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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on DAYS
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Monday November 9, 1998

Taylor sees Nicole and Eric kiss and make up. Taylor is crushed that Eric believes Nicole when she is nothing but a liar. Eric tells Nicole that he's calmed down enough to not only see his own pain, but hers as well. He tells her that he understands that she was ashamed of her past, but she should have told him the truth in LA when he got into that fight with Jay. Nicole tells Eric that she knows that, but Jay is no longer in her life anymore.

Nicole tells him that she never lied to him about her feelings and that he is the best man she's ever known. Eric tells her "no more lies," and Nicole swears that the lying is over. She asks him if he can trust her again and he gives her an answer with a kiss.

Kate tells Lucas to focus on his physical therapy for a speedy recovery. Lucas doesn't think his recovery will be very speedy once he leaves the hospital, but Kate tells him that she's hired Taylor to be his personal therapist. Lucas asks why Taylor? Kate says she is good and is the kind of person who can reach and motivate him. Lucas tells his mom that he is getting better for his son, and for someone else. Kate sees Nicole's little poem and Lucas tells her that Nicole gave it to him. Kate thinks Nicole is just trying to use him to save her own job, but Lucas doesn't believe that and thinks that Nicole is single now that she and Eric are finished.

He says that he plans to date Nicole when he's better. Kate tells Lucas that right now he needs to concentrate on getting better and preparing for Sami's trial. Kate tells him they could be called to testify, so they have to make sure their stories are perfect. Lucas and Kate disagree about lying under oath. Lucas says that sending an innocent woman to jail for a crime he committed isn't his idea of a good time. Lucas tells his mom that pulling this off won't be easy with Roman poking around all the time. Kate tells him that Roman won't find anything, plus his involvement with Billie will keep him away from them.

Taylor accepts Kate's job offer. Taylor goes in to see Lucas, who is looking at a picture of Nicole in a magazine. Taylor lashes out at him and tells him that everyone thinks her sister is so great. Lucas stops her and asks "Nicole is your sister?" Taylor says he probably can't believe someone like her is Nicole's sister. Lucas says that's not what he meant, but that is how Taylor took it and she ends up storming out of his room.

Stefano informs Rolf that he will not lose his art treasures to John. They watch John talking with Celeste on the monitor. Celeste warns John to be careful, and he says he always is. Stefano tells John that he doesn't have what it takes to beat him and if necessary he'll make him his pawn again. Rolf tells him that it has been years since he controlled John and it could be dangerous. Stefano knows and then he recalls erasing John's memory when he was a priest with a full beard. Stefano comes back to the present and tells Rolf that he knows what the risks are, but he must complete his mission.

Stefano wonders why Billie ratted out Greta. Later, Stefano talks with Rolf about John and Hope's memories, which are on a couple of CDs. Stefano tells Rolf that he needs to turn Hope back into Gina to achieve his ultimate goal, the complete destruction of the Brady family.

Roman finds Billie crying at the pub and she begs Roman not to hate her when he learns what she's done. Roman says they can work it out, but she tells him not this time. Billie tells Roman that what she did, she did in the name of love, and he should hear this from her because their relationship deserves it. Billie tells Roman that she lied about Georgia. Billie explains the entire story to Roman, who is speechless.

Billie says she was just so hurt and angry, but Roman knows she wanted Bo to blame Hope for their baby's death. Billie says that is right and she is sorry. Roman asks if she's sorry about what she did, or because she got caught. Roman asks if she ever would have told him the truth, but she tells him no because if she did she wouldn't have been able to keep Bo. Billie asks him if he wouldn't have done the same to keep Marlena?

Roman says thinking about doing something and doing it are two different things. He tells her that he no longer knows who she is. Billie begs him not to shut her out because he's her only friend in the world. Roman tells her that she divided his family and he stood by her and protected and comforted her. Roman tells her that the only thing he can feel is sorry for her, but he can't forgive her.

Hope shows up and confirms Greta's story. Hope tells Bo that Billie lied to them to keep them apart. Bo refuses to believe it, but Greta tells him she saw them bury the baby in the bayou. She tells them that she wanted to tell him, but Billie convinced her not to. Bo doesn't understand because he buried Georgia in Salem, but Hope tells him that they buried an empty casket, but tonight she buried the real Georgia. Hope also tells him that Billie was the one who told Wayne and Earl where Greta was. Greta apologizes to them, but Hope tells her it's not her fault.

Greta decides to go out for some air and Bo apologizes to Hope. Bo doesn't understand how she could use their child's death to scheme to win his love. Hope says that is exactly why she did it, plus she knew it would keep them apart. Bo tells Hope that it has done just that. Bo asks Hope now that she knows the truth, can she love him again? Hope tells Bo she doesn't know because so much has happened. Bo says that he knows there is more to deal with than Billie, like his horrible mistakes. He tells Hope that it will take time, but can they begin again? Hope tells Bo that she needs a little time. Bo tells her that is fine, but he will have her as his wife again and nothing will keep them apart this time. Hope hugs Bo and smiles.

Greta calls John and tells him that she needs to talk to him. He tells her he will be right over to talk to her. John arrives shortly after Greta's call to him and she explains some of what happened, but says Bo and Hope should tell him the whole story. Greta tells John the reason she called him here was because she wants to help him learn the truth. Greta says she knows Bo loves Hope and she's grateful to him for bringing her to Salem and finding him (John).

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

Carrie makes Austin a huge homemade breakfast. Austin tells Carrie that he's really happy she wants to start a family. Austin goes to get the paper and finds that Sami's on the front page again. Austin is upset and Austin and Carrie end up arguing about Sami. Carrie tells Austin she can't forget what Sami put her through and no matter what Franco did, there is no justification for killing him. Austin says perhaps it was Sami lost control and acted on impulse. He asks Carrie if that has every happened to her. Carrie remembers kissing Mike and says when she acted on impulse, someone didn't die.

