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Stefano and Rolf set off the transformation laser. The real Hope tried to swim her way to freedom, but was overcome by the laser. After a fisherman rescued her, she awoke with no memory and was shocked to hear Kurt call himself her husband.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday November 1, 1999

Bo tried to get through to Shawn. He said that they could be a family again, but Shawn said families were about each other. He said that mom saw him as someone who got in her way, and she didn't "give a damn" about him. Bo asked "where the hell" that was from. Shawn asked to drop it, but Bo refused. He said that Shawn had to drop this selfish attitude. Bo explained that Shawn's mother had been through hell. She'd been living someone else's life, and the only thing that had gotten her back was her love for them.

Shawn said living someone else's life was a lame excuse and asked what Bo's excuse was. Bo asked, "For what?" Shawn replied, "Never mind." Bo didn't understand what had gotten into Shawn. He had never talked to his father that way before. Shawn advised Bo to get used to it because that was how he talked, and Bo and Hope only had themselves to blame.

Bo told Shawn that he was not going to tolerate him anymore. Bo said Shawn should count his blessings and the positive things he had. Bo said he was beginning to feel sorry he had gone there that night. Shawn thought his dad didn't want to spend time with him, so he said he'd see Bo around. Shawn left, and the older Shawn showed up. Shawn asked what was going on with Hope and wondered if she was all right. Bo said she was; he was just having problems with his son.

Bo asked why Shawn had gone looking for him. Shawn told the news about Austin. He then asked what was going on between Bo and his son. Bo said he didn't know. He tried to talk to Shawn D, but they spoke two different languages. Shawn said the boy was just acting like a teenager, and he'd turn it around.

Bo remembered when Shawn D was born and said that he'd vowed to make sure Shawn D felt loved and valued, but he didn't know where he had gone wrong. Shawn said Bo hadn't done anything wrong. Kids always blamed their parents for everything bad. However, he assured Bo that it would change with time. He asked if Bo had ever doubted that he loved him. Bo said no, even though he'd said he doubted it.

Shawn told Bo, "There you are." He said he knew they'd never seen things eye to eye, but they'd worked things out. Bo just hoped he and his Shawn didn't take as long to work things out. Bo remembered when Shawn D had said a hug from him made everything all right, but he'd gotten too old for that. Shawn said no son was too old for a hug from his dad, and the two hugged.

Hope showed up at the Paris airport and begged to be admitted onto the plane. The French pilots allowed her to fly on the cargo plane for five hundred francs. Hope said her purse had been stolen, and she could pay them back when she reached her destination. The man at the airport said there was nothing he could do for her then.

Later, Hope called Bo but only got the machine. She heard the plane starting up and begged to be allowed on the plane. When they told her no, she apologized for bothering them. She saw they all had their backs turned to her, so she made a break for it. Unfortunately, the police soon started chasing her and caught her, but she managed to get away once again.

On the Fancy Face II, Gina, pretending to be Hope, told Kurt, via the phone, that she couldn't explain what she was doing; he should just keep Hope prisoner. When she asked about Hope, Kurt said not to worry about her. After hanging up, Gina admired the work her doctor had done.

The phone rang, and the answering machine clicked on. Gina was shocked to hear Hope asking Bo to pick up the phone. Hope said she was at a country airport near the castle and needed his help. She said she'd try again later and hung up. Gina called Kurt and blasted him for lying to her about Hope. She told him where Hope was and said to go get her immediately.

Austin was taken in for surgery. Lexie wanted to assist, and Craig agreed, but only because no other surgeons were on call. Billie and Kate showed up, as did Sami and Carrie. Marlena went to see Sami and Carrie and told them to stop fighting. Marlena insisted there would be no bickering, blaming, accusations, and pettiness there that night.

Belle told Philip that she was sorry about his brother and that Brandon had to be feeling awful. Philip couldn't believe she was thinking about Brandon. Nicole showed up, and Belle asked where Brandon was. She was very worried about him. Sami heard that and asked how Belle could be concerned about "that animal." Marlena again informed Sami that there would be no bickering. Marlena left, and Belle said she didn't understand what had happened; Brandon was such a nice guy. Philip told Belle that Brandon had tried to kill his brother.

