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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday January 11, 1999

Ali is getting ready for Greta's surgery and tells Craig it is the one place she can connect with Mike without Carrie interfering. Ali tells Craig that she thinks Carrie got Mike to dump her, but not because Mike is in love with her. She says that she knows she is the only woman in Mike's life. Ali walks off and Craig says he has a better chance of going to the moon than she does of marrying Mike. Craig calls Nancy, who says she has been sequestered, so she won't be home tonight. Craig tells Nancy that Ali thinks she can gain Carrie's blessing by becoming her friend, which makes Nancy laugh.

Mike goes to see Carrie in her office and she hands him her resignation. Mike tears up the resignation and says he's reconsidered. Mike tells her that he would not be doing his job if he let the hospital lose her. Mike gets beeped for Greta's surgery and Ali knocks on the door to tell Mike they are wanted in surgery. Carrie decides to leave as well and Ali tells Carrie she never got the chance to thank her for helping her to put things in perspective after she lost the head nurse job. Ali leaves and Carrie tells Mike she may have misjudged Ali and Mike says he might have as well. Ali overhears this and thinks her plan is working. Mike remembers his conversations with Ali about dumping her and Carrie asks Mike if he is okay. He tells her that he is not, they still have problems. Mike says he has to go to the OR. Meanwhile, Craig tells Ali to give up her fantasy about Mike. She tells Craig that by tonight, she and Mike will be back together.

The DA gives his closing argument and urges them to find Samantha Brady guilty of murder. He says that Sami did not remember a thing, she is a murderer and this is a plot to convince the jury that she is innocent. He tells the jury that now is the time to find Sami guilty of murder in the first degree. Mickey gives his closing argument, saying there are no witnesses to prove Sami killed Franco Kelly and all the DA has is a theory. He asks the jury if they can say without a reasonable doubt that nobody else could have killed Franco? That Sami was framed? That just because she's made mistakes, she's able to commit murder? Mickey says that Sami did recall that she did not shoot Franco, she was framed. Mickey says that Franco was no saint and had many enemies. Mickey tells them they must acquit Sami so the real killer can be caught. Mickey concludes and the jury is taken to begin deliberation. Sami's family supports her, but she knows her dad and Mickey fear the worst. She thanks her grandparents for not turning her back on her when she gave them countless reasons to. Maggie suggests they all go say some prayers and Sami hopes she gets a miracle like the one she got on Christmas, but she thinks she's used up all her miracles. Sami says what she needs is Lucas to show up and confess.

The jury deliberates and most think Sami is guilty, but one juror thinks there is reasonable doubt.

Kate and Lucas are watching the trial. Kate says she likes the DA because he is doing a good job. Lucas can't believe his mom is so calm when their lies could send Sami to the gas chamber. Kate says she'll just get life in prison, that's all. Lucas exclaims that's all! Lucas thinks there may be a way to work something out to keep Sami out of jail and keep Will in his life. Kate says she belongs behind bars because she almost killed them both on Christmas eve! Lucas can't believe how much she is enjoying this and Kate says she deserves to enjoy it. The nanny comes in with Philip and Kate walks him out, since the nanny is taking him on a walk. Kate returns as Mickey is about to give his closing argument. Lucas tells Kate what if Will learns the truth one day, but Kate says Will will never find out if they don't tell anyone. She tells Lucas not to waste his sympathy on Sami because she's getting what she deserves. Lucas listens to Mickey and worries that he is too close to the truth, but Kate tells him not to worry. Kate suggests to Lucas they go out to dinner while they wait for a verdict and when they return they can prepare Will's room.

Bo tells Hope a body was found, but they can't give up. Abe calls and tells Bo and tells him it's not Shawn D. Bo decides to start his own search and Abe says he will go with him. Hope wants to go as well, but Bo tells her to stay and wait to see if the kidnappers call back. Bo and Abe go searching for Shawn D. and Bo tells Abe that something else is upsetting Hope. He tells Abe that he found Stefano comforting Hope when he came home. Abe asks why she hadn't kicked him out and Bo says he doesn't know. They talk about Hope's memories when they hear Shawn D yell for help. Bo says he's coming and dives in after Shawn D.

