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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, September 6, 1999

At the Kiriakis pool, Lucas told Nicole that the place looked wonderful and she had a real talent for that. Nicole told him that Sami deserved a lot of the credit. Austin and Sami were playing in the pool, and Lucas was glad to see Austin smiling again. Kate showed up, and Lucas bragged to his mom that Nicole had done it all herself.

Billie and Nicholas arrived; Billie said that she had invited Nicholas to crash the party with her. Billie asked Nicole if she minded. Nicole said not at all, and she was glad Billie had a date. Nicholas quickly pointed out that he was not Billie's date. Nicholas said that Billie had told him it was a celebration of Lucas and Nicole's marriage, so Nicholas gave them a gift. Nicole opened it; it was a painting, and she said it was nice. Lucas told Nicole that it was a Jour Jacques and would be priceless one day.

Everyone started to mingle, and Nicholas asked Kate how she was doing. Kate said she had expected to have Victor home already, but she was dealing with it. Nicholas told her that he was there if she needed him. Kate told him that she would call him later about a new marketing strategy, but Nicholas said they should take the day off and go for a swim.

Nicole walked over to where Nicholas and Kate were, in order to grab a drink. Kate told Nicole that she had done a wonderful job with the party, but Nicole insisted Sami was to thank. Nicholas told Belle that he hoped to get to know his cousins better, and Belle said she'd like that; they hugged. As Nicole chugged down her drink, she told Brandon that Kate was "such a bitch," walking around with her nose in the air and thinking she was better than everyone.

Sami popped out of the bushes and told Nicole that her true colors were shining through at last. Nicole asked what Sami was talking about. Sami said she had heard Nicole call Kate a bad word, but Nicole said she had just been telling Brandon what she had overheard a woman at the office call Kate. Lucas, who had left, returned with Will. Belle told Brandon that she had been inside and had taken a message for him. The hospital had called and needed him to report to the office and fill out some paperwork for his new job. Brandon said he didn't want to take advantage of Lucas and Nicole's celebration, but everyone was happy for him when he told them about his new job.

Brandon picked up Belle and pretended he was going to throw her into the pool. Meanwhile, Kate talked to Austin, who said he was just fine. Austin said he was moving on with his life. Privately, Kate hoped he wasn't moving on with Sami.

Austin talked with Billie about how he was doing. Billie was worried about her brother and told him not to make any life decisions without being objective. She also wanted him to give Kate a chance, but Austin thought her loyalties were with Lucas. As Lucas told his mom about a surprise he had for Nicole, Kate couldn't take her eyes off of Nicholas. Austin told Billie that he didn't trust Vivian's nephew, but Billie thought that Nicholas had been good for their mom, and she assured Austin that she planned on keeping an eye on Nicholas Alamain.

Later, Kate returned in a swimsuit, and Nicholas told her that she looked terrific. He asked, "How about that swim?" but she said maybe later. Nicole overheard and told Brandon that it might be her lucky day; she guessed that Kate couldn't swim. Belle talked with Sami about how cute Brandon was and how she wanted a mature relationship with a guy. Sami told her not to rush things, and to date a lot of guys before she got serious with one of them. Belle said that Sami sounded "like Mom."

Lucas found Nicole and told her it was time for her surprise. He led Nicole, whose eyes were closed, to her surprise, When she opened her eyes, she found a big wedding cake in front of her. Lucas proposed a toast to Nicole and said that his greatest happiness was sharing his life with her. Nicole told him it was "so great," and toasted to her life partner and Kate's friendship. She assured Lucas that she would always keep the vows she had made on their wedding day and would strive to be the wife he deserved.

As Lucas and Nicole took pictures, Sami told Kate that it was too bad Nicole's speech wasn't true. She said that Kate and Nicole had a lot in common. They were both from the wrong side of the tracks, selfish, deceitful, and devious. Kate told Sami not to even think about causing trouble, because Lucas could retract his joint custody offer at any time. Sami doubted that, and then asked if Kate had paid Nicole to marry Lucas. Kate just walked away from Sami.

Everyone took pictures of Lucas and Nicole as they fed one another cake. Billie gave Nicholas a piece of cake, and he thanked her for taking him to the party. Billie said that the first rule of business was to get to "know thy enemy." Nicholas hated to think that she saw him as an enemy. Billie said the jury was still out on that one, but Nicholas insisted that it wouldn't be out for long.

Brandon began to become concerned about Nicole's drinking, but she said that she was fine. Austin talked with Belle a bit about high school. She would be a junior that year. Kate told Lucas that sometimes she wished he had let Sami die. Lucas said Sami couldn't do anything to them, and Kate said she would make sure of that.

Eric and Greta were on the verge of kissing when John called Eric. John said that he had gotten all the paperwork for the exhumation done, and he was heading up from Paris. Greta said they should probably get back to the castle, so they started packing up the picnic basket. Greta saw that Eric was a bit down and asked what was wrong. Eric said he was just thinking about all the grief he had given John over the years about John's relationship with his mother.