Meanwhile, in the OR, Lexie and Craig were scrubbing in, and Marlena showed up in scrubs as well. A man gave them the x-rays of Austin's head. He had a sub-dural hematoma and could die if they didn't repair it in time. Marlena went out to tell everyone that Austin had to be taken to surgery, and it was too soon to tell what Austin's prognosis was.

Sami realized that her mom was saying there was a chance that Austin could die. Sami then gave her sister a hateful glare. Billie got everyone some coffee, and Kate yanked her aside and asked to put their differences aside to concentrate on their love for Austin. Billie told her mom that she had never loved any of her children -- she controlled them. Billie thanked God that at least she and Austin had each other.

Lexie and Craig began the operation. Meanwhile, Austin found himself in an empty white courtroom, wondering where he was. Mickey showed up in a white robe and told him that they should be able to win the case. A judge, also in white, showed up, and all of Austin's friends and family showed up too. Austin wondered what was going on. The judge told Austin that he was there to judge whether Austin had the right to go on living.

Austin didn't understand how the judge could hold a trial to decide the worth of any man's life. The judge looked at some papers and said that Austin had made his share of mistakes. Austin said he had, but he knew his life wasn't worthless. The judge said he'd be the judge of that. Suddenly, the prosecutor showed up. It was Austin's dad, Curtis. Austin said no; he'd "rather have Satan himself." Curtis said he and Satan were almost like father and son, so he was just as good.

The judge ordered Austin to sit down, and Curtis called the first witness, "Billie baby." Billie took the stand, and Curtis asked her to give the court one good reason they should let her screw-up of a brother live. Billie said he was a good man, but Curtis told her that she and Austin were a couple of losers. Austin yelled at Curtis to leave Billie alone. Mickey had to restrain Austin to keep him from attacking his father. Austin told his dad to leave them alone, but Curtis said that someone had to be around to tell him how worthless they were.

Austin said he and Billie were doing fine and had people who loved them. Curtis said they should hear about "all this lovin'" and called Lucas Roberts to "come on down." Lucas said that Austin was just like Curtis, and he reminded their mom of all the years she'd spent with Curtis. Lucas told Curtis that Curtis had put his mom through hell. He said he and his brother Philip had been born out of love, but Austin and Billie had been born out of evil. They were worthless and inferior.

Lucas told Austin that he had nothing but a drug addict slut of a sister. He told both Austin and Billie to rot in hell with their father. Lucas stepped down, and Mickey said that Austin was a man of morals and family values. He'd helped his sister get clean and turn her life around. Mickey said Austin had also helped Sami turn around and was a tremendous influence in Will's life.

Mickey told the court that Austin deserved to live and rested his case. The judge left to consider his verdict. Austin couldn't believe that was all Mickey had to say. He asked about the other witnesses. Mickey thought Curtis would tear them to shreds. The judge returned and said he was ready to rule.

In the OR, another surgeon showed up, and Craig ordered him to take over for Lexie, who was kicked out of the room. Out in the waiting room, Belle and Nicole wondered where Brandon could be. Lexie showed up to tell them all that the surgery was still going on. All they could do was wait. Belle was tired and said she was going to take a cab home. Belle and Marlena said goodnight, and Marlena said she'd call when she had news.

Billie asked Lucas why he was there. She said he was probably glad it had happened. Lucas asked Billie if she really thought he wanted Austin to die. Back in the OR, the doctors hit a bleeder. The other doctor exclaimed, "There is hardly a pulse. We are losing him!"

Belle went down to the docks and thought she saw Brandon, but it was only Shawn D. She asked him what he was doing there all alone. Shawn said he'd felt like going for a ride. She saw his motorcycle and told him to have a nice ride. Shawn didn't want her walking the streets alone, especially to look for Brandon. Belle asked him if he was going to stop her. Shawn said he was; he was going to take her home. Belle told him that she didn't want his help, so he should just go home. She saw a seedy-looking guy smoking near her and eyeing her, so she agreed to let Shawn give her a ride home, but only to get him off her back.

