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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday August 24, 1998

Hope is preparing to leave for the art festival in Bulgaria. Lucille who tries once again to discourage her from going on the trip joins her. Lucille is really nasty with her, but Hope is determined. Hope wonders again about the birthmark and wonders just how Stefano would react if he found out what she was up to. Mrs. Faversham asks her to please not leave again, but Hope is anxious to get home to Shawn-D. Mrs. Faversham urges her to have him come there, but Hope declines and says she needs to get back home right after their trip to Bulgaria. Mrs. Faversham understands all the confusion she must be going through, but she is and has been like a daughter to her and tells her that there is nothing she wouldn't do for her "Gina".

Stefano shows up at the townhouse, and pushes by Ivan at the door. Stefano questions John as to why he hasn't seen him lately. John says he has been out of town on business. Vivian interrupts and wants Stefano to notice her new outfit. Stefano is ready to go, but Ivan asks John to do something to stop them. John questions him about the trip and Stefano says they are going to visit old friends and leaves it at that. John's interest is further raised when Ivan mentions the MRI that Dr. Horton suggested but Vivian never took. Stefano says that Vivian is fine and John questions Celeste. Stefano says that a vacation would be the best medicine possible and that all her problems were due to the stress of losing Jonsey and starting up a new business. John wants to know more about the skydiving incident and thinks maybe he should talk to Mike first. Stefano says he doesn't trust doctors and tries to rush Vivian out the door, but John wants a copy of the itinerary. Stefano objects and Vivian tells John not to worry about her, she will be fine. She assures him that she will stay in contact with him. They leave but Ivan is worried about his Madame. John and Celeste remind him that she is a grown woman and he can't stop her. John warns Ivan not to interfere, he may put Vivian as well as himself in danger. John's cell phone rings and he excuses himself as Celeste assures John that she will try to calm Ivan down.

John continues his conversation with Hope. They talk about Vivian taking off with Stefano on vacation and both wonders what he is up to now. She tells John about her trip with Mrs. Faversham aboard the Orient Express to Bulgaria. She is optimistic that she will learn something about her past, but is also a bit afraid of just WHAT she will learn "Gina" actually did for Stefano. John tells her to not assume the worst. She tells him of her conversation with Alice's revelation that Hope did not have a birthmark, but John assures her that she is in fact HOPE WILLIAMS. She only wishes that she could speak with Bo...she misses him so much. He makes her promise to call and keep him up to date and offers his assistance. She assures him that she will call if she learns anything.

Vivian and Stefano are aboard their plane headed off on their adventure. Vivian is having second thoughts and wants to call John, but Stefano tells her not to, she will be fine, besides all John wants to do is bring him down. The conversation turns to Kate, who Vivian says, wants to ruin her. They make a toast to their enemies as Stefano thinks of how he will bring Vivian down...then up...then down...back and forth until she is so confused she will hand everything over to him. Stefano tells her that he is so happy that they will have some time alone without Ivan and Celeste horning in on them. Little does he know, they are on the same plane. A rather "large" man squeezes into the seat beside Ivan and informs them that it is his first time flying. Celeste tells Ivan its not too late to change his mind, but he is determined to save his Madame.

Austin and Carrie continue to argue. She is getting ready for work and Austin is very upset with her that she is not planning on going to the wedding. Carrie says she would be a hypocrite if she attended. Austin won't give up and asks Carrie what will the family think if she isn't there. Carrie basically says she doesn't care, but thinks they will all understand after all that Sami put her through. She says she cannot forgive Sami this time as Austin argues Sami's case. Carrie says it is par for the course, but Austin says she can't blame Sami for all of their problems.

He tries again and begs her to go with him to the wedding, but she holds firm. He points out that he has supported her on other things...working with Mike, taking the job at the hospital, and he even quit boxing...can't SHE bend this one time? She still refuses and Austin says it's as if he doesn't even know her anymore. She says she is sorry, but she simply cannot forgive Sami this time. We hear "DADDY!" as Will scampers into the room and rushes to Austin. In the hallway, Lucas sees/hears this and it almost breaks his heart. He says someday Will will know who his daddy is, despite Sami. Carrie excuses herself for work, leaving Austin talking to Will. Austin tells Will that his Aunt Carrie is sad today, but she will be better when they move. Will says "No, Daddy" and Austin reminds him that he is "Uncle Austin" and that Lucas is his father. Austin asks, "Okay?" and Will whispers "Okay". Austin leaves and Roz goes to help Henderson with the groceries, leaving Will on the sofa. Lucas sees this as his chance to grab the kid and run, But Roz returns to take Will to the park. Later, Sami arrives home from shopping and decides to lock up her gun so Will won't find it. She walks into the den and sees Lucas and pulls the gun on him!