Rolf tells Stefano that the lunar eclipse should happen tonight. Stefano is thrilled and says he and Gina never had no problems mixing business with pleasure in the past. Rolf has drugged Vivian to keep her asleep during the transformation and Stefano prepares to call the kidnappers to tell them to release Shawn D. However, a news special comes on about the eclipse and Stefano opts to watch it. The next eclipse won't be for four years and Stefano has no plans to wait four years to change Hope back into Gina. Stefano calls the kidnappers and learns that the kid escaped. Stefano is furious. Stefano tells them that they better pray that Shawn D. is alive. Stefano yells that they better find the boy alive when Hope walks in. Hope calls Stefano a lying bastard and accuses him of taking Shawn D! She says she won't leave until he tells her where her son is. Stefano tells her that he had nothing to do with Shawn D. and was trying to find him when she came in, but hasn't found him yet. She tells him to take her life instead of her son;s. Stefano says he has nothing to do with Shawn D's kidnapping. Suddenly, Hope begins to start going a tad crazy and accuses Stefano of playing games with her mind. Stefano gives Hope some brandy, but she refuses and smashes the glass. She tells Stefano she won't let him drug her too and starts acting crazy. She demands to know what he is doing to her mind. Hope starts hitting him and eventually falls, hits her head, and passes out. Stefano screams no.

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Greta asks John if he's going to leave her. He tells her that he told her he would remain right by her side through the surgery. Marlena overhears this and tells him that he's a very good friend. She asks him to hold her and he asks what is wrong, what is up with Sami? Marlena tells John that she fears the testimony she gave in court will send Sami to jail. John apologizes for not being there for her. Marlena says Sami is innocent and has changed, but she senses that John doesn't believe that fully. John just feels that all of the old Sami isn't fully gone and Marlena says maybe there will always be some part of her that remains.

Marlena invites John to a family supper, but John tells her he can't because he has to stay with Greta. Marlena puts her hand over her mouth and gives him a look. John tells Marlena that Greta will be alone tonight, Sami will have family with her. Marlena is angry and says she doesn't know why he is dedicating himself to someone he hardly knows. John says there is a connection there and family comes first, and he made a promise. Marlena apologizes for making things difficult for him. John tells Marlena that when Greta comes out of surgery he will join her and Sami for the family dinner. Marlena tells John that she loves him and he says he loves her, and then they hug.

Ali is telling a nurse how she and Mike are still seeing each other as friends, but she plans to turn the friendship into romance. Ali says she has to go because Mike needs her in surgery, but soon he'll need her everywhere. Carrie overhears the conversation and says Ali must be stopped before she takes Mike in again. Carrie runs to Mike and tells him that they need to talk.

Austin shows up and asks Craig if he's seen Carrie. Craig says he guesses with Mike. Austin asks if he has talked to Nancy and Craig says not since the jury has been sequestered. Austin hopes they take their time because a quick verdict isn't a good sign. Austin finds Carrie and says they need to go to dinner for Sami. Carrie says she must talk with Mike first, but Austin says Mike will understand because this is important. Carrie says okay and Austin asks her if she is ready for the possibility that Will may come live with them? Carrie says she knows that and understands her responsibility to Will, but she has to talk with Mike and she walks off. Austin tells Carrie she can talk to Mike later and she finally agrees to go with him when she sees how slow the surgery is going.

Craig invites Mike and Nancy to Sami's dinner party, she's invited everyone who helped saved her son's life. Craig advises Mike to end this pronto before Ali convinces everyone they are back together. Meanwhile, Ali brags to her nurse friend about her friendly date with Mike tonight and how they won't be friends for long. Greta comes out of the surgery and tells Father John it is so good to see him and mother again.

