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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday October 12, 1998

Carrie Cries on Mike's Shoulder (Again)
The show opens with Carrie and Mike in Mike's office at the hospital. They talk about Austin wanting to be Will's guardian, should something happen to Sami. Carrie is a bit upset that he didn't discuss it with her first before agreeing. She knows that Austin wants a child but can't understand why she can't commit to the idea. I think she feels that taking Will will only make Austin want a child of his own even more. Carrie says one problem with the whole situation is that she believes Lucas is the father and shouldn't have custody taken away from him. She agrees that Lucas was irresponsible when he drank and got behind the wheel, but it was a mistake (one that she believes Sami is at the center of). Mike offers his advice to her when she expresses concerns to taking Will to raise then go ahead with plans to have a child of their own. She feels that she just isn't ready for all that. But, she says it isn't just Will...there's another reason. She says her job and career is important as well. Mike appreciates her dedication, but tells her that her marriage is more important. He encourages her to consider giving Austin and she agrees to think about it. She thanks him for listening and leaves. After she leaves, Mike calls Ali and tells her he is looking forward to their date.

Billie & Roman Catch Up
Roman is in the Kiriakis living room when Billie comes in and sees Franco's chalk outline on the floor. She wants to know what is going on and Roman explains everything that happened to her about Sami's wedding day. Billie is shocked by the news that Franco is dead. She is even more shocked to learn that Kate forked over Sami's bail money. He goes on to tell her about Lucas snatching Will and having the wreck. Billie is relieved to hear that Lucas and Will are doing okay. She can't believe everything that happened while she was gone. Roman questions her as to her whereabouts and she tells him that she went to find Bo. She says that she found him in the Bayou and that he was there because of Hope. She explains about Greta and how SHE was the one in the explosion and that Hope was never injured at all. Roman has the "line of the day" here when he says "My, God...this is getting crazier all the time!" Billie tells Roman that she knows Bo's heart belongs to Hope, but she doesn't understand how Bo forgave her because Hope caused her to lose her baby. Roman asks her just how long she intends to continue blaming Hope and that she needs to get over it Billie slips and says she just hopes that Bo will forgive her for what she did (as she remembers that Greta knows the truth). When Roman questions her she says for not letting Bo go. She says that she can never replace him in her heart. Roman gets a call from Bo and they talk about the situation with Sami. Bo offers his assistance in the case. Billie realizes that Bo is with Hope and after Roman gets off the phone, Billie falls into his arms. Roman tells Billie that she has a lot going for her and when the Sami stuff is over, he and Billie will pick up where they left off. She asks if he means the case or THEM? He says she is special to him and they both know that there is more to their relationship than just the ISA case. She says that the circumstances are different than before. He says right, neither of them are holding on to someone from the past now...ARE WE?

Kate Works Her Magic On Austin
Kate is eavesdropping on Sami and Austin. Sami says that she cannot plead guilty to murder because she can't remember doing it. Kate is upset that Sami didn't swallow her story, but she has a plan. Austin tries to convince her, but Sami isn't buying it. She wants to take her chances with a trial. Austin points out what a risk she would be taking, but the final decision will be hers. Sami tells Austin that Mickey will be over later with the custody papers and she goes back to Will's room. Kate sashays up and works her magic on Austin. She tries to convince him to persuade Sami to change her mind. She points out how a trial would be devastating to her. She says that a jury would NEVER find her innocent! She tells Austin to get his head out of the sand. She convinces him that if it goes to trial, she WILL get a conviction and he agrees. She encourages him to talk to Sami again. (Mission Accomplished!) She goes to check on Lucas and he goes to try again with Sami (who is in Will's room reading to him). Austin tries again to convince her to go for a guilty plea. He pleads his case to her and urges her to call Mickey and make a dea. She looks at Will, then at Austin and with tears in her eyes, she nods yes.

Crack That Whip!
Lucas is taken to Physical Therapy and comments that it all looks to painful to him. Taylor comes in and says "no pain, no gain". She reminds him that there are 2 kinds of pain...the hurting kind and the healing kind. She re-introduces herself to him (he doesn't remember her) and tells him that she is sorry for all of his troubles. She is there to help him but it's all up to him. They start out with simple exercises and Lucas wants to know why his cleaning lady is his therapist. So she explains her situation to him about being in school. His therapist comes in and assures him that he is in good hands, but Lucas isn't so sure. Taylor chews him out a bit and says she thought he wanted to get well, so let's get on with it. (Personal note: The scenes between these two are quite good. She seems much more comfortable here than her scenes with Eric). Later, we see them doing more exercises. He says she is trying to kill him. She talks him through it and encourages him. He begins to trust her and she tells him that he has to want it, in order for it to help and he assures her that he does. She helps him walk and tells him not to focus on the pain, but to do it for his son...not to let him down. Kate shows up and is proud of Lucas's progress. She is impressed that Taylor got him so motivated (Lucas refers to her as his "angel with a bull whip!") He walks to Kate and hugs her. Kate thanks Taylor for her help. When Taylor goes to get Lucas some water, Kate tells Lucas not to worry about Sami, she has it under control. Before she can explain, Taylor returns. Kate excuses herself and tells Taylor to keep cracking that whip. Kate thinks of how much she likes Taylor and how she has got Lucas motivated...if only Austin can convince Sami. Kate is pleased at how things are looking up for her (a sure sign of DISASTER in Salem!)