Greta said they all made mistakes and that John had forgiven Eric, so Eric needed to forgive himself. Eric thanked her and told her that she always knew how to pick him up. Greta said she had learned it from her mother, and then began to think about how her mother had looked the night before. Eric told her that had just been a nightmare.

Princess Gina was still smoking, and looking at the picture of Greta. Kurt took her some fresh flowers, but Gina said fresh flowers wouldn't do "a damn thing" for her. She told Kurt that Stefano had robbed her of John and Greta's love. Kurt asked Gina about the last thing she remembered before heading there. Gina told him that she remembered being at Maison Blanche. In a flashback, Stefano told a youthful-looking Gina that he had asked Rolf to help her; Rolf would perform a procedure to help remove the mood swings she was going through.

Back in the present, Gina told Kurt that Stefano might as well have killed her. However, one day soon he would regret that he had not. Gina told Kurt that Stefano had stolen her entire being during the procedure. Kurt asked if something could have gone wrong during the procedure, but Gina said Stefano never made mistakes. In a flashback, Gina remembered hearing Stefano tell Rolf to get Hope Williams ready for the procedure; he wanted the change to be seamless.

Kurt asked Gina who Hope Williams was, and what she had to do with the procedure. Gina said she didn't know; she just remembered Stefano telling Rolf to get her. Gina said the next thing she remembered was being there. Gina looked at her picture of Greta, but Kurt said he needed to return the picture to Greta before she noticed it was gone. Gina gave it to him and said when they were reunited, she wanted to look like she had in this photograph. Kurt left, and Gina looked out the window and saw Eric and Greta returning. She said that one day Greta would look at her and smile, not scream.

Kurt returned the picture to Greta's room and found the invitation to the Duke and Duchess Ball in honor of Gina. Eric and Greta returned, and Greta was shocked to see Kurt in her room. Eric asked what Kurt thought he was doing in Greta's room. Kurt said he had just delivered fresh flowers, and left. Greta saw the photo was back, and Eric thought that maybe Kurt had taken it. Eric wondered why Kurt was so intent on them leaving. Eric asked what Kurt was afraid that they would find.

Kurt returned to Gina's room and asked if she knew the Duke and Duchess of Haraman. Gina said they were close friends, and wanted to know why he was asking. He said that they were throwing a party in her honor.

Julie asked Bo if he and Hope were going to marry in Paris. Doug offered to make arrangements to fly Alice over, but Bo said that was not it. Bo said he wanted to marry Hope, but she was gone and they had to get her back first. They thought that Hope was missing literally, but Bo told them it was not what they thought. Bo explained to them that when Hope had been missing those four years, they had thought she was dead, but Stefano had changed her into Princess Gina Von Amberg. He told them that Stefano had once again changed Hope back into Princess Gina. Doug wanted to know what was going on, so Bo told them to sit down so they could talk. Bo explained everything to them, and they were furious.

Bo told them that Hope thought she was Gina, but she still had all of Hope's memories. Doug asked Julie what they could do to help get Hope back. Bo was glad they had asked, and then explained what he wanted them to do. In a flashback, Doug gave a very young Hope a baby blanket that her mom had knitted for her when she was pregnant. Doug told her that she had loved the blanket, and thought that maybe her baby -- Shawn D -- would like it too. Hope told Doug that she loved it and gave him a kiss.

Doug wished he and Hope had remained closer, but Julie said they were there for her at that moment, and that was all that counted. Bo suggested they go see Hope immediately, but warned them that she wouldn't jump for joy when she saw them. As they got up, Bo was hit by another dizzy spell, but attributed it to lack of sleep.

Gina was still in tears from John's rejection. She screamed, "Damn you, Stefano!" Gina began to remember Bo warning her that she would go insane or end up dead like the real Gina, and then she heard John telling her that he would never love her. Gina covered her ears with her hands and screamed, "No, No, Stop!" When the voices stopped, Gina guzzled down some champagne and then made a call to Bo's room. Unfortunately he was not there, and she didn't leave a message. She told herself that she wished Bo were ther; for some unknown reason she felt safer when he was around.

Gina said she wanted Bo's help, but she wanted to live as Gina, not Hope. As she rubbed her head, Gina said she could not live without John anymore. She also told herself that she would not let herself go mad like the real Gina. Gina wondered how she and John could escape from Stefano, and then remembered the letter. She once again began to ransack the place, searching for the letter. Gina wondered if the letter was at the castle, and decided to go there. As she was thinking about leaving, someone arrived at her door. She thought it was probably Stefano, and was shocked when she found Bo, Doug, and Julie standing on her doorstep.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Sami, Austin, and Will were playing in the pool. Carrie showed up, and Belle asked her why she was there. Carrie said that Nicole had invited her. Belle wanted to know where Carrie's date was. Carrie said she had gone alone. Belle couldn't believe Carrie was not with Mike and said, "Don't tell me you're not together?" Carrie blew Belle off to say hello to Nicole.

