means. John tells Hope he remembers a legend about the Swamp Girl of the bayou, how she can kill bears with her bare hands and can wrestle alligators. Hope says that's ridiculous, but it's probably the same girl that Wayne and Earl told her about. Hope says the girl probably took her compact, although she's not sure why. She is sure that if she finds the compact, she can pinpoint the time when she recovered from her surgeries. She also reaches the conclusion that the woman who thought she knew Hope in the hospital was actually talking about the Swamp Girl, who was probably in the hospital with similar injuries at the same time that Hope was. They figure out that Stefano must be involved with scaring the Swamp Girl away before her surgery could be completed. John says the Swamp Girl might hold the key to Hope's past, and Hope declares that she has to get back to the bayou.

In the bayou, the swamp girl bathes in the river while alligators watch nearby. She is friendly with all the animals of the bayou, including a big Dobermann. When she falls asleep, she has a dream about Stefano at her bedside in the hospital that makes her wake up in a panic.

Stefano asks Rolf if he has completed the potion for Vivian, and Rolf says he has hit a snag and is too tired to think. He falls asleep sitting up on the couch and Stefano is so concerned for his health that he considers calling a doctor. Rolf says that's not necessary; he just needs sleep. They discuss how complete their brainwashing of Hope and John was and that they intend to do the same thing to Vivian, as soon as the potion is finished.

At Jennifer's, Mike is stunned to learn that Jennifer, Jack, and Abby are leaving right away for Africa, where they will join Jennifer's father for the summer. While everyone is saying their goodbyes, Marlena stops by. Laura is cold to her at first, until Jennifer explains that the reason Laura is being treated on an outpatient basis rather than being committed to a mental institution is that Marlena got dozens of people to write the judge on Laura's behalf. When Laura realizes what Marlena did for her, she forgives her and they make up. Everyone is sad to see Jack, Jennifer, and Abby leave, but they're happy that things are finally going smoothly for them. They say their goodbyes and Jack and Jennifer promise to be back at the end of the summer.

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