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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday March 1, 1999

Stefano tells Greta that she looks perfect. John asks Stefano what he wants and Stefano says he's just greeting old friends. John tells Stefano never to call him his friend. Stefano is curious if John has remembered anything thanks to Marlena's hypnosis sessions. John asks if he's getting scared, but Stefano says that he has nothing to hide. John tells him that is a joke and promises Stefano that he won't stop until he knows what role he played in Princess Gina's death. Eventually they start talking about "Hope" and Stefano asks how she took his proposal to Marlena?

John wonders what it is to him and says once he and Marlena marry, Bo and Hope will be the next two to marry. Stefano chuckles and tells himself "how can that happen when Hope no longer exists?" Greta asks John if he really means to find out about how her mom died? John says that there are too many unanswered questions he has about her death.

Gina is flirting with Rolf, telling him that he's the one person who understands him. Gina tells him that Stefano is being mean and won't let her spend time with Greta or John. Rolf says that is because they are the two people who could blow her cover. Rolf asks Gina if she would ever cross Stefano? Gina dodges his question and whines about how draining it is to be both Hope and Gina. Gina spots Mickey and Maggie coming, so Rolf takes off. She talks to them about the Fancy Face II, and how things are going with her and Bo. Later, Gina refuses to stop pursuing John until he remembers everything.

Rolf goes back to see Gina and commends her on a brilliant performance. Gina asks Rolf how he changed her and John's identities? Rolf tells her it was extremely complicated. Gina starts telling him how brilliant he is and he hopes Stefano appreciates him. Gina starts telling Rolf that John could be a threat because he was Gina's partner and they can't be so sure that John won't remember the truth. Gina tells him that Marlena is hypnotizing John and Greta is telling him stories about his life with Gina.

Gina tells Rolf that there could be a chance that he turned John back into Father John when he turned Hope into her. Rolf says that is preposterous. Rolf runs into Stefano and tells him that they have a big problem. Gina goes back to the townhouse and starts working on paintings and is sure that she's gotten to Rolf, and soon Father John will be reborn! Gina tells herself that after she finishes these paintings, she, John, and Greta will fly to Europe. However, she has to find a way to get rid of Marlena Evans for good!

Bo can't stop thinking about what is going on between "Hope" and Stefano and vows to get to the truth. Bo goes to see Lilly and tells her that "Hope" isn't sharing her new memories of Gina with him. Lilly says that is odd because Hope has always wanted to remember her life to rebuild her life with him. Bo is hoping she can help him, and asks her to tell him everything about Gina and her connection to DiMera. Lilly says she doesn't know if she can help, her memory is so poor. Bo asks if she's said anything to her recently, and Lilly remembers Hope telling her about her scary memories of Stefano. Lilly tells Bo that Hope has had terrible memories about being with Stefano and maybe that's why she won't tell him, she's afraid. Bo asks Lilly if she's encouraging Hope to be more like Gina? Lilly says while she wants her Gina back, she's with the angels. Bo asks Lilly if she knows if Gina spent any other time with a man other than DiMera. Lilly tells her that Gina lost the great love of her life, he left her and her heart never mended. Bo asks Lilly to tell him everything she knows about this man Gina loved. Later, Bo goes and finds John and Greta and asks them if they might know who the love of Gina's life is that she lost in Europe.

Marlena and Roman walk into the Titan photo lab right as Billie tells Eric if they are caught they're finished. Marlena asks what they were talking about and Billie was talking about finishing a campaign. Eric asks why they have come and Roman says he was wondering if they've been talking to Austin, and by the way they are acting, he's guessing they have. Eric says they haven't and Billie says Kate was asking her the same thing earlier. Roman says that Kate would like nothing more to see Sami put away, or to death, but he won't give up till he proves Lucas killed Franco. Eric suggests that perhaps Lucas wasn't the one who did it.

Roman asks him who it could be? Roman asks Eric if he knows something he hasn't told him, but Eric says no. Mickey gives Roman a call about Sami's sentencing, so Roman and Marlena plan to go. Roman asks Eric to come so they can talk on the way, but Eric says he has to stay behind and do some work with Billie. They leave, and both Eric and Billie feel bad about lying to Roman. Eric and Billie go to the strip club and see Roberto go in. Billie sees something and says she has the perfect way to win Roberto's trust.

In Kate's office, Lucas is blasting his mom for ruining his life and tells her that what he needs to do is get away from her. Lucas accuses his mom of putting Austin's wishes ahead of him. Kate laughs and says Billie was here earlier accusing her of putting him ahead of her and Austin, so she can't win with any of her children. Lucas tells his mom that he hopes he doesn't screw things up with Will as much as she has with her children.