Sami shows up at the hospital, and tells them that she's knows they are talking about her and they give her the paper. Kate shows up and start telling Sami how this just proves she's a violent person. They begin to argue and Sami accuses Kate of hiring the photographer. Kate says that there was no way she could have planned for Vivian to go nuts and Sami would slap her. Mentally, Kate wonders how Stefano knew. Sami tells Kate that if she goes to prison, she will use her blackmail because she'll have nothing else to lose. Kate tells her that she does, she would lose the love and respect of her family, Austin, and eventually Will.

Sami goes to see Will and sits with him. She cries that she'll never be able to be there for all his first date, school dance, but she knows he'll turn into a wonderful young man and she'll always love him. Austin shows up and tells Sami that he'll do everything he can to make sure she's there. Austin and Sami decide to take a walk and Austin asks a nurse to please stay with Will. Austin tells Sami that God loves her regardless of what she's done, and he will forgive her if she has repented in her heart.

Mike checks Lucas out of the hospital, but before that, they start arguing about Sami. Mike tells Lucas that he finds it hard that Sami could shoot Franco and she could be put to death for it. Lucas says that he doesn't want Sami to go to prison or die, but when he tried to make amends with her, she tried to strangle him. Lucas tells Mike that he knows Sami is poisoning Austin's mind against him and the only one with a rational head in the family is Carrie. Although, if Austin keeps supporting Sami, he'll ruin his marriage. Mike asks Lucas if something is bothering him and Lucas says he has to get something off his conscious. As he is about to tell Mike what happened, Kate comes in and stops him. Mike leaves and Kate warns him that if he tells anyone the truth, they will go to prison in Sami's face. She asks Lucas if that will make him happy?

Carrie shows up at the hospital to see Lucas, and she runs into Mike. Mike tells her that he can't let Lucas and Sami come in between of her marriage to Austin. Carrie goes in to see Lucas, who is with Kate. Lucas says he'd like to see his son. Kate takes Carrie aside and asks if there is anyway she can help. Carrie says she'll go talk with Mike. Carrie sees Austin and Sami leave and she tells Mike that she'd like to arrange for Lucas to see Will. Mike eventually agrees to help Carrie and they go to see Lucas. Mike and Carrie take Lucas to see Will and Mike tells the nurse that he will take full responsibility if they are caught. Lucas tells Will that he will get better to be the daddy he deserves, and then Lucas and Will hug.

Bo has made everyone pancakes. Shawn D is happy that his family is having breakfast together again. Shawn D mentions that he likes Greta and he owes her a lot for bringing his family together. Shawn D has to go to school and Bo and Hope talk about Greta. Bo says that until she confronts Stefano, she'll remain a prisoner of the past. Upstairs, Greta has a dream about Father John pushing her on a swing. As John is pushing her, he turns into Stefano. Stefano tells her that John is gone for good! Greta wakes up and calls John to make sure he's all right. She tells him that she's afraid of Stefano, but John tells her that Bo and Hope will protect her and that he'll take care of Stefano.

Hope and Bo talk about Wayne and Earl and how they are lucky Billie didn't tell Stefano, Greta walks in and says if Stefano knew she was here he would kill her. Bo says he thinks it would be best that she confronts Stefano because this way he can't hurt her because he'd be the prime suspect. Greta refuses and says that he promised her that she wouldn't have to do this, he lied to her! Bo says he won't make her do anything she wants to do, but he thinks this is best. Greta refuses and says she wants to go back to the bayou where she is safe with Erlene, Wayne, and Earl. Bo says that the only way any of them will heal is if they confront Stefano.

Stefano is shopping for a gift for Vivian in Salem Place. He's talking with Rolf on the phone about turning Hope back into Gina. He tells Rolf he must do it as soon as the satellite is back into position because they won't have time to waste. Rolf wonders if Greta has talked with John and Stefano knows a way to find out. Stefano sees Marlena talking on a phone and approaches her. Marlena is suspicious of him, but Stefano says he just hasn't seen her lately and he knows she is going through hard times. Stefano tells Marlena that she should be worried about John's search for the past. Marlena wonders why and she tells Stefano that they'll learn the truth eventually, so he might as well just save time, and tell all. Stefano says that he does not know all and see all, he can't help her.

Marlena turns to leave, but he stops her and tells her to enjoy being with John in the present because John's past is best buried and forgotten. Marlena realizes that Stefano is afraid John will remember something about him. Stefano begs to differ and says his life is an open book, but John's is not. John shows up and sees how upset Marlena is. He looks at Stefano and asks him what the hell he said to her. Stefano says they were just talking. John gloats that he and Hope are getting closer to what happened to him and Hope at Maison Blanche. Stefano warns him that what happened there is best forgotten and this obsession they have with their pasts could destroy their futures. John tells him to go to hell and then he and Marlena walk away. John talks with Marlena about the hypnosis sessions and Marlena tells him that she doesn't think that is a good idea. Meanwhile, Stefano realizes John has already met Greta.

Stefano thinks this is good because when John begins to search for his past, he'll be able to get his revenge against the Brady family.

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

Eric runs into Sami and Austin in Salem Place. Sami tells Eric that Kate fired her and he says he knows and he tried to change her mind. Eric tells Sami that he's not re-signing with Titan because he doesn't want to work with someone who treats his sister like that. Sami begs him not to do that, so he agrees to stay for her. Eric leaves to get some cider and Sami tells Austin that she doesn't want Eric jeopardizing his future because of her. They talk and Austin tells Sami that as long as she is being truthful, she has nothing to fear. Sami recalls lying in court about Lucas hitting Will and Austin asks her what she is thinking about. Sami says it's nothing, she doesn't have anymore secrets. Eric returns with some more cider and Sami suggests they go back to the hospital to check on Will. Sami is terrified that Lucas could see Will, but Austin is sure Carrie would never let that happen.

