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Monday September 14, 1998

Due to pre-emptions across the country on Friday spurred by The Starr Report, NBC opted to rebroadcast Friday's episode.

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

Billie is in the foggy bayou with her flashlight. She keeps reminding herself of how she has to keep her secret from Bo. She stumbles upon Georgia's grave site (and remembers the burial). She kneels by the grave, cries and prays that God is watching over her. She is terrified that Bo will find out the truth about everything that Kate did but is more afraid of his reaction to learn the truth about how her baby died and that she will lose him forever. She pulls out her compact and talks about Hope's quest for the truth. She says that things would be different now if only Georgia had lived.

There is a noise, she turns to find Earlene startle Billie. Billie is touched that Earlene has been putting flowers on the grave like she promised. Billie tells her that she is looking for Bo. Wayne and Earl show up and Billie asks them where Bo is. They explain that he is with "Swamp Girl". Billie asks "SWAMP GIRL???" They give her the rundown on her and Earlene tells of how they have been taking care of her from a distance. Billie wants to know her real name and why Bo is with her. They tell her that they don't know and still can't figure out how Bo was able to gain her trust. They say she is their good luck charm and that they have to find Bo and keep him from taking her away from them. Billie says she needs to find Bo as well. The boys are heading back out to look for them and Billie wants to join them. Earlene says yes, but makes the boys promise to watch after Billie.

Greta talks more about the explosion and says that it was all a magic trick gone wrong. She was supposed to fall through a trap door in the cage, but it didn't work. She assures him that Hope was already safe before the explosion. Bo is still trying to convince Greta to return to Salem with him. She refuses. She agrees that Hope does indeed need to know the truth, but he can do THAT...for her life is in the bayou. She thanks him for all his help and says what a difference he has made in her life. She tells him good bye and takes off, but Bo catches up with her. He promises to protect her, he refuses to leave her alone behind...he wants her to reclaim her life.

He asks her if it is because of the scars. He says that she has a life to live and that he will help get her the best doctors on earth to help her, but she refuses and says no more doctors. He says she has been living in fear for way too long and he will help her if she will only trust him. She wants to, but says she just can't. She takes off again and Bo follows. He says he must figure out a way to make her go with him. He gets this terrible feeling that he is running out of time and that Hope is in danger and needs him now more than ever.

Outside of Lucas's room, Kate watches him through the window. She is thinking she must figure out a way to get to him. She heads in, but is stopped by the guard. She tells him, she is the mother of the patient. She pleads to the guard who finally lets her in. As she hovers over Lucas' bedside feeling helpless, she looks very motherly as she talks to him. She thanks him for saving her life, but scolds him for taking Will. She holds his hand and asks him to squeeze it if he can hear her...nothing. She wants desperately to tell him about what she did to protect him. She says he has to wake up...both of their lives depend on it.

Carrie fetches Austin a cup of coffee and tells him how she feels responsible for what happened with Will and he agrees. Carrie tries to explain her feelings and actions, but Austin just walks away from her. Mike comes out of Will's room and tells them there's no change and urges them to go home and get some rest. He says that John & Marlena went home as well, to be with Belle & Brady. Carrie agrees but Austin says no, he promised Sami to stay with Will and that he is going by the jail to see her later. Carrie says that they need to talk, but Austin stands by his promise to Sami and says that their talk can wait...and that he does NOT want to argue about it!

Carrie tries to stop him, but he just bites her head off and leaves. Mike comes by again and hears the end of the conversation. He says that Carrie looks like she needs a friend and she agrees. They go to Mike's office and she unloads her guilt on him. He reassures her that it is NOT her fault and tells her to be strong. She tells Mike that there is a distance between her and Austin and that it is growing and admits that she is scared. Mike says maybe it's because of what happened with Will and all of the stress. She says no, it's HER fault and she is the one who has changed. Mike accepts part of the blame, but she says no, it's her problem. No, he says it's THEIR problem, it all started with the kiss and he regrets it ever happened. Carrie says that she doesn't.