Greta is Enlightened on the Subject of Billie
Bo and Hope arrive at Greta's room (she is still in the bathroom) as they talk about Sami's woes. Bo is terribly upset because he knew all along that Franco was bad news. They discuss their progress so far on Hope's past. Greta joins them and Bo says he has an idea on how to bring Stefano down. He excuses himself to go get coffee for them, leaving Greta and Hope alone to talk. First, Hope thanks her for coming forward to help and tells her that she is truly sorry for all she has been through. She promises Greta that she and Bo will not let anyone hurt her. Hope also asks her to not form an opinion of her based on what Billie has told her. She tells her that they used to be good friends and how feelings for Bo came between them. Hope tells her about how Billie blames her for the death of her baby. Greta questions her about tis and Hope tells her the whole story (Billie's version, that is) Of course, Greta knows it isn't true, for she saw Billie burying the baby in the Bayou. You can tell that Greta really wants to tell Hope the truth and struggles with it. It looks like it is right on the tip of her tounge, but she holds back and says "I can't believe this." Bo returns and has coffee and sweet rolls (Greta's favorites) and wants to know how it's going. You can see that Greta is smitten with Bo. As they eat, Hope questions Bo about his plan to bring down Stefano. He wants to take Greta to Stefano and confront him and show him that she is still alive. Before he can go any further, Greta becomes agitated and upset. She yells that they tricked her, lied to her and she can't trust them.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Greta tells Bo he lied to her about Stefano. Bo says if she doesn't confront Stefano, she'll have to hide forever and he knows she doesn't want that. Greta says what she wants is to go back to the bayou. They continue arguing, but Greta says she won't face Stefano. Bo apologizes and says he won't make her do something she doesn't want to do. Greta leaves to go to the bathroom and Bo beats himself up for mentioning Stefano. Hope tells him it's okay and that Greta trusts him. Bo tells Hope about how he and Greta hid down in the tunnels of Maison Blanche and how he got blinded down there. Bo goes on to tell her how he and Greta bonded and that Greta showed him her true face shortly after he regained his eyesight. Hope tells Bo he is the most sensitive man she knows and hugs him. Hope says they are all responsible for their pain. Bo hopes they can get back together again, but Hope isn't sure if it's possible, but then again she could be wrong.

At the hospital, Lexie tells Mike that she's going to have dinner with her dad tonight. Mike understands that family is important, and then he thinks about his own son, Jeremy. Lexie tells Mike that she and Abe are thinking of having a baby. Mike says that is great, and that Austin and Carrie are thinking of having a baby, which should bond them forever. Lexie asks him how he feels about that and Mike says he's ok with it, if it's for the right reason. Lexie thinks Carrie having a baby to save her marriage isn't a good idea

Celeste and Stefano are waiting to meet Lexie for dinner. Celeste is curious as to why he wanted to do this today. Stefano says he just wants them to sit down for dinner, but Celeste doesn't believe him. Stefano says he knows she doesn't trust him, but his daughter will see his motives are on the up and up, especially where Vivian is concerned. Celeste lets out an "ah-ha!" and says she knows he's trying to steal Vivian's fortune. Lexie shows up and Stefano tells her that he called this meeting to talk about Vivian, he thinks knows how to help her. Stefano he knows of a fabulous clinic in the LaBerge, a treatment clinic in France. Celeste says she can confirm that this clinic is a very wondrous.

Ivan tells Vivian that John and Marlena think it is best if she checks into the hospital. Vivian is outraged and refuses. Vivian spots a diamond necklace in a window and begins to space out again. Ivan tells his madame that something is very wrong with her. Ivan tells her, there is no diamond necklace in the window, that she is hallucinating. Vivian becomes frightened and doesn't know what is happening to her. Vivian spaces out once again and walks off when she sees her darling. Vivian walks right into Stefano and he tells her he was just suggesting to Lexie that she go to the LaBerge treatment clinic. He tells Vivian she can go with Celeste and then return in a few weeks when she is well. Vivian says she will go and Lexie approves. When he is alone, Stefano calls Rolf and tells him he (Rolf) is going to LaBerge. Rolf tells Stefano that he's learned there has been some activity in the catacombs under Maison Blanche. Stefano says he will find the girl, and if it's her, he'll take care of her.

Eric runs into Carrie in the hospital and she asks what happened to his eye. Eric tells Carrie about Nicole and says he feels betrayed. Later, Eric runs into Taylor and learns she's part-timing as a physical therapist and she's working with Lucas. Taylor tells Eric she knows he hates Lucas, but she believes that the most dishonest person can change. Eric wonders if she is right.

Austin tells Sami that she has to plea bargain. Kate shows up and asks what is wrong. Austin tells his mom that Sami is going to plea bargain. Austin leaves to call Mickey and Sami asks Kate if she's happy. Kate says she didn't want this to happen, but she's glad she will be a part of Will's life. Sami says she wishes she could remember what happened because she'd feel a lot better about this. Kate then tells her she did shoot Franco and plays the scenario over again.