Eric is talking with Taylor when he spots Marlena, Sami and Nicole and excuses himself. They are talking about the wedding and Nicole sees Taylor at the Java Cafe and goes stomping over to her. She says she KNOWS what she is up to and she won't get away with it. Taylor is puzzled and Nicole accuses her of spying for Jay. Taylor denies it and Nicole apologizes for being so paranoid. Nicole is desperate that no one find out about her past...she says that Taylor has no idea of what all she went through, she was so young and their mom shielded her from most of it. Taylor assures her that she has no plans to hurt or upset her, she just wants to be a part of her life. Nicole flatly rejects this idea and leaves. Nicole rejoins Marlena. Sami thanks Eric for convincing Roman to agree to the wedding and says he is the best brother a girl could ask for and hugs him. Marlena questions Nicole about her family, but Nicole is very vague and tells her that her dad abandoned her mom and left them alone. Sami and Eric return and Sami has also bought outfits for Belle and Brady to wear to the wedding. Marlena loves the clothes, and says that the kids will be so excited. She thanks Sami for being so thoughtful. Sami thanks everyone for their help and heads home. After she leaves, Eric tells Marlena that he is so happy to see her and Sami getting close again. She agrees and says that maybe Sami finally realizes how important family is. Eric and Nicole invite Marlena and John to the party they are throwing at the Brady Pub for Sami and Franco and she accepts. Taylor stops by a newsstand to pick up a copy of Bella Magazine. She opens her wallet and realizes she doesn't have enough money. She sees a picture of her and Nicole when they were children and wonders where it all went wrong.

Roberto asks Franco, at the club, if he is SURE he wants to go through with the wedding. Franco keeps one eye on the door. He assures Roberto he will be safe once they are married because he plans to move Sami and Will to California and the Moronis won't find them. But he hates to leave Salem and his action on the side. They toast the upcoming wedding as Candy takes the stage. Franco looks up and sees Darryl enter the joint. Darryl assures Franco that he won't say a word to Sami or Austin about helping them in the past. Austin shows up and spots Franco licking Candy's face.

Kate begins her cross examination of the INS agent Rankins. Not wanting to be disturbed at the Java Cafe, she invites him to her office. Back at her office, she remembers seeing him at the barbecue and he tells her about Franco being an illegal alien and the phony green card. She thinks that SHE is the one in trouble (for hiring Franco), but he tells her to relax and assures her that he isn't there to arrest her. He begins to explain the whole story and it finally dawns on Kate what Franco has been up to all along and why the rush to marriage. Rankins tells her they are keeping an eye on Franco to make sure the marriage is legit. He questions Kate about Sami and she tells him that she lives with her. He tells her he is acquainted with Roman and knows he is an upstanding citizen and that Sami must be the same way as Kate remembers one of her many fights with Sami. Kate agrees that Sami is "remarkable" and confides that she is concerned for Sami's sake and tells him how close they have become. Rankins asks Kate if Sami is aware of what Franco is up to and if she knows the truth about his situation with the INS. Kate turns toward the camera with this EVIL grin.

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Swamp girl is applying the herbs to Bo's eyes but he still can't see. She wants to go get Erlene but Bo is worried that Wayne and Earl might capture her. She says she can get to her, but Bo does not want her to take the chance. She agrees not to go but says she wants to continue putting the herbs on Bo's eyes. He agrees. He mentions that since he can't see she can remove the mud off her face. She quickly changes the subject by asking if he is hungry. He says he is and says if she will get something Chef Bo will cook up something for them. She reminds him he can't see and he knows she is afraid of fire. She decides to go get beans and fruit.

