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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of January 3, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, January 3, 2000

Today's installment was a rebroadcast of Friday, December 31st's episode. If you missed it --- don't fear. You can read our recap for Friday's show as well as three year's worth of daily recaps in our Archives section.

Tuesday, January 4, 2000

Nancy is sleeping in her hospital bed when Chloe comes in to visit her. Chloe sees she is sleeping, decides to leave, but Nancy wakes up and asks her to stay. Chloe tells Nancy that she hopes she's feeling better. Nancy says she is feeling better now that she's here. Chloe tells Nancy that she is responsible for her being here because she has a black cloud that follows her all the time, and she's sorry. Nancy tells her that she has nothing to be sorry for, and she asks her to forgive her for giving her away. Chloe says there is nothing to forgive, she did what she had to do.

Nancy begs her for her forgiveness, so Chloe gives it to her. Chloe then admits that she stole the money to go to New York, so she'll return it and then go back to the orphanage. Nancy tells her that she can't do that, she owes her a second chance now that she's forgiven her. Chloe agrees to give Nancy a chance, but on one condition. Chloe doesn't want Craig to know that she's really her daughter. Nancy says that she has to tell him, but Chloe makes Nancy agree to her condition. Chloe decides to go hang out at the nurse's station when she realizes her mother is tired and needs to rest.

Later, Craig comes to visit his wife and has brought her flowers. He's also brought her a New Year's cake and some apple cider so they can celebrate. Once again, Craig tries to talk Nancy out of letting Chloe live with them. Nancy starts crying and asks Craig for a tissue. He hands her some money and tells her to blow her nose in it. Nancy asks Craig to take Chloe home and get some rest, so he agrees, and then kisses her. Craig finds Chloe on the balcony watching the fireworks and they talk about the new year ahead of them. Craig tells Chloe that its time they go home, so they leave together.

Roman comes to see Bo, who is getting ready for his wedding. Roman thanks Bo for asking him to be his best man because it means a lot to him. Roman asks him if Victor will be here? Bo says no because he thought it might be uncomfortable for Shawn and Caroline. Roman wishes Bo luck, and then heads out into the church. Bo looks up at the heavens and asks God to help Hope recover and bury the memories of Princess Gina.

Shawn tells Doug and Julie that they have to stop this wedding. Doug and Julie ask him what happened? Shawn tells them about "Hope" and Marlena's fight at the Salem Inn, and he thinks his mom is nuts! Julie tells Shawn that they tried to talk his father into delaying this wedding, but he won't. Shawn tells them that with or without their help, he will stop this wedding! Shawn takes off, and Doug follows him.

Rolf, still dressed as an Italian priest, arrives at the church and calls Bart. He tells Bart that Princess Gina is in Salem pretending to be Hope. He thinks it could be one of Stefano's plans, but he can't worry about it now. Bart tells Rolf that he has to worry about John first. Rolf hides behind some curtains and is armed with a gun!

John, Marlena, and Belle show up for the wedding after all. John talked Marlena into coming to the wedding, even though Marlena does not want to be here, and "Hope" doesn't want her here. Belle pleads with her mom to stay for Bo's sake, so she agrees. John, Marlena, and Belle sit in the back, and right in front of the curtain which Rolf is hiding behind! Rolf looks at his watch and tells himself that he doesn't want to kill John in a church, but if he must he must. John plays with his cut, and Marlena looks at it. John says that it feels like there is something in there. Doug shows up to get Marlena, so Marlena leaves with him to speak to him.

Gina looks at her dress and says it is magnificent. Greta tells her mother that it is wonderful, but it isn't something Hope would have worn. Greta warns her mother that she can't keep being two different people, but Gina thinks Bo won't care who she is when they are married. Greta sees her mother's gun and begs her to put it away, but she insists it is for protection. Alice shows up to see "Hope" and gives her the earrings she wore when she married Bo the first time. Gina reacts oddly to them, and Alice asks her if she remembers? We see a flashback of Alice giving the earrings to Hope, and Alice asks "Hope" if she remembers who showed up? "Hope" says it was so long ago. Alice tells her that her Grandfather came in. "Hope" says it is too bad he couldn't be here today, but Alice says he is here in their hearts.