Eric is in Salem Place with Nicole telling her that he wishes his dad could have gotten Lucas to confess. He says they had a fool proof plan and asks Nicole what happened to foil it. Nicole asks if he is accusing her again and he says no. Nicole says perhaps Lucas is innocent. Eric and Nicole agree not to fight and decide to go to the restaurant to be with Sami. Roman, Mickey, and Maggie are at the restaurant waiting for everyone to show up. Mickey feels he let Sami down, but Roman tells him that he did the best he could.

Lucas and Kate go out to the Tuscany restaurant to celebrate. Lucas tells his mom that he can't celebrate when a woman could be put to death for something he did. Kate and Lucas are seated and notice the large table across from them. The waiter tells her it is for a special occasion. Kate tells Lucas that this is a special occasion as well and they are going to celebrate too. As they bicker about Sami, Roman shows up and says hello to the partners in crime. Lucas refuses to get another third degree and leaves the table. Kate tells Roman that she has a dinner partner tonight and Roman says he'll just stay here until Lucas returns. Roman says he knows Lucas is guilty, but Kate adds "so you say." She tells Roman she hopes he can get on with his life when Sami is found guilty. Kate then accuses Roman of covering up his own daughter's criminal activity. She then tells him if he threatens her or her family again, she will make sure he is thrown off the force. Roman tells her that he can call her bluff and in time, Lucas will be the one to go down.

Sami and Will meet with Shawn to go to the restaurant. Caroline will come later, but she has a commitment to St. Luke's right now. Sami apologizes to her grandfather for all the pain she's caused him. He tells her that her family loves her unconditionally. Sami, Eric, Nicole, Will, and Shawn show up at the restaurant and Will runs into Lucas arms. Sami tells Lucas and Kate that she won't let either of them ruin this night for her. Kate tells her when the jury returns their verdict it will be her life that is ruined. Eric starts calling Lucas a coward and suggests they take this outside, but Mickey breaks them up. Sami and Lucas start arguing, mostly about who Will will end up with. Sami tells Lucas she will prove he killed Franco if it's the last thing she does. Kate tells Sami that nobody will believe her and tells her to enjoy the last decent meal of her life.

Austin and Carrie show up, as does Marlena. Marlena asks Carrie if she is all right and Carrie says her problems are nothing compared to Sami's. Marlena asks if she is ready to take care of Will and Carrie says she is very busy with her job, so it will be hard. Carrie tells her that she knows she wants her to quit and she even tried, but Mike wouldn't let her. However, Carrie says she will keep her promise to Austin and takes her responsibility to Will very seriously.

In the ladies room, Kate warns Nicole not to hurt her son and Nicole says she wouldn't do that to Lucas, they are just friends. Kate tells herself that she can't wait to learn what her private detective finds on Nicole because she knows she is a user and won't let her use Lucas.

Kate gives Marlena her sympathies and wishes she could help. Roman butts in and tells her to confess, that would help. Shawn tells Marlena that Chelsea called and Belle is sick. Sami has Austin gather the family around to make an announcement. Marlena tells Sami that she has to go because Belle is sick and Sami understands, but wants to say something first. Sami publicly apologizes to her mom for all the pain she has caused. Sami asks her mom if she can forgive her and Marlena says she already forgave her a long time ago.

The jury is still deliberating Sami's fate. Everyone but one juror feels Sami is guilty. Nancy suggests they take another vote, but this time another woman changes her mind. Nancy suggests they take one final vote. Nancy reads the votes and says it looks like they have a verdict.

Bo returns home with Shawn D, but Hope is nowhere to be found. Shawn D. begins to worry, but Bo says not to, she will be back soon. Bo asks Shawn D. about the kidnappers and Shawn D. says they were wearing masks, all he knows is that one was a woman. Hope is lying in a bed while Rolf works next to her on a computer. The satellite is almost in position, but Rolf says "what if she doesn't regain consciousness?" Rolf goes to see Stefano and tells him that they have a problem, he may never get Gina back. Rolf tells Stefano that when Hope hit her head, the microchip could have been moved, which could effect the transformation. Stefano tells Rolf to get fix it, but Rolf says there isn't time. Stefano says that Hope's transformation must proceed as planned. In her room, Hope has a memory of Bo telling her that he found Shawn D., but she doesn't know either of them. Stefano laughs and tells them that she is Princess Gina now.