Sami is brought in for her booking. Roman refuses to do it. Sami asks Roman and Eric to call the hospital and check on Will. Roman leaves, but Eric stays behind and comforts her. She thanks him for always being there and loving her as she admits she is scared. Sami is fingerprinted and her mug shots taken. Later, Sami meets with Mickey. She wants out, but Mickey says no arraignment until the next day, so she must spend the night in jail. She becomes hysterical and Eric jumps in as well asking Roman to intervene. When he refuses, Eric turns to Abe (who also refuses). The lady cop comes to get her and she clings to Eric. As they drag her off, she is screaming for "Daddy" to please help. They talk about her case and Mickey says he will try to get DA to go for a manslaughter charge instead of Murder 1.

When Abe tells of what they know for sure, Roman realizes what a strong case they have already and realizes that Sami could be facing the death penalty. We see the lady cop dragging Sami to her cell. She pleads with the cop not to lock her up. After she leaves, Sami settles down and reflects on how this was supposed to be the happiest day of her life. She realizes that it was all just a lie. She says now, she is all alone rotting in a cell . Austin walks up and she rushes to him. She thanks him for coming and he tells her to stay strong for Will's sake. She says that she still thinks of Will as Austin's son and he says he does too. She begins to cry and admits that she is terrified. Austin says that he's there and doesn't intend to let her go through this ordeal alone.

Hope is hanging off the side of the train pleading with Lucille to help her. She says she can't hang on. Lucille thinks to herself "Go ahead and fall Hope...fall and die!" As she hangs on for dear life, Lucille says that her foot is stuck in the railing and she can't reach her. A hand reaches down the side and grabs Hope's and pulls her up...STEFANO! Hope is in shock to say the least. Stefano also helps Lucille and she thanks "Mr. Meradi" Then she turns to Hope and says "Princess Gina...are you all right?" Hope and Stefano look at each other and Hope says what did you call him? Immediately following, Stefano asks what did you call her? Stefano looks at Hope as if he has just seen a ghost.

Back inside, Lucille explains that he is Rudolpho Meradi an old friend of Ms. Faversham's. Hope introduces herself as Princess Gina and holds out her hand for him to kiss the back of it. As he goes to kiss it, she yanks it away. Stefano wants to know what happened back there and Lucille says it was all an accident and apologizes. She leaves to see the doctor about her ankle. Hope thanks "Mr. Meradi" for saving her. They verbally go at it both hurling questions at each other. Hope lays out some of her theory and you can see from his face just how close to the truth she is. Stefano tells her that he is flattered that she thinks he is capable of such feats. She says she thinks he is capable of anything, his mistake was that he should never underestimate a Brady.

He becomes angry and says he has told her over and over to leave the past where it is and to keep her nose out of it. She asks if he is threatening her and wants to know what HE is afraid of. He chuckles and admits that she is the one who should be afraid. She says she IS, but is also very stubborn and intends to find out everything. She says that she could just ask him all her questions, but why bother, he is just a liar. Stefano becomes furious with her and calls her "A FOOL"! She says that things are coming back to her (like her artistic talent, how to play baccarat) from her life as Gina (things that Hope couldn't do) She says that she intends to BECOME Gina to get to the truth about what he did and why. She leaves and outside the car, she is visibly shaken. Alone, Stefano says he can handle it. "So Hope wants to become Gina again?...Well, that can certainly be arranged!" as he smiles and takes another swig of his drink.

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Salem Jail Austin is visting Sami in jail. Austin it comforting Sami telling her to have faith. She wonders why Franco would lie to her, after all, he was the one that pursued her and pushed for the wedding, so why would he cheat on her? She can't remember shooting Franco. She then asks Austin to look after Will while she is in jail. Sami tells Austin that she can't believe they are friends after what she has done. She admits that she picked Austin and Carrie's wedding anniversary for her own wedding to get back at Carrie. Austin tells her he knew that already and has forgiven her. And she says that she still thinks of Austin as Will's dad. Austin admits that he still does too. As Austin leaves, he gives her a picture of him with Will and tells her to keep faith.

Roman and Eric are talking and believe that Lucas is the only person who can help Sami. They decide to go to Sami to find out the details of what happened before the murder. Roman questions Sami about the confrontation. She can't remember anything. He then asks about the gun. Sami tells him Franco gave it to her after the shooting, but she did not ask if it was registered and kept it locked away. She tells Roman and Eric that Lucas also knew she had the gun but that he did not know where she hid it (but we know he did).