Bo returned to the boat to see "Hope." He saw they had a message and decided to play it. "Hope" told him it was a telemarketer, so he didn't need to bother. Bo noticed how dressed up she was and asked her where she wanted to go that late at night.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

Rolf was telling Stefano about the risks of using the satellite to erase Hope's memories of her life as Gina. Stefano, who was still bandaged, told Rolf that he had no sympathy for Gina; she'd put him away if she had the chance. Rolf said he was glad Gina was no longer with them. In order to make the satellite work, he'd had to make the signal incredibly strong. He said if Gina were alive, she would feel the aftershock. Stefano asked Rolf if the satellite was ready. Rolf said it was, so Stefano told him to begin. The satellite on Rolf's computer began to transform in order to shoot a beam. Rolf told Stefano that he'd never sent such a powerful signal.

Gina told Bo that she wanted to move out of the boat so Shawn could live there and feel secure. Bo asked her where she would live. Gina told him that she'd stay at the Salem Inn. Bo said that was not what he'd had in mind. Gina told him it wouldn't be long and to trust her instincts. She said their son needed to know there was nothing they wouldn't sacrifice for him. Bo realized she had made up her mind, so he said he'd take her over there.

Bo went up to get his bike but found that it had been stolen. Bo told Gina that he had to go to the station and fill out a report. Gina told him she would be fine, so he didn't have to worry about her. Once he left, Gina was glad to be rid of him and his horrid offspring. She pulled out her phone and called Kurt, who was roaming through the woods, trying to find Hope. Kurt reported that he hadn't found her yet, and she had gotten away. Gina told Kurt that he had to find Hope, no matter what it took. In France, Hope was running from the French authorities and their dogs through the woods. She hid from them, but they told her she could not escape. Unfortunately, Kurt managed to nab Hope.

Gina was checking into her room at the Salem Inn when her phone rang. She answered it not with "Hello," but with "Speak!" It was Kurt calling; he told her that he had found Hope. Gina was pleased and told him not to let Hope get away again. Kurt looked at Hope, who was bound and gagged, and said he was taking her back to the castle. Gina told Kurt that Hope was not allowed to return to Salem -- ever. Kurt told Gina not to worry; Hope wouldn't escape again.

As Gina was hanging up, Lili saw Gina and ran into her arms. Gina had not expected to see Lili. Gina asked what Lili was doing in that boring corner of the world. Lili said that she had invited her there the previous Christmas. She said it would be "so much fun" having their rooms across from one another. They could pop back and forth just like old times. Lili asked if she could still call her Gina. Gina said of course she could. Gina told Lili goodnight and entered her room.

Hope broke out of her bonds and kneed Kurt where it counted. She ran away from him and ended up falling into the water. Suddenly, a bright light enveloped her. Hope tried to swim away from it, but it was too strong. As she floated on her back, a blue beam hit her in the chest. In Salem, Gina began to stumble around her room as the beam from the satellite was shooting across the earth. Lili entered with tea and saw Gina stumbling around the room. Gina blurted out, "The transformation is happening!"

Nicole found Brandon on the docks. She told him about Austin and his condition. She asked Brandon how he could let the same thing happen again. She blamed herself for letting him see the letter from their dad. Brandon turned away from Nicole, who asked him to talk to her. Brandon said he didn't want to talk.

Nicole told Brandon that might be why it happened, because he wouldn't open up to anyone. She said she'd tried to warn him about it, and he'd sworn that it would be different that time. She asked how he could make the same mistake. Brandon told her to shut up and "get the hell away from" him. He didn't need her to tell him that he'd almost killed a man. Nicole promptly left after being sworn at.

In the OR, one of the doctors told Craig that they were losing Austin. Craig managed to fix the problem and saved Austin. Craig asked the other doctor to close Austin up so Craig could go talk to Austin's family. Out in the waiting room, Abe showed up and talked to Lexie, who was down because Craig had thrown her out of the OR. Lexie told Abe what was going on with Austin in the OR. Abe asked if she had seen Brandon. Lexie said no; nobody had.

Abe told Lexie that he couldn't arrest Brandon because of the match, but after the fight, Brandon had assaulted him, which Abe could take action on. Craig showed up to give everyone news about Austin. He had made it through surgery. However, Craig said they couldn't be sure if any brain damage had occurred, so the next few hours were critical. Craig said that Austin's bleeding had been more extensive then they'd thought, so they couldn't determine what his prognosis would be until he woke up.

Kate asked to see her son, and Craig said absolutely, but only immediate family members would be allowed to see him. Lexie asked Abe how arresting Brandon would help anything. Abe thought that Brandon had a history of doing that sort of thing, but Lexie said she had watched him in the fight and it had seemed almost like he had been in a trance. Abe said that was all the more reason to put out a warrant for his arrest -- that and the fact that he had run off.

