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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 23, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, October 23, 2000

Not knowing the person above is Jennifer, Bo pleads for her help to free him from his "pit." When he mentions that his newborn son is suffering from fetal alcohol syndrome, she reacts. Before she can do anything, Walter and Declan return so Jennifer hides. After they taunt him, Jennifer disguises her voice and advises Bo that she can help him. Nancy secretly stares as Philip kisses Chloe. He asks her to meet him later at Dot.Com. Back inside to change, Chloe faces an angry Nancy who warns her about Philip and suggests that he is pushing her too fast where their relationship is concerned. Chloe ignores her and rushes out to meet him. Hope and Shawn start crying when they hear the news about little John. While Shawn prays, Lexie tells the other doctors she thinks they should try one more time to save the lifeless baby. Marlena explains to John that she wants the police brought in to investigate the "accident" that has injured Belle since she feels that Brady is responsible. John argues with her until he finally decides that he can't be with her right now. He chooses to find Hope to tell her the truth about their baby.

Tuesday, October 24, 2000

When Abby realizes that it's Bo who was attacked in the alley, Jennifer confirms it and runs to make him an offer. She gets Bo to agree to return to Salem immediately once she frees him. She then lowers a rope to Bo who quickly climbs out of the pit. When Angela claims that Roberto's taped confession is safely locked up in Salem, Brandon advises her to say goodbye to her father since they'll be leaving as soon as possible. Angela is thrilled but as she starts to pack she remembers Roberto warning her about a woman named Kate and wonders if she's the same woman she was talking to earlier. Chloe and Philip's plans for a fun evening at Dot.Com are spoiled when they hear about Belle and rush to the hospital. Lexie is thrilled when the doctors manage to bring little John back to life. She runs and tells Shawn who goes looking for Hope. John's about to tell Hope the truth about the baby when Shawn interrupts with the exciting news. Marlena calls Roman and asks him to hurry to the hospital. When he arrives, she complains about Brady hurting Belle and insists that he put the troublemaker away.

Wednesday, October 25, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Kate and Victor are disturbed to run into Sami, Brandon and Angela on the flight back to Salem. Kate panics as she worries that Sami and Brandon might be getting close to Angela's secret. Sami realizes she's nervous and starts taunting Kate. Kate asks Victor for help. In order to keep Hattie on her diet so that she'll look like Marlena, Rolf is forced to ask her out on a date. John asks Brady about Belle's accident but he won't talk. Hearing them arguing, Marlena calls Roman. When he arrives and tries to take Brady to the station house for questioning, John is outraged that Marlena would get her ex-husband involved in a family matter. Mimi is furious with Chloe when she finally hears the news about Belle. She guesses that Chloe decided not to tell her about Belle. Chloe tries to explain but Mimi storms out. Shawn chases after Mimi and tries to calm her down. Philip asks Chloe about the charge but Chloe makes up a story and convinces Philip that Mimi's claim was wrong. He apologizes for not believing her.

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Thursday, October 26, 2000
by Soap Central

As Victor and Kate argue about whether Nicole could ruin them should Lucas spill the beans to her, Victor receives a call from his attorney who warns him of the consequences he faces by being with Kate and Lucas. The lawyer urges him to go to the police and turn in Kate and Lucas. He agrees but then hangs up as Kate tries to find out who he was talking to. He claims he was chatting with his stock broker. Nicole slaps Lucas and warns him not to threaten her again. He responds by threatening to kill her should she tell anyone what he told her about Franco. Nicole considers turning him and his mother in to the police but Lucas finally offers her some money for her silence. She accepts though she considers spilling the beans to Victor once he returns home. Just then, Victor returns with Kate. Nicole greets Victor with a kiss on the lips. Mimi and Chloe stop by the penthouse and ask Marlena what they can do to help Belle. She comes up with a plan and asks them to invite all of Belle's friends. Shawn and Philip argue about Brady's role in Belle's accident. Brady reads to a comatose Belle which impresses John. He again asks Brady what happened but Brady complains about Marlena taking over his father's life. Chloe, Mimi and Marlena decorate Belle's hospital for her birthday and toss a little surprise party.

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Friday, October 27, 2000
by Marcia Elgart

Stefano returns from a trip to Tokyo and Listens to Rolf's news about Johnny and Belle. Stefano fumes when he learns that Hattie has not had the operation yet and orders Rolf to force Hattie to lose weight any way necessary. Marlena and Roman meet at the diner where Faye is chatting with Hattie. Roman agrees to help her uncover what happened to Belle and admits that he can sense she's having trouble with John. Roman reports that a railroad engineer thought he saw a teenage boy holding a teenage girl to the tracks but couldn't be sure. Marlena spots Hattie and suddenly flashes back to memories of her sister Samantha. Meanwhile, Hattie fumes as she watches Marlena and Faye is forced to hold her back so she doesn't go after her. Roman and Marlena head to the railroad tracks where they find a swatch of cloth. Roman then continues his investigation while Marlena hurries to the hospital for a patient. Jennifer asks Ian about Bo but he won't talk. He does mention "himself" being a hero. Bo overhears Declan and Walter talking about a secret entrance to an underground warehouse and how the DiMera family would be angry if Bo caused trouble. Ian orders the two thugs to find Bo but not hurt him but they decide to kill him. When Walter corners Bo at gunpoint, Jennifer knocks Walter out. Bo is shocked to recognize Jennifer. Hope badmouths Bo before Johnny and Isaac are christened. Bo finally reaches Hope by phone but she is cool to him.

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