Bo and Shawn D. show up looking for Hope and Stefano is glad to see Shawn D is okay. Shawn D spots Hope's gloves and Bo warns Stefano that if he hurt Hope, he will die slowly. Bo and Shawn D. go upstairs and find Hope unconscious. They rush to her side and Shawn D. begs his mom to wake up. Hope opens her eyes and looks at them and Stefano walks in. Hope says nothing and Bo asks Stefano what he did to Hope. However, Hope recognizes Shawn D and Bo. Stefano says that Hope slipped and fell and he put her in bed. Bo asks Hope if she remembers what happened and she says she remembers throwing things at Stefano. She's glad to see Shawn D. and Bo tells Hope she'll be fine as soon as they get her out of here. Stefano mumbles that Bo should enjoy his brief time with Hope. Bo tells Hope that he's taking her out of Salem tonight. Rolf and Stefano hear this and Rolf says Bo can't take Hope out of Salem because the satellite has been programmed with Hope's exact coordinates. Stefano says he will stop at nothing to keep Hope from leaving Salem.

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

The jury finally reaches their verdict and Nancy rings for the court officer to tell him they've reached a verdict. Two jurors change their mind at the last minute and speak up that they felt pressured into voting guilty.

At the hospital, Ali changes into an evening gown and Mike tells her she looks nice, but reminds her they are not on a date. Ali says she knows, but they can prove they can still be friends. Ali asks Mike to promise her that he won't spend the entire evening with Carrie because all they'll do is talk shop. Mike says he won't and tells her she was a great help to him today, she saved him from making a grave error. Mike tells Ali he wouldn't want to lose her as a friend and says after he changes they can leave. Ali tells herself that her plan is working perfectly.

Austin and Carrie arrive at the restaurant where Sami is about to make an announcement to her family. She tells them that this could be their last night together, so she wants to settle some old scores before the verdict comes in. Lucas listens from his table and tells his mom he can't take this. Sami tells her dad that she hasn't been the best daughter, and tells Carrie and Eric that she hasn't been the best sister, and she apologizes to them. Eric hugs Sami and tells her that he loves her and they all know the real murderer will be brought to justice soon.

At Kate and Lucas' table, Lucas starts feeling guilty. Kate tells Lucas if he wants his son back than he better keep his mouth shut. Sami apologizes to Carrie and Austin and tells Carrie she hopes one day she'll be proud to call her sister. Austin hugs Sami and tells her they love her and Carrie tells Sami that they will always be sisters, no matter what. Sami thanks her dad for never giving up on her and he vows to her to prove her innocent. She then apologizes to Shawn for what she put him and her grandma through. Shawn tells her that he believes in her, they all do. Sami thanks them all.

Sami tells Mickey that he is one great lawyer and has done an excellent job with such a difficult client and impossible odds. She also adds that she owes all the Hortons for their support. She then thanks Nicole for being her friend and asks her to take care of her brother. Sami then talks to her son. She thanks him for teaching her how to be a good person and that she loves him and wants him to be happy and safe. Sami starts crying not to let her lose her baby when Lucas stands up and says she doesn't have to. Roman asks Lucas if he's ready to tell them the truth? Kate stands up and prevents him from saying anything. Kate says that Lucas was hoping Sami would apologize to him for lying about hitting Will, but even if she didn't, he always wants Will to know who his mother is.

Everyone starts arguing. Austin warns Lucas that if he keeps lying he'll go to jail and then he tells Kate he will never talk to her again. Lucas whispers that he can't do this anymore, but Kate tells him he must if he wants to keep Will in his life. She tells Lucas not to give up, no matter what. Lucas tells his mom she's right, if Sami has to go to jail so Will can get the life he deserves, so be it. Ali, Mike, and Craig arrive for dinner and Sami thanks them for coming, and for saving Will's life. Ali goes to talk with Will and when Carrie tries to talk with Mike, Ali says no way, Mike promised no talk about work tonight, and she drags Mike to the bar. Craig gets a call from Nancy, who is hiding in a closet, and tells him that the jury is deadlocked and doesn't know when she will be getting home. Nancy says she better return before she gets caught and Craig says he'll keep monitoring the situation in case anyone needs a little push.