Austin runs into Carrie at tells her about Sami. Carrie offers to write up a press release that with help Sami. Austin thanks her and gives her a kiss. Sami meets with Mickey and asks him to make the call to the DA. Eric shows up to comfort Sami and learns she will be spending 20 years in jail. Sami says it's better than facing life or the death penalty. Eric asks when she has to go and Mickey tells her she has to go to the wayward state correctional facility tomorrow night.

Carrie goes into Mike's room to tell him about Sami, and she hears Mike ordering flowers to be delivered to Ali for their special night tonight. Mike is shocked to hear Sami is pleading guilty and realizes that this means she and Austin will get Will. Mike asks Carrie what she wants to do and Carrie says she thinks Lucas should raise Will. Mike tells Carrie that whatever she decides, he'll be here for her. Carrie leaves and tells herself that he isn't the one she doubts.

Lucas says his legs hurt, so he's going back to his room. Maggie shows up and tells Lucas that he's wimping out, and she won't let him do that. Lucas says he doesn't need a lecture, he needs pain pills. Maggie tells him he just needs tough love. Lucas refuses to listen and says he'll come back later when he's not in pain because this is hopeless. Maggie tells him it is not hopeless and that he can get over all his problems. Maggie suggests they have their own little AA meeting right here right now. Lucas says even if he can do that, he may still lose Will to Austin. Kate and Gregory show up to see Lucas and they tell him he is free, but Sami is going to jail for a long time. Lucas is happy, but he also realizes that the restraining order against him is still up and that Austin will become Will's guardian.

Maggie finds Sami, Austin, and Mickey and tells them she just heard Lucas wouldn't be going to jail at all. Sami panics and says Lucas will get Will back and turn him against her. Maggie says Lucas is trying to turn his life around. Sami asks Mickey if he could get Will back and Mickey says it's possible. Sami has a horrible vision of being locked up for 20 years getting letters all about Will growing up. When she finally gets out she's old and gray and goes to see Will at the Kiriakis mansion, but he doesn't recognize her. When Sami tries to hug Will, he pushes her away and says his dad has told him all about her and he doesn't need her. Will calls Sami a murderer and says he doesn't want to see her ever again.

Kate approaches them all and Austin accuses his mom of wanting Sami to go to jail because Lucas was going to be freed all along. Suddenly, Sami runs out and tells them all that she's changed her mind!

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Rolf is getting ready to fly to France to watch over Celeste and Vivian while they are at the LaBerge clinic. Rolf has a special serum that he plans to administer to Vivian to make it look like she's healthy again. Stefano is pleased because if it looks like he is responsible for her recovery, she will be grateful and sign over power of attorney. Rolf says it is a brilliant plan, but they also have a problem with Greta. Stefano says that if she is alive then all his plans will go up in smoke. Rolf says that Greta may know more than they think she does. Stefano says that is why he's sending Bart to the bayou. Rolf asks Stefano what he'll do if Greta is alive and he tells Rolf that he will find her and silence her! Rolf asks if he's going to kill her, but Stefano says he wouldn't do that to someone he cares about. He says that he'll just make sure she tells nobody, especially Hope, what she knows. Stefano sends Bart to the bayou, and when Bart says that someone has been in the catacombs, Stefano says he's flying down there immediately.

Greta sees Bo holding Hope and asking her if there is a chance for them to be together. Hope says that she has a feeling that they might have a future together. However, Hope says she can't commit to him until she learns what Stefano has done to her, she's afraid he could control their future. Bo says that he won't let Stefano control anyone he cares about. Greta walks out and asks Bo if he thinks he can do it. Bo says he does and that they have the upper hand because Stefano doesn't know she is alive or that Hope knows so much. Hope asks Greta if they will help them, but she doesn't know how. Greta says that she was on medication most of the time and doesn't remember much other then Hope talking with Stefano about her trips and her success. Bo and Hope start talking about what she might have been doing for Stefano. Hope mentions Lily and Greta asks whom. Hope tells her that Lily is her guardian angel. Greta realizes that Hope has done some investigating together before. Bo says they will solve this mystery, but Hope says it will be their toughest one because it involves them. Hope mentions Greta's part in it all, but Greta says she sees no way that she will be a part of their lives. Bo says he won't abandon her and wants to have her face restored. Greta refuses to have anymore plastic surgery. Hope calms Greta down and says that Bo only wants to help her because he cares for her. Greta says she cares for them, but she doesn't know anything else that can help her. Greta says all she remembers is Stefano and the strange doctor. Hope asks if Rolf was the Dr. and Greta says yes. Hope says that she knew Rolf recognized her in the compound and that he may be the one who brainwashed her and John. Bo says they must find him, but Hope says he's disappeared. Greta says she's told him everything she knows and she wants to go back to the bayou. Bo tells her he won't hold her against her will, but he does want to protect her. Bo asks if he trusts her and she tells him he's the only one he trusts.

Craig and Nancy are scheming to get Ali on Rose's head nurse list. Then Mike will appoint his lover as head nurse, causing a huge scandal, which will force him to resign. Nancy decides to go see that Carrie doesn't interfere and Craig says he'll work on Rose. Rose tells Mike that she's almost finished preparing her replacement list and she knows he will pick the right person for the job. Ali tells Mike that she's taking off to prepare their evening tonight. Craig confronts Rose and tells her that he believes Ali would make an excellent head nurse. Rose tells Craig that she'll consider her, but the final decision is Mike's.

