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Monday December 14, 1998

Eric encounters Taylor at Salem Place. He admits that he doesn't like Lucas. Kate tells Alec, the investigator, that she wants ammunition against Nicole to stop her from making trouble. Alec asks Kate why she is worried about Nicole. Kate tells him it is because Nicole is interested in Lucas and will do anything to further her career, including using Lucas. Taylor tries to convince Eric to give Lucas a second chance, but Eric refuses to listen and tells Taylor she is the one who cant see him for who he is. Lucas tells Nicole that if she stuck with him, he would make all her dreams come true. She asks him if there are any dreams she can help him make come true. Lucas tells her that they should get together one night and dream together. Eric breaks into the conversation and asks what they are talking about. Nicole tells him that she was just thanking Lucas for the flowers.

Rolf tells Stefano that there is nothing else to do for the Hope/Gina transformation until the lunar eclipse. Stefano tells Rolf that he hasn't married Vivian yet because she wanted to return for her trousseau and needed to rest. Vivian dreams that John, Marlena, Ivan, and Celeste are going to turn her into a vegetable and are laughing at her. Back at Marlena's office, John couldn't remember anything and fears that he never will. Greta promises that she will help him in any way that she can. Marlena asks Greta if her mother didn't tell her anything about her travels or what she did, but doesn't believe Greta's answer. When she leaves the room, Marlena admits to John that she still doesn't trust Greta. John says that Greta is the key to finding his past.

Mrs. Faversham calls Hope, Gina and Bo corrects her. Hope says that it must be very difficult to believe that the real Princess Gina is dead. Hope wonders if Stefano implanted her talents or if she acquired them when she immersed herself in Gina's life. Mrs. Faversham says that maybe Hope is really Gina after all. Stefano tells Rolf that once he marries Vivian he will never have to use the remote again. He also says that he really does care for Vivian and Gina. He needs to have control over her like he had once before and that he had over Celeste last night. She needs to complete the work that she started. Vivian's nightmare continues. She calls out for Stefano to help her, but he is tied up in a straitjacket. She wakes up screaming and Stefano runs to her while Rolf says that he has driven her insane.

Eric tells Nicole that she shouldn't fall all over Lucas just because he brings her flowers. Nicole tells him that it was just a nice gesture. They talk about how Sami's case is progressing, and Eric remarks how odd it is that Candy just happened to be the stripper who was hired for the bachelor party. Nicole says that it was just a coincidence, but Eric doesn't buy it. He thinks that someone knew about the affair and hired her on purpose. They leave to go to the photo shoot and Nicole tells Eric she will have to meet him there since she has an errand to run.

Bo and Mrs. Faversham talk about the life that Gina led and Bo finds it hard to believe that Hope led that kind of life. Hope has a memory flash of running into a man's arms. Marlena asks Greta if her mother didn't tell her anything about her travels or what she did, but doesn't believe Greta's answer. When she leaves the room, Marlena admits to John that she still doesn't trust Greta. John says that Greta is the key to finding his past. Dr. Klein calls John and tells him that Vivian is missing. John calls Vivian's cell phone, but gets no answer. He then calls Ivan's cell and talks to a hypnotized Ivan who tells John that Vivian is with him and is going to marry Stefano before hanging up.

A minister arrives to marry Stefano and Vivian. Vivian says that she is ready and shows Stefano that she has something new, blue, borrowed, and old. Then she gets weak and says that maybe they should wait. Stefano puts her in the "up" mode, and she suddenly feels better and ready to proceed.

