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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 2, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, October 2, 2000

Chloe starts crying when she finds a present waiting for her in her room and realizes her mother did remember her birthday. She opens the present and finds a hair clip and a pair of earrings. Opening another, she sees Nancy's diary inside and starts to read it. Nicole spots Philip about to leave the mansion with his guitar. She warns that trying to serenade Chloe may be a big mistake but he insists that it was his father's advice. He hurries to Chloe's place but runs into Craig who blasts him for the pain he's caused Chloe. Philip admits that he made a mistake but now cares for her and wants to make it up to her. Craig orders him to leave. Victor calls to chat with his son but Nicole flirts with him as they chit chat. Marlena mistakenly assumes Brady and Belle are fighting and orders Brady to stop. He resents the implication and storms out. Belle tries to explain what they were doing but fails as Marlena surprises her and John by demanding that Brady be arrested. John suggests that Marlena get control of herself and then runs to find his son. Belle finds him first and as John watches, she manages to cheer him. Brandon cools off Angela and sends her home without having to make love. After Sami tumbles off the cliff, Kate updates Lucas who accuses her of killing Sami. She denies it, unaware that Sami has landed on a ledge. Brandon realizes where she has gone and rushes to the cliff, arriving in time to hear Sami yelling.

Tuesday, October 3, 2000

Hattie returns to the diner and complains to her ex-boss, boasting about how glad she is she's not working there anymore. When she mentions the idea of plastic surgery, Faye urges her not to waste her money on such an expensive procedure. Roman arrives and comments on the weight Hattie has lost. Hattie glows with the compliment. Before she leaves for school, Belle argues with Brady again. After she's gone, Brady searches for his father's cash and comes up lucky. Before he leaves for school, Nicole advises Philip to take things slowly with Chloe. Chloe thanks her mother for the gifts in her room and apologizes for her earlier outburst. At school Chloe's uncomfortable when she runs into Philip. Kate takes Victor aside and reveals that they have killed Sami but reminds him to stay calm and play up the "accident" should Lucas ask anything. Just then, Lucas enters and worries that they'll be blamed for Sami's "accident." Assuring him that they'll be fine, Kate suggests they go back to Salem today but Victor refuses. Brandon lowers himself down to Sami but then faces danger on the side of the cliff.

Wednesday, October 4, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Philip begs for 5 minutes with Chloe to explain about the bet. They step outside and he admits being a jerk and going along with the bet. He tells her that was the winner though and how hooked he is on her. He tells her he didn't fake anything with her after the dance, all he wants is to be with her. She asks why he didn't tell her the truth before and he confesses he's tried, but was worried how she'd take it. He can't change what he did, but promises to never do something like that again to anyone. She contemplates that and as he starts to walk away, she tells him she believes he's sorry. She asks what now with a smile. He asks if they can be friends, as he knows he's not the right guy to be dating her. He finally admits he really wants only to be with her, but she's too good for him. She needs a guy who deserves her. She asks how she's suppose to meet the right guy and he tells her once this guy gets to know her, he won't be able to stay away, just like he can't. He raves about her singing and how her heart is into it. She tells him she thinks Philip is good enough for her and he said if that were true, she'd forgive him for what he did, not just believe him that he was sorry. She tells him eye to eye she forgives him and wants him in her life. He takes her into his arms and hugs her gently. He asks if she'll go out with him again and she doesn't think she can. She doesn't want to go through this again. He asks if she'll be home tonight and to be by her window when the sun goes down.

Brady returns home loaded with shopping bags and finds John at the "scene of the crime" on the terrace. John asks Brady how he got a new watch and all the stuff he brought home and knows Brady didn't have any cash and his ATM was maxed. Brady tells him he stole them. John believes him and Brady is hurt his father would believe that. He takes the bags up to his room and kicks the door shut with his foot. John angrily rushes up the stairs, grabs Brady by the coat and forces him down the stairs to the couch. Brady is shocked by this and accuses John of trying to kill him. John assures him if he had meant to do that, he would have. They talk about Isabella and John tells him the only way he was able to go on after Isabella died was because of Brady. He'd see and hear things from him that Isabella would have said and felt her presence through Brady. Brady listens, but doesn't buy it. John tells him that he Marlena, Belle and Brady ARE a family. John doesn't take Brady's guff. Brady knows he's the loser son and they want him out of there. Brady does admit stealing the stuff, but not from Barron's, but from John.