The Hospital Mike and Carrie are talking about their kiss and that it can never happen again. Lexie comes in and says the lab report on Will is in. Mike leaves and checks on Will. He then goes to check on Lucas but not before telling Carrie that they can finish their talk if she needs it.

Kate is still with Lucas, remembering (again) about how she framed Sami. She is pleading with him to wake up. She needs to tell him how she covered for Lucas after he left the house and that he can't contradict Kate's story. The guard gets a call from Roman and he tells the guard to not leave Kate alone with Lucas. As Mike checks on Lucas, Kate is thinking that it is about time that Sami pay for all the pain she has caused Kate's family. Carrie shows up and Kate wonders where Austin is. Carries tells her that he went to the jail to see Sami. They talk about how they can't believe Sami would kill someone in cold blood. Kate then asks for a room at the hospital to spend the night. Mike comes out and tells Kate that physically Lucas will probably be fine and will wake up in the next 24 hours, but emotionally will have a lot to deal with. The guard will not let Kate back in to see Lucas until Roman questions him.

Mike and Lexi go back to his office and start talking about Carrie. He admits that he has feeling for her, but respects the vows that Carrie and Austin took. He says Carrie is confused and he does not want to put any pressure on her. Lexi tells Mike he is far too noble and honorable to take advantage of Carrie, but that he should confront Carrie with his feelings. Maybe, Lexi wonders, Carrie and Austin were not meant to be together.

Austin returns to the hospital and runs into Carrie and Kate. Kate starts off on Sami, and Austin begins defending her. Kate can't believe that Austin would choose Sami over Lucas.

Empress Express Hope and Ms. Faversham meet back up and Hope tells her that her dear friend, Mr. Meradi, is really Stefano DiMera. Lily starts to worry that Stefano is such an evil man, perhaps they should go back to Lugano. Hope refuses, knowing that the art auction is the only place that she can meet people who knew her as Gina. Hope gets a telegram from John warning her that Stefano is on the Empress Express posing as Rudolpho. Meanwhile, Stefano calls Dr. Rolf back in Salem to tell him that Hope is on the train. Stefano tells the Dr. that Hope has no memory as Gina. At the train station in Venice, Stefano flashes back to when he was there with Gina. He wonders if Gina could be as useful now as she was back then. Back on the train, he spies Hope and Lily seated at a table and walks over. He greets Princess Gina and Lily and Lily pretends that she does not know he is not Rudolpho.

The Bayou Bo is still trying to convince Greta to come to Salem with him. Greta has a major pity party saying everyone will run from her because of her scars. Bo tells her that she is beautiful and can have a better life if she comes to Salem. But Stefano lives in Salem, Greta says. Yes, but he only cares about his image, Bo counters. He'll tell her the story on the way to Salem. They can rent a big car, and on the way, stop off in a motel with hot showers, a big, soft bed, TV...all the modern conveniences. Just go to Salem and tell Hope everything. If she does not like Salem, he will bring her back to the Bayou or anywhere she wants. Greta reluctantly agrees to go.

Wayne, Earl and Billy are in the Bayou looking for Swamp Girl and Bo. They find Bo's backpack. In it, Billy finds a picture of Hope in Bo's wallet. Wayne and Earl take off, with Billy running to catch up. She lands in a pool of mud and looses her shoe (LOL). Running barefoot, Billy runs after Wayne and Earl to a boat. As she is climbing in, she looses her balance and falls in the swamp where a hungry 'gator is eyeing her as its next meal. Earl shoot the 'gator "right between the eyes", and proclaims that Swamp Girl is still alive. Seems she is a good luck charm for the Bayou and if she were dead, Billy would not have survived. Wayne and Earl leave Billy when she finds a cave opening. As she walks around her flashlight runs out of batteries. She takes a couple more steps and falls down through a hole. Wayne and Earl are in the cave that Billy was in looking for a secret passage. Bo and Greta hear a scream and go to investigate. Billy looks up and sees Bo and runs into his arms. Looking ahead, Billy sees Greta and the scars on her face and starts to recoil. And the credits roll.....

