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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, June 14, 1999

Austin and Sami strolling around at Salem Place, and it is dark now and she is thanking him for his generosity for buying her the new clothes. She stops and looks at the stars and comments on being so happy to be out of prison. They talk briefly about how they think that Lucas and Kate are somehow tied into Franco's murder. Austin tells her not to think of it anymore. Now is the time to celebrate. She questions him again about Carrie and wants to call off the dinner so he can go home and spend time with her. He refuses and tells her to go home and get ready and he will meet her at Tuscany later.

After he leaves, she makes a decision: she will call Carrie and invite her to dinner as well, no matter what Austin says. As he is leaving, Austin gets a call from Mickey and assures him that his mind is made up. After he gets off the phone, he comments that it won't be long before Sami know about Mike and Carrie's affair. He comments that someone already knew and wonders who sent him the photos. Ali walks up and asks him straight out about Carrie. He seems a bit offended, but she tells him that she is just a concerned friend.

Craig and Nancy are in Hawaiian shirts. Ali walks up and they ask her about how the lawsuit is going. She insinuates that it is all for love and that Mike will take her back. They are furious with her and Craig tells her that if Mike needs company, he will get a dog before crawling back in the sack with her. They continue to argue and she tells them what all she threatened Mike with and that right now he is probably breaking up with Carrie. Nancy tells Craig that they have pinned all their hopes on a fruitcake. Craig assures Nancy that Claire will not let Ali drop the lawsuit and that their plan will work.

In Carrie's office, Mike tells Carrie that it is over. He tells her that they cannot see each other anymore. He urges her to quit her job. She says that is not an option, she has too much to do. He tells her that he doesn't need anymore publicity right now. She presses him and he tells her that he just wants her out of the line of fire. She just wants to help him, but his decision is final. She wants to know just what is going on and asks him if it has to do with Ali. He is downright rude with her and leaves. Outside her office, you can tell it is tearing him up inside. As he passes through the nurses area, he meets Craig and Nancy. Nancy even gives him a lei. Craig asks if they missed anything while they were gone, but he shrugs them off and leaves. Nancy comments that he must be a basket case inside and they wonder what they can do to help their cause.

Back in Carrie's office, she is at her computer (in tears) typing up her resignation, when Sami arrives. Sami jokes and says "doesn't the PR director get any time off?" However, one look at Carrie and Sami knows something isn't right. She wants to know what is wrong.

Stefano is getting ready and tells Rolf he wants to concentrate on John Black. Rolf tries to talk him out of the plan to transform John back, but he is determined. He plans on taking John and Gina with him to Europe and punishing Marlena at the same time. He is sure she will turn to him for help again and he will have her right where he wants her. He finishes getting ready and is off to the party.

We have a replay of John on the railing of the balcony. Marlena rushes to him wanting to know what he is doing. He says "what I have to do." She screams "NO" and tries to talk him down, but when he looks at her he only sees/hears Stefano. She reaches for him, but he begins to weave. She finally gets his hand and pulls him down as he grabs his head. She wants to call the hospital but he refuses. He says that the only way to defeat Stefano is with his love for her. He reminds her that they are going to Vivian's party, but she doesn't want to. He talks her into it and that he owes it to Vivian and Bo as well. As he goes upstairs to get ready, she is worried and visibly shaken by the ordeal.

At Lili's, "Hope" pours herself a drink and remembers hanging the painting at the townhouse. Lili enters and tells her about a TV special they can watch together tonight. Bo and Greta arrive and Bo is upset that she isn't ready. She tells him that she isn't going. Lili questions them about the party and she explains that Vivian is dying. Lili seems a bit shocked by this news. Bo didn't know that they knew each other as Lili explains that they traveled in the same circles in Europe. Greta notices something on "Hope's" arm and Bo checks it out and says that it looks like paint. She lies and says that she has been trying her hand at painting, trying to remember her past since John has given up and abandoned her.

Bo says that HE will help her and in fact is working on something right now. He talks about the party and when he tells her that John will be there, she changes her tune and decides to go after all. Gope invites Lili to the party as well and she accepts. The two of them go to get ready as Bo and Greta wait. Bo confides in Greta and tells her that Gope knows nothing of his plan. He hopes to learn how she fits into all of this by her reactions as well.

