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Monday May 24, 1999

Eric is positive that Nicole didn't marry Lucas out of her own free will and he won't give up until he finds out why. Billie talks to Eric about Nicole's marrying Lucas, he believes Nicole was made to marry Lucas. Billie tells Eric that if Nicole is the kind of woman who would take money over love, does she really want him back? Eric believes that Lucas blackmailed Nicole, he probably threatened to destroy her career. Eric calls Nicole to see if she is there, and when she answers he hangs up. Billie tells Eric to go see her, and she will go confront Lucas about Nicole. Billie tells Eric that he needs to fight for Nicole if he believes in their love.

Taylor shows up and sees that Nicole is moving out. Taylor asks if she and Eric are moving in together? Nicole tells her no, and she tells her that she married Lucas. Taylor is appalled and says she needs a score card to keep up with her. Taylor pulls out an engagement gift from their mom, but says maybe she should scratch Eric's name off the card and write Lucas' name on it. Taylor can't believe she conned Eric, but Nicole says her love for Eric is real. Taylor asks her sister why she married Lucas then?

Nicole says that she finally realized she wasn't good enough for Eric, but Taylor thinks there is more. Nicole tells her that she married Lucas to help him get custody of Will. Taylor is outraged and accuses Nicole of only loving herself. Nicole rewards Taylor with a slap across the face. Taylor leaves the engagement present behind and tells her that Eric is better off without her. Taylor wishes her sister a good life and leaves. Nicole looks at the engagement present and then keeps packing. As she is about to leave she runs into Eric.

Kate is assuring Lucas that the police will find Will and Sami soon, and hopefully Sami will not survive the trip home. Lucas is appalled and Kate asks Lucas why he's so worried about Sami? Kate tells him to focus on his future with Nicole and Will, but Lucas says Roman won't stop until he gets the truth. Lucas fears what will happen when Roberto wakes up and says there was no hit man, but Kate tells him not to worry about Roberto. Lucas asks why not? Kate assures him that Roberto won't wake up, but Lucas says that will only force Roman to look into their pasts. Lucas says there is another problem, Nicole is Sami's friend and what will she do when she learns what he has done to Sami? Kate tells him not to worry about Nicole's loyalty. Lucas says she didn't marry him for love, she loves Eric. Kate tells him that she didn't marry Eric, she married him.

Rosa is talking to Roberto, who is unconscious. Rosa is unsure whether to trust Roman or Kate. Roberto starts to regain consciousness and Rosa asks him to squeeze her hand in order for her to know who she should call. Rosa calls Kate and she says she will be right over. Rosa asks her to wait till the morning, but Kate says it can't wait, she must come now. Kate tells Lucas that she has to leave to take care of something which will let them all move on with their lives. After Kate leaves, Billie shows up and tells Lucas that his lovely wife may not be coming back to him after tonight.

Roman finds Sami and tells her that he figured out where she was going from Tracey's slip-up. Sami asks her dad to let her go and pretend like he didn't find her. Roman tells her that he can't do that, she'll never make it. Sami says she'd rather die trying than give Lucas custody of her son. As the argue, Will wakes up. Roman tells Will that they are going back home, and Will asks "to Austin?" Roman says no, to Lucas, and Will cries for his mom. Sami asks her dad to get their bags while she explains everything to Will. Roman leaves and Sami grabs Will and bolts, but Roman stops her. Roman tells Sami that they have to go back to Salem and clear her of the charges she is accused of, but Sami says she may never be cleared. Roman asks Sami to trust him, he won't allow her to die because they have plenty of time to prove her innocent.

Carson Palmer tells Abe that he is going to hold a press conference to inform everyone about Sami's escape. Abe accuses him of courting the press because he plans on running for governor. Abe tells Carson that when Roman proves Sami's innocence, he will lose his bid for governor. Carson believes Sami is guilty and got a correct verdict from a jury of her peers. Carson says that once he's elected governor, he won't be granting Sami a stay of execution, which is what Mickey has filed for. Abe gets a call from Roman, and he fills Carson in on the news. Carson wants to call a press conference, but Abe asks him to hold off until he can check on Roberto's condition. Carson says that he better wake up fast and clear Sami soon, because he will see her executed immediately!

