Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on DAYS
The doctor warned Hope and Lexie to watch J.T.'s breathing. They noticed that John spent more time than usual with J.T. John told Marlena that he had slept with Hope and that J.T. was his son. Belle, Philip, Mimi, and Shawn went to the Lane home to explain, but Nancy told them Chloe had run away.
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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, September 25, 2000

After Austin picks Greta up off the floor, they talk as Charles is listening. As they examine the fireplace, Greta remembers it from her childhood. She has a flashback of her and her mother being there. Gina was begging Charles for money and he was being really nasty with her, basically telling her that she is trash. In real time, Greta thinks it wasn't a good idea to come there. Austin talks her out of leaving. Charles returns and tells them that their time is at hand. Greta tells him that she remembers him and how he didn't like her mother. He claims that is not true, he liked and respected her. He tells them that the lawyers are waiting for her in the grand ballroom, which leaves Greta confused. He opens a door with funny lights on the other side and they can hear wind rushing. He pushes Greta through the door and she disappears. Austin screams for her and asks where did she go. Charles tells him to find out and he rushes through the door after her. Charles closes the door, laughing hysterically.

Lexie and Hope are at their doctor appointment and the doctor wants to talk to Hope alone. They convince him to let Lexie stay. The doctor is concerned about Little John's breathing and how it may be another complication. He may want to do tests on him. He tells Hope to watch him carefully. Later, the ladies are strolling through Salem Place. Hope almost panics when she thinks the baby isn't breathing. She sees that he is okay and tells Lexie how worried and concerned she is about his future. Lexie offers her shoulder for her to cry on anytime.

She confides in Lexie that something is going on with both Bo and John and how strange they are acting. She tells her about John always hanging around and how uncomfortable it is making her. Lexie says she would feel the same. They wonder if Marlena knows just how much he is over there. Lexie jokingly says that if John were hanging around her that much, Abe would be coming by to check on her. Hope says that she is going to talk to John about it. Lexie agrees that John is overly concerned about her and the baby.

Bo and Abe are at the cop shop and Bo is researching Stefano on the computer. Bo tells Abe about his upcoming trip and asks Abe not to tell anyone, especially Lexie. Abe gets a bit defensive, but Bo explains that she has blinders on when it comes to Stefano. Abe defends her honor, but agrees with Bo and promises not to tell her. Abe also knows that (big) Shawn doesn't want Bo to go as well and tries to discourage him. He tells him that Hope and the baby needs him. Abe tells him that he needs to stay and help her and bond with the baby as well. Bo gets upset over this and tells Abe to just lay off. He tells Abe to drop the subject.

John races back to whap Brady but Marlena grabs his arm and stops him. Brady goads him and tells him to hit him. Marlena intervenes and tells Brady to leave. John tries to stop him, but Brady storms off. After he is gone, John feels bad about they way he treated Brady and wants to make amends. Marlena tells him not to blame himself and she offers to call Brady's school counselor. Marlena says that they both need their space right now. John feels guilty for never being there for Brady when he needed him. He talks about the rage he felt and again Marlena tells him this another sign he should stop digging into his past when he was a mercenary for Stefano. Meanwhile, Brady is in the alley having a fit. He decides not to go back to school. He says he should stay there and wipe those smiles off their faces. No, he decides he will just "get the hell out of dodge' and takes off.

Jan spots Shawn, Belle and Philip and tells Chloe if she doesn't believe her, to go and ask her "friends." She drops the picture and runs off. Nancy walks up and over hears two girls talking and making fun of Chloe and laughing about how she found out the truth. Jan delights in telling Shawn, Belle and Philip that Chloe knows the truth and swears that she didn't tell her. The 3 musketeers decide they must do something to help her. Mimi rushes up, blabbering like a fool, all excited to tell them the news. Belle tells her to just shut up, this is NOT an episode of FRIENDS. Philip decides to go to Chloe's house and try to talk to her. They all take off, followed by Mimi. They get there, to be greeted by Nancy, who tells them that it is too late.