Sami storms out of Will's room and shouts that she can't plead guilty. Mickey, who is on the phone with the DA, tells Sami that it may be too late. Lucas shows up and asks what is going on. Kate tells Lucas that Sami wants to go to trial. Sami tells Mickey she only took the plea bargain because that is what everyone wanted her to do, but she wants to go to trial for Will's sake. Mickey tells Pat that Sami has decided to go to trial. Mickey hangs up and tells Sami they're going to trial and Sami says it's the right thing to do. Kate is furious and Austin asks his mom why she wants Sami to plead guilty. Kate says she's not just thinking about what would happen if Sami's found guilty. Lucas and his mom talk and overhear Mickey give Sami the guardianship papers. Mickey leaves and Sami tells Lucas once these papers are signed and filed, he'll never see his son again. Kate tells Sami that she and Lucas will fight her all the way. Sami accuses Kate of conspiring to kidnap Will and buying Lucas out of jail. Sami says if she goes to jail for life, Lucas will pay by never seeing his son. Lucas jumps out of his chair at Sami and hurts himself. Taylor rushes to his aid. Sami asks Austin to sign the papers, but Austin says he has to talk with Carrie first. Sami becomes upset and Eric tries to calm her down. Eric tells his sister to stop worrying about Lucas and start working on getting herself out of prison. Eric tells Sami to start showing some remorse for killing Franco. Sami talks about Franco's lies and Eric says he understands. Sami asks what happened with him and Nicole, but Eric says he doesn't want to talk about it.

Meanwhile, Kate tells Lucas that she is certain Sami will be convicted and out of their lives for good. Kate says as long as they don't tell anyone what happened, Sami is as good as gone. Kate also reminds Lucas that Carrie is on their side where Will is concerned. Eric and Taylor talk about Lucas. Taylor feels sorry for Lucas, but Eric has no sympathy for him. Taylor says she believes anyone can learn from their mistakes and move on for the better. Eric says he used to believe that, until recently.

Carrie is typing up a press release about Sami's plea bargain, but all she can think about is kissing Mike. Carrie says she doesn't know if she'll ever be able to forget the kiss. Nancy comes in to see Carrie and tells her about Rose's list. Nancy asks if Ali is on the list and Carrie says she doubts it. Nancy says that Ali doesn't seem like the person who'll take no for an answer and that Ali is having dinner with Mike tonight. Carrie says she knows that and she isn't in charge of Mike's social life. Nancy says that she suspects that Ali is using Mike to become head nurse, but Carrie says Ali was pursuing Mike long before Rose decided to retire. Mike comes to see Carrie, so Nancy leaves. Mike tells Carrie that he needs to talk with her about something before he leaves for his date with Ali. Mike and Carrie talk about a meeting that he has to attend tomorrow concerning the budget. Mike looks over a draft of a proposal Carrie wrote up. Mike is amazed and says the speech proves how well she knows him. Mike makes a few changes and Carrie says she'll print out a final one when she gets the budget figures. As Mike talks about his responsibilities as Chief of Staff, Carrie asks if Rose gave him a list of head nurse candidates. Mike tells her not yet. Mike asks Carrie if she and Austin have talked about raising Will. Carrie says they haven't, but probably will tonight. Mike tells tells Carrie to do what is right for her. Austin comes in and Mike leaves. Austin tells Carrie that Sami has changed her mind and she wants them to sign the papers now.

Craig and Nancy touch base to see how they did. Craig tells Nancy that Ali will most likely be on the list. Nancy bumps into Ali at a dress shop and tells her that Craig put in a good word for her with Rose, which arouses Ali's suspicions. Ali says she doubts Mike will appoint her as head nurse because of their relationship. Nancy says Mike wouldn't let that get in the way and she tells her to make the most of her evening with Mike. As Nancy leaves, she overhears Ali asking to look at some lingerie. Later, Ali gets some flowers from Mike and calls him to thank him for them. She tells Mike she hopes he enjoys hot and spicy things.

Nancy and Craig reunite at the hospital and overhear Rose tells a nurse that she's finished her list of candidates for head nurse. Sami finds Austin and Carrie and asks them if they've signed the papers. Austin says they haven't and Carrie tells Sami that she's not sure Will living with them is for the best.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Salem Motel

Greta is pleading her case with Bo...she wants to go back to the Bayou where she feels safe. Bo tells her that he won't make her do anything that she does not want to. Greta is getting upset and Hope difuses the situation by leaving them for a while so the two of them can talk. Alone, Bo asks Greta for the real reason why she wants to leave. Greta feels that she is a distraction for Bo. He argues that she is not, but she is adamant. Bo finally gives in and says that he will let her go and Greta says, "Tonight, I want to go home tonight."

In another room, Hope dials up Lily to chat. Lily has been concerned about her, and Hope tells her that she just wanted to say hello. She updates Lily on the clues she's found and that Stefano won't be any trouble as long as he believes that Hope won't find any more clues. Hope and Lily agree that when she comes back to Europe, they will visit Count Olenska's art festival.