John tells Marlena that he no longer wants to search for the past because it is taking him away from her and the children. As they kiss and hold one another, John has flashes of kissing "Hope" in the park. Later, Marlena says Stefano has tried to break them up before, but John says he won't this time. Marlena gets an idea and asks him if he could picture the look on Stefano's face if he and her, and Bo and Hope had a double wedding? John then suggests that they not wait to get married, they should just do it tomorrow. Roman calls and tells Marlena that Sami and Will are all right. Roman says they are on their way back, but he doesn't want Lucas to know that.

Bo shows up to see "Hope" with roses in hand. "Hope" was hoping it was John, and is disappointed that it is Bo. Bo and "Hope" talk about her missing past and how her past does not overlap with John's. As Gina thinks about the compact, Bo asks her what "that" is doing here? "Hope" asks what? and Bo sees her cigarette in the ash tray. "Hope" says that it is Lucille's cigarette, but Bo is suspicious. "Hope" asks Bo if he came here to upset her? Bo says he didn't come here to upset her, why would he bring her roses?

Bo tells "Hope" that he loves her and it is natural to him as breathing. "Hope" tells him that nobody understands what she is going through. As she thinks about John, she kisses Bo, thinking he is John, but then quickly backs away. Bo vows to get Stefano for doing this to her, but "Hope" tells him that she's sick of him using Stefano as an excuse. Bo asks "Hope" why she is so rattled? "Hope" tells Bo that what they had is over, he needs to move on with his life. "Hope" says she is tired of fighting with him, but he refuses to stop fighting for him because he does not believe this is "Hope" talking.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Thursday, May 27, 1999

The countdown to midnight continues. Current Salem time is 1:00am.

At the police station, Abe calls Mickey to try to reverse the judge's orders. Marlena tells Sami that it will all work out, but Sami thinks the worst that Roberto will not make it long enough to clear her. Carson Palmer tells Sami she is being sent back to prison to await her execution. Marlena pleads with him not to, but he stands firm. Marlena escorts Sami out, amidst all the reporters. Back inside Abe's office, Marlena lets Carson have it. She asks him how he lives with himself. Carson says that he's just doing his job...Sami was convicted by a jury of her peers. Marlena tells the DA that he is only concerned about his career and that the people of Salem won't thinks too much of a man that is sending an innocent woman to death.

At Salem Maximum Security, Sami is sent back to her old cell, but not before the guard is rude to her. When she wonders why he is treating her that way, he says that the guard she almost killed was a friend of his. Sami swears she just gave her a sedative and that she was always going to be OK. And, Sami said, her dad is getting the proof they need to clear her. The guard just shrugs and says that Sami is on a 24-hour death watch. The priest comes in and offers to stay with Sami all night. She says that her dad is going to free her, but the two pray anyway.

At the hospital, Roman arrives with a police stenographer to record Roberto's statement. Although he is weak, he promises to tell Roman everything he knows about Franco's murder. Roberto starts by saying that Franco worked for the Moroni's, selling drugs. Franco skimmed money and drugs from the crime lord, which is why there was a contract out on his life and he could not return to Italy. That is why he needed to marry Sami. Roberto continues and says that the bullet that Sami took at the Penthouse Grille was meant for Franco. Roman asks the all important question of who shot Franco, when Roberto suddenly seizes up and goes into cardiac arrest. Lexie ushers everyone out and Roman is furious that he was *this close* to who shot Franco. Later, Lexie tells Roman and Rosa that Roberto will probably die soon.

Meanwhile, Kate recalls a conversation with Lucas in which he wants Sami taken off death row. Kate knows that if Lucas finds out, he'll go to the police and confess. Unsure what to do, Kate calls Victor. Victor says he knows of a way and tells her his plan (we don't hear it). Kate agrees to do it and hangs up. She turns on the TV and sees a news report about Sami and she hopes that Lucas is not watching it.

Outside the Kiriakis mansion, a drunk Eric is yelling Nicole's name. Inside, Lucas goes to call the police, but Nicole stops him and says that she'll talk to him. It's raining now, and Nicole goes outside, but Lucas is not far behind. Eric whines that Nicole loves him and for her to just leave with him. Lucas starts shouting that Eric is a loser and Nicole is his wife. Eric whips out the ring and asks Nicole how she could marry someone else. Lucas is taken aback and orders Eric off the property. Eric won't leave unless Nicole looks him in the eyes and says she does not love him. Lucas says that Nicole is his wife and that he's a loser just like Sami. Then Lucas tells Eric about Sami's escape. Since it is the first that Eric has heard of this, he is astounded. Nicole tells Eric to leave and she and Lucas go back inside.

