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Monday March 22, 1999

Sami asks her dad why the DA doesn't believe them? Roman tells her that the DA won't budge without a sworn statement from Roberto. Marlena tells Sami that they are working as hard as they can on an appeal. Sami asks about Austin and Roman says the DA won't drop the charges. The guard comes and tells Roman and Marlena that their time is up. Marlena promises they'll return in the morning and Roman tells Sami to hang in there. Sami dreams of Austin freeing her and them becoming a family again, and she asks God to make it happen. Later, Sami has a nightmare of going to the gas chamber when Lucas and Will show up together in horrendous yuppie country club golf outfits. Lucas tells Will to say goodbye and good riddence to his mommy.

Marlena wonders how they will get through this. Roman holds her and says they'll get through it together. Marlena eventually leaves and Billie shows up. Billie asks Roman if he'll ever be able to forgive her? Roman tells Billie that he realizes he owes her for trying to help Sami and thanks her. Now he just prays they can save his daughter.

Lucas shows up and demands that Austin tell him where Will is. Austin refuses. Kate shows up and tells Austin that he's a fool to side with Sami, she's why he's in jail in the first place. Austin tells "Mommie dearest" that he'd rather stay in jail than see Lucas get his hands on Will. Kate asks Austin not to throw away his future for Sami, but Lucas says he's already thrown away his future. Lucas then tells Austin that Carrie has moved on. Lucas tells him that Mike and Carrie went out last night for a very romantic evening to celebrate Carrie's birthday. He then asks him if he even remembered it was Carrie's birthday? Billie, who has shown up, tells Lucas to stop it.

Lucas offers to leave and says that he'll go set up Will's new play room. Kate asks Billie for a moment alone with Austin. Once she's gone, Kate asks Austin what Sami has done to him. Austin says that he believes in Sami's innocence and couldn't set by and see her convicted for a crime she didn't commit. They start arguing and Kate threatens to press kidnapping charges against him if he doesn't say where Will is. Austin tells his mom if she does that, she'll lose him forever. Kate thinks Sami has turned him against her, but Austin says she's done that on her own. Kate tells Austin that Sami may cost him his marriage. Austin tells his mom that Sami and Will are his only concern right now.

Stefano is livid because he can't find Gina anywhere. Stefano says that Gina needs to be reminded why he allowed her to return. Stefano and Rolf argue about Gina's intentions. Stefano believes Gina might have a secret with John. Rolf says when they transferred Gina's memories to Hope, any secrets the real Gina had have been transferred to Hope. Flashback to Dr. Rolf transferring Gina's memories to Hope in some Frankenstein like contraption. Back to now, Stefano wonders what secrets Gina gave Hope. Rolf says that Gina was never the same from the time that he brought John to Maison Blanche, that's why he had to make a replacement of her. Stefano says that when John left Europe, Gina lost her confidence.

Hope was much more confident than the original Gina, but Rolf says the new Gina has reconnected with John and Greta now. Stefano says that he can't let them find out the truth. Rolf tells him to relax, Gina would never reveal anything about her criminal activities. Stefano says that his concern is how far Gina would go, she was after all very close to John Black for many years. Rolf chuckles and says that the closest John got was to hearing her confession. Stefano then reveals a huge secret, John Black was never a priest!

Gina tells herself that she's finally getting somewhere with John. John comes downstairs after tucking Belle in, she had a nightmare. Once again, Gina tells John that he has to deal with his past for his kids sake. Still, John doesn't want to jeopardize his future with Marlena. John turns the table on her and asks why she pushed Bo away from her when he wanted to help her? Gina says that it is not his search, it is theirs and they need to find out about their past together! John says they do not share the same past.

Gina then has a flashback of herself and John running from the cops and John promising Gina that he'd always be there for her. John encourages "Hope" to go to Europe, but Gina says she wants to stay here and reclaim the life she once had when Stefano turned her back . . . . John asks "Hope" what she means? She says she meant when Stefano turned her from Gina to Hope, she lost so many memories. She says that is why it's so important they find what happened to them during their missing years. Gina tells John that she thinks there was another man in her life while she was Gina, maybe she has another family. She tells John that she only lost four years, he lost more. Again, John says he was a priest, there was no woman in his life.

