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Monday June 15, 1998

Eric tells Nicole that they are going to tour the town. Nicole becomes upset, but tells Eric that nothing is wrong. Eric asks if she's still upset about that jerk that hassled her and Nicole says that's it. Eric tells Nicole not to worry about that guy anymore and they go touring the town to the beat of Gloria Estevan's new song "I Was Not Supposed To Fall in Love with You." As they stand on the beach, Eric and Nicole come close to kissing. Nicole stops him and tells him that she's afraid once she gets to really know her, he won't like her. The location manager calls and asks to speak with Eric. Eric knows Nicole is hiding something and he won't give up till he finds out what it is. Nicole tells herself that if she doesn't meet Jay tonight it will be over.

Austin has set up a romantic dinner for himself and Carrie. Carrie then starts talking about how Sami is deceiving him into thinking Lucas is a drunk. Austin says that Sami is no longer obsessed with him, but Carrie disagrees. Austin tells Carrie that they shouldn't spend their first evening alone in weeks talking about Sami. Carrie agrees and they drink. After making love, Carrie asks Austin if he's happy at work and he says yes. Carrie asks Austin how he's kept himself occupied when she's out working late at night. Austin says he's just been doing stuff and Carrie asks Austin if he misses boxing.

At her office, Sami recalls telling the Italian model to seduce Franco at a night club. Sofia, the model she hired, calls Sami and tells her that she is at the club. Sami thinks she has made a mistake hiring the model, but she still tells her to do the job. Sofia goes over to Franco and starts flirting with him. Lucas sees Franco and the other woman and decides to confront Franco on Sami's behalf. On his way to Franco, Lucas runs into a woman who tells him that she's had her eye on him all evening. Lucas asks the young lady to wait just a second while he calls Sami to tell her about Franco. However, Lucas can't find Sami anywhere. Sami and Ivan show up in the club in disguise, Ivan can't believe Sami talked him into posing as her date. Sami sees that Lucas is here and she fears that her whole plan will be ruined. Sami goes over to see Lucas, but she stops when she sees Franco and Sofia sitting at the bar. Sami asks Ivan to go over to the bar and listen in on their conversation. Sami finds a way to take care of Lucas by having his car towed. Ivan comes back to Sami and tells her that Franco has invited Sofia back to his place. Sami is upset and thinks she's been such a fool.

Hope recognizes a painting of a landscape in a book and she tells John she's seen this painting before. John tells Hope that he has seen that painting in Salem Place, probably a reproduction, and it is where she probably saw it. John tries to ask Hope about Bo, but she says that right now she's focusing all her attention on finding out about her past. John starts looking through some more books and he thinks he found the building in the photograph. Hope looks at it and says that it's similar, but not the same one. As John starts searching through books, Hope goes into a trace-like state and sketches a landscape. John looks at it and Hope wonders why she even drew it. John tells Hope that he understands her dilemma better then anyone else.

Vivian drinks some of the wine that Stefano drugged, but she doesn't drink all of it. Stefano tries to get her to drink the wine and then he excuses himself to bring her a surprise. When Stefano leaves the room, Vivian says she has a surprise of her own for him. Downstairs, Dr. Rolf says that everything is ready, but Vivian must drink all the wine. Back upstairs, Vivian decides that she doesn't like Stefano's wine, so she dumps it into a plant. Stefano returns with the food. Stefano starts talking about family and Vivian mentions that Hope and John stopped by her office today and that she gave them the key to her townhouse so they can do some research. This startles Stefano, who begins to cough and choke on his dinner. Vivian starts to become drowsy and Stefano goes to talk with Dr. Rolf. Stefano asks him if Hope saw something from her past, could it trigger her memory? Rolf tells Stefano that there is nothing that will trigger her to remember her life as Gina. Stefano returns to Vivian and finds her past out at the table. Stefano and Dr. Rolf take Vivian down to the basement strap her in the chair, and Dr. Rolf starts the drill.

