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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of November 22, 1999 on DAYS
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Monday, November 22, 1999

Stefano, Rolf, and Bart arrive home at the DiMera, and Stefano orders Bart to get him a mirror. Rolf asks Stefano not to do this to himself, his face will heal in time and with rest. Stefano says he has too much to do, he can't rest! Bart turns down the lights before handing Stefano the mirror. When Stefano asks "did I tell you to turn down the lights?" Bart tells him no, but he'll thank him for it. Stefano looks at his face, which is really red and blistered. Stefano decides not to focus on his face and focus on "Hope" instead. He thinks something could have gone wrong with "Hope's" transformation, and if that is the case, he has to make sure to destroy her before she destroys him.

At the Salem Inn, Gina shows up to visit with Lily. Gina tells Lily that she has something of the utmost important to discuss with her. Gina tells her that from now on there is no Princess Gina, the Princess is dead! Gina tells Lily that from now on she will be Hope Williams Brady. She says that she's killed the scheming Gina inside of her which was constantly babbling lunacy. Gina thinks that Hope's identity is a much happier one, and after all Hope did the same to her. Lily tells Gina that one just can't stop being who they are. Gina asks why not, Hope did? Lily says Hope was forced to do it by Stefano. Gina says she will use willpower to force herself, there is nothing left for Princess GIna. Lily asks "What about John, is he not the great love of your life?" Gina says of course he is, but she is not the great love of his life. She realizes that Marlena is the love of John's life, a life he chose over his old life. Gina tells Lily that she's realized she can have a happy life, even without John. When Lily tells her that it won't really be her life, Gina tells her that she will make it her life! Lily doesn't like the sound of this at all. Gina tells Lily that she finally has a chance at love, and she doesn't want to pass it up. She also says that Greta is part of her plan, she is family. Lily tells Gina that she wants her to be happy, but Bo loves Hope, not her. Gina says she knows that, but as of this moment she is Hope. Gina tells Lily that she has suffered so much, so she deserves to be loved. Lily asks Gina if she will lie to her daughter about who she is? Gina tells her that Greta needs love and nurturing, and the truth would be far to damaging for her right now.

Lily asks Gina if she really thinks she can fool her own daughter? Gina says she has no choice for now, but when the time is right, she will tell her the truth. She then makes Lily swear not to give her secret away to Greta. She also makes Lily promise to call her Hope from now on. Gina has to go, and after she leaves Lily receives one of her European newspapers. There is a knock at her door, and when she answers it she finds Stefano standing there. She is startled by his appearance and drops her paper. She asks him what . . . . Stefano asks if she is scared to see him, or horrified at the site of his face? She says a little of both. She asks him what he's doing here? Stefano says he's looking for her friend Hope, or should he say Princess Gina? He tells her that he knocked on her door, but nobody answered, so he thought she might be here. Lily tells Stefano that she's not here, and that Hope's days as Princess GIna are over. Stefano asks why she's living here then? Lily says that she has a lot of things to sort out thanks to what he put her through. She says she doesn't want to answer anymore of his questions and asks him to leave. He does, but tells her to pass on a message to Hope, he's back in town and is here to stay. Lily finally looks at the paper and learns that Princess Gina is wanted for questioning for the theft of a Renet painting. She is devastated by the news.

Stefano goes back home and tells Rolf about his visit with Lily. Stefano if more convinced than ever that something went wrong with the transformation.

Bo asks Shawn to go get him some polish and new rags as an excuse for him and Abe to have a minute alone. Abe gives Bo some papers and tells him that the ISA have implicated Gina in the theft of the Harriman's Renet. Bo knows all about it and shows him the European newspaper with the story. Bo says that "Hope" told him she couldn't steal the painting, even though he wanted her to, so either she lied to him or Stefano stole it. Bo tells Abe that he doesn't want the ISA pressuring "Hope" right now, so he's going to call Shane for a favor. Abe has to leave, and Shawn and Bo continue working on the boat. Bo asks Shawn if he's looking forward to the school dance? Shawn says he doesn't know he's not much of a dancer. Bo tells him to have his mom teach him how to dance, but Shawn says that they are into rap and hiphop, not the type of dancing the Princess did in Europe.