Celeste is helping Vivian get ready. She is excited at the prospects of seeing Victor again. Outside, Kate and Victor arrive in the limo and she is still bitching and moaning about coming. Victor basically tells her to shut up, he is doing this for his son and just look at what we have done for YOUR son! Inside, Celeste joins Ivan and he is terribly upset over all of this and the fact that his Madame is dying. Celeste tells him who knows, there may be a miracle. Abe and Lexie arrive at the same time as Victor and Kate. Victor comments on the art collection and Lexie explains that Vivian inherited it all from Jonsey. He says that the man had excellent taste.

Under her breath, Kate says "in everything but women." Upstairs Nicholas joins Vivian and warns her to be careful, but she assures him that she knows what she is doing. He wonders why the paintings are so important to Stefano, but Viv says that she doesn't give a "flying fig" her only goal is to win back Victor and ruin Kate. Nicholas asks about Kate and he is anxious to meet her. Vivian tells him not to look at her too closely as she will hurt his eyes. Off they go to join the party as he hands gives her the cane and calls her "Ginger" to which she calls him "Fred." Downstairs, Kate is obsessing over Victor and trying to talk him into leaving. He reminds her that Vivian is dying and she says "Good, maybe she will die in the next 30 minutes and we can leave this tacky place." Vivian and Nicholas join the party and she greets everyone: especially Victor. Kate bristles and tosses back a drink. Nicholas and Kate eye each other from across the room and he joins her at the bar. He starts talking about the "witch" Kate. She informs her that she IS Kate and he apologizes. He introduces himself as well. Vivian chats with Victor asking him form his forgiveness, as Kate eavesdrops. She interrupts and tells her to go on and die all ready. They argue back and forth and Vivian informs her that Stefano gave her his Titan shares. Stefano arrives and Kate gives him a look that could kill. She pulls him aside and he wants to know what the problem is. She lights into him about what he has done. Outside, John, Marlena, Bo, Hope, Greta and Lili all arrive at the same time. John and Marlena kiss as Hope bristles with jealousy. Bo pulls Lili aside and tells her he may have a surprise for her tonight. He says to keep it to herself, but if everything goes to plan, they may find out who stole her art. She is excited and Hope continues to watch John and Marlena.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Ali tells Austin that she knows he's thinking about Mike and Carrie. When Ali says that she is a concerned friend, he remembers the email he got. Austin asks her what she knows about Mike's relationship with Carrie. Ali says that the hospital is buzzing about Mike and Carrie's business trip. Austin asks Ali if she was in Vegas with Craig and Nancy? He says that someone emailed him photos of Mike and Carrie and it was signed a concerned friend. He asks her if she sent him the pictures of Mike and Carrie? Ali says she would never do anything so horrible. Austin tells Ali that he caught Mike and Carrie together in bed. Ali becomes upset and tells Austin that Mike got her into bed, made promises to her, and then dumped her! Austin tells Ali that no man should treat her that way and encourages her to fight back. Austin says that Mike has to be stopped before he does this again. Ali says that she hopes Mike doesn't hurt anyone else like he's hurt her. She then tells Austin goodbye and leaves. Austin gets a call from Mickey about the divorce and they plan to meet at the Java Cafe.

Craig tells Nancy that he has a plan to bring Mike down without implicating them. Nancy tells Mike that he looks upset and asks if there is anything she can do for him? Mike tells her that he feels that Claire McIntyre has it out for him and is manipulating Ali. Mike asks Nancy if Ali has said anything to her about him? Nancy says no, but she will ask for him. Mike asks her to keep their talk confidential.

Craig and Claire have a strategy meeting. Craig wants to drop the lawsuit on the hospital now, but Claire wants to deal with Carrie first. Craig asks Claire if her only concern is the money? Claire says that Ali is emotionally scarred for life and will need intensive therapy, so Mike should pick up the tab. When Craig returns to Nancy, Nancy tells him that she's feeling bad about what they are going to do to Mike. Craig takes Nancy out to the terrace and tells her that she better get over her guilty feelings because everything is about to come crashing down around Mike.

Carrie is sitting at her desk typing her resignation and crying when Sami comes in. Sami asks what is the matter? Carrie says she'd understand if she never forgave her, she's hurt so many people. Sami asks what she means? Carrie says she hurt people like her, she wasn't there for her when she needed her. Sami tells her that is the past and she wants them to be close again, and invites her to dinner tonight.