Nicole showed up and told Lucas that she had run into Brandon at the docks, and she feared he would do something stupid. Lexie overheard Nicole and left. Sami and Carrie were still bickering, and Marlena told them to stop it. When Carrie wanted to ask Craig to see Austin, Sami told her not to even think about it. Sami didn't want Austin to be reminded of betrayal and divorce and felt Carrie was being selfish if she wanted to go see him. Marlena told Sami to stop it. Carrie said she was going in to see him; if Sami wanted to see him, then she could wait.

In Austin's dream world, the judge decided that Austin deserved to live. Curtis yelled that the ruling was not fair because he hadn't gotten a second chance. The judge said Austin would live, and he needed to choose between Carrie and Sami as to which one he would find happiness with. In reality, Austin was taken to a room to recover in, and Kate showed up to see him. She said that she was always promising to make a new start between them, but it never seemed to happen. She knew he and Billie thought she didn't love them as much as she did Lucas and Philip, but it was not true. Kate said that it was just easier being a mother to them because she hadn't let them down the way she had let Austin and Billie down.

Kate said that Curtis was their father because she had been foolish enough to give herself to a wicked and evil man. She knew she couldn't make up for what had been done to Austin, but if he woke up, she'd spend the rest of her life trying to make it up to him. Back in Austin's dream world, Kate was called to the stand to decide who Austin belonged with. She stated that he should be with Carrie, not with Sami. Curtis told Kate that it was good he had taken Austin and Billie from her because she would have ruined their lives.

Curtis said that Austin had a messed up dad and a flop of a mom, so either way, Austin lost. After Kate left the real room, Billie went in to see Austin. She told Austin that she was glad he hadn't checked out because he was all she had left. She told Austin that he was her angel, and she needed him to return to her.

Billie left the room, and Carrie entered. Carrie told Austin that she might not deserve to be there, but she had to tell him something. In his dream world, Carrie took the stand and said the divorce hadn't been Austin's fault -- it had been hers. She said she had broken their wedding vows, and she regretted hurting him. She said she didn't want to see anyone else hurt him like she had.

Curtis laughed and said that Sami could never hurt him as much as Carrie had. Carrie said that Sami had tried to keep them apart. Carrie told Austin she wanted a second chance, and if he could forgive her, they might be able to have a future together. The judge asked Austin what he thought. Austin asked to hear from Sami first. Back in the real world, Carrie told Austin that he needed to wake up soon; that way he'd be okay. As she was leaving, Carrie said maybe he'd give her another chance to make him happy.

Out in the hall, Sami asked Carrie, who had left Austin's room, if she'd thought Austin would open his eyes and forgive her. Sami said that Austin would never take her back. As Sami was about to limp into Austin's room, Kate stopped her and told her not to dare go in to see Austin. Sami said that Kate couldn't stop her. She and Austin had a strong connection, and she could reach him. He needed to know that there were people who loved him for who he was.

Sami told Kate that she had almost lost her life on death row because of Kate, and it was Austin's love that had gotten her to return, so nobody would stop her from seeing Austin. Kate backed away, and Sami went in to see Austin. Kate told Carrie that she didn't want Sami to see Austin, but Carrie said Sami didn't care who got hurt as long as she got what she wanted. Marlena told Kate that she had been afraid she would lose Sami when the helicopter had crashed. She said that Austin wasn't alone either -- someone was watching over him.

Back in Austin's room, Sami told Austin how happy Will was to have Austin in his life, and she was counting on him to show Will how to be a good man. She then told Austin that because of him, she was a much better person, but she still had a long way to go and needed his help. She told him to get well for her and Will because they were a family, and she loved him.

Back in Austin's dream world, Sami took the stand, and everyone said that Sami was bad news. Sami told Curtis that she would not let him or anyone else take Austin's second chance away from him. Sami said that the Austin she loved was not a part of Curtis, which made him laugh. Suddenly, Satan called Curtis back to hell, even though he didn't want to leave. The judge said he'd heard enough and told Austin to make up his mind about who he wanted to be with. Austin opened his mouth, but the judge said not to tell him. He told Austin it was a dream, and he should wake up and tell her, whoever she was.

