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November 29TH
At the school dance Bo promises "Hope" they have a life time together. When they swap partners at the dance, Gina dances with John and remembers their past. Marlena can't stop thinking about her session earlier with "Hope." Shawn dances with Belle. After Shawn and Mimi leave the dance, Belle is left to go home with her parents. Philip worries when the loan shark demands his $4,000. Philip offers to pay him $400 by tomorrow and then steals the money from his mother's bedroom. Outside the school dance Kate and Nicholas are kissing but she assures him that she is committed to Victor. In the hospital Vivian is hurt when Victor explains that while he is grateful for all that she has done, his heart is with Kate. Though he reveals that he kissed Kate earlier, Nicholas keeps Vivian from telling Victor about it. Nancy confides to Mrs. Rush that she had her baby in Europe after her first year of college. Her father forced her to give it up for adoption. She urges Nancy to tell Craig everything but Nancy refuses. Nancy calls Craig and leaves a message that her dad is feeling better. Meanwhile, Craig continues to worry about his wife and why she would lie to him.

November 30TH
Nicole was about to spike her orange juice when Brandon comes in. He accuses her of getting a late start drinking, so she makes him taste it to prove that there is no booze in it. Lucas returns from the fund raiser meeting at Will's preschool and he tells Nicole that he's volunteered her to help with the fund raiser in the spring. Sami shows up and scolds Lucas for schmoozing the fund raising committee into letting him chair the event. She warns Lucas that come spring, he won't even have custody of Will. Lucas tells her that will never happen because she has the credibility of Beavis and Butthead. He says he could kick her out of this house and forbid her from seeing Will, but he won't. However, if she sues for soul custody, he will match every dirty trick of hers with one of his own, and she will lose.

Sami leaves, as does Brandon, and Nicole wishes Lucas wouldn't let Sami put him in such a foul mood. Lucas says that isn't the only reason he is in a bad mood, he heard about her and Eric's photo shoot. Nicole says it was nothing, she was only helping a friend. Lucas thinks it must have been more than just a friend helping a friend because she didn't tell him about it. Nicole tells her husband that if he really wants to know the truth, she'll give him every gory detail. Nicole tells him about Eric's interview and that the people at the job wanted to see sexier photos, so she posed in lingerie for him. She tells him that it got so intense, she stripped down to nothing, and the two of them made love three times! She asks if he needs anymore details? Lucas knows she is lying and wants to know why.

Nicole says it is what he suspects and she hates that he doesn't trust her. She tells him that she married him, not Eric, so he shouldn't be jealous or suspicious of her. She tells Lucas that Eric has moved on with Greta, just like she has moved on with him. Lucas says he has been a jerk and apologizes. Lucas asks to make it up to her somehow. Nicole tells Lucas that she wants him to prove she trusts her and is not jealous of Eric by offering Eric his job back. Lucas isn't so sure and thinks perhaps Eric could go to Paris and work with Billie, and Greta could go with him. Nicole thinks he doesn't trust her, so she storms out of the room screaming that she's going to pack her bags. Lucas runs after her begging her not to.

Brandon finds Sami hanging out in the park dreaming of the day Lucas is no longer part of her life. She tells him that she and Austin will have a new beginning. She tells him that she and Carrie have forgiven one another, and Carrie is happy with Mike and that he's even given her a ring. Brandon asks her where her ring is? Sami says it is to soon for that. Brandon asks her if they have slept together yet? Sami becomes angry and tells him that is none of his business! Brandon gives Sami a little unwanted advice. He tells her that Austin will never marry her as long as they are shacking up, so she should move out if she hopes to have a real relationship with Austin. Sami refuses to move out and give up being close to Will, so Brandon says Austin should move out and court her. Sami asks Brandon why he's being so negative? Brandon says he's only being realistic, and she should to. He tells her that Austin is on the rebound and is getting everything what he wants from her, except sex, but he'll probably be getting that soon to. Sami tells Brandon to get a life and stay out of hers!

