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Monday August 10, 1998

Lucille shows Ms. Faversham's Hope's passport to prove that Hope is a fake. Ms. Faversham asks Hope if this is true and Hope says that it is her passport. Hope says she can explain everything, but Lucille tries to push Ms. Faversham out of the room. However, Roman convinces Lucille to let Hope explain herself. Hope tells Ms. Faversham her story about how she is Hope Williams, but is missing four years of her life and she has come to Lugano to recover those four years. Ms. Faversham is hurt and asks Hope why she should believe she's telling her the truth now. Lucille accuses Hope of wanting Ms. Faversham's fortune, but Hope and John say that she only wants to find her past. Ms. Faversham says that she was so happy to have Princess Gina back in her life because she loved her like a daughter. Ms. Faversham starts to cry and tells Hope that she's heard enough and decides to leave. Hope stops her and says she doesn't want her money, she just wants to know about her life as Gina. Roman says that he can spot a con and he says that this woman isn't conning her. Hope asks Ms. Faversham to look into her eyes and her heart and she'll see that she's not lying. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she'll find a way to prove that she is Princess Gina. Lucille tells them all to leave, but suddenly Ms. Faversham says she knows how she can prove that Hope is or isn't Princess Gina.

Stefano comes over to the townhouse to pick up Vivian, but Ivan tells Stefano that Vivian isn't going anywhere. Celeste shows up and tells Stefano that Vivian isn't feeling well and she wants Lexie to come over to look at her. Stefano finds Vivian crying while watching a movie and tells Stefano that something is wrong and maybe she should get the tests Dr. Mike wanted her to get. Stefano tells Vivian all she needs to do is go out and have a good time with him. Stefano pushes the up mood button and Vivian all of the sudden feels great. While Vivian changes, Stefano realizes that Ivan is becoming a problem and must be taken care of.

After Sami finishes singing happy birthday to Mr. Franco, the hitman fires his gun and Sami goes down. Everyone rushes to Sami and Eric screams for someone to get help. Mike, Craig, and Lexie attend to Sami and Franco attacks Lucas and accuses him of hiring a hitman to kill Sami. Lucas says if he hired someone to kill Sami than his man wouldn't have missed. Mike tells Sami that she should go to the hospital, but she convinces them to just take her to her office. Abe tells no one to leave because he wants to question them all, however, the shooter most likely got away through a service elevator. Abe talks to Kate and tells her that it looks like this was a professional hit. Kate asks who would want to kill Sami and Abe says the logical suspects are she and Lucas. Kate tells Abe how dare he accuse them and that if he even points a finger and them then he'll find himself in the unemployment line.

Sami returns to the party and insists that she is fine. Franco offers to take her home, but Sami says that she doesn't want to give Lucas another opportunity to kill her. Carrie shows up and tells Sami that there is no proof that Lucas did this.

Stefano and Vivian show up and Vivian tells Sami that she heard about her dreadful accident and tells her to look at it as an omen to celebrate her life. Sami takes one look at Stefano, remembers his warning to her awhile back, and then faints.

Ali and Mike are dancing and Ali invites him over to her house, but he says he's beat and would like to take a raincheck on that offer. Mike tells Ali he'll take her home and they get ready to leave.

Lexie approaches Stefano and asks him how Vivian is because she got the message from Celeste about checking her out. Stefano tells Lexie that Celeste has everything backwards and that Vivian is fine. Vivian and Stefano then take center stage and do the meringue. Kate then one-ups Vivian by doing a very steamy tango with Stefano. Vivian tries to attack Kate and calls her a bitch and to stay away from Stefano. Stefano pulls Vivian off Kate and Kate walks away, confident that Stefano is on her side. Later, Lucas tells Kate that he didn't hire a hit and asks her if she did. Kate says of course that she didn't. Meanwhile, a cop finds the hitman's gun and brings it to Abe. Abe says that it was a professional hit, but doesn't understand why the hitman missed, unless it was a warning. Stefano takes Vivian home and Vivian tells Stefano that she never wants to see him again. Stefano laughs and says his plan is going perfectly.