They are eating and hear a rumble and worry that it might be Wayne and Earl. Bo wants to go check it out but she says no, she will do it. Bo says if it is someone and they capture him she can still help him get free but if they capture her he can't help her since he can't see. She understands what he is saying and lets him go check out the noise. After a little while she gets worried and goes looking for him. She finds him just as they hear another rumble. Bo says they had a cave-in but he feels a breeze so when he can see again that they should be able to dig out of there. Bo again mentions removing the mud from her face saying he can't see so there is nothing to hide from him. She agrees to remove the mud and Bo thinks to himself that even though he can't see once he feels her face he will know if she is Hope or not.

Sami has the gun on Lucas and threatens to kill him if he gets any closer. He tells her to go ahead he might be dead but at least then she will be in jail for murder. She says it's self-defense as she is protecting him from Will. Lucas informs her that Will is not there he is out with Roz. She says she is going to call Abe and have him arrested so he can't bother her anymore and picks up the phone. She gets put on hold for Abe and Lucas continues trying to convince Sami to give him a break and let him go. He asks why she hates him so - he used to be her only friend and helped her with all her schemes. That was until she discovered he was Will's father.

Oh he says she is getting revenge on him for ruining her chance to have Austin since he was not Will's father and had no reason to marry her. Lucas tells Sami to go ahead and get the police there. He will tell them that when he got to the house he found Will playing with the gun and it will be his word against hers and no judge will allow her to keep the child. After thinking about this for a moment, she hangs the phone up and they continue arguing.

About then Franco walks in and Sami seeing him out of the corner of her eye pretends that Lucas is trying to attack her and hollers for him to get away from her. Franco rushes in to save the day and quickly tells Sami that he wants to move to California after they are married and then Will will be away from Lucas for good. She is quick to agree to this and says that once they move he will be a wonderful father and Will will think of him as his father and not Lucas. Lucas is furious with Sami but leaves before he does anything stupid. He peers in through a window as Sami talks to Franco about moving to CA. She says she hates to leave Salem and her family but wants to take Will away. Franco thinks to himself he will be glad to move to CA as then the Moroni family won't be able to find him and he can get him permanent green card and dump Sami. Lucas says he can't let Sami leave with Will when he gets the idea that that's exactly what he needs to do - leave with Will.

Mike and Ali come out of surgery and she is singing his praises for a job well done. She says he has such gentle caring hands and if she were to ever need surgery she would want his capable hands touching her. Mike appears to be a little embarrassed by all her flattery and then Carrie walks up and says she needs to talk to him. They leave and naturally Craig is close by and heard her talking to Mike. He comes over and says that she never compliments him like that and his feelings are starting to get hurt. She quickly comes back with - You can't hurt what you don't have . Then he says his manual dexterity is much better than Mike's and she says she has no way of knowing that. He replies there is one way to find out to which she replies you're right - I'll go ask Nancy. Craig follows her and tells her that she would prefer him over Mike anyway if she would just experience it firsthand. She says she would rather fantasize about it - that way she won't be disappointed. Carrie and Mike are in his office by now and Carrie decides not to bother him with her problems and asks if he has any work for her.

He grabs a stack of personnel files and says the hospital has approved some supervisory positions and since she knows these people better would she look through them and give him her opinion. She agrees and goes to leave but Mike stops her and she opens up about Austin and the wedding. Mike says he is going because Marlena asked him to escort Laura there and if she decides to go he promises to stop her from choking Sami or throwing something at her like the last wedding. Carrie gets a chuckle out of this and says Mike always manages to make her smile.

A delivery person bringing a gift for Mike interrupts them. It's a big heart pillow that says Handle with Care. He tells Carrie's it's an inside joke and then mentions the surgery they were in. Carrie comments to Mike that she thinks Ali is not being very discreet about her feelings for him and Mike says they are both adults. She asks if it is a good idea that he be dating someone on staff and Mike says what are you saying - you don't want me to date Ali? In the meantime Nancy has met up with Ali and takes a jab at her about going after Mike to better her career. Ali mentions that she was interested in Mike long before he became Chief of Staff. She turns to walk off when Nancy says still you'll never win Mike's heart. Ali turns and asks why that is but Nancy doesn't answer.

