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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 17, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday August 17, 1998

Eric is signing some expense reports from the trip he and Nicole took to Los Angeles. Marie mentions that Nicole has received a lot of fan mail since her photos appeared in Bella. He admits to Marie that he may be falling for her. Lucas comes in (looking for Kate) and pushes Eric out of the way in the process. He heads into Kate's office, but she isn't there. He begins to eye the liquor supply when Eric comes in. Lucas explains what is wrong and especially Sami. He says that she is probably busy right now trying to pin an attempted murder charge on him. Eric says that is insane and Lucas says no, Sami's the one who is insane. Eric takes up for Sami and Lucas says she has him fooled just like everyone else. He tells Eric to leave and Eric asks he can have a drink? This sets Lucas off and he tells him to "go to Hell and to take his lying bitch of a sister with him" and stomps out. He ends up in a bar, damning Sami and vowing revenge. He orders a vodka on the rocks and has flashbacks of Alice as he sits and stares at the drink. He finally gives in and begins to down them and tells the bar tender to keep them coming.

Nicole is alone with Taylor. She is accusing Taylor of spying on her. She asks her why she is working at Titan. Taylor tries to explain, but Nicole doesn't want to hear any of it. She tells her to quit, but Taylor refuses. She tells Taylor that no one better find out that she knows her. Taylor says she just wants Nicole to be happy and that she is so proud of her. Nicole asks her if she has talked to Jay and tells of seeing him in L.A. She mentions Eric and Taylor tells her that she has met him. She tells her that she helped him in the lab, but didn't let on that she knew her. She asks Nicole if she is interested in Eric and Nicole says that they work together and he is a friend.

Eric calls and tells Nicole about Lucas and that he is worried that he might try something. He wants to go check on Sami and Nicole tells him to go ahead, the photo shoot can wait. After she gets off the phone, Nicole tells Taylor about running into Jay in L.A. and that she told Eric he was her druggy cousin. She warns Taylor that she had better not tell Eric any different. She tells Taylor to stay the hell away from her and Taylor looks as if she is about to cry. Taylor tells her that she was hoping they could get along better now that they are older. She tells her that she always has loved her, no matter what happens...she is the only sister she will ever have...broken hearted, Taylor leaves.

As Mrs. Faversham passes out, Hope tells Lucille to call an ambulance. Hope pleads for God not to let her die as she and Claire work with her. The doctor shows up and Mrs. F admits that her vision is blurry. Claire excuses herself and leaves and Lucille tells Hope to get out of the way and let the doctor examine Mrs. Faversham. Afterwards, the doctor says it seems to be a medication problem. Mrs. Faversham swears that she only took one pill. Lucille makes a cutting remark (aimed at Hope) of how SHE puts Mrs. Faversham's interests ahead of her own. Later, Hope assures the doctor that she will watch after her while on their trip. Lucille tries to get the doctor to discourage the trip, but he doesn't.

Dr. Rolf and Stefano talk about him attending the art festival and Rolf questions his motives. Stefano reveals that the last time he attended the festival, it was with Gina. This time, Vivian will accompany him and when they return, she will be a total basket case and will be totally under his control. He says "besides, she is quite entertaining when she is in the UP mode". Rolf warns Stefano, but Stefano admits that he is fond of Vivian, but he MUST get all of his things back. He says he worked to hard to attain them...and so did Gina. Stefano talks about how determined he is and if it is something he wants, he will never give up. Rolf points out that he did give up on Marlena, but Stefano says only for the moment...he will get back to that. He says that John's past will interfere with their relationship and he is only waiting for the right time to reclaim his "Queen of the Night". He again asks Rolf if Hope and or John will remember the past, and Rolf assures him it won't happen. He says that they must NEVER remember. Rolf makes the statement that it should last until the next millennium and Stefano points out that is only 2 years away. Rolf says it was only a figure of speech, it should last forever. Stefano says it had BETTER last forever and leaves to go pack. After he is gone, Rolf expresses his own doubts and worries about what will happen.

