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Monday June 8, 1998

Kate asks Henderson if he's seen Billie. Henderson says he doesn't know where Billie is and also, that Bo and Hope rushed out after Billie when they got a call last night. At the Brady House, Roman shows up looking for Bo and Shawn and Caroline says that he never came home. Roman fills them in on Bo's little adventure to New Orleans and tells them that Bo has been very thoughtless towards his wife. Roman goes over to the Kiriakis Mansion to see Kate, hoping to find Bo.

Austin stayed at the Kiriakis Mansion and talked with Lucas. Austin lectures Lucas about not drinking around his son, but Lucas says he fell asleep. Lucas tells Austin that he should go home and be with Carrie because it's obvious that his wife is pretty low on his priority list. Austin and Lucas go downstairs and find Kate with Roman. Kate asks why Austin is here and he says he stayed over because there was a problem with Will. Austin decides to call Carrie, but he only gets the answering machine.

Sami is up in her bed dreaming about Franco. Franco climbs through the window and into her room and grabs her mouth to keep her from screaming. Sami struggles at first because she didn't know who grabbed her, but she relaxes when she sees that it's Franco. Franco tells her that he woke up smelling her perfume and he just needed to be with her, but didn't want Lucas to find out he's here. Sami says she had a dream about making love with him and Franco suggests they make her dream come true. Lucas was about to go talk to Sami about last night, but then he sees that Sami and Franco are getting it on in her bedroom. Lucas goes back downstairs where Roman and Kate are still talking. Lucas suggests to Roman that he go up and see Will, hoping he'll find Sami and Franco in bed. Roman goes up to see Will, and on the way out he hears Sami moaning. Roman knocks on Sami's door, but then he walks in and catches Sami and Franco in bed.

Austin leaves and Kate asks Lucas why Austin stayed here. Lucas says that the only problem they have is Sami. Kate starts lecturing Lucas about the prank he played on Sami. Henderson brings Lucas some aspirin and Kate asks Lucas if he has a hangover. Lucas says no and Henderson tells Kate he was not around to observe Lucas drinking. Lucas tells Kate that Sami is still spreading lies about him being an alcoholic, but now she's going to get what she deserves.

Bo is thinking about Billie claiming that Hope killed their baby. Bo says he knows Hope didn't mean to kill his child. Billie wakes up and Bo is by her side. Bo says that he's sorry he couldn't be there when the baby was born, but he will be here when they bury their baby today. Bo goes off to make some calls and Billie vows to destroy Hope's life and make Bo never feel the same about her again. Dr. Brock shows up and assures Billie that nobody will ever know how she really lost the baby. The doctor says that there is no way for them to tell why her baby was born stillborn. Billie says Bo and Hope can never know the truth about her baby, and of course, Bo walks in right as Billie says this. Bo asks what he's not supposed to know and Billie says she could have died during birth.

At the Horton House, Hope tells Alice that Billie lost her baby and it's her fault. Alice doesn't understand, why Hope feels this way. Hope tells Alice about the huge argument she had with Billie, which upset her and caused her to crash her car and lose the baby. Alice suggests that Hope go see a priest, so she does. Hope tells him that she knows Billie will never forgive her, but she doesn't know about Bo. The priest tells Hope to ask God for forgiveness and then try to forgive herself.

There is a knock at the door and it's Bo and Billie, who have come for the burial. The priest goes out to see Billie and Bo comes to talk with Hope. Hope says she's really sorry about what happened and Bo says it must be part of God's plan. Hope says she'd like to stay for the burial, but she knows that's not a good idea. Bo leaves and Hope hopes that Bo will forgive her one day. Hope then leaves, but runs right into Billie.

At the hospital, Carrie calls Darrel to try to find Austin, but Darrel doesn't know where he went after leaving the gym. Mike shows up and Carrie tells him that Austin didn't come home last night. Carrie tells Mike that she and Austin had a huge fight at the hospital last night and Austin stormed off. Mike asks what the fight was about and Carrie suggests they talk in private.

Carrie tells Mike that she and Austin fought about Sami and then Austin went off to the boxing gym without telling her. Carrie says that Sami pointed out that she was being selfish and drove Austin back to boxing by ignoring him and making him stay at a job he hates. Carrie and Mike leave the room they are in and one of the nurses tells Mike that they are so glad he showed up last night to save that poor boy from unnecessary surgery. Mike urges Carrie to call Austin, but when she turns around, Austin is standing there. Mike leaves and Austin explains what happened with Lucas, Sami, and Will. Carrie asks how Sami got a hold of him and he tells her that he was back at Darryl's gym. Austin says he is giving some of Darryl's new fighters some tips. Carrie sees that Austin has a bruise on his face and knows that Austin was boxing.