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Austin and Carrie are on the couch in each other's arms. Carrie asks Austin if he misses boxing, but Austin says he doesn't. Carrie asks him point blank if he went to Darrel's gym to work out, or does he want to return to professional boxing. Austin tells Carrie that he'd never get back into the ring as a professional boxer. Caroline tells Austin that she and Shawn are babysitting Will and would love to have him and Carrie come over. Austin accepts and Carrie says she'd love to go see Will. Austin gets up and Carrie sighs and wonders why Austin won't be honest with her.

Austin and Carrie go over to the pub and Will calls Austin daddy. Will asks wants to come live with Austin, but he has to explain to him why he can't. Suddenly Carrie gets a great idea, they should have another Brady-Horton picnic. Shawn and Caroline think that's a wonderful idea. Shawn takes Will to show him some pictures and Austin asks Caroline why Sami asked her to babysit Will. Caroline doesn't really know the answer herself and Carrie says that Sami is probably up to no good as usual. Austin says he's just happy to be able to spend time with Will and he can't wait till Billie has her baby. Caroline thought they knew and she tells Austin and Carrie that Billie lost her baby. Austin hopes Bo will stay with Billie, but Carrie tells Austin that Bo loves Hope and he probably won't stay with her for long. Austin and Carrie start fighting and Carrie asks Austin if he wants Billie stuck in a loveless marriage forever. Austin says that Bo needs to be there for Billie and come through for her for once.

Caroline has a talk with Bo about his baby. Bo tells his mom that he has to stop thinking about himself and think about what is best for Billie. Shawn D. shows up and gives Bo a fishing lure he made. Bo wants to talk to Shawn D. about the baby, but he says he knows about it and he's sorry. Bo tells Shawn D. that he would have been a great brother. Shawn D. looks at Bo and asks him if they'll ever be a family again. Bo tells Shawn D. that he'll always love him and Hope, but right now he needs to be there for Billie. Shawn D. apologizes for asking, but Bo tells him that he always wants him to feel free to talk to him about anything. Shawn D. leaves to study for a test and Bo talks with Caroline some more. Bo says he's always been the black sheep of the family. Caroline tells Bo that if anyone is to blame it is her for not telling him earlier that Victor was his father. Bo tells his mom that he wishes he could have been like Shawn, but he's made a decision about his future and Billie.

Billie plans to go see Bo to mourn their baby. Kate tells Billie that Bo has never been a real husband to her in any way. Billie says that was when he was in love with Hope, now he won't look at her the same way again. Kate tells Billie to wake up to reality and realize that Bo will never love her and she has to give up on Bo. Billie says that she plans to get pregnant with Bo's child again to fill the void left by Georgia and then they will be together. Kate tells Billie that sooner or later the truth will come out, but Billie refuses to ever give up on Bo. Billie says that she believes that Bo is what is best for her and nobody will change her mind. Bo shows up and apologizes to Kate for what happen. Kate asks Bo what he's going to do now and Bo says he's come to talk to Billie. Kate asks Bo not to make it any harder on Billie. Billie comes downstairs and Kate decides to leave them alone. Bo tells Billie that he has something very important to tell her. Bo tells Billie that they should grieve for their baby together, which is what Billie wanted to hear.

Sami is depressed because Franco took the model she hired home. Sami watches Franco and the other woman through the window. Sofia, the other woman, starts to kiss Franco. Franco and Sofia go out to the balcony and Sami ends up falling over the balcony railing. Franco tells Sofia that he is in love another woman and he can't betray her. Sofia asks why he brought her home and he tells her that he thought they could be friends and share stories about Italy. Sofia tells Franco that she wants him, but Franco tells Sofia that he won't betray Samantha. Franco apologizes to Sofia and tells her that maybe she should go. Unfortunately, Sami didn't hear Franco's performance and she thinks he's cheating on her. Sami vows to make Franco pay for betraying her.