Greta says that she will miss Bo and he tells her that she misunderstood. He will let her go....out of her room and to that dinner he had been promising her. She is worried now that they will be at a restaurant, but Bo tells her that it'll be at the Pub, then up to Green Mountain and the wilderness. Greta is tempted and Bo keeps turning on the charm. She caves in and agrees to go. Hope is happy that Greta is going to the Pub and glad that she was able to fill in so many blanks in her life. Greta is saddened that Bo and Hope are so close and Hope tells her that they've known each other since they were kids. Even though they were apart for a long time, they share a lot. It's Stefano that is the problem and as long as he is controlling everyone's lives, there will be no peace.

Maison Blanche Catacombs

Stefano and Bart have arrived at the catacombs and Stefano wistfully tells Bart that Maison Blanche was his safest haven, but that the catacombs are all that remain. Bart surmises that Greta was hiding in the catacombs and Stefano vows to find out just who it was. In one of the rooms, Stefano and Bart see a lock of hair. Stefano leaps to the conclusion that it is Greta's. He is wondering how she could be alive and Bart swears the two local yokels told him she died after being eaten by an alligator. Because of the tornado, the yokels are gone, so Bart could not talk to them. Stefano has a feeling that Greta was the one in the catacombs. Bart thinks that even if Greta is alive, Bo and Hope would have no reason to even come down to the Bayou. Stefano is not so sure, he cannot leave anything to chance. Stefano tells Bart to get his men down to the Bayou to search every inch of it. Looking around in the library, Stefano finds a book of Longfellow's poems and in it a recent picture of Hope. Stefano realizes that Bo left the picture there and may have been there with Greta.


Mike is in his office, getting ready for his date with Ali, but he can't stop thinking about Carrie. He remembers her telling him that he is committed to her marriage, and Mike resolves to put her out of his mind. The phone rings and it's Ali wondering what fresh veggies he wants with his romantic dinner. She just wants it to be perfect and Mike tells her he is there for the company, which is already perfect.

Meanwhile, Craig spies Rose holding the all-important folder containing the list of head nurse candidates. Nancy walks up and Rose asks if either one of them has seen Mike as she wants to give this list to him right away. Nancy and Craig panic, because if Mike sees that Ali's name is on the list, he will have second thoughts about making love to her, and this would ruin Craig and Nancy's plans. They assure Rose they will tell Mike to see her immediately and she leaves. Nancy starts barking orders at Craig to get Mike out of the hospital and on his way to his date. Craig heads off towards Mike's office....saluting to his "general".

Craig gets to Mike's office and ushers him out in a hurry. At the nurse's station, Rose asks Nancy if Mike is still in his office. Nancy lies saying she heard he just left, and Rose is disappointed. Mike's secretary, Linda, walks by and Rose asks if she would put the folder on Mike's desk. She's happy to oblige and Rose hands her the folder and leaves. Nancy is dying to learn who's name is on the list, so she cheerfully tells Linda that she is going that way and will put the folder in his office. Linda declines when Mike and Craig walk up. Linda tells Mike she has some papers for him, but Mike says he's in a rush and they agree that the papers can wait until morning. Craig and Nancy breathe a sigh of relief.

Nancy returns after trying to get a peek at the list. She vents to Craig that she wants to see the list NOW, she does not want to wait. Craig assures his wife that Ali's name is on the list. The two start talking about Ali and what she is doing to get Mike into bed. Nancy wonders if Mike's nobility will get in the way, but Craig is pretty sure that Ali will turn up the heat so Mike can't resist. Linda walks by, and Nancy decides to go to Mike's office to look at the list. "What if the door is locked," Craig asks. Nancy looks at him innocently and tells him that she has her ways.

Outside Will's room, Sami is shocked that Carrie and Austin will not sign the guardianship papers. Carrie is equally shocked to learn that Sami is going to trial, and Sami says it is the only way to ensure that she has a chance to go free. Carrie tells her that Will has a father and Will should be raised by him. Carrie and Sami start fighting about Lucas again. Carrie decides not to pursue the Lucas angle and switches tactics. Since there is a chance Mickey can get her off, why don't they wait until after the trial to sign the papers. Austin agrees with Carrie, but Sami says it would ease her mind and allow her to focus on her defense if she knew that Will was going to be raised by Austin and Carrie. Carrie says that Sami's only doing this to get back at Lucas. Sami says that Austin wants to raise Lucas, to which Austin agrees. Carrie looks at him and says that he has no idea how this will change their lives and that she does not want to make this decision at that moment. Austin wants to have the women move to a more private location to discuss this, but Carrie tells him that the two of them need to talk about it. Sami says she knows why Carrie does not want to raise Will.

Sami says that because Will is her flesh and blood, Carrie won't raise him. Carrie says that is not true, and Sami says that she does not blame her. The kinder, gentler Sami says that Carrie has every right to hate her for the things she has done to her. But it's not about her, it's about Will....she wants him to have two loving parents that he can look up to for values and positive influence. Sami uses the Guilt card saying that Carrie should not punish Will for Sami's mistakes. Then Sami says that they can forget it, she will call their grandparents to take care of Will. This gets to Carrie and she starts to relent, saying that Sami does not deserve to go to prison and hopes that won't happen. She agrees that she and Austin will take care of Will. The nurse comes out and says Will is asking for Sami and Austin, so Carrie leaves. Sami asks Austin for one more promise....if she goes to jail, Lucas will never get the chance to be with his son. Austin tells her that he promises. Meanwhile, Carrie is looking for Mike, but he is not there. Carrie looks off in the distance saying she really needs him right now.