Nicole returned, and Lucas wanted to have his picture taken with her again; he claimed they were the happiest people in the world, even though Nicole looked miserable. Later, Lucas took Will inside to play with his new Indy car. After they left, Sami said, "That's right, buy your son's heart." Austin stepped out of the pool and when Sami went to get him a towel, she found him talking to Carrie.

Austin was surprised that Carrie was there, and Sami asked, "You were invited?" Carrie asked if that was a problem, and Austin told her no. Carrie said she didn't want to ruin the party. Suddenly, a drunk Nicole walked up behind Carrie, put an arm around her, and said Carrie couldn't ruin the party because it was Nicole's party. Nicole told Carrie to grab a drink and hit the buffet, so Carrie did just that.

Austin excused himself from Sami to be with Carrie, which upset Sami. Austin told Carrie that they needed to talk, so they headed off. Brandon told a worried Sami that it was not what she was thinking, and that not even a divorce agreement could break their bond. Austin told Carrie that he wanted to put everything behind them and remain friends. Carrie told him that she could really use a friend.

Austin asked what was going on. Carrie replied that Mike had left town. Carrie explained what had happened with Mike, and how she didn't know if she'd ever see Mike again. Austin was shocked and said he'd thought they'd had their whole lives mapped out together. Carrie apologized to Austin for laying all that on him after what she had done to him.

Carrie said Mike also felt terrible about what he had done, and that was one of the reasons he had left. Austin said that maybe there was hope for him after all, and Carrie said maybe it was a good sign. Carrie told Austin that it was strange talking to him the way they were talking. Austin agreed it was strange, and told Carrie that he didn't hate her. He said he wanted to move on with his life, and was happy there with Will. Carrie asked if he was happy with Sami as well.

Austin said that he and Sami were good friends, and he was used to living with Sami. Carrie said she was glad he had her to help him through the transition period. Austin asked if anyone was helping Carrie. Carrie said no, and maybe it was what she deserved. Austin didn't believe that and told her that he was going to make them a plate to eat. As they left, Belle approached them and, exhibiting hostility, asked, "What is up with you two?"

Nicholas left Kate and Billie to refill their drinks. Billie was taken by Nicholas and told her mom that she thought she liked him. Later, Nicholas found Sami and talked to her. He said his aunt had told him that she knew where all the bodies were to be found. Sami said not all of them, then she looked at Nicole and said if there were more, she would uncover them. Nicholas hooked up with Billie once again, and Billie asked him to help her out with some of Countess Wilhelmina 's finances. Nicholas told her that nothing made him happier than helping a beautiful woman.

Kate spotted Nicholas and Billie together, and she didn't look pleased. Kate approached Nicole, who was drunk, and then she stomped away from Nicole in an even uglier mood. Brandon told Nicole that she'd had enough, and Lucas wanted to know what was going on with his wife. Nicole said she was fine, the heat was just getting to her. Brandon said she hadn't eaten either. Lucas said he would remedy that and would fix her a plate. Brandon told Nicole that he was going to get her some coffee. Meanwhile, Kate continued to watch Billie and Nicholas as they flirted with one another.

Sami appeared at Belle's side after Belle asked Carrie and Austin what was up with them. Austin said that Carrie had been planning to leave, but he had talked her into staying. Belle said that was fantastic, but the look on Sami's face said she didn't want Carrie to stay.

Greta wondered why Kurt had taken the picture from her dresser. Eric said Kurt was crafty, and that they didn't need his help. Greta thought about digging her mother up and said it sounded like something out of a horror film. John soon showed up at the castle, and Greta welcomed him with a hug. John told them that he'd cut through the red tape, but dealing with the bureaucrats would take a couple of days. John promised Greta that he would have Gina exhumed and an autopsy performed on her. Eric asked if John remembered anything by being there, but John didn't. Greta asked him if he had seen "Hope" and asked how she was. John said that Hope was under Stefano's control; she was Princess Gina once again.

Later, Greta told John that she had seen her mother, but Eric said it had been a dream. Greta insisted it hadn't been a dream, and she explained everything that had happened when her mother had visited her, how she had looked old and scary. Eric said they had been hearing a lot of ghost stories about Gina, but Greta said she knew it was real because her mother had touched her.

John told Greta that he thought she might have been dreaming as well, but Greta was positive that what had happened to her was real. Greta and Eric gave John a tour of the castle. When John saw the portrait of Gina in her room, he let out a "Whoah!" Greta asked him what was wrong, and wondered if he was remembering something. John said it was more of a feeling, and he told Greta that he felt her vision.

Eric asked what John was feeling. John said he felt that Gina was very close -- eerily close -- to them at that moment. John looked through Gina's closet and smelled her clothes, which gave him an overpowering feeling. John swore that Gina was in the castle, and Greta said she felt the same way. Eric suggested they go to the front of the house so they could hear the authorities when they rang. John said that was a good idea because he needed to know the truth as badly as Greta did.

Kurt was unhappy that Gina was not eating her food. Gina said she needed to be with her daughter, but Kurt told her that was not possible. Gina became upset and yelled, "So you keep saying!" Gina told Kurt "to hell with" him and his pronouncements; she would make it possible. She swore to Kurt that she would hold her daughter in her arms again.