Sami leaves and thinks that tonight Austin and Carrie will fall in love all over again. Sami finds Mike and tells him that she'd like to talk to him about Carrie. Sami tells Mike that she's made a lot of mistakes regarding her sister, but she thinks that Austin and Carrie are about to make up. Back in her office, Carrie gets a visit from Ali. Ali tells Carrie that she just had an interesting conversation with Austin, and asks if she wants to hear about it?

At Vivian's party, Stefano explains to Kate that Vivian's shares in Titan stocks revert back to him after she dies. Kate asks what if she doesn't die? Stefano pulls Lexie over to tell Kate that Vivian is dying and probably has only a few weeks left. Still, Kate doesn't think Vivian will check out anytime soon. Nicholas tells Vivian that Kate is nothing like she described. Vivian says that Kate will be out and she will be in when the night is over. When Vivian goes to get some food, Kate picks a fight Vivian about all she has done to her. Kate tells Vivian that God will not forgive her, neither will Victor. Kate says that she knows she's not dying, but Vivian says she is dying, she is! She says the only important thing is to make peace with those you love before dying.

Victor says holding a grudge is unseemly, but he agrees with Kate, some things are unforgivable.

John, Marlena, Gina, Bo, Greta, and Lilly arrive at the townhouse. Before going in, John tells Marlena that he has a plan, and Bo tells Lilly that they may find out who stole her artworks tonight. They all enter the townhouse and when John sees Stefano, he remembers more of his mercenary days. Bo tells Stefano that he is here to settle a score, but quickly covers by saying he is only here to support his father. Vivian thanks them for coming, but can't believe Lilly is here. Vivian tells Bo that she is so glad he is here.

Stefano gets a moment with Gina and is upset that she didn't tell him that she would be here. Gina says she couldn't get out of it, and that Bo is up to something. Stefano says Bo can scheme all he wants as long as his masterpieces are safe. Bo sees them together, but "Hope" tells him that Stefano didn't want anything important. John sees Nicholas and the two hug, they are happy to see each other. John introduces Nicholas to Lilly Faversham. Nicholas knows her and says that he works at her bank, she's his boss. Lilly introduces Nicholas to Greta Von Amberg. Nicholas asks her if she is Princess Gina's daughter, and Greta says she is. Vivian pulls Nicholas away from Lilly and tells Nicholas to stay away from that horrible woman. Nicholas wonders what she has against Lilly?

Kate tells Victor that she would bet her life that Vivian is faking her illness. Victor assures Kate that he will not allow Vivian to take over Titan and oust her. Nicholas asks Vivian what the story on Lilly is? Vivian says they were once good friends, but had a falling out one particular day. Vivian refuses to get into the details. Gina asks Stefano when he plans to bring back the old John? Stefano tells her to be patient, but Gina says she wants John back now! John continues to have memories of being trained as a mercenary, and he worries Marlena.

Marlena notices how deep in thought he is, but John says he's just thinking about their future together. Later, "Hope" talks to Marlena about John, and "Hope" accuses Marlena of keeping John from trying to remember the past. She tells her that remembering the past is the only way John's headaches will stop, and then tells Marlena she only thinks about herself. Nicholas confronts Gina and tells her that he knows who she is. Before anything else can happen, Vivian decides to make her announcement. She tells them all that she wants them all to know why she is giving this party. She tells them all that before she dies she wants to bequeath her entire fortune to her friends and family. She says that she wants to see the faces of her friends and family when they receive her gifts. She goes on and says that she wants to give them her treasures tonight, and will start with her paintings.

Stefano stops her from taking a picture of the wall and says he can not allow her to do that. He asks why she would give them away? Vivian says she wants the pleasure of sharing them with her friends. Stefano says she seems to be getting better, so maybe she'd like to enjoy them a bit longer. Vivian says she is dying, coughs, and then leaves to get some water. Gina realizes that she has to get to Stefano, but Nicholas refuses to let her leave. Gina tells Nicholas that she only looks like Gina. Bo hears this and asks Nicholas when he meet the princess? Nicholas says it was in Stockholm about six years ago. Nicholas then talks with Kate and suggests they step out on the terrace for some air, but Kate says she needs to get back to Victor. Vivian returns and tells everyone that she wants to give her paintings away. Stefano says they are hers to give away and helps her take them down. Gina is shocked and watches as Stefano helps Vivian give away the paintings.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Sami apologizes to Mike for being angry with him for spending so much time with Carrie. She says that she thought he was taking advantage of Carrie, but she should have had more faith in his and Carrie's integrity. In her office, Ali tells Carrie that her husband is very sad about their fallout. Ali tells Carrie that she has big news, which she will hear very soon. She warns Carrie to forget about Mike and work, and make her husband happy. She says that once she learns what she knows, Mike will lose his luster.