Mike runs into Ali, who tells Mike how the hospital is buzzing about what he did last night. Ali also tells Mike that she hopes they can be as good of friends as he and Carrie are, but she wouldn't mind if what they had turned into more than friendship. Mike tells Ali that he doesn't know where they will end up, but he's interested in finding out.

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Nicole is worrying that Eric may find out that she once lived here and may learn all her secrets. Eric comes in and tells Nicole that soon she'll never be able to go anywhere in this town without being recognized. Nicole asks why and Eric says that her face will be on billboards up and down Broadway. Nicole begins to worry about too many people hanging around the shoot, so Eric offers to be her bodyguard. Jay calls the room and tells Nikki that he's on his way up to her room right now. Nicole tells Jay that isn't possible and hangs up on him. Eric asks what that was about and Nicole says it was the front desk offering them breakfast by the pool. Nicole tells Eric that it's getting late and they better get to work. Eric gives Nicole a little bikini and tells her that this is what she'll be wearing. Nicole tells Eric that she can't wear this. Nicole gives Eric some excuse about the bathing suit and why she can't wear it, so Eric offers to go pick out another one. Eric leaves and Nicole looks at a tattoo on her hip that reads "N&J Forever."

Vivian and Ivan are in Salem Place and she tells him, that she's going to make a move that will be the beginning of the end of Kate. Celeste shows up to see Vivian, who wants Celeste to come work for her. Meanwhile, Stefano is talking to Rolf about the potion when he sees Celeste with Vivian. Stefano hangs up and interrupts Vivian and Celeste's conversation. Vivian invites Stefano to sit with them. Vivian starts bragging about her company and how she is already stealing two of Titan's top authors. Vivian tells Stefano that he should sell his stocks in Titan and back her company. Stefano asks how Celeste fits into this and Vivian says she gave Celeste a jab offer, which Celeste accepted. Stefano tells Celeste that he hopes she changes her mind about working with Vivian, or he will be her new enemy. Celeste tells Stefano that she will always be grateful to him for saving her life, but she has told him that she wants nothing more to do with him.

Celeste asks Stefano to be honest about why he doesn't want her working for Vivian. Stefano says he wants her to work for him, but Celeste tells him that she wants to be her own person and work for Vivian. Stefano says she's making a big mistake, which prompts Celeste to warn Stefano that she can and will take Lexie from him. Stefano becomes enraged and yells at Celeste that she will never turn his daughter against him. Meanwhile, the two sex therapist authors tell Vivian that they've decided to leave Titan and join her company. Vivian comes back to Stefano all happy and Stefano tells Vivian that he'd like to take her to dinner tonight. Vivian tells Stefano that she'd love to have dinner with him, as long as he doesn't tell Kate about Titan losing their top two authors.

Bo goes into the confessional and tells the priest that it's his fault that his baby died. The priest tells Bo that he must accept God's will and move on, but Bo can't seem to do that. The priest tells Bo that all he can do is offer prayers for him because it seems that he doesn't want to be forgiven. Bo thanks him and leaves.

In another part of the church, Billie asks Hope how dare show up. Hope tries to tell Billie to understand, but Billie refuses and says that it's her fault that her baby is dead. Hope says she feels terrible, but Billie stops her and says that she is going to make Hope feel the pain she is feeling right now. Hope tells Billie that she knows she blames her, and she blames herself, but this was God's will. Billie refuses to believe that and she tells Hope that she murdered her daughter and she'll never let Bo forget that. Suddenly, Bo shows up in the doorway. Bo asks Billie not to add more pain to the current situation. Hope says she only came to pray for the baby and then she leaves. Bo and Hope bury Georgia and Hope watches from afar. Billie pulls out her compact and Bo suddenly asks "How did that get here?" Billie puts the compact away and asks Bo what he's talking about. Bo tells Billie that some violets are growing at their daughter's grave and Billie says it's a sign that Georgia will always live on.