Bo tells Mrs. Faversham that even though he is a beer and pretzels kind of guy and Gina is a Princess, he won't give up on Hope. Nothing is ever going to come between again. Mrs. Faversham isn't so sure. Hope has another memory flash, this time she embraces the man and then tells him that she wasn't so sure that she was going to make it this time. Hope wonders who the man is and how it will affect the second chance that she and Bo finally have.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

Eric and Lucas arguing about the New Faces campaign. Lucas says it's his baby now and if Eric doesn't like how he's running it he can just quit. Eric says it won't be that easy he will have to fire him if he wants him gone. They get in each other's face and Taylor has to tell them to cool it. Lucas has to leave to check on hair and makeup and Taylor tells Eric that he needs to give Lucas a break. Eric says he sees that Lucas has both her and Nicole on his side. He mentions that he has not been able to forgive Nicole and move on like she wants. Eric explains as Taylor listens about he not being able to forget the lies and that he has a past that he doesn't necessarily want to talk about.

Taylor says that she is sure Eric's past is nothing like Nicole's. Before Eric can get her to explain what she meant Lucas comes back in. Eric decides it's a good time to check the props he had to order. He returns with a bouquet of flowers and tells Lucas he should plan the shoots better because he had to pay extra to get the props here in time. Lucas tells Eric to let him worry about the budget and leaves. Eric gets the set ready and Nicole shows up impressed with everything. Eric tells her that Taylor helped with the idea and Nicole does not look too please about that. Eric then grabs "the sexiest dress around" as he puts it and hands her a long red dress.

Before Nicole arrived at the shoot she was in visiting with Kate. Nicole talks to Kate about hiring the stripper for the party and wonders if that is information that Roman should know or if she still wants her to keep her secret. Kate is smooth and tells Nicole that the information is not really important and that really she is doing her a favor by not telling anyone that Nicole knew about everything. It would look bad to Sami and Eric. Kate tells Nicole that it really would not help anyone by saying anything and Nicole seems to buy it. Nicole tries to use this as an ace in her deal with Titan but Kate basically tells her that she is wasting her time. Nicole says that she is sure that Kate didn't get to be CEO without help from people and asks if she will help her. Nicole leaves and runs into Lucas outside the photo room and says that they need to hang out some time. When she leaves Lucas is approached by a man and is handed a subpoena for the prosecution. He heads straight to Kate's office only to learn that she has also been given a subpoena. She tells Lucas they will just have to tell the truth - their truth.

Carrie arrives at Mike's office. She knocks on the door and Mike thinks it's Ali. He is relieved to find it's Carrie. She tells him that she got a subpoena to testify and that no one knows it yet because no one was home when she tried to call this morning. Mike tells her to just tell the truth and not volunteer any information and gives her a really long hug - for support. He then says he should open the and finds Austin about to knock on the door. He tells Carrie he's on the way to the courthouse and she says she will go with him.

Before leaving he tells Mike he is glad that he and Ali worked things out. Carrie wonders about this but leaves before being able to ask Mike about it. But Mike knows things are not better with him and Ali and calls Linda to find her. Linda can't find her and Mike is going to look for her himself when the board members come in wanting to move the meeting up 1/2 hour so Mike grabs his report and they head off. As soon as he leaves Ali comes around the corner with a bag in her hand and goes into Mike's office. As she comes out Craig shows up and Ali tells him he was wrong about Mike and Carrie and that she and Mike will get back together especially after he sees her surprise. They leave and Mike returns and gets a look of surprise when he opens his office door.

Sami is talking to Roman wondering where Austin is and then starts bad mouthing Carrie. Roman takes up for Carrie but Sami won't listen to him. She tries to drop hints that Carrie is more interested in things besides her marriage to Austin but Roman doesn't pay much attention to what she is saying. Austin and Carrie arrive just after Sami finds out that Carrie has been called to testify. She is sure that Carrie will do whatever she can to hurt her. Carrie gets on the stand and confirms what Austin has already said - that they found Sami lying next to Franco with the gun in her hand.

The DA then starts to ask about Carrie and Sami's personal relationship. Mickey tries to object but the judge lets the questioning continue. He brings out about Sami drugging Austin and lying about Will's father. He also asks about why Carrie was not to be in the wedding party and then gets around to Lucas and the hitting charges. He gets Carrie to say that she does not believe that Lucas hit Will and insinuates that Sami lied. This causes murmurs in the courtroom and Sami gives Carrie a look could kill. Earlier Nancy talked to Craig and wanted to get off the case because she wants to be at the hospital with the Ali / Mile saga but now she is glad she's at the courthouse because she thinks this will be very interesting.