John and Marlena are on his jet on the way home. She is worried about Sami and is so happy that John decided to go with her. They talk about Roman being on an ISA assignment and Billie helping him out. John says Abe said it looked like a professional hit on Sami and Marlena is afraid that Stefano might be responsible, but John says it isn't his style. They talk about Hope and John is worried about her being alone. Marlena asks John if she is in danger, and John says no, unless Stefano finds out what she is up to...then, yes. He tells Marlena about the photo they acquired from Maurice Renet and when she looks at it, it takes her a moment to recognize John. He tells her he has no memory of it. He is concerned because he always thought his involvement with Stefano began at Maison Blanche, but this photo changes everything. He knows that he, Hope, Mrs. Faversham and Stefano are all connected in some way, but can't figure it out. He wonders if he has been a pawn of Stefano for his whole life. He says he doesn't even know who he is. Marlena assures him that he is the man she loves...will always matter what they find out. She says they have fought too hard to be together. John tells her that he is more determined than ever to learn of his past.

Roman and Billie are also headed home. They also talk about Sami and Roman says he needs to get home to look out for her. He makes it clear that he doesn't like Franco. She questions him and he says it all goes back to when Bo suspected him of beating up women. Billie defends him and says that Bo was only jealous because Franco fell for Hope. But Roman says it is more than that. They talk about where Bo might be and Billie says his leaving was all Hope's fault. Roman tells Billie there is no future for her and Bo and that she needs to get it through her head. Roman thanks her for helping him on the mission and she informs him that when he returns, she is as well. She says it was good for her to get her mind off of Bo. Roman says he would do anything for her, but Bo will ALWAYS love Hope. Billie is excited about the idea of Hope really being Gina after all. Roman tries to discourage her, but she is curious. She thinks that it all has to do with Stefano's master plan is and wonders what that plan could be.

Franco shows up and Sami wants to know where he has been. He tells her that he was at the travel agency getting tickets for their Hawaii and Sami excuses herself. Austin questions Franco as to where he has been. He says he had lunch with a friend, but doesn't say where. Franco wonders why Austin is so curious about all of this. Sami returns and says that she is happy about what happened with Lucas...he is a drunk and doesn't deserve to be around his son. Austin takes up for Lucas and says that what Sami is doing is like kicking a dog when he is down...he hopes she hasn't made matters worse.

Roman and Billie show up and Sami is excited to see her daddy. Austin asks Billie if she was with Roman. She says no, they ran into each other at the airport...she had been shopping in New York. Roman questions Sami about the shooting and Sami accuses Lucas and Kate of being responsible. Billie and Austin defend them. Austin mentions the what happened at the trial (Kate hiring Franco to break up Bo and Hope). Franco apologizes for that, but Roman wants to know what Sami had to do with it. Sami covers nicely and says that she found out about all of it and helped Kate out by protecting her. She says that Kate was so grateful that she gave her the job. Roman calls Franco an S.O.B. and says he knew he was nothing but bad news. Franco tries to explain, but Roman will have none of it. He tells him to "shut the Hell up" and throws him out of the house. Sami is furious with Roman over this. Eric shows up outside and Franco tells him what happened. Inside, Sami and Roman go head to head and Sami says that she is in love with Franco and Roman tells her she can just "fall the HELL out of love with him" because the wedding is off!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 1998

Sami tells her father that she won't let him stop her from marrying Franco. Sami says that Franco has changed, but Roman doesn't believe it. Roman asks Sami to postpone the wedding for 6 months so he can run a background check on Franco. Sami asks Billie to say something and Billie says that Franco is a good and kind person. Sami turns to Austin and says that he knows Franco loves her and is faithful to her, but Austin says this is between her and her father.

Austin and Billie leave and Roman still insists that Sami not marry Franco. Roman again asks for just six months for him to check out Franco. Sami asks if he'll really stick around Salem for six months, or will he run off on some ISA mission. Roman says he deserved that, but if she waits six months she might have a change of heart. Sami says that mom agrees with her, but Roman points out that Marlena isn't being objective because she only wants to mend fences. Sami starts telling Roman about how marrying Franco is right when Eric shows up. Eric says that he knows Franco doesn't seem exactly trustworthy lately, but he does know that Franco loves Sami. Sami then threatens to elope with Franco if she has to, but only if her dad forces her to do that. Roman sees that Sami isn't going to wait, but he says that he hopes Franco never hurts her.