They end up talking about love and relationships, and Bo says he always knew Hope was the one for him. However, Bo wants to talk about Shawn and his date Mimi. Shawn says that Mimi is just a friend, nothing more. "Hope" shows up and Bo pulls her onboard. She asks her sailor man how he is? Shawn says that he's not five years old anymore. Gina apologizes and says she wishes she could get those lost years back. Shawn asks his mom what is wrong with her? She says that she loves him and hugs him. Shawn gets weirder out by his mom and decides to take off. Bo thanks "Hope" for trying with their son. Gina tells Bo that she wants to make things right, she wants her family back. She tells him that this time they will be together forever. Bo and "Hope" start working on the boat, and Bo realizes that something is different with "Hope." "Hope" tells Bo that she wants to move back onto the boat and live the future they always dreamed of. Bo wants the same and tells her that he'll do whatever it takes to make it happen.

Belle and Mimi are shopping in Salem Place. Philip runs into them and asks if they are ready for the dance? Belle says they are, and Mimi tells Philip that he should see the dress Belle is going to be wearing. Belle doesn't think Philip wants to hear this, but Philip says he wants to hear all about her plans for her mystery date. Belle uses buying some shoes as an excuse to get away from Philip. Mimi tells Belle that she better find Brandon and asks him to the dance today. Belle says she has plenty of time, but Mimi says the dance is tomorrow. Belle calls the hospital and learns Brandon is there, so she takes off when she learns he's there. Meanwhile, Philip continues to make bets about Belle's love life.

Nancy is busy once again yelling at a nurse over a trivial matter. Nancy is called off to answer a call, and Brandon tells Craig that he's impressed by his and his wife's dedication to the hospital. Craig is beeped away, and Lexie tells Brandon that she can't believe he is kissing the Wesley's butts. Brandon tells her that perhaps her problem is that she's not political enough. Lexie says that the only problem she has is his comments to her husband the other day. Brandon says he was joking about telling Abe he was shooting blanks, but Lexie tells him it wasn't funny. Brandon tells Lexie that no matter what he does or says, Abe hates him and there is no way he can win. Lexie lectures Brandon and makes him agree to show respect to her husband in the future and their relationship. Right on cue, Abe shows up. Brandon tries to be nice to him and asks how he is today? Abe tells him "yeah, like you care." Brandon gives Lexie a look and walks off. Abe asks his wife what that look was all about? Lexie tells him that Brandon doesn't think he likes him. Abe asks why should he, he hasn't given him a reason to. Belle shows up looking for Brandon, but can't find him. Lexie tells her to leave him a note. Later, Abe promises Lexie that he'll try to be on his best behavior around Brandon. Brandon walks by and sees Lexie and Abe kissing, and he doesn't look very pleased about it. Brandon checks in at the nurse's station and gets Belle's message. He wonders what Belle wants. Philip happens to show up and tells Brandon that he knows. Philip tells Brandon that he's heard a rumor that he and Belle are dating. Brandon tells him that rumor is not true, he doesn't know where he heard it.

Shawn runs into Belle and asks her who her mystery date it, he's really looking forward to meeting him. Belle tells him that he'll learn soon enough. Belle takes off, and runs into Mimi. She tells Mimi that she couldn't find Brandon, but she still has enough time. Elsewhere, Philip continues to place bets about Belle being dateless for the dance.

Nancy receives yet another upsetting phone call, which leaves her in tears. Craig sees his very upset wife and wonders what is going on. Craig asks Nancy what is wrong, she is white as a ghost? Nancy says she just forgot to eat. Craig is beeped away, but tells her to eat something. After Craig leaves, Nancy wonders what she's going to do. He brings her some food later on and flirts with her in the hallway for a bit. After he leaves, Nancy tells herself that Craig wouldn't think she was the greatest if he knew the truth about her. Nancy writes a phony excuse telling Craig that her daddy is sick and she needs to leave town to take care of him. Nancy gives the note to Brandon to give to Craig, and then she takes off. Brandon gives the note to Craig, and then Brandon asks a nurse to let him know if Belle Black comes back.

Tuesday, November 23, 1999

Nicholas is busy working out at the Titan gym and has attracted a female admirer. Kate walks in and sees Nicholas flirting with Darcy. She walks over and tells Nicholas that if he's through sweating for the day, he has work to do with her. Nicholas tells Kate that she can't run his personal life. Kate says she could care less what he does with his bimbos, but he has a responsibility to Titan. Nicholas tells her that even though this gym is in the Titan building, she can't boss the people in it around. He reminds her that she told him to keep his distance from her, is there a problem? Kate says they still have to work together. Nicholas says he will come up to work when he is ready, until then she should keep her distance from him!