Kate is talking with Agent Rast about Franco and the agent wonders if the marriage to Sami is a sham. Kate not wanting Agent Rast to ruin her chance to get even with Sami tells him that she thinks that Sami and Franco deserve each other. She tells him she would not have florists, caterers and other people at her house preparing for 150 wedding guest tomorrow if she thought it was a sham. She convinces the agent to let things go ahead as planned but he says he will be keeping a watch on Franco - after all Sami is Roman's daughter and he does not want to see her hurt. He leaves and Kate is ecstatic that she has figured out Franco's angle. She wonders when she should lower this bomb on Sami but decides not to do it today as Franco might manage to convince Sami that he really does love her and she will still marry him. She also figures out that the bullet was probably meant for Franco and not Sami.

There's a knock at the door and it's Austin - he needs to talk to her about Franco - he thinks he is lying to Sami. Austin just left the strip bar where he was going to confront Franco but he slipped out before he could. Kate wonders what he is talking about and he tells her that he thinks Franco is cheating on Sami. She asks why he thinks this and he tells her about the strip club. She tells him she thinks he is jumping to the wrong conclusion and that it was probably just a bachelor party. She asks Austin if he has proof and he says no and then she asks the striper's name and Austin tells her Candy. She manages to convince Austin that he would be making a mistake to tell Sami without positive proof. Austin agrees and leaves. He still has his doubts but knows that without proof is it useless to talk to Sami about it. Kate in the meantime is so happy that she has all she needs to bring Sami down.

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Mike and Carrie continue to talk about Ali. Is there something about Ali he doesn't know? Mike rationalizes his relationship with Ali and Carrie explains her life is such a mess right now she shouldn't be giving advice. Mike says if she goes to the wedding it will ease some of the tension between her and Austin. She agrees. Ali & Nancy talk. Ali asks Nancy if there's someone seeing Mike and Nancy tells her as a matter of fact there is, when Austin walks up looking for Carrie. Nancy happily informs him. Ali asks about the wedding the next day. She assumes all the Hortons are going, being they're such good friends with the Brady's. Austin excuses himself to make a phone call and Nancy asks him if he's going to visit Carrie. He tells her Carrie's probably busy with Mike and leaves. Ali asks who this other person that Mike's interested in and Nancy says it's only gossip, but there's lots of women in the hospital interested in Mike. Ali tells Nancy that Mike assures her she's the only one he's dating and that's good enough for her.

Mike and Carrie return to the front desk. Mike says he's going to check on the surgery patient. Nancy informs him that her husband just checked on him and he's stable. The nurse tells Mike where the patient's wife is and he goes to see her, thanking Nancy along the way. Nancy tells Carrie that she thinks Ali is trying to "sink her hooks" into Mike to further her own career.

As they're talking, Austin walks up and when Carrie asks why he's there, he informs her he needed to talk with her. He wanted to apologize for being such a jerk. She apologizes for running out, Sami just get her so riled up. She decided to go to the wedding and tells Austin when he asks, that Mike convinced her to go. Austin is hurt that she listened to Mike instead of him and she tells him sometimes a third party is more impartial. He tells her that Kate told him to forget about the stripper without more proof. Austin suggests they drop the subject and go to the party at the pub. Carrie tells him she has a lot of work to do. They walk down the hall.

Earlier, Ali walks in as Mike finishes talking to the patients wife. He tells her Dr. Wesley did most of the procedure when she gives Mike credit. After the lady leaves, Ali asks them if they can continue their date being it was cut short when Sami was shot. Mike remembers THE KISS between him and and asks her if she has a minute, he'd like to talk with her. He suggests they cool dating for a while. Ali asks if he's been listening to the gossip around the hospital and is there someone else? She tells him that she thinks they should continue to see each other and not pay attention to anyone else and leans in for a kiss, which he gives her. Carrie and Austin see the kiss from the other side of the door window.

The Brady clan is decorating the pub for a surprise party for Sami and Franco. Caroline hopes the marriage works out. Eric hints to Caroline that he's falling in love. They recall a discussion they had when he came home from Colorado about relationships. She asks who this girl is and Eric tells her Nicole, she's changed his life. They tell Eric they Shawn and Caroline took Franco in when he first came to Salem and were real hurt when they realized he was using them to get closer to Hope after they learned Kate hired him to break Bo and Hope up. Eric still feels Franco is ok and best thing to happen to Sami. Shawn is not convinced and still has a feeling Franco is no good.