Sami left and went back out into the hall. She said she'd tried to tell Austin to return to them, but she feared he might never wake up. Marlena held Sami and tried to comfort her. Back in his room, Austin stirred awake. Craig was with him, and he asked if Austin could hear him. Bo showed up to Marlena and asked her how things were going. Marlena admitted that she was relieved that Gina was gone, and she guessed that Shawn D was happy to have his mom back. Bo didn't agree. He and Shawn had gotten into it earlier that night. Bo saw Abe and told him he just been at the station; his motorcycle had been stolen.

Lexie found Brandon on the docks. She told him that Austin had made it through surgery, but they didn't know about brain damage. She asked him what had happened that night; he had looked like he'd been in a trance. Lexie wanted to be there for him, and she asked what had been driving him in the ring Brandon told Lexie that he had been punching Austin, but he had been seeing someone else. Brandon said he didn't want to talk about it and to just forget him, but Lexie said she couldn't. Lexie said Abe was upset because he had assaulted him; he was checking into Brandon's background and might press charges. Brandon asked Lexie if she had gone there to turn him in to her husband.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Sami told her mom that she'd thought she could get Austin back. Marlena told her that she had done all she could, but Sami said it wasn't enough. In his room, Austin began to stir awake. He asked Craig, "Where..." Craig told Austin that he was in University Hospital. Austin said, "" Craig asked who Austin needed to see. Austin said, "She left, and I want her back."

Craig went out to the waiting room and told everyone that Austin had regained consciousness, and he was talking, which was good. Craig said that Austin was insisting on seeing someone, Carrie. Craig said she could see him, but only for a few minutes. Carrie left, and Marlena told Craig that it was odd that Austin had asked to see Carrie. Craig said he just had assumed Austin had been asking for his ex-wife.

Sami was devastated and asked her mom why Austin had asked for Carrie. Marlena said that Austin might be disoriented, and he was reaching to Carrie for comfort. Sami said that Carrie would only hurt him. Suddenly, Marlena received a call from Belle. Belle said she was at the police station and needed Marlena to go there and pick her up. Marlena was conflicted as to which daughter needed her more. When Sami asked for some time alone, Marlena told Belle she would go pick her up.

Carrie went in to see Austin and talked to him. She felt like all she had given him was pain and hurt, while he had given up so much for her. She told Austin that she wanted a chance to make it up to him and asked if he would give her that chance. Austin said, "Where is she?" Carrie said she was right there. Austin told her, "No, I want her. I want Sami!"

Nicholas talked to Kate, who had been thinking about what Billie had said to her. She thought that Billie was right -- she didn't know how to be a good mother. Nicholas told Kate that she was wrong. She was a warm and loving person. He said, "If I can do anything for your family --" Kate cut him off and said she knew -- he was there.

Shawn and Belle had been taken into the police station because Shawn was under suspicion of stealing Bo's bike. Shawn told the officer that he hadn't stolen it and that he was tight with Abe Carver, who wouldn't be happy about the situation. Shawn said if the officer let him go, he'd forget about it. Bo showed up and told his son, "No dice!"

Bo, Shawn, Belle, and the officer went into Abe's office. Bo looked over the report, which indicated that Shawn had been doing 70 in a 35 mph zone. The cop said that when he'd pulled Shawn over, he'd realized the bike had been stolen, so he'd taken Shawn and his girlfriend in. Belle was insulted and pointed out that she was not Shawn's girlfriend, and she hadn't known the bike had been stolen. Shawn said he hadn't stolen it; he had borrowed it. Shawn told Bo that he'd just needed some down time after their fight. Bo said that everyone went through problems.

Shawn thought that another lecture was imminent. Shawn told his dad that Bo had to stop handing out lectures. Bo said all he was trying to do was talk to him, but Shawn wouldn't give anyone a chance. Shawn said that was a crock and turned around. Bo grabbed him, spun him around, and told Shawn not to turn his back on Bo. Bo said that Shawn had broken the law, so he had to pay. When Shawn asked how, Bo told Abe to put Shawn in jail because he might not be posting bail.

