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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday July 20, 1998

Kate and Marlena continue to argue about the Sami and Lucas situation, but proceed very cautiously, neither wanting to make the other mad. Kate rants about Sami and warns her not to be a fool. Marlena questions her as to why she is so quick to accuse Sami. Marlena ends up defending Sami's love for Will and doesn't want to believe that Sami would use him. Marlena wants to know just what all Sami has done to hurt Kate's family. Kate goes through the list...recounting all that she has done to Carrie & Austin and now Lucas. As she talks, her voice gets sharper and sharper and Marlena tells her to calm down. Marlena proposes a question...just "what if" Sami is possibly telling the truth this time. Marlena wants to know why Sami is so hell-bent on taking Will away.

Kate tells her that with she and Franco getting married, she doesn't want to share custody and that she has even spoke of taking Will away to Italy. Kate asks Marlena if the situation were reversed, would she defend Sami and Marlena says yes. Sami walks in to hear the end of this. Kate turns around and says "Well, here's the bad seed now". Sami and Marlena talk and Marlena tells her that she was coming to help her plan her wedding when she saw the article in the paper. Sami says she don't know how that information was released. Kate interrupts and tells Sami to stop playing the victim role. She tells Marlena to just consider what she has told her and leaves. Sami and Marlena have a talk. Sami tells her that she has hired Mickey to take her case. Sami asks Marlena if she has talked with Joan Hunt yet. Marlena says no, but she knows Miss Hunt from the hospital. Marlena asks Sami just what she hopes to accomplish from all this and Sami says that she does NOT want to share custody with Lucas, that he is dangerous. Marlena can see that Sami is very determined. Marlena point blank asks her if she made up the story. Sami can't believe that she asked her that and Marlena says she had to ask. Sami becomes angry and says that she has never had a mother at all.

Marlena raises her voice with her and tells Sami that she has got to stop blaming her affair with John for all of her problems. Marlena tells her that she is always there for her...she's her daughter and will always love her. They must stop letting the past hurt and come between them. Sami asks if she is serious and they end up hugging. Marlena says she is sorry for accusing her. She knows how much she and Lucas hate each other and doesn't want her to use Will as a weapon for her own rage. Sami asks her for her help to protect Will. Watching from the doorway, Kate just shakes her head in disbelief.

Earlier, Sami went to see Will at Austin's apartment. He won't let her in, worrying about what Miss Hunt said. Sami is persistent and even blames Austin of turning on her. Sami thinks she MUST get to Will to influence his story. She promises Austin that if he lets her in, she won't tell. She sees Will come walking into the room and rushes past Austin.. She picks him up and hugs him and asks him if he is having a good time with Uncle Austin. Will nods yes and Sami asks Austin if she can have some time alone with Will. Austin refuses and she asks Austin if he thinks she would try to coach Will. He tells her about the psychiatrist and refuses to let her be alone with him. Sami finally gives up and tells Will goodbye and gives him to Austin and leaves. Out in the hallway, Sami thinks about what Austin told her and she becomes very worried that she may be exposed when they talk to Will. After she leaves, Austin and Will have milk and cookies. Austin steps out for a minute and when he returns, he sees Will hitting on his teddy bear and this troubles Austin. Lucas tells his side of the story to Alice. He decides it was a bad idea to come to her and goes to leave. Alice stops him and says if he needs her, she is there for him. He explains everything to her. He says that he has NEVER hit Will. He points out all the things that Sami has done in the past...especially to Carrie and Austin.

As they talk about his drinking, Alice asks him if he has a problem. At first Lucas denies it. He says that he just has a drink every once in a while...besides everyone does. Alice says that he MUST admit that he has a problem...that is the first step. They discuss trust, and she asks him to trust her. He admits that he has a problem trusting people, especially after years of not knowing who his father was and then finding out it was Bill Horton. He feels that he has never had anyone to depend on. He breaks down and cries and admits to Alice that he does indeed have a drinking problem and he needs help. As she puts her arm around him to comfort him, he sobs on her shoulder. As they continue to talk, she pats and rubs him on the back. They discuss that it all started when he found out that he was Will's father and the stress of living in the same house with Sami. Alice asks him point blank if he was drunk when Will got hurt. He admits to drinking but says he wasn't drunk that night. He tells Alice the whole story and Sami's version. He tells her that he CAN'T lose Will...he is his life and can't live without him.