Kate is pacing her office, happily planning her revenge on Franco and Sami. Lucas joins Kate and tells her about Sami planning to take Will to California after she's married. Kate assures him that WON'T happen. Lucas asks how she's so sure about that. Kate and Lucas talk about Sami. Lucas tells her he's leaving town the next day. He thinks he should visit other Titan locations. She offers the Titan jet, but he tells her he made commercial flight reservations. He asks to borrow her computer and she wonders if she should lock up the bar. She thought too loud as Lucas tells her not to worry about the bar, he's not going to let Sami win.

Taylor is emptying wastebaskets when Nicole storms in asking what Taylor is doing there, who informs her to back off. If she doesn't like her there all the time, maybe SHE should get a job somewhere else. She tells Nicole she's tired of her jumping on her about what she does and she's not embarrassed about what SHE does. Taylor said their family was just fine until HE.... Taylor tells "Nikky" that she can't pretend like he doesn't exist and he loves her. Nicole disagrees, and tells Taylor, that she was so young and doesn't know what happened. Her mother and her protected her. Hearing some noise, Kate interrupts asking if there's a problem. Nicole said she was just asking for some plastic bags. Taylor runs off for some. They talk about the party and Nicole said she was in charge of the entertainment. She hired a male stripper for Sami. Kate loved it. Kate said SHE'D help out and take care of Franco. Kate asks Nicole to keep it a surprise that she's doing it. Nicole is now changed and when she sees Taylor mopping, asks if she's really mopping the floor. Taylor tells her it's part of her job. Nicole tells her she herself did worse before she came to Titan. Nicole goes to leave and Taylor hands her the bag for the party. Nicole HUGS Taylor goodbye and leaves. By herself, Taylor picks up the Bella Magazine with her sister's face on it, wishing she had a life like Nikki, but that won't happen.

At Kate's, Franco is plotting their honeymoon to find a place to live FOREVER. Sami doesn't like the sound of that, I mean, her FAMILY is in Salem. Franco said he'd like to change occupations and be behind the scenes, maybe a modeling. Sami tells him that Titan has a branch in San Francisco, she'll call Kate while they're on their honeymoon and tell her they want to work there. Sami asks if there's any family he wants there and he tells her no, he was an orphan. He tells her she's his future and the only family he wants.

Candy calls Franco on his cell asking if they're going to be together tonight. He explains he has the evening planned with his fiancee, but will probably see them later. He tells Sami it was his agent who wants to buy him a pre-wedding drink. Franco tells Sami his feelings for her will never change. Sami wants to make love with him before they go to the pub, but Franco tells her he's being old fashioned and wants to wait until their wedding. She asks if that's why it's been so long since they made love and he tells her yes.

Sami and Franco walk into a dark pub and the lights come on with a SURPRISE! Big surprise party, it's only Shawn, Caroline, Eric and Kim, but they tell them everyone else will be there soon and they'll party all night. Sami now has her hair down and changed into a red and black dress. Franco must have slipped by his hotel room too, as he's in suit and tie. Sami is touched and in tears with happiness about the party for them.

Franco pulls Shawn off to the side and Franco explains he was afraid of losing his job when Kate asked him to do what he did with Bo and Hope. He truly loves Sami. Franco tells Shawn he knows he was disappointed in him about what happened and Shawn said he was more than disappointed, he was MAD AS HELL and still is. He tells Franco that he and Caroline felt used as a way for Franco to get to Hope and Franco denies that. He apologizes and hopes they'll forgive him. Sami interrupts and asks about all the serious faces, it's a party.