Lucas is with Will and Carrie suggests Will give his daddy a kiss, so he does. Mike takes Lucas and Will for a ride in Lucas' wheelchair and Kate thanks Carrie for doing this. Later, Mike talks with Kate. Mike says he feels Lucas is carrying something on his conscious that he's not telling. Kate says he is probably feeling guilty about the car crash, but Mike says there is something else. Lucas, who still has Will on his lap, thanks Carrie and Mike for doing this.

Kate leaves to get Will some juice and Will asks Lucas not to go. Lucas tells him he has to, but he wants him to know that his daddy loves him. Suddenly, Austin walks in and demands to know what is going on. Lucas says he wanted to see Will and Mike says he arranged it, but Carrie says they both arranged it. Austin asks Carrie and Mike to leave so he and Lucas can talk.

Roman comes to see Billie, who is shocked to see him. Roman tells her that he is still angry with her. Roman says he came here to find out if she talked to Bo. Billie says no and Roman tells her that she needs to apologize to him. Billie says if he can't forgive her, than Bo never will. Roman tells her what she did to Bo and Hope was wrong. Billie goes off on one of her "It's still Hope's fault!" tangents. Roman can't believe that she is still holding onto this idea that Hope is to blame. Billie says she doesn't want or need her lectures right now, so he should just leave.

Roman tells her that this reminds him of the pain and anger when he found out about John and Marlena's affair, and he walked out on everyone because of it. Roman tells Billie that he realized last night that he doesn't want her to be alone like he was and he doesn't want to lose her in his life. Roman tells her that he's angry and sad that she couldn't confide in him down in New Orleans. Billie says she was in shock and she wanted to tell Bo the truth, but she let her anger get the best of her when she got into the fight with Hope. Roman tells her to tell that to Bo, but Billie says Hope won't let Bo forgive her.

Roman tells her that no matter what happens, she owes Bo and apology. He also says she'll feel better once she apologizes. Roman offers to drive her over to see Bo, but Billie says she needs to do this on her own. Billie leaves to get her purse and Roman begins to think about finding a clue to help Sami. The phone rings and Billie lets him know it's for him. Mickey is on the phone and wants to call him back in a few minutes. Roman asks Billie if it's all right if he waits for Mickey's call and she tells him it's not a problem. Roman tells Billie that he's proud of her. Before she goes, Roman asks Billie if she was in her mom's room when she yelled to him. Billie tells him yes, which Roman finds interesting. Billie leaves and Mickey calls Roman back. Roman tells him that he's more convinced than ever that Kate heard the gunshot that killed Franco and he knows how to prove it.

Marlena tells John that she thinks Greta could be telling him things that Stefano wants him to hear. Marlena suggests that after he nabbed Greta after she was injured, he could have brainwashed her to give both him and Hope false clues. John tells Marlena that all that matters is that he believes Greta is the key to his past. Marlena tells him that she doesn't care about his past, she only cares about the present and their future. John tells her she need not worry about the future because they will be together.

Stefano tells Bart and Rolf that Wayne and Earl didn't get on the plane back to the bayou, which he knew would happen. Stefano tells them that he's put a tracer in the cell phone he gave them and plans to follow them straight to Greta. Stefano tells Bart where the tracker is and asks him to find them. Rolf asks Stefano what if Greta tells John about the time he was a priest? Stefano chuckles and tells Rolf that the more Greta reinforces what John thinks he knows about his past, the better. Stefano says there is no key, is there? Rolf says of course not. However, Rolf says there is someone he and cannot control, Marlena. Stefano says he's already taken care of her and has planted the suggestion in her mind that John's search for his past will ruin their relationship. Rolf is still concerned about Greta, but Stefano says he will find her and will have ample time to finish his plan for the sweet Greta.

Greta still refuses to confront Stefano and says she wants to go back to the bayou. Bo asks why, what is she afraid of, is she not telling them something? Greta recalls being alone and bandaged with Stefano. He told her that her mother and Father John were gone, so she must trust him and never reveal their secrets. Greta snaps back to reality and tells Hope and Bo that she's told them everything. Bo begs Greta to trust him, but she says she can't and runs off. Hope suggests that Bo go after Greta. Bo tells Hope that they haven't really had a chance to resolve things between them. Hope says that they should focus on Greta.

Hope runs into John and Marlena in Salem Place and tells them that Greta has decided to go back to the bayou. Marlena wonders if Stefano got to her. Hope says that isn't possible because Stefano doesn't even know she's alive. Marlena tells Hope not to be so sure of that. Hope is positive that Greta is being nothing but honest. Still, Marlena says she feels they should question anyone who is involved with Stefano. Hope looks at John and asks what if she's right, what if they have been taken in by Greta?

Greta calls Erlene and asks her if she comes back to the bayou, will she and the boys still protect her? Erlene says of course they will. Greta says she'll leave today, but Erlene tells her that she'll have Wayne and Earl meet her somewhere and bring her home. Greta picks up a map and suggests they meet at Green Mountain. As she is about to leave, Bo shows up at the door. He apologizes to her and tells her that he and Hope will protect her, she has his word. Bo leaves to make something for Greta to eat and she says nobody can protect her. Billie shows up at the Horton house to apologize to Bo. Bo tells her that she put Hope through hell and she betrayed Greta. He tells her that he can't forgive her for what he did to both him and Hope, as well as Greta.

