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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday November 2, 1998

Kate tells Nicole that she'd like to talk to her. Nicole says she is very busy, which prompts Kate to ask what is so important. Nicole says she wants to talk to Taylor and Kate asks why. Nicole says that Taylor stocks the dressing room and needs an outfit for a shoot. Kate is surprised that there is a new shoot and Nicole mentions that Sami probably forgot to tell her. Kate says that Sami no longer works at Titan and she is running the "New Faces" campaign. Nicole asks Kate if she's fired, but Kate says no. She tells her that as long as she stays silent, she'll have a job at Titan. Kate tells Nicole that as long as she and Eric work hard and keep their noses clean then there won't be any changes. Kate leaves and Nicole says she needs to make sure not to ever cross Kate. Nicole calls her mom again and learns that Taylor has gone to Titan. Nicole panics and rushes off.

Eric accuses Taylor of lying to him about being Nicole's sister. Taylor tries to explain, but Eric bites her head off. Eric tells her that he knows she didn't want people to know they were sisters and asked Nicole to lie for her. Taylor tells Eric it's about time he knew the truth about Nicole. Eric refuses to let Taylor speak and starts saying how he never thought she'd lie to him because they were getting so close. Taylor asks Eric why he thinks Nicole decided to tell him the truth about them being sisters now and Eric says Nicole was trying to prove her honesty. Eric tells her not to keep turning this around and blaming Nicole because if she hadn't told him they were sisters, than she (Taylor) would still be standing here lying to him. Taylor says she is not the liar and what Nicole told him is not how it happened at all.

Ali and Mike are taking a walk in the park. Mike is very quiet, he's thinking about his argument with Carrie. Ali asked Mike if he's thinking about Carrie. Ali tells Mike if he's to distracted thinking about his fight with Carrie they can do this another night. Mike says that he does want to be with her tonight. Ali wonders if Mike can concentrate on them and he tells Ali he can, and then he kisses her.

Carrie goes to the Cheatin' Heart and is thinking about her fight with Mike. Nancy shows up and tells Carrie that she figured this would be a great place to discuss the charity boxing match, Nancy invites her to the bar to talk. Nancy comments to Carrie how a guy keeps hitting on her at the bar, obviously her wedding ring means nothing to him. Nancy suggests to Carrie that they play some pool, but Carrie doesn't feel like playing. However, Nancy coaxes her into a game and questions her about her fight with Mike. Carrie says she told Mike he shouldn't be dating Ali. Nancy becomes upset and tells Carrie she wishes she hadn't done that. Carrie asks why and Nancy says that she obviously regrets it. Carrie says she did sound like a jealous girlfriend, but then strikes that from the record. Nancy tells Carrie that she knows she's devoted to the hospital and is only worried about its and Mike's reputation. Carrie says that if Ali becomes head nurse, Mike could be accused of favoritism. Nancy slyly mentions that she's already thought about that. Carrie tells Nancy that Mike is more involved with Ali than anyone realizes. Ali and Mike end up outside the Cheatin' Heart and Ali challenges Mike to a game of pool. Before they enter, Mike and Ali lock lips. Inside, Carrie spots Mike and Ali kissing and becomes upset.

Hope is grating some cheese for Bo's chili. They talk about Greta and how sad it is that John doesn't remember Greta. Bo tells Hope that he would like to get Greta's scars fixed, but Hope is more concerned for Greta's safety. Little do they know that Wayne and Earl are watching them from the bushes, but they don't see Swamp Girl. Earl suggests maybe Billie could help them, but Wayne thinks that is highly unlikely. Earl mentions that Bo's chili smells good and they watch Bo and Hope eat it. Hope starts telling Bo about all the fancy food she ate in Europe with Lily. Bo chuckles that if he was with her he would have embarrassed her because he doesn't know which fork to use. As they are about to end up in a food fight, they hear something outside. However, Hope attributes it to Halloween pranksters.

Still, Bo can't help but wonder if it could be Wayne and Earl. Bo and Hope begin talking about Princess Gina again and Hope tells Bo that she wants to go back to Europe. Bo says he'd love to go with her, but they need to make sure Greta is safe first. Bo asks Hope if she minds if they wait awhile before returning to Europe and she doesn't. Bo is happy and says they will find out the information together. Bo mentions all Hope's personality changes when she was playing Gina and hopes she won't revert to them when Lily comes to Salem for a visit and that she won't let Gina take over and prevent them from having a future together.

Hope tells Bo that her Gina habits won't take her over, but she's not sure if they can have a future together. Bo says they can reclaim the life they once had, even if they Billie can't let go of her anger. Bo says he wants to ask Billie for a divorce, but he didn't think she could handle this news right after Georgia's death. Hope says that Billie will never get over it and will play the victim till the day she dies. Bo tells Hope that if she can get past her guilt about Georgia's death, they can have a future together.

Roman tells Billie that she has to let Bo go just like he let Marlena go. He tells her that if she loves Bo, she should want him to be happy with Hope. Billie laughs and says if she can't have Bo than neither can Hope. Roman tells Billie that this unrequited love she has for Bo has turned into hate for Hope. Roman tells Billie she needs to move on, but Billie screams she can't when she has to relive Georgia's death! Roman asks Billie what in the hell she's talking about. Billie says she just meant every time she sees Hope she remembers the argument with Hope that caused Georgia's death

Roman becomes angry and tells Billie that Hope isn't the only one to blame, she didn't force Billie into a car and run her car into a ditch. Roman says Hope does take some responsibility for Georgia's death, which Billie says means her daughter didn't die completely in vane. Roman tells Billie that her hate for Hope is going to eat away at her until there is nothing left. Billie says she'll never stop hating Hope and she'll never stop loving Bo. Roman tells Billie what she needs to do is divorce Bo and move on. Billie says it is still a legitimate marriage and if Bo wanted a divorce he would have asked for one by now, so there could be a chance. Roman says Bo would have told her that by now if it were true, but Billie says he's been mesmerized by that witch Hope.