We see Kate in a white satin suit and pearls with her hair on her. Candy meets her in the middle of the club and gives her a hard time about being there. She asks if her car broke down and doesn't she have a cell phone, etc. Kate tells her she's there looking for someone named Candy to see if she performs at parties and Candy claims that's her specialty. Kate asks Candy if she's free tonight and you know her next line. I'm never free, but I'm reasonable. She does have plans later, but she can spare a few hours. She slips her robe off so she's just in bra and panties and shows Kate her newest routine. She runs an ice cube over various parts of her body. Candy tells Kate she charges $100 for a show and the bouncer standing next to her charges $50 for protection. Kate tells her she'll triple it if she does her raunchiest performance as it's a bachelor party. Candy tells her he'll have smoke coming out of his ears for that! Kate writes the address down and to come as soon as she's ready.

At the prison, Jay gives THE MAN a copy of Bella Magazine and the man can't figure out why Nicole's treating him the way she is. The man tells Jay to go to Salem and watch Nikki and find out what she's doing. Eric introduces Nicole to Kim. Nicole tells her she understands she came all the way from California for the wedding and Kim tells her yes. Her husband and children couldn't come because they had the chicken pox. She clarifies just the kids have them, not her husband and excuses herself. Eric tells her his grandparents are party animals. Sami and Franco thank Nicole for her part in organizing the party. Nicole asks Eric if she's paranoid, but felt like she was being checked out. Eric tells her they're a couple and they agree they've never been happier.

Sami asks Franco if they can name their first son Eric. He asks if she's pregnant and she says no. Franco tells her to wait a couple of years for their first child so they'll have time together. Sami agrees and is happy about moving to California where it'll be just the 3 of them.

As soon as Kate leaves, Lucas heads for the bar and pours something. He calls someone to set his plan in motion. There's a knock on the door, it's Tim. Tim thanks Lucas for the guest card to the Titan Gym. Lucas asks Tim for a passport for his son, as he wants to take him to Europe with him. Tim said no problem, but when he tells him he needs the passport tonight and Tim said he couldn't do THAT. He doesn't have the key to the office, but CAN do it first thing in the morning. Lucas says that's great and Tim leaves. Lucas gulps down the rest of his drink and goes to the safe behind the picture. He turns the safe, knowing the combination, and opens it to see $$$ . He takes out four packets of bills and the doorknob starts jiggling. He thinks Kate is back and panics.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

In the bayou, Bo asks Swamp Girl if she has washed the mud off her face. She says yes, and he asks her if he can feel her face, since he can't see her while he is blinded. She is very reluctant and won't even come near him. She asks him how she can possibly trust him if he hurt the other two women in his life so much. Bo says she will just have to take his word for it. While they are talking, the lantern goes out. Since Swamp Girl is afraid of fire, Bo offers to refill the lamp. She asks him how he can do that blind, and he says he's done it so often that all he needs is a little help. She tells him where the kerosene and the lamp are, and he fills it back up and lights it. As he turns away, he knocks the lamp over and the whole table catches fire. Swamp Girl screams in fear.

In Lugano, Hope and Ms. Faversham ride to the Empress Express railroad station. Hope remembers going to Paris with Bo, and Mrs. Faversham tells her she always looks sad when she thinks of Bo. Hope asks if Gina was melancholy, too, and Ms. Faversham says she was, but she always wanted to be cheered up. Hope says she doesn't like being sad, either, and that she knows Bo would be here helping her now if she hadn't driven him away. They get to the train station and Ms. Faversham starts to feel faint. Hope looks for her medication in her purse, but can't find it. Just as Hope is trying to figure out what to do, Lucille shows up with the medication. She gives it to Ms. Faversham, who thanks her and doesn't suspect a thing, but Hope is suspicious, especially when Lucille reveals that she has bought a berth on the train for herself, since Hope is obviously not up to the job of caring for Ms. Faversham. They are about to leave when the trainmaster comes by and gasps as he recognizes Ms. Faversham - and Princess Gina.

At the hospital, Austin is glad to see Mike and Ali kissing; he tells Carrie it's been too long since Mike had someone to kiss. Carrie, remembering her hot kiss with Mike on July 4th, says nothing, but is obviously in a bad mood. Austin asks her if she's coming to the party for Sami, since Mike obviously won't need her tonight. Carrie says she agreed to go to the wedding, not to the party, and says she didn't realize Austin's support of her career had so many strings attached. Austin says she needs to learn to compromise, and that he's going to the party whether she comes or not.