Eric and Greta meet in Salem Place and Eric tells Greta that he didn't get the job in New York. Greta doesn't understand, the photo shoot with Nicole was very sexy. Eric begins feeling guilty about the shoot and tells Greta that he has to tell her something about it. However, he chickens out and apologizes for making her feel very uncomfortable during the shoot and he doesn't blame her for leaving. Greta is surprised that he didn't get the job. Eric is too, but he says that there will be other jobs and he plans on passing his work around to some agencies. Greta looks at his work, especially a photo of Nicole, and she is wowed by Nicole's sophistication and worldliness look. Eric tells Greta that people aren't always as they seem, and he tells Greta that what he and Nicole had is over. He gives her a little kiss, which embarrasses her. She tells him that she has to go, but she will see him later.

Lily comes to visit Gina in her room at the Inn. She is blasting some dance music similar to the songs she and Bo danced to last night. Gina says that Bo loves her so much, but Lily says that Bo loves Hope, not her. Lily warns Gina that she is playing a very serious game and could find herself locked up in a federal prison for a very serious crime for a long time. Gina says that this is not a game she is playing, she is taking back the years Stefano stole from her. Lily tells Gina that Bo has loved Hope all his life, he will know she's not Hope, especially once they become intimate. Gina says that she knows Hope as well as she knows herself, and she is most certain that Bo will never know the difference. There is a knock at the door, it is Greta coming to see "Hope." Gina, who was smoking, makes Lily hold her cigarette and pretend she was the one who was smoking. Lily leaves, and Gina asks Greta what has brought her here? Greta tells "Hope" that she needs her help with something. Greta asks her to teach her to be sexy and alluring.

Gina tells her that she is a beautiful young woman, both inside and outside. Greta tells "Hope" that she when she compares herself to her mother she comes up short, and she thinks she'd be a disappointment to her mother. Gina tells her that is not true, her mother loved her very much. Greta says during the last years of her life they didn't communicate very much because of her depressions. Gina tells her to focus on her earlier memories of her mother, like the time she was invited out on her first date. Greta remembers that she was invited to a school dance by Nathan. The two flashback and remember how upset Greta was about going on a date. She didn't think she was enough like her mother, but Gina told her that she should be herself, not an imitation of her. Gina told her that she is as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. Greta tells "Hope" that she's right, her mother was always there for her. Gina tells Greta that her mother loved her with all of her heart, she has no doubt about that. Greta asks "Hope" how she knew about her first official date?

Gina says that all girls share the news of their first date with their mother, so she just assumed. Greta remembers another situation from her past when she had a bad day at school and her mother comforted her. Greta told her mom that the teacher asked everyone what they wanted to be when they grew up, and when she said happy, everyone laughed at her. Gina told her that was a wonderful thing to wish for. She told her daughter that she will be happy when she grows up and will find a man who is right for her.

Gina asks Greta if Eric is the right man for her? Greta says maybe, but she has insecurities about his feelings for Nicole and whether he'll ever get over her. She says that she saw what happened to her mother after she lost John, she never got over him and died of a broken heart. Gina blurts out "that is not true!" She quickly changes the topic and tells her that this talk is upsetting her, and tells Greta to go see Eric and talk to him and make him see that he is the man for her. Greta thanks "Hope" for making her feel better. "Hope" suggests they both go on a shopping spree, and Greta accepts this invitation. Greta has to leave to get a few things, and Gina picks up the phone to make a call.