Kate shows up at work and wonders where Lucas is. Lucas shows up and Marie tells him that Kate is looking for him. Lucas goes to see Kate and she asks him how the meeting was. Lucas says it was boring. Kate also asks about the visit with Will and he tells her it didn't go well and that he got caught with Will alone, and now he can't see him at all. Kate tells Lucas that he is going to say strong and sober if he wants to get his son back. Kate also says that she's going to put an end to Sami by doing something she should have done a long time ago. After Kate leaves, Joan calls Lucas and tells him that they are doing a surprise blood test on him today!

Stefano is working on his plans for the trip to Bulgaria. Kate shows up to see Stefano and realizes that Stefano will want something in return for helping her, but she says she has no choice. Kate tells Stefano that she needs help dealing with Sami. Kate fears that if Sami marries Franco then she'll take Will away from Lucas for good, which is why she needs his help in stopping the wedding. Stefano starts questioning Kate about Franco and she says how eager Franco was to come to the States. Stefano asks if Franco had problem getting a greencard and Kate says he already had one. Stefano asks if she knows why he wanted to leave Italy, but Kate doesn't know. Stefano places some calls to the immigration office and tells Kate that they should know what Franco wants very soon.

Billie and Austin run into Alice and Maggie in Salem Place and they tell Billie that they're sorry about her baby. Billie goes off on her "It's all Hope's fault" speech and Maggie and Alice says that nobody is to blame because it was God's will. Alice tells Billie that if Bo and Hope are meant to be together than they'll find their way back together. Austin tells Billie that she has to move on and forget her hatred for Hope. Billie starts asking about Sami and Franco and Austin tells Billie that he's not sure Franco is committed to Sami.

Franco meets Roberto in Salem Place and tells him that he fears the bullet that hit Sami was meant for him. Roberto tells Franco that he's right. Roberto says that he's learned that the Moroni family has sent a hitman to the States and they're trying to make Franco worry about being killed before they actually kill him. Franco says he'll kill the man who sold him out and Roberto tells Franco that he knows who sold him out. Franco asks who and Roberto says that by becoming a famous model, he sold himself out. As they argue, Candy shows up and Franco thinks it is a good sign.

Ms. Faversham tells Lucille that she is going on the trip with Gina and she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Lucille points out that she collapsed from mixing her medication, but Ms. Faversham said she only took one pill and only collapsed after the tea she brought her, which sparks Hope's attention. Ms. Faversham looks at her bottle of pills and then can't remember if she took one or two pills. The doctor tells her that she must take the right amount of medicine. Hope says that she'll be with Ms. Faversham on the trip and will look out for her.

Ms. Faversham asks the doctor if Gina isn't as wonderful as ever and Hope becomes excited that someone else knows her. Hope sees the doctor out, but then asks him if there are any drugs that could help her memory. The doctor says no, but what memories she does have are true. Hope also asks the doctor to look at her birthmark and it is without a doubt a real birthmark, not one that could have been planted on her. Hope tells Ms. Faversham that she's not a real princess, but Ms. Faversham doesn't understand why someone would brainwash her. Ms. Faversham says that she thinks she was brainwashed into being Hope and her birthmark proves she is a royal. Ms. Faversham leaves to get something and Hope calls Alice. Hope asks Alice about her birthmark, but Alice says she never had one of any kind.

Bo tells Swamp Girl that the only other person he knows that knows the entire play by heart is Hope. Swamp Girl says she's spent a lot of time down here reading. Bo hopes that Wayne and Earl won't find them and Swamp Girl swears to Bo that she will kill them if they try to hurt him. Bo tells Swamp Girl that she's nothing like Wayne and Earl described her as. Swamp Girl tells Bo that they were probably just trying to protect her. Bo starts questioning Swamp Girl about friends and she says that she doesn't need friends to hurt and abandon her. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he wants to help her heal and go back into the world. Swamp Girl screams that she'll NEVER leave the bayou!