Nancy tells Marlena about the bet. Marlena tells Nancy she knows these boys, especially Shawn, and she feels they didn't do it to hurt Chloe. Nancy reminds her about what you read in the paper about how everyone thought kids were nice, until they do something bad. Marlena comments on that, referring to Brady without using his name, and Nancy senses Marlena's maybe in danger. Marlena tells her she was speaking in general terms and changes the subject to Chloe. Marlena compliments Nancy saying she sounds like a talk show host. Nancy backpedals and finally says she's had people saying she should be one and Marlena catches on. She tells Nancy that after she spends 8 years of her life to get her MD, she'll turn the show over to her. Nancy isn't discouraged and sits in Marlena's chair. She said Oprah never took any Hippocratic oath and has done very well. She speaks into the microphone, TO HEAR, TO HELP, TO GO TO HELL and giggles.

Marlena returns and the show starts. Calls come in that Nancy doesn't think are WOW enough. She calls Miles and he agrees. She feels Marlena isn't cutting it. She tells Miles to buy Marlena out and she'll (Nancy) work for free. Nancy warns him their ratings are going down so fast, he won't have long to think about it.

Belle comes to the studio and Marlena comments she likes Belle's haircut She tells Belle to see less of Brady and Belle tells her they were only playing around and he's her brother. Marlena warns Belle that Brady is troubled, but Belle doesn't buy it. She says Brady wouldn't hurt anyone and is a sweet loving guy, just like dad. Later they are trying to talk and Nancy interrupts, saying Miles' is on the phone for Marlena. Marlena tells Miles she's busy and will call back, but he's upset about the ratings and wants to talk now. Marlena tells him she'll call him back and hangs up, much to Belle's surprise. She never saw her mother so abrupt with anyone before. Marlena blames it on sleep deprivation. Belle refuses to see Brady less and tells Marlena she's wrong about him and leaves. Nancy wastes no time coming in and telling Marlena she seems to be upsetting everyone today. Later Nancy calls DADDY and tells him how badly she wants a radio show. Sounds like he agrees and she takes Marlena's nameplate and throws it in the trash can. Belle returns to school and a picture of their family falls on the floor. She wonders what's going wrong with them.

Roman and Hattie sit together with a plate of 4 donuts on the table. She eyes them hungrily and although Roman offers her one, she is determined to stay on her diet. Gotta love him for telling her not to become a "walking transparency." Marlena's talk show starts and she tells Roman how much she hates that show and Marlena's a phony. She knows her better than Roman ever could. He starts to tell Hattie how he met Marlena, but a customer sneaks behind the bar and turns up Dr. Marlena again. Hattie interrupts him and yells for Faye to turn the radio down again and proceeds to tell Roman she knows how wonderful Marlena was and how she left her husband and children for Mr. John Black. Roman doesn't tell her yet that HE was that husband, just tells her it may have been more complicated than that. Hattie goes on about how John Black is so rich and that's why Marlena liked him. She tells Roman how she saw John Black at Tuscany and how rude he was to the woman owner. Roman is surprised and mentions Maggie's name. Hattie assumes that Roman knows everyone in his official capacity and tells Roman that Marlena will be flying solo soon the way John's acting. Roman again tries to tell her how he knows Marlena, but Hattie goes on about Marlena. She even bets Marlena's ex husband is glad to be rid of her. He tells her no and just about to tell her the truth when he gets paged and has to rush off to work. He tells Hattie they will talk later and she's worried she upset him.