Billie says it's been a long night and thanks him. Roman says he was hoping they could have more nights like this, but obviously they can't if she keeps obsessing about Bo. Roman leaves and Billie tells herself that she can't let Bo and Hope learn the truth about Georgia. She realizes she has to bury Georgia's casket and who can help her. On his way out, Roman runs into Kate and he tells her that Billie needs some serious psychiatric. Back inside, Billie places a call to Erlene to ask how she can get in touch with Wayne and Earl. Billie places a call to Wayne and Earl and offers to tell them where Greta is if they perform a service for her.

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

Marie stops Nicole outside of the photo-lab. Marie tells her that Kate has a new contract for her to sign immediately. They go upstairs and Nicole signs the contract without reading it. Marie tells Nicole that she's never seen such a generous contract for a model at Titan before. Nicole attempts to leave, but Marie says she has four more copies for her to sign.

Taylor asks Eric why he assumes Nicole is telling him the truth. Eric says that Nicole has no reason to lie to him about this. Eric asks if she lied to him, but Taylor says it's more complicated. Eric explains how Nicole explained that they were close growing up, but she was always jealous of Nicole and didn't want to be compared to her. Eric tells Taylor that she didn't have to hide the truth, he likes her for who she is.

Taylor tells Eric that she doesn't want to be compared to Nicole because she doesn't want to be like Nicole. As Taylor is about to tell Eric the truth, Nicole shows up. Eric has to leave to sign some new contracts as well and he asks them not to go anywhere until he returns. Taylor tells Nicole she will tell Eric the truth. Nicole says if she does that, she'll lose her job and she and mom will be back out on the street. Taylor says she doesn't care, they'll be fine without her help. Nicole says that if she tells Eric the truth, she'll tell Eric that she has a crush on him.

Eric is about to sign his new contract, but learns from Kate that Sami was fired. He becomes angry and tells Kate to give Sami a break. Kate asks why she should do that when Sami never gave Lucas a break. Eric refuses to sign his new contract. Kate tells Eric that it would be a shame to let an opportunity like this to pass by.

Eric asks Taylor what she was going to tell him and Taylor backs up Nicole's story. Eric tells Taylor to just be herself. Taylor rushes out and says she hates Nicole. Nicole asks Eric if he'll hold this against her, which Eric says he won't. Nicole says she was hoping they could get back to their relationship, but Eric says he has some thinking to do first.

Ali plants a big kiss on Mike and suggest they go back to her place after they eat and play pool. Inside, Carrie is upset after seeing Mike and Ali kiss and Nancy sees Mike and Ali and knows why Carrie is upset. Nancy realizes that Carrie is in love with Mike and if she'd admit it, Ali would go nuts, there would be a huge scandal, and Mike would be forced to resign. Nancy asks Carrie if there is more to the situation with Ali and Mike than she admitting. Carrie says she doesn't know what she's talking about. When Ali kisses Mike again, Carrie tells Nancy she has to go and walks out.

Carrie goes back to her office and Nancy shows up to talk to her. Nancy tells Carrie that she knows she cares about Mike and that she had a crush on Mike when she was little, Mike told her. Nancy then tells Carrie about how she was engaged to marry another man, but when her first crush came back into her life, she ran off and eloped with him, and she's been happy with Craig ever since. She also tells Carrie that if she's that upset about her fight with Mike, she should go to the Cheatin' Heart and apologize. Besides, if he sees what a nice girl is like, he may see what a vicious bitch Ali is.

Craig shows up at the Cheatin' Heart to meet Nancy, but she's gone. Mike goes to the bar to buy them all another round and Craig asks Ali what is bothering Mike. Ali says she doesn't know and he seems so distracted. Craig tells her that Mike just has a lot of responsibilities, but she can help fix them. Ali excuses herself to go to the bathroom and Craig tells Mike that he thinks Ali is the best candidate for head nurse. Mike thanks him for his input, but he hasn't made his decision and wants to give everyone a fair chance. Mike tells Craig that Carrie is afraid how it will look if he gave Ali the job. Craig says that Carrie is a little over-concerned because he'd never let personal feelings get in the way of doing what is best for the hospital

Craig calls Nancy and they compare notes about what is going on. Craig doesn't want Carrie to try to break Ali and Mike up, but Nancy says even if she does, it will create another scandal and he'll (Craig) still win.

Bo tells Hope to stop blaming herself for Georgia's death. Hope says she's trying, but Billie keeps reminding her that it is her fault Georgia is dead. Hope says that Billie still thinks if it wasn't for her, she'd have Georgia and him. Bo tells her that he's made it clear to Billie that he loves her (Hope). Bo tells her to forgive herself, but Hope says she can't because she saw the look on his face when he learned the baby was dead. Hope says she caused Billie to go into labor, but Bo says he is responsible as well because he didn't pay attention to Billie

Bo says he can't imagine his life without her, and Hope feels the same. Bo asks Hope why are they apart then? Hope tells Bo that it's not just the baby that is standing in the way, it is the fact that he made love and a commitment to Billie. Bo admits he messed up and asks Hope if she'll ever forgive him. Hope tells him that she just doesn't know. Hope leaves and wonders why she can't forgive Bo, or herself.