Vivian goes in to see Victor and tells him not to take the sleeping pills the nurse just gave him. She tells Victor that she took his medical records to a reliable physician and she's learned that these nurses are stuffing him with all sorts of pointless medicines to bilk him and other rich people of their money. Victor says that Bryce can't get away with this! Vivian tells him that she already has a plan to take care of him tonight. She says the one problem is her disguise, she has to make sure nobody recognizes her or she's done for. Suddenly, Kate walks into the room! Vivian sneaks out and once she's gone, Kate asks Victor what that smell is? Victor doesn't smell anything, but Kate smells the perfume Vivian always wears. Victor says Vivian recently got back and came buy for a visit. Kate tells Victor that she's here now and wants to spend the night with him. Victor tells her impossible, she has to chaperone Philip's dance tonight. Kate tells him that she doesn't think Philip needs his mom with him tonight. Victor says if that is her attitude then its no wonder their son's morals are out of whack. Kate says it is hard raising a child on her own, she needs him. Victor tells her that she has him, but not here and not tonight. He tells her that she has parental responsibilities to fulfill tonight, she doesn't want to repeat the mistakes she made with Billie and Austin. Kate realizes that Victor doesn't want to spend time with her tonight, so she leaves.

Vivian calls Nicholas and tells him that he has to keep Kate busy tonight, but he tells her no way and hangs up. Vivian goes to Titan and walks into the men's locker-room to find Nicholas, who has just gotten out of the shower. Nicholas tells her that this is a men's locker-room, but Vivian says it is nothing she hasn't seen before. She tells Nicholas to distract Kate tonight, but Nicholas says he can't lie to her anymore, besides Kate doesn't want him anywhere near her. Later, Kate shows up at the gym and orders Nicholas to go out with her.

Vivian returns to the hospital to see Victor. He tells her that she was right about the pills, he feels much better without them.

Lexie jokes with Craig that without Nancy here the staff may go hog wild. She asks him where his wife is? Craig says that his wife had a family emergency. Lexie tells Craig that she's sorry and to let her know if there is anything she can do. Lexie leaves, and Craig tells himself that this is not like his wife. Later, Craig gets a call from Nancy's father. He asks him how he's feeling? Nancy's father says he's not sick. Craig asks to speak to Nancy, but he says she's not here. Craig realizes that his wife has lied to him. Nancy's dad is calling because Nancy has withdrawn twenty-five thousand dollars from her trust fund, and he wants to know why. Craig doesn't have a clue.

Belle is waiting around for Brandon to show up. Mimi tells Belle that the clock is ticking and she still doesn't have a date. Belle tells her that Mimi will say yes, she can't go to the dance alone because she'd be humiliated. Brandon shows up, so Belle decides to make her move. Brandon tells Belle that he got her message and asks what is up? Belle tells him about the dance at school and she wants him to be her date. Brandon tells her that he can't go with her because of their age. He tells her that she'd have a much better time with someone her own age, but Belle doesn't think so. Besides, she tells him it is too late to get another date. Brandon says it wouldn't be appropriate. Belle says she is sorry, but if he changes his mind she'll be at the high school. Lexie has to pull Brandon away from Belle, and Belle tells Mimi the bad news. She asks Mimi "what am I going to do?"

At the penthouse, Marlena asks John if Belle has mentioned her date for the dance to him? John says she hasn't, but doesn't think they have to worry about her date because they'll be chaperoning. Marlena thinks that Belle doesn't have a date, but John says she is the most popular girl in her school, and the guys are probably lining up to take his princess to the dance. Marlena wishes he wouldn't use the nickname princess because it reminds her of Gina. John asks her if Hope is having trouble with therapy? Marlena says that Hope spent a lot of time having a terrible time, and it will take twice as long to get to the truth about what happened, and it is the truth that she's worried about. John asks her what has her so worried? Marlena says that she can't go into detail, but the memories they are retrieving could be a little unsettling. Marlena decides to give "Hope" a call to make sure she's not thinking about dropping out of therapy. "Hope" tells her that she hasn't made another appointment and she's busy with her family right now. John tells her that is a good sign, but he still knows something is bothering her. Marlena thinks that she's losing her professional objectivity because it is bringing up memories of Gina's time with him as her lover, and it is difficult for her.