Franco takes Sami home and then searches the bushes because Sami swears she heard something. Franco calls Candy and tells her that he'll meet her shortly. Austin and Carrie show up and Sami says she wants to pack Will up and move in with Franco. Carrie doesn't think that is a bad idea, but Austin insists she stay here tonight. Franco offers to stay with her tonight, but Sami says it wouldn't look right because they aren't married. After Franco and Sami leave, Carrie accuses Austin of allowing Sami to continue believing that Lucas was the one who shot her.

Eric walks Nicole home and they talk about their relationship. Nicole says she's ready for a relationship now, but Eric says there is a condition. Eric says he doesn't want to be jerked around if she doesn't know what she wants yet. Nicole says that she wants him and kisses him.

The hitman finds Roberto and tells him that he missed Franco and hit the girl. Roberto tells them that she is fine, but they still have to kill Franco. The hitman's girlfriend says they have to leave now, but Roberto convinces them that they can still kill Franco and return to Italy with their honor intact. Later, the hitman calls Roberto and says that he and his girlfriend are leaving, so it's up to Roberto to finish the job.

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

Eric looks at a copy of Bella and remembers Nicole kissing him and telling him that she wants him. Eric hears something at the door and when he opens it, Taylor falls into the photo lab. Taylor tells Eric that her cart tipped over and Eric says that it is ok. They talk a bit and Eric tells her that there is something about her face that makes him trust her. Eric asks, if she wants to help him develop some pictures and she eagerly says yes. Eric develops some pictures of Nicole and starts telling Taylor what a wonderful person Nicole is. Eric eventually leaves and offers Taylor a ride home, but she says she has a way home and thanks him. Once he's gone, Taylor starts saying how gorgeous and nice Eric is.

Sami almost clubs Austin when she's afraid he is a burglar. Lucas and Kate show up and Sami threatens to call the police on him. Kate stops her from calling the police and says that Lucas is just here to get his clothes. Sami accuses Lucas and Kate of hiring the hitman, but they tell her they didn't. Everyone starts fighting and Austin breaks it up. Lucas and Austin go upstairs to get Lucas' things and Sami asks Kate if she got Stefano to bump her off. Kate tells Sami that if she or Stefano wanted her dead, she'd be dead. Sami and Kate start arguing. Sami says now that she's living here, Austin will protect her. Kate laughs and hopes Austin will learn what a two-faced bitch she really is. They start arguing and Kate warns her that if she reveals the blackmail, she will turn her into the police. Kate then starts throwing Franco in her face and how he's not around because he can't stand her. Sami accuses Kate of being jealous of her relationship with Franco and Kate just laughs. Kate tells Sami that Franco is just using her. Sami tells Kate that she won't let her or Lucas ruin her happy time and wedding. Sami informs Kate that she will be throwing her an elegant wedding in her garden, at her expense.

Lucas wants to see Will, but Austin says no way. Lucas accuses Austin of trying to steal his son, but Austin says that Will needs stability. Lucas tells Austin that forcing Carrie to live here is cruel and then says that Carrie is going to be spending a lot of nights at the hospital with Mike to stay away from Sami. Lucas warns Austin that staying in this house with Sami is going to ruin his marriage. Lucas comes downstairs and hears Sami inform his mother that she will be throwing her a wedding. Lucas quickly tells Sami "Like hell!" However, Kate tells Lucas that she has decided to give Sami the wedding here, for Will's sake. Lucas starts yelling and Austin asks Lucas and Sami if they can just shake hands and agree not to fight in front of Will. Lucas refuses, but Kate says that they should try to be civil for Will's sake. Lucas and Sami eventually agree to act civil, which pleases Austin.

Bo ends ups falling down a crevice in the cave that they were hiding in. Wayne and Earl make their way into the cave. Swamp Girl lowers herself down the hole that Bo fell into just as Wayne and Earl almost find her. Bo asks Swamp Girl where they are and she tells him there's no time to explains and tells him to follow her. Bo goes light a lighter, but then apologizes when he remembers she doesn't like fire. Swamp Girl hands her a lantern and he asks where are they. Swamp Girl realizes that if Bo doesn't know where they are, then he doesn't work for the "bad man." Swamp Girl leads Bo through the underground maze. Bo starts telling Swamp Girl that somehow they are connected and he knows how. Bo says that he knows the pain she has been through.