Stefano and Viv are kissing and then Viv says she wants music and asks Celeste to sing for her. Still in a trance Celeste obliges and sings Beautiful Dreamer. She finishes and Stefano is anxious to get the show on the road but the phone rings. Viv is going to get it but Stefano says he will. Good thing to as it was the nurse from Greenhaven calling to say that John Black just called and is on his way to there and is planning to have Viv committed to Salem Hospital.

Stefano quickly grabs Viv and says he wants to get married somewhere else. He takes everyone with and as they are riding in the limo. Viv comments to Wilma about her eye make-up. Wilma smiles and says she can help her out and flips over her Bible to reveal a tray of make-up.

John gets Stefano cell phone number and calls and tells Stefano to pull the car over now but Stefano acts like the connection is bad and hangs up. John figures they are headed to the airport and calls a friend for a favor to hold all private jets from taking off. Stefano and Viv arrive to find out they can't leave and he is not happy. Viv spots a hot-air balloon and rushes off to it. A couple are getting ready to go up in it but when Viv offers him $1,000 he takes the money. Stefano comes over and thinks Viv is crazy but when he sees John arrive he figures he better take off so he, Viv and Wilma take off. John arrives just as Ivan and Celeste "come to" and don't have a clue as to how they got there. John figures Viv and Stefano are on the plane and goes off to check when Ivan and Celeste spot Viv and Stefano in the balloon. They go after them and John comes back and sees it too. Stefano spots John and says to himself that he will win this time as he hears hollering and looks down to see Ivan and Celeste hanging on the side of the balloon.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

Ali and Craig talk in the hall. Craig tries to rationalize Mike's behavior to her as a result of stress. Mike walks in his office and finds red roses and pink and red heart shaped balloons all over his office. She left a note for him in the roses saying they're to go along with the heart pillow she gave him the day before and she loves him. He looks down and finds a heart shaped basket with heart shaped sugar cookies in it. He comments out loud that he's surprised she didn't get him a heart shaped desk

He opens his coat closet to find it jammed full of balloons AND a picture on the inside of the door with Ali in a teddy. He rips it off the door and asks Linda, to get Nurse McIntyre right away. He tries to figure out how to get through to her. Back in the hall, Craig is trying to tell her what she did is not the way to get Mike and asks her what's going through her head. Someone tells Ali that Dr. Horton needs her in his office. Ali smirks at Craig and heads off. Craig wonders if Mike changed his mind.

Palmer is still questioning Carrie. He asks her to confirm that Sami lied and that she dislikes Lucas Roberts and doesn't want him in her son's life. He asks if Sami loved Franco and that she said yes but she adds until she found out he was unfaithful. He asks her what Sami's behavior was when they were about ready to transport Franco's body. Carrie tells how, Sami said, YOU BASTARD, YOU DESERVE TO DIE. He then asks Carrie if Sami goes after things she wants and strikes back if crossed and Carrie confirms all that. Mickey has next shot at her. He asks that if Sami asked her to be legal custodian and she said yes, well, she really asked Austin. He then asks Carrie if she loves her sister and Carrie doesn't answer right away, so he repeat it. Sami and Austin looks puzzled as she is slow in answering, and she finally says yes and tells him she doesn't want to see her sister go to jail or the gas chamber. When her testimony is over, Carrie is close to tears.