He is worried that he will lose him forever. He goes on to tell her about the confrontation and the social worker and how Sami stood there and lied. Alice tells him that the first thing is to get him help and she will be there to help him. She also tells him that she will NOT be played for a fool...he must be serious. He promises her that he does want to change. She invites him to move in with her and he is touched. They hug again and he calls her "Gran".

Hope questions Mrs. Faversham (who is delighted to see Gina again) and they hug. Hope stands there in shock. She tells Hope that she has not seen her in years and is overjoyed. She says that there was a ball one night and the next day, she just disappeared. John asks her if she knows Stefano DiMera and she says no, never heard of him. Hope asks her if she looks different and we see her in a lavender Cinderella-type gown with a crown. Her hair is up and it has blond streaks in it. Mrs. Faversham is sure it is her. Hope just smiles at her, but wants to know more. John questions her about the "Princess" but Mrs. Faversham scolds him and tells him that he is in the presence of royalty. She says that in those days Gina was the talk of the town and that no ball was complete without her. Hope asks if she had any friends still in town. Mrs. Faversham gets this strange look on her face and says that her memory isn't what it used to be. Hope asks her about the comb and again, she draws a blank. She asks her about the compact and any photos she may have from those days. She says she remembers one night that Gina was with someone...but Lucille (her maid) comes in and thanks them for returning the comb. She asks Hope who she is and Mrs. Faversham is shocked and informs her that it's Gina. Lucille says "I thought you..." but Hope interrupts her and says "I'm back and ready to pick up the pieces of my life!" Lucille pulls Hope and John aside and tells them that Mrs. Faversham's mind kind of comes and goes, and not to believe what she is telling them.

A few minutes later, Lucille suggests that she take her nap and Mrs. Faversham mistakes John for Hans (her butler). Before she leaves, Hope asks her if she can return and Mrs. Faversham agrees. Hope and John leave and Mrs. Faversham says how wonderful it was to see Princess Gina again. Lucille says "I'm sure" and looks in John and Hope's direction with an troubled look on her face. Outside, Hope is excited but John cautions her but Hope is optimistic at the fact that the Mrs. Faversham recognized her. As they leave, Lucille watches them from the window.

As the mud washes from Bo's face she recognizes him and screams "BO!" His eyes fly open and he begins to question her...wanting to know how she knows who he is. She puts more mud on her face and only stares at him. He keeps questioning her and asks her what her name is. He asks her if she knows Hope and who she is. He begs for her help. She says his name again and he asks her again what her name is. She says "I'm....." but before she finishes, he is struck by lightening He falls to the ground and she runs to him crying and screaming "NO...NOOOOO!" She cries over him and rubs his head and finally ends up dragging him off into the woods. She takes him back to his camp and covers him up and keeps watch over him. In his sleep, he calls for Hope as she continues to cry. He calls for Hope again and with her hand over her heart, she smiles.

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

Eric is busy wondering what Nicole is keeping from him about her past and her apartment. Marlena approaches Eric to ask him if he'd like to have supper. Eric says that he's glad she found him because he's worried that his dad has gone back to the ISA. Marlena tells Eric that whatever his dad is doing, he's safe. Marlena realizes Eric doesn't know about Sami and Lucas, so she shows the paper to Eric. Eric isn't surprised and Marlena asks Eric if he thinks that Sami could be lying. Eric says he's not sure. Marlena switches the topic to the original one and asks Eric if he'd like to have dinner at her place tonight with Carrie and Sami.

Eric isn't sure and Marlena asks if he has plans with Nicole. Eric says he doesn't think he'll ever have plans with her. Eric tells Marlena all about Nicole's odd behavior and mistruths. Marlena suggests he talk to Nicole about this, but Eric says he has and she has an answer for everything. Marlena realizes that Eric likes this girl, but he's gun-shy about relationships. Eric tells Marlena that she knows she blames herself, but it's nobody's fault. Marlena suggest that he confronts Nicole about this issue before he gets too hung up on her. Eric decides to take his mom's advice and leaves to see Nicole.

