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Days of our Lives Recaps: The week of October 30, 2000 on DAYS
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Monday, October 30, 2000

Kate and Lucas are upset that Victor is only thinking about Titan's stock while they worry about what Sami's uncovered. When Lucas tries to pour himself a drink, Kate threatens to leave him and then forces him to reveal that he told Nicole their secret. Both realize that money will shut Nicole's mouth but also discuss Victor's will and how useless it is unless Victor's dead. As their fantasy test continues, Austin and Greta are bothered by an anonymous man's laughing voice. As they fall asleep, Curtis is revealed to be the man with the threatening voice. Brady hides from Roman but manages to stop by Belle's hospital room with some flowers for the comatose girl. He then finds Victor and, in the limo, explains that he needs his help since he's the only person he can trust right now. Brady talks about Isabella and her death. Victor suggests that if he learns about himself, he'll uncover the truth about Isabella. Sami, Brandon and Angela return home to Salem. Sami's upset when she reads a goodbye note from Eric. Sami leaks to Angela that Will is her son and Kate's grandson and then reveals that Kate framed her for Roberto's murder. After Brandon confesses that he loves her, Angela tells Sami she can have the tape. John and Marlena talk and try to get past their differences until he realizes she's gone to meet with Roman. Roman explains to Marlena that there is an APB out for Brady.

Tuesday, October 31

Bo greets Jennifer and thanks her for saving him from Declan. Refusing to talk about their personal lives, both agree that they aren't ready to go back to Salem. Bo explains that he's looking for DiMera secrets. Later, Declan and Ian keep an eye on Jennifer in hopes that she'll lead them to Bo. Brandon learns that Marlena's hired a security guard to protect Belle. Brandon surprises Sami with a private Halloween party on the rooftop. The setting reminds Sami of the times on the roof with Austin and Carrie. He asks her to dance and ends the spin around the roof with a passionate kiss. When the kids start wondering what Brady could have done to hurt Belle, Mimi defends Brady. At the pub Shawn updates his grandfather about Bo's call from Ireland and how upset Hope became because he wasn't concerned about the baby. Shawn calls Ian in Ireland and slams the phone down when he learns that his men lost Bo. Disguised in a Halloween costume, Brady decides to get even with Chloe. When he approaches her, she's reminded of the abuse she suffered in a foster home. John confronts Marlena and Roman at the Java and accuses Roman of chasing after his wife. When Roman mentions Belle's sprained ankle, John guesses she tripped and fell and threatens a law suit if they don't stop the manhunt for his son. After he leaves, Roman hugs Marlena.

Wednesday, November 1, 2000

At the pub Philip wonders to himself why Chloe gives him a hard time about "the bet" but not Shawn. Meanwhile, outside, a disguised Brady confronts Chloe and accuses her of being a snob. She senses she's met the masked man before but can't place his voice. Sami spots Marlena and Roman together and greets them. Marlena reveals what has happened to Belle and, after she leaves, Sami questions Roman about Austin. He admits he doesn't know where he is. Hope overhears John talking with little John, now called JT and asks about the secret he was going to reveal. He changes the subject to Bo and wonders why she didn't tell him about the baby. Marlena arrives just as Hope thanks John for his support. Marlena reveals that Sami is back in town. She agrees to meet John at Tuscany and then calls Roman to explain that John's out of the way so he can grab Brady at the penthouse. After a vision of Curtis urges Greta to eat some of the forbidden passion fruit, Austin wakes and joins her. Curtis reappears as an evil satyr and boasts that he can turn their friendship into a lusty affair. His words ring true when Austin and Greta suddenly start kissing each other passionately.

Thursday, November 2, 2000

Victor warns Nicole about ordering the staff around and then insists that she have dinner with him tonight. Roman notifies the undercover cop watching the penthouse to be ready to nab Brady. Sami updates Roman on her trip to Italy and Brandon's plan to marry Angela. Roman doesn't like Sami being involved and warns her that Brandon's playing with fire where Moroni is concerned. Brandon and Faye discuss their past and she thanks him for all the times he defended her from his abusive father. He's upset when she admits that she's talked with Roman about his troubles. Roman talks with Faye about Brandon and advises her that Nicole hurt Eric. She's surprised to hear this and wonders aloud what's going on with her daughter. He then asks her out to dinner at Tuscany. Sami urges Brandon to forget about their scheme but when he refuses, she offers to take Angela out for dinner and many drinks in hopes she'll tell her more. John and Marlena dance at Tuscany. When he mentions he's going to call the doorman to ask him to call when Brady comes home, Marlena convinces him not to call. When Curtis presses Greta and Austin to make love, Austin starts fighting the satyr but is pulled off by Greta. A lightning bolt zaps Curtis and the two find a card with the word "chastity" written on it. Brady's grabbed by the undercover cop outside the penthouse but manages to escape and vows revenge.

Friday, November 3, 2000

Vowing to get even with Marlena for siccing the police on him, Brady runs into Chloe on the docks and gives her a hard time again. When he starts singing a song from an opera, however, he convinces her to join in and the two have fun together. She finally remembers meeting him on the docks another time. After he refuses to confirm it, Brady's forced to run when a policeman approaches. John makes a wisecrack to Marlena when he spots Roman dining with Faye. When Roman introduces his date to them, John makes yet another snide remark. Later, Marlena and John start arguing again but then stop and claim they want to have a good time tonight. Guessing their troubles stem from his sons, John announces to Marlena that he's going to tell Hope the truth about J.T. She doesn't like the idea. Just then, Rolf brings Hattie to Tuscany for their date. She spots Roman and Faye together. During their dinner, Hattie can't stop looking at Roman. Faye and Nicole go at it when Roman tries to make peace between them. Nicole then questions Roman's desire to date her mother. Victor orders Nicole to apologize to Faye which she reluctantly does. When Faye mentions her fear that Lucas was beating Nicole, he realizes that she's an abused wife. Brady confronts Marlena and threatens her with his Halloween sword. Roman jumps in to defend her which leads to a fight with John.

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