Stefano is sitting at the Café's counter, talking to Rolf on the phone. He's worried that Hattie is with Roman right now. He hopes Hattie doesn't know what's really going on and nervously sees Faye standing in front of him, not sure what she heard. She didn't hear and he asks about Hattie. She tells him Hattie was let go and is happy she found a friend who cares about her (referring to Roman). He calls Rolf back to confirm Roman and Hattie are friends and figures Roman will go "bonkers" over her if she looks like Marlena. Marlena's show starts and that's when Hattie yells for Faye to turn it down. Later Stefano tries to get as much info about Hattie from Faye as he can.

Marlena returns to the Penthouse after the radio show and finds John and Brady arguing. Brady sees her at the doorway and leaves. Marlena tries to assure John that he's a loving father and he's not responsible for Brady's problems and unhappiness. John looks at Marlena and tells her no, you are.

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Thursday, October 5, 2000
by Soap Central

Running into her at Salem Place, Chloe lets Belle know that she has forgiven Philip. Brady and Philip kid around at the mall until Philip spots Chloe and runs to her. He asks her to be at her window at sunset for a surprise. Bo explains to Shawn that he's going out of town for awhile and thanks him for agreeing to keep an eye on Hope and the baby. Belle interrupts and after complaining again about "the bet," admits that she's really upset about the situation at home with John, Marlena and Brady. Chloe spots Brady playing football with Philip and wonders who he is. Lexie's uncomfortable when Caroline asks if she's ever heard from her baby's natural mother Marlo. She again asks Stefano about Marlo's death and blasts him when he insists that she obey him at any cost. Shawn mistakes Isaac for little John when he sees Bo holding the infant. The two argue about Bo's plans to go to Ireland. In the "garden" Austin and Greta manage to pass the "test of generosity." They're interrupted by a vision of Sami dressed as a witch. She sends Greta to a volcano and prevents Austin from rescuing her. Victor and Kate grow closer. Brandon forces Sami to jump from the cliff into the water. The fall knocks her out so Brandon carries her to shore where she comes to and thanks him.

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Friday, October 6, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Greta is sinking in the volcano as Austin encourages her to believe in herself. She begins to rise up and Witch Sami attacks her again. She calls Greta dull, a loser and says that she has no chance with Austin. During all this Greta is warbling an ear shattering scream. She starts sinking again as Austin tries to talk her through it and prays for God to save her. Greta rises out of the volcano and thanks Austin. The find another golden envelope with the message "You have passed the test of fortitude." Austin tries to go to her, but Witch Sami stops him and tries to get him to make love to her (as she licks his chest....gross). He pushes her away as she damns him. She starts spinning around and turns into a buzz saw, threatening to kill him unless Greta admits that she still loves Eric. Witch Sami makes Austin drink her brew and then Greta has visions of Witch Sami and Austin in bed. She turns into regular Sami as they kiss. Greta tries to get away, but vines come up from the ground and hold her in place and makes her watch as she yells for Austin to stop. Austin calls Sami "Carrie" which infuriates her. Greta breaks free and magically now has a light saber. She stabs the vision and now Witch Sami is there with her own saber. They fight with Greta ending up with the upper hand and stabbing Witch Sami. She rushes to Austin (who is lying on the ground) and tries to wake him up. It turns dark and begins thundering and lightning.

Bo is still at the pub, telling his dad that he is going to Ireland to investigate DiMera with or without his help. PopShawn calls him a true Brady...stubborn and bull headed. He tells him where to go and who to see when he gets there. Bo tells him that he is leaving tomorrow and takes off home. After he is gone, PopShawn says that this isn't going to work out the way Bo plans. He picks up the phone and calls an Irish Pub. The phone is ringing as the barmaid continues to serve drinks (we only see her from behind and she speaks with an Irish accent). Some guy tells her to get it. She mouths off at him but finally answers it. She is rude to PopShawn and hangs up on him. Someone is yelling for his or her drink and she tells him or her to just hold on. Cut to the eyes of the barmaid...and it's Jennifer Rose Horton Deveraux

Hope is at home with Little John. She coo coo's with him and then plays "Tonight I Celebrate My Love " as he fusses. She talks to him, telling him that his daddy will come around and love him. She dances with the baby and later Bo arrives. He hugs her, telling her that he loves her. Then he starts telling her about his trip and she tries to stop him from least postpone it. He is determined and will be gone only a few days. She finally gives in, calling him pig headed and stubborn (and adds she wouldn't have it any other way). But she warns him that he had better not miss Little John's christening, or she will come over there and kick his butt all the way back from Dublin.