Ali's Place

Alis has changed into her seductive eveningware, and remembers her conversation with Nancy at the boutique in which Ali learns Craig but in a good word about her to Rose. Ali is suspicious, wondering why Craig would take an interest in her getting the head nurse's position. Ali first goal, however, is a serious relationship with Mike.

Mike arrives with two bottles of wine, red and white. He opens the Chardonnay, telling Ali how beautiful she looks. He proposes a toast to his lovely hostess. Ali adds "To a memorable evening." The two finish dinner when the phone rings. Ali does not want to answer it, but Mike says he will clear the table and she can answer the phone. On the other line is Craig to give Ali the good news....her name is on the list of candidates. Ali's eyes light up, thinking of the possibilities. Craig says that since the list is not public, she should try to score as many points with the COS as possible. Ali says that she will take his advice as Mike walks in. Mike remembers talking to Austin about how he needs a special someone like Ali to spend his life with. Ali lies that it was a friend that called. The two start to slow dance, and he looks at Ali then leans over to kiss her.


Nicole enters the hallway outside the visitor's room, sporting a pair of dark sunglasses. She remembers her pledge to make Jay pay for what he did to her. The guard tells her she can go inside and she turns and sighs before opening the door. Inside, she sits down and the mystery man enters. He is happy to see Nicole, but the feeling is not mutual. She tells him that this is not a social call. She is starting to get upset telling him that he sent Jay to Salem to threaten her. She slowly removes the sunglasses to reveal the black eye and tells the mystery man that Jay did this to her. Now her career is in jeopardy, she tells him. Are you satisfied, she asks.

The man says he did not send Jay to beat her up. Nicole says that Jay almost raped her, and our mystery man says he did not tell him to do that either. He does not seem to be too concerned about what happened to Nicole. He tells her that he sent Jay there to get money from her to hire a good lawyer to get out. Nicole laments that things were going her way when all hell broke loose. The prisoner chalked it up to one more bad break, but they would recover just like they used to. He tells her that once he is out of prison, she would never be sorry that she helped him.

Nicole tells him that she is up to her neck in debt and can't afford to give him any money. He says not to worry, once he's out, there's plenty of money to be made. He pleads with her to get him out, citing what they mean to each other.

Salem Park

Eric and Taylor are talking about how Sami and Lucas used to be such good friends. Taylor observes that they really hate eachother. Eric goes off on Lucas and Taylor defends him, saying that she believes people can learn from their mistakes and change. Taylor adds that she feels bad for Eric and the person who betrayed him, but that he is keeping his feelings bottled up and should talk about it. Eric deflects the conversation again by buying her an ice cream, and even remembers she likes chocolate swirl.

Taylor tells Eric that she always loved ice cream and it reminded her of when she was little. No matter how tight the budget was, her mother always bought ice cream once a month. Eric is surprised at this, and Taylor says that he probably had ice cream all the time. He admits that he and Sami took thing for granted, but he had a rough time growing up with the problems his parents had. He tells Taylor she should be thankful that she had a loving mother and father growing up. Taylor looks sad and tells him that she did not have a stable family life either. Eric apologizes, but Taylor perks up saying she's over it and that she is looking towards the future.

The conversation turns to Eric's job, but his concern is that the New Faces campaign will be scrapped by Kate. Taylor wonders how this will affect Nicole, and Eric says that since she is famous now, she should not have a problem finding a job. He looks at the park bench that he and Nicole shared their first kiss and Taylor brings him back to reality. A friend of Taylor's, Hank, shows up and says that their are going to start a prayer meeting and asks if they would like to join. Taylor agrees and, after some hesitation, Eric agrees also, as long as he does not have to talk.

At the prayer meeting, the discussion talks about forgiveness, even if you have been betrayed. This hits home to Eric. He argues that while people can be worthy of redemption, who knows how many other lies the person has told (obviously thinking of Nicole during this time.) Eric says he wants to trust again, but he can't get past the anger. Taylor says that he's holding on to the anger so as to not feel the pain. If he works through it, he can get over it and trust the person again.

The prayer group breaks up and Hank comments that he feels much better now and hope Eric does too. Taylor gathers that Eric is far from resolving his problem, but if he just forgives it may work. She asks if he could do it.

Friday, October 16, 1998

University Hospital

Craig and Nancy are hoping that Ali has turned on the charm with Mike in order for their plan to succeed. In Mike's office, Carrie spies his calendar in which he has written "Dinner w/Ali" in big blue letters. She sighs and says that she has no right to interfere in his love life, but she wishes he would date someone other than Ali. Carrie doesn't trust her but the good thing is, she thinks, that Mike is too smart to fall for any of her tricks.