At Nicole's new place, furniture has been delivered and set up. One of Nicole's friends drops by and is impressed. Her friend has also dropped by with her mail, which includes a letter from her mystery man. Nicole tears it up and her friend asks her what she's doing. Nicole says she was just tossing out some junk mail. Nicole's friend tells her not to forget to fill out a change-of-address card, but Nicole says no. Nicole asks her friend not to give anyone her new address. Nicole's friend asks if she is hiding from anyone. Nicole says that she wants to tell people herself. Nicole gives her friend her telephone number, but says only she and Eric have her address. Nicole's friend wants to meet Eric, but Nicole says she needs to talk to Eric alone. Eric shows up and tells Nicole that she's only lived here for two days.

Billie calls Kate to apologizing for going away without notice. Billie says tells her mom that she's alone, but when Billie says she's sorry about what Sami is doing to Lucas, Roman says "What!" Kate asks Billie who the man she just heard was. Billie lies and says it was just the TV. Billie says she has to go, but Kate asks if she knows where Roman is. Billie says she doesn't. Kate asks for Billie's number, but Billie says she'll be in and out a lot, so she'll call her.

Roman asks Billie what is going on with Sami and Lucas. Billie tells Roman that Sami has accused Lucas of beating Will. Roman is upset and says the real victim in all this is Will. Billie and Roman step into their Jesse Bob Colton and Ruth Ann James personalities and end up kissing. Billie tells him that everything is better the second time around. Later, Billie starts on her "Hope is the cause of all my problems" speech and Roman tells her that hanging onto all this animosity isn't healthy. Roman tells Billie that she should go out shopping for some clothes because he has some calls to make. Billie leaves and Roman calls Marlena and asks about the Sami situation. Roman can't talk long and hangs up when there is a knock on his door. Roman arms himself and answer the door, but it's an ISA agent posing as housekeeping. The woman gives Roman some information and some laser shooting boots

John is trying to tell Hope that Ms. Faversham may be confusing her with Princess Gina. Hope, however, won't listen to him because she's sure Ms. Faversham was right. They then talk about Lucille and they both got the feeling that Lucille didn't want them talking to Ms. Faversham. John and Hope go into town and Hope thinks dressing up like a princess will help Ms. Faversham remember, or perhaps it will trigger her own memories. John and Hope sit down and talk. Hope decides to go shopping and John says he'll check out some of the newspapers for articles about Gina and info on Ms. Faversham. At Ms. Faversham's house, she is remembering the last time Princess Gina was here.

Hope goes shopping for some princess-like outfits. She goes into a clothing store with a copy of Bella and asks him where she could find gowns like the ones in Bella. Meanwhile, Billie is in the shopping district and sees a woman with a baby and tells herself that she'll never forgive Hope for what she's done. Billie goes into a clothing store to buy something to wear and runs right into Hope!

Stefano is watching Vivian sleep at her house. He is worried about Vivian, but Rolf tells him that she'll be fine. At Vivian's place, Celeste shows up to get Vivian to sign some contracts. Ivan says Vivian is still sleeping and Celeste becomes worried. Vivian is busy having a nightmare about all the weird things she's done lately and wakes up screaming. Stefano panics and asks Rolf what is wrong. Rolf says that Vivian was just having a nightmare.

Vivian tells Celeste and Ivan that she's all right, she just had a bad dream. Both Ivan and Celeste are worried about her relationship with Stefano, but Vivian says they are just soon to be partners, both in the boardroom and in the bedroom. Stefano decides to put Vivian in a down mood, but before he can, Kate shows up. Kate tells Stefano about her problems with Sami and Lucas, and Stefano offers to take care of Sami for her. Kate tells Stefano no, she doesn't want him to take care of Sami.

Kate says that she came here to tell him about Steven Tate's recommendation for Titan. Kate also knows he's doing something to Vivian to cause this odd behavior and she asks him if he's drugging her. Kate and Stefano talk and he assures her everything is under control. Kate is afraid that Stefano will eventually want to takeover Titan, but he assures Kate that he doesn't want to take over Titan. Stefano tells Kate that everything will be all right.

Back at Vivian's place, Vivian is trying to convince Celeste and Ivan that she is fine. Vivian decides to go see Stefano and Celeste and Ivan beg her not to. When Vivian shows up, she sees Stefano holding Kate.