Wayne and Earl debate whether to go see Billie about the deal she struck with them. Wayne doesn't know if he can believe Billie or not. As they pig out on dinner, they get a call from Stefano. Wayne tells him that they have a lead on Greta and will find her ASAP. Wayne and Earl argue over what to do, Earl wants to trust Billie. He points out that Billie sounded desperate, which Wayne agrees with.

Kate talks with Billie about her obsession with Bo and hatred of Hope. Billie says she's not obsessed with anyone and is leaving. Kate stops her and tells her this obsession is going to make her sick. Billie tells Kate that she is the one who is obsessed, she's obsessed with Sami and may go to prison for it. Kate asks Billie what she's talking about and Billie says tells her mom that she knows she covered up evidence dealing with Franco's murder. Billie tells her mom that she may be able to clear Sami for the murder, but plans to send her to jail for murder one. Billie warns Kate that Roman will learn the truth. Billie apologizes for accusing her mom, but she's just so upset right now. Kate says she knows that and that is why she has to let Bo be happy with Hope. Billie refuses and says that Hope is the reason Georgia is dead.

Kate tells Billie that they both know that isn't the truth and she should tell Hope that she's sorry for blaming her, but she doesn't need to tell Hope how and where the baby died. Billie says she can't do that because Hope ruined her life. Kate asks her to let Bo go, but Billie says if she can't have Bo then she'll make damn sure Hope doesn't have him either. Kate asks Billie to get professional help, but Billie just laughs at the suggestion. The doorbell rings and Billie answers it, it's Wayne and Earl. She tells them to go around back and meet her in the garage. Kate shows up and asks Billie who these men are. Billie says they are men collecting a check she promised for the mayor's charity drive, but says she left her checkbook at the office and she'll see them tomorrow. Billie decides to go out and promises Kate to think about what she said.

Billie meets Wayne and Earl in the garage and tells them that she'll tell them were Greta is after they help her bury Georgia. Wayne tells Billie to call a funeral parlor if she wants undertakers. Billie begs them to help her do this and they eventually agree, but only if she tells them where Greta is.

Bo goes to the Kirkiais Mansion to see Billie, but Kate says Billie is out. Bo sees the lights in the garage and decides to check it out. Bo shouts Billie's name, which she hears. Billie panics.

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

Outside the DiMera mansion, John walks up on Celeste who is decorating the house for Thanksgiving (hey, that's still a month away!) He wants to talk to her about Vivian, and proceedes to fill her in on what transpired at the Penthouse Grille. Celeste is perplexed as Vivian was fine at the rejuvination clinic just a couple weeks ago. John is certain that whatever is ailing Vivian has to do with Stefano. Celeste is puzzled: why would Stef send her to the clinic to make her sick again? John thinks he has found a way to make it seem that she is losing her mind so that he can contro all of her affairs.

Stefano and Dr. Rolf are talking in the foyer and Stefano breathes a sigh of relief that Vivian is going to sign over power of attorney to him. His plan has succeeded! Dr. Rolf points out that Vivian has agreed to sign in the past and has always changed her mind. But this time, Stefano says, he has her right where he wants her. Stefano has one concern, which is that once Viv has signed over power of attorney, he wants to make sure that Vivian will not have any emotional scars from the mood device. Dr. Rolf tries to give his assurance, but because this is cutting edge technology, he cannot say for sure. Rolf then concedes that Vivian will probably not fully recover from this ordeal.

In the guest bedroom, Vivian looks up from her bed and sees Jonsey. He once again issues the warning for her not to trust anyone. She wants to continue talking to him, when he vanishes and Stefano enters. He says that he heard her voice and Viv tells him that she was talking to Jonsey. Stefano tells her that it is a symptom of the dimentia. He continues to tell her that she is having a mental breakdown and Vivian believes him. He conveniently has the power of attorney papers ready for her to sign. He continues to comfort her, telling her things that she wants to hear....he cares for her, he wants to take care of her and the like. Vivian still worries about Jonsey's advice when the doorbell rings. Stefano goes to answer it and leaves Vivian to look over the papers and sign them. After Stef leaves, Vivian calls out Jonsey.

Stefano comes down stairs calling for the maid to answer the door. When she does not answer, he opens the door and John and Celeste come sauntering in requesting to see Vivian. Stefano tells the two that she is resting and Celeste takes off for the bedroom. Stefano calls after her, but Celeste doesn't listen. Stefano is furious these two have come and John tells him that he is there to look out for Vivian. Stefano smugly tells him that it is too late, Vivian has signed the power of attorney. John and Stefano start raising their voices and arguing about Vivian. John is so furious, he grabs Stefano by the throat and chokes him.

Celeste goes in to see Vivian and she tells her that John is here and concerned about her. Vivian tells her that Stefano has been a rock to her these past months and confides in Celeste that she thinks Stefano is in love with her. Celeste is quick to cast her doubts, saying she knows from experience what a relationship with Stefano can be like. Vivian then tells her that she has seen Jonsey, which piques Celeste's curiosity. Vivian is still in a quandry as to who to believe, when she finally decides. She uses the highly scientific eenie-meenie-miney-moe method and agrees to sign the papers. She orders Celeste to find a pen and Celeste goes to Stefano jacket. Looking in the pocket, she finds Stefano's remote device. Celeste shows it to Vivian and wonders what it is.