Lucas tells his mom that it's payback time for Sami. Up in her room, Roman has found Franco and Sami in bed. Franco tries to explain, but Roman tells him to shut up and get out of his sight. Franco leaves and Roman tells Sami that he's going to put an end to this before she gets hurt. Roman tells Sami that Franco is using her. Sami interprets this to mean that her father doesn't believe a handsome man can love her. Roman tells her that is not what he means, he just doesn't want her to be taken advantage while on the rebound.

Roman tells Sami that he wants her to be happy, but Franco is dangerous. Roman goes on to say that Bo was investigating Franco, who was suspected of beating a woman badly. Sami tells her father that she doesn't believe that Franco could be a violent person. Roman says he wishes he could believe that, but he thinks Franco is slick. Sami says she know he cares for her. Roman asks Sami how she knows that and then asks her if Franco has ever told her that he loves her. Sami says no, but that doesn't mean he doesn't care for her. Roman eventually backs off and Sami promises that she'll be careful.

Franco goes downstairs and finds Kate and Lucas. Franco accuses Lucas of setting him and Sami up and Franco warns Lucas that he will get him back. Kate becomes furious and orders Lucas to leave. Kate tells Franco that if he hurts Sami, Sami will turn her anger towards her. Franco says that if she wants everything to go smoothly then she should keep Lucas out of their lives. Franco leaves and Lucas returns to argue with his mom.

Lucas tells Kate that there is more to Franco's relationship with Sami than keeping his secrets safe. Roman shows up and announces that he has figured out what is going on. Roman accuses Lucas of setting him up of walking in on Sami and Franco. Kate and Lucas deny it, but Roman doesn't believe them. Roman knows they both hate Sami and still doesn't understand why Kate even hired Sami. Kate claims that she wants Sami to be successful and happy for Will's sake. Suddenly, Stefano calls Kate, but she tells him that she can't talk now. Roman tells Kate that he feels sorry for her for being involved with Stefano because she doesn't know what she's getting into. Lucas says that he believes Stefano has changed and he is hoping to learn a lot from Stefano. Lucas leaves and Billie and Bo show up. Kate asks them what is wrong and she tells them that their baby is dead. Kate comforts Billie and Roman tells Bo that he's sorry, but he hopes he was there for Billie when this happened.

Franco goes back up to see Sami and find out what happened. Sami tells Franco that her dad told him that he was investigated for beating a woman. Franco tells Sami that it is true, he was investigated. Franco tells Sami that he paid Jill Stevens to say he was beating her, it was all part of his plan to break up Bo and Hope. Franco tells Sami that wants to spend the rest of his life with her and that he loves her. Lucas shows up and says "Like hell you do!" Hope finds Celeste in Salem Place and demands that Celeste tell her the truth about Maison Blanche.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Lucas tells Sami that Franco is scamming her and suggests Franco tell her what is really going on. Franco says that Lucas is just trying to break them up, but Lucas says Franco only said he loves her because he was forced to say it by Roman. Lucas tells Sami she's a fool if she can't see that. Lucas leaves and Sami asks Franco if he's using her. Franco tells Sami that he does love her and has never told that to another woman. Franco says that Lucas is jealous of them and wants to destroy their relationship. Franco kisses Sami and tells her that she knows they are magic together. Sami says she knows how he makes her feel, but is it love or sex? Franco tells Sami that he loves her, but he doesn't know how she feels. Sami says she still doesn't know and Franco once again explains about Jill. Sami tells Franco that she wants to believe him, but she needs some time to think. Franco tells Sami that he understands, kisses her, and leaves.

Outside, Lucas applauds Franco. Franco warns him that he'll pay if he attempts to break up his relationship with Sami. Lucas goes back to see Sami and they start arguing. Lucas tells Sami that Franco has her snowed over and he's so good that he's even getting a little on the side, which from what he remembers is so little it's not worth working up a sweat for. Sami slaps Lucas across the face and calls him a bastard. Sami tells Lucas that he's nothing but a loser and a drunk and he needs to get help for his problem.

Franco goes to Salem Place and meets with Roberto. Franco says that Lucas Roberts is ruining his plans with Sami. Roberto tells Franco that he better hurry up because a Joe Moroni has gotten out of prison and he and his family have put a contract out on Franco's head, so if he goes back to Rome then he is a dead man. Franco realizes that he must marry Sami, despite the fact that he doesn't love her. The only problem he has is Lucas, so Franco decides to get rid of that little weasel.