Ms. Faversham says she knows how she can prove Hope is Princess Gina. Everyone asks how and Ms. Faversham says she, like her royal ancestors, all have a special birthmark. Hope says she doesn't have a birthmark. Ms. Faversham gives Hope a mirror and shows her the birthmark on the back of her head, behind her ear. Hope is shocked, but Lucille objects. Ms. Faversham says that Princess Gina is back and deserves her heritage and her place in this house. Ms. Faversham wants to hold a ball, but Hope says she needs time to think and leaves. John follows her and apologizes to Ms. Faversham. Roman and Billie decide to leave as well.

Hope is upset and wonders if the birthmark is a scar from the surgery, but John says it is a birthmark. John suggests she call Doug and Julie, but Hope says they are on a boat, as she tried calling them yesterday. Hope looks at the picture of her and wonders who the woman in the pictures is. Roman and Billie show up and Hope starts crying that maybe she's not Hope. Hope runs off and Roman tells John that Hope needs time to think. Billie utters under her breath that maybe they should call her Gina. Billie decides to leave and John and Roman start talking about Stefano's link to Princess Gina/Hope.

Hope goes to her hotel room and starts looking at her birthmark. She then looks at a picture of her, Bo, and Shawn D and wonders if she's even Shawn D's mother. Billie shows up and says that she was concerned for her, but then starts saying "What if the Horton's aren't her family." Hope says this is all of Stefano's doing, but Billie says she's not so sure about that. Billie says that what if she is Princess Gina, but was made to become Hope by Stefano. Hope insists she is Hope, but Billie says even when she first returned to Salem, Bo wasn't convinced that she was Hope. Billie starts saying how it's very possible that she's not Bo's husband or the mother of his child. Hope screams at Billie to leave. On her way out, Billie says "Goodbye Hope, or should I call you Princess Gina?" Hope sits down and starts crying and wondering who she is.

Back at Ms. Faversham's house, Ms. Faversham tells Lucile that she has to plan a ball for Gina and must rewrite her will and leave everything to Gina. After she leaves, Lucille says she can't let her do that.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

Austin is getting Will ready for Lucas' visit. Will, however, isn't eager to see Lucas. Sami calls Franco's place, but he doesn't answer, so she leaves a message. Carrie arrives and they end up arguing. Sami tells Carrie that she wants to let the past go, but Carrie points out that she's marrying Franco on the same day she married Austin. Austin shows up and asks them what is going on. Carrie and Sami play nice and Austin brings Will down. Austin thinks it would be better if he lets Will and Lucas be alone during their visit, but Sami is positive that Lucas tried to shoot her. Austin refuses to believe Lucas would have her shot. Sami has to go meet with a bridal consultant today, but doesn't feel safe. Austin comforts her. Sami leaves and Austin tells Carrie that he knows it's hard for her to stay under the same roof as Sami. Carrie has to go to the hospital and Austin says he wants to go to the gym. Carrie says she'd like to do something at Titan, but Austin tells her that he was going to Darryl's gym. Carrie becomes worried, but Austin says he is not returning to boxing. Carrie tells him that she's just afraid he could get hurt, but Austin promises to be careful.

Lucas meets Kate in Salem Place and tells his mom how excited he is to see Will. Lucas starts talking about Franco and Sami and Lucas asks Kate if Sami has more blackmail on her. Kate tells him that she doesn't, knowing that she really does. Lucas then sees Franco meet with Roberto. Roberto and Franco talk and Franco is convinced that Lucas or Sami put a hit out on Sami. Kate asks Lucas that what if the bullet that hit Sami was meant for Franco? Joan shows up to take Lucas to see Will. Kate watches Franco with Roberto and vows to find out what secret Franco is hiding.

Sami shows up and Roberto leaves so Sami and Franco can talk. Sami asks Franco's why he's still wearing the same clothes as last night and Franco says he was so concerned for her that he stayed out all night trying to help the police find the shooter. Franco tells Sami he has something for her, a gun. Sami is shocked, but Franco says it's for her own protection. As Roberto is walking off, Kate stops him and asks to speak to him.