John zips Marlena into her party dress and they talk about how nice it is to be together, even after all Stefano did to keep them apart. John tells Marlena about Vivian's vacation with Stefano, and she is very concerned.

At the Brady Pub, everyone starts to arrive for the party. Billie comes with Roman, Lexie with Abe, Maggie with Mickey, and finally, Carrie with Austin. Kate meets with Candy and her bouncer outside and tells them not to say a word to anyone about who hired them. Inside the pub, a hunky guy delivers a telegram for Sami from Eric and Nicole. Sami is confused until he starts taking off his shirt; he's the male stripper Nicole hired. Everyone thinks it's great, especially Maggie and Caroline. Kate watches and gloats to herself about her little surprise. Carrie and Austin immediately go off in different directions. Austin pumps Billie for information about Franco, and Billie in turn keeps asking Shawn, Caroline, and Kimberly about whether they've heard from Bo, because she wants to be the one to tell him about how Kate paid Franco to keep him and Hope apart. Marlena asks Billie how Roman seems to be doing, and Billie tells her that's not her concern, after the hell she put Roman through. Marlena is surprised by how mean she is, but Laura reminds her that Billie is Kate's daughter and neither of them has an ounce of class. Meanwhile, Franco and Sami ask Lexie and Abe what the secret of the success of their marriage is, and Lexie jokes that they never see each other any more. Marlena notices Carrie and asks her why she's not spending time with Austin. Carrie says that Sami is coming between them again, and besides, she can't stop thinking about...she cuts herself off, but Marlena finishes the sentence for her: Mike. Meanwhile, Roman and Shawn toast Sami and Franco's happiness, while Roman privately tells Kim that he doesn't trust Franco and will take care of him if he does anything to hurt Sami. Sami is just glad her father seems to be accepting her marriage. Kate tells Nicole that she can't let anyone know who arranged the entertainment for Franco. Nicole agrees, and then gets Austin and Eric to help her set up the surprise. They wheel out a big cake, and Candy, the stripper, jumps out of it wearing a veil. She dances over to Franco and rips off her veil. They are astonished as they recognize each other, and to everyone (except Kate's) shock, Candy blurts out, "Franco, honey, I didn't know this was YOUR party!"

Friday, August 28, 1998

At Titan, Lucas stuffs the money back into Kate's safe, but the door opens before he can get it shut. Taylor comes in, and Lucas asks who the hell she is and what she's doing there. Taylor says she didn't know anyone was in the office, that she is the cleaning woman, and she will come back later. Lucas tells her that he is the boss' son, and he has access to everything in the office, so there's nothing wrong with him being in the safe. Taylor obviously thinks he's weird, but nods and goes away. Lucas shuts the door and takes a drink, and then another one, while he's plotting to take Will away, remembering how Sami plans to take him away to California. While he's drinking, Taylor comes back in. This time, with the money stashed in his briefcase, Lucas invites her in and apologizes for biting her head off earlier. He offers her a drink, but Taylor says she's working, and she's underage. Lucas says she can take a break, and gives her a soft drink. Lucas asks her what she's doing cleaning offices, and she tells him she's paying her way through college. Lucas says he never had to worry about money, and Taylor tells him he's lucky. Lucas says he's not lucky lately, but he has a feeling that's about to change. Lucas tells Taylor to remember never to trust anyone, even if the person seems like your friend. He tells Taylor she reminds him of someone, and then looks at the picture of Nicole on the cover of Bella. He says he wouldn't mind dating someone like Nicole, but Taylor blurts out that Nicole is unavailable. Lucas asks how she knows Nicole, and Taylor covers by saying that it's just gossip she heard around the office. Lucas offers Taylor a ride home, but Taylor says she wouldn't go anywhere with him, and he shouldn't drive home, either, since he's obviously drunk. She apologizes for saying too much, but Lucas says she's right, and promises to call a cab. After Lucas leaves, Taylor decides that he's very weird.