Gina tells John that he was under Stefano's control and he erased all his memories of being Father John. She tells him that he could have left behind a heart broken family in Europe. John then blurts out "like little Greta and Gina." Gina tells John that Gina cared for him deeply and was heartbroken when she lost him. She tells John that he was a man, he had to have felt something for Gina. John admits to feeling something and he tells Gina about his hypnosis session and how he felt a warm connection to Gina. Gina says she felt it too.

John lets out an "Ohhhh myyyy Godddd" John asks her how much she remembers about Gina. Gina says she knows a lot, but someone is standing in her way. John thinks it is Stefano, but it's really Marlena. John becomes upset and says that Stefano has made them into freaks. Gina says they are not freaks! John apologizes and hugs her, he tells her that he knows exactly what she's feeling. Gina leans back and looks into John's eyes as if she was about to kiss him. Gina tells John that even if they were under Stefano's control, they may have realized Stefano was their enemy and joined forces to save each other. John strokes Gina's hair as Marlena walks in on them.

In Capri, the manager suggests Bo and Greta try another hotel, but they refuse. Bo once again ask the manager if Stefano stayed in this hotel with Gina, but the manager refuses to divulge records. A fed up Bo makes this a police investigation and demands he hand over the records. The manager still refuses. Greta tries to reason with the manager, but it does no good. Bo is positive that Stefano has paid the man off. Bo and Greta take a room in the hotel and Greta is moved to tears when she feels her mother's presence in the room.

Bo tells Greta that Princess Gina would have been proud of the way she turned out. Bo apologizes for being insensitive to her feelings. Greta finds some candy in the room and remembers how her mom would bring this candy back whenever she stayed here and she and Father John would divide the candy up. The bellboy brings up there bags and Greta asks him to please tell her about her mom. The bellboy tells Greta that her mother would stay in this room for days on end, painting out on the balcony. The mysterious part was that she never showed her paintings to anyone. Greta asks where her mom went to relax and the man says she used to hang out at a place where poor young artists hung out. Bo thanks him and then makes plans to have dinner at Gina's hangout.

Tuesday, March 23, 1999

Craig is kissing Nancy in their hotel room and telling her how much she means to him. Nancy promises Craig that she'll never keep secrets from him again. Still, Craig is upset that she went to Mike for help during her cancer scare. Nancy says Mike helped her, but Craig says he could have done the same. Craig tells Nancy that they can't stop their plan to oust when they are so close, and Nancy thinks Ali is so wacko right now. Nancy realizes Ali has been gone for some time, and she begins to worry.

Ali is spying on Mike and Carrie, who are in Carrie's room. Carrie has asked Mike not to go, and then says it is because he forgot his speech. Mike tells Carrie that he wants to stay with her tonight and every night. Outside, Ali begins to freak out. They decide to play a game of poker. Ali sees this and says they aren't having an affair, if they were they wouldn't be playing cards. Ali then fantasizes about playing strip poker with Mike, and making love to him. Carrie ends up closing the curtains because she can see Mike's cards reflecting in the window.

Nancy eventually finds Ali and drags her away from the window. Ali says Mike and Carrie are only playing cards, so they must only be friends. Nancy suggests they are playing strip poker. Inside, Mike and Carrie are kissing. Ali doesn't believe Mike would cheat on her. She then decides that she has to know what they are doing. Nancy and Ali hide when the door to Carrie's room opens. Mike exits and goes back to his own room. Ali tells Nancy that she was right, Mike and Carrie aren't having an affair.

Mike goes back to his room and calls Carrie, neither can sleep. Mike says he knows they will be together someday and she just has to trust in their love. Carrie tells Mike that he is incredible. They both say I love you and good night.

Marlena walks in as John is stroking "Hope's" hair. She is not pleased and slams the door to grab their attention. John asks how long she's been standing there, and Marlena says long enough to wonder what they have been doing? Marlena asks if she is interrupting? "Hope" says no and says she came to apologize for the things she said earlier, including Sami. Marlena cries that Sami is going to death row tomorrow. John comforts Marlena, which upsets Gina. Gina decides to leave, but not before getting a hug from John.