Roman leans over to Austin and tells him that Carrie did the best she could, under the circumstances. As Carrie goes to get off the stand, Palmer calls to redirect. She sits down and he asks about Sami's mothering skills being good and Carrie confirms that. He asks her if Sami lied about Lucas hitting Will and why Sami disregarded the judge's orders for her to try to get along with Lucas. Sami objects and says I love my son and the judge tells her to be quiet or he'll hold her in contempt and instructs Mickey to control his client. Mickey tells Sami to KNOCK IT OFF, she's falling into the DA's hand and sure enough, Palmer turns to Carrie and said his next question was if Sami got emotional without thinking and striking back . Carrie answers it appears so. He asks Carrie if she thinks Sami capable of shooting anyone in cold blood and Carrie pauses. Carrie said she can't answer, not being there. BUT, he does ask if she believes her sister believe the end justifies the means. She says yes and is then excused. She sits down behind Sami with Austin, in the courtroom. The jury takes a recess and Nancy calls to have Craig paged. She tells him about what happened and Austin being furious with Carrie. She figures Carrie will run to the hospital to be comforted by Mike. Craig tells her he hopes not as Ali is still after Mike. She knows Mike is too much in love with Carrie and wouldn't give up on her.

Sami tells Roman she can't believe that Carrie said all those hateful things about her. Roman said Austin had to answer similar tough questions and Mickey asks to speak with Roman. Sami calls on her cellphone to check on Will. She pulls a picture out of Austin and Will and said "If only". Mickey tells Roman about subpoenaing Kate and Lucas. Roman is happy about that.

Outside in the hall, Austin starts into Carrie. Her silence during the questions was just like a sign saying Sami's guilty. Carrie puts on her coat and looks puzzled. Carrie stands up for herself and reminds him that Sami brought all this on herself and when he claims she shot Franco in self-defense, she reminds him that HE wasn't there either and doesn't know that. He's not happy with her attitude and asks if she's "getting this". If Sami's found guilty, Will's going to lose his mother. Carrie reminds him that Sami's out for revenge and Lucas is his father and should be raising him, not them. They argue about this. She tells him flat out that she's NOT looking forward to raising Sami's son and leaves. Sami overhears this and looks at Austin crying.

Outside the courtroom, Roman calls John on his cellphone, looking for Marlena. He feels Sami needs her due to Carrie's testimony. John tells him to try Alice's as she drove Greta home. He tells Roman he's got his hands full and tells him what Stefano is up to. He has a feeling when the balloon lands, Viv will be Mrs. Stefano DiMera.

Ali walks in and covers Mike's eyes with her hands saying guess who. She asks where all the stuff was and he tells her he got it all in the closet as it wasn't correct décor for COS office. She apologizes and said they should take it back to her apt. after work, all happy and giggly. He tells her whoa and reminds her their relationship is OVER. She tells him she knows he didn't mean it and reminds him she'll take things slowly and couldn't resist when going by the balloon store earlier. He tells her there's no US and she tells him there's no one else in his life he said. He remembers kissing Carrie and tells her it isn't about anyone else, just him and her and he can't give her what she wants. She doesn't believe it and won't give up. He asks why she can't accept this and she tells him they'll talk more over lunch and she has to get back to work.

Ali is humming at her station and Craig asks her if everything is all right. He asks if Mike broke up with her and she tells him he's a pessimist and they're having lunch today. He wonders if Mike lost his mind. Mike remembers his discussion earlier with Carrie about if Ali and him working together is a problem. Craig gets Mike and asks if he's ready for a meeting they're going to. Mike opens his closet and the balloons bounce out. Craig asks who they're from and Mike said Ali. Craig tells him he thought he and Ali broke up and Mike said so did I. He puts on his coat, holding a balloon and asks Craig how to handle Ali. Nancy calls Ali. She tells her she's so sorry things didn't work out with her and Mike, especially after being passed over for Head Nurse. Ali cuts Nancy short, saying Mike didn't mean it when he broke up with her. Nancy hangs up saying Ali is weird, but she can't let her ruin her and Craig's plans.

