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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday June 22, 1998

Carrie comes home and finds Austin boxing an imaginary foe in front of a mirror. Austin tells Carrie that he was just fooling around and then realizes that today is the day the Chief of Staff is named. Austin tells Carrie that he'll be glad when it's over and she'll be home more. Carrie agrees and she tells Austin that she has missed him. Austin tells Carrie that he just gets upset when he's not with her. Carrie asks Austin if he wishes he could do something else aside from working at Titan. Austin says he likes what he does, but he doesn't have the same ambition Lucas does. Carrie says that she wants Austin to do something that makes him happy and something he's ambitious about. Carrie tells Austin that after this Chief of Staff run is over, she'll concentrate on him and his happiness.

Roman talks with Marlena. He's happy to hear she and John are happy. Marlena suspects something is wrong, and Roman tells her about Sami. Roman tells Marlena that she walked in on Sami and Franco in bed. Roman thinks Sami is making a mistake. Marlena thinks it's her fault, but Roman says that it is time that their children accept that she and John belong together. Roman tells Marlena that she can be close with Sami again. Marlena asks Roman if he's going to take the ISA mission, but Roman says he's going to stay in Salem because his family needs him. Roman decides to leave and check on Billie.

Craig starts tormenting Mike about how he'll never be a successful Chief of Staff because he lacks a wife. Nancy shows up and wishes Mike luck. Mike leaves and Nancy tells Craig if the plan fails, she's leaving him and taking all her daddy's money. Craig tells Nancy that their plan will work. Suddenly, Carrie shows up and tells them that they know what their up to and won't let him get away with it. Carrie says she knows they are going to push the marriage thing, but spouses won't be able to speak before the board. Craig decides to leave and Nancy tells Carrie that Mike will lose the position. Carrie leaves and Nancy says she should worry about Mike, a lot. Carrie goes and sees Marlena and she tells Marlena that she's worried about Austin because he's boxing and hasn't told her about it. Marlena tells Carrie that she should confront Austin, but she wants Austin to tell her about it. Carrie excuses herself to talk to Mike.

Mike is chatting with Ali and asks her if she's still free to be his date tonight. Ali says she would be honored to be the date of the new Chief of Staff. Carrie tells Mike to be prepared for Craig tonight. Meanwhile, Craig tells Nancy that "she" is here. The board members show up and tell both Mike and Craig that the panel will be meeting shortly. Carrie hugs Mike and wishes him good luck and Marlena witnesses this hug. Mike tells Carrie if he wins it is because of her.

Sami vows to make Franco pay. Franco shows up at Titan with a ring and he's prepared to propose to her. Before he can do anything, Lucas stops Franco. Lucas tells Franco that he knows he was hired to break up Bo and Hope and he will do anything to protect his mom. Lucas warns Franco that Sami can't be trusted and he knows she was at the club last night and took her home. Franco says nothing happened between them, but Lucas says both he and Sami don't believe him. Franco says "we'll just see." Franco goes in to see Sami and says he has a surprise for her. Sami pretends like she knows nothing and lets Franco believe she knows nothing. Sami locks her office door and tells Franco that she wants to make love to him right here. Sami asks Franco to take his clothes off, which he does. Sami makes him close his eyes and then she handcuffs his hands behind his back. Sami says she's doing this to spice up their sex life. Sami opens her curtains to reveal a window washers, she wants to make love to him out there. Franco agrees to do it and climbs out the window. Sami uncuffs him and then knocks him out. Sami writes something on his chest with lipstick

Austin shows up at work and Lucas tells him that Sami wants to marry Franco. Lucas says they have to stop Franco from becoming Will's stepfather. Austin says he'll always love Will, but he (Lucas) is his father and he should be the one to do something about this. When Austin attacks Lucas for drinking, Lucas brings up his troubled marriage.