When Ali leaves Mike's side to get him a drink, Carrie tries to make her move with Mike, but Ali returns and steals Mike away for a dance. Austin asks Carrie to dance, so they hit the floor. As they dance, Carrie and Austin start arguing about Lucas again, Carrie feels sorry for him and says there is no proof that Lucas killed Franco.

Eric tells Nicole that he is lucky to have her in his life when her cell phone rings. She thinks it could be work, so excuses herself to talk. Roman scoots in and tells Eric that he doesn't think Nicole is right for him and tipped Lucas off the other night to keep him from confessing. Nicole asks who is calling and it's Lucas! He starts flirting with her and suggests they go have fun, but she says she is having a fine time. Lucas suggests they hop in his limo to the blue note, but Nicole says she can't leave Eric right now, but would like a rain check. Eric catches onto what is going on and tells Lucas to leave Nicole alone, and then he and Nicole leave. Outside, Eric asks Nicole how she really feels about Lucas. Nicole says she wants him, not Lucas, and kisses Eric to show it.

Kate and Sami continue fighting. Kate tells Sami she will go to jail and Lucas will win custody of Will. Kate tells Sami goodbye and good riddance! Sami tells herself she won't go down alone and vows to destroy Kate. Will begins to choke on some food and Lucas goes to save him. Sami thinks Lucas is hurting Will and starts hitting him.

Nancy goes back to the jury and says they will vote one last time and it will be a unanimous vote!

Vivian begins to pick up the radio reports of Sami's trial on her tooth. She makes a call to Celeste and tells her to bring her will now, she may not be alive come tomorrow. Rolf tells Stefano that they must keep Bo from taking Hope from Salem. Stefano tells Bo that he has Bart following them and Bart will stop them if they try to leave Salem. Stefano switches the subject and asks about Vivian. Rolf says that the serum may make Vivian feel better, but she could still die. Stefano is furious and says he can't let her leave his treasures to Celeste, Ivan, and John! He yells at Rolf that he married her was to get his treasures back, don't forget that!

Vivian walks in and asks "forget what?" Stefano says he was just telling Rolf that he wants her to get better and not to forget he loves her. Vivian asks who Dr. Dracula is and Stefano says this is Rolf, he is acting as a consultant in her case. Stefano tells Vivian to go to sleep and Vivian says she can't because she keeps hearing voices in her head, voices about a kidnapping and Bo Brady. After Vivian leaves, Rolf begins the countdown till the satellite is in orbit, 5 4 3 2 1! Later, Stefano gets a call from Bart, who tells him that Hope is at the Salem Inn with Lilly. Stefano says he will be there soon.

Stefano tells Vivian that he may have to go out later, which upsets her. She says she was looking forward to consummating their marriage. Stefano wants that, but says he doesn't want to jeopardize her recovery. Vivian says she might die anyways, so why not throw caution to the wind? Stefano tells her never to talk like that again. He then says that he knows how worried she has been and he has a suggestion for her, he wants her to increase the insurance on her art treasures. Vivian laughs and wonders what made him think about that. Stefano says he is just concerned about her future and then says what if a thief stole her treasures? She'd have no money and he knows she is an independent woman and wouldn't want to rely on him. Vivian just laughs and says she'd do no such thing. Meanwhile, Rolf is waiting for the Lunar Eclipse to occur to transform Hope into Gina via the satellite.

Bo, Hope, and Shawn D. arrive at the Horton House and Bo tells them both to pack, they are taking a voyage on the Fancy Face II. However, Hope tells Bo that she can't leave, she has to stay here. Hope says she just got back and doesn't want to uproot their family. Bo tells her to think of it as a vacation. Hope says she can't leave till she says goodbye to Lilly and Bo says okay because he has errands to take care of anyway. Hope says she'll meet him at the boat and leaves. Later, Bo tells Shawn D. he's going to the boat to arrange a special surprise for his mom. Bo goes to a jewelry shop to buy an engagement ring.