They try to explain, but Nancy doesn't want to hear. She takes them in and shows them where Chloe's clothes have been burned in the fireplace. She calls Philip a creep and then blasts Shawn too. Philip tries to clear Shawn, taking all the blame himself. He says that he was just so dumb and how he ended up falling for Chloe. They all want to go and find her, but Nancy says it won't be easy. She has a history of running away from her problems. They promise to find her and take off, even Mimi (who is maybe feeling a bit guilty) offers to help them. Nancy sits by the fireplace and digs through the burnt clothes.

She begins to cry and asks why wouldn't Chloe let her love her. Chloe is wandering the docks alone (she is back in her black clothes and black glasses). She thinks that Philip never liked her at all and it was all just part of the game. As she wanders, someone is watching her. She says all she can trust is her music and begins singing "I Need You" (LeAnn Rimes' latest hit). She hears a noise behind her and turns asking 'who's there?"

Marlena tells John that his emotions may not be buried as deep as he thinks they are. He says that he stopped in time and didn't hit Brady. But, Marlena asks what if she had not been there? He wants to drop the subject, but she won't let him. She wants an explanation...why is he so desperate to protect Hope. What is the big secret? She wants the truth (as John has flashbacks of subsex). She tells him to TELL HER...and have faith in their love. She says that she can handle it...everyone can handle it. He turns and blurts out... "Can everyone handle the fact that I made love to Hope? And how's Bo going to deal with THAT? And what about the fact that my child, my son is being raised in their house?"...Marlena stares at him in total shock...

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Brandon worries when Nicole reveals that Kate, Victor, Lucas and Will went to Europe. When he asks where they are staying, she claims she doesn't know. Nicole asks Mickey to "shop" her around to other publishing houses. Kate catches Lucas drinking but he claims that he's not an alcoholic and can control his alcohol intake. When Moroni stops by, Kate urges him not to believe anything Brandon tells him. Sami quickly gets Angela to trust her and listens as she talks about Roberto. Angela claims that Roberto told her he confessed to a murder he didn't commit and has his confession on tape. Just then, Lucas sneaks up and tries to listen in. Shopping at Salem Place with Alice, Hope is reminded of her past as Gina by a man running an art supply store. He reveals that she bought some paint for a portrait she was going to paint of a couple planning to get married. Marlena is rocked when John confesses that he is the father of Hope's baby. He admits that he and Hope made love while John and Marlena were on their honeymoon in Hawaii last year. When she doubts it, John claims he has DNA evidence and asks her not to tell anyone. Marlena doesn't know if she can do that. Austin chases after Greta as she falls into another world, a kind of garden of Eden, complete with serpent and apple.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Belle, Mimi and Shawn are still looking for Chloe. Belle & Mimi go for a latte at the Java Cafe, where Mimi keeps rubbing it in that Shawn is so concerned about Chloe, he must have a thing for her Mimi complains that she, too, had problems, was living in a box on the streets, and no one felt sorry for her. Belle agrees. Shawn is trying to call his dad, when Philip comes up and stops him, saying THEY have to find her.

Chloe is whispering who's there, without ever turning around and looking when Brady just jumps in front of her. Before you can snap your fingers, he is telling her he is skipping town, she says she is too, so he says he has $200, asks how much she has. Very little, she replies. She wants New York, he wants Malibu, he insults her singing, saying she puts no heart in her voice. She responds by commenting on his snaky looking face and says out in Calif. he would be a good candidate for the Venice Beach Freak Show. Brady leaves, realizing he does not have enough funds and goes home to find Marlena alone, having a glass of wine. He calls her a closet drinker, and proceeds to push all her buttons. She asks if he has packed to leave for college tomorrow, and he announces he has quit. She asks where he intends to live, and he replies "Right here, with Daddy dearest, Step-mom and Princess Belle." Marlena is right in his face as she says, No....I do not think so.

Hope has just gotten little John to sleep and Bo comes home. He is very distracted with some sort of website printouts he is going over. Hope lets him know she is upset with his lack of attention to the baby, and that he is keeping something from her. She mentions how Abe talks about Isaac all the time, and Bo has not even put one picture in his wallet. They argue about all of it, and Hope admits being preoccupied with the baby, while Bo insists he would not be a good husband and father if he did not protect his family. With the baby sleeping, they decide to take advantage, they kiss and makeup.