Hope is in the Horton kitchen, recalling a raving mad Billie who screams that it is Hope's fault for killing little Georgia. Hope is saddened and distracted when Greta walks in. Greta wonders where Bo is and learns that he has gone out for a while, probably to see Billie. Greta sees that is bothers Hope that Bo is still emotionally attached to Billie. Hope says that she knows Billie still loves him and they will always be connected. Greta surmises it is because of their lost child. Hope tells her that it was she who caused Billie to lose the baby after their fight at Salem Place. Greta recalls Billie's plea to not let anyone know where she lost her baby. Greta looks at Hope and tells her not to blame herself, the baby's death had nothing to do with their fight. Hope is curious how Greta would know and she covers saying a verbal argument does not cause babies to die, there must have been something wrong with Billie's pregnancy. Hope thinks it is sweet that Greta is trying to ease her conscience, but Hope says that she will always carry around this guilt. In fact, Hope tells Greta she thought Billie was trying to get her out of Salem and back to the bayou. She confesses that Billie was not lying about seeing Wayne and Earl and that she doubted Billie. Hope then looks at Greta and asks her if Billie did try to get her to leave. Greta says that she is just concerned about her safety. Hope says that Bo will always protect her.

Greta and Hope begin talking about Father John and Gina. Greta does not remember much about her mother, but recalls how safe she felt with Father John. They both want to know why Stefano turned Hope into Gina. Greta laments that she has no momentos of her mother. Hope perks up and says that she does. Hope brings out the handkerchief and the silver comb. Hope tells her that there is a matching brush, and Greta happily says that she had it down at Maison Blanche. This leads Hope to the question of the compact. Hope tells her that she had it in the bayou when she lost it. In fact, when she and Bo were camping in the bayou, her backpack had been opened and the compact missing. Hope puts two and two together and realizes that Greta was the one who took it.

A frantic Billie hears Bo call her name from outside. Wayne and Earl, who are in the locked garage with her, are desperate to find a way out. Bo finds a spare key and, before he can unlock the door, Kate arrives. She wants to talk to him about Billie's mental state. She warns him that Billie has been moody and emotional because of him and the fact that he is still married to her. But while they are on the subject of unsolicited advice, he yells at her that Billie's current state is Kate's fault. He turns back to the garage door and opens it and calls Billie's name. He sees that no one is there and turns back to Kate. He lays into Kate for hiring Franco to break him and Hope up. If she did not hire Franco, Bo and Hope would be together and none of this would be happening. Kate doesn't back down, saying she she loves her daughter and turns the coversation back to Bo's wrongdoings: getting her pregnant then not being by her side and then leaving her for months right after the loss of the child. It's Bo's fault for Billie's problems.

Inside the garage, Bo wonders where Billie is. Kate says that she was in a "bad way" and left. Kate then yells at him that he does not care anything about her daughter. Bo's own brother, Roman, cares more for her than he does. Bo can't believe that Kate is lecturing him, but tells her that he has not filed for divorce because he did not want to add to of all the other stuff Billie is going through. Kate keeps at him, and Bo turns to her and tells her that no one is blameless, even Billie. Bo continues saying that Billie keeps tormenting Hope about the loss of their baby, and that's not good. That is why he is there now, to help her get past it. Bo still wonders where Billie may have gone, when Kate tells him that she is probably at Georgia's grave. Bo sees the empty crate and wonders what is in it. Kate's explanation that it is a Countess Whillamena shipment does not make sense to Bo, so he decides to look at the cemetary.

Carrying baby Georgia's coffin, Wayne, Earl and Billie have arrived at the graveyard and stop at Georgia's grave site. Billie is anxious for them to bury her daughter. A noise startles the group and it is a bunch of teenagers in halloween masks who are spray painting the headstone and vandalizing the graves. This angers the boys and they scare off the kids. When they come back, Billie wants them to get started. Wayne and Earl are suspicious, and want to know where Swamp Girl is. Billie tells them once they are finished, she will tell them. They threaten to walk out unless she tells them now. Since Billie does not know, but knows that Hope does, she calls Hope. Hope, who is trying to make amends for all the times she unfairly accused Billie, divulges that Greta is with her at the Horton house. After they re-bury Georgia, Billie tells the boys where Greta is. Billie decides to stay and begins talking to Georgia. She prays that she is finally at peace. Crying, she tells her that her mommy and daddy will always love her. Billie is holding the compact and when she turns around, she sees Bo at Georgia's grave. He wonders what is going on.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Ali and Mike are kissing by the pool table when Craig walks by and sees them. Ali looks at Mike and asks if she has succeeded in making him forget whatever is bothering him. Mike recalls his fight with Carrie about his personal life. Ali and Mike are playing pool, which Ali wins quite easily. She decides to collect her winnings: an evening with Mike at her place. He is tempted, but asks for a rain check. A dejected Ali says that she must not have made him forget his troubles. She agrees, though and leaves. Mike says to himself it would be easier if he could just forget about Carrie.

Meanwhile, Carrie is at the hospital recalling the same moment when Nancy walks up to her and asks her if she is going to see Mike. Carrie says she's not, that she should get home to Austin. Knowing that a perfect opportunity to further their scheme will be lost, Nancy tells Carrie that she can't. Carrie is suspicious of Nancy wondering why she is adamant. Nancy covers saying that she cares about her and knows that she will feel better if she talks to Mike. Nancy hands her the phone and tells her to give Mike a call. She decides to take the opportunity to call her husband.

Craig comes sauntering up to his wife, gleeful that Ali has cheered Mike up. Perfect, his wife tells him, because she has arranged for Carrie to talk to Mike. This confuses Craig, and Nancy tells him to think about the big picture: Mike now has two choices....Carrie, a married woman and Ali, who, if she gets the head nurse job, will alieninate and anger the staff because she slept her way to the position. No matter which choice Mike makes, it will be a scandal. Craig is beaming at his wife for her devious ways.