Greta goes to Green Mountain and recalls coming up here with John. She is sad and says that she'll miss him, as well as Bo. She then recalls dancing with Bo in the catacombs under Maison Blanche. When she turns around she screams because Stefano is standing there. He quickly puts his hand over her mouth and grabs her.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

A furious Sami can't believe that Lucas has spent time with Will. She tells him, in front of Carrie, Mike and Austin, that he will never see his son again. She is thankful that Mike and Carrie found him with Will in time to take him away. Austin informs Sami that it was Mike and Carrie who arranged for Lucas' visit. Sami turns to her sister and yells at her. Carrie says that Lucas is Will's father and should be able to spend time with him. Mike backs it up, saying that seeing Will is good for Lucas' recovery. Carrie leaves saying she and Mike did what they thought was right. Mike follows her out, and Austin leaves too. Outside Will's room, Austin tells Carrie that she went too far and asks how she could betray him like that. Carrie and Austin begin arguing in front of Mike. He takes Sami's side, she takes Lucas'. Carrie is upset that Austin blindly supports Sami. Mike tries to talk to Austin saying that it was his decision to allow Lucas to see his son. Austin snaps at him, asking how this is any of his business. Taken aback, Mike says that Lucas is his brother. Austin reminds him that he is Lucas' brother, too, and he should not have put Will in danger. Carrie assures him there was no danger as they were with him the whole time. Austin just looks at her and says that he cannot trust her anymore.

Mike tells Austin he takes full responsibility for what happened. As a doctor, he thought it would speed Lucas' recovery. Austin doesn't buy it and questions Carrie as to why they waited until Sami and Austin had left the hospital before sneaking Lucas in. Carrie tells him the truth, that she went to find him, but he had already left. Austin starts grilling Carrie, asking if she even cares about Will or Sami and how they feel. Especially Sami, who may never see her son again. Carrie tells him again that Sami is suffering the consequences of her own actions. Austin says that they've talked about this before and will never agree. He then asks what kind of family life they will have if all they do is fight. Carrie tells him they would not be fighting if he would not take Sami's side. Austin counters saying she should take her husband's side instead of Lucas'. With that he leaves.

Meanwhile, Sami has more words for Lucas. As she gives Will to a nurse, Kate walks in and stands next to her son. Sami turns to the Roberts' and says she knows what they are up to. As soon as her back is turned, Kate will find a way to weasel Lucas back into Will's life. But, she assures them, it will not happen. Kate fires back saying that Sami is going to jail and there is no way for her to stop them; Lucas will be a part of his son's life. Sami vows that even if she has to go to prison, Lucas won't see him. She rehashes the fact that Lucas almost killed him in the car crash and Lucas says that he will never put him in that situation again. Sami agrees because Austin will have guardianship and he won't let Lucas near him. Kate plays her trump card saying that Carrie will have other ideas about that. Kate admits that Sami may have Austin on her side now, but when she goes to prison, Carrie will work on him to do the right thing. Sami doesn't believe this. Lucas says that Carrie knows Sami lied about him abusing Will, and that she has been scheming since Will was born to keep Lucas away. Sami informs them that she is not going to prison because Roman is working to find out what happened. Kate tells her what happened was she lost her "infamous temper" and shot her fiancÚ. Sami assures them she is not going to prison and vows that they will never see her son again.

Sami is talking to Will, who is playing with her braids. She tells him that she hopes Lucas did not scare him, but he will never bother them again. She tells her son that they are very lucky to have Austin there and that he will take care of him if his mommy has to go away. That's why, she says, he can never learn that she lied about Lucas hitting him. At that moment, she hears a noise and turns around, and Austin is standing there. Wondering how much he heard, she says that he must be mad at her. He says he's not mad at her, he's mad at Carrie and Mike. Sami breathes a sigh of relief to know that Austin did not hear her. He tells her that he really needs to go to the gym and tells her that she is not causing problems with his marriage. Carrie tries to talk to her husband, but he won't listen and leaves. Mike comes up and agrees with Carrie, that Austin is obsessed with defending Sami, probably because he feels guilty for not stopping her from shooting Franco. Carrie says that was her fault. Mike tells her no one could have stopped what happened, but once the trial is over, everything will get back to normal. Mike thinks the trial is weighing heavily on Austin, making him say things he's regretting. Mike says that it is an open and shut case against Sami, but Carrie reminds him that Roman is searching for clues. Carrie worries that if Sami goes to prison, Austin's obsession with her will get worse.

Carrie is outside Will's room, wondering where Mike went. Sami comes out having heard what Carrie said and snidely asks if she should be worried where her husband went. Carrie just looks at her sister. She tells her that she is not sorry that she let Lucas see Will and Sami asks if she is sorry that she made her husband upset. Carrie tells her that they will work it out and Sami says that gee, she hopes she's not causing problems for them. But, since Carrie is not a mother, she just does not understand doing whatever it takes to protect her child.

Austin needs to work off the anger he is feeling and tells the nurse that he will be at the gym. Mike overhears this and decides to talk to Austin. At the gym, Austin is punching away and tells Darryl his problems, when Mike walks up and asks to talk to him. He tells Austin that he was too harsh on his wife. Austin just looks at him incredulously.

At Kate's house, Roman is standing in the living room saying that there has to be a way to prove Sami didn't shoot Franco in cold blood. Officer Edwards comes in carrying the murder weapon and a boombox. He wants to know what all this is for. Roman informs him that he is going to plan an experiment: by playing the music outside to simulate the band, Roman will be in Kate's room and will see if she heard the gunshot. Officer Edwards returns with a sandbag. He places it in the approximate location that Franco was found. Roman instructs the man to stand where Sami was found and shoot into the sandbag. Upstairs in Kate's room, Roman opens the window to allow the music to be heard and closes the door. Through a walkie-talkie, he tells the officer to shoot. Roman waits for a few seconds then comes downstairs. He is wondering why the officer has not fired and comes in to see Kate and Lucas in the living room. She's questioning the cop, wondering what he is doing there. Upon seeing Roman, she just sighs and wants to know what they are doing there. Roman takes the gun from Officer Edward's hands and asks him to leave. Lucas sees the gun and says that it is the murder weapon. Roman is curious how he would know that. Lucas has a guilty look and starts to babble something and recalls shooting Franco. Kate pipes up that Sami held Lucas at gunpoint with the same gun. She adds that no one knew where she hid it, and Lucas recalls seeing the hiding place. Roman asks if it was true and Lucas says it is. Roman is suspicious, but he accepts the answer.