Swamp Girl says that maybe Wayne and Earl were right about him wanting to take her away. Bo says that he didn't mean to upset her and apologizes. Bo realizes that she's not only hiding from the world out of fear, but because of her face. Swamp Girl says that her life now is the only one she can have and says "give it up Brady." Bo is shocked and she apologizes for calling him that. Swamp Girl says she's returning to the Bayou, but Bo stops her. Bo tells Swamp Girl that he has also made huge mistakes and he ran away, but now he realizes that it was the wrong thing to do. Bo says they need to move forward and then tries to think of a poem Hope use to quote. Bo quotes one of Longfellow's poems and Swamp Girl says the quote along with him. Bo asks how she knows that poem and she says there is a collection of Longfellow in the library. Swamp Girl looks for it and Bo begins to wonder if Swamp Girl maybe the real Hope.

Wednesday, August 19, 1998

Sami and Eric hug as she thanks him for swaying Roman into letting her marry Franco, when the doorbell rings. It's Marlena and John. Marlena asks Sami how she's doing after seeing her daughter in a sling, and Sami tells her she's doing better now that she's there. They discuss what happened at the Penthouse Grill and Sami tells them she feels safer now (we see flashback of her getting the gun from Franco. Sami tells John and Marlena about Lucas' visit and her calling for a restraining order. Sami tells them she was thinking what was best for her son after Marlena questions her calling the authorities. Sami then tells Marlena that Kate has offered to host the wedding and why. Marlena understands and asks where Franco is. Sami tells her he would be here, but Roman kicked him out. Sami then tells Marlena that because of Eric, Roman now supports her marriage and will even walk her down the aisle. She tells them she's grown up a lot and knows what she felt for Austin was infatuation, but she really LOVES Franco.

Sami explains Eric will be Franco's best man. Marlena questions Eric and Franco getting so close and Eric tells them he's gotten to know Franco better lately. She then tells them that she chose Nicole as Maid of Honor and Marlena is surprised, hoping it would be Carrie. Sami explains how she and Carrie are still at odds. John watches next to Marlena and pats her shoulder now and then in support. Marlena asks Sami about the date being the same as Carrie and Austin's and Sami explains she's doing it more to create new memories for that date and to show she's over what happened. Marlena said she understands and Sami hopes she can be there for the wedding. She offers her help, but Sami said the wedding coordinator has taken care of everything. She still needs a wedding dress, she wanted to do that with her mom.

John and Eric talk alone. John thinks Sami's got another agenda. Franco's the best thing that's happened to Sami. Later Marlena and John leave to go home. Sami reminds her about their date to shop for a wedding dress. After they leave, Eric tells Sami she was really pouring it on thick. Sami tells Eric that Franco's love made her more secure and she'll feel the same way after he gets close to Nicole.

Franco and Roberto talk outside the strip club. Roberto asks Franco if he and Candy will get together again tonight. Franco tells him he needs his nightly piece of Candy after having to pretend he's love with Sami. They go inside the club and we see Austin tailing them. The show starts and Candy comes out and starts her little dance. Austin tries to justify to himself that lots of guys go to clubs like this before they get married and he's not really cheating on Sami. Candy struts over to Franco's table, ripping off her little skirt and bends down giving Franco an eyeful. After Candy's "dance", Austin decides not to follow Franco as it's late and Carrie's expecting him. Outside the club Franco surprises Candy from behind by putting his hand over her mouth.

On the phone, Joan asks Lucas if something is wrong, he explains to her that he's just tired and not in the mood for a blood test. Joan explains once he proves he hasn't been drinking, he'll get visitation rights with Will again. Joan insists he come get a blood test per the court order for spontaneous testing NOW if he ever wants to visit with his son again. Lucas hangs up and tries to think like Sami and how SHE would get out of a situation like that.