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

Vivian finds Stefano holding Kate. Vivian and Kate start arguing and Stefano tries to calm Vivian down, but the device won't work. Stefano stops them and excuses himself. Stefano asks Rolf what is wrong with the device and Rolf tells him that the battery is dead. Stefano returns and suddenly Vivian collapses into his arms. Vivian comes too and tells Stefano that she's very tired. Kate realizes that something is really wrong with Vivian. Kate leaves. Rolf returns and gives Stefano the control device, which has a charged battery in it now. Vivian comes to and Stefano tells Vivian that he was just trying to comfort Kate and to try to keep the scandal about Lucas to a minimum because it could harm the company. Vivian goes into an up mood and runs home to cook a meal. Stefano becomes upset that the device malfunctioned and Rolf promises to make sure the remote always has a fresh battery. Stefano asks about her dizzy spell and Rolf tells him that the more he uses the device, the more tired she will become. Kate gives Stefano a call about Vivian and Stefano says everything is okay. Kate says that perhaps she should stay away from Vivian awhile, but Stefano tells her that she figures into his big plan for Vivian.

Ivan is complaining to Celeste about Vivian's wacky behavior and attitude towards Stefano. As they are talking, Celeste remembers her past with Stefano. Celeste tells Ivan that she can see how easily Vivian could be swept up by Stefano. Vivian returns home sees Celeste in a jump suit. Celeste says she's going sky diving and Vivian wants to go with her.

Eric tells Nicole that he knows she has only been living here for 2 days and wants to know why she's lying to him. Nicole says she's only lived in this apartment for 2 days, but she's been living in a smaller apartment downstairs. Nicole tells Eric that the place was a mess and that's why she didn't want to let him see it. Eric buys her story. Eric and Nicole go to Titan and Nicole gets a voice email from the people photo shoot people in LA congratulating her. Eric tells Nicole that now that she's a big model, she should have her own web site. Nicole says no way because there are too many weirdo's out there. Eric tells Nicole that even though she doesn't have her own web site, she is featured this month on the Bella web site. Nicole panics and Eric tells Nicole that he thinks he knows what is going on. Nicole asks him what is wrong and Eric says he realizes that Nicole is a private person and doesn't want anyone to make a big deal about her. Nicole tells him "something like that." Eric tells her that she needs a distraction and they play a game called Zoltron. Nicole wipes the floor with Eric and admits to hanging out in arcades when she was younger. Nicole says she should go home and Eric asks her why she always pulls away from him when they are having fun. Nicole says she just wants to take it slow. Still, Eric asks Nicole if there is another guy. Nicole tells Eric that there isn't another guy. Meanwhile, a mystery man in prison begins surfing Bella's web site and finds Nicole's photos. The man also has his own photo of Nicole.

In Lugano, Billie and Hope have bumped into each other in a clothing store. Billie says she's here on business and Hope tells Billie that she's researching her past. Billie chuckles and says that it would be funny if she learned she destroyed other peoples' pasts as well. Hope asks Billie if there isn't some way they can see each other without arguing, but Billie says no way. Billie tells Hope that she'll torment her every time she sees her. Hope asks Billie what she wants and Billie says "I want my baby back and Bo too dammit!" Hope tells Billie that she thinks it's best that they keep their distance. Hope asks one of the women at the store to let her look at a silver compact in the showcase. Billie listens in on Hope's questions about the compact and realizes that she has the one Hope is looking for. Billie chuckles with the fact that she has an important clue.

Swamp Girl is taking care of Bo, who is out cold. Bo keeps calling out for Hope and how much he loves her. Swamp Girl begs Bo to wake up because she has to tell him something. Swamp Girls starts clinging to Bo when he suffers spasms and she begs him not to die. Swamp Girl says if she only knew and then tells Bo that she needs him to wake up. Either Bo or Swamp Girl has a flashback to the cage in which Hope died in during the explosion. Swamp Girl starts telling Bo that it's not over. Bo starts mumbling about the compact and Swamp Girl runs away to try to find it, but it's gone. Suddenly, Swamp Girl has her own flashback about the compact. She sees a woman with shoulder length brown hair looking into it (too short to be Hope's, according to Hope's flashbacks). After that woman puts it down, a woman in bandages picks it up and looks at her own face and sees the bandages. Swamp Girl returns to Bo and apologizes for everything. She tells him that there is something he needs to know. Suddenly, Wayne and Earl grab and drag Swamp Girl off.