Alice decides to get back into the church, and Gina admires the earrings. Greta scolds her mother for treating Mrs. Horton like a stranger, but Gina says she has more important things to deal with. Doug, Julie, Marlena, and Shawn all show up to see "Hope," and Doug asks Greta to excuse them. "Hope" tells Greta to stay. "Hope" thinks Marlena has come to cause trouble again, but Shawn says this was his idea. Shawn tells "Hope" about his special relationship with his father, and how much his father has taught him. Shawn tells "Hope" that even though he's turned his back on his dad these past few weeks, his dad never gave up on him. "Hope" says his dad is a wonderful man, and she loves him. Shawn asks her to postpone this wedding if she really loves him as much as she says she does.

Doug tells his "Princess" that he treasures her, but Stefano has hurt both her and Bo. He tells her that he knows she wants to remarry Bo, but he believes she should wait until she is fully recovered from the traumas Stefano inflicted on her. Julie tells "Hope" that Bo will always be there for her, even if she decides to wait. "Hope" tells Marlena that this is all her fault! Shawn says he heard her yelling at Marlena earlier, and that is not like his mother. Marlena assures "Hope" that she loves her and wants what is best for her. Greta tells "Hope" that they are right, she can't marry Bo tonight. "Hope" says that her heart is breaking because the people she loves the most are trying to stop her from doing what will make her feel well. She tells them all that she needs to marry Bo, and Bo will allow her to recover on her own time table and not theirs. She accuses them all of ruining the happiest day of her life because they are selfish.

Bo knocks on the door and asks "Hope" if she's changed her mind? "Hope" tells Bo that she will be there, so Bo leaves. "Hope" asks Doug if she will walk down the isle alone? Doug approaches her and gives her his arm, and they head out the door. Julie tells Shawn to put on his tux and a great big smile, perhaps his father's love will heal "Hope."

Everyone returns to their seats as the wedding is about to begin. John's cut is still bleeding, and he suddenly becomes a bit woozy. Marlena worries about him. The wedding begins, as Greta walks down the isle. Everyone stands as Doug walks "Hope" down the isle, and John begins to suddenly have flashbacks of being shocked in the waters in Hawaii. As the priest begins to speak, John remembers being on the sub with Hope/Gina, and making love to her. John stands up and suddenly blurts out "I gotta say something!"

From behind the curtain, Rolf realizes John remembers, so he aims his gun at John's back. John mumbles for a bit, but then just says "lets get on with this wedding." John sits down, and Marlena asks John what is wrong? John says he just got carried away, that is all. Bo and "Hope" say the traditional vows, and as they do, John continues to remember more about what happened in Hawaii. When John slaps his neck, the chip falls out! John sees the chip and reaches for it, but Marlena stops him and says the wedding is over. Bo and "Hope" are pronounced man and wife. Rolf quickly slips out from behind the curtain and grabs the chip, and they makes a run for it. Belle asks Shawn if he is okay? Shawn asks how could he be, his dad just made the biggest mistake of his life.

Hope finds her old escape route, which has been sealed up. She wonders if she can reopen it, so she goes to work. Suddenly, Hope is overcome with a feeling that Bo is in trouble, and something bad is happening in Salem. Stefano continues to send an SOS, but the disk jockey at the radio station is sleeping and doesn't hear it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2000

Celeste and Ivan are celebrating the new millennium at Tuscany. Ivan asks Celeste to admit she is crazy about him, but she says she was crazy to come here with him. She tells him that he's only using her to get over his broken heart. Nicholas and Vivian show up at Tuscany, but Vivian thinks they should just go home an celebrate together. Nicholas wants to celebrate here with the people they love. Vivian vows that this will be the millennium she will be with Victor, and she tells Nicholas that he can have Kate if he really wants her.

Kate, Victor, Nicole and Lucas are celebrating the New Year. Kate wishes Philip was here, but Victor says Philip will be grateful one day when for the lessons he's learning now. Nicole can't believe Victor thinks Philip should be grateful that he's working like a dog! Lucas quickly takes Nicole onto the floor to dance. Victor and Kate argue over Kate giving Nicole 5 million dollars, and Victor suggests that they rub Nicole out to get the money back. Kate tells Victor that's not funny, but Victor says he's not joking.

Vivian and Nicholas say hello to Victor and Kate and decide to join them since the restaurant lost their reservation. Victor tells Vivian that it has been a long time since he's been up past midnight, and it feels wonderful. Victor says he even has a surprise for everyone later on. Vivian tells Kate that she must be tired of just sitting here, so she tells Nicolas to dance with her. Victor also encourages Kate to dance with Nicholas, so they take to the floor. As they dance, Nicholas tells Kate that he can't stop thinking about their kiss. Back at the table, Victor and Vivian reminisce about their New Years out on his luxury liner. Victor looks around, and notices that Kate and Nicholas are gone. Nicholas has taken Kate outside to kiss her, but after their kiss, she pushes him away and says she can't do this.