Carrie sees Nancy at the nurse's station and asks if Mike has been gone long. Nancy says it has been a while, but hurriedly assures Carrie that it's just dinner between Mike and Ali. Carrie defends herself saying that she is not worried, Mike can take care of himself. Nancy proceeds to tell Carrie that Rose has finished her list. Carrie asks if Mike has seen it yet and Nancy tells her she does not think so. Besides, Ali's name is not going to be on it, Nancy says. Austin walks up behind Carrie, twirls her and gives her a big kiss. He's there to invite his beautiful wife to dinner. Nancy perks up and says that she and Craig were also just leaving for dinner and would love to talk to Austin more about the charity boxing match. Carrie and Austin are cornered and agree to have dinner with them. After Nancy leaves, Austin says that he loves the fact that Carrie will give people the benefit of the doubt, like she did with Sami. He thanks her for signing the papers that would give custody of Will to them. Carrie says that Sami was so pitiful, she didn't have a choice, but she hopes that they won't have to because Sami will be acquitted. Carrie is saddened that Lucas will not have a chance to raise Will. She thinks that once he is rehabilitated, they will have to give custody back to Lucas. Austin is not so sure and he promised Sami that he would keep Lucas away.

Salem Motel

Greta is telling Hope that she knows how dangerous Stefano is first-hand. Hope commiserates with her and tries to get some more information about the time Greta was at Maison Blanche. Greta gets a funny look on her face and looks strangely at Hope saying that it's like looking at a ghost. Greta tells her that she reminds her of someone.

Hope presses the issue and Greta backs off saying that it was probably the time they spent together at Maison Blanche. That time is foggy in Greta's mind. Hope tries to get more answers and Greta is getting upset saying if Stefano ever found her, he would kill her. That, Hope says, is the big question....why would Stefano kill her. Greta must know something. Hope swears that she and Bo will never let Stefano hurt her again. Hope gets frustrated about how Stefano has ruined their lives. She begs Greta to help her. Greta says she will try.

Bo arrives and Greta is happy to see him. She feels safe when he is there. He's glad that she is still there; he wants her to meet his family. This scare Greta, who was thinking they would have a quiet dinner. Hope chimes in that the Brady family will make her feel wanted and safe and that the Pub is a great place to be. Everyone at the Pub knows about Stefano and how evil he is, so she won't have to worry. Greta starts freaking out, saying that she can't face everyone with the way she looks. Bo assures her that she won't scare these people off. They'll see what a beautiful, intelligent woman she is. The sell job works, and Greta agrees to go, but she is leaving in the morning and no one will stop her.

Brady Pub

Abe, Lexie, John and Marlena are sitting at the booth, talking about Vivian. John figures the only reason Stefano sent Vivian to France for a week at the spa was so Viv would not have any more visits with Marlena. Abe concurs, and Lexie has a look on her face that she is upset that her husband and closest friends are trashing her dad. Lexie again defends her father, but she is chastised by the group that he has not changed.

It's a family reunion as Bo and Shawn catch up. Shawn wonders where Bo has been for the past few month, but Bo does not give any answers. He wonders where Caroline is; she is feeding the homeless at the shelter. Bo asks his Pa if he would do him a favor....whip up some of that famous Brady Pub food for someone special. When Shawn asks who the special person is, Bo tells him he better sit down.....

Bo updates his dad on the whole Greta/Hope situation. Shawn is baffled as to why Stefano would do such a's like he wants revenge on the Brady family. Bo and Shawn agree that they can't let Stefano get away with it. The conversation turns to Greta and Bo wants to have her meet the whole family and show her how great life can be.

Outside the pub, Roman and Billie show up. Roman is glad that she came and Billie is just thankful that she is not alone again. She tells Roman that it is really difficult being in Salem and not being with Bo. Billie apologizes for bringing her problems on to Roman when he has Sami's ordeal to handle. Roman says it's no bother, they are friends and he puts his arm around her and the two walk in. Marlena spots the two and gets a surprised look on her face.

The gang of four greet Billie and Roman. Roman updates the group that Sami has turned down the plea of guilty to manslaughter and will take her chances at the trial. This shocks the group as the evidence is so overwheming. Because Sami still can't remember what happened, they think it may be Mickey's only defense. Roman vows to find out the whole truth and wishes that Kate would be more help. He turns to Billie and says no off-fence but he thinks Kate knows more that what she is telling. Bo comes out and everyone is glad to see him. Abe especially as now Bo can return back to work.

Billie asks to talk to Bo privately and wonders where Greta is. Bo tells her not to worry, she is with Hope. Billie panics, thinking that Greta may tell Hope about Georgia. Roman sees the worried look on her face and asks her what's wrong.

Carrie and Austin arrive and agree to disagree about Lucas and Sami. Craig and Nancy show up and the four walk in. Billie sees Austin and uses the opportunity to duck Roman's questions. She asks about Will, the asks about Carrie. Austin tells his sister that they are fine. Carrie greets Marlena, and Marlena wonders if she is stressed. Carrie tells Marlena about the custody papers and that she hopes her marriage can survive. Marlena is curious if it is Sami that is causing the tension between them, or if it is someone else. Carrie denies it, saying that she thinks Lucas should be raising Will. Marlena believes that in the long run, everyone wants what's best for Will. Carrie agrees, saying that she's not sure that this is the best thing for her and Austin. She can't see herself having a child with Austin anytime soon.

Roman and Bo are sharing the details of their respective situations when Billie comes up and wants to talk to Bo alone. She's wondering if leaving Greta and Hope alone is such a good idea. Bo doesn't think it's a bad idea and wants to know why Billie is worried. She comes up with the lame reason that because Hope is so beautiful, it will remind Greta of the life she used to lead. Bo doesn't buy it and brushes Billie off saying he has to go pick them up. Roman tries to get the real reason Billie is so upset out of her. She says that Bo made a mistake bringing Greta to Salem and Roman teases her by asking her if she is jealous of Greta. John and Marlena are watching the two wondering just how close they are. The conversation turns to Lugano as John is looking at the picture of him as a priest. John wishes he could remember his past.