Thursday, September 17, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Carolyn Tong. Carolyn will be our new Thursday and Friday recapper from this point on. Diane found that she was unable to do the recaps on a regular basis, but hopefully she'll pop in as a substitute from time to time. On behalf of everyone on Days Online, I'd like to thank Diane for the great job she's done for so long. Thanks, Diane!

Bayou Wayne and Earl are searching the cave that Billy went into and realized that it was the same one that Bo and Greta went into. They wonder if Billy lead them there as a trap. They vow to find Swamp Girl because she is their good luck charm. They are just about to give up their search when they hear a noise and go off to investigate.

Billy is explaining to Bo why she tracked him down. She tells Bo that two locals, Wayne and Earl, were helping her. Bo tells Billy that they are trying to kill him. Billy tells Bo that she was separated from the guys when the floor gave way and she fell. Bo explains that they are in a series of catacombs. Greta runs off when Billy tries to talk to her. Bo tells Billy his plan to bring Greta to Salem to tell Hope what she knows. Billy tells Bo that Hope is in Europe then blurts out, "My mom hired Franco to break up you and Hope." Bo says Kate will answer to him, but his main concern is finding Greta.

As Greta listens on, Billy begins updating Bo on what's been happening in Salem. The conversation turns back to Hope. Billy goes off on Bo, thinking he came down here to heal, not to help Hope. Without ever mentioning their lost baby, Bo says it was all his fault, that he never blamed Hope for what happened. Billy again tries to reconcile with Bo, telling him they belong together. Bo tells her point-blank that they can never recapture what they once had, that it is over. Billy then asks if he has learned anything else in the Bayou. Bo says Greta told him the truth about Hope. Greta runs off and Billy asks about her face. Bo tells her that she was scarred and hid her face with mud. Bo goes to fix the hole that Billy fell through while Billy goes to look for Greta and speak with her woman to woman. Billy finds Greta, who runs and hides. Billy says she just wants to be her friend.

Empress Express Rudolpho is speaking with Gina and Lily. Lily does not let on that she knows he is Stefano. They banter on about how Rudolpho saved Gina's life. In return, Rudolpho mentions, if he ever needs a favor.....but he sees someone that he wants to speak with and leaves the sentence hanging. Gina and Lily see Stefano talking to the Duke and Duchess of Harriman. Rudolpho tries to buy Renet's Spring Morning . The duke tells him the painting is not for sale at any price and walks off. Stefano looks at Gina and says to himself, "There are always other ways." Lily tells Gina the Duke has an extensive art collection, as does Rudolpho. Gina perks up, and Lily wonders where that collection is. As they are talking, a friend of Gina's invites her to play baccarat. At the gaming car, she orders a kir royale. Lily comments that Gina always used to order that drink and Hope says that she remembers. Princess Gina is winning and orders champagne for everyone. As Stefano looks on, he recalls a similar occasion where he and Gina are at the tables and she orders champagne for everyone.

Jail Roman and Eric are questioning Sami. They tell her that Mickey is meeting with the D.A. to get the charge reduced from murder in the first to voluntary manslaughter. Roman tells Sami that he intends to find out why Franco wanted to marry Sami. He asks Sami if she saw anyone else in the room when she went to see Franco. Roman says that Lucas is the only person who can help Sami, that's why he is going to be the first person there when he wakes up. They are suspicious of Kate, wondering if she is hiding anything. Roman reassures Sami that he will do everything in his power to help her. He leaves for the hospital to check on Lucas.

Sami and Eric continue talking. Eric is angry at himself for not realizing what a jerk Franco was and that there has to be more to the story. He tells Sami he will do anything for her and that she is a victim of Franco's betrayal and Lucas' drinking. He tells her that she cannot be a cold blooded killer.

Hospital Lexie is trying to convince Mike to let Carrie know his feelings for her. She tells him that the two have grown apart and that Carrie is doubting her commitment to Austin. Mike tells Lexie that he is not going to be the one to break them up. He respects Carrie's commitment and will put his feelings aside and move on.