Inside, Lucas questions Nicole's motive for marrying him. She says that she did it so that he could get Will. She says that she does not love him, he does not own her and besides, they are not sleeping together. Before Lucas can respond, Will wakes up asking for his daddy. Lucas goes to his son, and Kate arrives home. Nicole and Kate are catty to each other, with Kate ending up saying that she's arranged for a fabulous honeymoon for the two. Nicole is wary, but Kate assures her that it is for the best. In Will's room, he cries out for his mommy. Lucas gently tells him that he's taking care of him now, and that he won't let Sami die for a crime she did not commit.

In the lab, Gina demands that Rolf turn John back into her partner or else she will tell Steffie that Rolf almost betrayed him years ago. Rolf begins to wonder just what her relationship to John is, but Gina does not admit anything. All she says is that John cannot marry Marlena, and she wants the old John back. She tells him to start preparing the transformation and leaves. Rolf begins to worry that this Gina is more devious and mean than the old Princess Gina.

At the penthouse, John and Bo are discussing Hope. Bo tells John that Hope is obsessed with John, and he can't figure out why....John was not even in Salem at the time Hope was Princess Gina. John tells him it does not matter, he's done searching for his past. Marlena comes home, stunned. John immediately senses something is wrong and Doc sobs that Sami is going to be executed at midnight. John and Bo are stunned as well. Bo leaves to talk to "Hope", and John and Marlena pray for Sami. Suddenly, John has flashes of Princess Gina and starts to get a headache. He tells Marlena that he loves her and the two hold each other.

At Lili's, Bo tells Hope about Sami's situation. She's concerned about Sami but is pleased to learn that John and Marlena will not be getting married. "Hope" wants to call John to offer her support, but Bo takes the phone away and says she is the last person John wants to talk to right now. As "Hope" continues to wonder about John and Marlena's wedding, Bo tells her to stop obsessing and leaves. Outside, he wonder what has happened to his Fancy Face, while Gina wonders how she can use this turn of events to her advantage.

Friday, May 28, 1999

Sami wakes up in her cell, and sees that it is six o'clock in the morning. Eric and Roman show up with Roberto's confession and tell the guard to let Sami out. Sami wakes up, yelling her father's was just a dream, but it really is 6 a.m. The warden shows up and tells Sami that justice will be served today. The reverend shows up, and the warden gives Sami a run down of how the day will go. The warden asks where her belongings should be sent, and if she wants to be buried or cremated? The warden tells her that she has until midnight to decide. Sami is examined by the doctor, who decides where the needle will be put. Sami hears the commotion outside and the reverend tells her that people from both sides are out there protesting or supporting her execution.

At the Kiriakis Mansion, Nicole wakes up and comes downstairs. Kate tells her to get dressed, and get in the limo with Lucas to go on their honeymoon. Kate says that she owns her twenty-four hours a day, and Nicole realizes she is trying to get rid of her. Kate says she bought her, so she can do what she wants with her. Nicole asks what she is supposed to do on this honeymoon? Kate says that she she will act like her husband's wife and make Lucas' dream come true. Nicole says Lucas won't want to leave Will, but Kate tells Nicole that she will make him go! Lucas shows up and asks where will she make him go? Kate says she was referring to Will and how she will make him go to bed. Kate leaves them alone and Nicole tells Lucas that they should go away for the day, she's made arrangements at Green Mountain Lodge for them. Lucas is surprised that she wants to go away with him. They get ready to leave, but Lucas wonders if they should wait a few days until Will is settled. Nicole says she wants to be a good-step mom, but she thinks that she feels like she could be a better mom if she was a real wife. Lucas agrees to go, and then brags to his mom that Nicole has arranged a special honeymoon for them. Lucas picks up the paper on the way out, but Kate grabs it from him and tells him no newspapers on his honeymoon. She tells them both to enjoy their honeymoon, and they leave. Kate then decides to get to the hospital.