At the boxing gym, Austin is hitting away at a punching bag as his manager, Darryl, is telling him what a champ he is. Austin rationalizes that once Carrie sees how much he enjoys being back in the ring, she will accept that he wants to return to boxing. Plus, since Carrie is doing a job that she loves, she should have no qualms about letting Austin do the thing that he loves. Austin gets a call from Carrie, who apologizes for not making dinner at the Penthouse Grille. She asks how much longer he's going to be and he tells her probably a couple hours. They agree to meet later at their place and they say they love each other. As Carrie hangs up the phone, Craig lets it "slip" that Ali is coming back in to cover the short staffed hospital. Nancy uses this tidbit and tells her this is a sign that she should go and see Mike.

Austin is sparring with another boxer and he beats the man easily. Darryl can't wait to sign Austin up for many boxing matches. Austin tells him to wait until after Sami's trial. As for tonight, he wants to get home to his wife as they need some time together. Austin goes to the hospital looking for Carrie. He runs into Nancy who tells him that Carrie has gone to the Cheatin' Heart to see Mike. Craig and Nancy are revelling in their treachery, and Nancy can't wait to have everyone sucking up to her and Craig once he becomes COS. He kisses his wife and tells her that it will happen.

Carrie is standing outside the Cheatin' Heart in the rain. Through the window, she sees Mike alone. Carrie wonders why she even showed up, and turns to leave. Mike come out of the bar and sees Carrie. He calls to her and she turns around. The two begin talking, and they both apologize to each other. Carrie is consumed with guilt, saying that she did make a commitment to Austin, but she has these feeling for Mike in her heart. Mike is elated to hear this and tells her that he can't stop thinking about her either. He leans in, and the two kiss passionately.

Austin is walking in the back alley of the Cheatin' Heart. He looks down the alley and exclaims, "Oh, my God."

Thursday, November 5, 1998

At the nurse's station, Craig can't believe that Nancy has sent Austin to the Cheatin' Heart to see Carrie and Mike. That would ruin everything, he says. Nancy explains that this mess between Carrie, Austin and Mike is just what they need to get Mike out of the COS office.

Outside the Cheatin' Heart, Mike and Carrie are confessing their true feeling for each other. Mike leans in and the two kiss passionately. Austin looks down the alley near the bar and exclaims, "Oh, my God." He looks down and sees a boy lying on the ground. The boy has been hurt and whispers that he was struck by a car and his name is Tommy Lassiter. He passes out and Austin knows he has to get help.

Carrie pulls away from Mike and asks what has she done. She rushes off, with Mike following her. In the alley, Carrie is mad at herself for allowing the kiss to happen. Mike tries to take the blame for it, but Carrie won't let him. She tells him that they can't just deny their feelings and push them aside, but she doesn't know what to do. Mike suggests that they go back to the bar and talk about what to do. Inside, Carrie reveals that one minute she is consumed with guilt and the next she wants him to hold her in his arms. Mike tries to get her to stop, but she tells him that it is truth. Mike tells her that she has to look at her feeling objectively. Carrie says that she loves Austin and she doesn't want to hurt him, but she has these feelings for him. Mike says he does too, but that they have to put their feelings aside. Carrie recalls that Mike tried to stop her from marrying Austin and realizes that he had feelings for her back then. Mike admits it and Carrie is shocked that she had no idea. Mike said that he knew that she and Austin were meant to be together and they are not. He tells her that she's just confused because of everything that is going on with Sami and the guardianship issue. She still feels guilty that she always turns to him rather than Austin. She thinks perhaps she should quit her job, but she does not want to because she loves it. Mike is relieved to hear that, as she is great at her job. They hold hands and make a promise not to let their feeling for each other ruin their lives.

Austin arrives at the hospital carrying Tommy in his arms. He tells Ali what happened and they wheel the boy off. Ali asks him why he didn't call 911 for an ambulance and Austin said that his car was right there and new the boy needed help immediately. Ali tells him that was the right thing to do as there was a major accident and the EMS crew would not get to them for a long time. Nancy comes up to him and praises him for helping. She wonders if he saw Carrie at the Cheatin' Heart, but he tells her that he saw the boy before he saw Carrie. Nancy tries to get him to go back, but Austin wants to stay to see how the boy is doing. Deciding not to push it, she relents, but is worried that her plan is going awry. Later, Ali comes out an updates Austin on the boy's condition. Tommy's parents come rushing in and learn that Austin saved their son. They thank him profusely and leave. Nancy comes up to his and calls him a hero. She wonders aloud if he's seen Carrie and when he says that he did not, she wonders what could be taking Carrie so long.

Carrie and Mike walk in and she sees Austin. The Lassiter's come up and thank Austin again. Carrie learns what Austin did and Mrs. Lassiter tells Carrie that she is married to a very special man. The parents leave and Mike congratulates Austin on his quick thinking. Austin and Carrie decide to go home. Mike looks on at the two of them and watches them leave. Craig and Nancy see the exchange between Carrie and Mike and know that something happened. So they decide to move to the next phase of their plan.

Stefano is being strangled by John, who swears that he will not ruin his aunt's life like he did so many others. Stefano breaks away, readjusts his tie, and the two continue arguing about Vivian. Stefano says that John should be thanking him because he let John have the fair Marlena. This enrages John, who goes after Stefano again, breaking a lamp in the process as the two struggle.

Vivian and Celeste are looking at the device, when Celeste mentions it must be a remote control. She turns her back to Vivian and pushes the "Down" button. Vivian looks like she is about to cry and staggers over to the bed. Celeste, who does not see this, pushes the "Normal" button, and Vivian looks up and clutches her head. She gets up off the bed and then Celeste turns around and asks how she is doing. Vivian says she is putting her trust in Stefano, much to Celeste's dismay. Vivian orders Celeste to get her a pen, when they hear a crashing noise downstairs and go to investigate.