Kurt asked Gina to trust him, insisting she didn't always think too clearly and she got confused. Gina asked Kurt what she was confused about. Kurt said she was confused about her daughter and her daughter's reaction to her. He told her that she couldn't go to Greta, looking the way she did, which was why she had to trust him. Kurt told her that her food had grown cold, so he would prepare her something else to eat. Kurt grabbed her tray and left.

Gina looked in the mirror and saw herself as the young and beautiful woman she had once been. Gina heard a young Greta telling her that she wanted to be as beautiful as her mother when she grew up, and then Gina heard an adult Greta screaming. In the mirror, Gina's youthful image faded. She said that Kurt was right; she couldn't see her precious baby, looking like she did.

Gina ended up trashing a portrait of John, and then quickly began another painting. However, the painting was of a sleeping Greta. Kurt returned with a hot meal for Gina, and looked at her sketch. He was amazed that she remembered Greta so well. Gina said that the image was burned into her brain. Kurt said that she was beautiful. Gina said yes, "but I am not." Gina was sad because she had lost the two people she loved most in the world, Greta and John.

Gina said that she finally knew that John was not returning for her. Kurt picked up the portrait of John that Gina had thrown across the room, and Gina told him to throw it away because she couldn't stand to look at it when there was no hope of his returning. Kurt left with the painting, and Gina talked to her portrait of Greta. She said that Greta was so close, but so far away. However, Greta was not as far away as the man that Gina loved, the man she'd never see again. Gina told herself that John would never return for her, so she needed focus on Greta.

Downstairs, John made some calls, and the exhumation was scheduled to begin shortly. John told Eric and Greta that he wasn't looking forward to it, and he wondered what surprises were out there for them -- "or in here."

At the Paris house, Gina/Hope answered the door, thinking it was Stefano, so she planned to be rude to him to make him go away. She opened the door and blew smoke in someone's face -- Julie's. Gina was shocked to find Bo, Doug, and Julie on her doorstep. She asked them what they were doing there. Julie just laughed, and Doug gave her a big hug. Bo, Doug, and Julie walked in, and Julie quickly snatched Gina's cigarette away from her and said, "There, better." Doug asked when she started smoking.

Bo said she just had one every once in a while, and Gina said it relaxed her. Julie told her that it did the opposite, "Nicotine is a stimulant. It zaps your energy, and makes you sick as a dog!" Bo patted Julie on the shoulder to calm her down, and Doug said they should concentrate on their reunion. Bo suggested they all sit down and make themselves comfortable, so they did. Doug asked how his princess was doing, and Gina quickly snapped, "Why in the hell would you call me that?" Doug told her that was his pet name for her; he said it with affection. Gina apologized and said she had been overly sensitive lately.

Gina said she wished she had known they were visiting; she was very busy and didn't know how much time she could devote to them. Gina reminded Bo about the party, but Bo suggested Doug and Julie could join them. Doug said that they could talk about that later, and Gina asked them how long they were staying. Julie flashed an evil look, and Gina said she didn't mean to be rude, but they had intruded on her unannounced. Doug asked why she didn't want to see them, and Julie asked what Gina was afraid of.

Gina knew it wasn't a casual visit; Bo had called them. Julie wanted to be straight and told Gina that they were there because Bo had asked them to be there because he was concerned about her. Gina said she was fine, "Damn it," and turned her back to them. Doug told her that she was very different; she was not herself. Gina said they hadn't seen her for a while, and she had been under a lot of stress. The phone rang, and Gina answered it. As she was talking, Bo told Doug and Julie that it was probably Stefano on the phone. Gina told whoever it was that she would take care of it as soon as possible and hung up on them.

Doug told Hope that they had gotten a wonderful letter from Alice the other day; Shawn D was moving back home and would do his senior year at Salem High. Doug said that it seemed "like yesterday" when she had been that age. Bo said Shawn D was going home that weekend. Gina told him to go home to Salem and be with Shawn D, but Bo refused to leave her. She said she wasn't his codependent wife anymore; she could take care of herself.

Gina wondered why "in hell" they were all there. Julie told her that they were there because they loved her; she meant the world to them, and they wanted to be with her. Julie wondered, "Is that too much to ask?" Later, Bo served them all iced tea, and Julie told Gina that her father had been singing professionally again. Gina said "how exciting" without any enthusiasm. Julie remembered when Doug had sung to Hope at Doug's place. Doug said those were his favorite memories.

Doug told Gina that when he sang, he always dedicated one to her. He said that he introduced the song by telling the audience that he had an exceptional daughter, who was not only beautiful, but had a kind heart. He went on to say that she was the light of his life, and being a father to her made him want to be a better man. Finally, he said that along with Julie, his daughter was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Julie told Doug to sing the song for his daughter. Doug turned to his daughter, lifted her head up with his hand under her chin, and sang to her. He sang, "You must have been a beautiful baby" to her. As he sang, Gina remembered flashes from Hope's life. Julie was moved to tears, and one tear streamed down Gina's face. Doug told "Hopie" that he knew she hadn't forgotten all those memories, and inside Gina's mind, Hope's voice cried out, "Daddy, please help me!" Gina blurted out loud, "Help me!"