Shawn couldn't believe Bo was going to lock him up. Bo told Shawn that ever since he had returned from school, he'd been treating his family like they were a bunch of idiots and constantly spouting "life sucks." He said it was bad enough that Shawn had gone for a joyride, but he could have hurt Belle. Shawn started talking about how Bo and Hope were allowed to do dangerous stuff all the time. Abe had to leave to go to the hospital to check up on Austin and look for Brandon.

Bo left the room, and Belle told Shawn that his dad wouldn't put him in jail, but he deserved it for what he had done that night. The two started arguing, and Marlena showed up. Belle asked to be taken home, but Marlena wanted her to explain herself first. Shawn couldn't wait to hear "perfect girl's" story. Belle explained what had happened. Marlena couldn't believe Belle had gotten on the motorcycle. Belle said Shawn had told her to get on, but Marlena said she could have said no. Belle knew that and said she deserved to be punished. Marlena said that she would be.

Bo called Hope, who refused to go to the station. Because Hope wouldn't go to the station, Bo called Alice. Alice went into the station. She scolded Shawn-Douglas for being out of line and said that it had to stop. Alice and Bo talked in private. Alice didn't understand why Hope wouldn't go there. Bo said that Hope was blaming herself for the situation, and she feared she would make things worse.

Alice realized there was something Bo was not telling her. Bo said that Hope had decided not to live with them because she believed it was better for Shawn D. Bo admitted that he was concerned about Hope, who was acting very strange. Alice asked if she still thought she was Gina. Bo said no -- Hope was Hope, but he didn't want her to think he didn't trust her.

Alice told Bo that the only way he and Hope could get past it was if Hope went down to the station then moved back home. Shawn interrupted and asked if they could go home. Bo said that he was interrupting them. Shawn told Alice that he hoped she could talk some sense into his father, but Alice said Bo was Shawn's father, he was in charge, and she wouldn't tell him how to deal with his son.

Shawn asked his "daddy" if they could please go home, he "crosses his heart" and said that he would "be good." Bo handed one of the officers "this kid's" paperwork and said to book him. Alice looked at Bo with disbelief. The officer took Shawn away, and Belle couldn't believe it was happening.

Lexie asked Brandon to turn himself in. Brandon refused to give "that bastard" the satisfaction. Brandon told her to go because it wasn't a big deal. Lexie told him that he was in trouble, and Abe might be able to help him. Brandon said he didn't want Abe's help but eventually agreed to talk to him to get her off his back. He said he needed to go home and clean himself up first. Lexie left, and Brandon damned his father.

Abe showed up at the hospital and waited for Lexie to return. When she showed up, he asked where she had been. Lexie said they needed to talk about Brandon -- Abe couldn't arrest him. Abe said he couldn't forget that Brandon had assaulted him and hurt Austin in the ring. Lexie told him to just talk to Brandon first, but Abe asked why he should talk to "that son of a... that young man."

Lexie said if Abe talked to Brandon, then he would understand what had happened. Abe realized she had gone to see Brandon and purposely hadn't told him about it. Lexie said she had wanted to talk to Brandon first, and that was why she hadn't told him. Abe asked Lexie where Brandon was. Lexie asked if Abe still planned on arresting him. Abe told her that she didn't need to know what he planned on doing and that she should stay out of it. Lexie refused.

Sami went back to the mansion and looked at the boxing ring she had set up for Austin in the garage so he could train. She said that people wrote songs, poems, and plays about people who changed others' lives. She said she had fallen in love with Austin the first day she'd met him, and she'd never stopped loving him. She said that she believed Austin loved her, too. He just wasn't ready to see it or say it. She'd thought there would be a time when he would see it, and it was that belief that had kept her going. She went on to say that if he'd died, she would have died with him.

Sami said that when Austin had woken up and asked for Carrie, it had finally hit her: he didn't love her, and he never would. Sami broke down in tears, and Brandon, who had heard everything, showed up behind her. Sami told Brandon to "get the hell out of here" because she didn't want to see him. She asked how he could do something so horrible. She began banging on his chest, screaming, "tell me how you could do that!" Brandon told Sami that he knew what he had done was wrong. Sami told him that she could have lost Austin but then said she had lost him. Sami broke down once again, but did it in Brandon's arms.

Lili saw Gina stumbling around the room and holding her head. Lili asked "Hope" what was happening to her. Gina ended up collapsing into Lili's arms. Gina awoke and asked why Lili kept calling her Hope, -- she was Gina. Gina answered her phone. It was Bo calling to tell her about Shawn being arrested. He said that he needed her help with their son and asked her to go to the station. Gina told him that she couldn't; it wouldn't be a very good idea because Shawn was upset because of her.