Kate wants to know who let him in, and Roman says that he was there to see Billie. Since Billie had to leave and he was expecting a call, she gave him permission to stay there. Kate thinks it's an excuse. She tells him that she does mind that Roman is there on the day she is bringing her son home. Roman sarcastically apologizes and says that he is going to find the truth. He then turns the tables saying that if they have nothing to hide, there should not be a problem resuming his experiment. Kate has to agree, so she allows it to continue. Roman sets everything up again with Officer Edwards. He goes upstairs as Lucas and Kate remain in the living room. Kate asks if Lucas wants to leave, but he wants to stay. The officer points the gun at the sandbag and fires. Lucas is visibly shaken and shouts out, "No!" He covers his mouth and looks at his mom. Up in Kate's room, the music is playing, but we do not hear the gun shot.

At Salem Place, Hope, John and Marlena are still talking about Greta and her possible connection to Stefano. Hope and John are sure that Greta is extremely afraid of Stefano, but Marlena has doubts. She thinks that there is more then the obvious connection between the two and to be careful. She goes on to says perhaps Greta is not afraid of Stefano but of what he could reveal. John chooses to believe that Greta is on their side. He feels this bond between them. Hope goes on to say that John was also close to the real Princess Gina. Marlena points out that Gina could have been working for Stefano. Whatever the relationship, John says, Stefano has been covering up stuff for years and he has major secrets that he does not want revealed. John and Hope agree that Greta can help them find their memories. Marlena is concerned saying she wishes they would just give up this dangerous mission of searching for their past. John and Hope can't. They decide to go find Greta to talk to her.

Bo's first question to Billie is how she could do something like that, use the loss of their baby as a lie. Billie tries to explain that she was afraid he would hate her, and after losing her baby she did not want to lose him too. Bo has no sympathy for her at all. He then asks how she could blame Hope, and Billie starts to explain again when Bo cuts her off and tells her that she will never get between them again. Billie can't really explain herself except to say that she needed Bo. Bo is getting angry, asking questions like why she faked the death, why didn't she tell him so that they could grieve together. Finally, he yells, "How can you get so deceitful?" But the last straw for Billie is when Bo wonders how she could put Hope through all the pain and guilt. Billie is furious that Bo would mention her name, much less bring her into this. She shouts back to him that all he ever cared about was Hope. He doesn't care about their baby or anyone else. Bo just shakes his head and says he cared about their baby. But, she has to face up to her lies. Billie says that she lied, but it was the only way she could make him see that Hope is not a saint. She says Hope was so vicious to her at Salem Place that day, that she really did want her to lose their baby. That's why Hope has always felt guilty. Billie continues to say that Hope is responsible for the loss of their baby. Bo just looks at her and shakes his head.

Bo tells her to give it up. Hope wasn't to blame. Billie disagrees saying Hope killed their love and now she's making Bo forget everything they once shared. Bo tells her that Hope had nothing to do with that. If she wants someone to blame, blame him because he was not there for her. Billie again says that's because of Hope. Billie changes tactics saying that maybe Hope will run off and becomes Princess Gina again. Seeing she has struck a nerve, she continues saying that she saw Hope transform into Princess Gina and loves it. Partying with her society friends, playing baccarat, Hope didn't care about Bo when she was gallivanting in Europe. Bo tells her it was not true. Billie keeps going saying Princess Gina would never go for Bo's type. Bo tells her to give it up. Hope is Hope, no matter who she is pretending to be. But Billie says she is not pretending, she is reliving a life she once led and enjoyed. Bo tells her to stop changing the subject. As they continue to argue, Marlena, John and Hope enter the Horton kitchen. All three are not happy to see Billie there. They want to see Greta and Bo goes to her room to look for her. Hope lays into Billie saying they almost lost Greta because of her schemes. Billie defends her actions, when Bo comes in a announces that Greta is gone.

The five are frantic and Billie swears she has nothing to do with this. But, she has an idea who may know. She whips out her address book and says that she has Wayne and Earl's cell phone number. Hope is upset at hearing this, but Billie goes and calls the boys. They are in a car, headed back to New Orleans. They tell Billie that they were to meet Greta at Green Mountain, but she was not there. To make matters worse, they think Stefano may have found her. Billie says Stefano's name out loud and the group is worried now. Billie continues her conversation and when she hangs up, tells the group what she learned from the boys. They take off after Greta, and Billie is forced to stay behind after Hope tells her that she is not welcome.

Up at Green Mountain, Stefano has his hand over Greta's mouth. She is visibly frightened. He tries to calm her down and says that he will remove his hands if Greta promises not to scream. She nods her assent and Stefano removes his hands. Greta looks at him with fear in her eyes and Stefano calls her his dear Greta. She wants to know what he wants with her. Stefano answers by saying that now that he has found her again, he has big plans for her. Greta wants to know what plans they are, and Stef tells her they can discuss it later. Greta wants to know how Stefano found her, and he confesses that Wayne and Earl led him to her. Greta is concerned that Stefano has hurt the boys, and he assures her that he has not. Stefano is trying to win her trust and admonishes her for having the boys lie to him making him think she was dead all those years. Greta is close to tears saying that he sent men to find her and kill her. Stefano again tells her she is wrong....he sent those men because he was concerned for her safety. Greta is confused now. Stefano reveals that he knew she lived in the catacombs and even took Bo there. He tells her that they were close once and would like to be that way again. She gets angry and says no. She knows what he did to Father John, taking away his memories. Stefano says that John knew secrets that he did not want out. It was a radical thing to do, but it saved many innocent lives. Greta does not believe this, but Stefano tells her she will be told everything one day. Stefano continues to say he is a changed man, and he cares for her and wants to help her. He moves toward her, but she runs away.