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Brandon walked Belle home to the penthouse. Belle thanked him for carrying her stuff. Brandon told her to just make sure she told her sisters that he had gotten her home safely. Belle said her sisters constantly thought she was a little kid. Brandon offered to listen to her if she ever wanted to talk, but Belle said she didn't want him to know her secrets.

Sami was tucking Will in and talking on the phone to her mom at the same time. Sami told her mom that Belle should be home any second. Marlena said that Sami was becoming very protective. Sami said that being a mother did that to a person. Marlena asked if the party had been fun. Sami says it had been until Carrie showed up. Belle and Brandon went into the penthouse, and Belle introduced Brandon to her mom. Brandon told her that he would be working at the hospital, and he was very interested in her work, especially her articles on hypnosis.

Belle suggested they talk about it right away. Marlena said that Brandon probably had to be up early, but Brandon said he had some time. Belle said she had gotten a new grind from the Java Cafe, and Brandon added that it was where Nikki had gotten discovered. Brandon apologized for mentioning his sister. Marlena asked Brandon if Nicole was happy with her choice. Brandon said he didn't like to speak for others, but his sister seemed perfectly happy. Marlena said that she thought Nicole loved Eric, and maybe she had a future as an actress. Belle returned with a tray containing coffee and cups, and told her mom that Nicole was taking over Sami's old job.

Marlena looked at the time and said it has gotten very late, and she should set up another time to meet with Brandon. Marlena said that the next day was Brandon's first day, and Belle had her first day as a junior the same day. Brandon said goodnight, and then left. Belle told her mom that she had changed her mind about being a debutante that year, and because community service was a part of it, she thought she'd see if Lexie had room for her in the pediatric ward. Marlena didn't know Belle had any interests in that field. Belle said she had a lot of interests, and declared she was a Renaissance woman. Belle and Marlena exchanged hugs and kisses, and Marlena went up to bed. Belle lagged behind to clean up the coffee stuff and said, with a little gasp, "Brandon!"

Carrie and Austin were the only ones left hanging out. Austin was telling her a story about how Will had stuck caterpillars in the butter case in the refrigerator because he had thought it would make them turn into butterflies. Sami went out to the guesthouse and was surprised to see Carrie was still there. Sami told Austin that Will couldn't get to sleep; he wanted Austin to read the caterpillar book to him.

Carrie said she'd better go, but Austin said it wouldn't take long, and she could stick around. Sami said that Carrie probably wanted to get back to Mike. Austin and Carrie exchanged glances, and Austin told Sami that Mike had left town. Sami asked what he meant, and Carrie said that Mike had gone to visit his son. Sami then asked if Carrie was going to meet them in Israel.

Carrie and Austin looked at one another, and Sami wanted to know what they were keeping from her. Austin decided to let Carrie handle it and went to check on Will. Carrie told Sami that Mike had needed time alone, and she didn't know when he was returning. Sami didn't understand why they weren't together when it was what they both wanted. Carrie said she knew, and she hoped it didn't mess up her future plans. Carrie wanted to know why Sami was in such a hurry to get her out of the country. Sami said that she just thought Carrie wanted to be with Mike. Carrie said her life had completely changed over the year, and she didn't know where she wanted to be.

Sami wondered if Carrie had decided that she wanted Austin back. Carrie couldn't believe it and didn't know why she bothered with Sami. Carrie said Sami had no clue what it was like being in a relationship. Sami said she did know what love was, and then started talking about when she and Austin had been on the run. Carrie told her not to confuse compassion with love. Sami became angry and accused Carrie of showing up there to hurt Austin. She thought that Carrie was there because Austin was finally getting over her, and she couldn't stand it that Austin was moving on.

Sami informed Carrie that Austin was going back to boxing, which he hadn't told her because his future did not concern her anymore. Carrie let out an "Ahhhh" and said, "But it does concern you, right?" Sami said that Austin had started sharing his feelings with her about the same time she had started sharing her feelings with Mike. Carrie told Sami not to count on Austin falling in love with her. Sami said that at least she knew he was over Carrie. Carrie asked why, if she believed that, she was so worried. Carrie told Sami to tell Austin goodnight, and left. Austin returned and asked where Carrie was. Sami only said that she had left. Austin said it had been good to have a few laughs that day.

Kate talked to Ruth, who was extremely pleased with how Nicholas had handled her account and said that she would be renewing her contract with Titan. After the call, Billie walked into the room in a very tight white dress. Kate took one look at her and asked where she was going dressed like that. Billie didn't understand what she meant and said that white was one of her best colors. Kate said that she wasn't talking about the color; she was talking about the image. Billie said that she thought she looked great, and she was sure Nicholas would think so too. Kate commented that he certainly didn't waste much time. Billie asked if her mom had a problem with her seeing Nicholas.