Hope wonders how Billie knew the people in the bayou weren't dangerous. Billie says she had to stop there and ask for directions from some nice people. Hope says that the people she and Bo met weren't helpful. Billie starts bitching about how Hope lured Bo down there. Hope says that she should have trusted Bo when he said he'd be back, but she didn't and the stress on her child started when she went down to the bayou. Hope says if she trusted Bo, maybe her baby would still be alive. Billie tells Hope that trying to turn this back on her won't work, she killed her baby. Hope says she'll always feel guilty about what happened, which makes Billie smile. Roman shows up and then tells Hope that Billie doesn't need this. Billie now accuses Hope of killing her child and driving her husband away to! Roman tells Billie that she can't blame Hope for Bo's leaving and Hope points out that she told him to go. Roman asks Billie if she told Bo to leave and Billie says she did, but was upsetBillie tells Roman that she needs Bo, but Roman says Bo being gone is a good thing because it will let them both cool off. Hope knows why Bo left and hopes he finds peace.

In the Bayou, Bo is looking for Swamp Girl because she could be the key to Hope's past. Bo hides when he hears footsteps, it's Wayne and Earl. They came back to give Swamp Girl some candy bars and end up talking about how dangerous Swamp Girl is. Swamp Girl manages to take their candy without them even knowing. Wayne and Earl decide to leave and go fishing. Wayne and Earl end up fishing near where Swamp Girl is hiding. Bo is still hiding and sees Swamp Girl jump into the water. Bo wonders how he can convince Swamp Girl that he is her friend. He decides not to invade Swamp Girl's territory and search for the compact. Instead, he decides to set up camp. Meanwhile, Wayne and Earl are discussing how ugly Swamp Girl is. As Swamp Girl listens, Wayne and Earl wonder about the picture Hope had and how there are two girls burned exactly the same way. Bo starts a fire and Swamp Girls starts screaming.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Stefano and Rolf are talking about the device in Vivian's mouth. Stefano tells Kate that he has Vivian under control and she need not worry. Rolf tells Stefano that he hopes he knows what he is doing. Stefano assures Rolf that he knows what he is doing and will let none of them stand in his way.

Vivian, Celeste, and Ivan are toasting to Alamain International and Titan's demise. Vivian is waiting for a man named Steven Tate to meet with her, he's an ex-lover and a Wall Street broker. Steven Tate shows up to meet Vivian. Vivian tries to woo Steven and tells him that she would like his help attracting investors to her company. Meanwhile, Stefano and Rolf watch Vivian and Steven on a hidden monitor. Stefano decides to change Vivian's mood. Rolf warns Stefano that she has to be in a normal mood before changing her from happy to down and bitter, otherwise it could damage her.

At Titan, Lucas and Austin are still arguing about Sami and Franco. Lucas says that Sami is so busy with Franco that she's not watching Will. Lucas says Sami is not a good mother, but Austin says despite everything, Sami has been a good mother. Austin tells Lucas to accept Franco into Sami's life and move on with his life. Lucas leaves and Austin tries to talk to Kate about how Lucas is the one causing problems, not Sami. Kate and Austin start arguing about Lucas and Austin assures her that Lucas has a drinking problem. Kate refuses to believe, but Austin says she is keeping an eye on him. Eventually, the conversation takes a turn and Austin tells Kate that he's not sure he belongs working at Titan Kate agrees to see Steven Tate and she tells Austin that they'll finish this conversation later.

Sami leaves Franco handcuffed on a window washer scaffolding with DOG written on his chest. There is a knock on Sami's door, it's Sofia. Sami asks Sofia how dare she show up here after what she's done. Sami tells Sofia that she knows she slept with Franco. Sofia tells her that she did kiss Franco, but he rejected her advances. Sofia tells Sami all of the wonderful things Franco said about her. Sami realizes what she's done and she races to save Franco.