In Lugano, Hope is amazed that the trainmaster, Monsieur Lazare, recognizes her as Princess Gina. Ms. Faversham explains about her accident and amnesia, and Monsieur Lazare escorts them to their compartment, which happens to be right next to Stefano and Vivian's. While Hope is admiring the opulence of what the steward calls "The Princess Gina Suite," Stefano and Vivian are settling into their compartment. Stefano reminds her that she has to call him Rudolfo for the trip. Suddenly, Vivian recognizes someone out the window. Stefano is appalled to realize that Celeste and Ivan have followed them to Lugano and are going to take the train to Count Olenska's. He drags them into the compartment, getting them out of the hall just as Hope and Ms. Faversham are entering it. Celeste is dressed as a chambermaid and Ivan as a cook, which is the only way they could afford the trip, they say. Stefano is furious, but Vivian says they should just all enjoy the vacation. Celeste and Ivan leave just as Lucille is leaving Ms. Faversham's compartment, and they all walk to the servants' dining car together. Hope, meanwhile, tries to eavesdrop on the yelling in the next compartment (Stefano yelling at Ivan and Celeste), but can't quite hear. She and Ms. Faversham get dressed for dinner. Hope is dressed in a very sexy red dress and Ms. Faversham says she looks just like Princess Gina again. They go down to dine and Hope is immediately recognized as Princess Gina by several people in the car. As she is absorbing all this, Stefano and Vivian come to the dining car.

In the bayou, the Swamp Girl screams as the fire flares up, and Bo, still blinded, is helpless to do anything. Finally, the Swamp Girl throws a blanket over the fire, putting it out, and runs sobbing into Bo's arms. Bo thanks her for saving his life and congratulates her for conquering her fear of fire. He tells her she is both brave and beautiful. She says she's not beautiful and runs away to do something. Bo tries to follow her, but she yells that he can't come in until she's ready. In what looks like an old dressing chamber, she scrapes the cobwebs off a mirror, grabs a pair of scissors, and starts cutting her wild long hair off, saying she has to be beautiful for Bo.

Back in Salem, everyone is embarrassed and astonished (except Kate and Austin) as they realize that the stripper, Candy, obviously knows Franco. Sami turns the music off and asks Franco how he knows this tramp. Candy gets angry, but Sami tells her to shut up and get dressed, because the party is over. Franco tells Sami that he was only going to the strip club with Roberto because Roberto had a huge crush on Candy, but was too shy to ask her out, so Franco went to help him break the ice. Sami doesn't believe him and runs after Candy to ask her if she is sleeping with Franco. Candy remembers Franco telling her he would kill anyone who interfered with his plan to marry Sami, so she asks Sami what Franco told her. Sami tells Candy what Franco's story is, and Candy says that it's true, and Franco was only at the club to support Roberto. Meanwhile, inside, Roman tells Franco that if he finds out Franco lied to Sami, he will make Franco wish he was never born. Franco hurriedly calls Roberto and tells him what to say and then rushes outside to see what Candy told Sami. Sami doesn't quite believe Candy, but then Roberto shows up and he and Candy act like lovers. Roberto tells Sami that Franco was only being a friend to him, and was getting sick of Roberto dragging him down to the club. Sami finally believes Franco and apologizes for ever doubting him. They go back inside and announce that it was all a misunderstanding. Carrie tells Austin that if Franco was cheating on Sami, she deserves what she gets. Austin tells her to cut Sami some slack, but Carrie says that if Austin is buying her reformed act, he is a fool. Abe and Lexie ask Carrie what is wrong, and she tells them that Sami is coming between her and Austin. Meanwhile, Eric is about to go after Franco, but Nicole calms him down, and then he relaxes when Sami makes her announcement. Kate is furious that her plan didn't work, but vows to get Sami and Franco both tomorrow at the wedding. She tells Nicole that if she values her modeling career, she will make sure no one ever finds out that Kate arranged for Candy's appearance. Billie, meanwhile, keeps asking Kim about Bo, and Kim finally tells Billie that once Bo finds out what Kate did to keep him away from Hope, she doubts Bo will ever want to talk to Kate or Billie again. Billie says she didn't know anything about her mother's plan, but then she goes to Franco and tells him that she still thinks she has a chance with Bo, since Hope's guilt about the death of Billie's baby should keep them apart. Marlena goes to Sami to make sure everything is all right, while John talks to Roman about Hope's pursuit of her past in Lugano. While they're talking, Roman gets a phone call from Shane, and Billie and John are surprised to hear him say, "What? No!"

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