At the hospital, Alice shows up to visit Mike and lecture him about Carrie. She lays down the law, and rule one is never to fool around with a married person. She tells him that he has hurt Austin terribly. Mike tells his grandmother, since they are talking, about Ali's lawsuit against him. Mike says there is no basis though, and asks her not to get upset. He tells her that he will handle it, it won't go to court. Alice tells Mike that this is not what he imagined when he was appointed COS. Mike gets a call and is forced to leave.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Eric has his own dream that Nicole told him that she was blackmailed into marrying Lucas and asks if he can forgive her. Roman is still at Roberto's side, begging him to wake up and save Sami. Roberto comes to, says Roman's name, and falls back unconscious. Mike arrives and Roman asks him to see if he can help Roberto. Eric tells Roman about his psychic bond with Sami and he can feel that Sami is scared to death right now. Roman asks Mike if Roberto will be okay, and all he says is that there is nothing he can do. Roman says there must be another way to save Sami. Eric decides to go see Sami and Roman asks him to tell Sami that he will come through for her. Rosa calls for a priest and Kate shows up. Kate assures Rosa that they will keep Roberto alive. She sees Roman pacing and is upset to learn that Roman has been here all night and has talked to Roman. Rosa leaves to pray and Kate assures Roman that Roberto will clear Sami. Roman says right now they need a miracle. Roman thinks there is another way, and he leaves. Kate sneaks in to see Roberto and tells him that his mother and sister want him to help her. Roberto wakes up and Kate tells Roberto to do as she says.

Oustide the prison, a news reporter talks to Tracey, who speaks against the governor of the state and quotes the commandment "thou shall not kill." Eric arrives and says that his sister is an innocent woman. Eric goes inside to see Sami and tells her that dad will come through for her. Sami tells Eric how scared she is and fears she will die. She also fears for Will being in the hands of Lucas, and Eric says that they have Nicole to thank for that. Eric assures Sami that everything will be okay, but Sami is losing hope. She is listening to the people out chanting for her death and can't believe anyone could wants someone to die so much.

At the penthouse, Marlena is watching the news on Sami, people are already at the prison protesting Sami's execution. The news reporter says they will be at the prison live until midnight. John wakes up and joins Marlena to comfort her. Marlena is sickened that everyone is Salem is watching the big show. The phone rings and John deals with the caller, who happens to be Mickey. Mickey tells John that he's still in DC waiting for a stay of execution from the supreme court. Marlena is happy to learn they haven't said no, so there is still a chance. John turns of the TV because Marlena has seen enough of this. He then gets an idea and asks his pilot to fire up his jet. Marlena asks where they are going, and John says to save Sami. John and Marlena go to see the governor, John is sure that he will help them. John demands to see the governor, but his assistant refuses to let them see the governor. John tells the man that he won't leave until he sees the governor.

Carrie wakes up in her apartment and finds Austin staring at her. Carrie apologizes and says she was too tired to leave last night. Austin says she was holding their wedding photo. Carrie says she was remembering happier times. Carrie says she will come back for the rest of her things after he leaves, but he asks her not to go. Austin says he only said those things to hurt her. Austin has been thinking about many things lately. Carrie tells Austin that she wishes there was a way to go back, and that she still loves him. Austin says that she still loves Mike. Carrie hopes that they can get past what happened, and Austin asks her if she wants to save their marriage? Carrie remembers all the good times they shared here, but Austin says the good times are gone and they can only go forward. Austin says that they can't move forward if she doesn't let go of Mike. Carrie is silent, and Austin figures out her answer. Austin asks how she could fall in love with someone else? Carrie says she doesn't know and maybe if they waited before marrying they could have been sure that it was right. Austin tells Carrie to speak for herself, he meant his vows, and he knows she meant hers. Carrie says she'll never forgive herself for hurting him, but he says that Mike will talk her into it. Austin says he's through with this, he has to think of his future without his wife or some. Mike suddenly calls and tells Austin not to hang up, he tells him about Sami's execution. Austin relays the news to Carrie, and then leaves. Carrie watches the news about Sami when Mike shows up to comfort her.

Austin goes to the Kiriakis Mansion to get Will. Will asks Austin where his mommy is?

Nicole and Lucas arrive at Green Mountain Lodge and enter the bridal suit. As she looks at Lucas, she fantasizes that he is Eric. Lucas can't believe this is happening, he asks her if she could love him as half as he loves her? Lucas starts necking with Nicole and she continues to think about Eric, and kisses Lucas.

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