At the townhouse, Ivan senses that his Madame is in danger and has to do something. Celeste, sporting a long red wig, shows up and talks with Ivan about his concerns. Celeste offers to go over to see Stefano and find out what is wrong. Over at the DiMera mansion, Rolf starts the procedure on Vivian. As Rolf goes towards Vivian with the drill, Vivian wakes up and starts screaming. Rolf tells Stefano she must not have drank the entire potion and Vivian realizes that Stefano drugged her. Rolf goes over to Vivian and gives her an injection that knocks her out. Celeste shows up at the mansion looking for Stefano and Vivian. Celeste doesn't find them, but she sees that the dinner Stefano and Vivian shared is still sitting in the living room. Celeste hears the drill going and she heads downstairs to see what is going on. Stefano leaves the secret room because the drill is giving him a headache and he runs into Celeste.

Celeste asks Stefano what he has done with poor Vivian and what that noise she heard was. Stefano is angry and says he didn't hear any noise, he came down to get a bottle of wine. Celeste says she knows there is a secret room down here and she intends to find out what's in it. Stefano tells Celeste not to be ridiculous and he drags her upstairs. Stefano accuses Celeste of being jealous and he tells her that Vivian is powdering her nose. Stefano gets fed up with Celeste and throws her out. Celeste knows that something isn't right. Back in the secret room, Vivian wakes up again and starts complaining that she can't breathe. Stefano returns to the secret room and Rolf tells him that he is about to perform the risky part of the surgery now. All throughout the surgery, Vivian has weird dreams about Stefano and a dragon-dentist fighting. After the operation is finished, Rolf gives Vivian some serum to revive Vivian, but she won't wake up. Stefano tells Rolf that Vivian is dead, they killed her!

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

Nicole gets a call from Jay and he tells her that if she doesn't meet him tonight, he'll tell Eric about the real Nicole. Nicole agrees to meet Jay, but not until after midnight. Jay tells Nicole he'll be waiting for her. Eric tells Nicole that he wants to get to know her better, but she seems to be hiding something from him. Nicole tells Eric that her dad left her when she was little and her mom and her moved around a lot, so she never had a real home. Eric and Nicole dance and Nicole tells herself that Eric can never find out the truth. Eric tells Nicole that he feels like they have a special connection and Nicole tells Eric that she feels it too. Nicole tells herself that Eric will get hurt if he's pulled into her life and she can't let that happen. Nicole pulls away from Eric and sits back down. Eric asks why she pulled away from him and she says she just needs some time.

Austin and Carrie are arguing over who Bo should be committed to. Austin leaves to go tuck Will in and Carrie decides to take a walk. Carrie ends up running into Mike and she pours his problems out to Mike. Carrie tells Mike that she's worried about Austin going back to boxing. Mike blames himself and asks Carrie to let him handle the campaign from here on. Carrie refuses and says that she's not going to stop now. Austin shows up and sees Carrie and Mike talking. Austin apologizes to Carrie for acting like a jerk and Mike tells Austin that he's sorry for Billie's loss. Austin tells Carrie that he feels he should go see Billie and leaves.

Bo tells Billie that he'll be here for her and they'll get through this together. Billie is overjoyed and tells Bo that he doesn't know how much that means to her. Billie starts talking about Hope again and Bo tells Billie that re-opening old wounds won't bring back their baby. Bo tells Billie that he's learned to keep his promises, like the one he made to her in Rome. Billie tells Bo that he knows how much he loved Georgia. Bo says it's to late now, but he hopes it is not to late for "us." Billie starts planning their future together, but Bo stops her. Bo tells Billie that he can't promise her a future with him. Bo says he wasn't talking about staying here forever. Billie becomes upset and accuses Bo of only staying with her until she gets over this and then he'll go back to Hope. Bo says Hope will never take him back, there has been too much damage done. Bo says they need to get over this loss, but Billie says she needs a husband who loves only her. Bo tells her that she deserves that, but he can't be that kind of husband because he still loves Hope. Billie calls Bo a bastard and slaps him across the face. Billie tells Bo that he's not worthy of her because he can't make up his damn mind. Billie orders Bo to get out of her sight, now! Bo tries to talk to her, but she screams at the top of her lungs for him to get the hell out of here. Bo leaves and Billie says if she can't have Bo then neither can Hope. Austin shows up and tells Billie that he's so sorry about what happened. Austin asks Billie why Bo isn't here for her and she tells Austin that she kicked Bo out.