Carrie goes to see Mike and hands him her resignation. He thanks her, and then gets a call asking for Carrie. Carrie answers the call, which is about work. Later, Mike says they can't resolve until she deals with Austin and her marriage. He promises her that he will wait for her. Carrie leaves and Mike says that this is the right thing for Carrie. Carrie goes back to her office, takes her briefcase, and leaves. After she is gone, Ali walks up and rips Carrie's name plate off the wall and says Mike is all hers now. Later, Mickey pays Mike a visit about the law suit. Mickey asks Mike to tell him exactly what happened between him and Ali. Meanwhile, a server shows up to present Carrie with an envelope.

Nancy is really feeling guilty about what they are doing to Mike. She doesn't think they can trust Ali's word about what Mike supposedly said to her the night they climbed into bed. Craig says that Mike is far from innocent and does not deserve to be Chief of Staff. When Craig says he's doing this for her, he stops and says that he's really doing it to prove to her father that he can provide her with the life style she deserves. Nancy tells him that she loves him and is proud of him, but Craig wants the respect of her father and everyone else. Craig tells Nancy that he can't do this without her and needs to know they are a team.

Nancy, who is sobbing, says they are a team. Nancy and Craig go to a clothing store and Nancy does a seductive dance to cheer Craig up as she tries on a lot of clothes. Later, Craig gives Nancy a gold chain bracelet. Nancy has a surprise for Craig, boxers which have COS on them.

At the Java Cafe, Mickey meets up with Austin and convinces him to think twice about divorcing Carrie. Austin then tells Mickey about Sami's plans to sue Lucas for sole custody of Will. Mickey says that the judge will never change his mind, but Austin says he is going to try to prove Lucas killed Franco. Austin also tells Mickey that Lucas has agreed to joint custody, and Mickey says Sami should take his offer and see what happens down the road. Mickey also tells Austin to take his time before filing for divorce, and call him when he's made up his mind.

Austin meets Sami at Tuscany for dinner. As they walk into the restaurant, everyone applauds for Sami. A couple at another table even sends them champagne. Sami keeps looking at her watch and tells Austin that she's thinking about Will, Lucas just picked him up. Sami says she is going to start the custody suit tomorrow. Austin tells her that Mickey suggests she take Lucas' offer. Sami refuses to do so. Austin excuses himself for a minute, and Carrie shows up. Carrie wonders who else is having dinner with them, when Austin returns.

Vivian is about to give away her most treasured painting, and Gina panics because the original is still underneath it. She pretends to faint, and when Bo catches her, she tells him to get his hands off of her! "Hope" apologizes and says he was hurting her arm. Bo takes "Hope" over to a chair so she can get her bearings. "Hope" apologizes to Vivian for knocking over a table, but Vivian says it isn't her fault. Meanwhile, Abe and John wonder what is so important in this house to Stefano if it isn't the paintings.

Bo wants to take "Hope" home, but she says she just needs to get some air, alone. Stefano also excuses himself to take care of some things. Outside, Gina lights up a smoke and Stefano asks her what the hell is going on? Stefano tells her that he can see through her and she faked the fainting spell to stop Vivian from giving away the seascape, which she obviously never replaced. Stefano is furious and tells her that she almost cost him millions! Stefano asks her if she is lying to him about anything else? He says that if there is, she better tell him now! Gina tries to dodge the question, and when Bo shows up, Gina puts on a show for him so his suspicions aren't aroused. Back inside, John has more mercenary memories. A worried Marlena tells Bo about John's memories, and the incident on their balcony. John comes up behind Stefano and says "at ease" and "as you were." Stefano warns him that he's playing a dangerous game.

Kate whines to Victor about Vivian. Victor assures Kate that Vivian can't hurt her now. Nicholas offers to get Kate something to drink, and she asks for some white wine. Kate tells Nicholas that he smiles a lot, and it's not a bad thing if it is genuine. Nicholas asks why his smile would be anything but genuine? Kate tells him that this isn't the most pleasant of settings. Nicholas tells Kate that he always sees the bright side of things when he's with a beautiful woman. Nicholas continues to sweet talk Kate, who can't believe he is an Alamain. Victor talks to Nicholas about how much he has changed since they last saw one another. Nicholas tells Victor that he is the only man that his aunt Vivian has ever truly loved.