Meanwhile, Franco has awaken on the scaffolding and is wondering why Sami has done this to him. Eventually, Franco realizes that Sami must have left early and didn't hear his speech to Sofia. Sami shows up and begs for Franco to forgive her. She tells him that she set him up with Sofia last night to test him and it was wrong. Franco asks why he did this to him and she tells him that she thought that he made love with Sofia, but now she knows he didn't. Sami asks Franco if he still loves her, but Franco says without trust there is nothing. Sami ends up groveling and Franco says he thinks it's impossible for her to break her old habits. Sami tells Franco that she's never been loved by a man and thought she couldn't. Franco forgives Sami and asks her to uncuff him. Sami looks for the key, but she left it inside. Suddenly, Lucas locks the window and leaves them outside! Kate meets with Steven Tate and they decide to go into the conference room and talk.

Billie complains to Roman about how Hope has driven Bo away from her. Roman tells Billie that this anger towards Hope is unhealthy and it won't bring her baby back. Billie says her baby is gone, but she won't lose Bo as well. Roman tells her that her marriage was a ruse, but Billie claims that they bonded and everything she's done will have been for nothing. Roman looks at Billie and asks her what she's done. Billie saves herself and says she meant everything she's done to try to make Bo love her. Roman says you can't force someone to love you, but Billie says she is in love with Bo and can't imagine her life without him.

In the bayou, Swamp Girl freaks out at the sight of Bo's campfire. Swamp Girl takes off and Bo goes after her. Bo eventually finds the Swamp Girl washing herself in the water. Bo realizes that Swamp Girl isn't out to hurt anyone, but he needs to come up with a way to gain her trust. Bo takes off his shirt and cuts it up and then cuts his jeans into shorts. The show ends with Bo diving into the swamp.

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Austin is working out with the punching at Titan when John comes in. John shows up at they talk about the women in their lives and their careers. Austin says that he can't wait till the Chief of Staff race is over and he'll have Carrie back. John asks Austin how he's been spending his time and Austin says he's been boxing. Austin admits to John that working at Titan doesn't make him happy, but boxing does. John and Austin end up going over to the Salem Inn after their work out to meet Carrie and Marlena for the hospital cocktail party.

At the hospital, Mike and Craig are finished with their forum in front of the panel. Carrie tells Mike that he did great and Mike says it's because of her. Mike excuses himself to go talk to Ali. Marlena says she didn't know Mike was dating Ali and Carrie quickly points out that they've only been out a few times, nothing big. Meanwhile, Craig and Nancy overhear Ali tell Mike that she's honored to be his date tonight. Nancy says this will ruin everything and Craig takes care of it by delaying Ali at the hospital. When Marlena is alone, Mike asks Marlena what type of gift Carrie would like because he'd really like to thank her for everything she's done. Marlena isn't sure and says she'll get back to him. Later, Carrie tells Marlena that she fears Austin isn't happy and is going to go back to boxing.

Austin and John show up at the banquet where Carrie and Marlena are waiting. Austin and Carrie hug. John tells Marlena that Austin misses Carrie a lot and Marlena agrees that they really need to spend some time together. On the way to the dinner, Mike stops by the side of the road to help a young lady, whose car has broken down. The woman says she needs to get to the Salem Inn, so Mike gives her a lift. As they drive off, Craig pops his head out from the back seat of her car.

Stefano has a grand time playing with his device as he watches Vivian on a monitor as she goes berserk in front of Ivan and Celeste. Eventually she apologizes and suggests they go down to Titan and see if Kate and Steven found their little surprise. Kate is about to walk into the boardroom with Steven Tate, but Lucas stops her. Lucas takes his mom inside alone and shows her that Franco and Sami are trapped out on the ledge. Kate is furious with them and she is furious at Lucas for trapping them out there. Franco then pops the question to Sami, who accepts in front of Lucas and Kate. Lucas refuses to allow them to marry and tells them so to their faces later. Vivian shows up and Kate accuses her of doing this. Vivian denies it and they end up getting into a huge fight. Stefano shows up and changes Vivian's mood to happy and she starts dancing with Kate, who thinks Vivian has lost her mind. Kate walks off and says she has to deal with Sami. Stefano shows up behind her and asks Kate to let him take care of Samantha.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

In the bayou, Bo is tracking down the Swamp Girl. He decides that she will trust him better if he dresses more like her, so he rips his shirt and cuts his jeans off. He finds her eating some of the food he left and signals her with a bird call. She responds. Bo watches her for a while, but suddenly, she starts to scream. She has a nightmare of Stefano standing over her telling her that he will take care of her. Bo freezes, wondering what is making her scream.