Bo didn't care what Shawn thought; Shawn needed both his parents. Gina told him that she didn't have the strength to deal with that, and he should handle it. She then hung up on him. Lili was confused and asked "Hope" who she was. Gina said she was "Hope," of course, but Lili knew better. Lili knew that she was the real Gina. When Lili wanted to share with the world the news that Gina was alive, Gina told her that nobody could know.

Lili told Gina that there was no need to be harsh. Gina apologized for snapping at Lili and said she'd been a little paranoid lately. She didn't know who to trust. Lili said that Gina should never doubt her loyalty. She also said it was not fair that everyone but her grew older. Gina said she should give her the name of her doctor, but Lili already knew who it was. She said Gina's looks didn't matter; it was her inner beauty that people loved.

Lili asked Gina why she was pretending to be Hope and asked where the real Hope was. Gina said she didn't care where that monster was. She says that they'd met in France and that Hope had locked her up so she could pretend to be her. Gina said she'd managed to escape, and Hope had vanished. Gina said that Hope's family had no idea what a wretched and cruel woman Hope was. She said that it was only fair that she pretended to be Hope for a while.

Gina said that she did intend to tell everyone the truth, but she needed to spend time amongst them and prepare them. She also said she would spend time with Greta, and she'd tell her the truth when she was ready. Lili thought Gina had "such a good heart" for helping everyone else first.

Hope was floating on her back in the water and was being struck in the chest by a blue laser beam. Kurt, who had recovered, screamed out Hope's name. As she floated in the blue-lighted water, all the memories that belonged to Princess Gina began floating out of her body, so to speak. A Frenchman eventually rescued her. Kurt saw the man pull Hope into his boat, so he swam after them.

The man took Hope home, and he and his wife cared for her. As the man was about to call the police, Kurt burst in the door and limped to Hope's side. The man and woman asked who Kurt was, so he said that he was Hope's husband. He thanked them but said he would take it from there.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

Sami lashed out at Brandon. He then said he was leaving town. She told him that he needed to face up to what he had done and apologize to Austin. He said that he couldn't because Austin wouldn't want to hear it. He pointed out that Sami had no room to talk because if Carrie apologized to her for all their problems, Sami wouldn't hear it. She said it was not about her and Carrie.

At the hospital, Carrie asked Austin what he'd said, and he said, "I want Sami." She asked him why, after all that she had said to him. She told him that she wanted to help him and nurse him back to health. She asked him if he wanted her to, and he said, "No." Carrie then left and went to ask Craig why he'd told her that Austin wanted her. He said, "Because he said, 'She left, and I want her back.'" She then told him that Austin had been referring to Sami, not her. She left the hospital to find Sami.

Meanwhile, Lexie still refused to reveal Brandon's whereabouts to Abe. She tried to explain to him the state of mind that Brandon was in, but Abe did not care. He said that Brandon was dangerous and needed help. He told Lexie that when he found Brandon, he was going to arrest him. She again refused to tell Abe where Brandon was. Abe left. As Lexie was getting ready for bed, she got dizzy and wondered why. Abe returned with Brandon's record. He says that Brandon had done the same thing before and had put a guy in a coma. He insisted that something had to be done about Brandon. Lexie was angered that Abe wouldn't give Brandon a chance. They went to bed.

Meanwhile, Carrie found Sami with Brandon. She asked Brandon how he could do that to Austin. Brandon apologized it for it then left. Sami said that Carrie was just there to gloat. Carrie told her it was about Austin, Sami got even angrier and said it was Carrie's fault that she had lost Austin. She said that the only thing Carrie had ever done to Austin was cause him pain and hurt. Sami said that she hated Carrie.

Back at the hospital, Brandon decided to go see Austin, who asked Brandon why he was there. He explained to Austin what had happened and said that he'd thought he could control himself, but he had seen his life in the ring, not Austin. He said that he knew he couldn't make Austin understand. Craig saw Brandon in the room. He called Abe and told him. Abe left, telling Lexie it was just "police business." Lexie began to wonder if she was pregnant.