Victor tells Nicholas that a lot has happened, and love is no excuse for deceit. Nicholas asks Victor if he hasn't done things he regrets? Victor asks Nicholas what he's getting at? Nicholas says that his forgiveness would make his aunt happy during her final days. Victor wonders how many days she has, and then asks if Vivian is really dying? Nicholas says of course she is and he resents the question. Kate asks Lexie what exactly Vivian is dying of? Lexie says it is a rare and fatal nerve disease. When she continues to question Lexie, Lexie uses the doctor patient confidentiality excuse to get out of her questions. Later, Vivian tells Nicholas that he wants him to have the seascape painting. Nicholas thanks her and asks her to hold onto it while he settles in. Gina hears this and tells Stefano the good news.

Marlena asks John if they can go home? John says soon, but first he has a surprise for Stefano. John chimes his champagne glass to make an announcement, he and Marlena are getting married the day after tomorrow! Stefano tells himself that John has no future with Marlena, he will be his pawn again.

Thursday, June 17, 1999

A process server is looking for Carrie at the hospital. Ali is listening in as the on-duty nurse says that Carrie is not there. Ali takes the opportunity to tell him that Carrie no longer works at the hospital. She tries to pry what the envelope contains, but the server says he does not know. Ali has her suspicions, and tells the man that he can reach Carrie at the Tuscany Restaurant. He thanks her and takes off.

Meanwhile, Nancy is still having her doubts about hurting Mike. Ali gleefully tells the duo that Carrie was fired by Mike tonight. They are shocked. Ali continues on saying that Mike has come to his senses and will be hers. Nancy and Craig (again) try to knock some sense into her, but she swears that Mike has seen the light. Perhaps Mike will even give Ali Carrie's old job. The Wesley's just shake their head and tell her to wake up....Mike wants nothing to do with her.

Discussing the lawsuit Ali filed against him and the hospital, Mike stuns Mickey with the news that he did sleep with Ali. He makes matters worse by confessing that he also "joked" to her about giving her the head nurse position after they made love. Mike tries to defend his actions....that he loves Carrie and wants to marry her when she's free. But Mickey knows first-hand the pain of affairs...he thought Mike was his son, but learned that Mike was really the son of Mickey's brother, Bill Horton, and Laura. Mickey said he was devastated, but Mike says that his situation is different. For one, Carrie is not carrying his child. Mickey asks if he knows of anything about Ali that might give them an edge in the case. Mike boasts that she is delusional, obsessive and changes moods like she changes shoes. Encouraged, Mickey suggests that if they can get her examined by a psychiatrist, they might be able to show that she is unstable and have the suit thrown out of court.

Ali leaves and Craig and Nancy overhear Mickey on the phone ordering a set of psychiatric tests for Ali. Needless to say, the two are dejected.

Dining at Tuscany, Carrie and Austin are shocked to learn they will be dining together with Sami. Sami explains that she's spent all her time trying to keep them apart, now she can be the one to get them together. She convinces the two to dance, and after much hemming and hawing, they agree. Carrie and Austin manage to cover their uncomfortableness from an unsuspecting Sami. Austin says that he hates the pretending they are doing. Carrie agrees, but can't bear to tell her sister about their troubles. Back at the table, the process server delivers an envelope to her. Austin knows what is inside and feels bad that Carrie was served in public. A shocked Carrie sees that they are divorce papers. She starts crying and runs from the restaurant, leaving Austin to explain to Sami that they are ending their marriage. He tells Sami the abridged version....Mike and Carrie fell in love while he and Sami were on the run and that he caught them in bed together in Las Vegas. Sami is stunned.

Carrie is outside University Hospital, with tears in her eyes. She says that she can't go to her office because she does not work there anymore, and she can't go home. A hand grabs her's Mike.

At Vivian's party, John announces to all the guests that the day after tomorrow, he and Marlena will be wed. Bo looks at "Hope" to see her reaction and senses that she is not happy. Hope isn't and shouts, "No" upon hearing the news. She "continues" her statement that no one could be happier for them than she is. Bo walks up to her and asks how she really feels. She lies and says that she's happy, but Bo calls her on it and says he doesn't believe her. Hope storms off and meets up with Stefano. She tells him that he does not have much time to bring the Old John back. He tells her not to worry, but to meet him in the downstairs room after the party to discuss.