Marlena asks John why he had his arms around "Hope," and why was she looking at him in a certain way? John says "Hope" is confused these days, but Marlena doesn't understand why "Hope" is so fixed on having him help her instead of Bo? John says that he believes "Hope" feels only he can understand what she is going through. John tells Marlena that if he ever gets to the bottom of this, he may have to work with Hope. Marlena asks John how far this little investigation will go? John tells Marlena that he hasn't made any decisions about investigating his past. John tells her that he knows this is not the time, he loves her and wishes they could set a wedding date.

Rolf can't believe what Stefano has told him, John was never a priest. Stefano says that John was never ordained, he was under his control from the very beginning! Stefano says that a man of God would never do the things he ordered John to do. Stefano says that John was one of his best operatives, he was cold blooded, ruthless, and completely without remorse. Stefano tells Rolf that he kidnapped a very young Forrest and he was the one who sent him to the seminary. Stefano says John and Gina were very well aware John was not a priest. However, John must never know this. Stefano chuckles that not even Gina knew what John was capable of. Rolf says he did John a favor by erasing his memory. Stefano says that John and Marlena would be shocked if they knew what John really did. He says that Marlena would question her love for John if she knew the truth, so this information could be valuable to him one day. Stefano says there are times he misses the old John.

Stefano says that Gina must finish the paintings and then he'll send her back to Europe. Rolf comments about the crude chip in John's brain, and how Gina may slip up and drop hints to John about their past. Gina shows up at this point and hears Stefano's fears about her betraying him. Gina goes to see "Steffie" and acts very sweet and charming with him. Gina tells Steffie that she wants to go back to Europe and have fun. Stefano says she can have that life back, once she finishes the paintings. Gina then agrees to paint. Stefano asks to be brought up to date with Bo's doing. Gina says that Bo went to Europe to investigate her past, but she doesn't think he'll find anything because Interpol and the ISA never caught her.

Stefano says they could research her past with Father John. Gina says that would be a dead end, but Steffie isn't so sure. He asks her if she is keeping something from him. Gina tells him to relax, she'd never keep anything from him. Gina and Stefano then have a flashback of meeting at Gina's hangout to do business. Stefano thinks it's a shame that she has to stay in the hotel on her own. Stefano asks when she will return to Maison Blanche? Gina says perhaps after she pays a visit to Lilly Faversham. When Stefano leaves Gina, some man almost kills Stefano, but Gina saved him.

Gina tells Stefano to please stop checking up on her all the time. Stefano leaves her to paint, but warns her to stay away from John. Gina says it would be easier not to breath. Gina vows to get John back, and to never lose him again.

Bo and Greta go to Greta's hangout, but Greta can't believe her mom hung out here or was a painter. Bo and Greta take some seats and order some food. Bo then asks the owner about Princess Gina, and he becomes very defensive. Greta explains their predicament. The man says he saw Gina maybe five, ten years ago. When Bo shows him the picture of Stefano, the man says he's never seen him. Bo, however, knows better.

The man then tells someone else that Bo and Greta are asking too many questions and need to be gotten rid of. As they eat, some poet walks by their table saying something about Princess Gina. Bo follows the man outside and is beaten up by two thugs. Back inside, two men make advances on Greta, but Bo enters and decks them. She asks what happened to him and he tells her he's fine, and then they leave. Bo tells Greta that they have been given a warning, and now he's more determined than ever to get to the truth.

Wednesday, March 24, 1999

Greta puts an ice pack on Bo's beaten-up face. Bo tells Greta that uncovering her mom's past will be more difficult than he thought. "Father" John calls Greta to see if they've made any progress with their investigation. Greta tells John what little they have found out, which is her mom spent a lot of time painting on the balcony. She also tells him about the restaurant and Bo's run in with thugs. She then tells John about the hotel and asks him if he remembers the candy? John says no, and asks if anyone knows if Gina traveled with a priest. Greta says she doesn't know, this hotel doesn't like giving information away.