John tells Marlena that he's so disappointed in her. Marlena asks how? John tells her that it doesn't matter what Hope says to her, Princess Gina was in love with Stefano's creation, not the man he is now. He tells her to have faith in their love. Marlena says she does, but she can't help but feel Princess Gina has some power over their lives. John hugs her and tries to reassure her that he loves her. Belle shows up and when John comments that she's headed upstairs to make herself all beautiful for the dance, Belle turns to him and tells him that she's not going to the dance. Both Marlena and John look at one another, and then talk to their daughter. Belle says she can't show up at the dance when she bragged to everyone that she was going with an older guy. John tells her that she set herself up for this, but Marlena tells John that she and Belle need to have a woman to woman talk with Belle. John leaves, and Marlena knows that Brandon has turned her down.

Belle says she's never been rejected before, and it felt awful. Marlena tells Belle that Brandon did the right thing. Belle asks why she's taking his side? Marlena says that she is underage, but Belle says it is only a school dance. Marlena tells her when they are caught up in the moment, things can get confusing, and Brandon knows that. She tells Belle that she'll get over Brandon because there will be other boys. John returns and gives Belle a hug. He asks her if she's going to go to the dance alone? Belle says she will, but only if they don't come. She says it will be humiliating enough to face her friends, but it would be worse if they had to see it. Marlena says they will do whatever she wants. Mimi comes over, and she and Belle get ready for the dance. Marlena tells John that she hates to see their daughter so unhappy, but John says she will get through it.

Bo and "Hope" go down below on the boat, and Gina says she always forgets how cozy, warm, and masculine the boat is. Bo tells her that it could use a feminine touch, but he's not pressuring her. Bo tells her about the high school dance and suggests that they chaperone it. Gina tells him that she'd love to go to the dance with him. Shawn walks in and says "Princess Gina goes to Salem High? I don't think so!" Bo tells him that is no way to talk to his mother. Shawn doesn't want them to crash his dance. Bo tells him that this isn't about him, it's about his mother having a fun time with them. Gina tells him that his father thought this would have been a good way to bring them closer. Shawn says, "can't wait!" Gina doesn't want to go if Shawn doesn't want her to go, but Bo says he does, and asks Shawn "isn't that right?" Shawn tells them to do what they want, it's not like what he cares matters. Shawn leaves, and Bo assures Gina that Shawn will be happy to see them together tonight because it will make him see that they are serious about getting back together. Gina leaves to find something to wear, and Bo lectures Shawn about his attitude. Shawn says he is trying, but every time he's around his mom he gets weird vibes.

A fax from Abe comes through the machine and it says that the search for Princess Gina is heating up. Bo crumples it up, and Shawn asks him what in the heck he's doing? Bo tells him to forget about him, he'll handle it. Shawn says he can't just ignore this and go out and play. Shawn knows his mom isn't the same anymore. Bo tells him that she needs time to come back to them, but Shawn tells Bo that the re-wiring job changing his mom back got messed up. Bo says he feels the same thing, but she is trying to return to her old life. He says that she's really excited about this dance and to give her some more time. Shawn says he can't, he sees the truth here and what is really going on.

Gina goes to see Lily and tells her that she can't take anymore bad news today. Lily asks if her plan to be Hope is going well? Gina says it is. Lily doesn't want to rain on her parade, but she tells her that Stefano is back in town and is looking for her. Gina says she won't let Stefano ruin one more moment of her life. As Gina tries to decide what to wear, Lily looks at the article in her paper about Gina. Bo shows up to pick up "Hope" for the dance. He's wearing some gray shiny polyester like outfit. Lilly greets him and tells him that "Hope" asked her to help her get ready for the prom. Bo tells her that it's not the prom, it's a mixer. When she sees he has brought a corsage she says "How retro!" Bo tells her that they are still the in thing. "Hope" shows up in her sequin dress and asks Bo what he thinks? He tells her "wow!" Lily wants to take a picture of them, so they pose for her. Lily leaves and tells them to have fun. Bo puts his corsage on her, and they kiss. Bo remembers their first kiss, but unbeknownst to him, Gina doesn't have a clue. Across the hall, the ISA shows up to ask Lily some questions about Gina Von Amberg's whereabouts.