Meanwhile, Nicholas continues to woo Kate, giving Vivian a chance to talk to Victor. Vivian denies Victor's assertion that she invited him to the party to get revenge on Kate. He also does not believe that she is on death's doorstep, but she pleads with him to forgive her and to let her run Titan. Victor leaves her alone, and Kate joins him to leave the party. Before leaving, Victor asks Bo if things went as he wanted. Bo admits that they did not, but he is getting close to the truth. As Kate and Victor leave, Kate turns and looks back at Nicholas.

On the way home from the party, John is confident that nothing will stop their wedding...including Stefano.

Vivian requests that Stefano be with her tonight. He wants to meet with Gina, but agrees to spend time with his wife. "Hope" says that she's going to stay out for a while. When Bo asks where she plans to go at this time of night, "Hope" says that she does not have to explain anything to him and leaves.

Friday, June 18, 1999

Lucas spots Nicole in the park with Brandon and wonders what the two are up to. Brandon tickles her and she falls to the ground, laughing. He then suggests that she help herself by tolerating her husband so that she can enjoy the good life while she can. He tells her that since she's got money, she should flaunt it. Brandon is also hoping that he'll be included in Nicole's spending spree. As they are talking, Lucas surprises Nicole and furiously questions her as to who she is with.

Outside the hospital, Mike assures Carrie that he's not following her. She explains to him why she is so upset...and shows Mike the divorce papers. She laments that she can't believe that Austin would move so quickly. Now she's lost her job and her marriage, but she figures that she is being punished. Mike says that they fell in love and that's not a sin. However, Carrie accuses him of pushing her away by demanding her resignation. She suspects that something else is going on and demands to know what it is. Mike tells her that everyone will know about the reason for Austin's divorce, and if they were still working together, the gossip would be rampant. He stresses that he asked her to resign to protect her. He leans towards her and tells her that he loves her. To comfort her, Mike suddenly kisses her. Carrie looks into his eyes and tells him that she loves him, too.

At Tuscany, Sami and Austin continue their dinner as she apologizes for inviting Carrie. He tells her that her heart was in the right place. Beside, Austin assures her that Carrie is probably with Mike. Sami can't believe that Carrie would do such a thing. Austin says that Mike probably coerced her into sleeping with him. He continues saying that Mike has a pattern with women...he uses them until he gets what he wants and then dumps them...that's what he did with Ali. Sami says that Mike hurt Austin, and for that, she can never forgive him. Austin is touched and he asks her to dance. Out on the dance floor, the two are dancing very close. Two other dancers say that Sami and Austin make a great couple. Sami and Austin thank them and look into each other's eyes.

At the Cheatin' Heart, Eric and Billie play pool and discuss why Eric left Colorado to return to Salem. Billie questions him about his childhood, and Eric is vague saying he played sports in high school, joined a fraternity in college and had friends and dated. As Billie asks more questions, Eric gets defensive and drops the subject. He says that he loved being in Colorado. Billie wonders what brought him back to Salem. He says that he still holds out hope for a future with Nicole. Billie is disappointed and tells him that she knows what he's going through and he can't obsess about someone who will never be his. She hugs him and tells him that he needs to move on with his life...a life without Nicole.

Stefano is pacing in the secret lab (Rolf apparently had the night off, as he is nowhere to be found). Gina arrives and Stefano angrily warns her that he was almost caught because of her failing to finish the final painting. He's furious and wants to know why she lied about the last painting. Gina says that she can't paint while she's under pressure. She used to paint on a balcony in Capri, with natural light and a breeze. Here, she's confined to a dungeon with Stefano constantly pressuring her to pain more quickly. Stefano relents a bit when she promises that she will be done with the painting by tomorrow. Gina turns the conversation to John, and Stefano again gets furious because he thinks Gina is ordering him around. Gina becomes contrite and tries to placate Stefano, but he tells her that he cannot trust her.

At Gran's kitchen, Bo advises Greta that he thinks Hope was covering something when she claimed that she was feeling ill. They rehash what happened at the party, and he comes to the conclusion that Hope was somehow warning Stefano about the seascape painting. Bo is crushed as he realizes that the two are in cahoots about something and it has to do with the Gaugain painting that is still in the townhouse. The two decide to return to the townhouse to do some snooping.

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