Marlena surprises John in Lugano and they wake up in each other's arms. John and Marlena have breakfast and explains Hope's dilemma to her. Marlena decides that Hope shouldn't be alone at this time. Billie and Roman are also discussing Hope's pain. Billie says that she feels for Hope because she remembers having her life turned around when Gina returned. Billie starts going off about how if they had known she wasn't Hope back then, then maybe she'd be happy with Bo and their children. Roman thinks Stefano is behind this all and is playing mind games with Hope. However, Billie thinks Stefano found Princess Gina, who looks like Hope, and decided to use her. Roman decides to check in on Ms. Faversham via the bug Billie planted, but the bug isn't working. Billie says she must have broken it and apologizes, but Roman tells her these things happen. Housekeeping shows up and gives Roman an ISA file on Princess Gina. Roman looks at the file and tells Billie that they have to go see Hope.

Hope is still looking at her birthmark and wondering. Hope suddenly remembers herself with Ms. Faversham and she's staring at her birthmark then and is fascinated by it. Princess Gina then looks at 'Garden at Twilight' and Ms. Faversham tells her that she wants her to have the painting. Hope returns to the present and looks into the mirror and asks herself who she is.

Marlena and John show up and Hope shows Marlena her birthmark. Hope is again, doubting her identity. John points out that the doctor in New Orleans identified her, but Hope says she could have been mistaken for another burn victim at the hospital at the same time, and perhaps she was never even operated on. Roman shows up with the file on Princess Gina and is shocked to see Marlena there. Roman explains to her that he and Billie are undercover for the ISA. Roman returns to the reason he came here and tells Hope about the file on Gina, but there are no photos of Princess Gina in the file. Ms. Faversham calls "Gina" and says that she must see her immediately. Hope was packing, but agrees to go. John asks her if she wants him to go with her, but Hope says this is something she wants to do on her own. Hope leaves and Marlena fears Hope could be walking into one of Stefano's traps. Roman and Marlena talk about Sami and Will and what has happened with the trial. Suddenly, Shane calls Roman and tells him about the shooting. Roman tells Marlena about the shooting and Marlena says she has to go back to Salem immediately. Hope goes to see Ms. Faversham, who has sent Lucille away. Bo and Swamp Girl are still underground and Bo is wondering about Swamp Girl and why he feels connected to her. Suddenly, Swamp Girl screams and wakes up. Bo starts wondering who built this underground labyrinth and why. Swamp Girl tells herself that if Bo worked for the people across the river he'd know what this place is. Swamp Girl takes Bo deeper into the labyrinth to a room with tons of canned goods and a kitchen. Bo sees Swamp Girl eating string beans out of the can and recalls Hope doing the same thing while she was pregnant. Bo starts telling Swamp Girl about Hope and how he wants to recapture what they once had. Bo finds a radio and turns it on and they start talking about the world. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he's never seen what she looks like without the mud and asks her to show him her face.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

In Lugano, Ms. Faversham tries to comfort Hope, who is beginning to believe she might be Princess Gina. Hope says that Ms. Faversham reminds her of her grandmother, Alice Horton, back in Salem, because she always makes her feel better. Ms. Faversham is touched, and says that she wants Princess Gina to accompany her to Bulgaria, to Count Oleska's annual art gala, which they attended together in the past. Hope is reluctant at first, but finally agrees to go. Ms. Faversham says they need to go shopping so that Princess Gina can once again be the talk of the town, wearing the most beautiful gowns and jewels. Lucille is appalled and vows that she will never let this happen.

In Rolf's laboratory in the secret room, Stefano tells Rolf about the way he has Vivian and Kate fighting over him. Rolf remarks that for him, just one woman would be enough. Stefano teases him that the woman he wants is Celeste. Rolf asks if he is that obvious, and Stefano says that it was an easy guess, since Celeste is beautiful, exotic, and intelligent. Rolf says that she is unfortunately not loyal to them. Stefano gets a phone call from Count Oleska in Europe, who invites him to the annual art gala in Bulgaria. Stefano says he will have to think about it. Rolf says he is crazy; Stefano can't make an appearance in Europe. Stefano says that maybe Stefano DiMera can't, but Rudolfo can. He decides to bring Vivian with him to accompany him.