Nancy greets Mike and Carrie to ask how their board meeting went. They tell her fine and Nancy again offers her help as an assistant if Carrie ever needs it. Mike and Carrie are very nice with her and Carrie tells her she'll let her know. They chuckle at the desk, knowing what Nancy's really up to. Mike said it's time to go home and Carrie said that's the last place she wants to go, to which Mike understands. Joan walks up and tells Carrie that Lucas is coming to get a blood test and suggests she might want to stick around being she has a calming influence on him and Carrie agrees to. Joan congratulates Mike on hiring Carrie to "their" staff. Mike tells Carrie Joan was right after excuses herself to go home. Carrie tells Mike her job is the one thing keeping her sane lately.

Lucas joins Carrie and Mike. He's coughing his head off and clutching a bottle of cough syrup. He tells them he has no problem taking the blood test, but he had just taken a big gulp of cough syrup before Joan called and is worried it will mess up the test. Mike agrees and goes to call Joan.

Carrie asks Lucas how he's doing. He starts telling her how Sami's been a snake today. Lucas later remembers to cough again as Mike walks up, saying Joan agreed to hold off on the test until he's shaken the cold. Lucas excuses himself and grabs his cold syrup. Mike tells him to get some rest. Lucas tells himself he dodged the bullet and Sami's met her match. Carrie tells Mike she's upset about her sister. Mike said he can tell she's Stressed and they can go to his office and talk if she wants to unload on Someone. Nancy and Craig chuckle about how Mike will comfort Carrie and when Nancy said it's going to be a long, hot night in there, Craig gets an idea. Mike and Carrie talk about her problems. Craig comes back and tells Nancy that he turned up the AC in Mike's office, hoping they'll snuggle to get warmer. Nancy shrieks in delight. They see Austin walk in and get more excited. Mike gives Carrie his jacket as it gets colder in his office. Austin enters Mike's office to see Carrie with Mike's coat on and him taking her hand telling her she's not alone.

Lucas returns home and unlocks the door to find Alice and Maggie standing in the foyer. Alice is disappointed in him. Maggie tells him she knows he missed his AA meeting tonight. He asks how she knows and Alice excuses herself to go to bed. Maggie tells him she's an alcoholic and stills goes to meetings and has friends there. Lucas tells her it was just one meeting, no big deal, like a speed bump. She grabs his arm and explains how it changed her life. She tells him about adopting Janice and how she

Bo is thinking about the person John rescued at Maison Blanche is the real Hope, or isn't she? This girl can't be, can she? Bo remembers Stefano saying he found Hope in the hospital, but she was too scarred to recognize. He then remembers Hope telling him about the other girl in the hospital and maybe swamp girl is that other girl, and her face is covered with mud to cover the scars. Bo asks Swamp Girl how she knew his name was Brady. She tells him about when he first came to the Bayou with Hope she remembered Hope calling him both Bo and Brady. He asks her to wash her face and she shakes her head no and rushes off saying she doesn't want anyone to see her face. Bo's puzzled that Swamp Girl has the same favorite poets and authors as Hope. Bo tells her, that unlike Juliet, she's a fighter and a survivor. She hid away in the bayou, but can't hide from her past forever. She has to face it and he'll be there to help her. She said she's not the way she used to look. He tells her she's beautiful and she starts to cry. He needs to know who she is and she tells him he already does. Bo explains he's scarred on the inside because he lost the one true love in his life. If she knows him, she knows friendship isn't based on how she looks.

Hope continues her discussion with Alice on the phone. Alice denies her having ANY birthmarks. Alice tells Hope that Kate hired Franco to break up her and Bo. Hope tells Alice that Bo never trusted Franco and does he know about this. Mrs. Faversham and rushes in with the key to Gina's past. It's a blue music box and it was very precious to Gina.

Hope hears the waltz in her head that she's always hearing and asks to open the music box, knowing that's what it'll play. She does explain she does collect music boxes back in Salem and the man in her life has given her some of the most magnificent music boxes. Mrs. Faversham. said she remembers Gina telling her the same thing and even remembers the name of the man, it's right at the tip of her tongue. Hope asks if it's Bo Brady. No, Mrs. Faversham. Hope remembers someone showing her pictures of Bo and Hope, wondering if Stefano brainwashed her to be Hope. Did he do it to win a place with the Brady's by bringing her back. IF that's true and Mrs. Faversham. is right, can she possibly be Princess Gina?