Marlena is at Java Café, having flashbacks of catching Brady holding Belle over the balcony. John joins her and she tells him about being worried about Belle's safety. This leads to round 10 of their argument over her treatment of Brady. She, in turn bashes him for lying to Hope. She feels that Brady is a danger to them as well as himself and wants to get him some help. John is nasty and sarcastic with her and she goes to leave. He grabs her telling her that he wants to help too. She pulls away and tells him to leave her alone. She adds that she can certainly see where Brady gets his temper and leaves.

Meanwhile, Hattie is jogging through Salem Place, exhausted. She stumbles to the ground out of breath. She convinces herself to continue. She sees Marlena and John arguing and stops to eavesdrop. She says to herself that Marlena is showing her true colors and is meaner than a junk yard dog. As she talks to herself, people see/hear her and think she is crazy. She chases them off, vowing to show everyone some day. She sees Marlena leave and follows her.

After Marlena leaves, Brady shows up, asking John what's the matter...wife getting on your nerves? John tells him that it's none of his business and tells him to leave him alone. Brady states that the evil stepmother must have chewed him out really good, which really punches John's buttons. He forces him to sit down. Brady spits out more venom about Marlena, as John says maybe she is right and he DOES need some professional help. Brady tells John that maybe he does have a problem and they can call him a psycho all they want but he can't believe that they thought he was going to hurt Belle. He gets misty as he says that he loves his little sister and promises that he would NEVER hurt her. He goes to leave and John says that he believes him.

Marlena strolls through Salem Place and stops at a street vendor to buy (a purse?) for Belle. The sales clerk first tells her to wait her turn, then tells her that purse is already sold. They get into it and Marlena calls her rude, ill mannered and arrogant. Watching from the background, Hattie decides that Marlena is "rotten to the core." Marlena apologizes to the clerk and says that she is just having a bad day. As she turns to leave, she wonders what is wrong with herself. She senses that she is being followed and turns to Hattie and asks her WHY is she following her?

Lucas is at the restaurant, really feeling guilty about Sami. Angela and Moroni are there discussing Brandon. Kate and Victor are also there celebrating. Sami's demise. Moroni tells Angela that Brandon had BETTER not hurt her or he will pay, but she tries to assure him that Brandon loves only her. Victor tells Kate it is time and asks her to marry him. This thrills her as he tells her that it is her strength that helped him fully recover. She asks him when did he discover that. He tells her that while he was watching her get dressed for the evening, Kate wants to go back to the villa for a romantic evening. Lucas comes by their table and asks them if murder is an aphrodisiac for them. He chastises them for their actions and is sure that Brandon will find out the truth. He gets disgusted with them and walks away.

Meanwhile, out on the beach, Sami is confused and tells Brandon she feels woozy, like she has been drugged. Brandon deduces that she was indeed drugged. Sami is sure that she saw Will and he concludes that Kate, Victor, Lucas are all in Italy and using Will to drive her crazy. She says that they have to find Will as she becomes convinced that they are trying to kill her. Brandon hugs her and sees blood on his hand, then informs her that she has a piece of rock in her back. He removes it as the pain gets to her and she passes out. He picks her up and plans on carrying her back up the cliff. Later, he is seen carrying her saying "Don't you die on me Sami." He carries her into the restaurant and puts her down on the floor right next to Kate and Victor's table. As everyone watches in shock and Angela screams. He looks straight at Kate and Victor and says "You did this!"

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