Stefano says Vivian is dead and orders Rolf to do something. Rolf manages to start Vivian's heart and that she's going to be all right. Vivian wakes up and Stefano tells her she became dizzy. Stefano tells Vivian that she will spend the night here and he will keep checking on her. Stefano tells Vivian to rest and then he leaves to talk to Rolf. Rolf tells Stefano that he gave Vivian a second dose of the potion, so she shouldn't remember anything. Rolf gives Stefano the device that will control Vivian, but Stefano says they have to wait until the timing is right to use the device. Back in the other room, Vivian wonders why her mouth hurts. Stefano returns to Vivian and she tells him that she has a funny feeling that something happened to her. Stefano tells Vivian that she passed out from exhaustion. Stefano pushes one of the buttons on the device and Vivian suddenly feels happy. Celeste and Ivan show up and Vivian won't shut up about how she's having such a fabulous time. Vivian decides to cut the evening short and goes back home with Ivan. Rolf shows up and Stefano tells Rolf that this device had Vivian flying higher than a kite.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Nicole and Eric return to their suite after their date. Eric asks Nicole to take a walk on the beach, but she knows she has to meet Jay at midnight, so she says she's going straight to bed. Eric asks Nicole if she's nervous because she knows he wants to kiss her. Nicole says she's just overly cautious. Eric says a good night kiss won't hurt anything, so Nicole kisses him quickly. As they head to bed, the phone rings. Nicole panics, thinking it's Jay, but it's the location manager giving them details on a change in tomorrow's shoot. Nicole goes to her room and changes into casual clothes and slips out. Eric discovers she's not there and catches a glimpse of her going down the hall, so he follows her in a taxi to a sleazy part of town. The taxi driver says she is headed for the Speed Ball, a bar where lowlifes hang out. Nicole meets Jay in the bar and he starts picking on her and threatening to tell Eric about her old life. When Eric walks in, Nicole is pushing Jay away. Eric tells Jay to leave her alone, and Jay says Nicole is the one who came to meet him. Eric and Jay wind up in a fistfight. Eric gets in a few good punches before Nicole drags him away. Jay yells after her that he will get her for this. Nicole and Eric return to their suite, where Eric angrily asks Nicole why she went to meet Jay. She says that Jay is her cousin, and she was shocked to find him in LA. She says he is a junkie and she was too embarrassed to introduce him to Eric, so she gave him some money for rehab, but fears he is using dope again. Eric says she is safe as long as he is around to protect her. Nicole says Jay is too dangerous when he's using, and they should leave LA immediately.

At the Brady Pub, Carrie tells Mike that Austin is not happy with her spending so much time away from him. Mike says that is understandable, and that if she were his wife, he would not like it either. As they are chatting, Shawn and Caroline come over to ask Mike if he will man the grill at the upcoming Brady- Horton picnic. Mike says he didn't know anything about it, but it's a great idea. Shawn starts reminiscing about the time Mike brought a girlfriend to the picnic, and Carrie was devastated because she had a crush on Mike at the time. Everyone laughs, and Shawn asks Carrie and Mike to be in charge of the fun and activities committee for the picnic. They agree, and Shawn and Caroline leave them alone. Mike gets a call on his cell phone from the Winston and Lewis, asking him to meet them and Craig Westley at the hospital. Mike and Carrie rush over, where Craig and his dumpy wife Nancy are waiting. Winston and Lewis tell them that Dr. Sutton has to resign his COS position earlier than expected because of his wife's illness, and the board will decide tomorrow night whether Craig or Mike will be the next Chief of Staff. After Winston and Lewis leave, Mike shakes Craig's hand, but Craig tells him he should concede now to be spared the embarrassment of losing. Carrie tells Craig he will be the one who is embarrassed. Nancy asks snidely if Mike plans to bribe the board members, and says that from what she's heard of the Hortons, she wouldn't put it past him. Nancy tells Craig they have better things to do than stand around talking to losers, and they leave. Carrie and Mike are aghast, and Carrie almost goes after her, but Mike tells her to ignore them. Nancy tells Craig that she wants to wipe that smug smile off Carrie's face, and that Craig had better not lose the COS race, or her daddy will be very unhappy. Craig tells her that he will fire Mike as soon as he is Chief of Staff.