Greta runs to the edge of the cliff and Stefano follows her. He is trying to get her to trust him, but she does not believe him. She is stepping backwards, closer to the edge. Stefano is trying to calm her down. He tells her when he found her in New Orleans, she was in pain from the surgeries and on medication and not thinking clearly and he helped her. It was only when she thought she had to go through more pain, she ran away. He tells her that all he wants to do is help her. She steps back and slips, falling down the side. Greta is hanging onto the side, and Stefano is on the ground with his arms outstretched. He keeps trying to convince Greta that he wants to save her life and will not hurt her. Greta recalls when Stefano was talking to her after her surgeries and she was bandaged; he was concerned for her and just wanted her to get well. After a few slips, she decides to grab onto his arm. He pulls her up to safety and when they get up, she hugs him saying that he saved her life. It is at this moment that Hope, Bo, John and Marlena see the two. Marlena looks to John and asks if he is sure he can trust Greta. Bo and Hope just look on in amazement.

Friday, November 13, 1998

Mike is trying to talk to Austin at the boxing gym about his rationale for allowing Lucas to see Will. Mike explains that he felt it was essential to Lucas' recovery. Austin is not buying this, saying that Mike and Carrie's actions put Will in danger. Mike tells him that Lucas was never alone with Will, and that he does not believe Lucas hit his son in the first place. Austin is getting agitated now, saying that it doesn't matter, Sami got a restraining order against Lucas and Carrie and Mike broke the law. Mike tells Austin to lighten up, or his marriage will be in real trouble. Austin looks at him and asks him if he's his marriage counselor now. Mike backs off, saying he was just trying to help. Austin tells him this help has caused Carrie to betray him by siding with Mike. They start arguing about Lucas' involvement with Will, the accusation by Sami that Lucas hit Will, and their voices start to rise. Mike finally says that he is not trying to excuse Lucas, but he is trying to change and can't Austin give him a break. He says no, that he made a promise to Sami and he is going to honor it, but it will take a hell of a lot to make Austin think that Lucas has changed.

Austin says that Mike is asking him to trust someone who has never given him a reason to trust before. Mike says that the same could be said for Sami....she has a history of lying. Mike still thinks that Sami is lying about Lucas hitting Will, but Austin says that Sami has changed and has confessed to him all her schemes and if she lied about Lucas' abusive behavior, she would have admitted that too. Mike concedes that perhaps she has changed and hopes she has. Then, perhaps, Austin and Carrie can get on with their lives and their marriage. Austin looks at him and asks him why he is so concerned about his marriage. Mike says he just wants them to be happy. Austin tells Mike that he is Carrie's boss and Austin is her husband, and he will deal with it in his own way. Mike reminds Austin that Lucas and Sami once conspired to break Austin and Carrie up and now that Sami has declared war on Lucas, it may serve to drive Carrie and Austin apart and he would be a fool to let that happen.

Carrie and Sami are still arguing outside Will's room. Sami is telling her sister that since she is not a mother, she just doesn't understanding protecting a child at any cost. Carrie calmly tells Sami that Will does not need protection from Lucas, which prompts Sami to ask if Carrie has forgotten Lucas got into the accident with Will. Carrie turns it around and says it was an accident, just like how Roman thinks Sami shooting Franco was an accident. Sami narrows her eyes and tells her that they are not the same thing. Carrie just sigh and says that the bottom line is that they all want what's best for Will; they are all on the same side. Sami looks at her and says that it doesn't feel like it; it seems that Carrie and Mike are against Sami and Austin. Sami presses saying that Carrie would side with Mike on anything. In fact, it's no secret that the two are getting closer. Carrie tells her not to start that again, she's just trying to make trouble for her and Austin. With a smirk on her face, Sami says she doesn't have to make trouble, Carrie seems to be doing just fine wrecking her marriage on her own.

Carrie assures Sami that things are fine with her and Austin. Sami doesn't believe it, and says that she's impressed, considering she doesn't spend time with her husband. Carrie asks her to explain and Sami tells her that anyone who spends time at the hospital knows that Carrie spends all her time there, especially with the Chief of Staff. Carrie defends herself, saying that as head of PR, it is a demanding job, but Austin understands that. She continues saying that she is capable of having a successful career and marriage. Sami continues to needle her sister, saying that Carrie's allegiance to her job has allied herself with Mike, making a rift in her marriage. Carrie tells Sami to take a look at her own life before passing judgment on others. Sami says she's not passing judgment, just offering advice. Carrie laughs and says that Sami offering advice on marriage is a joke, since she knows nothing about it, or any other relationship for that matter. This gets to Sami, who narrows her eyes. She says that she was not the lucky older sister who had guys lined up to date her. Carrie sighs and tells her not to play the victim, it's not her fault Sami always picked the wrong guys. Sami says that she is just looking for compassion (!). It wasn't her husband that was just using her to get a green card. Carrie counters, saying Franco fooled a lot of people, but Sami looks forlornly at her sister and says that those other people were not in love with him; she might go to prison, all because of her blind belief in Franco's love.