Abe and Lexie are talking about Stefano. Lexie believes her father has changed, and he does not. They, too, agree to disagree and Abe steers the conversation to their "project" that they started the other night. Lexie gets a smile on her face as Abe wonders when they would find out any results. Lexie tells him that he will need to wait a couple weeks to see if they need to turn the guest room into a nursery, and Abe says that they will just have to keep practicing.

Austin comes up to Carrie saying he knows she is thinking about Mike. She gets a worried look on her face, but Austin finishes his statement saying that she's thinking about the speech she wrote for him. Carrie breathes a sigh of relief and agrees as Nancy and Craig walk up. They want to talk about the boxing match, but Austin says that now that Will is in the hospital, he can't really concentrate on it. Craig and Nancy try to change his mind, saying the boxing match proceeds will be used to build shelters for abused women and children. Plus, Nancy says, she is hoping that Kate will underwrite the whole affair. Austin turns to Carrie to get her opinion, but she has not heard a word they have said. Austin recaps and she agrees that Kate is a generous person so it should not be a problem. This leads Austin to make sure Carrie is not upset that he is boxing. She tells him it is for a good cause, and it's only one fight. Craig's beeper goes off so he has to leave for the hospital. Nancy leaves with him and Austin takes Carrie into his arms saying that he could not love anyone as much as he loves her. Austin and Carrie decide to go to the hospital for a while then back to their apartment. Carrie is happy that they are not staying at the Kiriakis mansion and Austin promises to make love to her in their own bed all night.

John shows the picture to Abe, telling the commander that he doesn't remember having the picture taken. He was able to find out that the photo was taken about 15 years ago (by the age of the paper), the same time that Ms. Faversham remembers Gina travelling with a priest. Roman says that it's not possible; how could Hope and John be travelling in Lugano. John agrees that it does not seem likely, but then how does he account for knowing Ms. Faversham and why would a priest be invited to a ritzy art festival. John is hopeful that there is someone out there who knew him back then.

Bo, Greta and Hope arrive at Shawn and Caroline's place. They are confident that once Greta meets the Brady's, she will want to stay in Salem. Greta is scared, not wanting to meet so many strangers at once, but Bo assures her that he and Hope will be with her the whole time.

Ali's Place

Mike and Ali are kissing, when Ali mentions that the office gossip would be running wild to learn the two of them were at her apartment. Mike tells her he doesn't care about the gossip; what he does in his personal life is his business and they resume kissing.

Ali goes to get more wine and she starts commenting about the Head Nurse's job opening. Mike assures her that he left Rose the job of coming up with the candidates....he has no idea who is on the list. Ali flashes back to her phone conversation with Craig in which he tells her she made Rose's list. Mike reminds her that there would not be a problem considering they started dating before he became COS. She jokingly says that it has taken him a long time to come over to her place and if she did not know better, she would think he is seeing someone else. Mike remembers his kiss with Carrie then tells Ali that she is wrong.

Ali sees that Mike is tense and begins to give him a massage. She loosens his tie and starts to unbutton his shirt. With his shirt off, Mike tells her that he's glad he came to dinner. Ali responds by saying that she thinks he needs someone like her in his life. The two start to kiss again and she gets up and unzips her dress, revealing the sexy lingerie that she bought. They kiss again and walk into the bedroom where they fall on the bed.

Mike and Ali are laying in bed together, having finished making love. Ali asks Mike if he knows the feeling you get when you're with someone and it just feels right. Mike has a fantasy that it is Carrie lying in bed with him. Ali brings him back to reality and wonders if anything is wrong. She wonders if he is sorry. He tells her no, but he does not want to rush things. He does tell her that she is the only nurse that he wants to be with and jokingly says that if she keeps this up, he'll have to make her head nurse. Ali gets a pleased look on her face.

Maison Blanche Catacombs

Stefano and Bart are looking at the picture of Hope and Stefano is fuming that Bo was snooping. Stefano does not want to believe that he found Greta and worries what would happen if Greta and Hope met up. Bart asks again about the locals in the Bayou and if they lied to him. Bart doesn't believe that Greta could have survived. But Stefano has different ideas. Greta is the key to unlocking Hope's missing four years and John's past, and he can't have her running around.

At least, Stefano says, he left no incriminating evidence at Maison Blanche before it burned down. Bart confirms that he had to move it all to the secret room in his mansion in Salem. Bart then sees a champagne glass with lipstick and the realize Bo was not alone. Stefano is furious and throws the glass against the wall. They hear a noise and scurry behind one of the pillars. Wayne and Earl enter the room, guns in hand. It was lucky of them to fall down the hole or they would never have found the catacombs. The boys lament that since Swamp Girl left, the Bayou has been ravaged by the tornado, causing them to lose everything. Bart moves and makes a sound and the boys go over to investigate.

As they walk to the pillar, bats start flying around and the boys get scared that their lucky charm has left, the tunnels are probably haunted. Still listening behind the pillar, Stefano learns that Bo was down in the Bayou and that he must have taken their Swamp Girl back to Salem.

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