Vivian and Celeste rush in a pull the two men off each other. Vivian demands an explanation and Stefano tells her that John will do anything to keep them apart, a fact that John does not deny. Vivian tells the group that she is confused as to who to trust. As long as she has signed the power of attorney over to him, everything will be alright. Vivian admits that she has not signed the papers, and this is a relief to John. He looks at her and tells her that he cares for her. Since Stefano erased his past, he does not recall being an Alamain. But she is his only relative in Salem, and vice versa. He wants to protect her and build a relationship with her. Vivian is touched, but Stefano just laughs when he hears this. He points out to Vivian that John was the one who watched her get arrested in France and stood by as all her fortune was turned over to the police. John admits that at that time, they were not close, but he wants to change that.

Stefano continues, asking Vivian when the last time was John said he cared for her. Vivian cannot answer, and Stefano presses, asking when the last time was he said he cared for her. "Today" she replies. She's still confused and John tries to get through to her again saying all he wants is for her to get better and that Stefano will only hurt her. Stefano never does anything without an ulterior motive that will benefit him. Vivian looks at both men and says that she has made up her mind and is ready to sign. Stefano returns with the papers and Vivian signs. He then gives the pen to Celeste to sign as a witness. She is reluctant and Vivian assures her that this is what she wants.

At Georgia's grave, Bo is wondering why there is fresh dirt on the gravesite. Billie lies and says that vandals were desecrating the cemetery and shows him other headstones that had been spray-painted. Bo believes the story but wonders why she is there. She says that she got a call from the groundskeeper about the vandals and came out to make sure Georgia's site was not disturbed. She was able to scare the kids off. Bo still wonders why she is still there. She says that she wanted to talk to her daughter, that she feels that her baby is in her heart when she is there. Bo tries to comfort Billie, saying that she will always be in his heart, when Billie breaks down and cries. She wonders why Georgia had to die and she drops to the ground. Bo puts his arms around her and holds her, saying that she did not realize she was in so much pain. Billie takes this as a sign that she can guilt Bo, and continues on. Bo says that they should come here more often to pray for their daughter, and Billie says that she would love that. She asks if Bo ever thinks about her, and Bo says he does. He says he wonders what it would be like to hold her. Billie says she thinks about the three of them as a family, pushing a stroller as they walk and people saying what a beautiful baby she is. Billie starts crying again saying she really wanted to give Bo a daughter. Billie says that she needed to go there to tell Georgia how much she loves her. She then asks if Bo would like to talk to his daughter and he agrees. He wishes he could have had the opportunity to meet her, but that eventually they will meet in heaven. Until then, he will hold her in his heart, and her mother will too. He finishes by saying that he loves her and turns to Billie to take her home. Billie protests saying that she really needs to stay there. He leaves, but not before giving her a kiss on the cheek. As he walks away, Billie puts a hand to her cheek and caresses it. She says that she has not felt this close to Bo in ages and that he still cares for her, but that Hope is in the way. If only Greta would leave Salem, everything would be perfect. Since Wayne and Earl are taking care of Greta, her secret will be safe.

Outside, Wayne and Earl and peering into a the window of the Horton kitchen. They see Hope and Greta talking. Hope asks her about the compact. Hope realizes that Great is the one that took it in the bayou, but she does not get angry. Greta has a memory of Hope, sporting the red highlights, looking at herself in the compact. Back to reality, Greta tells her that Hope used to bring it with her to Maison Blanche. Hope is intrigued, and tells her that Celeste told her that it belonged to Gina. This prompts Hope to ask Greta if she recalls her mother ever carrying the compact around. Greta says she is not sure and wonders why Hope is so curious about it. Hope believes that it may trigger more memories of her life as Gina. Hope asks her if she brought the compact with her to Salem. Before she could answer, the lights go out in the house. Hope assumes it is a blown circuit from the storm and goes to investigate.

Greta is alone in the kitchen and Hope is at the breaker box. She opens the box and sees that the wires have been cut. Crying out Greta's name, she rushes back into the kitchen. Inside, Greta is screaming and fighting off Wayne and Earl, who are holding her and trying to kidnap her. Hope arrives and starts fighting with Earl as Wayne still has Greta. Hope and Earl hear a crash and they look up to see Alice, holding a lamp that she has just bashed over the head of Wayne. Mrs. H. tells them to get out of her house and the two scamper out, but not before Hope kicks Earl in the butt on the way out. Hope turns to her Gran to make sure she is OK and does the same to Greta. Seeing that both women are OK, Hope takes off after the two. She runs out in time to hear the car take off.

Back inside, the three are sitting around the kitchen table in the dark. Bo arrives and wonders what has happened. When Hope fills him in, he wonders how the boys could have known that Greta was there, only they and John knew. Hope recalls her phone call with Billie and realizes that she is the one who told the boys where Greta was. Without telling Bo of her suspicions, she quickly gets up and asks where Billie is. Learning she is at Georgia's grave, she takes off, quite upset saying that she has to take care of Billie once and for all. Bo assures Greta that she is safe and he will always protect her.

At the cemetery, Wayne and Earl show up and meet Billie. They tell her that they almost had her, but Hope came in and broke it up and some old lady konked Wayne on the head. Billie can't believe what she is hearing, and neither can Hope, who is hiding behind some trees.