Hope goes to see Lilly and tells her that Shawn D. is safe, which relieves Lilly. Hope tells her that she and Bo are going on a trip and Lilly asks Hope if she is running away? Lilly realizes Hope is having more memory flashes and Hope admits she, memories of Stefano. Hope says her closeness to Stefano is scaring her. She says the flashes are becoming more intense and she doesn't know why. As the satellite goes into orbit, Hope turns into Gina!

Lilly asks Gina if it is really her. Hope snaps back and Lilly tells Hope that she became Gina before her very eyes! Hope says she just had a very intense memory. Hope notices the Rennet art book and looks through it. Lilly's mind wanders, so she excuses herself to take her medication. Hope looks at a picture of Garden of Twilight and remembers breaking into Lilly's place and stealing it! She's also smoking, dressed in black, and has very straight and dark colored hair with red streaks in it. Hope cries "Oh my god, I was an art thief!"

Thursday, January 14, 1999

Days of our Lives was pre-empted due to NBC News coverage of the Impeachment trial. Today's episode will air tomorrow---so no episodes will be lost.

Friday, January 15, 1999

At Salem Place, Bo is gazing at the big old diamond engagement ring that he bought for Hope. A gust of wind blows a glove by and as he drops to pick it up, the owner comes rushing up. They both look up at Bo sees that he has rescued Billie's glove. Bo wonders how Billie is doing and she tells him that she is OK. Bo tells Billie his good news, which does not sit well with her. Billie covers and says that she is happy for the two. Billie tells him that all that she has done was for Bo. He tells her that they had some good times and that she will have a special place in his heart. They hug and Billie wishes them well.

Everything is in place for Hope's transformation, Rolf tells Stefano. Looking at the weather channel, Rolf sees that there is trouble: a storm is on its way, that will block the satellite's transmission, but it may not be strong enough to activate the chip in Hope's brain. Stefano does not care, just make it happen. The problem, Rolf says, is that Hope will still continue to have the Gina flashes. This infuriates Stefano, who knows the Hope will go to Bo with what she remember.

At Lili's, Hope flashes back to her days as Evil Gina. She remembers stealing Lili's painting. Hope is shocked to learn that she was an art thief. Lili returns and sees that Hope is distraught and wonders what is wrong. Hope tells her that she is fine, but Lili does not believe it. Hope chalks it up to the whole Shawn-D thing. Hope flashes again to her and Stefano drinking champagne. They are toasting their acquisitions. Back in reality, Hope knows that it is true. Lili returns with a glass of sherry. Lili wistfully tells Hope that she wanted to leave her art collection to Gina, but they were stolen. Hope probes when the thefts took place, and Lili remembers that it was years ago, when Gina was with her in Lugano. Lili recalls that the two were having dinner, but Lili became ill. Hope flashes back to that time, and that she drugged Lili's drink to make her ill. Hope is aghast that she did this to her friend. Lili continues her story that her paintings were gone that night. Hope is guilt-ridden that Lili is going on about what a caring friend Gina was to her. Hope then recalls meeting up with Stefano and the two toasting to Lili's "trusting" ways. Lili goes on to say that there were no leads and that the thieves probably still have the paintings, somehow concealed. Hope recalls painting on a canvas and says that she has seen that painting. Lili wonders what painting she is referring to. Hope covers, pointing to one in a book. Lili leaves to get another book, but Hope wants to leave. Flipping through the book, she comes upon a picture. Upon looking at it, she closes her eyes in disbelief. It is a picture of her and Stefano together. She says that she has to tell Bo the truth about her life as Gina.