At Titan, Eric is looking at a picture of Nicole when Roman arrives. Eric tells Roman the trip went wonderfully, professionally and personally. Roman looks at the picture of Nicole and says he can see why Eric likes her. After learning that the dark room is booked, Eric and Roman go out to shoot hoops while they wait. Roman asks Eric what happened to his face. Eric explains about Nicole's "cousin" Jay. Roman asks why she didn't tell him Jay was her cousin in the first place. Eric explains that she was embarrassed, but Roman tells him to be careful of Nicole. Eric says that if Roman got to know her, he wouldn't feel that way. Roman says he is looking forward to getting to know her, and that Eric should invite her to the Horton-Brady picnic. Eric and Roman return to Titan to check out the pictures, which turned out great. Roman tells Eric to go see Nicole to show her the pictures and invite her to the picnic. Although he doesn't know if Nicole will accept, Eric decides to try. He tells Roman that Nicole lives at a ritzy apartment complex, although he hasn't seen her place yet. Eric goes to the apartments and asks the doorman to ring up Nicole Walker.

At her apartment, Nicole reminisces about LA. She feels guilty about lying to Eric about Jay, but tells herself she has come too far and that Eric can never find out about her past. Inez, Nicole's neighbor, comes over, and Nicole tells her all about the trip and Eric. Inez says that if Eric finds out she lied, it could be worse than Nicole telling the truth. Nicole says Eric is the first decent guy she's ever met and that she really cares about him, which is why he can't find out about her. Inez gives Nicole her mail, which includes more letters from LA. After Inez leaves, Nicole starts crying and ripping up the letters and saying, "Why won't they leave me alone?"

At the Salem Inn reception for the hospital board members, Austin is obviously bored, which annoys Carrie. Carrie starts talking to the board members about photographers while Austin wanders off to talk to John and Marlena. Lexie and Abe arrive and Lexie tells Abe that if Craig gets the COS position, she is out of a job. Abe and Lexie talk to John and Marlena about Bo's leave of absence, mentioning that no one knows his whereabouts. In another room of the suite, Craig tells Nancy the plan is going beautifully, and Nancy says she will go check on the situation. They start laughing gleefully, and Austin walks in on them. Austin says he's here to watch the game, so Craig and Nancy go back into the main room. Meanwhile, Carrie is freaking out because she can't find Austin and Mike hasn't arrived yet. Craig asks Lexie what she's doing there, and Lexie says that Carrie invited her. Abe asks if Craig has a problem with that. Craig says no problem, but privately tells Nancy that once he is COS, Lexie is history. Lexie and Abe leave to spend the night together. John finds Austin watching the Cubs game and says that although he sympathizes with Austin's boredom, Carrie needs him right now. John tells Carrie where Austin is, and she goes to talk to him. They have a minor fight, but Austin says he'll make it up to her, and starts kissing her. Carrie is so distracted that she blows him off to go look for Mike. Meanwhile, Craig overhears Winston and Lewis saying they have decided to vote for Mike because of his character and integrity.

Mike and Shelley arrive at the Salem Inn. Mike is about to go to the reception, but Shelley tells him she needs him to take a look at her son's medical records because she is so concerned about his asthma. Mike tries to get out of it, but Shelley starts crying, so Mike says of course he will look, but it will have to be quick. They go up to her room, which happens to be on the same floor as the reception. Shelley convinces Mike to take a soda, which she slips a sedative into. Mike takes a couple of drinks and then collapses. Nancy shows up a few minutes later and they put Mike in bed and strip him. Nancy leaves, and Shelley says she will handle the rest.