Kate said she didn't have a problem with it, but she worked with him and was involved with Roman. Billie told her mom that they weren't seeing much of them anymore; they had both gotten over losing the ones they really loved. Billie looked in a mirror and put on a scarf. She told her mom that she was excited to go out with a man under thirty. She saw the look on her mom's face and apologized for what she had said; age had never mattered to her and Victor. Kate told Billie not to talk about Victor in the past tense; they would be getting married as soon as possible. Billie said it would be great if her mom could finally have Victor, and Billie could have someone to help her forget about Bo.

When Kate said, "Like Nicholas?" Billie replied, "Maybe." Billie fiddled with the scarf for a bit, but eventually decided to ditch the idea altogether. Kate was browsing through her scrapbook and looking at her "wedding" photos. Kate poured herself a drink and said that as soon as Victor had recovered, they would be married, and neither Sami nor Vivian could separate them. Billie decided to go upstairs and change into something a little less revealing, and asked her mom to entertain Nicholas if he showed up early.

At the home, Nicholas dropped by to see Victor. Victor wasn't in a good mood and said it was not a good time for a visit. Nicholas told him not to let minor setbacks get him down, but Victor said he was supposed to be home already, not stuck in a wheelchair. Victor told Nicholas that he had no idea what that was like, but Nicholas said he also didn't know what it was like to have a woman like Kate to love him. Victor wished he could love Kate back; it had been years. Nicholas said that Kate was not complaining; her life was all about him and her love for him.

Nicholas told Victor to fight for his family, and he hoped the present he had for Victor would help. Victor looked in the bag Nicholas had delivered and asked if it was his idea of a joke. Nicholas pulled a laptop out of the bag and told Victor that the laptop was different; it was controlled by voice command. Nicolas said that with the laptop, Victor could actively participate in Titan once again. Nicholas turned it on and sat it on a table in the room. He then pulled out an old photo of him, Vivian, and Victor. This photo had been taken on one of their sailing trips, which they both remembered.

Victor asked why Nicholas was doing that for him. Nicholas said Victor had been there for him when he was a kid, so it was his way of repaying Victor. Nicholas hoped they could continue the visits, and he wanted to help Victor get home as quickly as possible because he was sorely missed. Victor wondered what Nicholas got out of it, and Nicholas said he got to work with a legend. Nicholas showed Victor how to boot the computer up, but said he had to go because he had a date with a beautiful woman that night. Victor said that he'd heard he was widely admired. Nicholas told Victor that he had the undying devotion of two extraordinary women, Kate and Vivian. Nicholas said he wouldn't mind learning Victor's secret. Victor said it was all about finding the right woman; for him it was Kate.

Back at the mansion, Nicholas sneaked up on Kate; Billie was still upstairs changing. Kate said Henderson was supposed to announce her guests; she would have to have a talk with him. Nicholas told her to do that -- she wouldn't want anyone stealing her silverware. Kate told him that it took a thief to know a thief, and he had the thieving Alamain genes in his blood. Nicholas acted crushed, and Kate reminded him that he was there to take out Billie, not her. Kate decided to leave and spend some time with Philip.

Before Kate left, Nicholas told her that he thought it would work out for her and Victor. Kate cried that the night was her "supposed" wedding anniversary, and she'd had plans to dance with Victor that night, but he might never dance again. Billie showed up and asked her mom what was wrong. Kate said that she had just been telling Nicholas what the day was the anniversary of. Billie and Nicole decided to leave, but before they did, Nicholas told Kate that her love for Victor would give him the strength he needed to get well.

Hope's voice blurted out, "Help Me!" However, when Bo put his arm on her shoulder and said they were there for that, Gina smacked his arm, backed away from him, and warned him not to get any closer. Julie and Doug got up, and Gina warned them all to stay away, or something awful would happen. Bo said they knew she was scared, but they were all there to help her because they loved her. Gina said she did not want to hear that and turned her back on them. Bo told "Hope" that it would be okay, but Gina said since she arrived in Paris, everything had gone wrong because of him.

Bo told her it was Stefano's fault; he was the one messing with her life. Bo told her that Stefano wasn't there and couldn't hurt her. Gina started giggling. Bo told her about the trip they had taken to Paris with Shawn D. Doug told Gina that they remembered going to Paris with her when she was younger. Gina said she remembered, but soon she told herself that Hope was gone and was never going to be back. She began to become agitated, and told herself that she did not need them.

All the voices flooded into Gina's head, and she curled up in a ball on the floor and cried out, "No no no no!" Gina told them that if they cared for her, they would leave. Bo said they would leave if she wanted them to, but first he wanted to know if she remembered spending time with her family in Paris.

"Hope" nodded and smiled, but Gina quickly took over and told Hope that she was gone and dead. Julie told Gina about the chocolate shop in Paris that she had loved, the Black Cat. Gina remembered the memory of Hope's and said that she had loved that place. Julie told her that it was still there, and Bo suggested they go visit it. Bo put his hand out for her to take, and asked if "Hope" would show him the chocolate shop. Gina told him that it was too late, but Bo said the stores in Paris were always open. Gina told herself that she couldn't wait until Stefano finished programming him. Bo called the chocolate shop and learned they were open all night.