Friday, November 6, 1998

Eric is leaving his apartment and recalls a game of truth or dare with Nicole, Carrie and Austin. Nicole chose the dare, and Eric now understands why she did. As he is walking down the hall, he runs into Carrie and Austin. They guess that Eric's distracted look is because of Nicole. When he agrees, Carrie and Austin tell him that they are sorry they broke up. He tells them that he thought Nicole was a nice person, but he was wrong. He looks at the two and says that at least it is nice that there are couples who communicate and don't keep secrets. Carrie frowns, and looks guilty.

Austin and Carrie invite Eric in to talk about his problems. Eric goes on about honesty, saying he wishes he had a relationship like Carrie and Austin, one based on trust and honesty. Carrie recalls her kiss with Mike and tells her half-brother that no relationship is perfect. He says that he does not trust Nicole and learned that she kept another secret from him....that she and Taylor were sisters. Carrie and Austin can't believe it, and Eric says that Nicole told him that Taylor was the one who wanted to keep the secret. Eric goes on to explain that Taylor did not want to be compared to her sister, and Carrie can understand that. She says that she would not want people to judge her based on the actions of Sami. Eric understands, but counters that she would admit that they were sisters. Carrie concedes this point. Austin wonders if Nicole is really telling the truth. Since Eric said that Taylor was the last person he thought would lie, perhaps Nicole is still lying to him.

Austin asks Eric how he feels about Nicole and he can't answer it. Austin tells him that perhaps it's good he found out now, and can look for someone else. Just like he found Carrie, and he trusts her. This rattles Carrie again, but she does not say anything. Eric gets up to leave and Carrie asks if he's going to see Nicole. He tells her that he doesn't know, he needs to do some walking. As Austin walks Eric out, Carrie looks at her wedding ring and remembers her vows to Austin. She says that she can't lie to Austin anymore.

Carrie is getting ready for bed, when Austin comes in. He walks up behind his wife and gives her a hug. He asys that he's glad he does not have to be in the dating world again, and she tells him that she loves him. She turns to him and tells him that there is something important she needs to talk to him about. She says that she knows he wants to start a family, to which he replies as much as she does not. "Not true," Carrie says. She's changed her mind and wants to have his baby. In fact, she says they should start working on it this evening. As they kiss, Austin tells her that it makes him very happy. When she asks him what he thinks, he says that they should wait until tomorrow. Carrie is confused, but Austin says that it has been a long day, and they are both tired. Since it is a special decision, they should start tomorrow and he will make it the most special evening they have ever had.

Nicole is pacing around her apartment, picks up the phone and puts it down again. She wants to call Eric, but she tells herself not to push it, give him space and he will come back to her. On the intercom, the doorman informs her that she has a visitor. Inviting the mystery person up, Nicole is hopeful that it is Eric. When she opens the door, Taylor is there, not very happy with her sister.

Taylor storms in and lays into her sister. She says that they all have choices and Nicole has a habit of always making bad ones. Nicole says that if Eric knew the truth, she would be out of a job. Taylor calls her bluff saying she knew that she just signed a new contract and was in no danger of losing her job. Nicole presses, saying that if she lost her job, then she would not be able to give Taylor and her mom money. Taylor tells her to stop the saintly sister act, saying that she does not care about anyone else. If she did, she would not have ruined the best friendship she ever had. Nicole looks taken aback and guesses she means Eric. Nicole tells her that Eric is not her friend. Taylor is hurt by the remark, and Nicole can see that Taylor has a major crush on Eric, and tells her so. Taylor denies it saying they are just really good friends, or at least they were, no thanks to Nicole. Nikki keeps it up saying that Taylor has it real bad for him. Taylor calls her a mean spirited, selfish person. Nicole is shocked that her sister is saying these things to her. Taylor continues saying she can't believe that Nicole lied to Eric and made it seem like she was the one who wanted to keep the secret.

Nicole continues to put her sister down, saying Eric is way out of her league. Taylor sarcastically asks if he is in Nicole's league. Taylor adds that Nicole has a way of dragging guys down, just like what happened with Jay. Nicole is shocked, and Taylor says that Jay was a nice person before he got involved with Nicole. Taylor is getting fed up talking to her, and reaches into her purse. The real reason she came over was to give back the money Nicole gave Taylor. Nicole won't take it back and Taylor tells her that they won't need her money anymore. Nicole tells her that she'll have to scrub alot of toilets to keep out of debt. Taylor gleefully tells her that she has a good paying job working for Mrs. Roberts as Lucas' live-in physical therapist with a big raise. Nicole can't believe it, and Taylor tells her sister that some people actually get rewarded for being nice and doing a good job. Taylor storms out of Nicole's apartment.

Nicole is shaken from her confrontation with Taylor. Her doorbell rings and when she answers it, she is met by a person holding many pizza boxes. When she tells the person there must be some mistake, the person lowers the boxes and it is Eric. Nicole is overjoyed to see him and pulls him into her apartment and kisses him. Taylor, who had left, but returned for her scarf, sees the two kissing and is furious.

Vivian has already signed the power of attorney and Celeste, who glances down at it, smiles slightly as she witnesses it. John is still trying to persuade Vivian that she does not have to do this, but she is adamant. Victorious, Stefano takes the papers from Celeste and looks down at them. He pauses, and asks Vivian if this is some kind of joke. John is confused, and Vivian assures Stefano that it is no joke. Seems John's plea for family unity struck a chord with Vivian and she signed power of attorney over to John. Stefano, trying to contain his anger, tells Vivian that he was only looking out for her best interest. John and Celeste escort Vivian home. As they leave, John picks up a chess piece and tells Stefano, "Check." Stefano curses John and vows that he won't let him get away with this.