Marlena and Roman go to court and Roman blasts at the reporters to get the hell out of their way! Roman asks Mickey why there are TV crews here and Mickey tells him that the judge is letting this be televised. Roman and Marlena speak on behalf of their daughter. Roman tells the judge that the only reason Sami ran was because she couldn't be convicted for a crime she didn't commit. At Titan, Lucas and Kate watch and Lucas tells his mom this is all her doing. Back in court, Roman begs the judge to spare Sami's life so he can prove her innocence. Marlena says that what Austin and Sami did was wrong, but it was out of love and desperation for Sami's son. Mickey adds that Sami is not here because she is looking for the proof that someone else killed Franco. Mickey asks him to please be lenient in Sami's sentencing. The judge leaves and announces that he will return shortly with his decision.

Tracey invites Mike and Carrie in as Austin and Sami hide. Austin and Sami wonder who it could be, so Austin decides to check. Meanwhile, Mike is slapping Carrie to try to get her to wake up, she's out cold because of her fever. Sami eventually wants to know who it is and checks on Mike and Carrie herself. Carrie eventually wakes up, but she is feeling weak and dizzy. Sami realizes that this has got to be killing Austin. Mike makes some calls and finds out that the tow trucks are all busy with the storms. Mike asks Tracey if she has any medicine, but Tracey wonders why he doesn't have a bag with him? Mike says he came up to the mountains for personal business.

Tracey asks Carrie if she's seen her before, but Carrie says she doesn't see how. Carrie continues and Mike tells her they should get her out of the wet clothes. Sami asks Austin what he's going to do, is he going to see Carrie? Austin says that they'd turn them in. Sami doesn't think they would, but Austin says he thinks Mike would and he's not sure about Carrie's loyalty. Mike and Carrie reminisce about the trip in LA when Carrie got sick and Austin listens in as Mike tells Carrie that she kissed him when she was asleep. Carrie asks why he didn't tell her that before and Mike says because she was in love with Austin, but now that he's left, he doesn't have to hide his feelings anymore. Sami asks Austin what is worrying him? Austin says that if the police were following Carrie at Green Mountain Lodge, what if they followed her here? Meanwhile, Carrie is freezing and Mike is cuddling with her to try to keep her warm. Suddenly, a report flashes on the TV announcing Sami's fate.

Back in court, the judge returns and says that he sentences Sami to death by lethal injection. Marlena is stunned and can't believe this is happening. At Titan, Lucas screams that this can't be happening. At the cabin, Mike, Carrie, Austin, Tracy, and Sami are stunned.

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Vivian tells Celeste that she can't let Stefano get away with what he did to her, she may still die. Celeste says that the concoction Dr. Wu gave her is helping her, but Vivian doesn't know if she can get through this. Celeste decides to call Dr. Wu and get some more herbs, but then she decides to call Abe and John and let them know what Stefano has done to her. Vivian refuses to let her because she's determined to make Stefano pay on her own and she wants the 49% share of Titan. Celeste tells her that Stefano is equally determined to hold onto those shares. Vivian refuses to give up her goal to take over Titan. Celeste asks her if it is worth her life? Suddenly, Vivian collapses. Celeste calls Lexie, who comes to examine Vivian. Later, Lexie goes to see her mom and Celeste asks how Vivian is. The news isn't good by the look on Celeste's face.

Stefano is furious with Rolf for suggesting they bring back Father John. Rolf says that John is going through hypnosis, but Stefano doesn't think Marlena can bring back John's non-existent memories. Stefano asks Rolf if John's memories are non-existent or not. Rolf says the memories have been erased, but the chip is far less sophisticated than the one in Hope's brain. Rolf says he doesn't believe he'll remember, but he can't be 100% certain. Stefano asks Rolf if he has any idea how dangerous this could be? Rolf says that is why he thought they should bring Father John back to their side. Stefano says never and asks where he got such an idea. Rolf says that it was Gina's idea.