Carrie goes out into the hall to look for Mike. She sees Shelley returning to her room cooing about "Mikey." Curious and alarmed, Carrie listens outside the room door and hears Shelley comment on Dr. Horton's bedside manner. She bursts into the room and sees Shelley and Mike in bed together and scream "No!"

Friday, June 26, 1998

At her apartment, Nicole stares at her Titan paycheck and remarks that it's more than she made in six months as a waitress, and now she can move to that ritzy apartment complex where Eric thinks she lives. She heads over to the complex to check it out. Eric is at the complex asking the doorman to ring up Nicole Walker. The doorman says he's new and doesn't know Ms. Walker, but will check the registry. The doorman checks and as he comes out to tell Eric Nicole doesn't live there, Nicole walks up and says hello. She pretends she recognizes the doorman and tells Eric she is taking a walk, and asks him to join her. Eric asks her to go to the barbecue and she says yes. Eric says she doesn't seem enthusiastic, and Nicole says she wondered if he still liked her because he was so distant on the flight home. Eric says he was just surprised by the revelation that Jay was her cousin. Nicole says she will never hide anything from him again. Eric asks if there is someone else in her life. Nicole says no, she just wants to take things slow. Nicole tells Eric she has feelings for him, too. Eric hugs her and Nicole tells herself she can't fall in love with him, even though it would be so easy.

Carrie screams as she sees Mike passed out in bed with Shelley. She tries to wake him up while she yells at Shelley, asking what she did to Mike. Her screams bring everyone at the board reception into the room, and a photographer takes pictures of a groggy Mike and a smiling Shelley. John kicks the photographer out while the board members demand to know what happened. Shelley runs into the bathroom, denying that she is a prostitute, and locks the door. John gets everyone out of the room and asks Mike what happened as Mike gets dressed. Mike relates the story, and John starts examining the soda glasses, telling Mike it looks like he's been drugged. John promises to have the police analyze the glasses. Carrie comes back in while Marlena goes to talk to the board members. Carrie bangs on the bathroom door and finds it unlocked, with Shelley gone and the fire escape window open. When Carrie enters the reception room, the board members are very upset and ready to name Craig the new chief of staff. Carrie begs them to wait another day while she gets to the bottom of what was obviously a setup. Carrie suspects Craig and Nancy, although outwardly they act as if they are supportive of Mike. The board members agree to wait. Mike comes in and apologizes, saying it seems he was drugged. A board member tells him to quit making excuses. Mike tells Carrie he's sorry, but it looks like his run at chief of staff is over. Carrie swears she will get to the bottom of this and will never let Mike down, hugging him fiercely. Austin watches uneasily. In the alley behind the hotel, Nancy and Craig give Shelley an envelope filled with money and tell her to leave Salem immediately.

At Mrs. H's house, Mickey and Shawn-Douglas are setting out chairs for tomorrow's Horton-Brady picnic. While Alice makes a salad, Hope sketches on a pad. Shawn-D walks by and says that he didn't know his mom could draw. Hope says she's just doodling, but everyone takes a look and agrees that she has impressive talent that she never showed before. Hope says it's a painting she saw in a book at Vivian's, and it has something to do with her missing years, but she can't figure out what. Maggie and Alice recognize the painting as a famous Impressionist work called "Garden at Twilight." They are amazed at how exactly Hope reproduced the painting from memory. Shawn-D says his mom must have been an artist in another lifetime. As Hope finishes the sketch with chalk, she wonders if that is true.

In the swamp, Bo wonders what could make the Swamp Girl scream like that. He's convinced she holds a key to Hope's past. She calms herself down by humming a song Bo recognizes as a special song for him and Hope. Bo cautiously approaches the area, but the Swamp Girl comes to investigate when she hears Bo step on a twig. He crouches down and throws a candy bar when she is checking out his camping gear. She eats it and Bo starts to make bird calls and hum the song. She responds in kind. She has memories of being chased around the bayou with her face and hands bandaged while she wears a hospital gown, and men say how "he" wouldn't like it if she escaped. Bo cautiously approaches her and reaches out to touch her.

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