Thursday, July 23, 1998

John and Marlena are talking on the phone and Marlena tells John about Sami and Lucas. Marlena admits that she'd love for him to come home, but she knows Hope needs him now. Marlena also tells John about how worried she is that Roman is back in the ISA

Billie realizes that the compact she has is Hope's, when she believed she was Gina. Billie asks Hope what is so important about the compact and Hope asks why she's so interested. Billie says that she's not really interested, just curious. Billie offers to help and Hope asks her if this is a joke. Billie says no, all she has to do is describe the compact. Hope gives her the info about the compact and her suspicions about who may have given it to her. Hope starts to ask Billie questions as to why she's here, but Billie says that is none of her business. Billie is delighted that she has Hope's compact, the clue that could lead to secrets to her past.

Hope shows John the gown she likes and he tells her that she looks amazing. The store clerk comments "she's a princess." Hope asks if the clerk knows her, but she says she was only saying that she looks like a princess in that gown. Later, Hope tells John that she ran into Billie before he showed up. Hope tells John that she wants to go see Ms. Faversham now, hopefully she'll remember something now that she's dressed like a princess.

Roman meets up with an ISA agent to discuss the case. The agent isn't happy about Billie's involvement, but Roman says he needs Billie and he will make sure she is safe. Billie tells Roman that Hope is here in Lugano and Roman says he knows. Billie says she gave Hope a cover story and Roman tells her to stay clear of Hope. Roman tells Billie that they need to go back to the hotel so she can change into something for tonight. Billie asks where they are going and Roman tells her that they're going to meet someone who may be able to give them their first big break. Roman and Billie go over to see Ms. Faversham!

Stefano orders Rolf not to let the batteries in the device go bad again. Stefano says despite of everything, he is fond of Vivian and doesn't want to see her suffer. Stefano and Rolf also talk about Hope. Stefano is afraid that Hope could remember her past, she knows how Stefano acquired his art treasures, but Rolf says she'll never remember. Stefano hopes not because it would spell their doom if she did.

Vivian decides to go skydiving with Celeste. Ivan doesn't like this idea t all. Celeste tells him to lighten up and then suggests that he come with them. Celeste gives Ivan the address where they'll be in case he changes his mind. Stefano looks in on the townhouse to see what Vivian is up to, but she's already gone. Ivan leaves, so Stefano decides to go to the house to check on his treasures. Once at the house, Stefano finds the card to the skydiving school. Stefano knows Celeste goes skydiving and wonders if Vivian went along to watch. Stefano calls the school and learns that Celeste and Vivian are going to jump. This upsets Stefano because he thought he had normalized Vivian, but then remembers he forgot to push the button. At the school, the instructor helps Vivian into her shoot and tells her all about the joy of skydiving. Ivan shows up hoping to talk her out of it, but she refuses and Ivan goes up with them.

Nancy and Craig keep talking to Mike about how lucky they are to have Carrie around to work with them. Mike eventually gets tired of talking with them, so he leaves. Marlena shows up and hears Craig and Nancy talking about Carrie and she tells Marlena that Carrie is the new PR person for the hospital. Marlena recalls Mike and Carrie's kiss at the barbecue. Mike is also remembering this kiss.

Meanwhile, Nancy convinces the board to give Carrie the office across from Mike. Nancy also says that they have to keep Ali from getting in the way. Ali shows up and asks Mike out to dinner sometime and Mike suggests they go out tonight. Nancy and Craig see this and Nancy tells Craig that they have to find Ali a new man. Craig tells Nancy that he can take care of Ali. Mrs. Winston tells Mike that Carrie is being given the office across from his.

Carrie is nervous about telling Austin about her job, but she thinks he'll be supportive. Carrie goes into her apartment and finds a note from Austin saying that he took Will to the park. Marlena shows up and tells Carrie that she heard about the job at the hospital. Marlena asks how Austin took the news, but Carrie says she hasn't told him yet. Carrie asks Marlena why she's so concerned about her relationship to Mike. Marlena says she suspects her and Mike have feelings for each other and that she knows about their kiss.