On the dance floor, Nicole gets drunk and makes a fool of herself, which embarrasses Lucas. Nicole tells her husband that unlike him, she can handle a drink! Later, Nicole starts laughing at Celeste's hat, but she says she wants to buy it to show everyone how rich she is. Lucas refuses and tells her that she is going to embarrass them all.

Kate and Nicholas return to the party and to their table, as do Nicole and Lucas. Nicole starts telling Vivian how hideous her dress is, so Victor and Kate tell Lucas to take Nicole home. Lucas asks Nicole to wait for him near the entrance while he goes to get the limo, but Nicole decides that she needs one more drink. Nicole goes to the bar, and then starts asking Celeste where she got that really bad accent? She then starts picking on Ivan and calling him a Russian. Celeste tells Ivan not listen to that piece of trash, and she ends up slapping Nicole! Nicole grabs Celeste's hat, and the two get into a huge catfight!

Everyone has gathered for Bo and "Hope's" reception, but nobody is in the mood to celebrate. Belle tries to cheer Shawn up and asks him to try to be happy for his parents, but Shawn says he can't. He vows to prove that woman is not his mom, and he asks Belle to help him. She agrees, but doesn't know what she can do. Marlena tells John that first thing in the morning she wants X-rays on his cut, so he agrees. He admits that it has been bothering him, which upsets Marlena. John tells Marlena that he felt like something was inside his neck, and at the wedding he thought that something fell out. He also says he's been having strange thoughts. Marlena asks him what type of thoughts? John thinks about the sub- sex, but suggests they not talk about it right now. Later, John remembers more of the sub-sex and suggests to Marlena that they go outside and talk. Outside, John asks Marlena if he said anything to her on the beach in Hawaii?

Thursday, January 6, 2000

At the restaurant, Celeste and Nicole are separated by Lucas and Ivan while they are rolling around on the floor fighting. Victor orders Nicole and Lucas to leave. At the Kiriakis mansion Sami and Brandon run into each other. Sami is wearing just a negligee. Brandon of course notices this and tells her so. He asks her why she and Austin aren't at Bo and "Hope's" wedding. She tells him that Will isn't feeling well so they decided to stay home. Brandon tells Sami that he thinks the reason that they didn't go is because it will cause her to think to much about the fact that her and Austin may never marry because of Sami's past lies. She tells Brandon that she is trying to change. She is trying to be a better person. She tells him she is learning to have a mature relationship with Austin and isn't thinking about marriage right now. He tells her that he knows she lied about Lucas hitting Will. She doesn't admit it but she does act like she is ashamed. He tells her that it doesn't matter because he still thinks that she is "a hell of a woman...flaws and all."

At the wedding reception Bo doesn't look very happy and Doug and Julie among others notice this fact. He admits to having uneasy feelings about the situation. John asks "Hope" to dance. He tells her that he knows what happened between the two of them while he and Marlena were on their honeymoon. He says that she knows what happened too. She plays dumb and swears that she doesn't know what he is talking about. She says she has no memory of the time that she was Princess Gina. He has a flashback remembering everything and he doesn't believe that she is telling him the truth. How right he is!! He vows that no one can find out about him and Hope making love on the submarine while he and Marlena were on their honeymoon.

Meanwhile, Bo and Marlena are dancing. He tells Marlena that he feels like he married a stranger and that he has a sense that HIS Hope is in danger. Marlena tells him that Shawn asked her for her help in getting "Hope" to cancel the wedding before it ever happened. She told him that her and others tried to get "Hope" to call it off but she refused. Marlena is also worried about John's strange behavior and she is determined to find out what is bothering him. Elsewhere at the reception Shawn and Belle steal Lili's phone and use it to try to figure out who "Hope" was talking to. With Belle pretending to be his mother she dials and Kurt answers and he calls her "Princess." She is stunned. Shawn tells her that proves his mother still believes that she is Princess Gina. Later Lili catches Shawn and Belle with her phone and demands to know what is going on. Shawn talks their way out of the situation. Lili is satisfied with his explanation. She leaves them alone. Belle tells Shawn that she is done helping him because he is nothing but trouble and she doesn't want to be involved. Also at the reception Roman tells Eric to hold on to Greta if he truly believes that she is "the one." Eric just smiles. Later he and Greta are talking about the wedding. He asks her if she would like to have a big fancy wedding. She tells him no. He is surprised by her answer. Eric tells her that she has been acting differently. He asks her why she has been so distant. She tells him that it's because she has been nervous about Bo and "Hope's" wedding. She won't tell him anything else.