Stefano says Gina has been spending too much time getting to know Greta and John and not enough time working on the paintings. He says once she is done, he will accompany Gina to Europe. Rolf asks "what about Vivian," but Stefano says the marriage is doomed because all she wants is the stocks. Rolf tells him that Vivian does love him, but Stefano says it's irrelevant. Rolf says "even if . . . ." Stefano asks him, if he thinks she's onto him? Rolf says, no, but he thinks Vivian could die. Stefano says that the other day he thought the device wasn't working and that she knew the truth, but he thanks God he was wrong. Rolf says he will keep looking for a cure, but must pray she hangs on long enough. Rolf begins to worry about John, but tells himself not to consider crossing Stefano. Stefano goes upstairs and sees Celeste, who does not look good. He asks her what is wrong and she tells him that Vivian is dying. Stefano goes in to see Vivian, who is with Lexie.

Carrie tells Mike that she needs him now more than ever, which Austin hears. Austin comforts Sami, who is in tears. The news reporter says that Sami will be the first woman to be put to death in Salem in over twenty years. Sami tells Austin that her life is over, he shouldn't throw his away. Sami tells Austin there is nothing he can do for her anymore and she doesn't want anyone to put their life on the line for her. Tracey tries to get Mike and Carrie out, she offers to drive them home and Carrie says she'd like that. Austin decides to confront Mike and Carrie, but as he goes out to see them, they are on their way out with Tracey. He's heartbroken and decides that he can't desert Sami now.

Sami tells Will that she prays they don't take Austin away from him too. She tells Will that she's being punished for all the horrible things she's done and she's let him down. However, she says the one good thing that has come out of this is that Austin has become her friend, he is her rock. Sami tells Will that she wishes Austin could stay with them, but she can't ask him to give up anymore of his life for them. Austin listens in as Sami tells Will all of this, she thinks he's gone. He tells Sami that they aren't giving up. Austin tells Sami that he couldn't leave her to face this alone, he's going to keep his vow to prove her innocent. Sami asks what they will do? Austin says he'll see what Billie and Eric have learned, and then think of something. Sami can't bear the thought of taking him away from his life longer than she has. Austin tells her that his problems are trivial compared to hers. Sami thanks him for staying and says she doesn't know what she'd do without him. Austin tells her that they will find Franco's true killer.

Carrie feels guilty about not being there for her family, and now she thinks Austin is gone for good, he's given everything up for Sami. Carrie says the only thing Sami can do now is stop being selfish and turn herself in. Tracey asks Carrie how she can say that, Sami Brady isn't selfish at all! Carrie asks Tracey how she knows that? Tracey says she watched the entire trial and she thinks Sami is innocent. Carrie says Sami isn't the victim, she's made her the victim. Tracey realizes that Carrie is Sami's sister. Carrie says she doesn't want her sister to die, she should understand that.

Marlena is devastated by the ruling and Roman comforts her. Maggie also comforts Marlena and Roman vows to prove Sami's innocence. Mickey says they can still appeal, but they need Sami to do so. Roman still hasn't given up on Lucas, he thinks there also could have been a hit out on Franco, and he knows where to start. Marlena hopes he finds something and they hug. Mickey and Maggie both offer their help if there is anything they can do. Marlena wonders if Sami heard the verdict, and Roman is positive both she and Austin did. Roman promises Marlena that he won't let her die for something she didn't do.

Nancy tells Craig via the phone that she never imagined she'd get the maximum, but she still would have voted guilty. Craig is with Alli at the attorney and Craig tells Nancy that Alli is hesitating. However, Nancy says once Alli learns about Mike and Carrie's tryst she'll move forward with the suit. Marlena returns to work and tells Nancy to find her if Carrie comes to work. Nancy tells Marlena that she is sorry about what has happened to Sami. Marlena snaps at Nancy and tells her that they will prove Sami is innocent. Carrie and Mike walk into the hospital, together, and run right into Marlena.

Roman is outside the strip club and is talking to Abe on the phone. He plans to go talk to Roberto. Eric is watching Roberto and wondering how he can get close to them. Eric is told to sit down because it's amateur night and the girls get really nervous. Billie has disappeared and Eric wonders where she has gone. Billie talked to the manager and signed up for amateur night. The first Amateur, Pandora, performs and does a horrid job and is booed off the stage. Billie is next and is announced as BeBe. Eric is stunned. Billie makes her way to Roberto's table and starts dancing for him. Billie is positive she's got Roberto. Eric tells Billie that she was amazing, but he doesn't want her to compromise herself. Meanwhile, everyone is shouting at BeBe to do an encore and the owner wants to give her a contract. "BeBe" goes back on stage dances some more. Billie heads back over to Roberto and starts taking it off for him. Roman is about to enter the club.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Stefano and Lexie talk in the foyer. Stefano asks if Vivian is dying and Lexie gives him a look. Stefano can't believe it and asks if there is anything she can do. Lexie has run some tests and says all they can do is wait for the results. Stefano asks what she thinks is wrong and Lexie says it is probably an immune or nervous system disease. Celeste tells Stefano that Vivian needs him, so he rushes to her side. Vivian tells him how there is so much she wanted to do with him, travel the world, but now she's a cripple. She asks Stefano why this had to happen to her? Celeste takes Vivian upstairs to rest and Stefano begins to feel guilty about Vivian. He asks himself "what have I done?" Lexie overhears this and asks him what does he mean?