This admission gets to Carrie, and she starts to feel sorry for Sami. She reminds her that Roman is doing everything to prove that she didn't kill him in cold blood. Sami goes through the checklist of evidence against her, but Carrie tries to give Sami some hope saying that she doesn't recall the actual shooting and offers some alternate scenarios as to what may have happened. Sami says that she will not give up, because she has to do it for her son, who she may lose forever. Sami's big fear comes out: if she goes to prison, she will lose her son's love. Carrie tries to convince her that won't happen, no one will turn Will against her. Carrie says it's time to forgive, but Sami can't. Carrie and Sami start to argue again and Sami storms out, but not before issuing a warning: if Carrie ever gets the idea to let Lucas see Will, Sami will make sure she regrets it for the rest of her life.

Carrie and Mike meet up in front of her office, and Mike surmises that Sami ripped into Carrie for letting Lucas see Will. She confirms it and says that she ended up feeling sorry for Sami and that she saw signs of what a sweet person she used to be. Unfortunately, Sami lives in her own selfish world and should get everything that she has coming to her. Whatever happens, they just both wish everyone would come together and do what's right for Will....letting him be with both his parents. Mike says he tried to get Austin to understand that, and Carrie looks confused. Mike admits that he went to the gym to convince Austin to give Lucas a break. Carrie looks horrified and says she wishes Mike had not done that. Meanwhile, Sami is waiting for Austin, who returns from boxing. Putting on her innocent act, she says that she had a fight with Carrie, who thinks Lucas in not a danger to Will. She's scared that Carrie will convince Austin to reunite father and son once she is in jail. Austin tells her again that will never happen, and Sami rushes to hug him. Austin tells Sami once again that he will do everything to keep Lucas away from Will.

Billie is talking to herself at the Horton house. She looks at the compact and says that she can't give that up, it's her only link to her daughter. She knows that she has lost Bo because of her lies, but perhaps she has redeemed herself a bit for telling the group about Stefano going after Greta. Billie just hopes that Stefano has not found her. Up at Green Mountain, Stefano and Greta are hugging Each other, and Stefano is trying to calm her down. Unknown to them, Hope, John, Bo and Marlena are watching and listening to the entire conversation. They can't believe what they are seeing. Stefano tells Greta that he is very glad she is safe and that she trusts him once again. He breaks contact and asks her how it has been for her readjusting to the real world. Greta says that Bo had been very helpful, making her feel safe. This prompts Stefano to find out just what Greta has told Bo. She says that she did not tell him that much about her past with Stefano. Marlena hears this and looks at John with an "I told you so" look.

Greta continues, saying she told him about the cage and Ernesto, her childhood and her friendship with Father John and that Princess Gina was her mother. Stefano wonders why Greta would mention her mother, and she replies that Bo and Hope were so desperate to know. She tells him that is all that she revealed. Stefano says that they are together now and he can take care of her like he did in the past. Bo walks into the clearing where Stefano and Greta are, and she looks at him with a guilty look. Next, comes Hope, and Stefano just sighs. Then John and Marlena appear. Trying to ignore Stefano, Bo asks why Greta is here. She explains that she wanted to leave for the bayou and if she told them, they would try to get her to stay. Hope asks why she would want to leave, and Greta says the bayou is her home. Bo wonders why she would want to leave now and Marlena pipes up that perhaps Greta thought her work here was done. Greta looks at Marlena with a confused look on her face and realizes what Marlena meant. She turns to Bo and tells him that he's got it all wrong, she's not working for Stefano, but the looks on their faces say otherwise. Bo wants to know how long she's been working for Stefano, and Greta plaintively tells him that it's not true. Seeing they do not believe her, she just stops talking. Stefano puts an arm around her protectively and tells the foursome to stop badgering her; she's telling the truth. Stefano asks Greta to tell them that they are old friends and that he has done nothing but try to help her. Knowing that Stefano saved her life, Greta is forced to agree, and Bo looks at her with a hurt look in his eyes.

John and Bo can't believe it. Bo says that when they were hiding out in the bayou, Greta constantly said she was in fear of Stefano. Greta looks at him and says that's not what she meant and she's sorry if Bo got the wrong idea. They want to know then why Greta ran away from Maison Blanche. Greta says that it was the pain. The doctors wanted to perform more painful surgeries, and she could not take it anymore. Stefano wants to take Greta away, but John won't let him. John wants explanations about the explosion in the cage, Ernesto Toscano, Hope's supposed surgeries. He was involved with all that. Stefano won't admit to being in on the plot with Ernesto and lies and says that Greta and Hope were under his care. Hope begins to refute what he is saying, but he continues his lies, saying that Hope had amnesia and was at Maison Blanch the same time Greta was there. Additionally, Greta called Hope Gina due to a striking resemblance to her late mother, but this was probably due to all the painkillers Greta was on. Stefano says that he was all ready to take her back to Salem, but she vanished and probably thought her name was Gina. Hope tells him that's not true, they traveled together in Europe and Lili Faversham knew them. Stefano just laughs and says that Lili is not a credible witness, she suffers from flights of fancy. Stefano says that he was never in Europe with Hope and has no idea what she was doing there. He continues saying Hope was at Maison Blanche, suffering from amnesia, when she disappeared, so perhaps she thought she was Gina. When Stefano finally found her, he had no idea what she had done, but apparently she had a good time. Bo and Hope are furious, but Stefano won't back down from his story. In fact, they should stop focusing on the past and look to the future. He turns to leave with Greta, but Bo stops them and says that he's not taking her anywhere.

Stefano swears he's only had Greta's best interest at heart, and wants to finish what he fix Greta's face. Bo won't let that happen. John pipes up and says that he has a question, just what was his relationship with the real Princess Gina. Stefano claims not to know and says that John was a priest, if he was travelling in Europe..... John questions the use of the word IF. Stefano is about to lie again, when he sighs and says he is tired. Turning to Greta, he tells her to go with Bo, as a grand gesture. Bo holds out his hand to Greta and she goes to him. She turns to look at Stefano before she leaves and mouthes "Thank You." Stefano, alone now, says that he will have to turn Hope back into Gina as soon as possible.