At the restaurant Vivian and Kate are in the bathroom with Celeste helping her get herself back together after her brawl with Nicole. Celeste tells Kate that she can read her mind. She says she knows what Kate is thinking and who she is thinking about. Kate tells Celeste that it's no wonder that her and Vivian get along so well...they're both crazy!! Celeste tells Kate that her relationship with Victor is on the road to disaster because of "someone." After Kate leaves Celeste tells Vivian that she made up the prediction. Vivian hopes that Celeste's prediction will come true. Back at the table Victor toasts the New Year and new beginnings. As he is raising his glass he gets up out of his wheelchair. He stands!! Everyone applauds. Victor and Vivian tell Kate and Nicholas that they increased his physical therapy sessions and that is why he is able to stand. He tells Kate that he wanted to surprise her. He then thanks Vivian once again for all the help and support she has given him. Kate is miffed. She then proceeds to tell everyone that it is her turn to make someone's dreams come true. She then goes on to say that Victor proposed marriage to her and she has decided to accept his proposal. He is thrilled---Vivian and Nicholas are not.

Lucas and Nicole arrive back at the mansion and they are arguing about her drinking. Sami tells Lucas that being married to him would cause anyone to drink! They then proceed to fight over Will once again. Sami tells him that her New Year's resolution is to get full custody of him. Lucas tells her that will never happen. Nicole says that she wishes the two of them would stop fighting over "that little brat." She says they should just split him in half and call him twins!! Sami is offended. Brandon tells Sami that Nicole didn't really mean what she said. Nicole doesn't apologize but she does say that she was just joking. She then tells everyone that living there is like being buried alive. Sami tells her that if she is so miserable than she should leave. Nicole says "I will. I'll just take the money and run." "What money?" asks Lucas. Brandon once again bails Nicole out by telling Lucas that the money she was talking about is her half of his fortune that she inherited when they married. Lucas tells Nicole no more's time for bed. In the bedroom Nicole offers herself to Lucas to avoid answering anymore questions about the money. All that she will tell him is that his money makes her rich. Back in the living room Sami tells Brandon that both he and Nicole are very good at keeping secrets. She tells him that she didn't believe the answer that he gave to Lucas about the comment that Nicole made about the money. She tries to get him to tell her why Nicole REALLY married Lucas. He doesn't respond. He tells himself that he will deal with his and Nicole's past in his own way.

Back at the reception Princess Gina tells Lili that she had hoped this wedding would bring her and Bo closer but she feels that he is now more distant than ever. She is very worried about her future with Bo. Lili fears that everyone is going to figure out that "Hope" is really Princess Gina.

She tells Princess Gina that they should leave now and return to Paris. Princess Gina agrees but tells Lili that she must take care of certain "someone's" first. She will let Lili know when she is ready. Shawn has heard their entire conversation.

In Europe the real Hope is praying for Bo to rescue her and bring her home safely. She then has a sense that Shawn is in danger. Someone picked up Stefano's SOS signal but then they lost connection because of a burnt wire. He later fixed the problem.

Princess Gina asks Shawn to go outside to the terrace with her so that she can explain what it is that he thinks he overheard. Once they are outside he tells her that he will not allow her to hurt his father or anyone else in his family. He tells her that she needs to go back into therapy with Marlena. She tells him that Marlena can't help one can. Only she can help herself she says. She then pulls a gun on Shawn and tells him to get up on the ledge. They are 20 floors up he tells her. If he wants to protect his father he will do as she says she tells him. "You're nuts" he tells her. After he gets up on the ledge, she tells him that he must jump or she will shoot him. She tells him that if he jumps it will be ruled accidental if he doesn't then she will have to shoot him and then shoot his father so that she can make her escape. She tells him that he has to jump in order to save his father's life. He says, "Mom, I know you think you are Princess Gina..." She tells him, "I do not THINK I am Princess Gina...I AM GINA!!" Everyone is wondering where "Hope" and Shawn have disappeared to. Princess Gina fires her gun. The bullet hits the cement ledge and Shawn falls!! Marlena comes across the two of them and sees what has happened. She screams "NO!!" Princess Gina turns around and aims at Marlena and says "You're next!"

Friday, January 7, 2000

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