Craig and Nancy are sitting in front of the fireplace, looking at the burnt clothing. Craig has called the police, but says they are not too concerned since she did not take anything with her. He tries to comfort Nancy, telling her how Chloe was going to come home and make up with Nancy. Nancy is happy about this, until she realizes that Chloe's happiness about Philip is the reason for Chloe's change of mind. Craig tries to reason with her but she gets upset about their "psychic" connection again, they have more words and he leaves. Nancy is wrapping presents for Chloe's 16th birthday, and talks aloud of how much she loves her daughter. Craig, in his car, realizes where Chloe probably is, and finds her on the docks. He talks her into going home, telling her that just because someone else hurt her, not to take it out on Nancy and him. Chloe returns home with him and asks him if she could talk to Nancy alone, and goes into the house.

Marlena is still livid that he has lied to her all this time. They argue big time, as he tries to explain, and she will not accept his reasoning. He tells her that he loves her, but that she had an affair (with John) while married to Roman, and decided to "spare" Roman, too, so she should understand. They yell about the honeymoon, the sub sex, Gina, Stef, the brain chip. She asks when he got the DNA sample, and he starts to say he was praying. When she interrupts with "what, that that pig Stefano would be the father of your friend's child. They argue more, and she asks if the "mercenary" is living there, too. John leaves.

John is at the bar, belting down boilermakers. Maggie comes over, but John snaps at her and she leaves. He seems to regret his treatment of her, and calls her back, asking what happened when Brady was there the other night. Maggie tells him how Brady ordered a couple of tequilas w/o being carded, and says that will not happen again. Talks about Brady's rudeness to the bartender, the Wesleys, and eventually at John's table. John is snappish with her, and she tells him that rudeness must run in the family, as Brady seems to have gotten his from John. She leaves, and John worries that perhaps his bad side has come out in Brady. He remembers how he promised Doc when they married that his past would never come back. Now if he doesn't do something to stop it, it will destroy all of them.

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Thursday, September 28, 2000
by Soap Central

Marlena is tired of John's excuses and as they argue, she asks him to leave. Meanwhile, Belle and Brady argue. Philip returns home and complains to Nicole about all that has happened to Chloe. Realizing how upset he is, Nicole calls Victor to get on his good side and he thanks her for the "heads up." Victor then calls back and chats with his son who is grateful that his father took the time to show his concern. Nancy's relieved when Chloe finally comes home but then lays into her for running away. Chloe calls her mother selfish and blasts her for failing to remember her birthday. However, she's shocked when she enters her bedroom upstairs. Brandon presses Angela to let him hear the tape of Roberto. Upset, she runs off. He chases after her and balks when she asks him to prove his love by making love to her. Sami passes out after eating her drugged food. Kate arrives with the Will doll and starts to play tricks on Sami as she comes to, still in a daze. Seeing "Will" in the window, Sami reaches out and falls out the window. Kate then puts the doll near the edge of the cliff and Sami runs to be with him.

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Friday, September 29, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

John and Marlena continue their argument over Brady outside of Tuscany. John says that maybe he is responsible for Brady's behavior but Marlena is concerned for Belle's safety and can't help but think of what Brady may do or say to her since he resents her so much. John insinuates that Marlena is selfish and she is terribly offended. John doesn't believe that Brady would hurt anyone, especially Belle and tries to convince Marlena that he is not a threat to anyone. She tells him that he (Brady) looks at her (Marlena) with such hatred, it scares her and she feels that he wants to hurt her and she will NOT put her daughter's feelings aside for his emotional abuse. She tries to tell him about cases, but John doesn't want to hear it. He tells her that maybe Brady is right... Marlena is a phony. She is crushed by this and asks him what does he want her to do. John basically mocks her and says that she just doesn't want Brady around because he doesn't treat her like a goddess like everyone else. Marlena tells him that this conversation is over and leaves.