Thursday, August 20, 1998

Nicole notices that Taylor is still in the photo lab and asks her why she is there. Taylor says she's cleaning as fast as she can and she promises no one will ever find out from her that she and Nicole are sisters. Eric walks in wondering what they're talking about. Nicole tells him she was just telling the cleaning lady to put extra tissue in her dressing room. Eric introduces Taylor to Nicole, and they pretend they don't know each other. Nicole goes to get something while Taylor keeps talking to Eric. He tells her how he admires her goals and he wishes he'd had someone like her around when he was growing up and needed people to talk to. Nicole comes back in and is obviously upset that they're getting along so well, so she kicks Taylor out. Eric, oblivious as usual, says what a sweet girl Taylor is.

Austin asks Carrie what she's doing with Mike and wearing his jacket. Mike explains that Carrie is upset and he was comforting her. Austin asks what made Carrie so upset that she needs comforting from Mike. Mike leaves discreetly and Carrie tells Austin she's upset with what Sami did to Lucas. Austin says Sami is just protecting her son. They immediately get angry with each other, and Austin tells Carrie that he thinks Franco may be cheating on Sami with a stripper. Carrie asks Austin what he was doing at a strip club in the first place. He explains about Darryl, but Carrie says that since he has no proof of Franco's infidelity, he should just let it go. Austin says he can't believe she doesn't care about his opinion, and says he will obviously just have to handle this on his own. He leaves, and Carrie runs out of the room, upset.

Mike tells Lexie that Carrie is upset about Sami, and reveals what Sami did to Lucas. Lexie is shocked, but points out that Lucas did break the rules. Mike says Sami seems to be finding a way to come between Carrie and Austin even though she's not after Austin any more. They see Carrie rush out of the room, and Mike says he is going to comfort her. Craig and Nancy, who are listening on the sly, smile at each other.

Franco and Candy roll around in bed after a satisfying session. Candy says she bets he's not this passionate with his fiancée. He says he isn't, but he has to marry her anyway. Candy asks why, since he obviously doesn't love her. Franco says she should stop asking questions. Candy gets obnoxious and pretends she is going to call Sami and tell her about their affair. Franco goes ballistic and starts throttling her. He finally gets up, and Candy says she was only kidding, and she was terrified Franco was going to kill her. Franco says he would kill anyone who interfered with his plans. Candy apologizes for upsetting him and says she doesn't care who her marries, as long as they can keep having fun like this. Franco kisses her passionately in response.

Sami calls Franco and gets an answering machine. She plays with Will for a while, telling him what a wonderful life they're going to have with Franco. She's wondering where Franco is when Austin walks in. Austin asks where Franco is, and Sami says she doesn't know, which is odd, because they were supposed to be making wedding plans. Austin says he has something to discuss with Sami, but just then, Franco comes through the door with a story about going on an errand, and he gives Sami a gift. Austin is suspicious, but says nothing.

In Lugano, Hope is tormented with wondering whether she is Hope or Gina. She talks to Ms. Faversham about her life with Bo, and says that even though they've always had this special connection, she can't sense where he is or how he's doing right now. Ms. Faversham tells her that everything will look better in the morning, when they will plan their trip to Bulgaria. Hope thanks her and goes to bed.

In the bayou, Bo tells Swamp Girl she can trust him. She says she already does, but he will feel differently about her once he sees her face. Bo says that not everyone judges on appearances, least of all him. Swamp Girl finally agrees to let Bo see her face, and he gets a washcloth. But before she can start washing off the mud, Bo hears something and goes to investigate. Just before he opens a door, Swamp Girl yells, "Bo, no!" The door opens and bats fly out, attacking Bo. Swamp Girl quickly closes the door and starts to help Bo get up.