At Alamain International, Vivian is beside herself with anger and humiliation at the way Stefano treated her last night. She tells Celeste about him dirty dancing with Kate in front of everyone. Celeste says that with Stefano, that might be a sign that he is truly interested in her. Ivan says that's nonsense, but Vivian likes the way Celeste thinks. Celeste gives Vivian an empowering pep talk about being the master of her own destiny, and says she shouldn't let Stefano control her. Just then, the phone rings, and Celeste tells Vivian it's Stefano. Vivian proceeds to chew Stefano out for the way he treated her, and just when she is about to hang up, Stefano says it's too bad she feels that way, because he was going to invite her to Count Oleska's art gala. Vivian starts backpedaling and says maybe they can get together to discuss it. Ivan rolls his eyes and says, "Women!"

At Salem Place, Sami is surprised by the gun Franco gave her, but accepts it and assumes it is a sign of his love for her. While they are talking, Franco notices Roberto talking to Kate and rushes over to interrupt. Kate is telling Roberto that she is Franco's boss and will pay him well to tell her everything he knows about Franco, but Roberto plays dumb. Franco arrives and Roberto makes and excuse and leaves, while Sami comes up to join them. Franco tells Sami and Kate to meet with the wedding coordinator while he runs some errands. Kate listens in disgust as Sami plans the most elaborate, expensive wedding she can imagine, which Kate has to pay for. After the wedding coordinator leaves, Kate says she will pay any price to get Sami out of her life. Sami makes a snide remark about going home to make sure Lucas hasn't hurt Will again, and Kate thinks to herself that she needs to get rid of Sami for good. She remembers a conversation with Stefano and wonders if Stefano will be the one to help her get rid of Sami - and what price he will want from her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas is hurt when Will won't leave Austin to come to him. Austin feels helpless and asks Joan what he should do, and she says they just need to give Will time to adjust. Lucas tells Austin none of this would have happened if Austin hadn't been there. Austin says he wasn't planning to be, and leaves. Will does not seem impressed by the expensive toys Lucas got him and refuses to bond with him at all. Joan tells Lucas he's trying too hard, and Lucas begs her for a moment alone with his son, but Joan says she can't. Roz comes to take Will to bed and Joan leaves, but Lucas sneaks back upstairs to visit Will while he naps. He starts pouring out his heartbreak about Will's rejection and promises that he will someday be the daddy Will needs. Meanwhile, Sami comes back and is about to walk in on Lucas and his illegal visit with Will.

Austin is at Salem Place when he is stopped by his boxing buddy, Darryl. Darryl asks him out to lunch, and Austin is surprised and embarrassed when Darryl takes him to a strip club. Darryl says it's just harmless fun and badgers Austin into going in with him. They get a table at the back and Darryl enjoys the show, which features Candy stripping. Austin is not paying much attention until he notices Franco in the front row, looking like he's really getting into Candy's act.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Nicole's friend Inez stops by her new apartment and is amazed at all the expensive new furniture and stereo equipment. Nicole says she maxed out her credit cards, but what the heck? She has a great job now. Inez asks her about Eric and Nicole says she is attracted to him because of his strength and kindness and the way he respects her. Inez gives Nicole some mail from LA, and Nicole wads it up and says that she doesn't even want to see mail from LA. Inez leaves and Nicole decides to read the letter. She writes out a check and remarks that this will about clean her out. She calls Eric and heads down to Titan.