John continues to watch Ivan and Celeste hanging on to the bottom of the hot air balloon. Celeste loses her grip and grabs onto Ivan's pants, which fall down to his ankles, showing his red and white shorts. John yells to Ivan to hang on while Vivian yells to him to stop messing around and get in the balloon. Stefano unrolls the ladder to the balloon and he and Ivan tell Celeste to climb up it. She screams all the way and finally falls in head first, same with Ivan. Celeste and Ivan tell Viv that Stef laced their tea, but she doesn't buy it and asks Wilma to marry them. Once they're married, John knows that Stefano will have complete control over Viv. John hears a car screeching to a halt and some man comes out of the bushes and approaches him, saying his secretary told him he could find him there. He has info on Jonesy. He hands a big envelope to John with all of Stephen Jones records and John tells him he appreciates that. He whips out the report and tells him about a secret account in the Cayman Islands that he had.

In the balloon Wilma starts the ceremony and Stefano tells her to rush it. Stefano says his I DO's first , then she asks Viv if she will and she listens, but says she can't do it and holds her face in her hands. Ivan tells them to park the balloon as Viv is upset how she looks. Wilma opens her Bible and Celeste touches up Viv's makeup. Viv said she hasn't seen Jonesy lately to object and quickly says I DO. She asks Ivan for a ring and he doesn't know about one. She remembers it being there in the townhouse and bites Ivan's hand for him to release it. When it's time for her ring, Stefano tells him it's in his other pocket and Ivan realizes he only saved his life because of the rings, and Stefano tells him he's very astute. Ivan threatens to throw the ring over the edge, but Stefano warns him that he would follow it, so he hands it over. She announces them husband and wife and they kiss. A basket with champagne is pulled off the floor of the balloon. They toast with champagne glasses. Wilma brought birdseed to throw at the bride and groom and gives birdseed to Viv. Viv holds her hand out with the seed for the birds and calls here birdie birdie. She leans over too far and falls out of the balloon. Everyone in the balloon watches her falling and John looks up to see her falling as well.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

Ali meets with Nancy in Salem Place. Nancy tells Ali that she's not dealing with reality when it comes to Mike. Ali refuses to believe that Mike is in love with Carrie. Nancy tells Ali that she believes Mike is because he wouldn't have any other reason to break up with her. Ali tells Nancy that she and Craig are in denial, she and Mike are just fine. Nancy says that Mike used her for sex and promised her the head nurse job. Ali says she and Mike are back together now and everything is fine. Ali tells Nancy she appreciated her concern, but it's not necessary. Ali leaves and Nancy says she almost feels sorry for Mike because Ali is delusional.

In Mike's office, Mike tells Craig that he can't make Ali see that they have no future. Mike says he's been completely honest with her, but Craig has he? Mike says of course he has. Craig asks if there is someone else and Mike says no, he just can't make a commitment to Ali. Craig says some women expect a commitment after your sleep with them. Mike starts to let it slip that they did sleep together, but stops. Craig tells Mike he can be honest with him. Mike says he did make love to Ali because he thought he wanted to be with her at the time. Craig tells Mike that Ali is in love with him. Mike knows, but says Ali can't accept that he doesn't love her. Craig tells Mike that if Ali didn't work here it would make his life simpler. Mike wants clarification on what Craig is implying, but Ali shows up before he can finish his statement and asks if he's ready to go to lunch. Craig tells Ali that he has to talk with Mike about a special case. She says that's OK, they can have dinner. However, Craig says that he and Mike have surgery tonight. Ali says she understands because it comes with the territory when your dating the COS. Ali leaves and Craig tells Mike that he has a big problem.

Carrie is in Salem Place and remembers her fight with Austin about telling Austin she isn't looking forward to raising Will. Carrie bumps into Nicole, who just bought Eric a present. Nicole senses something is wrong with Carrie and Carrie tells Nicole about her fight with Austin and her testimony. Carrie cries that she feels like she sent her sister to the gas chamber and her marriage is falling apart. Nicole tells Carrie that she should concentrate on her marriage because there are plenty of women who would love to have Austin as their husband.