Friday, August 21, 1998

John and Marlena wake up in bed together. Chelsea brings in Belle and Brady for a visit and then goes off to Grandpa Brady's with them. Marlena tells John how thrilled she is to be dress shopping with Sami. John tells her to be careful, because Sami's sudden change of heart may not be what it seems. Marlena promises she'll be careful. She notices John staring at the photo of himself in Lugano. He tells her maybe Aunt Vivian has some idea what Stefano is up to, and he decides to go visit her.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Kate is angry when she hears Sami ordering Henderson around. Sami says Kate will just have to get used to it, and smirks. Sami leaves and Franco comes in just as Kate is saying she will have to get dirt on Franco soon. Franco asks what she's talking about and Kate blows him off. Sami comes back in and they start hugging and kissing; Kate says she's going to be sick and leaves to find out when Stefano's men will have the dirt on Franco. In another part of the mansion, Carrie and Austin are tense with each other as they get ready for work. Austin reminds Carrie that they will be at Kate's only until Will's situation is settled. They start arguing about Sami and Lucas again and Carrie cuts Austin short, saying she has to get to work. She goes downstairs and runs into Sami, who gloats that her wedding will make Carrie's seem pitiful. Carrie tells her she's just as evil as she's always been. They start fighting and Marlena walks in and asks what's going on. Sami says it's just a misunderstanding and says she's ready to go shopping. Marlena hugs Carrie and tells her to hang in there. Sami and Marlena leave. Meanwhile, Austin has run into Franco and asks him what he's up to with Sami. Franco gives a speech about how much he loves her, but Austin clearly isn't buying it. Austin returns to the mansion and he and Carrie start arguing again. Austin is appalled to learn that Carrie does not plan to go to Sami's wedding.

At Salem Place, Eric is gazing at Nicole's Bella pictures when he sees Taylor. They start talking about her classes at Salem U, and Eric asks her about her family. Taylor is tempted to tell him about Nicole, but remembers her promise and says she is an only child who lives with her mother. Taylor sees Nicole staring at them and takes off abruptly. Nicole talks to her mom on the phone and asks her to keep Taylor away from Titan. She says she loves Taylor, but doesn't want to be associated with her old life. They start talking about the man who is in prison, and Nicole says that although she will always love him, he can't ever come to Salem. Nicole promises to send her mom some money and hangs up. She spots Eric and Taylor and waits until Taylor takes off to approach Eric, who tells her she just missed Taylor. Nicole pretends she doesn't remember who Taylor is. Franco, Sami, and Marlena show up, and Eric and Franco go off to shop for groom's accessories while Sami, Nicole, and Marlena go looking for bridal gowns. Franco sees the INS agent and sends Eric off on an errand so he can talk to the agent. The INS guy says that they haven't forgotten about Franco and will be watching him closely to ensure that his marriage is legitimate. Franco then runs into Roberto, who suggests they celebrate his good fortune in beating the INS at his favorite club. Eric, running his errand, spots Taylor, who is daydreaming about him. He asks her why she looks so distant.

Meanwhile, Sami, Nicole, and Marlena have a wonderful time shopping for dresses, oblivious to Kate, who is watching them through the shop window. Kate spots Lucas wearing dark glasses to disguise his hangover, but assumes he's just feeling bad because of his alleged cold. She tells Lucas to quit worrying about Sami, saying she has it under control and will take care of Sami. Lucas says he has to go to an AA meeting and takes off, but mutters under his breath that he will skip the meeting and do something much more important. Kate, meanwhile, phones Stefano to see if he has heard anything on Franco, and Stefano assures her someone will be calling her. Kate runs into the INS agent, who tells her he has some very interesting information on Franco Kelly.

At Vivian's townhouse, Ivan tries to talk her out of the trip to Bulgaria, but Vivian won't hear of it. Celeste tells Ivan he needs to get over his jealousy, but Ivan says he's sure Stefano is up to no good. John shows up and finds out about Vivian's trip and tells her she shouldn't go. Vivian tells him she'll be fine. Ivan tells John about Vivian's bizarre behavior lately and all of John's alarm bells go off. She tells him to quit worrying. Stefano shows up to pick Vivian up and is surprised to see John there.

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