John hangs up the phone and Marlena asks him why he hung up so quickly, was there something she wasn't supposed to hear? John tells her that he was trying to be sensitive to the fact that she has so much on her mind as is. Marlena apologizes for snapping at him. She asks what they have found out and he tells her. She asks if he wants to go there, but John tells her that he's not leaving until Sami is free. Marlena realizes Sami is being transferred today. John asks if she needs him with her, but Marlena says she thinks she should do this alone. John asks Marlena to tell Sami "To believe is to be strong." Marlena leaves for the station and John remembers dancing with Gina. He wonders what it all means

Greta decides to check out leads on John. Bo is puzzled by why Gina lead such a secret life, and what happened to her art work? Greta thinks she knows a way and calls the local art gallery. Unfortunately, the gallery has no records of her. Bo says he knows someone who might know, "Hope." Bo says that "Hope" also has the ability to sketch, which she developed a year ago. Bo hopes that he just doesn't regret this. Greta excuses herself so Bo can have some privacy.

"Hope" tells Shawn D that she made some calls and he can start classes at a private school on Monday. Shawn D thanks his mom, but Alice is suspicious. "Hope" says she will miss him terribly, but she wants the best for him. Shawn D thanks her, apologizes for their fight earlier, and goes off to pack. Alice can't believe she is sending her son off to school as if it was no big deal. She asks "Hope" if she's discussed this with Bo? "Hope" says she has, but Bo doesn't approve. "Hope" says it's what the kid . . Shawn D wants, but Alice knows better. She tells her to at least wait till Bo comes back. "Hope" says who knows when he'll be back, he went off on that foolish trip. Alice tells her that she should have gone with him, but he's probably tired of being turned down by her. "Hope" tries to leave, but Alice asks what is happening to her, she doesn't even know her anymore. "Hope" tries to change the subject. "Hope" says everything will be just fine and she has things to do before going to the airport. Alice asks her if she's going to call Bo and tell him about Shawn D, but "Hope" says she doesn't even know where he is.

Gina goes to the townhouse, smokes, and then decides to paint. She says the sooner she is done, the sooner she can reunite with John and Greta in Europe. She says that everything is finally coming together. Gina gets a call from Bo, which surprises her. She tells Bo that he's wasting his time, but Bo says that is not the case, he already knows that Gina was an accomplished artist.

At her cabin, Tracey gets Will some breakfast and promises to take care of him until she hears from Sami or Austin. Tracey turns on the TV and realizes that both Austin and Sami have been caught. Abe finds Roman in the office, he fell asleep working on Franco's murder file. Unfortunately, he's found nothing. He fears he'll never save Sami if Roberto dies. Abe thought the new lead would have been enough, but he says that Carson Palmer is out to make her record look good, and a death conviction does just that. However, Abe thinks that Roberto may be willing to squeal on the mob considering they want him dead. Suddenly, a ton of reporters show up for Sami's transfer to death row.

Mickey shows up to see Sami in jail. Mickey has no good news, she's being transferred to death row today. Mickey gives Sami more bad news, the DA is going after Austin and is asking for the maximum sentence against him. Sami thinks God is punishing her, but Mickey tells her that he doesn't believe that, and neither should she. Sami says that she's spent her life being selfish, but Austin taught her how to care about others, sacrifice, and the true meaning love, so she has to help him.

Kate comes to see Austin and tells him that she wants to help him get out, but he has to tell her where Will is. Kate tells Austin that he's sentencing Will to a life without his family. Austin says that he is protecting Will, even if it means keeping him away from his family. Kate tells Austin that Lucas did not hit will and both he and Sami have put Will in more danger than Lucas ever has. Kate tells Austin if he tells where Will is she may be able to persuade the DA to go lenient. When Kate asks AUstin if he's willing to give up Carrie, Austin says he doesn't want to talk about his marriage. They talk about the past and Austin tells Kate that all he has is his strength and judgment, Lucas has her, he always has and always will. Austin is told his time is up, which he's happy to hear and willingly leaves.

Lucas is pacing around ranting about Will. He also wonders why someone wants Sami dead. He then asks Gregory, who is with Lucas, how they will get Will back? Gregory says that is easy, he files kidnapping charges. However, Lucas says he doesn't know if he can do that. Gregory tells him that is the only way to get Will back, and when they do, he better be prepared for a custody hearing. Gregory has to go, but not before reminding Lucas to get married.