Kate and Austin are still talking about Lucas and Sami, with Kate defending Lucas and Austin doing the same for Sami. Austin gets upset at Kate and walks away. Carrie goes to Austin, and tells him this is not how she planned to spend their first wedding anniversary. She suggests they go out, but Austin wants to stay by Will. As Austin leaves, Caroline comes up to talk to Carrie. She can tell something is going on between the two, and Carrie flashes back to her kiss with Mike and dancing at Sami's wedding with him. She tells her Grandmother that she is committed to Austin and her marriage.

Mike comes up to Carrie and she tells him that she is focusing on her marriage and that she needs to be there for Austin. Mike looks hurt, but smiles and says that he will help her in any way. Carrie goes off and Mike finds Austin to tell him to see Carrie in one of the hospital rooms. Austin walks in and finds Carrie there with a surprise romantic dinner.

Lucas begins to wake up. Outside his room Roman accuses Kate of knowing more that she is letting on. Nurse Ali goes outside and tells Kate and Roman the good news. In his room, Lucas moans in his sleep "No. No. Franco, no." And the credits roll...

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Carolyn Tong.

Marlena's Place John and Marlena are talking (hey, PTB, give them a storyline!) about Hope. John is worried that Hope needs to get off the train before Stefano finds out she is there. Marlena asks, what if Stefano has already seen her? Marlena is worried and suggests to John that he go to Europe and meet the train. John won't leave Marlena now with what she is going through. Marlena decides to visit Sami.

Jail (or a kinder, gentler Sami) Eric is still there reminiscing about when they went skiing and got lost. Sami wanted to go find everyone, but Eric said to remain there and keep the faith or they would get more lost. Eventually they were found, and Eric compared that time to the present, with Sami in jail and needing to keep the faith. That the ones who love her will be there for her. Eric then blames himself for falling for Franco's lies. Eric believed, after seeing how happy Sami was with Franco, that it was possible to have a honest relationship. Sami tells him that he cannot compare her relationship with Franco and Eric's with Nicole. Eric thinks Nicole was right in taking things slow so that they could get to know one another. Sami agrees, that if she was more careful, she might have seen through Franco's lies.

Sami then goes on to talk about Marlena, John and Roman's relationship. She no longer blames John for what happened. Marlena walks in and hears Sami tell Eric that she finally realized that Marlena was torn between the two men and it took Roman's stepping back for her to realize that she loves John. Sami recognized that Marlena's choice was the hardest that any woman has to make. Marlena walks up and Sami asks her to leave. She is embarrassed about all the scandal she has caused the family, especially in the past. Marlena tells her that it is in the past and that she loves Sami and is there for her.

Roman returns from the hospital and updates the family on Will and Lucas. The guard tells them they have to leave. As Sami is alone, she looks at the picture of Will and Austin and says, "I've got to find a way out of here. I've got to get back to you, Will."

Hospital Mike tells Lexie that he is confident that Carrie and Austin will have a wonderful evening and will begin to repair their marriage. He's sure that if she is alone with Austin, she will remember how much she loves him.

Kate wants to see Lucas, who is waking up. Roman won't let her in, as there is an on-going investigation and he wants to talk to him (hello, Roman, when did you get reinstated on the force!) Nurse Ali won't let anyone in until Mike examines him. Lucas is moaning, "No, don't". Roman sees it and wonders if Lucas can tell him anything about the shooting. Mike won't let anyone in. Kate looks through the window and is thinking that she needs to keep Lucas from revealing that he shot Franco to protect Kate. Kate and Roman are outside Lucas' room still going at it. As the nurse checks on Lucas, Kate says that Sami got her vindictiveness from Roman. Then she digs the knife in deeper saying no wonder Marlena turned to John Black for love and compassion.

Roman apologizes for saying the cruel things about Lucas. He is concerned about Lucas and hopes he recovers. They rehash the whole list of what Lucas did wrong: violating the restraining order, drinking, taking Will and crashing the car. Roman accuses Kate of helping Lucas and that they are covering something up about the murder. Kate tells Roman that she needs to accept that Sami killed Franco. At that moment, Lucas goes into cardiac arrest as he remembers killing Franco. Lucas survives, and Mike won't let anyone in to see him. Kate thanks him for saving his life and Roman tells her he's glad he pulled through too. Learning that Kate is staying overnight, Roman tells the guard not to let her alone in Lucas' room until he has questioned him.