Gina had no choice but to go along with them. She took Bo's hand, and he kissed it. As Gina put on her lipstick, she saw everyone staring at her. Bo told her that she was just so beautiful. Gina told him that he needed a new line, but Bo said he never needed a line with her before. Julie excused herself to freshen up, and Doug excused himself to check their messages.

When they were alone, Bo asked Gina if she was ready for a walk down memory lane. Gina was, as long as there weren't any expectations. She said a lot had changed, but Bo said not the important things. Gina told him that he was full of surprises lately. Bo told her to wait and see what he had in store for her that night. Bo put his hand on her cheek and told her that she hadn't seen Paris until she'd seen it with him. Gina touched Bo's cheek, and then hugged him.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

As Kate entered Victor's room, she saw him working with the physical therapist. Victor explained that Kate and Philip were his motivation -- he was anxious to get back home. Kate told him that day would have been their wedding anniversary. She even recalled the vows she had made to him. Kate pulled out a present for Victor -- a picture of Kate, Victor, and Philip. As she went to put it by his bedside, she spied the photo that Nicolas had given of Victor, Vivian, and a young Nicholas. Kate was furious, because of the reminder of Vivian.

Victor explained that he and Nicholas had shared a bond when Nicholas was younger and that he had not meant anything by the picture. Kate did not agree, and started venting about how she couldn't trust Nicholas. Victor defended Nicholas, saying that Nicholas had recently reminded him all that he had to live for. Victor thought that Nicholas was harmless, and actually was a good ally to have. He asked Kate to spend as much time as she could showing him the business.

Meanwhile, Billie and Nicholas were at the Cheatin Heart, having their "business" meeting. Billie instantly lit into Nicholas, saying that she couldn't trust him because he was Vivian's nephew. Nicholas feigned being hurt, and Billie relented a bit. She challenged Nicholas to a game of pool. He accepted, and offered a side bet. The winner got to choose what the other person had to do. Billie was definitely intrigued, and agreed.

Later, it came down to Billie sinking the eight ball to win. She did and started to celebrate, when the cue ball fell into the pocket as well. That meant that Nicholas had won, and Billie turned to him and said that whatever he asked for, he'd get. Nicholas raised his eyebrow, and stared at her playfully. He said that he wanted a dance with her. Billie smiled, as a slow song started playing, and the two danced very close together.

In Paris, John, Eric, and Greta were in the main room, wondering where the grave diggers were. John and Eric left because the men had arrived. Greta sat down in the chair and stared off into space.

In her room, Gina was pleading with Kurt to see Greta. Kurt said that she'd just have to be content with the drawing Gina had made, but after further pleading, Kurt relented. He took Gina to the portrait with the removable eyes, and Princess Gina saw Greta sitting in the chair. Greta began talking to herself, saying that she could feel her mother's presence. Greta even recalled when she and her mom had gone to her favorite candy shop, and Gina had ordered dark chocolate truffles, because she liked the bitter with the sweet. Upon hearing the memory, Gina broke down, sobbing.

Greta heard the crying, and called out to her mother. Kurt tried to get Gina to be quiet, but Gina continued wailing. Greta was panicky, and asserted that it was not a dream. Kurt tried to drag Gina away, but the woman refused. Greta pleaded for her mother to come out.

Outside, Eric waited with John as the grave diggers began to exhume the body from Gina's grave. The foreman said that they would take the body to the coroner's office and have it tested. John and Eric were confident that the tests would show that it was not Princess Gina's body in the coffin.

In the lab, Stefano and Rolf were talking. Steffie was worried that Hope/Gina might be going down the same destructive path that the real Gina had. That was why he wanted her to steal the last Renet, because after that, Hope/Gina would be expendable, and he wouldn't care if she went wacko like the real Gina. He also said that Hope/Gina needed to keep giving Bo the potion to turn him into his pawn. Then, sending the brainwashed Bo and Hope back to Salem would exact his final revenge on the Bradys.

Rolf mentioned that he had never really understood the vendetta Stefano had against the Bradys. Stefano was vague and said that using Bo and Hope was the perfect irony for the revenge plans he had. Stefano was furious that Gina was not answering the phone, and decided to leave.

At the Paris house, Doug and Julie were pleased with the way that Hope was responding to all the memories. Bo was confident that Hope would break free of the Gina persona. When Hope returned, they decided to go to the chocolate shop that they had gone to when Hope was a little girl. As they left, the phone rang; it was Stefano trying to reach Gina. At the shop, Hope ordered some dark chocolate truffles, just like the real Gina would. When Julie mentioned that Hope had never liked dark chocolate, Hope shook her head and changed her order to milk chocolate.