Philip is still placing bets and is positive he will win a ton of money. He starts doubling his bet with certain students. Jason tells Philip that if he looses this bet he is going to be in a big hole tomorrow. Shawn shows up and talks with a friend of Mimi's. She asks Shawn if he's going to bale on Mimi? Shawn says he doesn't know if he can stand being at this stupid dance. The girl tells him that Mimi will freak if she bails on him. Shawn happens to overhear Philip betting everyone that Belle will show up without a date tonight. When Philip asks Shawn if he wants to place a bet, Shawn tells him that what he's doing makes him sick. Philip says he could care less, it's going to make him rich. Mimi's friend asks Shawn if he will show up with Mimi tonight? Shawn says he will be here.

Nancy is busy driving somewhere as she is crying. She tells herself that she just doesn't need this in her life right now and that Craig can't find out. She arrives at a location and produces a briefcase, which is full of money. Nancy meets up with a woman named Kristina Rush, who is going to take care of Nancy's problem.

Wednesday, November 24, 1999

Nancy asks Mrs. Rush if she's going to take care of her problem or not? Mrs. Rush tells her that she wishes she'd hear her out before making a decision. Nancy tells her that she's not interested in what she has to say because what she wants is not going to happen! Nancy tells the woman that she was sent to Europe to study classical music, so everyone thought. When she returned, she was not ready to join the met, but she was ready to pick up her life again. Nancy says she has no regrets, and she doesn't want her life to change. Nancy gives Mrs. Rush her suitcase full of money, 25 thousand for her if she never hears from her again. Elsewhere, we hear a young woman listening to classical music. We don't see her face, but we see a pair of black rimmed glasses sitting next to a radio.

Victor tells Vivian to work on Dr. Bryce while he's in the room. He can pretend to be a medicated zombie. Vivian thinks the idea isn't a bad one, just in case the hidden microphone does not work. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. Victor plays brain dead and Vivian lets Dr. Bryce in. He tells her that she looks irresistible and asks if she is ready to go to town? Vivian says she can't do that because she can't leave Victor's side. She tells him that tonight is special because the planets are in-line, it's part of her holistic treatment. Bryce tells her that he was hoping they could go someplace private like his place, but Vivian says they have privacy here, and locks the door. Vivian produces some liquor, so Bryce pours them a drink. Vivian gets Bryce plastered and then gets him to talk about his success. Bryce tells her that he just zeros in on the rich patients and makes sure they have a long stay by over-medicating them. However, he soon realizes he's made a mistake by telling her his secret, and now he has to pay. He asks Vivian to spank him because he's been a bad boy! Vivian says all right, so he bends over. She swats him, but he wants to be hit harder. He gets off on it, and eventually decides that Vivian needs to be punished as well. He motions to Vivian to bend over his knee.

Kate drags Nicholas up to her office. Nicholas is confused and asks if she did or did not ask him out on a date? Kate says no, she has a dance to chaperone tonight, so she thought she'd take him along to get some work done. Nicholas thinks there is something she is not telling him. He agrees to go, but promises her that he'll get to the bottom of things before the night is over. Nicholas goes to his office to change into a suit and tie, and Kate changes into an old cocktail dress she happens to have hanging in her closet. Kate puts on more than a dress, she does her hair and puts on a whole lot of makeup, as well as perfume. Nicholas is floored when he sees Kate, and is very friendly with his hands as he puts it around her when they walk out of the office.

John and Marlena are waiting for Belle and Mimi to come out of Belle's room. They come down in bathrobes and Marlena can't believe they aren't ready. Belle says all that they have left is to put on their dresses. Marlena tells her daughter to cheer up, but she says there is nothing cheery about going to a dance dateless. When the doorbell rings, Belle hopes it is Brandon. However, it is only Shawn. Marlena and John leave to fix a salad so that Belle, Mimi, and Shawn can be alone. Mimi is confused because she thought they were meeting at the dance? Shawn says that is the plan, he just came to see Belle. Mimi decides to "move on" upstairs and get ready. Belle asks him why he wants to see her, what is he doing here? Shawn says he's curious about her date. Belle tells him that her date and is none of his business. Shawn asks what the big deal is, why isn't she telling anyone? Belle says she decided the guy didn't work, so she's going alone. Shawn warns her not to even show up. Belle thinks that Shawn is afraid that she will hang out with him and Mimi all night. Shawn says yeah, that is it. Belle asks if he has special plans for Mimi, a joy ride, a night at the police station?