Kate comforts Billie over the loss of her baby. Roman is angry that Bo wasn't there for Billie when she lost the baby. Billie tells them that she lost her baby last night because of the terrible fight she had with Hope. Kate and Roman both tell Billie how sorry they are for her loss. Billie says she feels so empty and alone, but Kate tells her that she'll never be alone again. Kate says that she knows what she is going through because she felt the same when she heard that Curtis had killed her children. Roman tells Bo that they should leave and let Kate and Billie be alone, so they leave. Kate wants to call Dr. Bader to have her examined, but Billie tells her not to. Kate asks why and Billie says that Dr. Appleby took care of her already. Billie tells Kate that she named her child Georgia and they buried her this morning.

Billie says that if only Bo were with her than none of this would have happened. Kate asks Billie if she blames Bo, but she says that she blames Hope. Billie keeps lying to her mom about how Hope caused her baby's death. Billie goes on to say that she thinks Hope is happy that her baby is dead. However, Kate refuses to believe that. Billie pulls out the compact and Kate asks her what that is. Billie says it's just something she found and she shows it to Kate. Kate asks whose it is and Billie says it's hers because she found it after she lost the baby and she thought it was a sign from God. Billie asks her mom to promise that she'll never tell anyone about the compact. Kate promises and asks Billie if there is anything else she should know about the baby. Billie hugs Kate and tells her that she has done something horrible.

Roman and Bo go back to the Brady Pub and out to the back. Bo expects Roman to tell him what a screw-up he is and to start the lecture. Roman tells him that he didn't bring him here to lecture him, he brought him here so he could talk to him. Bo cries to Roman about his baby girl and how it is all his fault. Bo confesses that he never knew how important the baby was to him until it was too late, and he'll never be able to forgive himself. Bo says that Hope is tearing herself apart with guilt when it was his fault that Billie lost the baby. Roman tells Bo that what counts now is the decisions he makes from here on out.

Stefano is also in Salem Place plotting to get Vivian under his control tonight. Rolf spots Stefano in Salem Place and tells Stefano that everything is in order and he gives Stefano the potion. Stefano laughs and says that after tonight Vivian will never be the same, and the best part is she'll never know why. Stefano tells Rolf about Celeste and says he doesn't want Celeste anywhere near Vivian or Hope. Stefano returns to the Java Cafe to see Vivian and talk about their dinner date tonight. Vivian tells Stefano that together they could make an unbeatable team. Vivian tells Stefano that she'll talk to him tonight, but she has to go back out and spend more money.

Hope confronts Celeste in Salem Place and is furious that Celeste lied to her about her past. Hope accuses Celeste of still being loyal to Stefano, which she says is not true. Hope then asks Celeste to prove it by telling her the truth about Gina. Celeste tells Hope that she has already told her everything she knows. Hope tells Celeste that she knows when she left the hospital in New Orleans her face was not healed. Celeste tells Hope that when she came to Maison Blanche she was already there. Hope asks Celeste if it was Dr. Rolf that finished her surgery at Maison Blanche, but Celeste doesn't know. Hope tells Celeste that she knows it didn't take four years for her to recover from her surgery and wants to know what happened. Celeste tells Hope that she wasn't at Maison Blanche for four years and she only lied to her because Stefano forced her to lie. Celeste also tells Hope to never let Stefano know she's still pursing her past. Hope tells Celeste that she can't give up the search for her past because it's too important. Celeste says she has unresolved issues about her past, but she's leaving it there and moving forward. Hope tells Celeste that she can't do that and Celeste wishes her well. Celeste walks off and when Hope turns to leave, she runs right into Stefano.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Nicole looks at the tattoo on her hip that reads "N+J" and says out loud that Eric would never understand. Eric overhears and asks what she's talking about, and she says he doesn't understand how nervous she is about the shoot. Eric shows her the tasteful one-piece bathing suit he picked out for her, and Nicole says it's perfect. While she's combing her hair, the phone rings. Eric picks it up, but the other person hangs up. Eric tells Nicole it was a hang-up call, and Nicole hopes it wasn't Jay. It was, though, and Jay is determined to find out what Nicki is up to. Nicole and Eric head out to the beach, where they get some very hot pictures. Eric is obviously dazzled by Nicole's beauty and she is attracted to him. An intense moment is broken up by a Frisbee hitting Eric. They laugh it off, but don't notice Jay standing next to a tree watching them carefully.