Eric looks at his photos and wonders how he let Nicole get to him again. Sami runs into Eric and the two exchange hugs. Sami is upset for him when she learns he didn't get the job in Europe. When she says he could always go back to Titan, Eric thinks she is nuts. Sami tells Eric that Nicole has her old job and she'd hire him back in a heartbeat. She tells her brother that she's seen the way she looks at him, and so has Lucas. Eric remembers the photo shoot and says he can't work at Titan again. Sami asks if it is because of Nicole, and asks if he still loves her? Eric says no, of course not, which pleases Sami. She asks Eric if Nicole ever explained why she dumped him for Lucas? Eric says she didn't. Sami tells Eric that this is his chance to find out, and if he goes back to work at Titan she can help him expose Kate and Lucas.

Kurt and Claude return from a fishing trip, and Kurt decides to check on Hope. Once he leaves the room, Claude tells Theresa that Kurt is lying about himself and Hope, he's sure of it. Kurt plans to go to the neighbors to call the police. In her room, Hope wakes up and tells Kurt that her memory is coming back! Kurt asks Hope what she remembers? Hope tells him that she remembers giving birth to a baby boy. Kurt says they had a girl, so she obviously had a dream. Hope says it was very real, and frightening. She says that her husband was in the delivery room with her, and it wasn't him! Hope asks Kurt why he wasn't her husband, and why he wasn't there for the birth of their child? Kurt tells Hope that it was just a dream. Kurt lies down on the bed next to her and tells her that as soon as they return home her memory will return. Kurt and Hope go out and have dinner with Claude and Theresa, and afterwards Kurt suggests that he and his wife head home.

Claude and Theresa ask them to wait until tomorrow to leave, and Hope says she would like to get a good night sleep. Kurt says if that is what she wishes. Kurt leaves to get some firewood, and Hope thanks them for everything and goes off to bed. Kurt returns with some wood and decides to go check on his "wife." He goes into her room to find her in bed. He tells her that she looks so pale and asks if she is okay? Hope says she is tired and needs to rest here a day or two more. Kurt refuses and says that he thinks Claude is causing trouble for them. Kurt then tells her not to worry and to just trust in him, once they arrive home everything will be fine. Suddenly, Gina calls Kurt to see if everything is fine? Kurt says it will be soon, he will be back on the estate tomorrow. Gina asks him where he and Hope are? Kurt says he is fine, and Hope is fine, and hangs up. Hope asks who he was just talking to? Kurt says it was his boss, he was very concerned about the both of them. He tells her to just try to get some sleep. Out in the other room, the police show up, and Claude tells them to follow him. In the bedroom, Hope hears voices in the other room, so she peaks her head out to see who it is.

December 1ST
Bo shows up at the hospital to see Marlena, and they are both shocked to learn that Victor is there. They go into see him, he is with Nicholas. Victor tells them that he was being over-medicated at the nursing home and is expected to make a full recovery! They are both thrilled. Later, Nicholas asks Victor if he's going to call Kate to tell her where he is? He says not yet, the last time they talked they had a fight. He assures Nicholas that when he returns home, things are going to change.

Bo talks with Marlena in her office about Hope. He tells Marlena that he's been getting strange vibes from Hope, the same ones Shawn has been getting. He tells her that he's so afraid that what Stefano did to her has scared her deeper than anyone realized, and he fears he has lost the woman he loved so deeply. Marlena tells Bo that he just needs to give Hope some time, she's sure that the magic will return. He then tells Marlena that something else has been on his mind, he and Hope haven't been intimate for a long time, and he doesn't know how she feels about that. Marlena tells Bo that there is only one way to find out.

Philip asks his mom if she has tried calling dad lately, he isn't answering his phone. Kate says she hasn't. Philip realizes his mom and dad had a fight about him, and tries to milk it. He tells his mom that she should show his dad a lesson by giving him that extra cash. Kate tells Philip no dice, he needs to learn some responsibility. Philip ends up begging for the cash, but she tells him to stop being so dramatic, this isn't a case of life or death! Kate leaves, and Philip is beeped by his bookie. He tells himself "Oh yes it is!" He steals four hundred dollars from his mom's cash stash to pay his bookie, but his bookie tells him he expects the rest within the next 24 hours.