Dr. Rolf is lamenting their bad fortune with Stefano. He wonders how Stef will turn this into an advantage and Stefano tells him there is always a way. He pulls out the device and tells Rolf that he will just use it to control Vivian again until she changes her mind. Rolf sighs and tells him that he never intended for Stefano to use the device for so long. Stefano counters saying can he help it that she is so stubborn. Rolf continues saying each time Stefano uses the device, he is playing Russian roulette with Vivian's life. If she were to die, John would have everything. Stefano rubs his forehead and tells Rolf that he has controlled John in the past, maybe he could do it again. He sighs, and wishes he could turn Hope into Gina again, things would be much easier. Rolf informs his boss that he's been working on a computer program night and day, but the satellite is not in place. Since Stefano has no choice, he will move to plan "B" for Vivian. When Rolf asks what plan "B" is, Stefano shows him some notes that he has written down. Rolf praises Stefano for outdoing himself. Stefano just looks on and laughs.

Stefano and Rolf are watching Viv-TV, and Vivian is laying into John saying that Stefano does have feeling for her. She is suddenly overcome with a wave of exhaustion and collapses on the couch. A concerned Stefano asks Rolf if she is going to die. Rolf doesn't think so, but tells him not to use the device anymore. Celeste takes Vivian up to her room, leaving John alone. He comments that Jonsey had an amazing art collection, and an upset Stefano says that he can't believe he has to deal with the likes of him again. But he vows John will never get his hands on his art collection again. John and Celeste are talking, and they say they need to know what Stefano has planned for Vivian. Stefano, who is still listening in, says that they will never know what is in store for her.

Vivian sees Jonsey in her mirror. She tells him that she can trust Stefano and even thinks that he's in love with her. Vivian asks if this makes Jonsey jealous, to which he disappears in a rumbling puff of smoke. Vivian says that she must have hit a nerve. She nervously makes her way to her bed, saying she can't deal with the feelings of a ghost right now. Jonsey's voice comes through, telling her that she will be very, very sorry. Looking around, she pleads for Jonsey to leave her alone.

Bo hangs up with Abe and tells Greta that she is going to have police protection and that an APB was issued for Wayne and Earl for attempted kidnapping. Greta is just thankful that Hope and Mrs. Horton were there to rescue her from the boys. Bo, laughing, says he wished he could have seen Mrs. H. whack Wayne over the head with the lamp. Greta asks where he was and he tells her that he went to see Billie about ending their marriage. Greta surmises that it must have been hard for Billie to take, and Bo informs her that he never broached the subject; when he found Billie, she was at their daughter's site. Greta remembers when Billie asked her to promise not to tell Bo about Georgia's death. Bo brings her back to reality and asks what she was thinking about. Greta looks at him and tells him she was thinking about Billie and the baby.

Greta continues saying that Billie is a strong person. Bo agrees, but confides that he put her through hell this past year. He tells Greta that when he and Billie came back from Europe, he promised Billie that he would be with her. But, no matter how hard he tried to keep that promise, he could not stop loving Hope. Greta says because Hope is the love of his life, and he agrees. But, he starts beating himself up saying that it does not forgive what he did to Billie. He continues saying that when he saw her in the graveyard tonight, it was the first time they had a chance to grieve. He knows that Billie is hurting and that's why he could not bring up the divorce; it would be too devastating.

Greta, who is hearing the guilt and anguish in Bo's voice when he talks about Georgia, wants to tell him the truth. Bo is upset that he was not with Billie when she gave birth at the country doctor's place outside of Salem. He's sad that he never got a chance to hold his little girl. Greta looks at him and tells him that it was not his fault. When he asks why she says that, she covers saying that things happen that are out of his control. But Bo continues to feel guilty, and Greta cannot stand it anymore. With her voice wavering, she tells Bo that she is sorry that she has not been completely honest with him, but she will tell him everything that she knows. She proceeds to tell him that Billie lost the baby in the bayou and that the gravesite that they came upon was his daughter's grave.

Hope can't believe what she is hearing. Billie is talking to the boys and learns that they did not get Greta, that Hope and some old lady beat them up and they had to run away. Billie is furious that Greta is not gone. She tells them that she went through a lot of trouble to keep her secret about Georgia from Bo and can't risk having it exposed by Greta. Hope is curious what that statement meant. Billie continues to tell the boys that she lost the baby in the bayou and that she is thankful that they helped her to bury her here. Hope is stunned to learn this. The boys want to leave to try to find Greta again. Billie tells them that Bo probably has moved her and has police protection and that she can't help them anymore. They leave and Billie turns to talk to her daughter. Hope walks up behind Billie, but does not let her presence be known. Billie says that tonight was the closest she and Bo have been in a long time and that she is certain Bo still loves her. If it were not for Hope, they would be together.

Hope can't contain her anger, and tells Billie like hell they would. Billie turns around, stunned to see Hope. She wonders how long Hope has been there and Hope tells her she knows the whole story. Hope goes on to say that Billie's lies have put everyone through hell. Billie continues to stick to her story that Hope is the reason she lost her baby and Hope says she can't wait to hear how this plays out. Billie continues, saying that she went to New Orleans to tell Bo the good news about the amnio. But, when she got there, he was helping Hope and the stress of the situation made her go into premature labor. So even if Bo learns the truth about how Georgia died, he will never take Hope back because she caused it. Hope yells back that that is the difference between them. Hope does not want to base a relationship on other people's pain. Hope turns to leave, and thinks better of it. She looks at Billie and tells her that this is something she's been wanting to do for a long time. Hope hauls off and gives Billie a right hook across the face. Hope then says that she is going to tell Bo exactly what has happened and she will never have Bo again. As Hope storms off, Billie starts crying and sinks to the ground saying that she's lost her baby and she's lost Bo.

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