Carrie got very angry with Sami. She started to leave, and Sami stopped her, wanting to know what Carrie had wanted to tell her. Before Carrie could answer, Sami accused her of wanting to gloat. Carrie said that was why she had gone there. Carrie then left.

John arrived at the police station, where Marlena and Belle were. Belle apologized to him and said that she wanted to talk to Shawn. John said that he did also. Across the ocean, Kurt told the fisherman and his wife that he needed to take Hope home. She woke up just then and asked, "Where am I?"

Back in Salem, Lili wondered out loud to Gina if there would ever be a right time to tell the family about Hope. With all that aside, Lili was just overjoyed to have Gina back. Gina declined the offer of an outing with Lili to avoid raising suspicion. She told Lili that no one could know who she really was. After a lecture from Lili about smoking, Gina promised that she would quit.

Alice called "Hope" and demanded to know why "Hope" was acting that way. "Hope" said that things were just too tense. Alice insisted that "Hope" go down to the station with Bo and Shawn and that she move back home right away. "Hope" decided to go when she found out that Marlena was there. She told Lili that it was time she met her. At the police station, Belle went to see Shawn, who was angry because they'd locked him up. He said the only reason she was there was because she felt bad for him. She said that was not the reason. He went on to say how badly each of their parents had messed up their lives.

John walked in, and Shawn said, "There he is now, one of them who helped screw your life up." John told Shawn to knock it off and to quit the bad guy act. He asked Belle if she was ready to go. She asked to stay for a few more minutes. John agreed then left her to talk with Shawn. Shawn asked her why she wanted to stay.

In another room, where Bo was, "Hope" walked in. She told Bo to let Shawn go. He finally agreed and told her to write out her statement against Stefano. She said she couldn't because all her memories were fading. Bo thought Stefano was behind it. He told her to try to remember. She said she couldn't. Just then, John walked in. Bo told John that "Hope" was losing all of her memories. Bo left, leaving John and "Hope" alone.

"Hope" told John that she knew she was the last person he wanted to see. She turned to leave, but he stopped her. He told her that he knew how she felt and that he wanted her to rebuild her life with the ones she loved. She said that she wanted that more than anything. Just then, Marlena walked in. John put his arm around her and said that was what he had done.

Belle told Shawn that she knew a lot of bad things had happened, but he couldn't dwell on them and be angry all the time. He said he wasn't. She left to find her parents. She walked in where John, Marlena, and "Hope" were. She was overjoyed to see her aunt "Hope." "Hope's" face showed confusion until Belle called John and Marlena "Mom and Dad." She then asked to be excused.

Belle apologized for what she had done. Marlena said that she had already received enough punishment for it. She felt that Belle had learned her lesson. An angry "Hope" went to the ladies' room and became very distraught. Just as "Hope" started to kick and throw things, Marlena walked in.

Back in Europe, Hope was very confused. She asked Kurt who he was, and he was very surprised. She was then informed that he was her husband and that they had a daughter together. She was still confused and was not sure if she trusted Kurt. The fisherman and his wife offered for them to stay until she was well. They both took them up on that offer.

Bo let Shawn out and told him to thank his mother for it. Shawn said, "Yeah, well, thanks to both of you for nothing."

Friday, November 5, 1999

Discovering that it was his son who had been caught with his motorcycle, Bo confronted Shawn, who again blamed his parents. Bo discounted Shawn's claim and announced that he was going to jail for stealing. Marlena arrived and became upset when she found out that Belle had been involved with the stolen bike. Bo called Hope to go to the station, but she claimed she couldn't go right then.

As the transformation continued, Hope lost consciousness in the river, and a fisherman eventually pulled her to safety. Meanwhile, Lili watched as Princess Gina magically got her entire life back.

Lexie tried to convince Brandon to turn himself in, but he refused and claimed that he didn't want to give Abe the satisfaction of seeing him behind bars. Lexie was shocked to hear the anger Brandon held against Abe and asked him where it was from. Lexie then found Abe and urged him not to press charges against Brandon. Brandon faced Sami's wrath when he returned to the gym.

Austin awoke after his surgery and told Craig that he wanted to see "her." Unsure of who he wanted, Craig told the family that Austin was awake and asking for Carrie. Sami was hurt by the news while Carrie was thrilled and rushed in to see him. Austin rocked her by admitting that he wanted to see Sami.

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