At Kate's mansion, Billie tells Austin the false version of how she lost her baby. Austin is angry at Bo and wants to go after him, but Billie tells him Hope is the one to blame. Austin says that Bo has never been there for her and doesn't deserve her love. He asks Billie about the compact in her hand, and Billie tells him it's just a mirror. She doesn't want to tell him how she really lost the baby. She convinces Austin not to go after Bo, and he tells her that even though they had a fight, Bo should still keep his commitment to her. Billie changes the subject and asks how things are going with Carrie. Austin tells her that she is spending so much time working that he has been going down to the old gym to spar. Billie says that's great, but what would Carrie think if she knew? Austin says it would upset her. Billie says it would upset her more if she thought he was lying to her. Austin leaves to find Carrie. Billie thinks to herself that maybe she does have a chance with Bo, but first she needs to take care of Hope. She picks up the phone.

Austin goes to the pub and asks Caroline where Carrie went. She says that Carrie and Mike went to the hospital. Austin looks upset that she is with Mike again.

At Mrs. Horton's, Hope tells Bo to quit feeling guilty for Georgia's death when Hope is the one to blame. Bo says all he has ever done is screw up people's lives. Hope says everyone screws up, and says that if she had trusted Bo on their wedding day when she found him with Billie, they would be married and happy today. Bo says he should have trusted that she did not run off with Franco, and should never have made a commitment to Billie in Rome. He says that his love for Hope resulted in Georgia's death. Hope asks if he really believes that, and Bo says that all he knows is that if he had been with Billie during her pregnancy instead of chasing after Hope, Georgia might still be alive. Hope says that their shared guilt in Georgia's death will always keep them apart. Shawn-D comes in and sees them talking and asks if they're getting back together. Hope says they're not; they're just talking. She tells Shawn-D he better get some sleep before his big exam tomorrow. After he goes upstairs, Hope tells Bo he needs to let himself heal. They embrace and almost kiss, and then Bo takes off on his motorcycle into the night. As Hope dries her tears, Billie calls. She asks Hope to meet with her first thing tomorrow morning. Hope eagerly agrees.

Friday, June 19, 1998

At the Java Cafe, Franco triumphantly tells Roberto how he smelled Sami's perfume on the balcony last night before things got serious with Sofia, and he is positive she overheard him turning Sofia down and declaring his everlasting love for her. He is certain he can get Sami to marry him now so that he can avoid being deported to Italy and killed by the Maroni family. He shows Roberto the very expensive engagement ring he got for Sami.

Sami is furious with Franco because she thinks he slept with Sofia. She is determined to get back at him as she looks at the ankle bracelet with the Italian inscription about honesty and trust. Lucas comes in and gleefully tells her he saw Franco romancing some hot Italian woman last night. Sami shouts at him to leave her alone. She heads up to Vivian's offices for advice.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Billie tells Kate that she threw Bo out last night. Kate says it's about time, but Billie says it was the biggest mistake of her life and now she will stop at nothing to get Bo back. Kate tells her it's time to face reality and move on with her life: Bo will never love her and will always love Hope. Kate gets a call from the office telling her that Vivian is trying to steal more of her clients. Kate is furious and Billie tells her to go to work and handle things; she'll be fine. Kate reminds Billie that she has no future with Bo and then leaves to confront Vivian.