Stefano says he just thinks there was something else he could have done for her, but Lexie tells him this wasn't his fault. She tells him to be brave for Vivian's sake. Stefano tells Lexie that they must make her believe she will recover, but Lexie tells her that they have to tell her the truth, she is dying. Vivian and Celeste go upstairs and celebrate. Vivian says everyone played their part so well, especially Lexie. Celeste says that Lexie was willing to help them once she told her what Stefano had done to her. Vivian says Stefano bought the whole thing, hook line and sinker and he will pay for every rotten thing he did to her!

Craig talks with Alli about the law suit, and Alli is weighing all her options at this point. Alli tells Craig that she thinks Gregory is a tad slimy, but Craig tells her that is what she needs. Alli tells Craig that she's not out for revenge. Craig asks if she'd like to salvage her pride and dignity? Alli tells Craig that he's making too much of this, Mike is confused and doesn't know what he wants. Craig tells her that Mike sure as hell doesn't want her! Alli starts fantasizing about Mike seducing her and Craig apologizes for being harsh. Alli says she loves Mike so much and just can't give up on him.

Alli says that Mike is just gun-shy, but Craig tells her that he is not. Alli is sick of him insinuating that Mike and Carrie are having a relationship. Craig tells her that she'll learn about it soon, so he might as well tell her now. Craig tells her that Mike and Carrie went off to Green Mountain Lodge together. Alli gasps "he lied to me!" Still, Alli says that she can't sue Mike because she has to prove that her work was affected by what happened between them, and if she sues him, Mike will hate her forever and she couldn't take that! Alli says she left a gift for Mike in his office, and she knows it will change things. Nancy shows up and says their Chief of Staff is back in the building.

Carrie and Mike run right into Marlena. She asks Carrie if she's all right and Mike says she's been sick. Marlena asks Mike if he was with Carrie at Green Mountain Lodge? Mike tells Marlena the whole story. Judy sees that Mike is back and tells him that he has a ton of messages. Mike tells Carrie that he has to go to work and Marlena offers to "take care" of Carrie. Marlena wants to take Carrie home, but Carrie wants to work. Marlena tells her no, they are going to talk. Marlena asks Carrie why she and Mike were at the lodge? Marlena and Carrie go to her office and Marlena tells Carrie that she's destroying her marriage.

Carrie tells Marlena that Austin is the one who left her for Sami, but Marlena says Austin is doing this for Will. Carrie says she loves Will too, but wouldn't go to these extremes. Carrie says it's over, and Austin still hasn't returned home. Carrie says that Austin and Sami probably aren't coming back now that they know there is nothing they can do. Marlena tells Carrie that they have to be strong for Sami and Will, and Austin is only trying to take care of Will. Marlena says that Carrie can't take comfort in the arms of another man now just because she's feeling a little abandoned. Carrie says that she was not unfaithful to Austin.

Mike goes to his office, but can only think about Carrie. Mike finds Alli's peace offering. He says he can't deal with this, he has to be there for Carrie when Marlena accuses her of whatever. Mike goes to leave his office, only to run into Alli. Alli sees that Mike didn't open her gift and he tells her that she is showering her affection on the wrong person, doesn't she understand that? Alli says she is giving to the person she loves. Mike tells her to stop loving him, but Alli yells he can't just turn her off like a water faucet. Mike tells her that it's over, why can't she accept that? Alli says because it's not over for her, when she loves, she loves forever.

Billie is taking it off for Roberto as Eric watches from back stage. Roman is about to go into the club when Kate yells at him not to go in there. Kate tells Roman that is too sleazy of a place for him to go. Roman asks what she's doing here and Kate says she wanted to offer her support to him and offers to buy him a drink someplace nice and quiet. Roman says he's working to save Sami, but Kate says it's a little late. Roman tells her that he will never back away from finding Franco's real killer. Roman heads into the strip club, and Kate follows.