Bayou Billy is talking to Greta that she and Bo want to help her. Greta tells her to leave with Bo, but Billy says Bo won't leave the Bayou without Greta. Greta says she knows the way out, and starts to leave the room. Billy stops her and says that she knows what Greta is going through. She has emotional scars.....her life in the last few months has been hard and that she has lost alot. Billy then sees Greta's scars and says that she can help. She owns a cosmetic company and can cover her scars with makeup. Greta asks incredulously if Billy has makeup with her, and she confesses that she always carries something. She opens her backpack and takes out a cosmetic bag and starts looking through it when Greta sees the compact.

Bo is covering up the hole in the cave, when he hears Wayne and Earl above him. Bo slips and is hanging from the ledge, then falls and hurts his hand. Earl thinks he heard something, but Wayne says its the thunder from the storm. They leave, walking right past the covered hole. Bo searches the catacombs and finds debris covering an exit. He starts to remove the junk, but his hand hurts, so he rips his shirt sleeve and wraps his hand with it. He makes is out and creeps up to the cave entrance where Wayne and Earl are wondering where they are. Wayne leaves his gun at the entrance and the two walk off.

Carrie and Austin In the hospital room, Carrie wishes Austin a happy anniversary. A romantic candlelit dinner is there. Austin pours the champagne, saying that he believes they will have a long and happy marriage, but worries that Carrie does not believe that anymore. Carrie tries to bridge the widening gap by saying that she had put her needs before Austin's (and she has a quick flash on the kiss with Mike), and feels responsible for the tension in their marriage. Austin disagrees, that it is his relationship with Sami that is causing the tension. He also says its his fault that Carrie has turned to Mike. Carrie reassures him that they are just friend, but Austin senses that there is more. He is jealous that Carrie can talk to Mike and confide in him rather than her husband. The conversation again turns to Sami and Lucas, each defending the one to the other. Austin tells her of all the pressures and that he needs her and he is scared that he feels like he is losing her. Carrie vows to stand by Austin, no matter what.

Empress Express Gina is toasting Charles for his gracious losing of many thousands of francs. Stefano is pleased that Hope has captured the essence of Gina without the memories. Charles leaves the baccarat table and Stefano takes his place and the two play a high-stakes game. Gina is noticably nervous and loses to Stefano. Stefano raises the bank to 200,000 francs, and Gina accepts. She wins the hand and she raises her champagne glass to Stefano, toasting "to meeting up with old friends and what rediscovering what [they] once shared...together"

Lily and Gina leave the table and Lily wants them to go back to Lugano. Gina is adamant that she need to get to the art festival, certain that more answers await her. Stefano looks at the two and remembers a time when he and Gina (sporting red streaks in her hair and bangs) were plotting something. Stefano had a map of Count Olenska's place and gives it to Gina. "I won't ever get caught, I'm the best, remember," Gina says confidently. The two kiss on the cheek and he walks off. Coming back to reality, Stefano laments that he wanted to finish what the two of them started, but it's never too late.

Gina gets a call from John, and she tells him that she got his message but that she and Rudolpho had already met. She then tells him that Stefano is terrified that she is on the train as Princess Gina and that so many people know her as that. Then she tells John what she has learned: Lily knew Stefano as Rudolpho, she never had plastic surgery and was never burned and Gina and Rudolpho worked together for those four years but she doesn't know what they were doing. John updates Hope on Shawn D. and that Bo is still missing. Meanwhile, Stefano is talking to Dr. Rolf, ecstatic that she is Gina without the memories. Stefano plans to capitalize on Hope's desire to be Gina.

After his conversation with Hope, John is looking at the picture of him in Lugano when he was a priest when he gets a pain his head.

Stefano hangs up with Dr. Rolf and Princess Gina announces that with her vast baccarat winnings, she is hosting a party for all the train guests. The only price of admission is that each guest must tell her everything they know about her. And the credits roll

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