At Mrs. Horton's house, Alice and Hope discuss the upcoming Brady-Horton picnic. As Hope hunts for Galliano for Mrs. H's Harvey Wallbanger cake, Alice asks where Hope is going this morning. Hope says she's going to see Billie. Alice asks if that is wise. Hope says that if Billie needs to take out some anger on her, that's all right. She feels responsible for Georgia's death, and she thinks Bo believes she is responsible, too. Alice says that no matter what they're going through now, they were meant to be together. Hope says it's too late and they can't build their love on pain and guilt. Hope goes to the Kiriakis mansion, where Billie is waiting. She asks Billie if they can put their differences aside at a time like this. Billie agrees and then asks Hope to leave her and Bo alone so they can grieve for their daughter together. Hope is wary of Billie's motive and asks Billie how she can grieve with Bo when she threw him out of the house. Billie is angry and accuses Bo of running to Hope immediately. She says if Hope would just stand aside, she and Bo would be together and might even conceive another baby. Hope tells Billie that she is not standing in their way, but if she wanted Bo, she would just tell him so, and would not manipulate him the way Billie does. She tells Billie that although she does feel bad about their argument before Georgia's death, Billie was just as much responsible for that argument as she was. Hope turns to leave before she says something she'll regret. Billie tells her she's a typical Horton - compassionate and virtuous on the outside, but it's all a front. She says that Hope only went to New Orleans to get Bo to run after her, and that she exaggerated the danger she was in. Billie says those people in the bayou were not even dangerous. Hope stares at her and asks her how she knows about the people in the bayou.

At Vivian's office, Celeste and Ivan are unpacking supplies when Vivian shows up, tired and in pain. She confesses that she remembers very little of last night - having dinner with Stefano and partying with Ivan and Celeste. She says she feels like she had dental work done and must have been grinding her teeth again. Ivan and Celeste are worried about her behavior, which seemed almost manic. Ivan goes into Vivian's office with some tea and finds her fast asleep. Vivian wakes up and says she's so exhausted she feels as if she has been drugged. Ivan suggests that Stefano drugged her to have his way with her. Vivian says that her whole purpose was to seduce Stefano in the first place so she could boot Kate out of Titan. Kate suddenly storms into the office and they start arguing. Kate tells Vivian to quit going after Titan's authors. Vivian says if the authors were happy at Titan, there would be no danger of them leaving. Kate says she knows Vivian's company is a fraud and that they don't really have offices all over the world as her sign says. Vivian says they will soon. Sami suddenly walks in over Celeste's protest and Kate accuses her of losing the sex therapist authors for Titan with her stunt with Franco. Sami dares Kate to fire her. Kate storms out and Sami tells Vivian that Franco failed her test. Vivian commiserates, but says it's better for her to know. Sami swears she will make Franco pay. Vivian, who is checking out some hunky window washers outside her office, says she has an idea to get revenge on Franco. She tells Sami her plan, and Sami loves it.

Lucas visits Kate in her office and tells her about Franco cheating on Sami. Kate is worried that Sami will come after her in her anger. Lucas tells her the time has come to fire Sami, but Kate says she can't take the risk of getting her name plastered all over the scandal sheets. Lucas says Stefano will keep them out of trouble. Kate says that if Lucas takes one thing away from their conversation, it should be never to put himself in debt to Stefano DiMera.

Bo is asleep on the roadside next to his motorcycle when someone kicks him. Bo whips around with a gun pointed at the guy. The guy turns out to be an FBI agent, and he and Bo exchange identification and put their guns away. The agent tells Bo it's illegal to sleep at the roadside. Bo says he got tired and pulled over so he wouldn't crash. The agent asks where he's headed. Bo says he has been driving all night from Salem and ended up in Louisiana, and he supposes his business will take him to the Bayou de Guerre. The agent asks what his business is there. Bo says it's personal, but involves his ex-wife and his current wife. The agent wishes him luck and gives him a card to call him if he needs help. Bo drives to the bayou, where Wayne and Earl are taking food to the swamp girl. Erlene says that it's a shame what happened to Billie, and she is thinking of getting a headstone carved for baby Georgia. They start talking about the swamp girl, and Erlene mentions that she is one of them, since she came from one of the big houses across the river, and Wayne and Earl say that the fish have been plentiful ever since she showed up, so she must be the bayou's good luck charm. Bo arrives in secret and follows them out to where they leave the food. Bo waits there for the swamp girl, while Erlene puts flowers on Georgia's grave.

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