Belle arrives home and sits on the couch. Brady sneaks up behind her with a baseball bat, holds it over her head forever and then finally hits the sofa beside her, scaring her to death. He wants to know why it was in HER room and she explains she used it last week in a charity softball game. He informs her that he isn't going back to school and his new goal in life is to annoy her. They get into a name-calling contest as Belle calls him a "loser." Brady: "phony"; Belle: "doofus", Brady: "airhead", Belle: "jerk", Brady: "sellout", Belle: "freak." They both laugh over this and she goes to get ice cream (asks him if he wants his in a bowl or on his face). Later they are on the terrace eating their ice cream and she talks about her problems (with Chloe, Shawn, etc.) and how people have let her down lately. She calls him brain dead and annoying and he starts tickling her. He picks her up (with her laughing/screaming for him to put her down) just as John and Marlena walk in the door, hearing him threatening to throw her over. Looks of shock on their faces.

Chloe walks in to find Nancy. She runs to her and hugs her, then she lights into her about burning all her things and running off. She accuses her of trying to burn down the house and kill her. They get into a huge argument where Chloe questions her again about giving her up for adoption. Chloe is especially cruel and asks her if it was SHE (Nancy) who seduced the older man (Chloe's father) instead of the other way around. Nancy threatens to slap her and Chloe spits out that she hates Nancy. The phone rings (Philip calling) but Nancy is rude and hangs up on him. Once again, Chloe professes her hatred of Nancy. Nancy accuses her of lashing out at her because of what happened with Philip. Nancy assures her that she loves her and is NOT giving up on her just yet. Chloe reminds her that she gave up on her 15 years ago. By now, both are crying as Chloe slams her once again and then thanks her for remembering her birthday and rushes upstairs. Nancy sits alone on the sofa and cries. Chloe opens her bedroom door to find a huge banner on the wall "Happy Birthday, Chloe" and presents all over the bed. On the dresser is her baby photo. She picks it up and hugs it.

Philip comes stomping in and scares Nicole in the process. She tells him that she is just going to get him a knife and a hockey mask to go with his mood. They immediately get into an argument. She apologizes and wants to know what is wrong. Having grown up with Brandon, she deduces that it is a girl problem. He explains what happened and she offers to help. She comes through for him, though and gets Victor on the phone and in the only selfless act on the show today, Victor offers him the proverbial shoulder to cry on...even if it IS from thousands of miles away. Philip tells him what happened with Chloe and Victor tells him a similar story about him and another girl while he was growing up.

Kate and Lucas still have Sami on the phone. Sami wants proof that they are indeed in Salem and tells Kate to get Will's music box and play it over the phone. After finding out from Lucas that they didn't bring it, she hangs up on Sami and they think that their gooses are cooked. She tells Lucas that SHE will take care of Sami herself. Back at the cottage, Brandon is convincing Sami to leave Italy immediately. She starts acting weird and tells him that she feels that the walls are closing in on her. After Brandon leaves to work on Angela, Sami calls and makes her flight arrangements as she continues to wolf down the tainted pasta. Brandon goes to visit Angela (who just told the cook that Brandon IS going to marry her). She has a romantic evening planned with Brandon, which will end with a marriage. They dance a sexy rumba and start to get hot and heavy. He wants to go to her room and mentions the tape. This infuriates her and she runs off threatening to burn it. He chases her down in the woods and apologies and tries to convince her that he cares. They start kissing and she tells him to make love to her and starts undressing. Sami, stumbles into her room and sits on the bed. Kate arrives in the car with "realWill" half asleep in the back seat and "woodenWill" in the front (covered up). Sami hears Will's voice and stumbles to the window to see the doll with spiders crawling all over him. She crawls/falls out the window as Kate pulls the doll back. Kate has problems with the tape player and decides to resort to "plan B." She gets "realWill" from the car and tells him that they are going to play hide and seek. With his eyes closed, she places the dummy standing on the edge of the cliff. When Will hears Sami calling for him, he answers her by saying "Mommy help me." She sees the doll and rushes to it. It topples over the edge, with Sami following (in slow motion

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