Lucas goes to the station and finds Kate, who is upset. She tells Lucas that she thought she could call on the bond between a mother and child to convince Austin to tell them where Will is, but that bond is broken. Kate cries that this is all Sami's fault, Sami has taken her son and grandson. Kate tells Lucas they have no choice but to move on to their next plan.

Sami is led out of her cell and Roman shelters her. Sami sees Palmer and says she has something to say to him. Palmer says he has nothing to say to her. Roman tells him to start with thank you, because she's done a lot for his career. Roman promises Palmer if Sami's sentence is carried out, he will find any and all dirt on him and expose him for using his daughter as political motivation for his career. Palmer agrees to listen to Sami and they go to his office. Austin is then lead out and the hears Sami plead with Palmer to spare Austin. Austin tells Sami "No!" Marlena shows up at this point and hears Sami tell Palmer that all Austin did was risk his life to save an innocent woman from death, so she could have a few more days with her son. Palmer, however, has no sympathy. Sami tells Carson that he got her and she's about to die, so why punish Austin. Palmer just walks out and tells Austin he'll see him in court for his arraignment. Austin thanks Sami for what she tried to do. Kate and Lucas show up and Lucas says he's going to press kidnapping charges against Austin. Austin and Sami refuse to tell Lucas where Will is. Lucas and Austin get into a fight when Tracy shows up with Will.

Thursday, March 25, 1999

When Will is brought in, Lucas demands that the police arrest Tracey and charge her with being an accomplice. However, Marlena reminds Lucas that he gave up his rights to his son when he kidnaped the boy. Sami says a tender goodbye to her son and is upset to learn that her pleading didn't convince the D.A. to release Austin. Marlena announces to Kate and Lucas that Will is going to be staying with her at the penthouse. Kate advises Lucas to cool down and have patience now that Sami is getting what she deserves. Sami boards a bus and heads to the prison and death row.

John is confused as numerous thoughts and memories plague him. Stefano announces to Rolf that he is not worried about Bo and Greta being in Europe since Gina told him that there is nothing there to find. Pushing his way in past Stefano, John worries when he sees how ill Vivian is, unaware that she is faking her illness.

Hope hears that Greta and Bo are at the Capri Hotel where Gina used to stay and begins to panic. Remembering Stefano gave her cash on which to live, she asks Bo to stop his investigation and come home because she misses him. Unable to find out anything from the desk clerk, Greta is shocked when she spots one of her mother's paintings on the walls of the hotel lobby.

Friday, March 26, 1999

Tension is high as the judge reads the charges against Austin... aiding and abetting a fugitive. The assistant D.A. announces that there is a second charge...Kidnapping. Austin is hit hard. He pleads not guilty on both counts and makes an emotional plea to the judge to be released.

Craig, Nancy, and Ali continue to follow Carrie and Mike. Ali still has her doubts that anything is going on between Carrie and Mike. In fact, Ali thinks they're on a wild goose chase and she wants to return to Salem. But Craig refuses. He's determined to show Ali the truth. Meanwhile, Carrie looks in the rearview mirror and says she has the feeling they're being followed.

John is shocked by the news that Vivian is dying. He explodes at Stefano, blaming him for his aunt's failing health. Later, John and Vivian have a heart to heart. John wonders if Vivian remembers anything about his missing years.

Bo wonders if it was Princess Gina or Hope as Gina who signed the painting in the hotel lobby. They check for a date, but come up with nothing. The manager moves up and Bo presses him for information regarding the painting. The manager confirms that Gina did paint it, but he doesn't know when. Greta tries her hand at getting information from the manager. It's obvious he is very taken with her and it looks like he might open up.

Gina is a nervous wreck off her phone call with Bo. She shudders to think about what information Greta has discovered regarding Princess Gina. Gina arrives at the DiMera mansion and chooses not to tell Stefano about her upsetting call with Bo. Instead, Gina says she isn't able to finish the paintings. Stefano, angry, says they must be finished before Vivian dies. Gina, shocked by the news of Vivian's declining health, promises Stefano she'll complete the paintings as soon as she gets back from Europe.

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