Taylor is walking by the Titan photo lab when Eric sees her and invites her in to look at the pictures of Nicole. She says they're great and he says she would make a good assistant. He tells her he admires her courage in putting herself through college. Taylor says she wants to major in psychology and physical therapy, to heal the mind and body. They start talking about their families when Nicole calls. While Eric is on the phone with her, Taylor picks up a mirror and a picture of Nicole and compares herself to Nicole's picture. Eric gets off the phone and Taylor says she has to go. Nicole arrives and is amazed by the great pictures. She starts teasing Eric about being in the photo lab all the time, and Eric tells her about the new cleaning girl who watched him develop the pictures, saying she is a fan of Nicole's. Nicole tells Eric the only fan she cares about is him and they start kissing passionately. Marie calls Eric up to sign some pictures and Nicole decides to go get a soda from the vending machine. On her way out, she spots Taylor and says, "What the hell are you doing here, Taylor?"

At the strip club, Austin is dismayed to see Franco, with Roberto, enjoying Candy's show. Darryl asks him what's wrong, and he tells him that's his sister-in-law's fiance. Darryl says he'll never get married because wives keep guys from doing what they really want to do - like going to strip clubs and boxing. He tries to talk Austin into boxing for a charity event, and Austin says Carrie would never go for it. Darryl asks if Austin would do it if it weren't for Carrie, and Austin says "in a New York minute." Austin watches Franco leave and wonders if he should tell Sami where he saw Franco.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas cries over Will's bed while Sami approaches in the hall outside. She decides not to go in, but as Lucas is leaving the mansion a few minutes later, she spots him heading out the door. Sami threatens to call the police, but Lucas begs her not to, saying she has already ruined his life enough, and he would like to see her good side just once. They wrestle over the phone a bit, and finally Sami agrees not to call the police. Lucas thanks her and goes home to Alice's, thinking that maybe things are starting to go his way. He thinks he can stay sober and get his son back. Someone knocks on the door and Lucas opens it to find a stranger in a suit asking if he is Lucas Roberts. Lucas says yes, and is served with a restraining order, which states that he can not go within 50 yards of Sami or Will, and his supervised visits are terminated. Lucas realizes that Sami betrayed him and is furious, and decides he needs a drink.

Austin returns to the mansion to find Sami in the foyer. He asks her where Franco is, and she says he had to go out on business and should be back any minute. Franco comes in seconds later, and Sami tells him and Austin that she was in fear for her life, because Lucas sneaked in to see Will and when she threatened to call the police, he ripped the phone away from her and hurt her. She says that after he left, she called the police and got a restraining order. Austin is furious that Lucas violated the terms of his visitation and says he brought on this trouble with his behavior. Franco goes to comfort Sami and she tells Austin that Franco is the perfect man.

In Lugano, Ms. Faversham runs off to get something for Princess Gina. While she's gone, Lucille tells Hope she must not go to Bulgaria with Ms. Faversham, who is ill and should not leave the house. While they are arguing, Ms. Faversham returns and presents a gift of exquisite diamond hairpins to Hope, saying nothing is too good for Princess Gina. Hope accepts them and the dressmaker and hairstylist arrive to make her over. She tries on a succession of lavish gowns and suits, and Ms. Faversham is delighted that she now looks just like the Princess Gina she remembers. Lucille is furious and wonders if she can stop Ms. Faversham's foolishness by mixing her medications. When Hope comes out in a spectacular ball gown with a tiara in her hair, Ms. Faversham is thrilled - until she suddenly starts gasping. Hope is alarmed, while Lucille watches from across the room.

In the bayou, Bo clowns around as he cooks up a meal of canned vegetables for himself and Swamp Girl. She is relaxed and laughs at his silly antics. When they're done, he says they need to find something to entertain themselves, since they don't know how long they'll be stuck down here. She leads him to a dank, musty library in the catacombs. There are shelves of books and old furniture scattered around, and she tells him that she comes here often to read or to borrow a book, which she always returns. Bo is amazed to find a private library down under the ground. He finds a volume of Shakespeare and opens it up to Romeo and Juliet, remarking that it was Hope's favorite play, and she used to make him sit down and read it with her. On impulse, Bo asks Swamp Girl to read it with him. They start from the balcony scene, and Bo is impressed and surprised when Swamp Girl recites Juliet's lines from memory, and with a great deal of feeling. They end with the scene in the crypt, and Swamp Girl dramatically portrays Juliet killing herself over Romeo's body. Bo tells her that was amazing, and gives her a hug.

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