Lucas caves into Nicole's demands and calls Eric. He asks Eric to come over to the mansion so they can talk. Eric thinks it may be about the photo shoot, so he agrees to give Lucas ten minutes. Eric arrives, and Lucas and Nicole offer him his job back. Lucas hands him a contract and says he will even get a salary raise and a company car. Eric asks to think about it, but Lucas tells him that he has to decide right now.

"Hope" and Greta stop at the Java Cafe for some coffee after their shopping spree. Gina decides that today will be the day she will tell Greta the truth about her. Greta begins to get weird vibes from "Hope." Gina had been mentioning things all day that only Greta's mother knew. Greta asks "Hope" if she's having left over memories of her mother? Gina asks Greta if it would not be wonderful if she could have her mother back? Greta asks "Hope" how she could be so cruel to her? She says that getting over her mother's death was the hardest thing she had to do, and having her mother back in her life is the last thing she needs right now. A hurt Gina tells Greta that she's right, she has to keep the past in the past. They switch the subject to love, and Greta mentions that she doesn't know if she believes in love. Gina tells her never to say that, love is the most important thing in life. She tells Greta that she is living, breathing proof that love lasts. Greta recalls those were the exact words her mother wrote her in a letter, and tells "Hope" that this is more than a coincidence. Gina says it is, and as she is about to tell her the truth, Bo shows up and prevents her. Greta leaves to give them some time alone, and Bo gives Gina a kiss.

The police show up at the cabin to question Hope about her connection to Gina and the stolen painting. The bang on the door to the bedroom where Hope and Kurt are and demand that they open up. Hope has a memory flash of herself as a cop and thinks they should open the door because they can trust the police. Kurt eventually opens the door, and the police tell Hope that they need to question her about Princess Gina and the theft of the painting. Hope says she is not that woman, and Kurt says this is just a case of mistaken identity. They insist she come with them to the station, so Kurt asks them to give her a few minutes to change into some clothes. Hope changes, but Kurt wants to run. Hope refuses because she doesn't know if she can trust him, she doesn't even remember anything about their past or him. Kurt tells her that if he comes with her everything will be right, but she asks for proof. He calls her his Fancyface, and Hope remembers the name. The two then take off on Claude's motorcycle.

December 2ND
When she overhears their conversation about Philip owing money, Shawn tells Belle that Jason lent Philip some money. Meanwhile, Philip pawns some of his things plus the watch his dad gave him. He uses the money to pay off what he owes and with the leftover $400, makes another bet. Shawn insists to Mimi that he's not looking to get involved with anyone right now. While helping Austin get his strength back, Sami ends up kissing him. Thinking about what Sami told him to do, Eric accepts Lucas' job offer. When Nancy learns that she could get her daughter back if she wants her, she fears that she would lose Craig if she did so. Nancy then goes to the room to see her daughter. Maggie advises Lucas to attend his AA meetings so that they will be registered on his court records. Victor explains to Kate that they have Vivian to thank for his recovery. He asks Kate how she could have trusted the doctor. Vivian advises Nick that Kate is old enough to be his wicked stepmother. She then asks him if he wants to be with Kate or have a part of Titan.

December 3RD
Vivian and Henderson surprise Victor with a welcome home party. Victor meets Nicole and warns her to behave or he will put her back where she belongs, in the gutter. Greta becomes upset when she realizes that "Hope" is acting like her mother. She accuses "Hope" of using her mother's memories to affect her mind. "Hope" talks to her and considers confessing that she really is her mother. Philip, Jason, Belle, and Mimi go to the pub for hot chocolate. Philip tries to borrow $500 from Bo for school supplies but Bo refuses. Hearing his father has been released from the nursing home, Philip rushes home. Roman urges Eric to stay away from Nicole because he doesn't want him to get hurt again. Getting more of her memory back, Hope remembers running from the police and Kurt. Bo has the feeling again that something is wrong with Hope.

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