At Titan, Kate and Lucas are planning to go to the courthouse to testify for the prosecution. Kate tells Lucas that they need to stick to their story. Lucas doesn't like the idea of lying under oath, but Kate tells him he better lie and lie well. Kate tells Lucas that perhaps Sami will get off without their help, thanks to Candy. Kate tells him just to focus on his story. Kate says they better go to the courthouse, so Lucas stands up. Kate is surprised by his fast recovery and Lucas says he doesn't even need his crutches anymore. However, Kate tells him to take them because it makes him seem more sympathetic.

At the courthouse, Sami is in tears and thinks Carrie hates her and Will and she doesn't want to raise Will. Austin tells Sami that Carrie was just upset about getting off the stand. Sami tells Austin that she doesn't care if Carrie hates her, but she won't let her take it out on Will. Sami cries and says her little son has no where to go now. Austin says she will always be there for Will, but Sami can't help but worry that Carrie will take things out on Will. Sami says it's obvious that Carrie doesn't want to have any children because she wants to stay at work and the real reason is...... Austin stops her and tells her and then asks "what real reason?"

Eric talks with Roman about Sami's case and how they believe Lucas and Kate know something. They start talking about Nicole again and Roman asks his son to be careful where Nicole is concerned.

Roman finds Sami before she can tell Austin about Carrie and Mike. Roman tells Sami that the trial is about to resume. Kate and Lucas show up and Sami tells Lucas it will be a cold day in hell before she lets him near Will again. Lucas tells his mom that he's ready to take the stand and God help Sami when he's done. Lucas is called to the stand and sworn in. Lucas testifies that Sami lied about the paternity of their son for years. The DA asks if it could have been a mistake, but Lucas says if it was and she found out the truth later, than she still lied and used it to get Austin to marry Sami. Lucas goes on to say that Sami accused him of hitting Will, which was a lie, to keep him away from his son. Sami stands up and yells that he did hit Will. The judge orders Sami to be seated. Lucas continues to testify and says that he had to kidnap Will because he feared he'd never see his son again. Lucas says it was the biggest mistake of his life. The DA continues to question Lucas about Sami. Lucas says that Sami is hell bent on getting revenge and would do anything to get it. The DA asks Lucas if Sami has ever become angry towards him. Lucas says she has and that Sami tried to choak him to death in the hospital.

Austin takes Will to watch the ice skaters and he tells Will he is planning a surprise to make this Sami's best Christmas.

Up in the balloon, Vivian is throwing birdseed to a bird when she falls out of the balloon. John, who is on the ground, sees her plummeting to the ground. Vivian falls in a lake and John goes in to rescue her, only to see her swimming around happily and spouting water out of her mouth and doing handstands! Up in the balloon, Stefano, Celeste, and Ivan see that Vivian has landed in the lake. Celeste tells Stefano to land the balloon and he tells her that he's trying. Back on the ground, John watches his aunt and scratches his head. Vivian tries to get out of the lake, but ends up falling back in, and this time she doesn't come back up. John jumps in after her and gets her out of the lake. Celeste, Stefano, and Ivan show up. Stefano tells John to keep his hands of his wife. John is shocked. Vivian tells John that he wanted to lock her up and tells her to stay out of her life and let her be happy. Celeste and Ivan go to the car and Vivian follows, but she is rubbing her jaw. Stefano tells John that he is Vivian's husband now, so he has no power of attorney over her anymore. John tells Stefano that he won't let him use her aunt and he will learn what he is up to and what he and Jonsey were really doing. Stefano says he loves Vivian and recommends John focus on Marlena instead.

Stefano takes Vivian home and puts her in a normal mood so he doesn't have to spend the night with her. Vivian says she's wiped out and needs to take a nap. Vivian goes to bed and begins to hear a newscast through her tooth.

Friday, December 18, 1998

Due to NBC News coverage of the impeachment arguments for and against President Clinton and the continued strike against Iraq, Days of our Lives was pre-empted.

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