Bo suggested they get some for Shawn D., and he pretended to forget what Shawn D. liked. Hope smiled and said chocolate cherries, and Bo was pleased that she would remember. The group decided to go to dinner. But, Bo made a side trip to his hotel room to get a present for Hope. It was the music box that Bo had given to Hope for New Year's Eve many years before, and Hope remembered it. Misty-eyed, she excused herself to freshen up.

In the powder room, Gina looked into the mirror, and was startled to see Stefano, who was not too happy to see her.

Friday, September 10, 1999

Belle was acting like a typical teenager, talking on the phone to her friend, Mimi. She related how much fun she'd had at the party, and that she was hanging out with this mature, gorgeous guy named Brandon Walker. Mimi asked if Belle was in love with him, and Belle cried out that she had just met the guy. But, since they would both be working at the hospital, in the pediatric ward, she was going to use that to her advantage.

Downstairs, Carrie entered and updated Marlena about Mike's decision to leave town and visit with his son. Marlena was shocked that Mike would leave Carrie, and tried to console her. Belle walked downstairs and accused Carrie of wanting Austin back. Carrie denied it and said that she and Austin were trying to get past the hurt and anger and were attempting to be friends. Belle did not buy it and continued to harass Carrie about wanting Austin back, and said that if Austin had found happiness with Sami, then Carrie should leave them alone.

Carrie told Belle that Sami and Austin were just friends, and that nothing would become of their relationship. Belle left it alone for the time being, and Marlena suggested that Carrie get on with her life by accepting her old job back at the hospital. Carrie had to admit that she loved doing the PR for the hospital. She recalled some fundraising ideas that she'd had, and would like to pursue, if Austin would agree. Belle jumped on that and said that Carrie was after Austin. Carrie decided to leave, and alone, Belle told her mother that she thought Carrie was regretting her decision to divorce Austin, and that Sami was going to be hurt.

Brandon walked out to the pool, and seeing that no one was around, decided to take a quick skinnydip. Sami walked out, and was slightly embarrassed to learn that Brandon had no clothes on. Brandon invited Sami to join him al fresco, but she laughingly declined. She handed him a towel, and the two began talking. Brandon saw the fire in Sami's and Austin's eyes when they looked at each other, but Sami was quick to say they were just friends and roommates; she did not want to jinx it. Brandon said that if things didn't work with Austin, he'd be there for her. She was flattered, and Brandon continued, saying that he thought of Sami as a free spirit -- so much so, that he swooped and picked her up in his arms then threatened to toss her in the pool. He didn't and they continued talking.

Brandon said that Sami had great survival skills. He said that with all the stuff Sami had been through, she had a great attitude towards life. Sami thanked him, but said that it was too bad that she and Carrie were at such odds. Sami lamented that Carrie was always the prettier, smarter, more charming sister. Brandon looked at her and said that he did not think so, that Sami was beautiful and smart and knew what she wanted. In fact, that was just the kind of woman he was looking for -- he wanted to settle down, since he had started his career. Sami smiled and mentioned that she had never seen that side of Brandon before.

In the castle, Greta was hearing a woman wailing and called out to her mother. Kurt pulled Gina away from the peephole, just as John and Eric entered. Gina heard John's voice and said that it sounded familiar. Kurt told Gina that they had to leave, and they did. In the family room, Greta swore her mother was there, but Eric and John didn't believe her. They told her that the body that had been exhumed would have an autopsy performed, so they would know who it was and how they had died. Greta was surprised that they had found a body at all.

As Kurt and Gina went back to her room, Gina begged to go back to see Greta. She also told him that someone else besides Eric and Greta was in the castle, so they should go back and look. Kurt refused, but Gina gave him the slip and returned to the peephole. John was calling to find out any results of the autopsy. Gina looked through the peephole, and saw the back of John. John began to turn around, as Gina looked on.

Bo was wondering what was taking Hope so long. It was because Stefano had caught up with her. He told her that he wanted her to give Bo the potion, and "Gina" said no. Stefano widened his eyes, and Gina covered, saying that she couldn't right then because of the complications. Stefano looked out and saw Doug and Julie. He was mad that Bo had called them, and "Gina" began complaining about how boring those people were and that she just wanted to live her life as Gina.

Gina tried to talk Stefano out of turning Bo into his new pawn, and Stefano began to question just whose side she was on, Bo's or his. Gina said that she was on Stefano's side, of course, but she wanted to know what he had planned for Bo next. Steffie said that Bo would participate in a fight, and Gina recalled her nightmare with Bo and John in the battle where both men had died. Before she could protest any further, Stefano put the potion into her hands and told her to follow his orders exactly.

Bo saw Stefano with Hope and demanded to know what he was doing with her. He issued the "At Ease, Soldier" command, and Bo was briefly disoriented. Gina slipped the potion into her purse, and then pretended that she had not known that Stefano was in Paris. Stefano confirmed the lie, but Bo did not believe him. "Hope" told Bo that she wanted to leave, and they did. Bo and Hope said goodnight to Doug and Julie, and Hope thought to herself that she was not going to give Bo the potion. Bo and Hope left, as Stefano watched them, shaking his head.

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