Billie continues dancing for Roberto. Billie starts speaking Italian to Roberto when Eric spots Roman and Kate come in. Billie tells Roberto to come back stage and talk and she heads backstage. Roberto invites Billie back to his apartment, but Billie says they should go to the Blue Note first, and later if things go well they can go to his place. Roberto agrees and heads to the Blue Note, Billie says she'll meet him in thirty minutes. Roman asks around for Roberto, but learns he just left. So, Roman agrees to go off with Kate and have a drink Billie tells Eric about her date with Roberto, but Eric refuses to let her do this. However, Billie says she will do this and will be okay.

At the Blue Note, Roman and Kate have a drink. Kate feels at easy with him now that he doesn't consider her or her son a suspect in Franco's murder. Roman gives Billie a call, but only gets her machine. He wonders where she could be. Kate thanks Roman for befriending Billie and being there for her, but Roman says she was there for him as well and is a great source of strength. Roman and Kate drink to "comforting friends" and Kate flirts with him and tells him that he looks just like a little kid right now.

Lucas is thinking about marrying Nicole. He tells himself that his mom can never learn the truth about Nicole. At Nicole's place, Taylor drops by and tells Nicole that their mom is recovering nicely from surgery, and she thanks her for the money she's been sending. Nicole says she will always take care of mom, does that not prove she's a good girl? Taylor sees Nicole doing mens' laundry and asks the good girl who she's sleeping with now? Nicole tells her that it's none of her business, but since she's bound to found out, it's Eric. Taylor tells Nicole if she really loved Eric than she'd come clean with him about everything. Nicole tells her not to give her orders, and they start fighting.

Taylor accuses Nicole of having Lucas' undies in her laundry as well. Nicole says she is not having an affair with Lucas, but Taylor tells her that she's not satisfied unless she's stringing a few guys on and playing them against one another. Nicole says that was her past, she loves Eric and is committed to him, Lucas is just her good friend. Lucas shows up with flowers. Nicole invites him in and Taylor tells Lucas that she's sorry about everything that's happened. Lucas says he's been depressed since Austin took off with his son, but seeing Nicole cheers him up. Taylor wonders how Eric is handling the news, and he suddenly shows up.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

Eric shows up at Nicole's and asks Lucas what the hell he's doing here? Lucas says he's here on business, and asks Eric if he always shows up uninvited? Lucas asks Nicole if she had plans with Eric? Eric asks Lucas to take a hike and Lucas asks who he thinks he is to throw him out? Nicole says it is probably best that both he and Taylor leave, and she shows them both out. Lucas is pissed and tells Taylor that Eric and Nicole won't be dating for long. Nicole ask Eric why he didn't come over earlier and Eric claims he had to get himself together. Nicole offers to take his mind off his troubles for a little while, and the two make out. Eric sees Lucas' flowers and becomes upset. Nicole tells him that he's the only one she wants. Eric knows that, but says Lucas doesn't seem to be getting the message.

Taylor and Lucas go back to the Kiriakis Mansion and Taylor warns Lucas that Nicole is a black widow. Lucas tells Taylor to give Nicole a break, but Taylor says she's never given her one. Lucas tells Taylor that he will marry Nicole soon, which makes Taylor laugh. However, Lucas says he won't give up on Nicole until he gets her to the alter. Taylor tells Lucas he's going to get hurt, but Lucas says he's going to marry the woman of his dreams. Taylor decides to go to bed and Lucas decides to figure out how to get Eric out of the picture, and he knows just what to do. Lucas says he's going to use Taylor without her knowing it.

At the Blue Note, Kate and Roman are drinking and talking. Roman hopes Austin and Sami will turn themselves in, because when Sami returns, Mickey can file an appeal. Roman tells Kate about his new theory, Franco was shot by a hitman, which is why he has to find Roberto. Kate is happy he's no longer trying to blame her or Lucas and suggests that they could become good friends. Roman says it could happen, it happened with Austin and Sami. Roman says he wonders if Austin has gotten in touch with anyone in Salem and Kate says it wouldn't surprise her if it was someone sympathetic to Sami. Roman says that he thinks he may have gotten in touch with Eric.

Meanwhile, Billie is outside the Blue Note and meets up with Roberto and go into the Blue Note. Billie tells Roberto she is a model friend of Franco and Candy, and if it weren't for them, she wouldn't have met him. Billie proposes a toast to Franco and Candy, but Roberto isn't impressed. Billie apologizes and Roberto says he's still upset about Franco's death, though he had a way of turning people who cared about him against him. Billie asks "like you?," but Roberto says he wants to focus on her tonight. Roberto offers to refill her drink, but Billie says alcohol doesn't do it for her. She asks him if he can get his hands on anything like that for her and he tells her that he can. Roberto excuses himself and then spots Roman with Kate. Roberto panics and tells "BeBe" that he has to leave for an appointment and will make it up to her, but they have to go now! Billie says okay and the two leave.