Roman is re-enacting the crime at the Kiriakis mansion, much to Kate and Lucas' chagrin. He instructs Officer Edwards to fire the gun into the sandbag while he is up in Kate's room with the door closed and the music playing. As Kate and Lucas look on, the officer fires the gun. This upsets Lucas, who remembers pointing and shooting at Franco. Lucas yelps, "No." He quickly covers his mouth and looks toward his mom, who turns to him and gives him a look that says keep quiet. Roman is upstairs pacing in Kate's room. He comes downstairs and asks Officer Edwards to clean up the equipment and leave. Kate and Lucas can't stand it and ask Roman if he heard anything. He confirms that he did hear the gunshot, which leads him to believe that so did Kate the night Franco was shot. He asks her why she insists that she did not hear anything.

Roman is trying to piece things together and tells Kate what he has learned....he knows that he heard the gunshot, and he knows that when Billie was in Kate's room and called downstairs he heard that, so that means that Kate would have heard Sami and Franco arguing and the gunshot. Upon hearing this, Kate lets out a groan. She tells Roman that she did not hear or see anything because the music was playing much louder that what the boombox was, and she was in the shower at the time. Roman is skeptical and looks to Lucas, asking him what he thinks. Before he can say anything, Kate continues to say that if she heard Sami and Franco arguing, she would have come down to check it out. If she had heard a gunshot, she definitely would have investigated, but she did not. Kate insists that she knew nothing of what happened until she arrived and Franco was already declared dead. Roman recalls when Kate waltzed in to the living room the day of the wedding and looked down in horror at the body of Franco. Back to reality, Roman says he doesn't buy it. They start to argue, when Kate outshouts him. She says she knows he is desperate to find anything that will help his daughter, but they don't have the answers. It's at this point that Billie comes in, wanting to know what's going on. Kate tells her daughter that Roman is badgering them, and that Roman used her. Kate explains that Roman conveniently used the fact that Billie said it was OK to wait for a phone call in the house as an OK for him to conduct an illegal search and experiment. Kate ends her tirade telling Billie to tell her "good friend" to get the hell out of her house. Billie just looks at Roman and says that she's not sure they are good friends anymore.

Roman informs Kate that Billie had a big confession to make to Bo and Hope. Kate looks strangely at Billie, who widens her eyes in confirmation. Roman sees the exchange between the two women and understands that Kate knew all along. Not wanting to make her mom out to be one who keeps secrets, Billie tells him that Kate had nothing to do with it. Realizing that he's not going to get anywhere with them, he turns to Lucas and wonders what he thinks, since he's been so quiet. He looks at him mom and tells him that he can't help him. Roman tries to rattle the man, asking if he's just covering up to get revenge on Sami. At this point, Kate gets furious, and tells him to stop. She can't believe that Roman would upset her son on the day that he comes home from the hospital. Can't he show some compassion? Roman counters by asking if she could show compassion for Sami; she's scared now. Kate says she feels sorry for Sami and wishes none of this happened. In fact, she even paid for Sami's bail, but she can't help her anymore. Roman thinks they can by coming forward with what she knows. Kate is getting frustrated and threatens to file a complaint with Abe about Roman's harassment and abuse of power. If he really wants to know what happened, ask Sami, because she is the only one that knew about the gun. Not so, Roman says, Lucas knew about the gun. But, Kate says, he didn't know where it was hidden. Sami had the motive and the opportunity, what more does Roman want? The truth, he says, and he'll get it and it will probably be something that Kate already knows.

Billie stands up for her mother, but Roman sees through it, saying of course Billie would protect her mom. Billie says that she would stand up for any person who was being harassed. Kate says that Roman just can't accept the doings of his "problem child". Kate turns it on, saying that the image of Franco's dead body will haunt her forever. Roman looks coldly at her and says that what will haunt him, if he can't discover the truth, is how eager Kate is to see Sami executed. Kate is fed up now and orders Roman out of her house. He leaves, and Billie rushes after him and catches him outside the house. She wants to know why Roman is harrassing Kate, but he is angry that Kate has a history of lies and that he does not trust her. Billie says that Bo probably feels the same way about her. She tells him that she talked to Bo and that she was glad to take Roman's advice and talk to him. Roman is pleased and hopes that Billie, Bo and Hope can someday put all this behind them. Billie agrees and says she hopes he can prove Sami did not commit premeditated murder, but her mom is telling the truth.

Inside, Kate tells Lucas that everything will be OK as long as they stick to their story. Billie comes in and wonders what is going on. Kate covers and says that she is consoling Lucas, but Billie does not buy it. She says that Roman thinks they are hiding something. Kate says that there's nothing to discover and leaves. Billie looks at Lucas and says that even though they have not been real close, they are family and she would like to offer her support. She knows how tough recovering from an addiction can be, and he's recovering from an accident. Lucas agrees, and Billie continues saying especially when he has a psychological burden....a secret....which can be a lot to deal with. Lucas starts to get defensive, but Billie says that she saw how uncomfortable he was with Roman's questions and just wants to help. Kate is in her room, and comes up with the perfect way to get Roman off her back. Outside, Officer Edwards asks Roman if he got what he came for, and Roman says no. But, he's conviced more than ever that Kate is hiding something. She may have been genuinely surprised to see Franco's body, or it may be one hell of an act. No matter what, questioning Kate is a dead end, so he plans to dig deeper into her and Lucas' activities that day, and their first order of business is to look at the phone records for that day.

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