Bo rushes into the Horton house, looking for Mrs. H. He has a very important question to ask her. He says that it is silly and old fashioned, but he wants her permission to marry her granddaughter. Alice is so happy to hear this. Bo promises that he will do his best to make Hope happy. He shows her the ring that he bought, pledging to make up for all the lost time. Bo rushes off to find Hope and propose to her, but not before recalling many years ago, when he proposed to her as Rhett and Scarlett. Bo says that now not even Stefano can come between them.

Eric and Nicole are kissing on the balcony. Nicole suggests going back to her place, but Eric wants to be around for Sami. Nicole pledges her support.

Craig has learned from Nancy that they are still deliberating. Nancy is obviously upset that it is taking so long to reach a verdict. But, it should be soon.

Inside, Lucas has performed the Heimlich maneuver on Will with everyone watching. Lucas saves his son from choking on a piece of carrot. Mike reassures Will that he is fine, thanks to Lucas. Shawn takes his great-grandson for ice cream. Sami even is thankful. Mike gets beeped to the hospital and he and Ali leave, much to Carrie's dismay. Austin thanks Lucas. Lucas turns to Sami and tells her that he takes responsibility for putting Will in danger by driving drunk, but she has to face her responsibilities too....if she did not do everything to keep Lucas out of Will's life, things might be better for her. Lucas tries to get Sami to meet him half way. Sami tries to get Lucas to admit that he killed Franco, but Lucas turns it around and says that she should admit to the lie about Lucas hitting Will. Sami looks at Austin and can't tell the truth. Lucas tells her that she is pathetic and deserves what she gets. As he leaves, he tells Will that he loves him and they will be together soon. Roman looks at his daughter and wonders why she could not apologize to Lucas after she just made a big apology to the family. Roman figures that she blew her chance, if she had met Lucas half way, he might have confessed to shooting Franco. Roman says that now they have to put their faith in the jury.

The party breaks up, with Eric and Sami going back to the Pub. Nicole leaves to go back to her place, but not before getting the evil eye from Roman. Austin tries to get Carrie to go with him, but she wants to go back to the hospital. Austin can't believe that she would not be there to support her sister, especially after she apologized for all the mean things she's done to Carrie in the past. Carrie just shakes her head and says that it is ironic that Sami has an attack of conscience right before she is punished. Carrie and Austin start arguing again about Sami. She says that Austin's blind faith is coming between them.

At the Pub, Sami goes to be with Will, leaving Eric and Roman to discuss the situation. Roman is sure that Lucas won't confess on his own after what Sami did to him at the restaurant. Upstairs, Sami is tucking Will in and tells him that she cherishes every moment she spends with him and that he is the best thing that has ever happened to her. She lies down with him, humming Braham's Lullaby.

At the hospital, Lexie runs into Mike. Seems the son of the board member needed an emergency appendectomy. Lexie notices that Ali was there, and Mike is quick to point out it was not a date, and that Ali is taking the whole friendship thing well. Lexie says that now that Mike has told his feelings to Carrie, perhaps he can move on. Ali walks up, and Lexie leaves. As Mike goes to leave, Ali stops him and tells him that she enjoys working with him. Ali gives him a hug, as Carrie walks up and sees the two.

At the Kiriakis mansion, Lucas is fed up with lying. Kate tells him to stop having his attacks of conscience. He says that he would have confessed if Sami had admitted to lying. Kate prays that a verdict is coming in soon. She leaves and the phone rings. Lucas answers it and it is Nicole. She wonders how he is and they talk about what happened at the restaurant. Nicole tells him that she admires him for putting aside his anger to try to work it out with Sami. Nicole continues, saying that he might not have gotten anywhere with Sami, but he made an impression on her. She hangs up and Lucas has a smile on his face. Kate returns, and Lucas tells her that Nicole called. Kate says that the girl gets around, but Lucas tells her to quit it. She sees the Lucas is sad, and tells him to stay strong for Will's sake. The phone rings again, and Lucas answers it. It is Sami and she tells him that they need to talk's time that they both told the truth.

Craig gets a call from Nancy. She tells him they have finally reached a verdict. Craig can't stand the suspense and asks if Sami was found innocent or guilty, as Austin eavesdrops in the back.

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