Kate sees Billie leave with Roberto and becomes upset. Roman asks if she saw someone she didn't want to see and she says no. She starts flirting with Roman and tells him he's looking very handsome tonight, which arouses Roman's suspicions. The night grows late and Kate says she has to be going, but suggests next time he pick her up at her place so they can do this properly. Roman tells her anything could happen. Meanwhile, Roberto promises "BeBe" that he will call her and he runs off. Billie gives Eric a call and fills him in on everything. Later, Billie sees her mom and Roman leave and wonders what the hell is going on.

At the hospital, Craig and Nancy are hoping Ali will finally realize the truth about Mike and Carrie tonight. They also wonder if Mike and Carrie have started a real affair or not.

In Mike's office, Mike tells Ali that she has to stop acting like they are a couple and stop giving him gifts. Ali says it was just an apology. Mike says her apology is expected, her gift is not. ALi says she knows why he's doing this, it's because of Carrie. Mike says they should forget about Carrie and focus on their professional relationship. He asks if there will be no more professional misunderstandings between them? Ali says yes and Mike is relieved. Mike has work to catch up on, and has surgery to prepare for tomorrow. ALi knows because she is scheduled to assist him. Ali asks if that is a bad idea. Mike says no, she is a terrific nurse and an asset to this hospital. Mike tells her that he'll see her in the morning, and she leaves. Ali tells herself that she won't give up till he returns her love, one way or another, they will be together.

In Carrie's office, Carrie tells Marlena that she loves Mike for being there for her when Austin should have, but she did not sleep with him. Marlena is upset with Carrie for thinking Austin has broken their vows, but Carrie says how long is she supposed to wait for a man who may no longer love her anymore? Marlena asks Carrie if this is an excuse to justify turning to Mike. Carrie asks why she should have to justify turning to Mike? He's the one person who has always been there for her. Marlena brings up the kiss and asks if she ever kissed Mike again, and Carrie says she did, once. However, she says afterwards she made a commitment to Austin, but he chose Sami and took off. Marlena asks Carrie if she's given up on Austin, will she end her marriage to be with Mike? Carrie doesn't answer. Marlena urges her to just give it some time, don't do something she might regret. Carrie is trying to take it one day at a time and doesn't want to talk about this anymore. Carrie says she's going home, she'll take a cab.

Mike runs into Craig and Nancy and they talk about Ali. Marlena and Carrie run into Mike and she asks if he needed anything. Mike says he needed a press release on a fund raiser, but it can wait. Carrie says no, she'll do it now. Carrie leaves and Marlena and Mike go to his office to talk. Mike admits to Marlena that he loves Carrie, so Marlena tells him to back away and let Carrie work on her marriage. Mike refuses to do that and tells Marlena to stay out of it. Marlena tells Mike that this could cause a scandal, but Mike says he and Carrie are worth the risk. Marlena tells Mike from experience that he and Carrie think they can control their feelings, but they can't.

Carrie goes to her office to work. She looks at a picture of Austin and asks if it is really over between them.

Craig talks with Ali and starts telling her how working with Mike tomorrow might be too hard for her. He suggests she mess up so she can prove Mike's treatment of her has compromised her job, so she has a leg to stand on when she sues him.

At the cabin, Austin is beating the hell out of a punching bag and tells Sami she should give it a try. Sami is surprised that it makes her feel better, but she ends up hurting herself. Austin leaves to check on Will and Sami starts punching the bag again for what Carrie has done to Austin. Later, they talk about Carrie and Mike and Austin tells her that Mike and Carrie were at Green Mountain Lodge and there is more going on than friendship. Austin tells her about the kiss and Sami tells him that she's glad he finally told her. He wishes someone had told him, but then remembers her trying to tell him on New Years Eve. Austin asks her how long she's known they've been having an affair? Sami says she only suspected Carrie had feelings, she didn't think Carrie would act on them and she didn't tell him because she didn't want him to think she was trying to break him and Carrie up. Sami asks if she can help him and Austin says talking to her makes her feel better. However, when Sami brings up sex, Austin says he no longer wants to talk about this, and starts at the bag again. Austin says that Carrie betrayed him, it's over, nothing will be the same. Sami spies on Austin as he removes his wedding ring.

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