Friday, July 24, 1998

Sami is at the Kirikias Mansion when Lucas shows up to pick up some clothes. Sami tells him he's banned from this house and she should have Henderson send his things to his hotel. Lucas says he's staying with his grandmother and Sami accuses him of using Alice. Lucas says they know the truth, but Sami assures Lucas that he will never see his son again. As they argue, Lucas' lawyer shows up. Gregory asks Sami if she'd be interested in settling out of court, but Sami refuses to take the deal. Gregory warns Sami that if she goes through with this, she will regret it. Gregory tells her that Will will be meeting with a psychiatrist tomorrow, who will learn the truth. Sami refuses to back off. Lucas tells Gregory that Sami is a blackmailer. Austin meets up with Joan in the park and tells her that he saw Will hitting his teddy bear the other night. Joan says that it is a healthy sign that Will is expressing his feelings instead of holding it up inside.

Marlena tells Carrie that she saw her and Mike kissing. Carrie says it was spontaneous, but Marlena says it looked like the kiss of two people in love. Marlena tells Carrie that she has to be careful and uses John as an example. Carrie says that there is no comparison. Carrie says she'd never break her vows to Austin. Marlena asks Carrie why she didn't tell Austin about the job. Carrie says she wanted to, but never got the right time. Carrie assures her that her relationship with Mike will remain strictly professional and she wants to forget about the kiss. Just then, Austin and Joan return with Will. Joan and Marlena leave and Austin collapses onto the couch. Carrie tells Austin that they need to talk and Austin hopes it is good news. Carrie tells Austin that she is the PR Director for the hospital. Austin doesn't like this news at all and gets up and walks away from Carrie. Meanwhile, Joan asks Marlena if Sami is capable of lying about Lucas hitting Will.

Vivian is getting ready to jump out of the plane. Meanwhile, Stefano rushes home to use the remote, but Rolf has taken it apart. Stefano tells Rolf to put the remote back together, but it takes him time. Stefano calls the sky jumping school and asks that the plane Vivian is in to return to the airport because he has important business with her. Up in the plane, they learn that Stefano wants them to return to the hanger. Vivian thinks that Stefano wants to invest in her company. Still, Vivian wants to jump and Stefano learns this. Rolf finishes the remote, but tells Stefano that he has to go to the jump site because the remote won't work this far away from her. Up in the plane, Vivian jumps and as she soars down to the earth, Stefano pushes the button and brings Vivian back into a normal mood and she panics.

Wayne and Earl have captured Swamp Girl and she screams at Bo to wake up. Swamp Girl gets away, but Wayne and Earl catch her again. Swamp Girl passes out while struggling in the water and Wayne thinks his brother killed her. Swamp Girl was only faking and slugs Wayne and Earl. Unfortunately, they catch her again and drag her off again. They put her in a dog cage and have her gagged. Wayne and Earl try to convince her that Bo is with the bad men and he wants to kill her. Meanwhile, Bo finally comes to and realizes that Wayne and Earl have Swamp Girl.

Roman is briefing Billie on Ms. Faversham in her house. Ms. Faversham comes down and remembers "Jesse Bob." Jesse introduces "Ruth Ann" to Ms. Faversham. Roman had sent a gift over, a Faversham egg (yes Faversham, not Faberge). Ms. Faversham's father made them and gave them to royalty, only few remain. Roman talks to Ms. Faversham about her wonderful parties and she says those days are over. Lucille says that Ms. Faversham hasn't been the same since her art collection was stolen. Ms. Faversham says that some of her paintings were saved from the Titanic bye her grandfather and Roman tells her that he's going to try to find them. Ms. Faversham says that one painting is special to her, Renet's "Garden at Twilight." Ms. Faversham changes the subject and tells Roman that she had a very unexpected guest. Before she can tell them about Princess Gina, Ms. Faversham starts coughing and has to leave to get some medicine. Billie likes Ms. Faversham and Roman fears that whoever stole her collection was probably one of her friends. Roman says he's going to put word out on the street that he wants to buy "Garden at Twilight."

In the clothing store, John tells Hope that he doesn't know if they can trust Ms. Faversham. Hope asks why he'd say that and John tells her that he has discovered that Ms. Faversham has a history of mental illness. John tells her that she has suffered from depression for years. Hope asks what else he knows and John tells her that her family has lived in Lugano for generations and they own their own bank. Still, Hope wants to see Ms. Faversham right away. Hope purchases the dress and John says he's going back to the hotel to see if his friend has anymore info about Ms. Faversham. John and "Princess Gina" return to Ms. Faversham's place and find themselves standing right in front of Billie and Roman!