Celeste and Ivan are at Alamain International's new offices, overseeing the final touches. Celeste tells Ivan she almost feels guilty being Vivian's personal assistant because there is so little to do. Ivan tells her she should help convince Vivian not to get involved with Stefano. Celeste agrees that they shouldn't trust him.

Sami waylays Vivian at the Java Cafe and tells her that she followed her advice and made a big mistake. Vivian suggests they take the discussion to her office. At the office, Celeste tells Vivian the dresses she picked out for Vivian to try for her dinner with Stefano are hanging in the office. Sami is impressed by the expensive decor and Vivian says she owes it all to Jonesy. Sami tells Vivian she slept with Franco and it was wonderful, but now she wonders if Franco has some motive other than love for sleeping with her. She tells Vivian what Lucas and Roman said. Vivian is secretly amused to hear that Lucas' setup of Sami resulted in Vivian being able to steal Titan's two top authors. Vivian says Lucas is obviously out for revenge and Sami should try to be more trusting of Franco. Sami thanks her and Vivian asks Sami to tell her what she has on Kate. Sami says if Vivian's advice pans out, she will. Vivian is furious. She checks out the dresses Celeste picked and is delighted. She gets a call from Stefano about their upcoming dinner and tells Ivan she obviously has Stefano right where she wants him.

Stefano bumps into Hope at Salem Place, and Hope starts hearing the waltz in her head. Stefano asks her what's wrong and she starts badgering him about her past. Stefano insists that she spent her entire four years at Maison Blanche recovering from her acid burns, but Hope says she doesn't believe him or Celeste any more. She threatens to expose him for the monster he is, but when she shouts out loud, Stefano grabs her and tells her that would be a deadly mistake. Hope says she will keep right on digging until she finds out what Stefano did with her missing four years. John approaches and tells Hope not to waste her time. Stefano says that Hope should give up her hopeless quest, the way he and Roman had to give up on Marlena. When he leaves, John tells Hope he spent the day computer enhancing the image of Gina that he picked up at Maison Blanche. He gives her the blown up pictures and asks if she recognizes anything. She says she doesn't, but perhaps Celeste will. Together, they go to Vivian's offices to confront Celeste.

Stefano goes to the secret room of Kristen's mansion, which has been converted into a lab for Dr. Rolf. Dr. Rolf has some scary looking machinery and tells Stefano that Vivian had better drink the entire potion before he operates on her, because the procedure is very delicate. Stefano says he's fond of Vivian and doesn't want there to be any harm to her; he just wants complete control over her mind. Rolf says the work he did on John and Hope is still effective, and they will never find out what happened to them.

Roberto tells Franco that an Italian mobster has put a contract out on him, and that if he gets deported, he will be killed as soon as he gets to Rome. Franco says that's even more incentive to marry Sami, even though he doesn't love her. Franco swears he will get her to marry him so that he can escape deportation.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie confesses to Kate that she lost the baby in the bayou, not last night after the car accident. Kate is sorry for her, but tells Billie that although she is no fan of Hope, Billie should not blame Hope for the loss of the baby when Bo's negligence is responsible. Billie says that it all goes back to Hope and she will never forgive Hope for the pain she is going through. Billie vows to make Hope pay for what she has done. Kate tells Billie it's time for a reality check; she and Bo do not belong together and there is no point in chasing after a man who will never love her. Billie says she will do whatever it takes to make her marriage work.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Franco asks Sami what her phone conversation was about. Sami says she was just confirming a model for her New Faces campaign. Franco says he wants to know everything about the woman he loves. While they're kissing, Eric calls and tells Sami the shoot with Nicole is going great, so Sami tells him to take Nicole out to dinner on Titan. When she hangs up, Franco starts kissing Sami and tells her he wants to make love in the office. Sami says she can't, so Franco invites her to dinner and says they can go back to his place afterward. Sami says she has to spend some time with Will and tells Franco to let her play hard to get just this once. She asks Franco to check out a new club called the Blue Note for her, so that they can go there together if it's a good place. Franco reluctantly agrees. As they are kissing, Lucas comes in and asks Sami when her grandparents are going to come and pick up Will tonight. Franco says he thought Sami was spending the night with Will. Sami says she is going to spend the night with Will at her grandparents' house. Lucas and Franco leave and Lucas taunts Franco about not spending the night with Sami. Franco tells Lucas to mind his own damn business and heads over to the Blue Note. Lucas follows him discreetly. Sami's model, Sophia, arrives at Titan. Sami explains to her that she wants her to try to tempt Franco to see if she can trust him. Sophia agrees and heads over to the Blue Note, while Sami wonders if she has just made a big mistake. She swears that if Franco takes the bait, she will destroy him. At the Blue Note, Lucas watches from a corner, ordering double vodkas, as Franco sits despondently at the bar. A few women try to hit on him, but Franco politely turns them away. Sophia comes in and sits next to Franco and says she has never seen him there before. Franco says it's because he's never been there before. He asks her what she is having to drink.