Belle warns Shawn that she will watch him like a hawk at the dance to make sure that he doesn't get Mimi in trouble. Shawn tells her that she deserves what she gets, and then he leaves. Mimi and Belle change into their dresses, and Marlena takes pictures of them. Mimi is wearing a black dress with a pink sweater, and Belle is wearing a sleek red dress. After the girls leave, John wants to talk to Marlena about her problems with Hope. John thinks Marlena needs help, and he is the one to help her by using Dr. Evan's professional tools. He tells her that he will give her a session in couples' therapy. They play a little game in which John plays the shrink and Marlena sits on his couch. John's therapy consists of climbing on top of her, kissing her, and asking her how it makes her feel. Marlena tells him that it makes her feel loved. Marlena opens up to John and tells him that she's sorry this Gina thing has become an issue. John tells her that he does not know any Gina Von Amberg. He tells Marlena that in his heart, there is no Gina, only Marlena. Later, Marlena tells John that she wants to go to the dance to just take a peak at how Belle is doing. John agrees, but says he'll blame her if their daughter catches them checking up on her.

The ISA shows up to question Lily about Princess Gina. They ask her to tell them were Princess Gina is. Across the hall, Bo and "Hope" are preparing to leave for the dance, unaware that the ISA are in the hall right outside! Luckily, Lily invites the agents into her suite so they can talk privately. Before stepping out into the hall, Bo and Gina share another kiss. In her suite, Lily asks the agents why they are looking for Princess Gina? They say that a very valuable painting was stolen in Paris and she is a suspect. Lily tells them that she can't really help them, she doesn't know where Gina is or anyone who might be able to help them find her. They thank her and decide to leave. On their way out, one of the agents sees the Polaroid Lily took of Gina and Bo only moments ago. He asks her if the woman in this photo is Princess Gina? Lily tells them no, that woman is Hope Williams, a native of Salem and a former police officer. The agents find her resemblance to Gina amazing. Lily says she befriended Hope because of her resemblance to Gina. When they ask where they can find Hope, she tells them that they can't and to stay away from her! She quickly explains that Hope has been ill lately. She begs them not to bother her right now.

Philip is still placing bets on Belle showing up solo. Philip stands to make or lose two thousand dollars. He then calls a bookie to place two thousand dollars on a game. Mimi and Belle arrive at the dance, but haven't gone in yet. Mimi hasn't seen Shawn and she fears he won't show up. However, he does show up. Belle and Mimi walk into the dance, both without men, and everyone stares at them. Philip, however, has a big smile on his face. Everybody is busy whispering about Belle and laughing at her as she walks through the crowd to the refreshment table. Belle tells Mimi that she's never felt so embarrassed. Shawn, who is sitting in the bleachers, feels bad for Belle. Philip starts collecting his money, but Shawn tells Philip that he hasn't won yet.

Philip tells Shawn that he's already won, big time. Shawn tells him that they'll see about that. Nicholas and Kate show up and Kate asks Philip why he's not dancing? Philip can't believe his mom has shown up and tells her that he wants her gone! Kate wonders what she did to deserve that? Meanwhile, Philip fears that Shawn is going to tell Belle about his bet, and little miss perfect will report him, leading to his suspension. Shawn approaches Belle and says that they need to talk, alone. John and Marlena sneak into the dance to spy on Belle, they see her with Shawn. Shawn asks Belle to be his date. Belle asks what the deal is, he has a date with Mimi? Shawn says that he will have two dates, it's not a crime. Belle calls him a creep for rubbing salt in her wounds and tells him to get lost. Belle grabs Mimi, and the two take off. Meanwhile, Philip takes the microphone and says he has something to say to Belle Black.

Bo and Gina show up at the dance and share a dance. A boy interrupts and tells Bo that some guys are looking for him out in the hall. Bo leaves Gina and goes out into the hall and meets up with the ISA agents. They tell him they want to question "Hope" about her connection to a suspected art thief Princess Gina Von Amberg.

Thursday, November 25, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air.

Friday, November 26, 1999

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, Days of our Lives did not air.

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