In L.A., Nicole tells Jay to get lost, but he tells her she can't forget her old life so quickly. He asks her if she's sleeping with Eric, and she tells him they're just friends. While they're arguing, Eric yells from outside the tent that Nicole should wear the blue bathing suit. Nicole says she'll be right out. Jay tells Nicole if she doesn't want him to tell her pretty boy all about her old life, she had better meet him tonight at the usual place. As he leaves, he runs into Eric, who asks him what he's doing there. Jay says he should ask Nicole. They get into a pushing match and Nicole begs Jay to leave them alone. Jay says he will go, for now. Eric says he will call security just to be safe. Nicole says she doesn't want to make a big deal of it, but Eric tells her stalking is a serious matter. Nicole starts crying and Eric promises to protect her. Outside the tent, Jay thinks to himself that Nicole and Eric are obviously more than friends, and she had better meet him tonight. Eric and Nicole finish the shoot and Eric asks her to go to dinner to celebrate. Thinking of her meeting with Jay, Nicole says she can't because Sami wouldn't want them to socialize. Eric says Sami is the one who suggested it, and he has reservations at the hottest spot in LA, so she had better change and get ready for a big surprise.

Kate tells Henderson not to prepare dinner, since she and Billie are not hungry, and calls Marie at the office to see if anyone has heard from Claudia and George, the sex therapist authors Vivian is trying to steal. Marie says no, and Kate starts to worry. Henderson comes in with a huge box for Kate. He opens it to find a grotesque mounted fish with two smaller fish in its mouth, with a card from Vivian inviting Kate to come celebrate the signing of Claudia and George to Alamain International. Kate is furious and tells Henderson to put the fish in the basement; she may have a chance to send it back to Vivian someday. She heads straight over to Stefano's, where she finds him preparing an intimate dinner for Vivian. He tells her it's all part of his plan to get Vivian under control. Kate tells him about Vivian stealing her two hottest authors, and Stefano says right now his hands are tied, but she shouldn't worry; he will never let Vivian do anything to hurt her. Kate tells Stefano about Sami and Franco's episode in the air conditioning vents, and Stefano laughs and asks her why she didn't fire Sami. Kate says her hands are tied because Sami is Will's mother. Then she tells Stefano about Billie losing her baby. He hugs her and tells her he knows there's nothing harder than losing a child. Kate thanks Stefano for his help and says she had better leave before Vivian gets there.

John and Hope ask Celeste if she knows where the picture of Gina was taken. Before Celeste can reply, Vivian breezes in and John asks her where she's going all dressed up. Vivian says she is having dinner with a friend. She pitches an investment proposal at John, who says he's not inclined to invest right now. Vivian tells him to keep her company in mind and asks what the picture of Hope is about. Hope tries to put her off, but is surprised when Vivian recognizes the suit she is wearing in the picture as a classic designer outfit. Vivian is intrigued by the architecture in the picture and tells John and Hope that if they want, they can look at the architectural books in her townhouse while she is gone if they want to find out where the picture was taken. Then she says she is going to dinner with Stefano. John begs her not to get involved with him, but Vivian assures John she can handle Stefano. As she leaves, John says that although Vivian makes him angry sometimes, she is still family, and if Stefano messes with her, he is messing with John. They go over to Vivian's townhouse, where they are amazed by the treasures. They start looking through her books and Hope sees something that catches her interest.

Vivian heads over to Stefano's, where she compliments all his arrangements. She hears a clatter from the cellar and goes to investigate, but Stefano tells her it's just the stray cat. He pours her some vintage wine and puts in the potion that Dr. Rolf gave him to knock Vivian out and erase her recent memory. In the cellar, Dr. Rolf picks up the equipment he dropped, causing the clatter, and hopes that the drill is not damaged, or there will be no procedure tonight.

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